Lep's World 3 - Jumping Games

4.7 (26.4K)
61.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
nerByte GmbH
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lep's World 3 - Jumping Games

4.73 out of 5
26.4K Ratings
4 weeks ago, mastadon
It’s not the same as before…
I love this game, okay? I’ve been playing it since 2015. It’s a great game, it really is! But nowadays, it’s different. I miss when this game had: Doors in the sky, only five worlds, and limited lives. The world map is fine, but it’s just different. Adding more worlds to the game was fine, but in the story, after beating the fifth boss, Lep had canonically saved all his friends from the ogres. Adding seven more worlds makes the story feel confusing. Five worlds was just fine. And having unlimited lives is something I strongly dislike. It takes away from the feeling of, “oh no! I only have one more life!” Having a limited amount of lives made the game feel more adventurous. Unlimited lives does make the game easier, but not in a good way. So, overall, this game is very nostalgic, and my favorite game in the Lep’s World Series, but if you developers are listening, can you please consider my thoughts? And also with Lep’s World 2? Thanks. -Evan
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6 years ago, Fatima 10skillion
Too much ads
This is a really good game. The only thing is that it has too much ads. Because when you loose you have to watch an ad or else you will loose a live . You also have to watch an ad sometimes after you finish a level and sometimes before you start playing. But other than that, it is a really good game especially for kids like me. Just take out all the ads from this game. Thank you very much.
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7 years ago, Captain Distraction Lite Hater
Great Game, But Many Flaws
Lep's World 3 is a free platformer on phones and iPads I used to love. It was fun, addictive, and not too short like most other apps. Now, I kind of like it still. Kind of. One thing to note is it's a ripoff from Nintendo's Mario games. Nintendo's are way better. But the fact this game exists on the hardware of phones is pretty impressive. The graphics are detailed and beautiful while the game is truly lengthy. But the game is glitchy, often with ads popping up in the middle of a level and killing you. The level design is awful and each level feels like a repeat from the last. But most importantly, it's not that fun. However, I still highly recommend this game. You'll probably end up deleting it, but it offers some fun and is incredibly good for a phone title. If you liked Lep's World 1 or 2, this is a must-buy. The many flaws make it a waste of time, but the effort put in this game holds it up just enough for me to give it a 3/5.
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4 years ago, TUNITEAO
Okay so I’ve been playing this game for the past week or so and I got to map “world” VII. This is where it starts going downhill. There’s literally fire balls everywhere and I cannot get through at all. The design is not that good. The fire balls fill the map and it’s literally impossible for me to get through. I’m not trying to brag at all, the creator of this game knows way more about this game more than I do of course. But I have been playing it a lot and the 7th map is so frustrating and it’s not even fun at all. The chances of finishing the map is close to impossible. I know this is just a game I’m not really mad but the 7th map wasn’t really designed nicely. It was just filled with so many fireballs. It’s really sad that I won’t be playing this game again considering that I’ve been playing it nonstop for the past week or so 😔 . But overall, until the 7th map, the game was so much fun I loved it so much 😁😁😁
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7 years ago, Kayyy beeeexo
I really do enjoy the game. It's an awesome game to play to have the time go by especially waiting at the bus stop for my kid. BUT I absolutely HATE that it freezes randomly and once it unfreezes then you're dead. Or when you're half way through a game and they put up an add that takes over the whole screen and you've got to wait for the little x to pop up to get it back to the game and of course by the time that happens you're dead again. Aside from those really annoying things that really should be fixed asap ( and I've deleted the game and re downloaded it a few times hoping it would change and it's the same thing on my iPad and iPhone and my sons iPhone as well so it's not just something that happens on one device) I enjoy the game, again it's a great game to help the times go by faster. 👍🏼
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5 years ago, PersonOfBeing
I miss the old version
Don't get me wrong, i know the gaming world is growing, but something just doesn't fit in with the new updates. I had the game around 2013-ish, and trust me, I was a HUGE fan of it! I used to love the thrill of only having three lives, it used to give it a more adventurous type of thrill. Now it has gotten, "easier". It lost its realism towards the game, and now it looks as if it is just another game. It doesn't stand out like the classic good Ol' games... if an older version of the game was available to be downloaded I'd be all for it. A pro about it: the graphics seem to be smoother and I love how you still out in the original sounds for the game (collecting coins, defeating mobs, jumping, etc..) :D
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2 years ago, please fix it alll
I really love the game but it always freezes. Me and my family really love this game. My two uncles have it, me, my cousin, my brother, and one of my other cousins have watched me play it and they’ve played it to. Me and my brother downloaded the game on my grandma’s phone because we love it so much. Also I have seen lately that my brother is close to the WiFi and they won’t let him watch the videos to try again. On my grandma’s phone I watch a full video and it doesn’t let me go out of the video so I have to delete the window on the PHONE and try all over again!!
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6 years ago, HS skeleton
This game is only reliable when you spend money on it. There have been times when I’ve purchased items and not even receive what I pay for. The only reason I’ve given it a one out of five rating is because I like the Mario themed style of the game. Not only is it unreliable but it’s really just an ad spamming game you only get about 2 minutes of game time and then it’s just ads. They put in a feature where instead of using diamonds you watch an ad sounds good right? Wrong. You either have to watch two videos or until the game crashes. All in all I wouldn’t recommend giving this game the time of day. If it were up to me I wouldn’t even allow this disgrace of a “game” on the App Store.
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5 years ago, GiataMilan
A Mario type game
The game is okay and challenging and they’ve updated it since I deleted it a few years ago. It still has to many long adds that take away from the game. It also has the same glitches (the sound goes out). The boss at the end of the higher levels is practically impossible to beat. I’m thinking of deleting again for this reason. Not that the developers care because I suggested a long time ago that instead of saying “YOU FAILED” when you die, try something like “TRY AGAIN” but they never changed it. Whatever.
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4 years ago, 27bowmad
Fun and addicting.
I really love this game! I saw my little cousin playing it and i asked if i could play and i fell in love! There is a little problem tho. The ADDS!!! There is so many and it’s so frustrating. I don’t like any games with ads, and of course who does. But this one isn’t terrible but is it still really annoying. PLEASE GET RID OF THE ADDS. IN EVERY GAME. IN THE WORLD. But otherwise.... i would recommend gettin this game. SUPER FUN And kid friendly. The adds are not inappropriate.
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2 years ago, Wattpad_author
I loved this game, finished 12-20 a while back. Hope it updates with a new map soon! One issue though is that when playing certain levels the second pot of gold would glitch out and I’d have to exist the app, swipe it away, and play again. I’d only be able to get to it if I go straight for the second chest and ignore some of the others. It happened with the other chests too, but not as often as the second chest.
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7 years ago, Smart Wolf Gaming
Lep’s World 3 (new version)
Lep’s World 3 used to be my favorite mobile game ever to exist. It was just a fun and addictive game that had a lot of adventures packed in each and every level. However, this has changed a ton... There are more advertisements than the previous versions, and a lot of lag occurs. This new version has definitely changed the game in a bad way! This game just became a total mess that is still a little adventurous, but you have to worry about the annoying advertisements. This new version is not as good as it used to be! :(
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7 years ago, 4377 DL
Lep's World 3 Free
I just downloaded Lep's World 3 Free!! It's not working very well, he's running in like slow motion! I downloaded it because, my other Lep's World 3 is doing the same thing! I have an IPhone 4!! Please help!!!! What's going on??? 😭😭😭😭!!!! Since the last update I am having problems with Lep falling through places where he shouldn't be falling!! I have an iPhone 6 now!! Level 8-16 is making me mad!! To difficult to get through!!
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6 years ago, Angazmin
To small
Sometimes I’m going to a level on a different world or level and then it shows me an ad. Also sometimes when I push the watch video to relive I see the ad and sometimes the x button doesn’t pop up and my phone freezes. And also I press the watch video and when the video is over I press the x and it takes me to the App Store so then I have to exit the game and I have to do the level I just did again.
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4 years ago, MANNYRAIN
I just love Leap world 3 , the graphics and everything about the game .... it’s soo addictive , I think I might be one of the few people who have finished all the stages , it’s soo addictive , I stay up all night playing it .... a lot better than Mario ... You should try it , you would love it ....Developers please add up more stages soon cus Av finished all the stages and I’m bored 😔
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3 years ago, devinthetorando
The Best One, in my opinion.
Lep’s World 3, fixed almost all my complaints on Lep’s World 2 and 1. Better Controls, better graphics (while it takes a while to get used to Lep’s new design, you’ll get used to it), and WAY BETTER LEVEL DESIGN! Thank god, I really like this game. It’s not quite on the same peg as Super Mario World, but the game obviously wasn’t gonna beat perfection. I really like this game, heck I might just say I LOVE Lep’s World 3. It’s got me hooked.
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7 years ago, towersbouquet
Leap's world 3..i want more!!!
I love the game, it's awesome! The game is challenging but is not impossible. I already finish it and i was hoping to get more worlds!! A little detail is that after the world five i didn't get to fight any other monster, you just finish the last one and you go to the other world. But it's awesome, you should keep updating it with new worlds. FIVE STARS ✨
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I love this game and it’s so cool how everything is. My mom doesn’t have a leg and sometimes gets bored, she looks forward to playing this and loves it so much. She is really good and is on a very high level. I’m glad this is a good game for my mom and we all love it! Sometimes it freezes but it is ok. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Mommytothreechitlins
Family friendly please!
Now as a 10 year old, I enjoy this Mario like series it’s very fun but… if your able to make a kid friendly game then why is it hard to advertise kid friendly ads? Like I’ve seen if my eyes are like a campfire outta control! Love the game! Gameplay is amazing but, just please make sure the ads are safe for kids to watch! Thank you for understanding!
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7 years ago, SKhimani
So last time I had the game I had a character that was 199 gems and it took forever to earn. since my brother is always using the gems so I bought some and got the character. But my brother deleted the app. When I got it back it was all back to when I first got it! So now here I am writing this and asking why doesn't the app remember that I bought the gems I had that character and why I'm not where I left off!!!! OTHER THAN THAT I LOVE THE GAME
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2 years ago, moldovannite
Fun Mario spin-off
There’s lots of additions to this from the original. Wall jumping, more power ups, more secrets and other new interactibles in each level. There are tons of levels too with lots of variety in backgrounds and even swimming levels.
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1 year ago, nutella_98
Incorrect lives meter
Let’s say you ran out of lives (hearts) and the clock says you have to wait 26 minute to receive a new life (heart). About 20 minutes later you check the heart status and it say you have about 6 minutes left for a new life (heart). At this point press Play. In the dialog box the “Time to next heart” will be either incorrect or reset. In other words, according to the main clock you had about 6 more minutes to wait for a new heart. But since you pressed Play, the “Time to next heart” will be reset and when you close the game the “Time to next heart” will be actually 28 or so minutes AGAIN instead of 6. So this way you basically end up waiting forever to receive a new life. iOS 15.7.2
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4 years ago, kya00001
Great genius game!
I LOVE THIS GAME! Gives me Nintendo Mario vibes! Great quality! There are more ads lately. I wish there was a way to pay for ads off at least. Other than that I love it! Amazing, will forever support this app! Wow it’s better than any ninetendo apps, visual is so perfect too! Thank you for proving such an awesome app! I don’t mind the apps this way!
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3 years ago, annimois3.0000
Making my childhood
Last time I played this game I was maybe around 6-7 and when the idea of super Mario on mobile wasn’t a thing I found this game by accident yet i loved it I’m surprised yet happy to see it’s still up thank you devs
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2 years ago, A123theboss
My fun with leap world3
It was great I got to play with my friends and everything I just wish there will be more updates with leap world3 or you could do leap world 4 have you thought about that just saying but please please add more please thank you bye.😁
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1 year ago, Random person of the day
I love this game but..
Over all this is my fav lep’s world version, but honestly I’m not sure if it’s just me or are y’all also watching adds to play a lvl? I don’t mind it but it I personally think the adds should be every now and then from lvl to lvl instead of having to watch an add for almost every lvl That’s all :^
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9 months ago, Next level not loading
Next world
This is my favorite game I play it every night but I got up to world 20 about a month ago and it still says coming soon for the next world I updated my app and it’s still the same.
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5 years ago, Musical.ly-TikTok
I like this game
Ok listen, this games one of my favorite games but I could not find a way to play a multiplayer game with my father. I watched videos on the internet no answer... I tried everything and please answer I want to know how to do it. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Dsbuchan
To many ad’s
I absolutely love this game, and I play all three, Lep’s world, LW 2 & 3. The only thing that I can not stand is the ad’s. There are way to many, and they are way too long. Some of the ad’s are really trashy and adult only. I still play them, but thinking about deleting all three due to this issue.
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2 months ago, Coryxkenshin-Samurai
It freezes
SO sometimes it won’t freeze but some time it will but it only freezes at the end of a level like when I reach the rainbow it freezes but sometimes it doesn’t do that please fix that developers🙏🏾
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6 years ago, Sarahnicle
Glitchy but fun
I really enjoyed this as a substitute for Mario Bros, and this 3rd version is the best so far. My only criticism would be that, if you replay a level a few times, the game doesn’t recognize where the icon is, and it will fall through the floor, and you lose a life. Would be great if that was fixed.
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7 years ago, That goth girl
Fun game however
I love playing this game but sometimes there will be a glitch and a gold pot won’t be there in the game or even the rainbow at the end is just not there and u can’t go to other levels without finishing the one your on so I am now stuck on a level that I have reached the end too multiple times. This also happens in the first Lep’s world game.
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3 years ago, Master of Luken1a3
A little mistake
On level 1-5, a little mistake is here. You know there are secret paths, right? One of them is in level 1-5, but there is a floor mistake on the first wall jump part of the game near the red platform. But the game is still good.
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3 years ago, NameNick 3
Great game!
This is a really fun game for both kids and adults. My six year old can’t get enough and every now and then she hands it off to me when she gets frustrated. We have a blast!
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5 years ago, Izzy2013g
Beware of inappropriate ads
This app has very inappropriate ads for younger views. The age says 4+ but based on the ads I would say older than 9 yrs if that. The ads content blood, shooting, and violence. If you contact support they say buy the version with no ads. This game isn’t going to last long enough to spend money for no ads. It’s repetitive and doesn’t have enough expansion. There are better apps.
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2 years ago, kingflyry
Great game
The game is great but there is one problem I can't add people on it’s hard but if you could maybe show me or fix the problem that will be great overall this is a really great game
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6 years ago, fire bir
Leprechauns world three is amazing
It’s a very nice game it’s for ages four and up and it’s a very nice game it’s just really fine and there are levels that go really high and it gets really hard so start playing with leprechauns well three thank you.
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1 year ago, tiktokChampangebecca
I love this game but it’s hard
the way this game is creating there should always be a Lep’s world 4 i could be so happy playing it but this game made me go through so much emotions pls add another part thx.
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3 years ago, znmas
Lep’s world 3
This game is really fun but I finished all 12 worlds and now I’m waiting for the other ones to come it says coming soon but I have been waiting a long time
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4 years ago, matsilah
the game is actually fun but I really hate how once u get up to the 7th world or sometimes 6th world , it starts to glitch and I can’t play then I restart the game and it brings be all the way back to world 1 level 1 . I don’t know maybe it’s just my phone but I really may end up deleting it but I do recommend it for when your bored or waiting on a commercial break to be over :)
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6 years ago, Gs6815761
It’s a rip-off, but it’s not that bad
I love playing this game and I hope Nintendo doesn’t take it down the games is basically Super Mario World. But it is fun nonetheless I know that Nintendo can take it down but I wish that doesn’t happen
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3 years ago, hiya peeps!
Better than 1 and 2
Lep’s world 3 is the best game ever! Way better than 1 and 2. Haven’t noticed any flaws yet and I have been playing for three years! Out of 10, it’s an eleven.
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7 years ago, AimeeG12345
Fun at first but...
This game started out fun, but once you advance to higher levels, it's obvious that the game developers couldn't figure out a way to make the actual level course more challenging, so they literally make the levels impossible to beat by not giving you clovers (the equivalent of mushrooms in Mario) or acorns to shoot enemies/defend yourself, and putting literally 8 enemies against you at once. It's just stupid. An exercise in frustration.
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5 years ago, Eviltediz
Years later...
Ive been playing this series since the first, and im still a fan! A great game to play when on the go.. so much still, where id like to play this game on consoles... in a collection of the 3 games.
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6 years ago, jaslinlover1
My honest Opinion
I think Leps World 3 is great but I don’t like the new update I don’t like waiting but I love this game I think it would be better if you just left it the way it was before!!!Love your game though ❤️❤️❤️😍😜
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3 months ago, JUXTAPOSE666
Leprechaun 3
Very cool game reminiscent of the Super Mario or even Sonic series of game titles. It’s generic style is actually very well made. If you’d like a change of pace from your standard mainstream platformer I’d recommend.
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7 years ago, Girlgonemom
Addicting but frustrating
The higher the level that more impossible this and they don't give me more lives. Also you can be in the middle of playing and an ad pops up - The ones that usually play after you lose . Glitch I guess.
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5 years ago, kayrbear89
Just what I was looking for
This game was just what I was looking for, I love the controls the graphics, has an old school feel to it, I am now going to download more of the games as well.
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2 years ago, Rylani
Honestly a perfect game
Just turn off your WiFi when you play the game so you won’t get any ads. It’s as easy as that.
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4 years ago, blahtbha
It’s glitching
It’s ok and fun other than sometimes my gold pots don’t show up like others,,like I would have to watch a tutorial on where my pots are but they just not there even after I went through the whole game like 8 times. And sometime when you don’t even touch the Enemy you lose a clover therefore. 2/5 recommend
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