2.3 (2.1K)
631.4 MB
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Current version
Lexus, a Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lexus

2.35 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 months ago, DanaLaTrece
Ok…when it works
I truly don’t use the app very often because it never seems to operate the way it should when it should. I’m due for maintenance. I get the calls from the dealership informing me I’m do for maintenance. But in the app, it shows that I’m up to date. I know I’m due for my oil change and 40k mile maintenance, but it doesn’t show that. The app did notify me that the car doors were unlocked. However, I go into it to lock the doors and it tells me that it can’t complete the request. And don’t get me started on the remote start feature. That was one thing my husband was excited about when he purchased the vehicle for me…that I could use the app to start the car from in the house when it’s cold or inclement weather. I’ve had the car for like 2yrs now and only been able to use the remote start a handful times…with fingers left over. It wasn’t until I came on here to write a review and see the rating that I get why I’m having issues…it's simply just not the greatest made/functioning app…which is unfortunate. I would love to love the app as much as I love my car…but…at this point, that doesn’t seem likely.
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2 years ago, dmfelice
App needs help!
This an update to my prior review, below. You would think the Lexus app couldn’t get worse, but it has! Unfortunately, the app does not connect to the vehicle as soon as you open the app. If you open the app, and then try to play audio, such as from LiveXLive, you get a message that the Lexus app is not connected. This leaves you searching around within the app trying to find out how you could get it to connect. Ultimately, you’ll find a button labeled “App Suite-Connect your accounts”, but pressing this button does nothing (in any event, all my accounts were connected previously ). After my initial review received an email with a number to Lexus to discuss the problem. When I called the number menu item 1 was for “road service, Lexus app, and enform”. When you select menu item 1, it automatically connect you with a road service provider. Not good news. So, I think the bottom line is, forget the Lexus app. It’s hopeless. Luckily, you can still connect your phone through Bluetooth without using the App Suite. I purchased a certified 2018 GX. I was pleased to find that I could listen to LiveXLive through the Enform app. Then, the Lexus app replaced the Enform app and the trouble started. When listening to music the connection cuts out repeatedly. Sometimes when it does connect, you get no sound. It seems like it freezes up repeatedly. It really makes the experience somewhat frustrating and using the Enform suite pretty useless.
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3 months ago, Angry End User1234
Fixed for now
The app recently updated and the UI has changed some. The only issue I had with the new UI is how delayed the info is. I have a plug in hybrid and the old UI was very up to date with charge state of the car while charging. Now it’s very delayed and is off by up to 10% of what the charge state of the battery actually is. Also this Updated Master Data Consent agreement popped up, but it will never let me accept it. So at the moment the app is completely unusable. If they could get the app working and have consistent updated information for charge state it would make the app useable again. I’ll change my review if another update comes out and they get these issues fixed. Update: they must have made some changes on the back end as the app hasn’t had another update, but my complaints have been fixed. The charge state now loads up in a reasonable amount of time and is showing current data not 20min old data. Much more responsive now as well. Seems like it could still use a few more minor improvements to get the app and info to load up in a more timely manner, but for the most part the app is at least usable in its current state for all the normal functions a person would need.
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2 years ago, Birdwatcher44
Overpriced, underwhelming
For $85 a year after taxes this app should do it more then regular key fobs. I know what you’re saying, regular key fobs can’t schedule appointments for service etc. but I don’t need my $85 app to schedule my appointments when I have the app on my $1100 phone that also can schedule service appointments. This app on more than one occasion has told me that it was unable to process my request while trying to start my vehicle only to go outside and find my car was running at other times it didn’t process my request I never started the car. For $85 I should be able to use the app to roll down and up my windows as well as open and close my sunroof some key fobs do that already for free. So if we’re going to charge a premium price because it’s a luxury brand then give your customers something to smile about. I would like to be able to say yeah cost me $85 a year but I can do all this with my app. hopefully someone will read this and say you know this customer has a point instead of reading it and saying yeah right good luck with that. Well I know this looks long but it’s a quick read and I hope someone reads it. I’m two years in and it’s a waste of money. thank you
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11 months ago, Water skiing grandma
Needs work
I had a Ford and the app worked great! I had a Tesla, the app worked great! I have not been happy with this app. It’s Lexus for heavens sake we spent a lot of money on this car. There should not be issues with using the app. More then half of the time while trying to remote start my car using the app, it tells me it cannot connect. I get to my car and it’s running. Not according to the app. It won’t lock the car remotely if my keys are inside. Sometimes I don’t want to carry my keys if I am on a run. This is where the app should come in handy. But it just doesn’t work. While on a trip with my husband I got to the car while he was still in the restroom with the one key we have, still waiting on our second fob. It’s been five months now. I try to use the app to unlock the door. While waiting for the doors to unlock my husband comes out and opens the car. The car then won’t start. We had to delete the app, walk away from the car with the fob and try again. It took us 10 minutes to get the car started. Please for the love of God fix the issues with the app! Maybe you need to talk to someone at Ford and Tesla.
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10 months ago, Pissedrightthehelloff
We purchased a new RX350 in July 2019 and have ALWAYS had issues with the Lexus software. Most of the time when trying to use it, I get a message that it is having difficulty connecting and to wait a few minutes and try again. Or a message that says the request failed. After many many “few minutes”, it may or may not connect. I eventually give up and make whomever is standing closest to me aware of my displeasure. I would have to say in the 4 years we’ve owned the car, the app has failed in one way or another, 90% of the time. I’ve mentioned it to the dealer on several occasions when taking it in for service which, by the way, the app has apparently no problem connecting and making me aware when the mileage is reached, but to no avail. It may work better for a while but then fail again. Today’s issue - I received a message that a door was unlocked, after I positively locked it upon returning home. I checked the doors, they were all closed and locked. I opened them all and closed them again and locked them again. The app still says one door is open and unlocked. The app is crap! For the Lexus brand boasting as a “premium” brand, I expect a quality product and I have not received one. This is the last Lexus I will own.
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7 months ago, Flacoman129
App Works But Digital Key Needs Apple Wallet Integration
The app seems to work on our new TX for remote features like start, stop, lock, unlock and checking the status (is my car locked). However, the digital key experience is below par. It keeps asking to redownload and it has a hard time detecting the key when not in your hand, even with the highest level of proximity turned on. I have a bmw and I have not once taken the key fob with me as the digital key is in Apple wallet and on my Apple Watch. Lexi’s really needs to allow you to download the key to your wallet so that it is always available. I solved the constant log out issue by logging out, checking keep me logged and then logging in via Face ID. So far it hasn’t logged me back out but time will tell. Lexus Developers: Please use the Apple Wallet key feature this would solve so many of the digital key issues. Having to take a phone out of your pocket or purse defeats the purpose of a digital key. Just make it part of wallet so it works consistently on the phone and on the Apple Watch. BMW has this working flawlessly if you need to mimic what others have done with Apple Wallet.
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6 months ago, Soxfan2362
Sub par app for “premium” vehicle
This is one of the more poorly designed and maintained the apps in the App Store. Lots of bugs, poor Performance, functionality that works then disappears, etc. I have owned Lexus cars for the last 15 years… I would expect a much better app experience from Lexus. Among the things that don’t work: app takes far too long to load; after opening it, I go do a few things and come back after while to remote start the car. Speaking of remote start, it only works about 80% of the time. When I first bought my car earlier this year, I was able to start it using Alexa; that no longer works. I can start it using Siri on my iPad, but not my iPhone. The “service campaign“ message on the home screen cannot be reset, so it always looks like there’s something wrong with the car as it shows up bright red. In terms of design, the most used functions, E. G. Remote start, require a refresh of the app before they can be used; that refresh can take up to 30 seconds.
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12 months ago, Liz - Greta's Mom
App shuts down my vehicle
I own a 2021 Lexus RX 350 and the Lexus app was installed on my phone and iPad. Every time I unlock the vehicle using the app, it locks down my car completely!! I am not able to start it, roll down the windows or anything with the vehicle. This happened to me at the Vet’s office where I unlocked the car so that my husband and our sick dog could get in while I was paying the bill. When I went to start my car, nothing happened. It was 91 degrees outside. Tried everything to get the car started but nothing worked. Called roadside assistance and they said it was the battery and would be about 90 minutes for assistance to arrive! My husband then disconnected the negative side of the battery and reconnected it. He then was able to start the car. There is something in the app that causes the car to lock down if you use the app to unlock the car. This has happened once before but we were able to start the car using the key; however, this time that did not work. I have deleted the app from my phone. This situation left me stranded in a rural area. The Vet’s office is about 45 minutes from my house. Lexus needs to look into this matter.
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10 months ago, ZonaUser
Stop logging me out. Smh.
Updated Aug 2023: lowered to 1 star. Stop logging me out. Just stop. And stop advertising your app is compatible with the Apple Watch. Your app is not considered compatible if you log my watch out after 2 hours. What is the point of having the watch app if I have to log in through my phone to use the watch app? Doesn’t make sense does it? Remove the advertisement of Apple Watch compatibility now. And remove the Apple Watch app right now. False advertising. Also… the digital key card doesn’t work. Nov 2022: I have a 2022 NX 350 F Sport. Couple reasons for low ratings. iPhone app requires authentication after “x” number of hours instead of an option for “never”. What is the point of Face ID then? Because of this, the Apple Watch app is useless after the authentication time passes. What’s the point of the Apple Watch app if I have to re-authenticate on my phone before I can use it? I’ll leave my windows open a crack when it’s warm out. The car and app are kind enough to remind me of this, but won’t offer to close them? It’s an okay app overall, but could use some enhancements and tweaks
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10 months ago, Zornco
Buggy… #very-buggy for RZ 450e *nee* EV
App goes into psychedelic flashing mode when attempting to view/change charging status … UI = bad = unable to navigate out of subscreens … can manually via app start charging at home, but cannot stop via app Also we bought NX-300 and the app INCORRECTLY DANGEROUSLY reports incorrect WINOWS CLISED & DOORS LOCKED status … yesterday for example, NX was parked in moderate crime area while I went into school PTA mtg … casually decided to check NX status which showed 2 WINDOWS OPEN !!! I knew I had locked and put up the windows so this led me to believe someone had broken in … left the mtg and ran to the car only to find it locked with all windows tightly closed … go back to school mtg and for the next 30 mins car app reported WINDOWS OPEN … finally it cleared to LOCKED with no WINDOWS OPEN RED ALERT screaming at me … my iPhone and the car were in open areas with full cell data coverage And… as others reported, the functionality is only what the key fob does … meanwhile one of my kids has 2019 Tacoma Pro and with the $85/yr app can heat/cool and set off alarm (!!!) Toyota ownwers get more usable technology than we do !!!
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2 years ago, thdoan
Getting less features and unstable
Update on May 04, 2022: The app update today makes the App Suite working again. I probably hang on to this version and DO NOT update this app. 🤔 1. The old Lexus Enform app allows user to find, set destinations on the phone, then sync to the car gps when I start driving. The new Lexus apps takes away that feature. 2. App suite to link to alexa, iheart, etc works in one Lexus update and stops working in the next update. The current Lexus app does not response when I tap on the App Suite button. 3. It is not clear to me if I need to have Lexus+Alexa app running on the back ground to use the Alexa in the Lexus app. 4. Even though Lexus Enform 2.0 is obsolete, it is still in the Apple store, and is still mentioned in several Lexus websites. That is so confusing. On the good side, the paid subscriptions to monitor and control the car is working fine. I am not sure that service will still work by the end of this year, when 3G goes away.
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12 months ago, Sha'Daye
New update still doesn’t help
Call I’ve had the app for about a year now. When I first got the app, it worked pretty smoothly especially for remote start which was great considering we were expecting our first child and in the Texas heat it’s great to have the car started before you get in it with the AC going a little. but here in the last couple of months I get command failed so many times when I try to use lock, unlocked, remote start. I can literally shut off the app shut off my phone turn it back on have perfect service, and it still fails for everything and often times taking a very long time to load when the rest of the apps on my phone will pop up instantly. I’m not sure what the new change or update was to the app recently, but it really blows and I wish Lexus/Enform would get it together especially since I’m paying for the services. -_-
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9 months ago, stag97
Deplorable app shame on Lexus
This app is a fail! With the purchase of a $63k+ top of the line luxury edition vehicle AND a fee to use the app there should be nothing less than 4-star reviews. There was a time when Lexus motto was “the relentless pursuit of perfection.” For a luxury brand, I expected more refinements in technology and connectivity in the vehicle, and improvements with the app. It’s 2023! Why is this app such garbage quality? Losing my 25 year loyalty in this brand. Lexus are you looking at these reviews? They’ve been horrible since the app was launched. This app is slow to open and slow to respond. Stop with the microscopic fonts and inability to change font size. When the command to start vehicle, unlock or lock fails how about showing a reason why? Poor connection? Other error? You are taking customer dollars yet not delivering. Side note, we don’t need a third of the screen to be taken up by a picture of our vehicle (I think we know what the car looks like). Please put bigger icons with larger and more legible text down the center of the screen.
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3 months ago, jjones7791
Great car, garbage tech
Needless to say this app is not the only reason that I purchased Lexus, however, the experience with this is really leaving me wanting and questioning why I bought this over an Acura. Number one like you’ll read from pretty much every review on here, this app is absolute trash. It barely functions half the time, when it does actually function, you never get the proper feedback from it. And despite the fact that I am paying for the subscription that is required, which is pretty ridiculous anyway, the remote start feature on this vehicle, simply will not work. It will not work with the app. It will not work with the key fob either. Every Acura / Honda made in the last few years that I own that has remote start, it’s on the key fob and you can use it without paying for a subscription. you only have to pay for a subscription if you want to be able to use the app and unlock features on your phone. really regretting this purchase at this point, should’ve just stuck with Honda / Acura.
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10 months ago, wesleyb12
Ridiculously priced, poor technology
It is absolutely ridiculous that Lexus would charge a monthly fee to be able to start the car remotely, like so many other cars do for free. Lexus technology is generally, horrible. The first time I found out my car even came with some of these services for free (temporarily of course) was when I got an email saying my services were being disconnected. Thanks for nothing! I can’t lock my car if I leave it on, so there is no way to safely leave a child or pet in the backseat for even a 2 min run. You either have to turn off the car (and the A/C) or leave the car unlocked to keep the power on. I was hoping that the Remote app would solve this problem and somehow allow me to lock the car while it’s on, but I guess I’ll never know because Lexus is trying to scam people into paying for any little feature. I hoped the Lexus technology would get better every year, but it is clearly on a steady decline.
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2 months ago, LB$&@
The Lexus App doesn’t match the Lexus Brand I have come to love.
This is my 4th Lexus and I have loved every single thing about Lexus cars…..until the Lexus App came along. It was glitchy from day one and doesn’t always connect and doesn’t consistently work with CarPlay. But after the recent updates, it works properly only about 20 % of the time. I understand connections can come and go, but all other apps can be refreshed or just wait seconds, and they work again. Lexus App freezes or keeps saying it can’t load your profile or just says “can’t connect”. The only way to get CarPlay or the App to work is turn off the car and start again. I literally have to do this at lights to get my maps to work or have to pull off the road to restart my car! I would give it a one star but I do like other features in the app (when the app works) to check my tire pressure and other items. But I prefer CarPlay over Lexus App and Lexus App doesn’t seem to like CarPlay. The update also makes me “allow” my phone to join the App every single time I get in my car! I should be able to consent once and save it. I could go on with more but in summary, the Lexus App tarnishes the “Excellence” brand of Lexus.
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1 month ago, Vanessa080824
Terrible App!
I have had my new Lexus for less then a year and this app stopped working for me. The options to start or lock and unlock my car do not appear anymore. Also seeing the location of the car or status of the car is not showing up anymore. This is a terrible app. It does not do anything it says it can do and it a total waste. Lexus needs to fix this! With how much you pay for one of there cars and this can’t even work might as well go with a different luxury car that you can actually use. If you are wounding if I uninstalled and reinstalled this app and reconnected it to my car to see if that fix’s the problem I did and nothing worked. I have also been getting a message that “Remote Activation Pending” since the first day I got this app. It says it takes 24 hours but it’s been over months and nothing has changed. Very disappointed in this. Pay way to much for stuff not to be working.
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8 months ago, Rage chugged
I expected better in 2023
I recently downloaded the Lexus app for my iPhone, hoping for a seamless and top-notch experience. Unfortunately, I’ve found it lacking in several key areas. The app desperately needs better quality assurance and functionality. It often crashes or don’t work and fires an error, which is surprising for a luxury brand like Lexus. One major disappointment is that many features require an additional cost or subscription, even after purchasing a high-end Lexus vehicle. For such an expensive luxury brand, these features should be included for free. It feels like an unnecessary money grab. BMW tried this also and is rolling back this model for certain features. I appreciate the potential of the app to enhance the Lexus ownership experience, but it needs a lot of work to live up to the brand’s reputation. I hope Lexus takes this feedback seriously and invests in improving their app for their customers.
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2 weeks ago, 🎇❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🎆
Embarrassingly Bad
They updated the UI, wow pretty... But the functions are worse than ever, borderline unusable. If you use the app exactly as intended, it works perfectly, such as remote starting a car that has not been remote started recently and has been locked. BUT If you introduce any complexity, such as physically opening the car (which stops the engine), the state of the app completely breaks. Want to start your car again or even remotely lock it? Nah, it thinks your car is already started and locked. The 10 minutes remote run where doors cannot be opened is also ridiculous and stupid, you realize that remote start is for very hot or cold places. It takes more than 10 minutes to cool down or warm up a car! I don’t want my car stopping when I have already spent gas on warming or cooling it! App is also really expensive for what you get. Most of the features are basics that other brands offer for free.
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1 month ago, Jbud31
Remote key is unreliable
I owned a Tesla for three years and never carried around a car key because the app was so solid and always worked. At first, I was hesitant to trust this app as a remote key my car, but it prove me wrong…. Until it left me stranded two hours away from my house with no key. Since then the remote key has never worked and the Lexus support team has done Absolutely nothing to solve the issue. Removing the key from your car and uninstalling your app should not be the only solution. For key fob that doesn’t even have a remote button, you rely heavily on the app for everything and this app is the biggest flop. I still don’t have my second key so I would like to have the option for my phone to be my back up. For $85 a year this is the biggest scam. this is been going on for two years, and Lexus has not cared to fix the problem at all. Such a shame for a company like this…
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2 years ago, Nolensville
App so bad I’m changing brands
App has always been awful. It screws up frequently for no reason. I haven’t been able to load my contacts in a couple years. It’s illegal in our state to use your phone other than through hands-free, but I can only do that in my Chevy truck. There’s no consistency in when features will work. Sometimes the controls in the car work, sometimes not. Currently it still trips up between the 2 Lexus apps. It won’t work without both apps installed, but then it tells you it won’t work because the other app is in use. When you go to the other app, it said it has no active features and you’ll need to use the other apps. Often it stops allowing you to pause, skip songs, etc. just pure junk in every aspect. I’m on my 5th Lexus and have 2 right now. I won’t be buying anymore. This stuff is like we’re back to y2k technology. Done.
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4 months ago, Dinakar A1
The app needs a serious rework
Have a 2024 Lexus Rx350 Premium. Firstly the digital key. There is a cost up front for the digital key and it requires the Lexus app which is nothing more than a rebadged Toyota app. Even when the app is installed and the digital key is downloaded, 9 times out of 10, it does nothing when I try to walk up to the car with the phone in my hand and try to unlock it. In the rare instance it actually unlocks the car, can't start the car as it says key not detected. Often though, the digital key goes missing and you have to download the key again. Don't see the point of the digital key at all. Then there's the app functionality. The UI is not intuitive and very limited in scope. You can locate the car once, but it doesn't seem to let you refresh the location. You also can only set the interior temperature, but you can't direct the airflow such as defrost. If this app and the functionality was free, I can understand this half hearted attempt. But this is a service that costs a yearly subscription which is really not justifiable. I kind of regret this purchase of the car, especially the digital key accessory as well as the service for the app. All Toyota has to do is look at other manufacturers implementation and do something similar.
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2 years ago, YOYOlaser
UI Bugs, and usability issues
Appointment creation flow does not have a “back” button. So any changes I need to make from previous selection forces me to cancel the entire flow and start over. Changing/swapping vehicles on the home page was more intuitive on the older version. (Basic swipe gesture) The black icon on the center of the nav bar has low discoverability and it took me long time digging around the app to accidentally stumble upon it. Also the fact that this button doubles as a function to return to the homepage seems weird. Minimizing the app on ios leaves the location services on. I have to close out the app entirely to have the app stop using my location. Images and text clipping when scrolling through the homepage. Stuttering animations throughout. Cancelling existing appointment call failed, but has no error state messaging. It just returns me to the same screen as if I have taken no actions. Homepage’s location map taking up huge chunk of space honestly has low functionality. Coupling this with huge top margin above the vehicle images pushes the Make an Appointment button way below the fold. I would have assumed that dealerships would value this CTA as utmost priority.
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3 months ago, Happy with Lexus app
Great App
Everything works on our GX and RXh. We’ve never had a problem with locking doors or using the remote starter…they work great. We get service texts and updates so we don’t use the service notifications in the app. Those are shown in the vehicles. We only use our Apple cell phones for the app. Sometimes after an update we have to turn the phone off and on to reset it, otherwise everything seems to work for us. The navigation part of the app works but is located in the “find” section at the bottom. Lexus needs to rename it to reflect its Navigation function. This would be more user friendly.
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1 month ago, //john
Only supports 1 driver
Don’t be fooled. You cannot have two drivers in the same household use the app separately, each with their own preferences. Lexus only recognizes a primary driver. Secondary and guest drivers are completely limited in what they can do. To have a second person in the household also use the app, the primary driver has to manually share access with their account (and take access back) in order for two ppl to be using the app. Or, you both have to use the same account on your phone in which case you can run into problems with seat settings, and other controls. It’s completely convoluted. The in-car system does have profiles; but somehow the app doesn’t map to them correctly. There are a ton of complaints about this going back a long time and it doesn’t seem like it will be resolved. Very disappointed.
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8 months ago, Geruvah
Stable, but should offer more
App update notes should be more than just marketing messages. What SPECIFICALLY did you update? Bug fixes? Stability? New options? Who knows! For the price paid for the app, I’d want more features. You do get to unlock, lock, and remote start your car. But if the car is going to turn off once I open the door because of safety (I’ve never once got in a car that remote started that stayed on and thought “there’s something about this that’s unsafe”) and use the excuse to warm the car up, I’d like the ability to use climate control on my app. Set it to a certain temperature, turn on the de-icing windshield wipers, heat up those side mirrors, etc… The good news is the app is stable. It doesn’t seem to crash when I try to do anything with it that’s already there.
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1 year ago, 323kjm
Definitely disappointed with Lexus.
I give this one star because i have to. In all fairness when i had the app and it worked, i did enjoy it. I used to like the fact that I drove a Lexus. Loved all the perks that came with the high end brand: destination assist, remote start, fuel amount, etc etc etc. since the 5G upgrade I am no longer entitled to any of the services because this high end company cannot upgrade the software on my 2016 to accommodate me. This is extremely disappointing for this company. Six years in and all services gone! That’s crazy. I considered trading in my vehicle for a newer Lexus, as this is my second one. This has left me disappointed enough to consider a more technologically savvy company like say Volvo, or any other actually! I too, hope someone reads this and passes it on to people that actually care to rectify this.
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2 years ago, DOWGRW
Really Helpful App
I definitely like this app. It quickly reminds me if I’ve left the car unlocked and allows me to lock it directly from the app. I like knowing the air pressure in the tires from the app. I love the Drive Pulse that lets me know how my driving is—BUT the latest update has been a disappointment here. I do not like the changes made in this section. I cannot tell by the map where my “mistake” occurred as I could before the update. In fact, I don’t like any of the changes that were made in the Drive Pulse section of the app. It was so much more helpful and useful before. It would be really nice if you would change that part back. Otherwise I love it!
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1 year ago, Bobz32128
Needs a lot of work
I recently tried using this app, and I was disappointed that it was not designed with the user in mind. One issue I encountered was the confusing layout, and lack of customization. For instance, I have both the iPhone and Apple Watch. At times I would leave my iPhone in my vehicle when exercising and rely on my cellular watch for notifications. But now my vehicle will not lock with my iPhone in the vehicle and to use the Lexus app in Apple Watch I must have my iPhone with me at all times. Overall, I believe this app has potential, but needs to be more user friendly. I hope the developers will take this feedback like this into consideration and make the necessary changes to improve the app’s use ability.
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1 year ago, Mr.R0b0t
Frustrating experience
It’s amazing that a luxury car company like Lexus would have their app developed by people who can’t seem to understand the basics of usability. And it’s even harder to believe Lexus seems completely uninterested in trying to make it better. Like most everyone else I would like to know why the Watch app displays the login prompt at all? Why is the majority of the screen taken up by a large picture of a car? There’s no reason the first page needs the crown to scroll to the options. Most people probably only have one car tied to their accounts making the huge image pointless. For the iPhone app, again we don’t need a huge image of a car taking up the screen. The vehicle tab could probably be condensed enough to eliminate the need to scroll, even on an iPhone Mini. Distance to Empty could be put on the Vehicle Status button. Why does the find tab have a huge slider that says “No data found” that can’t be dismissed? Where you need to go to find/do something isn’t always clear, some bits of info are in more than one place when they don’t need to be, and the “To switch vehicles” reminder won’t go away on its own. Non luxury car companies do this better.
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4 months ago, AfflatusX
A Joke compared to Lexus Cars
I don’t know if Lexus outsourced the development of this app to some shady third-party company or they hired some bad software engineers to build it - Lexus should sue this company or fire the team built it. Forget about those BT/connection issues, just look at the quality of UI/animation. It drop frames on each single animation. It triggers refresh unnecessarily on slightest pull. The bottom tab bar flickers as I scroll through the view. Cross out button is almost invisible in some full screen modal dialogs. It just feels like a badly and cheaply made React Native app to save cost. You are a luxury brand Lexus - apps is part of the experience now. Please either spend some of your cash pile and hire some really good in-house developers or spend more on a decent 3P company to redo your app. This is disgrace to your brand and your car.
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1 year ago, Dtm8569
Lexus please update your app
Lots of connectivity issues. Reached out to dealer and app phone number. No resolution as this is the best it is currently. App should have features like turning heat and cool air on, changing temperature, setting seat temperature, rolling windows up or down, lights on or off, time the remote starter can turn on and how long it runs should be adjustable by the owner, etc. Other companies, non luxury brands and aftermarket basic apps offer this already. For paying a premium on the vehicle this should be included. Lexus please think of your guest experience and hospitality. You used to be all about that. I know you’ve done a lot of improvements and changes over the years. I love my cars and wish the app was better. Thanks.
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3 months ago, Kswizzi
Decent app, could be better
I recently purchased a new Lexus and I found the app to be very helpful. On initial purchase, I got a trial use of the remote services but for some reason, the app kept showing that the service needed to be renewed, even though it was also showing as active. Eventually, it allowed me to use the remote services. Recently my trial expired I have now renewed the subscription however, the app is still saying that my subscription is expired, but also showing that I paid for it. This really needs to be fixed because I’ve paid for the subscription but yet I can’t use it until the app at some point updates or recognizes the payment.
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2 years ago, Badmug
Much More to be Desired
The app has lots of small bugs that really should’ve been worked through during development. The main issue that frustrates me is the fact that in order to start an unlocked vehicle using the app you must first choose the Lock button, allow the car to lock, pause for 30-60 seconds, then give a second command to start the vehicle. Otherwise that start command will timeout without starting. You must also go through both commands using Alexa with the app. When using the Start command, the app should automatically lock the vehicle then start it, saving all users the extra step of waiting for the app the catch up and allow a start.
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8 months ago, ghiinnb
The app suite has been discontinued
One of the main reasons I used this app is because it is way easier to type my destination on my phone and save it for the gps navigation. I love my lexus. I love the brand but this is going to complicate my travel experience. I’m just going to have to buy a aftermarket system now with carplay because this app has failed us. If I use voice command for a address it never gets it right. I don’t want to pay additional money to call lexus from my phone for directions. Typing in the address on the gps is way to complicated and time consuming. For the last 10 years I have only purchased lexus vehicles. But this change might make me go with another car manufacturer for my next purchase that would be more user friendly.
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8 months ago, SmithTenkiller
Pretty handy
I just bought an RX350 and this is my first time using the Lexus app. So far, it’s been pretty useful. I’m able to use my car without a key fob, which is super convenient. I like being able to lock, unlock and remote start my car from anywhere. I did have an issue where I was getting logged out of the app daily and being asked to change my password almost as frequently. I figured out it was an issue with sending requests using Siri on my Apple Watch Ultra. Something between the watch, Siri and the app wasn’t jiving well. With OS Sonoma, I have the shortcuts to lock, unlock, start and stop the car in a widget on my desktop. Same with my iPad Pro. Those work beautifully. I love being at my desk at the office and starting the car from my MacBook so it’s ready when I walk out. Overall, very happy with the app and functionality. Unlike some other reviewers, I didn’t pay for these services; they were included for 36 months with my vehicle.
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1 month ago, Yoda18
Digital key constantly disappears
Digital key constantly disappears and has to be downloaded again but download fails every time. Only solution they offer is to completely delete the app and start the digital key pairing process all over from scratch which involves getting key fob and getting in car and unpairing and repairing your phone. I’ve called their brand engagement customer service now over a dozen times and every time this is their solution. And every time after successfully downloading the digital key it disappears a day or so later and can’t be downloaded again. Then I have to delete ap and start over. Shocked that they can’t fix this issue on a $75k new car. Second Lexus, last Lexus. This ruined my experience with the brand forever
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1 year ago, xSOOTx
Useless and Lexus won’t fix it
The only useful thing this app allows you to do is lock and unlock the car and start the car. You can’t drive the car with just the app. So many other car brands let you do so much more useful things with their app. This is a joke, and Lexus just responds to reviews with, “Your message is very important to us”. Ok, cool, except it’s not. There’s reviews from years ago complaining of the same things and nothing has been improved upon. The cherry on top is that this is $85 a year. What a joke. It should be free since all it does is the most barebones type of stuff. It really isn’t useful at all and I have cancelled my subscription after being scammed at the dealership. What happened to Toyota and Lexus being known for quality?
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9 months ago, SweetT-N-T
Will never get a Lexus again
This Lexus app was working for 2 years with minimal issues but out of no where my vechile info disappeared. After I delete the app, re start the phone and log into my account, when I enter the VIN number to re register, I get an error message stating it’s already assigned to an account and call Lexus. I now call Lexus and was offered the advise to do what I did. I explained I say another owner had the same issue and Lexus had to delete the vehicle from their system and re enter it to resolve it. I was then told their tech support would call me back in 1-2 business days! What!! All these tech people in the world and it takes this long to get this resolved. The nerve!! Lexus will not get a dime of my money after my lease is up…never gonna get it! Not a dime.
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1 year ago, Caleb Scansen
Keeps Logging Me Out
Every ~12hrs it logs me out for “my security”. That’s great…but I told you to remember me and use Face ID. Entering creds without a Face ID prompt defeats the purpose of the Face ID option. The log out is very very annoying as I have setup Siri automations with the app. Every time I’m logged out, they fail. The app works ok outside of that. Would like more features though - the fact it can tell me my windows are down but cant seem to roll them up is asinine. Or allow me to roll them down, choose it AC or heat or seat warmers/steering warmers are on when I remote start. These should be basic functions that already exist, just need to be developed into the UI.
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11 months ago, (: SPONGE BOB :)
This app is so faulty. It takes minimum 3 times to try remote start for it to work, and at that sometimes it won’t work at all with trying 10+ times. I would still say it’s worth having the ability to remote start (especially since I live in AZ heat), but it’s extremely frustrating how often it doesn’t work based on the amount I pay. I’ve used it over a year now and it has consistently never worked right. Needs some major construction. I tried to remote start my car today, after it didn’t work 8-10 tries later it said “This request cannot be completed while vehicle is being driven. Please park your vehicle…” I thought my car was stolen and ran to my driveway. Should’ve known it was just the app being faulty.
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3 months ago, iphonegal12
This app is the worse!
I HATE this app; it always has glitches. I can’t select a preferred dealer to schedule a service appointment, it constantly shows a spinning circle and never allows me to pick a dealer. Then, my car kept asking me for a PIN and I had to rest through the app since I never actually set up a PIN, and the app kept telling me I had to log out and log back in several times before I was finally able to reset it. Next, I hate the tracking of my car all the time, that’s creepy and doing way too much. Lastly, the vehicle manual is a lot of pages and takes so long to find the info needed. It has to be a better way to set up that document in this app so can use a drop down menu to get to certain topics easier.
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7 months ago, Palo Miller
New 2024 Lexus nx350
I’ve had the vehicle for a couple weeks and the issue with Apple car play persists. The system allows for a text message to come in and reads it aloud but when I’m asked if I wish to respond the system glitches and repeats itself over and over until it times out. Car play also doesn’t allow me to send text messages via voice. It glitches and doesn’t respond. Lexus technology staff basically told me to reset everything which I’ve done but no resolution. Disappointed with this as I’ve had several luxury brands and this is the only time I’ve encountered this and seemingly with no fix.
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8 months ago, Boss B’
It works for my 2021 ES 350
So I was reluctant to use this app. My initial experience was horrible. I paid for the service but could not use it initially for some odd reason. It showed I paid but I was unable to use the features. The next day I was able to do so. I have been able to start my vehicle from the app as well as lock/unlock my windows. I looked at the reviews for Mercedes regarding their app and they have stellar reviews. Lexus should be right up there, no reason for customers having the terrible experiences I read. Much room for improvement, especially a luxury brand.
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2 years ago, Randp397
I miss the old version
I loved the older (pre-May ‘22) version. OK the interface wasn’t the prettiest UI, but you could find out a lot of info from the App. This new ver. Is so streamlined as to render it nearly useless except for locking or unlocking and remote starting. (Things that I rarely ever do from the app.) Here’s an idea maybe put out the old version for those of us who like the level of detail it provided but overlay a ‘streamline’ or shortcut version which people could choose should they not be interested in detail info. The really great thing about the app is that it collects some really valuable data on the car status and makes it available to the driver. So why dumb it down? Rand (3 time RX owner)
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6 months ago, JrFack
Absolutely love my ES 350, but the app is very disappointing. It is very slow and unresponsive, and the lock/unlock/start features often glitch out and I have to repeat them several times before it works. I also think a function to roll the windows up would be helpful, like REALLY helpful. I honestly got the app because I wanted to be able to remote start my car. You can technically do it with the fob but it’s very difficult. I would really love this app, and would have no problem paying the fee if it actually worked properly. I really expect more from a luxury vehicle manufacturer, especially since you have to pay a yearly subscription.
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2 years ago, Nadler92
Poor product and CX
The onboarding experience has been brutal. Have worked with their customer experience team for three days straight submitting and resubmitting the same forms. They confirm they receive them on the call but when we hand up I still cannot set the app up with my car. And they have no record of the phone call or documents with the next CX person I speak with. The product appears to not work. Their system seems flawed. And there is zero indication that they can or will do anything to resolve the underlying issues. I just called again and was supposed to receive a text message which I never got. So I will have to call a fifth time to do it all over again if I decide to event proceed at this point.
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1 year ago, CEJ Hammer
Once upon a time we had App Suite 2.0 that was effortless, albeit a bit ugly and old. Lexus decided to fix what was not broken by releasing Lexus 1.0, and now 2.0, both of which have been the uttermost worst experience for our guests and for anyone responsible for troubleshooting it at the dealership level. Imagine just buying a Lexus, and the same company FORCES your tech specialist to adhere to a metric where they make you, the guest, sign up for this app that the tech then has to explain, “sorry, that feature doesn’t work right now. Sorry, I don’t know why it made you reset your password 3 times in one session…” I’m disgusted. Infotainment and technology has always been closed-loop, unappealing, difficult and clunky at Lexus. This app is no better.
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12 months ago, Kappo2011
App suggestion
Dear Lexus, I hope this feedback finds you well. I wanted to express my desire for the US version of the Lexus app to be updated soon, allowing us to utilize Apple widgets. It would be incredibly convenient if this feature could be made available. I find it puzzling that the app in other countries has seen such diverse updates, yet the US version lacks even the ability to use Apple widgets. Integrating Apple widgets into the Lexus app would greatly enhance the user experience, providing quick access to important information right from the home screen. Many users, including myself, rely on widgets for efficient access to relevant data. It would be wonderful if the US version of the app could match the level of functionality and versatility found in other country versions or apps. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope that you will consider implementing this update in the near future. Thank you for your dedication to providing exceptional features and improving the Lexus app. Sincerely, James
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