LG ThinQ

4.5 (94.5K)
393.8 MB
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Current version
LG Electronics, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LG ThinQ

4.47 out of 5
94.5K Ratings
3 years ago, OldSchool007
We need an app worthy of OLED
Revised review - I can now turn my 2020 CX OLED TV ON!! Thank you. Remove advertising and speed up app launch and maybe 5 stars... Let me start with my biggest gripes about this app which I have used for 10 months. 1. Time to launch - FIRST you go to the LG splash screen where you then choose the ThinQ App, then wait for it to launch and tell you your television is disconnected from the WiFi network, or you are not connected to the same network. Time elapsed: 10-12 seconds on an iPhone 11. Typical launch time on my other audio-visual apps (TIDAL, YAMAHA, SoundHound, etc.), 1-2 seconds. 2. Either the TV (2020 CX OLED) has no network wake function (can you imagine on a $2K TV?), or the programmers haven't thought that people would like to use their apps to TURN THEIR TELEVISIONS ON. I would like to use the app to turn my television ON! 3. LG thinks that they can use this app as a marketing tool, so in addition to the long launch time, every now and then they splash some sales information up before you can use the app. The app is functional to do almost everything I need it to do other than what I have noted above.
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4 years ago, Kena2mi
Not a Smart app for laundry appliances
Went with an LG washer & dryer in part because they were supposed to be Smart appliances, with this Smart app that lets you control the appliances remotely. Not smart at all, really nothing more than a monitoring app. You still have to manually push the power button on the units, because you can’t turn them on with the app, and the power turns off almost immediately when a cycle ends. While standing there anyway I cannot imagine what point there would be in using the app instead of just pushing a couple buttons. Even as a monitoring app it’s buggy- washer time is frequently off by as much as 10 minutes- I’ve gone down there because it said there was only a minute or two left, to find out there’s 10 minutes or more. Dryer frequently sends a “dryer has been stopped due to a problem” notification when the cycle is complete. I picked this set in part because I expected to be able to set up a wash load, and start it remotely so it’s freshly done when I get home or get up in the morning, and to be able to fluff clothes left in the dryer without having to go down two flights of stairs to push a couple buttons, then back up for 10 minutes, and back down again. Not sure what the logic is behind this limitation, if they’re Smart appliances they should know not to start if there is a problem, just like my car. I will say that I really like the washer and dryer, but they should not be advertised as being able to be controlled remotely.
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5 months ago, Mom24monsters
LG has forgotten about accessibility again, making it not smart or convenient.
LG has changed the app so that it's difficult for those of us with visual impairments to change the temperature on a dryer. It used to be that you click temperature, and then you could choose your setting. Now, it gives us a slider that doesn't work with a screen reader, and backward controls that tell us to push up for down and down for up, and it doesn't tell us what it's set for so we have to go out of that and then back into it to change it some more. It was much more efficient when trying to do it the other way, where you clicked it, it gave you all the options for your temperature setting, you pressed it, and moved onto the next thing. Then setting the time is impossible. I have two choices now, one hour and 40 minutes, or 40 minutes. It gives me all the times that I can choose, zero through one for the hour and one through I think 59 for the minutes, but if I try to choose anything other than one hour, it won't change. It doesn't change by the minute either. The zero and the one for the hours work, but all the minutes don't. I can choose one minute, or zero minutes, and it's still stuck at 40 minutes. We paid a small fortune for this washer and dryer because I need something that's accessible, and LG keeps forgetting about those of us who need accessibility and changing it to be less accessible.
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3 years ago, BobbyFranc
Oven DOES NOT need cleaning!
Finally, when I went to App Settings, Product Notifications I got more than just a blank screen. I was able to set the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned to Every Month. I did a total reinstall a few weeks ago but still got the blank screen. However, it worked this morning. Getting notifications like Oven is Pre-heated is very useful. Old Bad Review I was awoken this morning at 4:30 AM by a ThinQ notification that my oven needs cleaning! I cleaned the oven last week and I’m still getting notifications. I’m very happy with my LG induction range. I like getting notifications for the timer and the oven pre -heating, etc , but LG, please fix this app. I got another spurious early morning notification again that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned today. LG support previously responded by telling me to turn off the oven notifications. However, you can only tell off ALL notificationsI. I responded to them with why don’t you just fix the bug? FINAL REVIEW After reinstalling the app, I was finally able to access the settings and change the notification that the Oven Needs To Be Cleaned message from weekly to monthly. LG should just remove this or let it be turned off completely. When I open the oven door I can clearly see if it needs to be cleaned. On a positive note, I really like my induction range.
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3 years ago, BlckSnShyn
Greedy for info
This app is limited in its use for the appliances and is greedy to mine information from your device. This app doesn’t really control your appliances, but its main use is to notify you when a cycle is done. It’s not worth it for the trade off of why I think this app was really created for. It’s more efficient in getting your private information. It does more of that than actually giving you remote control over your appliances. If you’re using your mobile phone, this app will mine your contact information, your device information, your internet active, your personal data (such as first name, last name, date of birth, etc….), etc…. Much of this data this app mines is irrelevant to the operation of your appliances it’s set to manage. After agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy consent, this app will have the right to pilfer through your personal information. Think twice about who you want to have your data and internet activity. Think about who they are selling it to. Why else would this app or company needs such data? Update: developer sends a response that they use this data for user verification. They don’t need my contacts in my phone for this. Everyone, review the user agreement. They are data mining us. It’s in the agreement. They don’t need this access to our phones or data to use an appliance or app like this. They are selling your information.
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4 months ago, wjz7
Misses the mark for refrigerator monitoring
In terms of monitoring a refrigerator, this app has a couple of missing features that take it from a really useful adjunct to the LG refrigerator down to a sort of nice to have provider of extra information. There are three useful things an app could do: show energy usage, monitor the current temperature, and monitor whether a door is open. This app does a good job on the energy usage but fails on the temperature and door monitoring. For door monitoring, it will keep track of how often the doors are opened over a day (which is handy for figuring how to reduce energy usage). Better would be to also show total door-open time. And while it will send an alert if a door has been open for longer than some threshold (like one minute), the real failing is that it won’t report the state of the door NOW, even after an alert has been sent. So there’s no direct way to tell if a door left open was closed after a couple of minutes or if it’s still open hours later with all the frozen foods melting. For temperature, all it says is that the refrigerator and/or freezer temps are “well maintained” which presumably means that over time the temperatures are staying close to the set points. But sometimes I’d really like to know what the actual temperature is RIGHT NOW; the app simply doesn’t provide that.
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1 year ago, Jscore
Not at all Smart
Why a multinational corporation, in the 21st century, would develop such an incredibly powerless app for what I can only guess is a half-baked attempt to put Smart in their product marketing and that is all. The potential in having an app like this that could do soooooo many things things and it is reduced to a counter to “remind you” to buy soap. Once can set up, start, end, or even view the dishwasher status unless it is physically turned on. And don’t even get me started on the actual machine’s capabilities, or lack there of because I was only dumb enough not to return it before the return window closed. The machine itself works like them all. Cleans most dishes, not all. You still need to pre wash and soak. But the fact I have to push start AND close the door in 4 seconds or I have to do it again is almost as if the machine was designed by a government agency determined to make the user experience as painful as possible. If you are so bad at buying soap then this is your app. If you want it to tell you when it’s done, it will do that, but every person needs the app and who’s turn is it to unload? Well, would be great if it could do that, but it can’t. A fairly simple task can’t be achieved because LG blocks that status of “done” from actioning any other event. That means you can’t trigger it to do what you want to do because they won’t let you. That is just a waste.
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3 years ago, Al Zymer
LG Thinq for Mini Split AC
Dismal. 1% of use requires reboot of mini-split (power off AT ELECTRICAL PANEL, EG circuit breakers) to restore wifi connection. App hangs and must be cleared and restarted appropriately for 10% of use. For about 5% of use app hangs requiring a power off reboot of iPhone itself. When it does stay up and connect feature set is notably less than the wireless remote. EG you cannot turn off the light on the AC head — a requirement for bedroom use. Quite apparent nobody in IT at LG actually owns and uses the product using the app. Let us hope these guys don’t make avionics. I gave the app 1 star because it downloads and starts up. And now, there is more! LG just announced its privacy “Policy”. It’s not a policy it’s a requirement. There is no way to opt out of any of the things LG says they will do, which is to link everything they can find about you, presumably by invading your actual privacy anywhere and everywhere on the web, track you wherever you go and do anything they want with the data they find on you anywhere. AND, and, there is no way whatsoever to opt out of any of this appalling nonsense. I pray the European Union gets their teeth into these fellows and tears them up. I am planning to take this app off my iPhone and use only the unsinkable, unhackable, unabusable 100% private, infrared remote. I have lowered my rating to minus 10 stars. Draconian, Medieval, hysterically unbelievably insane “privacy” policy from LG IT.
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3 years ago, Tiki man2
Don’t buy LG and expect support!!!
If only zero star was possible they would get it. Bought their 4K 50 inch TV because it states it is HomeKit compatible. HomeKit and their ThinQ app only work when the TV is on, you can’t turn the TV on from either once it’s off. I’ve emailed their tech support and got generic response that was no help. Spent 70 minutes on the phone with tech support and they had never heard of HomeKit, needless to say she couldn’t resolve the problem but said a supervisor would call back. Guess what, they never called. Called them back after 5 days and spoke to 3 different reps who had no idea how HomeKit works and couldn’t resolve the issues after 1 1/2 hours on the phone . She then said I will transfer you to higher up tech but actually transferred me to Apples tech support. Do yourself a favor, LG does not support their sales so pass them by and buy something else. Life is not good at LG Response to LG’s response- Well yes this does seem like an issue for your customer service team. That’s exactly why I’ve called them twice, spent almost three hours on the phone with them and spoke with four different representatives none of which could resolve the issue for the ThinQ app or had any knowledge whatsoever of HomeKit that doesn’t function. I gues you didn’t fully read or understand my first post. Surely there is a more advanced tech team that actually has a clue how your system works, maybe consider having them contact me
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3 years ago, Computergoddess
LG ThinQ app is a lifesaver.
It seems that even though I am working at home, I am busier than I was when I was in school teaching. I use the ThinQ app even more. I can remotely run a load in the washer or dryer and get reminders when the cycle is complete. I particularly love the choices to download into the machine from the app. I just wish there were a few more options say for workout clothes as they are made of special fabrics. I am wearing my fitness outfits more all day now that I am stuck at home. They never seem to dry on delicate but I am afraid to ruin the stretch and moisture wicking fabric in a regular cycle and there isn’t such a cycle in downloads. Since this initial review, I have had lots of trouble with the app connecting to the washer and dryer. I can never remote start from the appliances and when I choose an already downloaded cycle, the app tells me that I have to use the washer to turn it on. I never know if I am actually using the downloaded cycle until it starts to animate on the phone. Then the remote light will light up on the washer. I have asked for help through the app or called repeatedly over the past year but no response.
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4 years ago, CFireFun
Don’t get this
This is a little long, but it is a full description of chaos. We just bought a new LG fridge, so I naturally loaded their Wi-Fi app. It seemed a little clunky to get going, but then evened out. I was a little concerned that they had their own network name, but it reverted to our home Wi-Fi when finished. That’s when the fun started, though. I started noticing my phone was acting differently, and finally, I couldn’t open apps that I’ve used for years. I kept getting a “Slow Connection” message in the app. I finally came to the realization that the last thing changed on the phone was installing the LG app, so I deleted it, but still had the same problems. In an Apple support site (accessed through my iPad where I hadn’t run the LG app) I was told to do a few things, one of which was to do a network reset. That started up, but froze with the Apple logo and a progress bar showing. I couldn’t even do a power down. After a trip to the nearest Apple store, where the staff graciously got me in w/o an appointment, we finally got to my latest iCloud backup, and was able to restore my phone to working order. All this, from just trying to use an app. THIS IS A BAD ONE - DON’T USE IT!!!!! I just feel fortunate that I’m close enough to an Apple store to go get the help I needed. I’ve been using Apple equipment for over 7 years, and have never before needed to restore one from backup, but I’m sure glad I had it on.
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4 years ago, JaneinMadison
Can’t live without it!
Was trying to buy a white washer/dryer combo, but could only find the new dark steel with smart technology. Sorry LG but hate the color—we call it Darth Vader. Good news! LOVE the smart technology! It lets you know when your laundry is done! It lets you know where you are in the cycle and how much time is left! It lets you know when it’s time to run the clean cycle! You can call a LG tech and hold your phone up and the tech can diagnose your problem and decide if you need a service call or not. And the guy that comes is knowledgeable, polite, on time, and stays until problem is resolved. I’ve had the combo in white at our previous home and had to leave it when we moved. We had a stackable washer dryer and I missed my combo so much I had to buy Darth. Actually I’ve had a LG combo for 4 years and never had a problem!! It dries great!( I read and follow the directions.) Their service tech said the problem was farther down the drain and he was right. We had the drain unclogged and good to go. BTW I do laundry every day 1-3 loads . The LG combos are workhorses and the smart technology is like getting both frosting and whipped cream on your cake!
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4 years ago, FloridaGator1Card
It’s ok
They have a long way to go. They need to seamlessly provide instructions to just connect wifi and register the product through the app. I now have like three registrations for the exact same product because nothing is networked together within LG. They must have forgotten how to do that. If I register the product on the website, then I obviously don’t need to register it via the app. They just don’t link their own websites and applications together. Why show the cooktop when we can’t ever control that? And why provide remote control to a range in the first place? That just seems very dangerous and a potentially huge safety violation from the NFPA. You should have focused more on setting the clock automatically with the wifi internet connection above everything else. Hopefully with some smart firmware updates, it’s not too late to achieve that obvious advantage with a wifi connection. The clock should never blink when the power goes out and is restored, we have smart meters to tell us when the power goes out, I don’t need the annoying flashing clock on the range to remind me. Other than that, everything seems to be functional, but they still could certainly improve the applications performance and automation.
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2 years ago, Boondock51
Refrigerator Diagnostic Feature Is Worthless
The ThinQ app is easy to use and intuitive, however, the refrigerator diagnostic feature is laughable and worthless. I am not bashing LG; I am basing my review on actual facts as recently experienced with it. The issue: Our 3 year old, expensive double door LG refrigerator and freezer suddenly stopped cooling. The refrigerator’s display panel did not show any problems with the appliance even though it was not cooling and there was no sound coming from the compressor or the fan. After trying the troubleshooting steps as listed in the owner’s manual, I decided to try the app’s refrigerator diagnostic feature. Well, the list of components supposedly diagnosed by the app showed that the unit was “working normally”even though it wasn’t cooling or even running. I tried it a few times and got the same worthless results. My point is, the feature is nothing more than a worthless fluke that LG apparently includes in the app for whatever reason. My opinion is that I believe LG has to know that the feature doesn’t serve any purpose for diagnosing refrigerator problems. Therefore, I highly recommend that LG immediately remove the refrigerator diagnostic feature from the app.
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2 years ago, bryanmeyer
Decent App, until today
Overall, this app has some deficiencies which could be improved, and until today, I would have rated it 3 stars - specifically, it would be nice if it cached information about my appliances (such and number of loads remaining until tub clean is required, etc.) to avoid having to access the cloud (slowly) to decide if or when I need to run tub clean. Similarly, stats about my washer and dryer usage are clunky to access and the display of the information seems straight out of the 1980 or 1990s. However today, I am unable to access any information about the washer when I press on it. For the dryer, I am able to. For the washer, it shows when it is on (standby) or off, but if I press on the washer the screen goes blank and then returns back to the main screen that displays all my devices. I hope this is a temporary bug, but I am unable to check any information on my washer at the moment. No error message is displayed. And I did try killing the app to clear it just in case. Update: washer info starter working again.
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2 years ago, Dreamsyn1436
Hard to connect but when it did…
It was like having a repair man right in the palm of your hands! Our LG refrigerator recently took a beating. My family and I were evacuated for 10 days due to the Oak fire here in Mariposa. 10 days without electricity and a fire almost engulfing your home. Just imagine what that does to a refrigerator full of food! I know all my neighbors and extended neighbors (who we just haven’t met yet!) know what I’m referring to! The smell and the mess! Our refrigerator has not been the same since! Never in the 4 yrs since buying it brand new, have we had any problems with it. But now? It currently just decided to warm itself! And no, it wasn’t in defrost mode! So I finally decided to give it one last try to download the ThinQ app and try and connect. After 5 hours (no joke! We have wonderful Wi-Fi up here in the mountains 🙄)I was finally able to connect and run the Smart Diagnostics! My only complaint is having to hit the Wi-Fi button on the display screen of the fridge a gazillion times! Other than that, 5 stars across the board!
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2 years ago, Akiva96
They track and store all you personal information!
Read the new privacy policy before accepting it. It is really intrusive, they collect and share your identification, password and NETWORK ACTIVITY! I am deleting this app ASAP. So I just received a response from LG telling me how they take my privacy very seriously and would I like to update my review. Well here is my update: Clearly, LG does not take my privacy as seriously as I do since their privacy agreement that YOU MUST AGREE TO states that they can use ANY of you personal information including your name, address, email, password, network activity etc. and share it with others. Again, before agreeing to use the app make sure you read the agreement and are OK with them distributing your information as described in the agreement. I think you will be surprised at how intrusive it is. Update: Yes they are still tracking everything you do, everything you search for, every website you visit. the canned developer response is that they take your privacy seriously and they need the data to deliver a good customer experience ( or something like that). why do they need to track my search history or the sites i visit for that?! Do not install this app unless you want to lose your internet privacy completely!
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1 year ago, KatelynNett
Doesn’t work half the time
I use it for my LG smart tower (washer/dryer) and most of the time, it doesn’t work. Even if I can verify that it’s connected to our Wi-Fi (which never has connection issues with anything else), it constantly tells me it’s not connected to Wi-Fi and I can’t control it from the app. For example, today I washed towels on normal cycle instead of the towel setting because I couldn’t get the washer to connect to the app. I turned the washer on and even tried to force it to connect by pressing the remote button on the washer itself but it just beeps and doesn’t connect. So, I had no choice but to choose between the few options provided on the washer itself. As soon as I started the normal cycle, it was connected to the app and showed me how long it had left. What’s the point of that? By the time it connects, I can no longer stop the machine and choose a different cycle because it freaks the washer out and wastes water. It’s really such a shame when you spend over 1000 dollars on a product for the handiness and convenience of the app the company advertises but the app hardly works correctly.
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1 year ago, Sales Manager Freddie
Useless APP
3/23 - Now (4 Star) - Apparently the problem was my Spectrum WiFi Router. I purchased a mid priced Netgear Router and everything seems to work now. Neither LG or Spectrum Tech Services could identify what the problem was, although they were both supportive and tried their best. 03/19 - Still (1 Star) - not working. Talked to LG Tech Services. They blame it on my Spectrum WIFI Router. Talked to Spectrum who says no way since Apple AirPlay / Casting works every time. Check out all the poor ratings ThinQ gets. 😱 Gonna return this LG TV for a Samsung TV unless the LG People resolve the issue. 😀😀 Original Post: (1 Star) 😂😂ThinQ software can’t manage communications with my new LG IOS TV. The TV communicates on the 2.4Ghz band and my Apple and Windows machines all use the 5Ghz band. Tech services suggest I connect to the 2.4Ghz band when ever I want to use ThinQ. Since the newer WIFI routers automatically assign the connection channel that’s not possible. Besides that, who would want to switch between bands to use ThinQ anyway?? My 10 year old Printer and IRS drivers doesn’t have this problem. Come on LG.
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4 years ago, Alan1955
Are LG WiFi enabled products worth the hassles-No
We have now owned our LG washer/ dryer nearly a year and have struggled to overcome issues with the app and the ThinQ product. Unless your are a network technician I would suggest you move on to a more rugged and thoroughly test WiFi enabled product line. Issues like trying to get your washer and dryer to recognize your home network and stay connected plague us to this day. The app focuses more on trying to sell you consumable products like detergent etc then enabling you full control over your washer and dryer. On the latest iteration of the app they removed the ability to delete WiFi notifications of washer or dryer completed. If you think you can get help from LG customer service then think again. The overseas representatives have a worksheet process that they step through and if your issue is more complicated than they can resolve you may as well go consult your local clergy for a blessing on your machines in the hope of getting them to work. Would we buy a LG product again. O, we would not. We have scratched our plan to replace the fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave with LG and decided to select a well known competitor to upgrade our kitchen. Sorry LG, you have lost me as a customer for all my future purchases.
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4 years ago, Koolzero
Works ok with smart oven
I have this for an oven and it’s ok just not really necessary. In theory you can preheat your oven remotely but you must first have the remote knob turned on your stove before you can use it, so you have to prepare ahead of time or I guess always leave your oven set to remote start. It can notify you when the oven is preheated but if I’m on VPN I don’t get notifications and can not connect which is kind of unfortunate. It also sent me an alert saying my oven needed to be cleaned, although it’s pretty much spotless, I’m guessing it just is a time response. Has a diagnostic feature which I’m not sure what it does because it runs really quick. Needs to offer options to fine tune the oven and update settings instead of doing them at the oven. Like adjust temp, turning off convection adjustment, updating clock.... This isn’t an app issue but one with LG, LG needs to release a firmware update to let you change how quickly the time button increases time. If you hold down briefly when adding time it does it in 10 minute increments.
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2 years ago, Josh Enders
Endless ads, location tracking, bugs. Minimal features
There is really nothing redeemable about this app. Bugs in critical features, unnecessary invasive prompting for location, inescapable ads on every screen (even pointless non-native language ads). Deceptive notification defaults which opt you into marketing notifications. Broken features include: Signup: Text input bug which clears the username/password field on app switch. This wouldn’t matter if they supported the native keychain API but forget copying and pasting from a password manager; you’ll have to use their website to create your account. Product Registration: Enjoy typing all of your information, including photographing and attempting to upload your receipt only to encounter API errors and failure on the last step of submission. Notifications: I’m using this app with an LG washer/dryer. Multiple members can be added to a household and appliance status/control can be shared but notifications are not assignable by household member. This results in every member of the household receiving a notification for every single event. Eventually all members of your household will disable notifications because of the endless stream of irrelevant alerts.
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3 years ago, Mark787000
Sleep mode with no timer for window dual inverter AC
Would like to make a special request from the developers for future update I recently bought this dual inverter AC Which I think is wonderful it eliminates the need to install a mini split 100% there is a feature called sleep mode which has a timer i found it super useful for super silent operation and energy efficiency however Many people like me have had the need and i've heard They would like it to have an option for no timer at all like a permanent sleep mode option or we could call it "UltraQuiet Mode" where the ac adjust fan speed compressor, according to cooling need to the point where it runs silent 40-44 db 24/7 i like to run my ac 24/7 because it saves energy keeping the house cooled while also not being intrusive and when the timer ends i need to re adjust temp and re enable sleep mode, PLEASE add a ultra quiet option or no timer for sleep mode pleaaaaseee and thank you!!! btw i love my dual inverter❤️❤️
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4 years ago, aguitargirl
This app is awful
LG ThinQ App has to be the least thought-out app I have ever used. Half the time it’s non responsive and to move to another part of the app I have to close it out and then get back in it. The only use I have for it is to let me know when the load of wash is done and needs to be put in the dyer, and when it’s dry when to hang it up. It’s almost as if it’s an after thought brought about by 12 year olds in the their basement. The worst part about it seems like a non-complaint except it’s not: after I spent considerable time figuring out how to connect the washer and dryer to the wi-fi so that I could use the ThinQ app; I had to issue an “invitation” to my husband so that he could also receive notifications about when either the washer or dryer was finished, etc. After the latest updates, because my husband had the audacity to open the app before me, the products were moved to him and I had to get an “invitation” so that I could have it the way it was before. Only of course, it’s not. I am listed as a user in “his” house. Like its 1955, and wives don’t own anything or make any decisions; they just have to use it and be grateful husbands can provide them the use of such work-saving tools. Remote start has never worked on this app. There is no way to delete notifications like there was before. I probably won’t be buying anymore LG products because this app is crap
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5 years ago, Sass12321
Love it!
The only reason I gave it a 4 was because it had a lot of glitches to set it up, but now that we figured it out it’s awesome! My mom and I are on separate schedules, but in the past we would regularly bring our laundry in only to find it used. Then wait, wonder if it was done, go in, see it wasn’t, then go back. Then see it was free, but the other person wasn’t completely finished, etc., etc. Which I mean, that wasn’t awful. I have a lot of friends in other countries that do their whole family’s laundry every day by hand. Now with us being on the same account though, it has been soooo much smoother. As of right now, I checked to see if her laundry was still going and I seen that both things have been off for about an hour. So now I know they’re free. Much, much simpler! And I’ll get my notification in town that she is using the washer and I know that she should be done with it by the time I get home. Awesome invention. Thanks so much and now I’m going to go wash a comforter. ☺️
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4 years ago, MH Philadelphia
App WAS good. Update is not intuitive or functional
We bought a WiFi enabled LG range in March 2020 and I installed the app on my phone. Worked great, intuitive, no problem (and I love the stove itself.) It’s nice to get a notification, if you’re in another part of the house or outside, that the oven is preheated or the timer is done. Now in late October 2020 I’m forced to download the app update. Now I’m trying to clear the notification history, because at least with the previous app version, the range stops sending notifications at some point unless you clear notifications. With the previous app, the procedure for clearing notifications was intuitive. But with the new version, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Sure, I can create “rooms” for my many LG appliances (just kidding, I only have one). Never mind that a simple list of appliances would serve the same purpose. But a basic task like clearing notification history? Nope!
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1 year ago, ac user 0675
Constantly need to restart app to use
Imagine designing an app that works the first time you open it. You use it to remotely turn on your appliance, which for me is an AC. It works smoothly. You close the app on iPhone and it’s a background app. Later on, you want to turn the AC off. You go to the app icon, tap on it and it opens up. What you see is this animation right in the center of the screen that cycles through various icons such as an appliance symbol, a wifi symbol, and other symbols that are not rememberable as I write this review. You cannot use the app while this animation goes on. It’s meant to be a cute little sign that it’s loading. You wait, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 2 mins… surely the “loading” will finish. Nope, it’s stuck in an infinite loop. Did your programmers forget to put in a break or forget how to use loops. So you have to force the app to close completely and then reopen it to use it. It has come to the point where when I need to use the app I open it, use it to turn on my appliance, force close it so when I open it when I need it I can use it in 5 seconds like a remote is meant to be used. LG, if you need a real programmer let me know.
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1 year ago, tomagain748
Never connects
After many many tries to connect to the washer and dryer it always fails. It makes it far enough to enter the password and get it on the right network and connect to the router, at which point it always fails. We are in a rural location with high-latency satellite internet. It’s possible it’s a latency issue, but we have multiple smart switches, smart outlets, a weather station and other IoT devices that connect. No amount of trying gets this app to connect with the LG machines. Jan 2023 update. Still one star. Stupidly they want you to change your password every three months as though my washing machine settings need to be more secure than my bank. Plus, numerous security experts say that frequent change requirements result in people choosing weaker passwords. Horribly old school. So I tried the Google sign in. That requires you to link the accounts. At the last step of that process, you have to hit the OK button and in about six tries that button never works. I have never encountered an app as bad as the LG Dumb Thinq app. Seriously LG, why even bother? I wish you would just build basic functions into your machines like time delay start.
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2 years ago, BitBytr
Typical LG Software
Pretty much useless right from the beginning. I get notifications when timers expire on my cooker(s) - great! But I have ears and who in their right mind can abide the atrocious bleeping from the oven (or any of the “musical” chimes from LG equipment) itself that you need a buzz on your Apple Watch too! Emails sent to let you know there are reports on the diabolical state of my oven and that it’s in desperate need of cleaning (it’s not: I have eyes) contain links that don’t work on a desktop browser: open them on a hand held and it just opens the App Store. I ALREADY HAVE the damnable app installed! The fridge? Those reports are marginally of more use than those from the oven(s) and there’s nothing (thank heavens) for the almost $2000 cooktop I bought. Nor the dishwasher. Phew. The functions in this app are disorganised and way too much of a muchness without providing any real useful information. The UI/UX is as bad or worse than the “logic” on the control panels (for the dishwasher, fridge, cooktop, microwave, and oven, all LG) that I own. Whilst the equipment is robust, does a good job, and looks good, the software aspect is atrocious. “Don’t bother” and save 350MB on your handheld device is my advice.
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3 years ago, Boston-stay strong
Loads between screens slowly. Says products are connected that aren’t. Difficult to understand at parts which is worsened by the fact it hardly works. Leaving you to figure out which piece of the broken app is not working correctly. It sends me notifications for my dryer and told me when my dryer is done drying and it’s current status and “dry type” although whenever i click on the icon for my dryer it says “product not connected to WiFi network connect product and try again” and it automatically backs me out of the screen, although it’s still remotely telling me information only possible through WiFi. It shows WiFi as connected on device. I’ve deleted and retried. The first time i attempted to connect app and dryer it got stuck in network connection period for 10-15 minutes, I restarted the app and it went mote smoothly although I still am unable to remotely control my dryer. I downloaded this app because my dryer does not fully dry blankets anyways, and constantly stops early because of an inaccurate sensor reading And I’m tired of getting up and restarting it jus to prevent having a damp blanket. My dryer is only a little over a year old.
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1 year ago, Chubbie5
With LG app
I think it’s irelevant the app I have not downloaded the app for my washer and dryer o my fridge o my tv I have thin q app but just to register my appliance and someone have access to my account and and they will turn on my tv o my washer with fill the water I complain with LG and send messages and get any response and once I again I complain bc my dryer I did manual everything and the setting was change and it’s annoying that the developers don’t realize that everything it’s smart but at one point can be control from outside when you don’t have the app to set up and you do everything manual and I do love my LG but I’m complain because I want the attention from the company o the developers to fixed the issue not for me but for everyone maybe the have the same problem, I do love the LG product but I’m annoyed with issues I hope you guys listen the customer and maybe do something thank you.
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4 weeks ago, Matt-again
Great Icons, but still a little clunky.
The latest updates are fine. Watching the washer and dryer spinning while they are on is nice. But, as I said a while ago, how many times does one have to hit a delete button to delete a notification? Many iOS apps allow either a slide to bring up a delete option or, after selecting the items to delete, a single click on a delete button. Or, give the option in settings for a confirm of delete. Hey, it’s a notification about a wash cycle ending, not an issue about jettisoning a parachute! Thanks for all the work you are putting into it. But, as I said a while ago, how many times does one have to hit a delete button to delete a notification? Many iOS apps allow either a slide to bring up a delete option or, after selecting the items to delete, a single click on a delete button. Or, give the option in settings for a confirm of delete. Hey, it’s a notification about a wash cycle ending, not an issue about jettisoning a parachute!
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1 year ago, eddiehou77
Never Again!!!
I will never purchase an LG product again and if you’re smart, you’ll never purchase one to begin with! The company refused to service my brand new LG washing machine that gets stuck continually draining on the last 2-5 minutes of any given cycle. The machine has to be manually paused and unpaused to complete the cycle. My video of the recurring incident was also not accepted and I was very rudely hung up on by their one of their incompetent customer “support” reps. Now I’m stuck offloading these machines that are only just months old. There needs to be much tighter regulations on all of these con artist companies passing off subpar products at excessive prices that do now stand behind there garbage products. As for this app’s Smart Diagnosis feature, it’s nothing more than a tool for LG to back out of plainly visible problems with their products that are not detected by the ThinQ Smart Diagnosis tech. And “Developer Response” don’t even waste your time with a generic and useless response to me. Your sole purpose for any response is for damage control of the LG brand so other readers will think you actually care about your customers.
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1 year ago, Reviewer of bad game
Appliances are wonderful, app needs some fundamental changes
The appliances are awesome. When my fridge dies, I’ll definitely get an LG. However, as a software engineer, I must say that LGs app should focus on real world customer needs not cutesy things. This app could be so much more with a little customer analysis. Examples: 1) why does the microwave light turn OFF when I light the stove? It was on for a reason, there’s no justification for turning it off just so I have yo turn it back on again 2) we are connected to the internet. Why can’t you set my clock for me? 3) starting the fan when I light the gas stove? Nailed it. Good job. 4) not remembering that I DO NOT want that annoying video-game style jingle to play when the microwave ends and keep that setting after the power goes out? Bad 5) not allowing me to specify silent mode during appliance setup but making me dig through tons of settings to find it? Also bad 6) not allowing a access to spinet mode through the front panel? Even worse. I have to use the app for that? Why? 7) how about notifying me when the microwave is done after a long defrost cycle - I could be down doing laundry and would like a nudge. Do, in short, prioritize and build your backlog of features for your app based on how your customers will want to use it. This requires personas and use cases and actual customer interaction and research. I don’t see that having been done here due to these basic cases being missed.
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5 months ago, mymgb
Mostly Good for LG TV
I bought lifetime subscription to this TV remote and I think it works for some things but not channel changing. Volume ok and switch to other app but no channel up/down HELP Update #1 Developer contacted me via email with a quick response requesting phone settings and is working on correcting. This could/should be a wonderful addition as I have tried 4-5 different remote controllers only to find that LQ TV's only accept 1 device from typical remotes. Therefore, this is a game changer for me. All still works except channel up/down but they are working on my issue Second update-after 3 days no response but still hopeful. This is just what I need. Can be great for my TV Another update It has been a week and no further response from LG THIN Q. The only response has been them asking for my iPhone model which I responded iPhone 13. All I need is how to access or fix my phone app to change channels. IS ANYONE LISTENING ON THIS.???
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2 years ago, MeyersMomof4
Very helpful. Recipes are noise.
Our washer and dryer, which we enjoy much, are in our basement and with four kids in the house especially it can sometimes be hard to hear the machines turn off or the chiming noise that they make when they are done. The app is helpful to keep track of what’s going on without a trip down to another level. From the notifications, I also like that I know when my husband is doing laundry and I’m away from the house. I’m not sure exactly when they got added, but I feel like the recipes that now appear in the app are just noise. I don’t need or want this app to be Pinterest. I don’t need it to waste any of my time or attention with recipes. I can potentially see why LG added for homes with more connected appliances, but even if when had connected kitchen appliances providing me with recipes isn’t what I would expect. LG please stick to what actually helps customers.
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2 years ago, Colorado44
Nobody can give assistance
I have used this app for a couple of years. It was painful to set up initially, and glitches seem to be common. It only provides partial control for mini splits, but it was better than nothing. I could use the app remotely, which I appreciated. Today, I started the app to control my mini splits remotely, and nothing was there. There must’ve been an update that broke access to my account. I have no login information, and never remember logging in to begin with. But it’s been two years. I decided to start all over and set up a new home LG account using the app. When I go to register a device it says it already exists on my original Home account and a request is sent to allow me to approve access all of the devices under the new account. I have no idea where that request is sent, but I never get it and can therefore not access anything anymore. After four hours being transferred around through LG’s appliance centers, I still have no way to remedy this. There is no LG thinQ technical support! There is no link to assistance through the App Store either. What a PITA!
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3 years ago, MTKCLAN
Nice feature with one problem
It is nice to have other load options to download to the washer for more of exactly what the type of wash is. It also cool to be able to go do anything around the house or the lawn work outside and have a notification sent to my cell phone that the load is finished. I don’t have to keep an eye on the time or be around to be able to hear the tone of the washer being finished. This all is the same for the dryer as well. The only thing I can’t figure out is why I can’t do a remote start of the units. It really isn’t an issue since it takes a person to load the clothes and put the needed detergent in so I’m right there to turn the unit on. But why even show at the bottom of the app “Remote start off”? If I can’t even turn that feature on no reason for this. With two weeks of use now though I’m very happy with my purchase of the LG ThinQ washer and dryer!!!
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2 years ago, CarlRz
GPS Location Tracking Forced
As is obvious with the recurring reviews mentioning the same thing, this app is forcing you to show your gps location or it will not let you use it. The developer response claims they need GPS for wifi connections. That is FALSE. I have plenty of other wifi connected devices that did not require my GPS location to connect via WiFi. I am extremely disappointed in LG for taking this approach to poach information from their customer base. Never force people into anything or you will have the opposite effect. Please don’t waste your time giving me a generic “required to provide a streamlined customer experience”, that is so bogus it only hurts your image further. Response to Developer Response: look, you obviously are not the developer and are going off a generic script for your responses. Tell the management and real developers we don’t want to be force tracked, doesn’t matter how seriously you take my privacy, it’s my privacy. Don’t hold the app functions hostage, and by extension the functions of the appliances I fully paid for. How shameless on LG’s part.
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5 months ago, Iceangel587
Tv and app doesnt link
Tv and app doesnt communicate was on the phone over and hour and the tech didnt know what she was doing. I seemed to have more ideas to resolve the issue than she. Most of the time was just waiting for her to type something and get a response. And still nothing i dont know what to do at this point. Im out of ideas being that she had almost none. The old lg app and tv was great. I finally got the app to connect after multiple attempts from December. But now the app turns on, and the remote doesn’t work. Everything is greyed out. And I’m really reluctant to call and guess somebody who is simply just gonna Google all the answers and not know how to fix the problem that is very hard to understand I come from an immigrant family and I believe in giving people opportunities but I’m afraid that they’re just trying to find the cheapest labor at the cost of these people having a difficult job and me wasting my time, not being able to resolve an issue that they’re not addressing the staff is not sufficiently trained because they don’t pay them.
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5 years ago, givemeglenn
One issue with Setup on our Fridge
I had one small issue with setup on our new Fridge; when our downloaded the app and followed the instructions, everything was going great at first. I was able to connect to the Fridge’s WiFi link, and when it asked for it’s password, I entered to one the app told me to enter, and the Fridge kept rejecting it, saying it was the incorrect password for my Fridge. I tried numerous times with this password after resetting my phone, the app, and my network, and each time, I kept getting the same error, so I contacted these the manufacturer and was told the password for my Fridge was totally different than the one the app was saying, so I started the setup again, with the new password this time, and it was accepted first try. I was then asked to connect the Fridge to my Home Network, which was no issue, and then the Fridge went through all of it’s updates and other connections, and I was good-to-go.
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11 months ago, AGEON
The only positive thing I can say about this app is that it at least tells you when someone has left the door ajar. And I GUESS you can find benefit in knowing when an IcePlus session is completed??? Not really sure to what extent it’s beneficial to get that drop down notification on your phone, but maybe someone would. Other than that, the ONE thing that REALLY could be useful, is nonexistent. It’s a refrigerator, right? SSsooo… Wouldn’t it be nice to actually SEE what the actual temp inside the refrigerator is??? Oh, it will tell you what the fridge temp is set to alright, but not the ACTUAL temperature. You’re likely storing meats or other items that can spoil at a given temperature right? Well, just because you set a fridge to 37 degrees, for example, doesn’t mean it’s actually 37 degrees in there. Especially when you have kids or lots of company and they’re opening doors constantly. Since this fridge is on our patio, I’d be nice to show BOTH temps (e.g. what temp it’s set to, PLUS THE ACTUAL INTERNAL TEMPERATURE). That’s not genius, just common sense!
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1 year ago, Matt Kurk
Freezes A Lot, But Useful
For context, I use this app with our washer and dryer only. Took a couple of tries to get my washer to pair with the app, but once it did it’s been generally helpful. The end of cycle alerts are probably the most useful thing out of the gate. Haven’t tried the downloadable cycles, but might experiment. It does seem to freeze a lot (-1 star for instability), some features could use an in-app explanation (“Smart Pairing?” No clue what that did and had to look it up online myself (and it’s a cool feature I’d likely have overlooked—syncing the dryer with the washer allows the dryer to automatically select a cycle based upon the options you selected while washing) and I don’t know why there are random recipes on the home screen but otherwise adds to the utility and convenience of the appliances with which it interacts.
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9 months ago, Bankustomer
Almost works, but far from being complete
Nice try. Some of the features are actually good - being able to track mouse on your phone as if you’re doing it on a touch pad. However, there are lots of controls you don’t see — e.g. controlling the sound output. You can redirect the output to your smart phone. This is very nice if it works well. Alas. The audio is choppy - maybe a problem with my Bluetooth or network connection. But how come then my other Bluetooth audio works well? Also, once you use this mode and turn it off, the audio output goes back to TV. The previous mode it was set at was to use optical output. So, when I turn off the private audio mode, I don’t get any sound on my optically connected audio device. And the app doesn’t offer switching among audio devices. I have to reach out to the remote controller and navigate through the settings menu. If I have to use the remote, what’s the point of using the app?
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3 years ago, Jlrodjr
It works but very limited functionality
Nice to use the app to power on and off my LG air conditioner remotely and adjust the temperature and schedule an on and off time. Would be nice to be able to schedule it to cool to different temperatures on multiple scheduled time periods throughout the day and different ones also on different days to schedule it to cool down during different expected weather temperatures on it's own automatically. Also would be nice if their was a widget for iphones to be able to easily and quickly turn it off and on from a widget instead of having to open the app, clicking on the device, then waiting for it to load everytime. Also would be nice to be able to have the option to get notifications when device is turned off or on manually by other house member when not home for whatever reason you don't want the device being turned on when you are not home.
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3 years ago, so I J f try on t
The App isn’t Great but the Functionality is!
Our washer and dryer are in our basement and when we have time to do laundry we usually do a lot of loads consecutively, so knowing where everything is each cycle is awesome for us. The app is not very intuitive. The revenue generating tactics are avoidable but often hidden (if you select “accept all” on the terms and conditions, you are literally asking them to send your contact info to robocallers and giving those callers permission to override any previous do not call requests. Just accept options one and two and skip the third. Very, very sneaky!) I would not have been able to give this five stars except that I fought these deceptions and was able to opt out. I am sorry LG is loosing out on revenue at my expense, but I am happy to own their appliances, which are fantastic!
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2 years ago, Jeff DeWitte
This app is absolute crap. Will not connect to the weak Wi-Fi network from my washer. Has nothing to do with my iPhone. Everything is up-to-date and the phone itself is new. Once again a company that should stick to making appliances and not apps. Sadly this was a feature I was hoping to use but this feature is only to attract you to purchase the item but not actually work. Very dishonest by LG. Good luck with the app as well. Whoever designed it is getting paid way too much because it's difficult to navigate and it's difficult to troubleshoot. The feature on the face of the washer looks impressive. But believe me I'm standing here in front of it trying to connect to a brand new iPhone with a very strong fiber-wire signal coming into my house and yes I'm using the 2.4 G not the 5G because the 2.4 extends farther. However, the washing machine is less than 20 feet from my Wi-Fi router. I've got a computer and a television about 15 feet farther away that work perfectly fine.
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1 year ago, Blasterman52TX
UPDATE Crashes on opening after latest update
Developer contacted me and asked that I delete and reinstall the app. That worked! I have changed my review to 5 stars because the app is outstanding for managing our LG refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and drier. I have been using this app for several years and really liking it. A few weeks ago, we bought a new LG refrigerator/freezer and added it to this app. It worked great! Now I could monitor both our fridge and dishwasher via Wi-Fi, and even make changes to some settings for them through the app. I just updated this app this morning, and as soon as I tried to open it, it crashes. I rebooted my iPhone 12 ProMax to see if that would fix it, but to no avail. I’m lease LG, fix this latest version. I really use this app and it is unusable now. 😞
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3 weeks ago, Abcded
Not very smart
I had an issue with my icemaker, and the app kept saying no issues! It is happening again, leaking, stopping to make ice and yup, no issues. I also have remote start on for my washer dryer, but it keeps saying it’s not enabled from the app, but the power is on at the unit stating it is on the nob! Waste of energy for energy efficient appliances. Also, it is nice it tells you to replace filters, but what would be really really helpful would be to tell you the model of the filter so you don’t have to go 10 other places looking for the stupid numbers. App isn’t very user friendly. Update: I need my freezer serviced again but i cannot use the concierge. When it asks me what my problem is and I type the issue in the box there is no way to save my information. It is absolutely useless. As with most people I work during the hours that their service is open and they aren’t open on the weekends. I can not believe how pointless this app is for this. Life is NOT GOOD
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1 year ago, bottem
LG: Stop advertising in notifications
The app is fine. (Don’t really need any notifications from refrigerator) But for the last few days, app has been harassing me to launch the app to win a 77” tv. This is awful and cheapens your product and brand. If I got that message in an email, I would declare it spam. Only send notifications that I ask for. Door left open or filters need to be changed. Asking me to launch the app to maybe win a tv is NEVER what I am asking for and will only encourage me to turn off notifications. Stop doing that, fire whoever suggested that,and apologize to your customers to maybe earn back some trust Update: LG pointed out that notifications can be customized to remove marketing notifications. Don’t recall being asked during initial setup. Would assume most people don’t know it’s there and are receiving these messages. Still likely a bad experience for most.
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