Lexington Law - Credit Repair

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User Reviews for Lexington Law - Credit Repair

4.78 out of 5
96K Ratings
2 years ago, Thavy ❤️
Great Track History
Used LexingtonLaw in the past when they didn’t have a subscription model and I had to pay $2000 in lawyer retainers. They did an amazing job where my credit was cleaned in less than 6 months. I was able to get approved for several credit cards over $20,000 each as well as qualify for home mortgage. Pandemic hits and had a hard time keeping up with bills after losing my job. Credit score went down and I’m stuck with derogatory remarks from late payments to collections. After speaking to a credit consultant with LexingtonLaw, they told me that even though I had positive accounts, the negative ones keep bringing down any progress I had! It was nice that they can provide prospective as to why things are in standstill and provide advice on how to make progress. So I hired them again, this time, they are under a subscription model and monthly payments much more affordable. One month later, 3 collections accounts removed and 25point increase on one of my credit bureaus. Amazing work! Thanks
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2 years ago, timtat16
For everybody reading this, I live in St Michael Mn. When I was younger I made some huge mistakes I got every credit card I could get and maxed every one of them out. Then eventually I let them all go… Now 5 years later I make very good money and want to buy rental homes, invest my money etc but my credit was STILL stopping me. I found a lady in California who I paid $4000 to fix my credit… She ended up getting 5 things out of 40 off of my credit.. (40 because I had about 13 on each report).. I was extremely skeptical of Lexington law after wasting $4000 and no results in 2 years. Today after just 4 month I log on and 20 things 50% of my items have been removed INCLUDING MY BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot believe it I have no idea who runs this company or any idea where they’re even based out of but by the grace of God I found somebody who actually is there to help… Me and my wife also tried sending letter after letter to my collection companies just for them to write back basically saying too bad and actually updating the date to the date I sent the letter… we tried EVERYTHING!!! I seriously cannot believe how awesome these guys are. Thank you so much
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3 years ago, s10son
Promises results! Falls short
Total waste of my time and money I could have used elsewhere went to high money lawyers! In the bugging I was excited!! I spoke with a gentleman who was respectful and knowledgeable, so I thought! They were to eager to take my money!!! It was costing more and each month! I’m on a very tight budget and have little left over! They worked on my credit report or at least it showed they were! After about 3 months of this it wasn’t showing me any real improvements just a lot of hassle! The paralegals, lacked a lot of knowledge and found that they would try and talk above me saying how things were. Each month a fee was taken from my checking . The amount taken was different each time! When it came time to check my FICO they would dodge the question... until they finally told me my credit had improved but, when I asked for my new FICO score they would never give it to me! I! Turns out the excuse they used was I needed to get a credit card to build my credit back??? In essence I went from bad credit to now I don’t have any credit!! This was a complete waste of time and hassle, n noon
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2 years ago, Disappointed and bingo cheats
Takes months before they do anything
It takes months and months to see any progress, little background on my experience, used them years ago to help my credit when it was poor, they didn’t help it they made it worse, I came back to them years later with good credit but wanting these two items off my credit that have been illegally on there for 14 years yes I said 14 years that’s double the time they are allowed and here it’s been four months and the only thing I’ve gotten from Lexington Law is me putting $600 into them and them not helping me with my case my debt was only $1000 I might as well just pay the debt and get it over with, it’s not my debt is why I don’t want to accept it, but it will fall off in a few months anyways so I’m trying to cancel and let me tell you it is hard to cancel! They have been in analyzing response mode for 43 days on me and just pulling 150 a month out, i blocked them on my card so it gets rejected since they don’t want to let me cancel…
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3 years ago, Liberia12
Lexington law firm is a scam,
Lexington law firm is a scam, they will put you on a monthly payment and charge you every month for doing nothing, the long and slower they can go with you is the more money they will make, they put a dent in my credit score, I canceled my membership the next day after I signed up and I unsubscribe from the email listing, they told me that they will never send me email or contact me anymore, after 2 months they started to text me every day harassing me whit hole lots of text messages ask me if I would like to sign up again and get a monthly subscription with a better deal, there is no real deal is a trap and they are trying to used you with their so-called deals. They still send me email after I unsubscribe and is annoying, I work on my credit all by my self and things are very good, you do not need Lexington law firm to keep taking your hard earned money from you every week for years, you can do better than that on your own like I did. Avoid this scam.
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2 years ago, ShortLili
Always on top
It’s only been a couple months if that since I been with Lexington Law and my actors has gone up 15 points!! They are very consistent in getting their part done. They also offer other options that require little to work work on your part, but c’mon, a few minutes of your time is worth the outcome right?! So far Lexington Law has answered all my questions to my understanding, never given me the run around on anything. Everyone and anyone that I have chat with, spoken to or talked on the phone with was patient and kind and provided me with detailed information on anything I’ve needed or asked about. I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone that’s looking to repair their credit. The monthly cost is worth the results!!
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1 year ago, Listen Hippo
Review of Queen service
Hello Lexington Law I just wanted to let you know I hope you’re working on my case. I did send y’all all of the stuff on my Water System and never went through to you which was pretty upsetting when I found out that tonight, but Miss Mrs. queen, her name is queen she was very helpful to me and that’s the only reason you still have my service. I will let you know that she gave me all the information I needed and she gave me some discounts and I think over that because I tried to send an email and it didn’t even go through to y’all because it said I couldn’t use that app to reply to it, so I’m just telling you she keep her on and give her a raise and make sure to include the inflation for nowadays. Thank you very much.
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4 years ago, mizbillie
Predatory Company
Lexington Law baits you along month by month. You think that their services are working because you see one or two things every other month changing on your credit. They are professionals...they are paralegals and attorneys....They are very well equipped to get everything wiped off of your credit within a couple of months. If they were to clear your bad credit within a few months, though, then how would they continue getting your money? They stretch it out so long until you’re just fed up and when you try to cancel they go back and forth with you. My husband had over $300 in charges from Lexington Law come out in one day through 4 different charges. When we called to get refunded we sat on the phone for over an hour for them to tell us “we’ve decide we will refund you, but if you ever seek credit repair we ask that you don’t come to us”. So we walk away feeling like we’ve done something wrong or that we’ve burned a bridge but they are the ones that are shady.
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3 years ago, chachi blanco
I just want to take the time to say thank you to all the kind people who have reached out to me and gave me the information I need to be successful and get back on the right track here . It has been a crazy couple years and times have been very tough and you guys know that and it’s always being displayed and the kindness and patience everyone has is unbelievable. I have a big mouth and get frustrated pretty easy but once again someone was there to talk to me threw The process and help me understand it my way . I’ve been with you guys for about six months now and I’ve already got 3 negative items removed . You guys r the best and i appreciate all the help so thanks again
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3 years ago, B.Tice
Be cautious.
Unless you don’t have the capability of going on a free app like Experian or kreditkarma to check your estimated credit score and submit your own request for information letters to creditors. You can do all of the things they charge you for, for free. Had I known that all they were going to do was challenge the collection accounts and send request of information on my behalf, I would have put my money towards my debts. When called about my account balance, I requested multiple times to have the account deactivated and kept getting promotions pushed on me. Now today I call to close my account, no promotions pushed, no issues, accept now their trying to charge me more because I “agreed to have the account extended”. At what point is constantly pushing promotions and refusing to close the account as I asked, considered “trying to help you” and not refusal to close the account?
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2 years ago, Howie 1250
They honestly made my dreams come true, I’m 23 and I’ve made horrible decisions with spending and not saving a dime and LexingtonLaw gave me a place to start. A place to start in buying my first house for me and my fiancé, a place to start in refinancing my car and most importantly a place to start in getting married. I can’t thank you guys enough for how truly amazing you are, how thankful I am and how much of a weight off my shoulders you took. I would give this app 100 stars if I could even a million it’s just truly a blessing. Thank you. I recommend this to anyone who feels like there’s no way out and anyone who is worried about their future. They truly are an amazing team. God bless and thank you so much 🙏
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2 years ago, LAN B JR
After 1 Year of Service…
Lexington Law proved to be a good value. They accomplished what I couldn’t for several years leading up to our relationship. Though I’m still considered a “rebuild” case, my credit score improved from the low 500s to just above 600. I would still use their service if they could help my profile further improve but it came down to negative items which can only be removed after so many years have passed; leaving redundant dispute letters- which go unanswered or rejected- being the only tool left at our disposal. I do recommend them. Also, their associates and agents were very professional; knowledgeable, competent, polite, and responsive.
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3 years ago, RLPanger
Outstanding Service
The services that LexingtonLaw provides are extremely beneficial to me. Not only are they working on my behalf to increase my credit score they have provided ideas through their app. Where I can download form letters to mail out to the credit bureaus as well as the businesses that brought my credit score down. With LexingtonLaw walking me through the process I’ve increased my credit score. So, by working in conjunction with LexingtonLaw we will achieve what I hired them for. Therefore, we all win. Keep in mind that whenever I need any information they are immediately there for me. I can either call and speak personally with a paralegal or log onto my app. Best, Randy L Pangborn
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2 years ago, ŠÇÂR
These people are sent from god himself.
The removed everything that made my credit low or bad. They help you see how credit is a scam & how big companies use keep your credit in there system to screw you over. They removed Inquiries off my credit with 609 letters to every company that tried to screw my credit over. They are definitely on your side. Also having them on your team just shows how companies are using you to make them look good but deep down every company that run’s your credit is scamming you. Don’t let you be the person that’s being scammed. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, jwhall640
Only Time Will Tell…
This review will be updated after some time. I didn’t expect miracles overnight but haven’t seen anything tangible since enrolling, which was a bait and switch from a Short Term Lending Service. I say cannot SEE tangible evidence because I monitor my reports through TWO “live” paid subscriptions and neither of those have changed, good or bad. That MIGHT mean LL has already protected me and I just don’t know, or it might mean they haven’t achieved any results. Mind you, when enrolling, had it not been for the confidence and reassurance I received from the Specialist and the affirmations she provided to keep me from a TOTAL melt-down, I probably would not have signed up. Since then, I’ve only seen bills so…more to follow I guess. Thank you for working on my behalf
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6 months ago, drsovo
Not worth it.
In my two-year experience with Lexington Law's premium credit repair service, I've found it to be disappointing. During the initial six months, despite a $900 investment, there was no noticeable improvement – no negative items were removed, and I received no helpful tips. When I contacted customer service seeking clarification, all they did was escalate the issue and provide notarized letters to send out. It took an additional three months before any negative items were finally removed. I'm still being asked to follow the same ineffective steps. After investing a total of $3,360 in Lexington Law's premium credit repair service over two years, the lack of significant improvement is disheartening. Despite this substantial financial commitment, the assistance provided has not met expectations, leaving me with unresolved issues and concerns about the effectiveness of their services.
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2 years ago, Romeo and Juliet OK
Second time with LexingtonLaw
First time around at chapter 7 bankruptcy no property and lots of bad stuff on my credit over $125,000 with the credit cards !! Hi Lexington Law within about six months I’m doing what they told me to do I was clean as a whistleNow 2nd time with LexingtonLaw but the difference is I own property now and due to Covid 65,000 in credit card debt !! Went through a debt relief company grabbed all my accounts that I didn’t pay for a whole year and they negotiate it 35 k /How is when Lexington Law will get to work and take all the negative off my account since I paid off my debt Debt It should be a quick process no more than 90 days
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1 year ago, Iglesias Bronx NY
Amazing results
Lexington Law is a reputable credit repair service that has helped many individuals improve their credit scores. The firm has a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals who work to dispute negative items on clients' credit reports. Their services are comprehensive, covering all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Clients have reported positive results, with some seeing significant increases in their credit scores. The firm's customer support is also noteworthy, with staff being available to answer any questions or concerns. Overall, Lexington Law is a solid choice for anyone looking to improve their credit standing.
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1 year ago, CiannaSwartz
Removed my derogatory marks
Last year the primary account holder for which I am an additional user missed a payment on our BOA credit card. Of course this ended up as a missed payment and derogatory mark on my credit. I signed up for Lexington Law hoping they would be able to fix the issue and within 2 months they had fully resolved my credit. I am very happy with the results and both my TransUnion and Equifax reports already have dropped the missed payment and derogatory mark. Thank you guys for working so swiftly to repair my credit report. I really appreciate it.
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4 years ago, money bate
Do not use this service. They will not remove anything from your credit. They will drag your case out as long as you let them to milk money out of you. I subscribed for this service and a month went by without them even reaching out to me. After a month I had to call them and they claim they were going to start working on my case After the second month of no communication I canceled service. I end of paying for 2 months of service for nothing. This company is rich for baiting people in and collecting a couple months of pay from everyone. If you’re looking for credit repair. Check out “THE CREDIT DUDE” on Instagram. They took my credit score from a 565 to 725 in a couple months. I was able to get a 25k credit card with my bank the same day. During this pandemic they might be a little backed up but their services are great. You’re welcome.
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1 year ago, alpha8987
The company told me from the beginning that if I cancel in between five days, I will not get charge. I I cancel within five days and they still charge me. I have become negative and they can’t even put my money back to my bank account. All they did is apologize and tell me there’s nothing they can do when it said in their policy he will not be charge if you can still win in five days. I do not recommend Lexington law to no one. They tell you they going to start working on your case immediately but once you make that first payment. He they start on your case after the six day. they do not they do not follow everything in their policy is just false advertisement I am truly not satisfied with their service hopefully you don’t happen to you either. Also, it’s been a week and I still haven’t got. My refund FYI.
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6 months ago, pmcbmx
Credit repair
I was hopeful, but skeptical in the beginning. I read the reviews and when they do a great job rebuilding someone’s credit, they do a great service. So after 2 monthly payments that’s when things started to get removed and now 4-5 months I have 4 negative reports taken off my credit report. Now my score is up and I was able to get a couple credit cards with higher limits on them, that I couldn’t get before Lexington law. I’m grateful for all the removal of negative reports. Thank you for all your hard work I will be continuing with their services. Paul
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1 year ago, Good progress**
Credit repair
So far I cannot complain. I was hesitant on the cost of the bundle that repairs all 3. And I just went for it. But since then, maybe a month later I stater seeing results. Started getting notifications within weeks of disputes sent on my behalf. And now my credit is much higher and in much better shape. Although, I did do my part as well paying off my debt and what not. But the collections and charge offs, not an issue for this law firm apparently. Haha. I’m 22% complete and will keep moving forward until everything is clear again!! Thank you Lexington law firm!!
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4 years ago, starrs💗
Credit score going down.
As the company remove things from your credit report, it will go down, they don’t tell you that you actually have to work on building your credit and how. As you review your report through credit karma it will offer secured credit cards that u can apply for. They do work in your favor in a short while. The accounts that you have open pay them down to at least 30 0/0 of the credit limit, your score will start to increase. As for negative items some of them will need ur attention, but work on building asap.
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4 years ago, gchadams
It’s a huge understatement to state that I’m EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH LEXINGTONLAW’S PERFORMANCE & SERVICE! First of all, shame on Lending Tree for referring me to this company to help me improve my credit score. LexingtonLaw should feel ashamed of their predatory practices, but I can assure you that they do not! I paid $130 a month for 3 months ($390 total) and I gave zero to show for it! They sent out my initial challenges to help improve my credit score and that was it...they did nothing else! When I closed my account, their staff claimed I would have to pay $130 the next month for “work previously performed on your account”. While I was attempting to challenge this, their staff ended our chat session prematurely. When I tried to remove my credit card from my account info, it stated that I can not remove my card info. Don’t make the mistake that I made. AVOID LEXINGTONLAW!!!!
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2 years ago, 2Goddess4You
Lexington law is very awesome and do their job better than others.. You can talk to ANYONE and not an automated system 🙄. They are reasonable worth their prices on helping you get your credit back and are better than ever!! I highly recommend Lexington law to everyone if you're trying to get your credit back on track and because nowadays places doesn't care if you have money it's all about the CREDIT a person has, so YES give them a call they will NOT let you down!! Thank you, Lexington for helping me approve my credit 🥰🤗🫶👍🏽👍🏽
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2 years ago, BrandyJEANjc
Lexington Law
Honestly I’m not at all nor even a little bit satisfied with this service. I was already skeptical on providing my information while all these scams are going on. But I have NOT seen any positive changes to my credit score or credit profile since day one that I was charged for this service. They say they are to help clear your credit and dispute matters but hasn’t helped at all but they got the nerve to tell me after 30 days of them working to fixing issues” they’ll charge a fee of $149.... For what? My credit score was low Now I don’t even have a credit score What the heck??? Then they gon keep calling to get “a FORM of PAYMENT” and if no payment is made the matters in dispute of status will default against me and be recharged as a collection against me and my credit. Oh heck no. Complete waste of money hope and time. My credit was better before you started working on it. Regretfully C.R
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3 years ago, zflagg28
Don’t Use Services
Feel very undervalued and bought into a scam. I was incredibly clear about what I was attempting to accomplished. I understand things cannot be promised or guaranteed, however there should be an outline of real expectations of process, length, and estimate of how much something should cost. After paying into two months of service to then find out that the typical length for my specific case would take 6 months is outrageous. I was not in desperate need of credit repair, I was clear about that, I was clear of my expectation of cost, yet Lexington Law still pushed me into a sale. Feel disappointed in allowing myself to trust your law firm and disappointed in Lexington Law for not being forward with certain facts I learned after paying for two months of service.
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8 months ago, AnconCZ
Great Company To Work With
This is a great company and an easy-to-use app to work with because it steps you through everything that you need to do to fix your credit. I haven’t been as involved as I should have been, and they still did a great job! The app is easy to use and pretty much self-explanatory, but they do have explanations everywhere. They are always upbeat and it’s just an amazing company. This app easily shows where you have been, and where you are going with your credit.
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3 years ago, strong along
Strung along
I feel that Lexington Law firm only strings you along month after month saying they sent this letter this week and if they haven’t heard anything in 30 days they will then send another type letter and then another if they don’t hear anything from the creditors in 30 days they will then file this letter. On and On and On Without a end in site. But LexingtonLaw has the nicest people who will discuss your case with you over the phone which has you not wanting to stop all the madness because you are so close to cleaning your credit history up. And you feel like you have come to far and paid to much money to stop now So beware of being strung along Gary Wills
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3 years ago, KenyettaMichelle
I signed up for the service because I was under the impression that I would receive assistance in correcting false debts and information on my credit and background. Now I’m being directed to another legal service that can assist me in removing false information from my background report. I thought background and credit are all on the same report but Lexingtonlaw says they can’t see what landlords see on my background. My husband and I still haven’t received our 50% off for signing up nor have we received any information about renting to own from landlord as told when my husband first signed up for the service! 😔
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3 years ago, Obabyllc
I’ve used them about 15 years ago and the service & process has changed for the worst. They have learned that if you get your credit cleaned up to a certain point you don’t need their service therefor they don’t make money… they drag it out - I’ve been w/ them 3 months….and nothing has changed. Actually the few items on my credit that were removed are due to my efforts and low monthly subscription to Equifax. I did it myself. While I still pay LexingtonLaw hundreds of dollars each month - for nothing to happen. Don’t waste your money. Additionally, when I email them a question I get robotic response days later that does not come close to answering my questions. Do I yourself, you will get further faster!
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4 years ago, Chardinay Johnson
Amazing Efforts and Results with Incredible Service
I just want to take the time out to thank everyone who worked on my credit debt and for the creators and innovators of this company and app. They have gradually removed so many items off my credit! I was so far below the spectrum, and although I’m not where I want to be as of yet, I know with Lexington Law, I will get there. My loyalty is to them and their dedication os to me. Don't look any further when it comes to credit repair companies. They get the job done! They deserve ten stars!
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1 year ago, trapDaripper
Unclear & Pushy
The entire conversation I had with the representative didn’t feel like I was getting information but that he was just glossing over a contract. They are incredibly fast a pushing you to sign up & once they have your card on file the entire atmosphere changes. I felt immediately scammed & upon a little digging I discovered that they take their time even on simple cases to prolong you having to pay them. To add icing to the fire once I tried cancelling & removing my card from their file the lady WOULD NOT take no for an answer. She kept cutting me off trying to “work” on my case after I repeatedly told her I just wanted to cancel & remove my card from their file. As a whole I DO NOT recommend this firm for peace of mind & financial literacy.
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8 months ago, LuluZ!!
Secret Weapon
Lexington Law has been my secret weapon against the deleterious effects of the misguided credit reporting that happens to all of us now and then. Pushing back is a necessary move when you find anything on your credit history that may reflect negatively. Lexington is an like insurance on your credit score. I’ve hired them twice over the last 20 years. Check your credit history. There are mistakes on your report that damage your score. It’s not worth letting it go.
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2 months ago, Xarious
Started 2021 with 4 items to challenge on my report history. Filled out all their required documents, was told it would take time, sat on it for nearly 4 years. No calls, no contacts from their services on what I should do. It was equivalent to throwing a dart on a board and seeing if it stuck. Nothing, none of their options to dispute, ever worked. Had been paying their premium service to receive sub par non existent service. I followed their instructions, sent documents I recieved from those creditors, nothing happened. I’d have to refill their questionnaire on what I want to do to dispute over and over, 0 results. Over 150 letters sent out, over 60 challenges sent, not one of them were successful. Do not use this service.
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4 years ago, GameFreak-101
Fantastic & Trustworthy
I’ve had 62 negative items on my account and so fare they’ve removed 33 negative items. That’s 53% . They’re very easy to speak to and helpful on the phone as well. Even when all is done I’ll still keep them because they get things done and I’m very happy with their work. Only thing I’d say about the app is that I would like it to be more easier to check my bill or allow me to customize what I would like to be able to quick view concerning my account. Makes it more user friendly
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1 year ago, Gilbert Lambda
The best of the best!
Excellent service, compassionate and knowledgeable team, with a real desire to help you advance no matter what your credit looks like! I’ve tried other services that make you so much of the work, and I thought that this was going to be the same. I was totally wrong! I got signed up, consulted with them, and within 30 days I started seeing changes happen! Everyone can benefit from their stellar service and format! Highly recommend!!
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3 years ago, Kykernel
I started with LexingtonLaw 2 or 2.5 years ago credit score maybe 500 at best. No credit from anyone on anything could not open a checking account in my name now l have 2 checking accounts one savings account more credit than l hope l never need. Also l receive two or three credit offers per week oh yes my score now is around Seven Fifty I can never thank LexingtonLaw enough it has made a complete change in my life. I would recommend LexingtonLaw to anyone who want to get their credit score straightened out but it takes time and a commitment on your part!!!!!!!!!! YEA LEXINGTONLAW thank you 🙏
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3 years ago, Mad atchya
What the…?
I was on the phone with a paralegal 10 minutes ago and the call got dropped. I was waiting for her to call me back, and she hasn’t. I called back in and was routed to a call center that sounded like it was off shore because the person had a very thick accent and there was so much background noise that I could barely hear her. Since the call was dropped after a good 10 minutes plus of lengthy explanation, in mid sentence, I would think that a callback from the paralegal would be a given. Now I have called in again and have been routed to that same call center with all the background noise. This is unacceptable for as much money as you all charge.
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3 years ago, I can actually hear
useless for the most part
got this app to take care of 4 collections accounts that i received. while the app was still “analyzing” my accounts, I filed complaints against the collectors on the BBB site and got the accounts closed and removed myself. The app still says “analyzing” and i have gotten my credit score back to excellent with none of their help, but still had to pay $90 for absolutely nothing. when i tried to cancel my membership, they tried to tell me I still had all 4 accounts and tried to convince me to keep the membership. after the service rep checked my account, he decided to let me cancel, but not before charging an additional $12. waste of time and money.
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2 years ago, TrZ84
Zero stars, do not use this company. Save your money.
Do not use this company. They will take money and will make you do all of the work. They send challenge letters that can be found on google, or even places like tiktok. They have you send notarized letters that do not work. You pay for their service, plus notarizations and the mailing fees. The wording in the letter that is sent says within 30 days, but its been over 6 months. The amount of money used to pay this company can be used towards the debt at this point. They will lie and say they need to send more challenges and notarized letters to keep you paying the subscription. They will change the timeframes from 30 days to 45 days to even 60 days.
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3 years ago, lenard416
Recommend 100%
Honestly I have had people tell me about LexingtonLaw but I never honestly thought they could help me but this place is the best and easiest and cheapest way to help your future. Paid 57 dollars and they did everything and got medical bill removed that went to collections praise the Lord!! They are the best and seriously this company I believe just want to help the average man/ women get ahead in life. I would never believe this would happen! Thank you so much LexingtonLaw
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4 years ago, Kelsville
Patience is a virtue
Being patient is the key to this service. I had something like 2 items removed in 2 weeks, while my sister kept the service for over a year and saw more than 30 negative items be removed. 12 all at once in a single day. I just recommend you re-evaluate before your month ends with a paralegal to see what’s happening with your case, and consider downgrading the service to something cheaper when it feels necessary.
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1 year ago, LopezG360
I am so confused with what’s going on with this firm? I keep receiving the same reports and nothing new. But yet I’m still being charged. I just wish that y’all would do what y’all promised. Also, I was under the impression that Lexington Law was handeling this, but when I received the email to set up the whole process, it kept sending me to all these other companies, who kept trying to get me for more money, and a whole bunch of different people wanting all of my personal information, such as birth date, address, social security #’s and card information. It makes people uncomfortable. Why do y’all have so many different companies requesting for our personal information?
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3 years ago, A1Z100
STOP!! explore your options!! Scam
I have been with LexingtonLaw for about 1 1/2 years. I spoke to multiple paralegals and they put me on different different packages to improve my credit. In year and a half they took hundred percent of the payment and on the did 17% of the work (it shows on on the app how much work did they put inn). After spending more money with Lexington Law than my actual money owed on creditors, I downloaded CREDIT KAREM. in less than a month spending ZERO dollars, i resived 90% result. Year and a half with Lexington Law my credit score dropped by 8 points. Less than A month with credit karma my credit score went up by 123 points. Lexington Law is not there to help people, they are there to scam people.
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2 years ago, "Behalf" not on my
Waste of time and money
Since starting with Lexington to repair my credit, my credit score has lowered by several points. They are a rip off and waste of time and money. When I called to speak to paralegal about it, all they said was that the reason my credit score dropped is because the letters they sent to creditors on my behalf, triggered them to report it to more credit agencies. So, basically the letters weren’t on my “behalf”. Therefore, a month ago I asked them to cancel. After calling twice, I still have not received the confirmation email. My fear is that they will still collect the monthly fee against my wishes.
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4 years ago, ATX Ninja
Stay away
I have used this service for the past 5+ months and it’s nothing but an automated service designed to take as much money as possible from you. Never I was able to get someone on the phone. Their chat service is always unavailable and it’s very expensive. I was able to to improve my credit on my own. Every time I log in to see if there’s any updates it shows me the same things from when I first signed up for the service and they have absolutely done nothing to improve my credit and they end up taking hundreds of dollars from me for nothing. I highly advise you to do a good research before signing up with this useless service.
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4 years ago, KAHawkins16
Amazing Service
This service has been a lifesaver to me. They have helped me correct many errors in reporting. I have been a customer for years. Even after my credit is in an excellent state that allows me so much freedom and to accomplish great savings on interest, I still remain a customer for assistance in maintaining and monitoring anything that has need of being addressed. Absolutely amazing in quickly recovering issues when you are truly responsible in your financial choices.
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3 years ago, rtserut
Don’t do it
Put me in more debt then I a began with and now am struggling to not become homeless since it drained my accounts and I approached them many times…they didn’t resolve and credit issue it just goes away after a certain amount of time but they were so happy to send an email saying look what we did! Of course I responded no you didn’t do that and I have proof from the company and my self you did nothing but you are taking the glory. One mistake I’ll never forget bc I am truly suffering from it from a bunch of different ways they screwed me over. How bout when my account was hacked and they are suppose to send a small income to cover that but nothing.
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