Lexulous Word Game Lite

4.7 (5K)
64 MB
Age rating
Current version
RJS Tech Solutions LLP
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lexulous Word Game Lite

4.66 out of 5
5K Ratings
2 years ago, lsinger9404
Really nice game, but…
It would be nice if the notification just come on the screen on the board automatically letting the other player know. We don’t want emails, we don’t want text, we don’t want Facebook notifications. Just a set a little box saying “Your turn“ that does it automatically. My wife and I lay our tiles and then have to say “your turn”. kind of annoying. If we are not together, then it’s not even possible. Otherwise, great game it fills the scrabble sized hole in the app universe that was formed when scrabble stopped working
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5 years ago, twyztedgothik
Used to love it...
I play mostly against the computer so I don’t have to wait for an opponent, and on my old Samsung Galaxy it was great.. I could play on intermediate and be challenged but was still easily beatable. However, since switching to iPhone and redownloading the app I’ve quickly discovered that it is a completely different version and I’ve lost interest. Playing against the computer in any more other than the hardest is no fun whatsoever. The computer acts like it doesn’t know words anymore and will even pass on several turns in a row in the beginning of the game. If you choose the hardest mode (champion) then you will most likely be beaten by at least 200 pts every time. There is no difference with any play mode from beginner to expert, and then champion is literally a computer that has a dictionary downloaded. It’s complete bs and I no longer enjoy playing the game.
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5 years ago, peacemover
Great game, terrible app!
I have played Lexulous for years and really enjoy it and meeting others who play it. The iPhone app is absolutely awful, however! Every time I open it, the little circle spins for close to two minutes! Then if that isn’t enough, it freezes when it gets to my list of games. If that still isn’t enough frustration, then players are forced to watch annoying, obnoxious game ads that can only be stopped by closing the app. On average I have to force close the app 3-4 times just to make a few moves on my games. Words with Friends is looking better and better. App developers, please fix this nonsense ASAP! Your app is a frustrating mess. I am so frustrated I wouldn’t even think of clicking on the ads or downloading those stupid games. Thank you.
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4 years ago, sassykerry
Good game to increase word skills
I enjoy Lexulous because the game is solely based on the words you make and the placement of those words for the optimal points, unlike other word games where you can buy bonus ‘helpers’ to increase your scores without improving your word skills. The only drawback is there are times when it is hard to access the game.
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2 years ago, fuzkida
Great game but terrible abuse of ad bombs
Lexulous is an improvement over Scrabble - better distribution of letters and far easier to get 7-letter words. HOWEVER, the constant bombardment of ads that you are literally FORCED to watch or wait for them to end is over the top! Some even hide the X button so that it takes you an extra 5-10 secs to find, and some are so tiny it takes about 7-10 tries to ‘click’. What a ridiculous invasion of personal time. If you are clearly not interested in a product, why are you forced to watch the as? Some ads are over w0,secs long! Aaaaarrgghhh!!!
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6 years ago, Dr!Gma
Ruined in iOS 11
I loved this game and played several times a day, especially enjoying the chat feature. But when I updated my iPad to iOS 11, I found that you made the letter tiles transparent, so that the bonus squares show brightly through the letters placed on them. This is a disaster! The game board is nearly illegible this way, there is no sense of pattern or flow, and so far as I’m concerned, it’s just trash now. You’d have done better, as other reviewers have suggested, to develop a standard dictionary in the language being played, instead of the present cockamamie mix of crowd sourced non-words and foreign-language Words inadmissible in similar games. And do away with the annoying, enraging, transparent tiles and the over bright white background.
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6 years ago, XxxxxMaureen
Unbelievably frustrating!
The person who writes the dictionary should be fired. In the few games I played before deleting it, it wouldn’t accept words it should have recognized. Meanwhile, the computer opponent is coming up with *words* (cough) I can’t find in any dictionary. They aren’t real words but they’re accepted anyway. There should be a feature where, if the word isn’t being accepted there’s a challenge button that will trigger a look up of the word so it will be accepted and added to the dictionary. If you can do that and clean out all the fake groups of letters you’re calling words, this will be a five star game.
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4 years ago, rainjane1951
New Adventure
Just got kicked out of EA Scrabble after playing there both on FB and in Origin for many years. Tried Scrabble Go but it it an abomination of a perfectly simple time-tried and proven game. Will give Lexulous a shot as it more closely resembles what the original game entailed. My only issue so far was a surprising lag time in refreshing stats following a game completion- what’s up with that?
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4 years ago, pandemic game
Fun word game
Lexulous is entertaining but there are a lot of words that are acceptable in other word games that aren’t here -Ike JE and JA. Also suggest you show how many letters are left in case you want to swap. I think this was shown previously. I may be missing it. I stay in touch with my friends and it keeps me occupied especially during the pandemic.
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2 years ago, playtoday!
Please. What’s happened with ads?
Ads have gone from 10 second to over a minute lately. I know several players who’ve stopped playing due to this, saying lex has become user unfriendly. I’m close to joining them. Make yr ads short and sweet!! Don’t bore us to death—-there’s a limit to how long we’ll be held hostage.
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1 year ago, 55Sparkle
Play her problem
I’ve contacted Lexulous several times trying to explain that the people that I’m playing are not all showing on the devices that I have. One shows five people I am playing, which is my older iPad and the newer iPad and the computer only showed two people they won’t get them together. I’ve tried to do what they said, and nothing seems to work. I just want them all on the same instruments that I used to play Lexulous other than that I love Lexulous.
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2 years ago, Long_Haired_Artist
Back to basics
These days, word games are full of buggy gimmicks. Not this one! It is as basic as you can get, but you can still chat with your friends. Why would you want anything else?
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12 months ago, Bocciolatt
I love the game. Hate all the advertisements. If I have three games going on I am able to play one game and then I have to close it down because it’s 5 to 7 minutes of advertising other games on the site. It is very annoying. Hence, I waited a one night for the game, but for the site that it’s on. I have tried everything to get those removed and I am not able to. I have a friend that I play with does not get them, and so I don’t know what happened to my games but this is how it’s always been. If you could help me, I’d appreciate it.
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4 years ago, KJ333333333333
Great game...except for 2 things!
The game is difficult to log into from other/new devices if all your friends are not from the same place (and it crashes once in a while.) The only other complaint is that the letters seem to favor one person or the other so scores are often not even close. Those games are boring!
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5 years ago, Almost Thrilled 2
New, super-annoying log in
All of a sudden, Lexulous demands that I login through Facebook every single time I try to launch the app. It didn’t used to do this. It also defaults to giving over my entire Facebook friends list. I have to edit the setting each time to deny that. It’s such a long login due to this, that I am considering not playing any more.
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6 years ago, remnjava
Game access imrtoved
It used to be frustrating trying to find the people that I wanted to play with on the list that the developer provided. However since they have made it possible to have a link directly to Lexulous, that I can post on Facebook, this makes it much easier. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Danikoe
Still bugs that need to be fixed
I have been playing this with my great grandma and it has suddenly stopped working between the two of us. I can play other people and so can she but we can no longer play with each other. Very disappointed as this was the reason I downloaded this particular app. Not sure what to do to fix this.
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4 years ago, ClaireT2437
I fun game that right now is helping me forget all the bad that is happening in this world. Easy to play and the way it keeps score is even better than Words with Friends. I like how many letters there are to play with because it’s closer to playing Scrabble.
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5 years ago, jaria beth
San Diegan
I play Lexulous a couple times daily with my sister who lives 500 miles away. It’s an enjoyable way to connect, good brain workout, and takes only a few minutes. I believe it has sharpened my organizational and analytical skills in general.
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3 years ago, Genazzano53!
I don’t mind ads, but I’m getting ads for games while on Lexulous that I can’t cancel out of, no matter how many times I press the cancel button. I actually have to power down and restart to clear the ad. Does anybody know what is going on???
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2 years ago, jayceecan
Long time player
I love Lexulous. I’ve been playing it for, I believe twenty plus years! I can take my turn whenever I chose , and take as long as I need to decide which word to play…I love this ap!
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2 years ago, 47Cricket
Brain building
I play with my daughter and a man I worked with 40 years ago-we all challenge each other. Better than Words with Friends
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3 years ago, Jangelbengal
30 years
I’ve been on this site for 30 years and many good changes! Also I made friends that lasted over 15 years or more.
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7 years ago, MayreeBee
Problems with dictionary
The game will not change from US to UK English dictionary on the iPad. It seems to work correctly on the iPhone. Even if the UK dictionary is set up, the dictionary always shows as US. This happened fairly recently as it used to accept all dictionaries.
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5 years ago, -Sandy P.
Fun Game!
Been playing for a year with a friend on the other side of the planet. Super fun! Player friendly. Numerous games going with the same person at once. Ads not overly annoying. Review Part 2... Two. Years. Later. Taking my turns while waiting at granddaughter’s dance studio with lots of little girls hanging around, looking over my shoulder and such, when suddenly... A VERY explicit porn video ad starts playing!!!!😬😮😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😫😖🤬🤬🤬 So, deleted game and will try re-loading... maybe.
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6 years ago, Mohreb
Ads are awful
I love the game but hate that I have no control over the ads. Some of them are just obnoxious and way too long. Sorry, I guess I should buy the full version, but I only play with one person and can’t see the point.
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2 years ago, Deb0815
Very buggy
I have been playing with friends for many years. I probably will continue to do so but not happily. Between games I frequently get ads for other apps that refuse to close until I reboot my phone. As a result I reboot 2-3 times a day. Annoying to say the least. Also it grabs my Bluetooth speaker from whatever else I’m listening to. Frustrating and upsetting.
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2 years ago, Tetragary
Nice 8 letter word game
This is a fun game to play and there’s a dark mode which is terrific. It’s an attractive game that you can score high on pretty easily if you place your tiles in the right place.
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5 years ago, jamie2156
This game has helped me keep my mind sharp an gives me a chance to play with people from all over the world an chat with people who enjoy improving their vocabulary
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4 years ago, Nan lane
Perfect at this weird time
Being able to play a “board” game while really socially distanced is a great pastime and fun! Even though I lose a lot.
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3 years ago, mwleaf
Another level of skill
Between expert and champion another level should be added. I win the majority of matches in the expert level. I NEVER win at the Champion level so I stopped trying. I think another level would be good❗️
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1 month ago, Lex4 me
My only complaint is the number of ads for games I have no interest in! They are way too long and most annoying!
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2 years ago, Penny wasted
You have too many ads that keep repeating and not shutting off .
Otherwise it’s as good as Scrabbleused to be . Fix the ad s so they run Once and be XEd off. The your agent 39; or whatever matching just keeps on going over and over. Spoils playing the game. So I’m rating you3
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5 months ago, Captain Wayne 69
The game
My wife and I play 10 games constantly wonderful way to keep your wits and build the vocabulary
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5 years ago, Loangirl13
I am addicted to this game! It’s so much fun to play with people from all over the world! Also whenever I have an issue with the app the developers are very responsive!
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5 years ago, kherm49
Not a fan of the dark mode colors, so I was glad the option to switch it back was added (because I still like the rest of my phone on dark). But it doesn’t save! I have to select it again everytime I re-open the app.
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6 years ago, The Queen of Lexulous
Lexulous Rules!!!!!!!
I have been playing and enjoying Lexulous, for 7 years, I play everyday, it’s my favorite word game.... I hope to be playing it for many more years....
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3 years ago, badboy2k
Color blind
I am partially red/green colorblind, it can be very hard to see whether my word is OK. It would be SO great if the symbol changed shape in addition to turning green. Thanks for the great app!
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5 months ago, Florida School Bus Driver
Too many ads
We love the game but can’t stand the ads! They last way too long!!!
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4 years ago, ms petrie
love lexulous
helps me thru a lotta nights, days too, and I think it’s how a daughter keeps track of my general state of mind.
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11 months ago, nostikquest
I can’t seem to find a way to search for other players using their ID. I also got an advertisement that didn’t give me a way to click off if it so I ended up downloading it even though I didn’t want to. Still the ad wouldn’t go away. I don’t know how I finally got a rid of it.
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5 years ago, Levalync
Too many ads
A friend of mine has had this app for several years and likes it, so I downloaded it too. My version, however, is interrupted constantly by ads. It’s almost not worth the bother to use the app.
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5 years ago, Davin!
I really appreciate Lexuulous!
Being able to communicate succinctly and fully is very important to me. So I really enjoy word games like Lexulous to help me achieve that goal.
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4 years ago, banjobillie
Too many ads
I have trouble getting rid of all the ads. Otherwise, love the game
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5 years ago, catnip pip
This game is extremely enjoyable and challenging and enables players to meet opponents they would never meet otherwise.
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2 months ago, Inannirena
Cannot get back into game
Something changed yesterday when I could not get back into the games. I had been signed out and usually FB opens as you are connecting. This time it won’t. I have deleted the game.
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2 years ago, dgots
Too many ads
Notifications stopped working on my iOS version and now this latest version has tons of ads. Not only that, they don’t have an X out button and you have to close and reopen the app to play. I don’t play nearly as much anymore. Stinks.
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4 years ago, gin2snap
Lexulous online
Horrible when Adobe can’t fix game. No help offered.
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2 years ago, recdtronic
I have been enjoying it for years.
Great fun with family.
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3 years ago, Bestshe
Fun word game
I have been playing Lexulous for years and I have played with friends & family.
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