Leominster Credit Union Mobile

4.8 (1.6K)
108.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Leominster Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Leominster Credit Union Mobile

4.83 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
8 months ago, mikepawson25
Never had any issues with app in 2 years
I’ve had other banks in the past and had constant issues with the online banking. Absolutely zero issues with this app
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1 year ago, e.boyce02
Eh, needs some fixes
I never write reviews but I really felt I had to for this. I’ve run into some really annoying bugs with the app. I just had to re-verify an external account and after doing so it messed up all of my accounts on my dashboard so can only see my LCU savings and my external checking account…very annoying since my pay goes into my LCU checking and I can’t see it now I also can’t see my external savings. Also the app crashes all of the time and at the worst possible moments, like during a transfer. Also why does the app not have an apple widget yet. So far I’ve been pretty disappointed, so I hope these issues can get addressed.
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2 years ago, Flight2039Down
Who designed this app?
When you select an account, it slides in from the right side. To close the account view you press the DOWN arrow/bracket on the top and it slides back out on the side. Why would anyone choose the unintuitive button choice? And the colors… how dated. The app doesn’t look classic, it looks old… but with rounded corners. Couldn’t check my account for a couple days easily for THIS redesign? Silly
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2 years ago, meg michaud
Helpful and easy
Love this bank, any problems I’ve ever had they handle with care and quickness and the locations are always easy to find
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2 years ago, emaiz
Their app is meant for children, you have no control over what you can do with your money sometimes simple is good but too simple is pure lazy.
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4 weeks ago, Mom23320
Easy to use, love the biometric system
I like the loan app and I have no complaints. Who ever the developer of it was did a phenomenal job. Keep up the good work guys.
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2 years ago, Kevin D. Flynn
New app and website are awesome!
Great job on the new app and website. I work in Fintech and this is one of the better makeovers I’ve seen. Kudos to your tech team.
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2 months ago, Jan e C
Writing a review
LCU program for the phone to do banking is the greatest invention and it’s so easy to use. Thank you.
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11 months ago, JonathanRoberts
Leominster Review
Nothing but good things to say about Leominster. Great Credit Union.
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2 years ago, Acormier35
The at my loan option is horrible, I have been trying to make a payment on my loan for a week now. Never opens and when it does it crashes before you can pay and then it won’t open again.
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1 year ago, Wait What?!?'s
I like the app but not the limit. I think it should be raised to 1000 instead of 500 dollars. That would help a lot for me
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2 years ago, vjjhhgg
New Update 👎🏻
I’ve been using this app for years with no problems. Now It freezes every time. I click to view my different accounts and nothing happens…..
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2 years ago, Jasonhallrox
Fix it
Most recent update is garbage. It freezes and crashes every time I log in.
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2 years ago, the cooking guye
First time long time
The layout of this app stinks in comparison to its predecessor. Whoever’s coding over there needs to go to remedial class.
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2 years ago, g0r
Great redesign
Very very happy with the redesign!
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2 years ago, Agarrett413
App is garbage
This app is a pile of garbage now always got to mess up something that works. To many bugs can’t even use it.
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2 years ago, yankeebaseballa2
Freezing loading issues
Lots of freezing need to reboot.
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12 months ago, Kerman ojoe
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1 year ago, coconutbs
Login is hard to navigate
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4 years ago, Mr,Abreu
To much problem to login
Problems to login I’m try to doing sometime. Send me to call. Something wrong for this app. Problem to se my balance ect. But is good bank but the app👎🏾
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10 years ago, StephSmith3636
Better than nothing
Considering this is a first edition app for this bank, it’s definitely much better than no app at all. However, it definitely needs some refinement. It’s very user unfriendly for mobile deposits. You have to apply for authorization on the regular online site to even access it - something that’s not ever mention, I had to go looking for it. Also, you have to endorse the check a certain way, which is fine, except they don’t mention that in the app itself, and you never get a notification if your deposit was rejected, and it doesn’t tell you why either. I had to call the physical bank to find out what was going on. Fairly fast loading, seems pretty time accurate in regards to transactions. Glad to finally have an app for my banking, just needs a little tweaking.
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7 years ago, jmqntm
Simple functions do not work
I just recently opened an account with them and downloaded this app. to access my holdings. I haven't had a chance to test out many of the features but one issue that is the most obvious at this point is the timeout window where you need to click the "OK" button to acknowledge the need to re-login. The button does basically nothing at all and the user is forced to shut down the app and reopen it. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Cozy Haven
This is awesome to do! First time I used it! Really cool!
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8 years ago, uberpratt
Ok but still no Touch ID
Solid update to most features but a lot of just UI changes. No Touch ID for a bank app is a problem. Touch ID has been around for 3 generations of iPhones at this point. Needs to be a feature for apps with complex password requirements
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3 years ago, Tygorodon1234567890
Would rate the app better if you could type in the correct amount of the check deposit. The app doesn’t allow you to enter cents. Other bank apps do so why can’t this one?
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2 years ago, Nigeldaddy
What a joke
I pay my bills on Sundays. But not this one because it doesn’t let you because Sunday isn’t a business day. But wait, it gets worse- it won’t let you select a business day. Your only option is to remember to pay your bill on a weekday.
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7 years ago, $No
Can't transfer $ from another bank
This bank (and app) are a joke. You have to make all payments for an auto loan using physical checks bc you can't link to an outside bank. In order to set the app up you actually have to talk to someone at the bank. Why?
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5 years ago, theBoxHead
I doesn’t save password
The app says it works with FaceId, shows the little FaceId icon when I open it, but it never EVER works. I have to enter my password every time. Frustrating, slow and inconvenient.
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10 years ago, CryBabyAlbert
So far so good
App works great.
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6 years ago, bhughey24
Don’t bother
Unless you are using it to find out what your balance was yesterday, there is no use for the app. They advertise remote deposit, but that is not actually in the app.
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5 years ago, xoBriannaxo
The app doesn’t work more often than not because it’s always “down” or “experiencing issues”.
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5 years ago, Moenotm122
Love the bank. The app is terrible. Needs fixing. Half the time I can’t get in it and have to go to the bank to fix it!
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1 year ago, Mariachickie
Gracias por la gran ayuda y la confianza que me han brindado, les estaré eternamente agradecida, Bendiciones
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5 years ago, Racer12gamer
Doesn't work
Says it needs an update to work... but there's no update... so it doesn't work.
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5 years ago, R. C. T
Great . Convenient.
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