LensFlare Optical Effects

Photo & Video
4.8 (607)
61.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
James Grote
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for LensFlare Optical Effects

4.8 out of 5
607 Ratings
3 years ago, 6milliondollardude
Excellent app
This is intuitive and can make your photos look like they were shot on spherical cooke lenses or c-series anamorphic. There are also many layers so you can manipulate, fade etc. Highly recommend if you’re looking to add that punch. As good as fcpx lens flare package.
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5 years ago, Adam Ashbaker
Incredible but disappointing!
This app is incredibly powerful with its lighting effects. It could definitely use some improvements to its user interface but it gets the job done. I removed one star because the app consistently crashes. Whenever I try to load in a new picture the app crashes, I have to delete it and reinstall. The other star is because the finished photo downgrades the pictures quality severely. It makes a clear up close photo with lots of detail look out of focus when you export it. This is a big deal and should be fixed. There are other things I would love to see added like the ability to save layers so that you can try them on different photos without having you redo the entire thing. The app is very powerful but has so much more potential!
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6 years ago, TheEliteDon
Still an amazing app
Loved it back then on my old iPod. I uninstalled it on my 5s due to crash issues and now it’s back on my iPhone X. The only issue is it has no support for the X at the moment. The app cuts off at a certain spot on the screen which is no biggy, but looks quite ugly. Hopefully it’s updated soon other than that. No complaints on the app. Still works as it did back then. 👌
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6 years ago, Pyrate-23
Fun and easy to use
Have been using app for a while now, love the ease in which it can be used and if you have the other apps from them it’s easy to export and continue your creation . Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, AppAppraiser
Superb little app loaded with great features
👍👍👍 Really great features and gadgets to bring a whole new dimension to your photos...including professional photography. Wonderful creativity tool.
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6 years ago, Stepwild
Nice features and options. Easy to use. Try it! PortraitCam? Limited to 10.3 and up! So a no from me. I'm on 10.1.1 and plan to stay there. Wouldn't pay $3.99 for it anyway.
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Highly recommended!
Easily the best app in its class. Fantastic and very realistic effects. Actually it's the only lens flare app in the App Store that is worth it!! A+
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5 years ago, thingsofstone
I just downloaded this app recently, it’s great when it works. Almost every time I try to upload a new photo to edit the app just closes. I have to reboot my phone to get it to work.
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7 years ago, MuchoSpanish.com
Believe the reviews, this is THE app
I bought this based on the reviews and wow, were they correct. This is the absolute best!
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3 years ago, Karan kawa
Now i need a app to be able make 2d pictures move , ty this app is Great
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6 years ago, STL After Dark
AR please!
I have all if your photo apps, they are fantastic ... but if you made these effects useable in an “augmented reality” environment your apps would RULE THE APP STORE! Pretty please lol
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7 years ago, Raindrop103
This is a simple app that does what it says it will. Intuitive and easy to use. Love it
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4 years ago, FXDEMON
Please fix, can't save.. Love the app
Please fix.. can’t reposition effects without rotating IPad.
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4 years ago, JHILLFOTO
Have it installed on my Mac and my iPads. Love adding a bit of flare and sunburst to a photo😷
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7 years ago, Kerrip22
Crashes every time I try to open it.
Please fix I love this app other than this problem.
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6 years ago, Peechia
Great app
Great app! I use it all the time for my photography!
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4 years ago, W. T. F
Unfortunate occurrence
Crashes on startup, never did it before.
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7 years ago, Dot.roxie
U can't go wrong w this app
Worth it ! ;)
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7 years ago, Yweisff
Why i cant move the flares ? I dont want them in the same place .. pls fix it
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5 years ago, Viva la MAB
Would be great, if it didn’t crash every time.
App crashes every time I try to edit a new picture, sad because it really is fun to work with.
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14 years ago, photoshop-er
Fantastically executed! A must have app! One of a few worth more than 99cents!
Absolutely astounding app! Absolutely the best lens flare app I've downloaded. The flares are not canned picts they actually adjust intensity and shape as you move to position them on your photo. The HDR bloom effect is absolutely breathtakeing! I highly recommend this app. There are a few things I would love added. First while it does output good quality pictures I would love full resolution output. With such a beautiful app I would really love to appreciate the beautiful effects on my larger pictures. I would also love to be able to rotate some or all of the lens flares especially the twinkle type of lens flares. Lastly I would love to be able to place more than one flare per picture. I currently have to save then reopen then apply new flare. I would gladly pay 4.99 or more for an update or better yet an ipad HD version with the above mentioned features. Astonished how this can be executed on a portable device! Any chance you guys make Knoll light factory :) Thanks for the great app please update! Anyone who has seen the lens flares in mass effect and loved it will love adding that effect to their photos. Every sample picture above is absolutely possible with this app. They even provide you with the sample picts.
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3 years ago, KiZzYcAt
Crashes every time
App won’t open anymore. Useless.
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4 years ago, mefnj
won’t open after last update
worked great and was a 5 star app till last update. now will not work at all.
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11 years ago, w0lfz_0ne
One little thing
One of the greatest iPhone app ever!i use lens flare on my Mac too also in after effects from videocopilot everyday!very big fan of them!only one little thing that also have AlienSky app that how you move the effects around in the app!(flares, planets...)it gives me a hard time placing the effects into the right positions where I want to!i always have to put my finger on the pics where I want the effects but how can I do that easily if I don't see the right spot under my finger...?instead like space paint app that my finger can be wherever on the screen and just push the effect into the right spot so I see exactly where I want it! Love all your apps just this little things sometimes is really frustrating!if you could change that I would really appreciate it!thanks for all your work!
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11 years ago, Cassie36
LOVE the update!
I am in love with the updates to all 3 of your apps! What a change! They went from almost one-dimensional, flat effects to multi-faceted, layered spaces to create almost anything. Despite adding many features from each app to all the apps, it is still quite clear what the purpose is for each app. Lens Flare is my go to app when I want light that is broken and/or almost indirect in its effect. But, what adding the extra features from other apps did is to create workspaces that feel familiar and to make all 3 apps seem to work like members of a team. It increased the ability to identify your apps just by using the workspace, leading to an increase in cohesiveness among all 3 apps. Most of all though, it gives users some mighty powerful tools that they quickly become familiar with and are able to use more effectively and with greater speed. The results in at least what I'm creating is light years apart from what I used to be able to accomplish with these apps. All 3 apps used to be relegated a rarely used, highly specialized folder. Now, I will be keeping them front and center in my iOS digital art arsenal! Thank you for the improvements!
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11 years ago, The Organist
Beauty is in the light!
LensFlare simply rocks! I have designed logos using other apps and added lens flares to spice things up. Sometimes I'll go for a subtle effect and other times I want the in your face sci-fi effect. It's faster and easier to use than the dedicated photoshop-ish programs that are out there. I can do more with my phone than with a dedicated computer. This app has a wide selection of effects. The updates just keep getting better. I would like to see a video lens flare feature! Lensflare, Lenslight, and Alien World are simply works of art. Get them!
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10 years ago, Taco house + hot dog=
You Guys Rock!!!!!!
I use lensflare, Lenslight, and Alien Sky religiously. My name is Jamie Rhoades, and I am a iphone photographer who posts daily to Google+. I use these apps so much. I just want to say thank you very much for three of the best apps out there for processing with light. I would like to add that you guys should keep the "aspect" option for "all" light filters. I noticed it was missing from a few in Lenslight. Either way, all 3 are "must have" apps for your photos. Especially landscapes/nature shots ( which is what I shoot mostly). So...Thank you all very much. ~ Jamie. :))))
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14 years ago, Homer Liwag
GREAT results! EASY and FUN to use!
I love shooting photos with COOL LENS FLARES and this FUN app does EXACTLY that. You can easily spice up an average photo with a gleam of light from a nearby window or add a touch of sparkle to a wine glass during a toast. Its fun to animate the interactive "flare" by tilting your iphone or you can lock it and move it with your finger. I don't understand that 1st bad review: the app does exactly what it advertises PERFECTLY! - take or choose a fun photo, interactively position your favorite flare, hit SAVE! Can't wait for the next updates.
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14 years ago, jamezcua333
Found many uses!
Just got this App and alone this app is great! And when combined with other apps it's even more stunning! Try it with Black and white photos for awsome effects. I'll be using this app alot. Great job Dev Team!!! The only thing I would add is the ability to add multiple lens flairs at once instead of me saving the photo to my camera roll and then opening the app to add another flare. Thanks again for a great product.
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10 years ago, Dynamic Superhero
Best App for Lens Flares
I've tried several other apps that offered lens flares as one of their many options but this app takes the cake. It contains a bunch of different types of flares with editable sizes and colors, and then gives you some optional filters which fit well with the lens flares. The new update makes the flares much easier to place. Highly recommend this app!
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13 years ago, AL7MI
Lens Flare Great!
With this app alone, I have transformed plain images into creations that garner high viewing levels. Not just hit numbers but the reality that a number of my images have been selected by high profile sites were viewer from around the world have many great comments to make on the images for which this app has tweaked to perfection. Highly recommended!!
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11 years ago, NicevilleLizard
Very nice App
I have used this app and can truly write how impressed I was. It brightened up a photo i had no hope for. I think this would be a great app to use for rehabbing old family photos or ? If you are reading this trying to decide if you want this app, it is a very one and i dont think you would be disappointed with it.
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12 years ago, Patricklawler
Great but needs more features
Currently the UI could use some tweaking, scrolling is awkward and you're forced to re-orient your phone to select a type of flare. Also there is currently no way I can find to change the size (not brightness) of the flares. Also being able to select the center position similar to the controls in optical flares by video copilot. The render to add another flare option is great! And the flares look good! They're just a little to small.
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11 years ago, Spiffeddude
Not a canned one trick pony.
The effects in this app are stellar and integrate perfectly with any photo. It doesn't take any masking or a lot of fine tweaking to get it to become a natural part of the picture. It just happens. Seriously, the best effect app I have ever gotten. While I'm here, I'll also mention that it is amazingly easy and rewarding to use.
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10 years ago, Shootforlife
Beautiful app
Thanks so much for fixing the crashing problem. App works beautifully. If you've never used this app, you should. It won't fix a bad picture but it can make any decent picture absolutely stellar. It's easy to use, powerful, flexible, and fun. I have all the apps by this developer and they are excellent.
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8 years ago, DonAB
Became Bloatware
Nice effects if you like that sort of thing, but the app clocks in at 60MB, well into the bloatware category. Is it all those useless languages I can't delete??? Or??? Evidently the Bloatware app companies haven't noticed a smartphone with more memory costs us more. I wonder if the ever expanding list of features causes more data downloading, which also costs us more. Whatever, not going there.... And why are the app's reviews not visible?! They present testimonials in their description, but invisible reviews!
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10 years ago, mookzmom
Truly wonderful!
Endless possibilities with this little gem. I've just begun to play with it and can see myself wasting days just amusing myself. Old photos can be made to look like masterpieces, and new ones like a professional photographer's work. I see no problems with this app at all. Highly recommend!
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8 years ago, zoobdube
Rock solid app…
This, along with their other apps, are solid as can be. I've had no problem with the app, and instead, a lot of fun transforming what could be ho hum photos, into a sharper and more polished photo. There are tons of filters, and adding them on and off is a breeze. For atmospherics, there aren't many to compare.
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10 years ago, iBill1976
Apps Like this Make the iPhone what it is
I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE LENSFLARE FOR VIDEO...!!! Just Awesome, this has Been One of My Secret Apps for a Few Years Now... It Makes My Photos Look like they were shot with an Expensive Camera... Also, if U Missed the Sunrise or Sunset U can Make Ur Own or Make Yours Look Better... I Own All the Apps and All the Packs... Keep'em Comin...!!!
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11 years ago, Cody B....
Wow! Thank you so much for the new update, your wonderful program just got even better. The new UI looks fantastic and all the new features are excellent, the advanced tab is amazing! You will have way more control of what you're putting into your images. Great job, thank you so much!
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12 years ago, Enertron
I was skeptical because of the reviews but I got it anyway. Has not crashed for me on my 4S. I wish people would put what devise they were using- people having problems could be on old dinosaur iPod 2G's or something. Add more flares as an in-app purchase and I'd buy em
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11 years ago, Mattgyver
Lens flare can solve world hunger
If you've been photoshopping for as long as I have, you improve photos every day with lens flare. This app lets me use it on the go! iPhone cat pictures? Lens flare! Instagram pic of my breakfast/lunch/and or dinner? Lens flare! Lens flare makes everything better, all the time. There is no such thing as too much.
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13 years ago, UncleMac OS X
Great but there's a minor issue to be addressed.
Since there's no Mac version yet I wanted to pre-render a few things to send to my iMac for further editing but the name of the app is always in the way! It's akin to a free versions watermark! There should be a way to remove it at least before saving a file. Do that & you'll get 5 stars on both apps! Please bring this to the Mac App Store I'll buy it & give you another 5rating! 
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10 years ago, Cam Landis
Beautiful Application
Being a filmmaker, I love to see optical flares in any type of movie, but to use them in photos and edited pictures, is just as awesome. I use this app on a daily basis just for my mere pleasure. I love this app so much. If you enjoy editing photos, I definitely recommend this app.
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13 years ago, K'Shanti
It just gets better with every update! I've taken "very nice" iPhone wallpapers, and turned them into amazing pieces that my friends beg me to Bump them to them. My only issue: It's difficult to do precise application on small details with accuracy. Also, support for multitasking would be nice...
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9 years ago, Swaggedoutdrew
Great app but needs an update
Overall I think this app is pretty fantastic the LensFlares look great and realistic the epic photos are cool but it needs an update certain things take entirely too long to load for instance when I am looking at the epic photo collection certain photos never even load so great app overall but I need an update pronto
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8 years ago, Atalix
Great anamorphic alternative
Simple is, mostly for those who can't afford the lenses to have the natural lens flare effect specially the anamorphic which are the hardest to come by and there's so few that anamorphic is not really noticed nor spoken about around photo and film. This is a good way to render awesome lens flare to your photos!
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11 years ago, Cris900
Awesome app!!!
I really like the effects that this app gives! However, I'd really love to be able to rotate, size, and change the opacity of the dust texture effects to make them stand out more. You can barely see them in some pictures :)
Show more
14 years ago, Marc Roman Bravo
Sharp & realistic & fun
I love this app! Lot of flares to choose from & they change in angle & intensity as you drag them around the picture. I use the flares sparingly to add a little shine or to cover up "flaws" in photos. Lots of fun--thanks! I'm keeping a star in case another page of flares gets added in an update ;)
Show more
13 years ago, Javier.Art.Photography
Using this for Web Design Images
I am a graphic designer for 20 years and I can say this is a very nice aplication. The only negative thing that I can see is when I save the image the aplication puts to much compresion on the JPG, I thing it should live it the way it is. Can the developer fix that? Thanks!
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