Lexus Financial Services

4.8 (39.3K)
54.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lexus Financial Services

4.79 out of 5
39.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Main Apple
After reading other reviews, I decided not to update my previous LFS app. It updated me anyways. So here is what changed: when you sign in the first time, it will not let you use your touch ID. After entering your id and password, it asks security questions. After that, it generally locks up. Finally got through today without a lock up and used my touch ID. Still asked security questions. Fine. Pressed “Account” to get around it locking up again, and made the payment as usual. But before it would process payment, it required last 4 of social. For heavens sakes!?? I didn’t go through that many security bumps to get the loan!! What is someone with bad intentions going to do? Pay my Lexus payment for me? If someone wants to do that, feel free and I will put you on my Christmas Card list. They made what was a moderately well-working app into a CIA approved concoction of identity steps... for absolutely no reason I can comprehend. Plus- it still locks up!!! Talk about throwing out a beta test to all your customers and see what sticks.
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6 years ago, The_name_is_jonas
Works flawlessly, all the info I need quickly
I’ve read a lot of reviews here stating fingerprint login issues and account information not showing up, I’ve had a completely different experience. I set up the fingerprint login the first time and made sure to turn off the option to ask me for my security question every time. Using the fingerprint login has worked flawlessly every single time I’ve used the past few months. All of my account information has shown up and has been up-to-date every time I’ve open the app. This app is great for me to login and see my previous payments, interest, and total payoff information in literally five seconds from opening the app.
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8 months ago, Screwed by Roon
Such a pain to set up!
Went from a Toyota to a Lexus and when I tried to set up my account it wouldn’t let me because I did not realize at the time it was still looking for my old Toyota pw from the Toyota app. There was no way of retrieving my password with this app so I had to go online and change the password to get into my account. When I finally logged in, I saw my old Toyota and that’s when I realized the Toyota pw issue. Added the Lexus and tried to make a payment but got technical issue message! So now back to setting up the app with my new password and having to re enter all my financial information and then I was finally able to make a payment. I’m sure it’ll be better in the future and work like the Toyota app but that’s time I’ll never get back! That’s my story and I’m sticking with it and I’m done with this 1:30 in the morning rant! There should have be a forgot my password cue in the log in section!
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2 years ago, ReviewOF-AP
Ruined my credit score on last lease
I tried over months to set up auto pay by phone and a form I sent in - the on line attempts did not work. Then took one payment from my bank and did not take the second one the next time I called. They said all was set each month I called. Finally I got a default notice to pay. I Sent the balance plus the next month’s payment by certified mail. They finally got auto pay running. Then my credit score dropped 100 points from 820. I tried to get Lexus Financial to pull the 30 day late mark on my spotless record. They would not fix their errors. Yet they refunded the one late fee I originally called about. So I sold that car and like Lexus so much I leased this car. I’m very upset by what Lexus did to my credit after so many errors on their telling me it was all set each time I called every month !!!! It’s all in the call center records of the calls.
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3 years ago, gatekeeper8
Number of accounts
I have 2 vehicles on my account that I no longer have. I haven’t had one since 2019. The other I traded in recently. It’s still on my account. I am unable to remove them. And my new vehicle is not on there and I can’t add it. This is my 6th Lexus and I have always had trouble with their sites. Most of the time it will say “error on their part”. Drives me crazy.
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4 years ago, AttuserNJ
Horrible can’t use app or web site untested!
You keep changing the stupip app. Now this version which basically loads the web site doesn’t work. On last step to make the payment you can’t check off the box you need to it’s impossible. Can’t enable face ID you can’t click on anything! Can’t answer any of the security questions you can’t click on anything on the screen! This is so horrible they didn’t bother to test anything at all! If you try to use their web site which is the same garbage you can’t enter the payment amount for example 1,000 it won’t let you make the payment no matter what you do. Go play with the payment amount on their web site and tell me who was the idiot that made this and has a job?!?
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6 years ago, JennyTay644
My Lexus experience keeps getting worse
Just got my brand new IS 300 and everyone kept explaining how easy everything is with apps from starting my car to GPS and paying my bill and while the other ones can be a bit frustrating this app is the worst of ALL. It literally freezes, doesn’t let you type. I wish I could tell you what the app looks like beyond the registration and sign on screen because I would not know since it just keeps freezing up. I hope they fix this. All of these apps make me want to tell people run the other direction to another car brand and don’t look back. On top of the things wrong with my car in the first two weeks of having it.
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6 years ago, Kippacat
Worst app ever
If the goal of this app is to keep me from making a car payment, it meets if not exceeds this goal. I wasn’t aware so many people are in the market to have someone hack in to pay my lease. Huge hoop jumping exercise demanding multiple passwords, knowing your lease agreement number (because I have THAT on hand when I am making a car payment on my phone), and security questions and inevitably locks you out. Getting unfrozen involves three calls (for me) and a trip to my PC. And I really wanted to set up a recurring payment- which you CAN’T do from the app anyway. Useless, frustrating, and momentarily made me want to give my car back. Will be deleting now that I have set up recurring payments (*on my PC).
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6 years ago, seangould
Update again?
Every month the app requires you to update it. And when you do, you have to go through all their redundant security features. Now I have to change my password each month - and really, does a password have to have that many requirements (at least one capital, at least one numeral, at least one other character, no consecutive letters or numbers)? It's exhausting trying to devise a new password each month. On top of that, you have to get through TWO 2-step authentication procedures and re-enter your security questions. Why even bother asking if I want thumb verification? Should it really be this hard to hand over your money to Lexus?
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8 months ago, lolaj13
Login Doesn’t Work Most of The Time
The app doesn’t let me log in with Face ID or password even though they are correct most of the time. Says they have an issue with their biometrics when I try, but it’s been happening for months, even tried changing my password. Which is inconvenient because their website is also hard to log into. It’s the only website my Mac won’t remember my login info for and even when I do get the password right, it says it’s wrong and it’s going to lock me out of my account.
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2 years ago, Crist222
Lexus App review
I like the Lexus app, but it is hard to swipe to pay. On my device it keeps swiping to another screen. It is frustrating. I have to tap and slide a little at a time before I am able to get the slide bar all the way across. It is also at the very bottom of the screen and not completely visible.
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1 year ago, Orange 2023 Lexus
App nightmare!!!
I could not sign into my Lexus account for my new Lexus, I spent almost 29 minutes on the phone with a representative to get my account figured out And pay my bill. The Lexus financial app is a nightmare!!!! It was more stressful than buying either of the Lexus I’ve purchased. I know I am not the only person having issues with this app. I finally got it set up with help from a representative, but it literally took me almost 29 minutes and I was ready to cry and scream. Plus, I never received an actual bill, so I didn’t know my account number or what day it was due.
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3 years ago, Levmysh
New update is awful
Why did Lexus change the app? I can’t make a payment as the swipe to pay/submit button doesn’t appear on the page The older version worked perfectly! From its inception and throughout all these years it’s been great. Now, I constantly have issues with this new version. I initially thought I was hacked as the app seems rudimentary. Not impressed with design or operation! Have deleted and downloaded several times still with issues. End up having to go directly to the website. If it’s not fixed it will serve no purpose.
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3 years ago, 84shawn
Major improvement
This layout is so much better then what it was before. Thank goodness they got rid of that ask for my social just to make a payment. This app compares to the A team over atSpearmint rhino in Vegas. It’s only going to get better and better as the night goes on!! Can’t wait to see what’s behind the curtain next!!
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3 years ago, Luckys Lady
Terrible since app changes
For the second time since the app was switched, my car payment has been drafted twice instead of the one time scheduled payment from my bank account. Im always told it is an app error. The LF rep is always very cordial and helpful but who wants to wait 10 days for money to be refunded via a paper check through the mail when it was taken so easily electronically due to no fault of my own. I will never use this app again to make a payment. It will only be useful to view activity for my account. Disappointing.
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3 years ago, MichikoRN
Custom payment not working
I try making a custom payment amount and it going from USD to Euros and won’t let me enter the amount on the app. Instead, I login online and enter all information there. Otherwise, I think the app layout is simple and easy to navigate around aside from the payment amount issue.
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3 years ago, 113lex
Flexibility for payment is horrible
App does not remember bank Info when making a one time payment. Also only allows for one reoccurring payment to be made. Should allow for multiple payments for those individuals that need to separate business versus pleasure expenditures.
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6 years ago, Therealjackpan
Online is better.
After extensive use of the app, it still glitches at times. For example, when I try to click a view button it was stuck and it seemed like my phone froze but it was just the app not responding. Even after clicking everywhere and anywhere on that moment, nothing seems to work. If you give it a little wait time or do an app refresh, then everything will go back to normal. You couldn’t imagine how much times I had to relogin. All I use this app for is to check my balance remains and my monthly due anyways. This app could just be alot more smooth.
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2 years ago, MsTrysh2011
Payment slide bar invisible
The payment slide bar at the bottom of the screen is missing (from the screen view)on the iPhone 13 Pro! So annoying that I always have to go to my iPad or the browser to pay my bill please fix this!
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3 years ago, notonetoleavereviews
What us going on with your app? When it won’t allow you to MAKE A PAYMENT online, what good is it??? Also, the calendar only shows the first half of the month. So, if you’d like to select a payment date after the 14th… we’ll, forget it. You can’t. Huh?!? This seems like a pretty important component. Also, the “slide to the right” payment option is so low on the screen you try to swipe to make the payment and it instead closes the app. Raise the swipe to make a payment option higher on the page.
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1 year ago, jonaprince
iPhone 12 Face ID not working.
Everything was perfect about a month back. But after the Lexus app update the IPhone Face ID login does not work. Every time we try to access this app we need to use the password to login to this Lexus App. We activated Face ID option on this app but it does not work. Hopefully it’s fixed asap, else we will wonder if the technology upgrades on the new 2023 Lexus vehicles would actually work and should we go in for the newer version of the Lexus NX or look for a Vehicle whose upgrades actually work.
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3 years ago, Alina Asseinova
App doesn’t not work
This app doesn’t not work properly. I can see and manage all information in my account, but I can’t make a payment for my lease. There is no “swipe to pay” bottom. You just read privacy policy and that’s it you can’t swipe down.
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3 years ago, scj86234
Don’t Work With This Company!!!!
I have owned over 50 cars and Lexus and Lexus financial services is the worst experience I have ever had!!!! The nx is a terrible car, I was told it had navigation and it does not, had to take a 3 month old car in for an oil leak and they acted like it was my fault. I’m sorry but I cannot make a head gasket go bad like that. Their app does not work correctly and every time I try to call in the Lexus financial services there automated system hangs up. I would ride the bus before ever driving a Lexus again. Would not drive one even if the paid me! Buyer be ware!!!!!
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3 years ago, Ms. LexE
It’s a fee trap
I have been trying to make my payment for two weeks. I repeatedly received an error message on each attempt. Now that a late fee has hit my account the app works flawlessly and the payment went thru. Coincidence, I think not.
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4 years ago, Shukhrat Buriev
Who wrote requirements for this app?!!!
Just nightmare! Login does not save ID, security process too much verification for just a person who wants to make payment really quick, every time needs enter bank account numbers..... not an option I am late to pay bc process is not easy. You may say just automated but I want make sure account has the money for you. You need to make this process more easier and user friendly. Today I spent 45 minutes to login and still was not able to pay bc I dont have my check book on me.
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3 years ago, Giaginelle
Super happy
Lexus needed this update. I just recently changed it. So far I’m really happy. Much easier to access it. Love the swipe option to pay bill. Definitely love the look of it. The more I navigate it, I will come back and say. But so far happier with it.
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4 years ago, Kiki says...
No Longer Reliable
Can’t be trusted to submit payments. I scheduled a payment, received a confirmation via email. A couple days later I checked the TFS site to verify my payment posted and there was no sign of it ever being scheduled. Called TFS and the rep said the payment was canceled the morning of the scheduled transaction. They were unaware of any issues with app and suggested that I just call when I want to make a payment. The app *was* convenient but now I’ll find another way to pay.
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6 years ago, Rosie064248
This is the worst, most frustrating app I have ever used in my life! For the first few months I had my car I would use this app, the payment looked like it went through, then I would start getting calls from Lexus Financial Services saying my payment was overdue. EVERY MONTH. They told me they could see I tried paying on the app well before the date and waved the late fee, but this happened every time. It’s been a year and a half, it has never improved. I shouldn’t have to work this hard to get them to take my money!
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3 years ago, hjftvh Yee Vo ffth
Can’t login with new update
Updated app now when I enter my login info the login button does not let me click it to log in it’s acting as if the login info is blank. Very inconvenient to make a payment without access to the app
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12 months ago, k99999992222344466
Thank you!
Thanks for charging me 15 percent interest! Awesome people after I e bought 6 vehicles in 4 years from you! Again you guys are the goats of customer service and brand loyalty! The Japanese are proud to have you honorable people running the show!
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3 years ago, Geno Sully
Does not work
I have tried to use the new LFS App to make a payment on both my iPhone and iPad with no success. The Slide to make a payment option is off the bottom of the screen in both instances. I used the “old” version regularly and never had this issue. Any ideas??
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3 years ago, 
I resent the fact that I am forced to update an app where I pay bills. I’m a very busy person and I had to forgot my password because the Face ID no longer worked. Then I go to pay my bill and my back account is no longer there either, I had to go dig up my account information. I find this extremely inconvenient and a waste of time. I just got my car and just had to set this up very annoying that it had to be done again.
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4 years ago, MissAnne32
Surprisingly outdated
The login process is tedious with the app never remembering my device despite the fact nothing has changed. I do not have the ability to use Face ID to login either which is a common feature on simple App’s. The website is slow to update payment information and payoff quotes and other links are non functional most of the time. The worst part is the App has not improved throughout the two years I’ve had it. I would have expected better from a Toyota App.
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9 months ago, M. Juice SFL
Very convenient
The Lexus financial services app is very easy with a lot of information about your account. You will always be up-to-date and be able to manage your account.
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2 years ago, tted08
Mobile app doesn’t show swipe to pay. I can’t scroll to it and it’s not on screen after I select payment and date - so can’t pay via mobile as of last update. Ongoing issue shows two accounts I don’t have and can’t delete. Doesn’t show on the web login so can’t delete there either.
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6 months ago, Kittiekay43
Technical issues for the past six months
But at least the past 46 months I have been having an issue making a payment on this app. I always have to check three and four times to make sure that the payment goes through because it never goes through on the first attempts. This has been an ongoing issue for the past 4 to 6l months are the entire four layers and it’s very annoying
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2 years ago, 5150Pat
Slide bar
1st time using the app, should move the slide bar up on the screen a bit to make it easier to slide. Phone wants to switch back pages that far down on the screen.
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3 years ago, CandleHang
I use the app to make payments on my car and for months now you guys have been updating the app and website. honestly it has been messing everything up, for now until the app and website are up and running smoothly it’s a 1 star for me. I’ve been trying to log in to my account for months now. If it wasn’t for me scheduling auto pay I would be so behind on payments. At least let us log in so that way we don’t miss anything.
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3 years ago, SandyBenak
Not compatible on ipad
The new app is nice but I can no longer pay from my ipad. The “swipe here to pay” button appear below the edge of the screen and will not allow me to pay. Gad to complete the transaction on my iphone
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3 years ago, 1155raw
Terrible app, would rate 0 if it was an option
I have had nothing but issues with this app. There is always something not working, today it was the payment portion. On the 4th try it finally took the payment. I do not like that it is only designed to fit the screen in the vertical position. I have a keyboard and I have to look at it sideways. Just opened it to find I have a payment scheduled on 11-2 that I never scheduled. News to me!
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2 years ago, Longenness
Looks great
I only ran into one problem. The “swipe to confirm” payment bar should be further up the screen. I’m was barely able to make it work on my iPhone. Other than that it’s beautiful 👍🏼
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2 years ago, Garciac1979
Easy to use App
I love how easy this app was. I didn’t have to go looking for where to make payments and having to click on one item and dig through there just find what I was looking for.
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5 years ago, RMGCJK
The app does what it’s supposed to. I can pay my bill and adding our 2 vehicles was simple. My first world issue is this does not have Face ID. What the heck! It’s coming up on 2 years and still no Face ID?! I still go online because the simple fact is my phone can read my face and put all the info I need in! Get it together Lexus. With what these vehicles cost, this is 100% unacceptable!
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2 years ago, Sierra's Sam
Excellent App
As usual, Lexus has thought of everything! I don’t know that one this app is extremely user-friendly and takes less than a minute to complete transactions.
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3 years ago, Melissaloha
Can’t submit payments in app
Every since the latest update (interface changes) not only did I have to reset my login to allow fingerprint again, but now I can’t even pay through the app. My payment information carried over but when I hit the Pay button it takes me to the screen with the slider button to choose either One Time or Recurring but neither actually let me submit my payment.
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2 years ago, Tiffani Alford
App not mobile friendly
This app is not functional (at least for me it isn’t). I am using an iPhone 12 Pro and cannot submit a payment. The swipes are too low to register and when making a payment to select a date after the date is selected it is unresponsive to the next step. Needs to be redone because this is not it. I will just use the website until this gets resolved.
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3 years ago, moedof20
They messed up the app
I have problem with my eye sight and so when I have the screen on bigger letters can not hit the pay button. This app used to be great love the redesign hate that now have to shrink screen to see
Show more
3 years ago, Zombalikestoeatbrainsandworms
Accessibility Issues
While I love being able to pay over the app I could NOT see the “swipe to pay” portion of the screen until I changed my text size to smaller. Thankfully I figured it out, however seems like a problem that you can’t make th screen just scroll???
Show more
1 year ago, J@Akron
Fix the app
I have 2 cars and have been having to pay on the Lexus website for months. What is the point of the app if I have to get in the app and waste time when it has an error and will not let me pay, then pull up the website and have to go through verification steps and then pay on there. I hate your website and hate when the app is broken. It is broken more than it works.
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3 years ago, Andrew Demonov
The worst release ever
After this major update I can’t login anymore. Application doesn’t support password managers, and I can’t copy/paste the credentials from my password manager also. In addition, LFS lost my bank information, so I have to enter it again. But you know what? Even if you enter your bank information in website version, you won’t be able to use it in mobile application to make your payment
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