Lensa AI: photo & video editor

Photo & Video
4.7 (400.2K)
205 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prisma labs, inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lensa AI: photo & video editor

4.7 out of 5
400.2K Ratings
4 years ago, veggieapps
Not original
The thing I do really like is how you are able to adjust features/settings just specifically on the face, or foreground, or background, without applying the effect to all. This is something that you could do in other apps, but it wouldn’t be as quick and convenient because you would typically have to first do the shadows and highlights and then overlay them onto the original picture. However, a big problem I have is that it doesn’t let you adjust from what it automatically finds to be the face, foreground or background, so you aren’t able to perfect where the new background or effects will go. You can get around this by going into another app like Photoshop and overlaying edits, but that gets rid of, to an extent, convenience of this app. But then again, the things that you can’t even fix is that it often times won’t recognize a face so then you can’t do any of the face options and it won’t let you select your face manually either. Also, the filters are very generic. So again to sum it up, I like the face, foreground and background option but the options in general are very limited, don’t always work, and nothing too unique. Update: I change my rating from a 2 to a three because I see that it is primarily for selfies and so I used it on a selfie and it worked better like it was the first time that I was able to make it detect a face, but it still didn’t detect it perfectly so I really wish there was the option to adjust what it automatically detects.
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2 years ago, Yayatayayatatatat
So I’m a little frustrated with this app at the moment
So I find the photos for the magic AI beautiful. I’ve already spent more money than I’d like to admit just doing it for myself, my friends and family because of how much I love how the photos turn out, but I just went to check on my newest set I’ve purchased and the screen just shows a loading circle with after 5 minutes, nothing loaded. I saw my app needed to be updated so I figured that it would be just that but I was wrong. It’s still showing the loading circle. I’ve spent money each time for each photo set, and not only can I not access the current one the app was working on, but I can’t even access the other 5 I’ve paid for? I feel it’s valid to be upset considering this app charges $8 per 200 photos each time you want to upload even when you have the free trial enabled which is like $38 a year. It’s very pricy, and the problem is I wouldn’t even mind paying that amount if I could get unlimited uploads for no additional charge but the fact that you have to pay each time and as of right now, I can’t even access any of the photos I’ve paid for? You guys gotta figure something out because I kinda feel like I’m getting robbed here. I work hard for my money and I don’t really appreciate having it wasted on something I can’t even access.
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2 months ago, SteveMcAnulla
Please developers, reach out to me!
UPDATE: Developers got ahold of me saying to email my ideas. But I have done that, and have heard nothing back. By the way, the app store says this app has not been updated for 2 YEARS! So the response I got seems like you want my money, but have no interest in improving this product. I am aware that you say the mac version is not optimized as much and you say to use the phone app. Well I paid for the MAC app, it's on the mac store. And the phone app would do me no good. Seems insane to offer a product but then tell us it's not a good product to use, and to download the phone app. What the heck? ORIGINAL REVIEW: So I have a LOT of great ideas that could make the mac version more handy. Don't get me wrong, what this app does is really amazing. But it is a bit clunky, missing some basic features. For example, folders to store projects in. Also cropping, integration with apple photos ad lightroom (woudl love this), and that is just to name a few of the top of my head. I was also concerend that it shows you have not updated the app in 2 years, yet I just paid for a year sucbscription. Is this an abandoned project? Please say it isn't. You have a real gem in the rough here. Please let me know where I can email someone to discuss ideas that would take this software into 2024 :-)
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2 years ago, spiritedst
Crashing & Locking Up
I’ve been using this app for about 2 years and love it until recently. After some updates not all the backgrounds worked, they went on top of your picture or didn’t operate at all (they seem to be working now, but I’ve gotten used to switching to another app for my background). As of lately the app will close when I’m editing photos and I have to reopen it. I will get a few more photos edited and it just closes again…very frustrating. I have an IP 8 and shut it down, but didn’t have any affect on the app, it still closes periodically. It also will lock the screen sometimes when saving a picture, but not only the screen, your entire phone. One day it took me like 30mins to be able to shut my phone down, couldn’t get off the saving screen that wasn’t working. I deleted the app and reinstalled. I’m a few weeks in and it locked the screen saving a picture but I was able to get out and went to apps and saw it has an update so updated and it still closes on its own. Love the app, but it gets frustrating with these few glitches, but I do continue to use. Just want to let the creator now the problems I’m having. Recommend this app.
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2 years ago, Dannyslim6669
Slightly satisfied mostly disappointed
I downloaded the app after seeing a lot of friends posting awesome AI creations and wanting to give it a try for myself. For me I paid for 100 photos, which gave me 10 variations in 10 different styles. Followed all the instructions I was given, and understood the AI program isn’t perfect that there might be some artifacts or wonky looking images… Out of 100 photos 5 of them are decent, I have fingers that look grotesque, eyes that are colored incorrectly, or one eye is larger than the other or drooping, faces that are deformed or dismembered, my head either cut off or completely missing in photos. I mean some of these creations could have and would have been awesome if these issues didn’t occur. Just sad to see other people having success and I’m left with so many useless photos, it would be nice if your paying that money if you can have a revision done, where you can have a certain select photos corrected or redone. Like out of 100 photos at least offer to correct 10 of them for free. Otherwise I don’t think you should be charged for something at the stage it’s currently at. I’d attempt to fix them myself but most of these are just far to gone to do anything with. If you do try this app just be prepared for 85% of your photos to be unusable.
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2 years ago, Pharon B.
Eh. Some gems, mostly just rocks.
Firstly, I want to say the Magic AI feature can make some gorgeous pictures. However, a LOT of them looked nothing like me and/or were distorted. The first round I did to 200 pack and submitted around 18 pictures of myself at different angles as requested. I was so disappointed in how many of them were distorted or flat out didn’t resemble me in any way. I’m am a brown skinned Black woman and a portion of these charters were White/Asian, particularly in the Fantasy category. I redid the process again, the 100 pack this time, selecting only 13 pictures with similar poses. I had a much better result however still some sprinklings of distortion and White/Asian women. Also, this app renders teeth strangely. It gave me a lot of snaggles and crowding when my teeth are straight with a few small gaps. So, that was another disappointment. However there are some pictures I really loved so I guess it was worth spending $15 in the trial. Hopefully once the full membership kicks in you don’t have to pay per pack but, I’ll never know because I don’t $50 a year, especially with the fickle nature of the AI feature.
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1 year ago, Jay Rah
Do not waste your money on this!
Definitely had FOMO after seeing all of my friends posting their super cool AI portraits, so I purchased the top tier version and went to upload my photos; however, the app clearly had issues uploading as no progress had been made past the recommendation uploading time. I tried restarting the app, reinstalling the app, etc. but then the app wouldn’t allow me to even choose photos to upload - saying I had reached my limit. How can I reach a limit when none of my photos were uploaded? I tried a few times with this issue and decided to just go through the channels of requesting a refund through Apple. I didn’t want to be bothered by their support team when their app clearly has glitches and issues. They have no problem accepting your $16 payment, but the rest of the app is trash. And I can’t believe I was dumb enough to pay for $16 worth of AI avatar photos that I’m not even sure would have come out nice. Apple refunded. Deleting this app. Update for developers: thanks for reach out, but your app is glitchy. I was uploading each time with magic avatars. And maybe if this seems to be a serious inquiry with many people, you might want to make your app more user friendlier.
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2 years ago, Chanelly664
Want to love this app, but disappointed
First off, it only allows you to select a minimum of 10 photos! Why is there a photo minimum? Never encountered a photo editing app like that. Makes no sense! Second off, the photo limits are ridiculous! It says it doesn’t allow photo shoot photos, but also says no less than 10 photos, must be same person, variety backgrounds encouraged, variety of head angles encouraged, variety of face expressions encouraged, and no other people in the photos. Then that’s basically a single photo shoot setting. Make it make sense! Each time I have selected 10 photos of me, different settings, no other people, variety of poses, different background environments, etc. and I would still get that “some of my photos didn’t qualify for the limits. Please select another 10” Seriously! I see many people post their digital art photos edited on here on FB and IG and they looked so cool. I was looking forward to making one of my own photos, but it looks like instead I’ll have to cancel the subscription and delete the app right on the first day I downloaded it. So disappointed! Seriously, get rid of those unnecessary and useless photo limits AND THEN things will be better for everyone!
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4 years ago, Shannon soup
The app states that it’s a free trial for 7 days. After that membership options are monthly, yearly or one time fee forever. During my trial, there was no way to select the option for membership. It wasn’t until today, 2 weeks later I was finally able to figure out I was charged for a FULL YEAR and there is no way to upgrade to the one time membership. I tried to cancel all together and learned it was too late I was locked in until next year, 2021. I really enjoyed the app, but this tainted my opinion, as it is very shady. It’s sad to have a great product, and it be overshadowed by this. I recommend the app developer become more transparent in their membership enrollment so customers would know the only option is one year. They should allow members to select the membership they choose upfront so when the free trial ends that they are enrolled in what plan they want.
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2 months ago, NillaSista
Not as good as it used to be
I have been a paid subscriber for several years but the quality and useful features have gone DOWN. When adding blur to photos Lensa inserts pictures of body parts and ghoulish images making my photo unusable. This has happened MANY times and is totally unacceptable. Lensa refuses to take any action (after multiple complaints) and hides behind the “unpredictability of AI”. I previously used Lensa to add & fade backgrounds (& to get avatars) for several years now and have promoted it on my Facebook photography. The backgrounds were previously movable & could be sized to better go with the subject, but no more. The AI photos which I pay extra for were very good at first. Now they are garbage. Cartoon images that look nothing like the uploaded photo. Pictures of other people instead of your own. Disfigured faces, extra limbs on people and animals. For extra $$$! Many good features, frames and effects are gone now replaced by mostly blurred filters. The magic correct is gone and replaced by presets. I have started using You Cam Perfect more as it allows so many more adjustments without adding garbage or skewing my photos.
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2 years ago, Jamielynnphotos_
Ai avatars
I downloaded the app to try out the ai avatar thing going around. It didn’t let me use the app for the free version so I had to pay the full annual cost of the app which I wasn’t intending to do, I did two rounds of the 100 avatars and honestly you guys have a lot of work to fix on this app before you are charging anyone. Pretty much every single picture curated is completely ridiculous and looks deformed.. to the extent where I have three arms and one coming out of my armpit, my face is swiveled and twisted.. it’s just disappointing when you are paying for something and there is nothing to tweak or adjust to fix the errors (which are seemingly very big errors.) I wouldn’t waste my money on this yet until they have managed to fix the tweaks and support with the app. Love the idea of this truly as it will inspire a lot in the real world I feel, however launch a test and see what you need to fix before asking customers to pay and also don’t constantly change the costs day to day. Hopefully you guys can fix this so it’s more pleasurable to use and not a just a bunch of deformed avatars
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2 years ago, Aeversa
Eh… not all that great
I will give it to this app that the images themselves are gorgeous. But does it look like me? Ha! Not really. In 55 photos maybe 4-5? I have glasses. They kept taking my glasses off!!! In every photo I uploaded I’m wearing my glasses. Some photos are an obvious “we put your head on someone else’s body” which was weird. Some of the cosmic and fantasy or anime filters just are making up pretty photos cause let me tell you it’s not even close to what I look like. Especially when it removes my glasses. It helped when on my second time I just took 10 photos of me right in this moment from different angles. I got more that looked like me but man do they hate my glasses. Forget uploading selfies from over time cause that makes it worse for getting any that look like you. And some that did look like me were this really weird simple layer added to my original photo, that I could do in any social media app, so not really worth it. Kinda regret spending the money on this. Only giving it 2 stars because the images themselves are usually pretty cool. Just not accurate by any means.
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1 year ago, Melissa Chessa
Not ok
This app is fun until you realize there is something seriously wrong when it does people with darker skin tones. Uploaded myself got a lot of awesome pictures… I’m Caucasian female with a mix of Native American and Asian…. then uploaded my Mexican guy friend’s pictures and my black best friends pictures into it. With my Mexican friend his pictures looked almost identical to the ones I uploaded with maybe a slight difference in the shirt… that I was slightly annoyed with… it was when I did my best friend who is black… I was the extremely disgusted and disturbed with the pictures it produced and my friend was extremely offended by some of the pictures she saw it made when I sent them to her and took screen shots… I had heavily debated about even sending them but decided she needed to see… out of the 50 batch on 5 we’re ok… the one I was shocked the most by was the one that put her in a Muslim hijab looking outfit and face covering… it was supposed to be anime and this popping up made absolutely no sense!!! She is a atheist and not religious at all so had nothing like this on for the AI to mimick… it was extremely offensive. The other pictures were not much better.
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4 years ago, mrs.noneya
I truly want to love this app but....
I want nothing more than to fully love this app because it honestly is one of the best free photos editing apps in the App Store. But there is ONE major flaw that I just can’t stand and is a constant source of annoyance for myself and I’m sure many others.... To whom it may concern in application development, Why in the world are users only allowed to replace or edit the background in only the pictures that the “face detecting” technology actually detects a face...? This feature only accurately works 60% of the time (and that is being generous) & it doesn’t really make sense that users can’t change or replace the background in pictures that don’t have a person in close proximity front and center facing the camera. I have active Poshmark, Mercari & EBay Sellers accounts & it would be a blessing to be able to use the superior background replacement & alteration ability featured in this app on my merchandise photos instead of having to constantly set up new and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds every other photoshoot.
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2 years ago, Richard Cammock
I purchased three packs in total, plus a week subscription. I was quite satisfied with the first two pack results! One for my 3yr old son and one for me. The final pack bought was for my wife, whom I had convinced after showing me and our sons results. Upon getting the results for my wife we were both HIGHLY DISSATISFIED AND DISAPPOINTED! Out of 50 total pictures, 5 of them were recognizable! We tried to chalk it up to the AI’s rendition of the pictures given but a good majority of the pictures are a completely different person! It’s not even close! I’ve sent an email out and am waiting patiently for a response. I’m not asking for a refund just a free 50 pack so my wife can try again. I read through the policy and understand that inaccuracies can occur due to a user error or what not but I want to re stress that my wife took the most time and effort to take and upload the best pictures out of all of us. Thank you for the consideration. Will update the rating once I get a reply back.
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1 year ago, Aubreechan
Please give credit
I use this app to help give me ideas for my own character designs and concepts! I’ve seen a few images that seem to have logos or signatures on them that I’ve generated! I would strongly urge you to please give credit to the source/sources your Ai is pulling from, as well as disclose what these images can and cannot be used for as I do not wish to steal from other artists being an artist myself. Sure one could say it’s common knowledge not to assume but I still would like to know who the artist of the original IS. Also, please allow people to upload one to two images rather than 10-20. I usually do not have multiple images to use and usually only want the ai to focus on ONE. The Ai annoyingly focuses on one or two particular images that you upload and will give you about 50 results that are almost identical which can be very annoying! Lastly, the male character option needs work. I just used it for one of my characters and almost all of the anime generated characters were female.
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3 years ago, CB g F hd h b
Declined is performance
I loved this app when it first came out. Was actually the best hands down that I’d experienced so far and trust me I’ve tried many. But it has declined greatly. Every single photo I use to edit says it doesn’t detect a face which is ridiculous especially when I’ve even used some that were very clear with person facing straight forward and almost nothing except the face. I usually don’t bother reporting things but I likED the app so much I was hoping they would fix it but still nothing. Also the you have to pay for it now and I’m surly not going to pay for something that has failed to live up to their potential. Also the app cuts parts of your body off when you change the background feature with no option to edit or outline manually. Sure hated to see this app go….
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5 months ago, Rodrigo4D
Use this app and stop the old photo scanning madness
This app took me a while to figure out my preferred tools. But well worth the payoff. The setup option let’s me move around the tools based on MY workflow that’s works for ME. the skin, teeth, neck and foreground/background enhancement options work flawlessly on my iPhone 15Pro Max. I gave up on scanning old photos years ago when I discovered my iPhone camera with light over an old photo is fine. Now with this apps AI image learning, I have been able to revisit all those old precious photos from the 80’s, 90’s & 00’s and WOW!! Blur the background a little Clean the chocolate off that messy 3 year old’s face Touchup the skin tones. Worst case: if the old photo is too hard to get perfect than I can choose an Artwork overlay (Surf is my favorite) and BAM!! That old fuzzy, imperfect photo is a beautiful simple brushed oil painting!! This app is worth every penny. I’ve got 130,000 photos. I’m an amateur. But I love photography enough to say this app will not disappoint. (Please make MacOS Apple Silicon version use iCloud sync) One star ding because the Avatar promo didn’t work for me. I just had to pay and wait, days and days. No message offering a redo. Nothing. Had to get an iTunes refund for that module.
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2 years ago, Sandy and Pat
Seems like a scam
Initially, it sounds like something amazing. But right from the start it is difficult to use with very limited directions. For example, subscribers are asked to submit 10-20 photos. You get examples of good photos and unacceptable photos. A major direction that is missing is that all the photos must be of the same person. So if you submit photos of three different people, the AI will take features from all three, mix them up and then you will get a totally “new” person. Thus, the results were so disappointing. I actually looked far worse than the photos I submitted. The results are divided into categories. One category looked like cartoons, not even real people. But the biggest scam of all was when you are ready to submit your photos, you are asked to choose how many avatars you want AT AN ADDITIONAL COST!!! So every time you want to create new avatars, you have to pay an additional fee, on top of your initial subscription fee. I was very disappointed and canceled a few days before my free trial expired. Total waste.
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2 weeks ago, magicmatt2
Great FREE App!
I love this app because of all the filters and editing you can use. Honestly every other app that i’ve used for touching up a picture they always bother you about buying a subscription and you can only use like 2 free filters, and there are always ads. But with this app, they don’t bother you with subscription things and, although there is a premium option, which allows you to save as many of the pictures you’ve edited a day, and a couple other things, they don’t bother you about it. That’s what I love most about this app, that other apps don’t do. They don’t show/advertise premium filters when i’m looking at/using the free filters etc., unless I were to get premium which is $35 a year.
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2 years ago, kitty5307
Not worth the hype - has as lot of kinks
I current activated the free tried and then started alerting my photos according to the guidelines only to realize it wanted me to pay additional money at the end. I figured whatever $8 is fine so I can make some cool AI photos…oh boy was I wrong. First, off I selected the 200 pack and none literally none of the photos worked out. Some of them have elements that could look like me but the majority of them have eyes that are all wrong random hands/arms that are messed up, swirled or distorted faces. Second, when I saw this I thought oh I must have selected some bad photos let me go back and reselect new ones only to find out they wanted to charge me again to redo the process. This app is a waste of money. The technology has a lot of kinks in it and there is zero transperce in regards to what you are paying for. I just wish there was some way for me to go back and fix the photos I already have then it would be worth the money I spent.
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1 year ago, Oxiqueen84
I was looking forward to this but no
So, my friend did this and her’s turned out fine shockingly, so I went for it. Big mistake, I paid 3.99 and mine was like horror show. One photo the eye is missing, on another the right side of my Face is melted off, another I thought was okay (A scenery photo and I’m standing on a hill) but then I zoomed in and the face is just all messed up, the left side on the bottom is melting to left side so it sticks out, and the right eye is squinting. I tried to get my money back by filling out through apple for a refund and guess what? You can’t! Their app doesn’t even show up for a refund. How sketchy? I wish I could upload the photos just so everyone can see, I know 3.99 is cheap but it feels like a scam, I basically flushed my money and got no refund on the horror photos. Highly disappointed. I just deleted the app. This looked so cool though, definitely had high hopes. So I got a response from them “we warn users about this risk before creating avatars.” So why charge? You guys just scam people.
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1 year ago, shipmate.kw
Charged me $32 immediately for year subscription when I attempted to activate 7 day free trial
Beware if you get this app and try to activate the “7 day free trial” that it will most likely still charge you $32 for a year subscription and it shouldn’t do that and personally I also don’t like that you still have to pay for the avatars you generate even after you already have a subscription or whatever as I think instead that should be factored into the price of the subscriptions as that makes sense and makes you all come across as money hungry. So although maybe this app might do okay at making ai art or profile pictures, the payment and free trial option is flawed and really needs to be fixed or this app needs to just be took down as now I’m over here having to try to get refunded for something I didn’t actually intend to pay for and basically for nothing anyway considering the extra charge for the produced avatars…
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2 years ago, mtnrnr93
Avatars are great— for young and male faces
I loved the magic avatars the app produced for myself (30f), my partner (40m), and my father (72m), but for my mother (72f) and my grandmother (96f), they were awful. I thought the cosmic ones would look especially cool with older, powerful female faces, but the app smoothed them so much they didn’t even look like younger versions of themselves, but like completely different people. It didn’t do that for my dad even though he his older. It’s a shame app developers feel that older female faces would need so much editing in the algorithm the AI uses. I had better luck selecting “other” as the gender for my mom and grandma, but I’m disappointed the female styles weren’t properly available for them. I was using it for my own art inspiration anyways, so I guess I’ll have to try to put together the desired looks myself. Again, the other avatars are great. It’s just not good for older women.
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1 year ago, LV Larry
Not as expected.
Hahahahaha some images looked incomplete or not really correct. Mostly disappointed. Most of the avatars appear way off in my opinion. There are NO images I would use for avatars. Some images have distorted eyes and look like mistakes. I’d like to try again with maybe better selfies to see of that makes a difference. Maybe you have to start out with “alread pre-touched up” or your best selfies in order to get the best images. It feels kinda “racist”?! I’m not chinese but it makes me look REALLY chinese like it assumes I am Chinese because of my eyes LOL! I’m ugly so expected to get touched up, but maybe I’m too ugly LOL. You pay to subscribe, but still have to pay to get images, albeit at a “discounted” 50% off price. I think I’ll have to try Facetune I was thinking… you should have the ability to let someone select their “accurate” most similar in likeness(or desireable in likeness) so you can re-run the process(do another iteration of the images) and create better ones based in that feedback.
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12 months ago, no name218
This is one of the worst AI apps I have used
I have played around with a few apps. First, this one really plays with you on how much money they can get from you, and they are more expensive than others by a LOT. Then the avatars that I received (biggest package purchased to give fair chance), none of them resembled me at all. Now, I know there’s going to be obvious changes and differences. But these literally looked like entirely different people. There would be four avatars of obviously one person and then four another. It was pretty obvious that the only thing it took in was that I was a white Caucasian woman…maybe. But it was extremely obvious it was rotating through a standard group of clips they use. Again, never had a single shot that I thought I could even show anyone because nothing was even passable to be used as me or resembling me. So, I hope you take the money I gave you and work on your programming! What you seem to want to put out would be awesome if it worked…
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2 years ago, dingleberryscooper
Cool BUT….
This app is pretty awesome. But, it doesn’t let you save the images in 4K unless you subscribe to the app. That is pretty sketchy since I already paid a premium to generate the images. It only sneaks in that disclaimer when you get to download the images. I love the images and don’t love being deceived into spending more and more money. The cost should be built in or at least presented up front. Also, not as revolutionary as everyone thinks. Many apps (such as Viola) have been turning regular photos into different styles of artistic interpretations for a couple years at this point. However, this is definitely the next level. I am happy with my photos and don’t regret the experience. However the way that they bill doesn’t feel good at all and that is why they lose a star in my review. 👨🏼‍🎤
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2 years ago, Birdsniffer212
Did not receive what I paid for, poor customer service.
I followed all the steps to the letter, paid for the avatars, never received them. Upon emailing the Lensa team to have this issue corrected, they take 3-4 days to reply (four emails back and forth over nine days) only to regurgitate the FAQ at me. “If you want a refund, you need to process it through Apple and then you can try again.” I have essentially had money stolen by this app and am expected to ask Apple for my money back (which I understand as Lensa cannot process the refund) and then once again ask Lensa to provide a service they claim to provide if I want the avatars I have already paid for. Between the app clearly having bugs that prevent it from working correctly, the poor level of communication from the Lensa team, the amount of time I’ve spent trying to fix this, and the amount of time it will take for Apple to process my refund, I can’t imagine why I would request Lensa’s services again.
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2 years ago, Slichty
Cautiously optimistic!!
Update: As of 6/28 after new versions released by the developer were installed, the app is back to opening and functioning like a champ! I will happily remove my previous comments if things stay like this, I do love using Lensa! Thank you for the quick feedback to my review, it was appreciated. Previous review: Tried opening app through the App Store as requested. Now just crashes and closes after short wait but still will not load at all. Have loved this app for several years but in recent months it just is a black screen and won’t load. I paid for the annual subscription which is pricey. When the app is functional, I always feel the cost ends up being worth it. When it’s not working for such long periods of time, it’s getting harder to justify.
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1 year ago, Arbabii
Perfectly amazing
I recently started using the Lensa app for photo editing and I am extremely impressed with its capabilities. The app offers a wide range of editing tools, including options for adjusting lighting, color, and sharpness. The filters are also very impressive and allow for easy one-tap editing. The app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Additionally, the app has a built-in camera feature that allows you to take and edit photos directly within the app. Overall, Lensa is a fantastic photo editing app that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their photos.
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2 years ago, PSBPond
Overall neat app but poorly created photos
The idea behind creating a fantasy/anime avatar of yourself is really neat but when I paid to get my avatar pictures a lot of them were of really poor quality. I first paid for the 50 pictures then the 100 picture packages so spent a total of $10 for both packages and realized that on 75% of my pictures my eyes are either cross eyed, one is bigger than the other, or the placement of my pupil and iris are way disproportionate to my eye and face. Also on a lot of the generated pictures my hands are deformed, I’m missing fingers on my hands, or my arm is backwards and my elbow is facing forward rather than backward like a normal human’s elbow is lol. Also on a lot of the pictures my face is stretched to make me look fat and I am far from fat! I’m a 5’6” 132 lb woman who is fairly thin. I wish I could upload the pictures I’m referring to because they’re just god awful and look ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Sendian82
Loads of privacy concerns
The images generated were mostly just rough reworks of the examples uploaded to the server, plus the common usage of stolen work to “train” these AI systems in the first place. Tried to reach out to their privacy team to go ahead and have my data removed as described in the TOS - but just got an automated response sending me to their FAQ and never heard from them again. Nothing about what this app produces is worth the trade offs here. **There was a fun and passive aggressive response in which the developer prattled on for a bit about how AI doesn’t do exactly what it does by using some of the most tortured semantic games I’ve seen in a while, but aside from that it’s still a terrible parasitic program built of the work of other people and apparently that’s something the developers have in common with it. I do appreciate the idea that “we basically warned you there was a chance the thing you paid for might turn out to look like absolute garbage. That’s your oops.”
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2 years ago, GEDad791
Never got images back
The app collects payment very well. 5 stars there. Too bad I never got images back after paying and uploading. App said it would notify me, but nothing. Even the 20 min progress circle is gone! Time to hope Apple refund service is also a 5-star kind of experience! Update: Apple has refunded the purchase. At the same time, the developer suggested trying the app again and oddly, the avatars do show now. I did use the private relay to sign up in-app. Not sure if that was the issue. Since I hadn’t looked at the app in a couple of days, I am not sure when they became available but confident they were not available in the 2 hourish after I ordered. Now, I feel bad for getting the refund, but the delay did cause me to believe that something went wrong!
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2 years ago, Kyzahs
Fun, but like most AI, can’t handle melanated skin
If you are White, or light skinned, play away. Its a lot of fun. If you are melanated….it’s probably not worth the money. Unsurprisingly, it works way less well the more melanated you are. I did the 50 picture pack, twice. Maybe 8-10 actually looked like me each time. The rest were approximations at best. The first time I did 15 pictures as reference and it really got my face shape right, the second time I did the full 20 pictures and it really nailed my nose shape. Never figured out my eyes with precision, possibly because of my glasses, though it really nailed those. Never got my lips. Handled Black hair styles surprisingly well, and switched it up a lot, which I tend to do with my hair, so had lots of options there. If you are White or light skinned, highly recommend. 10/10. If you are melanated…4/10. But was still kinda fun. If you have $ to waste you’ll get a handful of fun avatars.
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6 months ago, Caturina Wolf
Subscription is not working......
I used to love this app but since Thanksgiving, I had an active subscription to edit my photos (not rhe magic avatar) and it won't link my subscription. It keeps saying can't connect no matter how often I try. The error message states to wiggle some wires and gives no real help. I tried every day since Thanksgiving ans still would not recognize my subscription. Gave it two weeks, tried again and still same message. Had to request refund from apple app store. Support did not help. Their response was to try to sign in again. I tried to sign in with apple id and via email address. They sent me a reply to this review to update it because considered my case on December 1st with no real help in their reply. I sent screen shots of the error messages and their reply was to sign in again. My edit to this review is that they are scamming people for subscribers and not giving the service and their customer support is HORRIBLE.
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2 years ago, demi7474
Too expensive for quality of images
I bought two packs of 100 avatars and out of that, only about 20 looked something like me. Only one is recognizable as me at first glance and even that one is a little off. Most of them look nothing like me. It seems like they get faces from anywhere and throw them in the mix. They changed my race in some and a couple had a man’s face on a woman’s body…not my face or my body. This app would be better if all the images were actually me. Especially since i had to pay for it. Why would i want a bunch of images of random people? They do warn you ahead of purchasing, that magic avatars may generate artefacts, inaccuracies and defects in output images, so i guess they have covered themselves for this mess of a ripoff. Do better!! Update: Thanks for the generic response that seems to be the same for majority of complaints. How bout lower the price. You can control that.
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2 years ago, Shelbÿ
I don’t usually leave reviews, but I paid for the avatars and AI photos, awesome, beautiful, insane. Loved that, but that’s the ONLY thing I paid for. I never wanted to subscribe, all I did was pay the $7.99 for the photos. Now I’m getting billed for a $35 year plan and there’s literally no option to cancel the subscription. I’ve looked up how to cancel it, can’t find anything helpful. I’ve gone through the App Store, subscriptions- manage subscriptions and it just shows me the plan I apparently subscribed to. No option to cancel, usually there’s an option to cancel. I know this because I’m a frequent free trail-er. I’ve gone through my settings, I’ve gone through the settings on the app and it just opens up the same page. Please help. Life is unfortunate right now and I can’t have my last $40 being taken away unexpectedly.
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1 year ago, Kinninson
Very hit-or-miss and pricing scheme is out of control
I had a reasonable experience with avatars in late ‘22, paid $6 for 220 4k avatars (using the free subscription trial), of which about 30-50 could be considered decent-to-excellent. But coming back to it today, I was charged $16 for a 200 pack, the quality of the avatars i got is abysmal (there are about 3 that are good), so many avatars look absolutely nothing like the person whose photos I uploaded despite a good range of poses and facial expressions. Some of the avatar packs are clearly under-trained and will map the person to face shapes, features or even ethnicities that must have been overly represented in the training set for those packs. To make matters worse, despite the very high price for the avatars, 4k resolution on the few good avatars is gated behind a subscription, which is predatory and nonsensical. What a shame, I will stop recommending this app to friends, it’s too clear that it’s just trying to make a quick buck while the trend lasts.
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2 years ago, Wondercast
Not worth it at the current price point
I’m much more reluctant to use it now that the price went from 4 dollars to 8 dollars. Especially if you don’t really know what kind of images you’re going to receive. I paid for a batch of images when it was still 4 dollars and half of them were just pictures of deformed versions of me not the cool stuff you see people posting online. What they should do is let you see the pictures that the AI creates first but with maybe a watermark all over the image so you can’t just get a clear screenshot with your phone and once you’re satisfied with your results then you can purchase it which will then take away the watermark. That seems like a much more presentable way to encourage people to use the app then just making them guess if images will come out nicely. Also did I say they jacked up the price from 4 to 8 dollars to use the AI once an influx of people started to use the app?
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2 years ago, Jorge Dilla
Bait and switch? Yes but not exactly
The app is free to download, nice, but youre asked to Sub for $40 a month… skip. okay free trial, i dont wanna have to remember to cancel… no x button in sight… wait i hit back and it closed, sweet, actual free use! Pay wall for the AI art… the whole point of the ap.. wait, every feature you would wanna try out is behind the paywall… so this is a normal mid quality photo and video editor unless you pay. just say that then. its free to download to commit people to the process and ask for money when youre almost there. With the usual, ‘free trial, just add credit card’ trap. . Honestly, spineless strategy, i hate this company already. Theres plenty of other AI generating companies that have actual free trials, no cards needed, and focus only on the AI and not video and photo editing, AND they dont try to trick you into spending money. W/o the sketchy bait and switch nature of the app, the actual functions are okay. So they earned the one star at-least.
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1 year ago, Angelface😇
It’s never as good as the first time
I thought how cool this would be uploaded my pictures and purchased the 50 AI generated avatars for $3.99. I liked it so much I wanted to get my late mothers photos uploaded and see what AI would create for me.( My Mom didn’t like taking pictures even though she was absolutely beautiful) I just wanted more pictures of my Mom to help deal/heal. Anyhow, I paid $7.99 this time for 50 and honestly a little disappointed but none the less at least I had some other pictures of her. Then today I decided I’d try me again and purchased another 50 @ $7.99 . What a absolute rip off! I uploaded another 20 different photos completely different from the first set and super bummed I waisted my money. Honestly I’m embellishing when I say possibly 5-7 of these “AI Generated” pictures resembled me or were even worth saving. The rest are garbage just like this app!
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2 years ago, bananamonster16
Horrible app that make you look distorted and creepy
I am so upset right now because I’ve paid twice, first time for the 50 ai generated photos, and they were beyond bad (I followed instructions to a T) so I paid for the second tier, the 100 photos and really scrutinized over what I uploaded so they would turn out better- and it was even worse. I have arms and things growing out of places they shouldn’t be, and one eye will be fine but the other not at all- it’s like it was on purpose so that you keep paying until you get something. It feels like a complete scam! Then there are photos that seem ok- but I am lighter skinned and have different colored eyes, and my face and body look nothing like me…. I feel like this is a bit racist not going to lie! And guess what- you don’t get your money back? Well this is not ok. I don’t care- it seems as though the app is made to make darker skinned people feel bad about themselves.
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2 months ago, MonsterDoxx
Loved it
I have been using Lensa for a long time now to edit all my videos and pictures. And I love this app but I wish they would add some more/new effects for video editing and create the same “adjust” feature they have for videos, on pictures as well. It would make things easier. Also, recently the app has started to crash after only being just opened. Ive never had this issue before and I am a paying member. I am hoping an update will fix this problem but if not I will have to look elsewhere. I rely on this app heavily for my content. And i love it 😫 please fix the crashing issues and maybe explore some new effects for video editing ! I’ve exhausted my use of the current ones at this point haha
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10 months ago, Mrpbjlo
Good app but terribly implemented
The app itself has potential to be really good. The editing options are great , but there is a lot of room for improvement. For instance, if I want to look for a photo in another album other than my “recents”, I have to wait a very long time to load my albums since it very inefficiently loads them. I have hundreds of thousands of photos and it seems like it loads them in some arbitrary manner and populates the albums as it loads EVERY photo in them. So I can’t open an album until it loads all photos inside the album. Then the albums are sorted in some arbitrary way and not alphabetical order, which makes finding a specific album very burdensome since I have to scan the whole list to find it . If I navigate away from the app before it finishes loading the albums then I have to start the process again. Also, when editing photos if I accidentally click on the “reset” button smack in the middle up top (next to undo!) it will erase ALL my updates and there’s no way of getting them back. Also editing the background area of photos does not save correctly, so if I miss parts of it I have to go and mark the background area all over again. The app concept is good, but def not worth the $50 a year
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2 years ago, MistMoonTears
Not bad…but there are some issues
I have been trying Lensa out and definitely have liked some of the permutations that the program has come up with, however I do feel there is room for improvement & I also ran into an issue concerning pictures. Improvements: Being able to choose what themes you want to see for the permutations would be nice. Not having this option kind of seems limiting and not ideal. I feel this would also make the picture packages worthwhile. Program Issues: I had 2 pictures I tried to submit at least 2-3 times as is and edited as well. My face is clear, it meets the general criteria given (I even cropped the 2 pictures a little to make sure the face was more focused to test the issue out and troubleshoot). The pictures are Senior photos taken from when I was 18. I was not considered a “child” but I have always looked younger than most people peg me. I don’t know if my youthful face is the issue (despite the make-up in my pictures making me appear more mature)or something else. I feel Lensa should really look into this in the event anyone else is just as disappointed as I was they couldn’t submit some favorite photos for potential permutations.
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2 years ago, dannythereviewer
I love this app and have had it for over a year. The only problem is that I’ve had to uninstall and install the app several times throughout my use so it’ll work since it won’t open up. I then lose all my files each and every time I do that since it’s the only way it’ll open up again. The new video editor I’ve tried to use as well. The app shuts off and I lose my edits during the video and have to restart the app. Very annoying!!!!! Need to fix the glitches and random shut off. Other than that, it’s great! *update response The update don’t work as I did that throughout the year. The only way is to uninstall the app and reinstall which causes me to lose all my data and edited pictures in the app.
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1 year ago, Emme_WithLove
Do NOT download this app if you are looking for an AI avatar maker. I downloaded this app and was so excited because there were such cool AI avatars advertised. As you can probably guess, I skipped right to the AI avatar maker. I spent HALF AN HOUR looking for the right selfies because it kept saying mine didn’t work and stuff! I kept reminding myself that it was going to be worth it in the end once I get an AI avatar. I was wrong. It had me pick a style and everything and then it said “importing images” and “creating avatars” AND THEN AT THE VERY LAST SECOND IT TOLD ME I NEEDED TO PAY! I gave you 3 stars only because I know the developers worked hard on this app but I don’t understand why they make us pay so much just for a picture. I get that the developers need money, but I feel like there is another way. Thx for reading! ❤️
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2 years ago, elainerbee
Cool, but doesn’t really look like me.
I purchased the 100 “magic avatar” pack and found about 13 photos I wanted to used and just sent it through. The results were a little disappointing. I think only 6 truly looked even somewhat like me. So I figured maybe it was user error and that picked the wrong photos to use or not enough so I tried again, purchased another 100 “magic avatar” pack and picked the full 20 they suggest of better photos, that showed my face clearly and from all different kinds of angles. Yet, that attempt yielded worse results somehow. It looked like they took a lot of stock photos and just merged them with mine and it took my defining features away and therefore took MY face away. So, out of 200 “magic avatar” photos, only 18 bear a resemblance to me. Attempting to get a refund because ultimately, did not get what I purchased.
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2 years ago, Briverr
Whitewashing pictures
So I was interested in this app and I am very impressed with the pictures that I received. However for one one of the categories, only two of the pictures looked like me. I am a black woman but I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not but most of the pictures in the fantasy category I was basically whitewashed almost making me a completely different person , and the pictures that actually looked like me I almost looked crazy in them. I wanted to give the app at least 3 stars but I can’t excuse the whitewashing. I understand that it is AI but you would think they make it so the app can identify skin tone and create pictures with that in mind. I am most likely going to cancel my free trial and delete the app after saving my photos. I wish I could get my money back from the packs I bought though.
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2 years ago, 33rittney
Waste of money.
I subscribed which activated a “free” trial. I then uploaded 20 pictures of myself and I made sure to follow the requests of the types of photos the app needed to process my avatars. The “free trial” requires you pay for each bundle of images so I ordered a pack of 100 images and a pack of 50 images which costed around $10. I only kept 2 that even remotely resembled me. A large amount of the images had my eyes messed up to where you could see the template of where my eyes should have been in the image. The majority of them didn’t even look like me at all. I emailed them and let them know of my results and requested a credit or something to try again. They emailed back telling me that they can’t refund or credit and to try again(pay) for different results and to make sure to send the correct types of pictures which I had done to begin with. Complete waste of money.
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