LG TV Screen Mirroring Cast

Photo & Video
4.2 (4.3K)
159.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
AirBeamTV BV
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for LG TV Screen Mirroring Cast

4.24 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Bobcat0423
Couldn’t find LG devices after download.
Once I downloaded the app and followed all the instructions the app wouldn’t find my LG tv device in the list. I contacted the help team and they were able to walk me through many different things to try and fix the problem via email. The problem was fixed and the app works as stated for streaming from iPhone or iPad to the tv.
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4 years ago, nlampis
Wow! Amazing Service!
Downloaded this app tonight in preparation for in home schooling for my twins Monday. I wanted to be able to display some of the celebrities reading books and other educational sites for us to learn together on Monday. I couldn’t get the tv hooked up and emailed diagnostic support and the response was fast and effective. They responded immediately- asked a few questions- sent me back guidance on what to do and it worked and we are connected and ready for Monday. Thank you so much!! Really really really great service on a late Saturday night. Thank you again!!
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2 years ago, GoGadgetGo
Works great as long as lag isn’t an issue
Work perfectly over WiFi with my LG UJ6300 TV for showing movies or slideshows on the tv. The main limitation is there is about a 3 second lag between what’s shown on your phone and the TV. So playing games or doing work presentations with it wouldn’t work. However when watching videos the audio and video on the TV are synced up fine, so it works great for showing vids and photos from my camera roll.
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4 years ago, cymrych03
AgentDukes comment
Man, you worded this exactly how I would put it. I have 400 mps comming in on Ethernet and still have 8 to 10 second delay. Mirroring to pc with the right program I don't even get more than a second delay. I wont mention program but there shouldn't be much difference between mirroring to one or the other. 8 to 10 second delay? Sorry guys but a little disappointed. It does work PERFECTLY, just the delay.
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4 years ago, Tigerwoman415
I love this app
The Facebook messaging is excellent. The person who worked with me responded right away and he/she took me through multiple steps to solve the problem. The best news is the representative worked with me until the problem was solved. I love this app. It works great on my TV and recently I had to download the LG airbeam and that too works great! Definitely worth it for streaming online exercise classes. So happy this app exists during these trying times.
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4 years ago, AgentDuke
Works, but lag is very prevalent
This app does work...but as most reviews have stated, the lag is so prevalent that many uses of this simply are not feasible. On every complaint review, it seems the developers asked the reviewer for info to try and “solve the bug” or whatever. You can read those yourself. Those reviews are correct - the lag is bad ; some things reduce it, but never enough that it’s not an issue. So hopefully the devs don’t reply to this asking for more of the same ... I’ve tested this with perfect conditions to remove that lag - literally using wired connections on the TV *and* the IOS device(s), it can reduce that lag (minimum possible was maybe 3s) - but that’s still bad enough this isn’t good enough for many functions. So depending on what you need this for, it may be fine - but for live presentations, don’t even consider it. Use *only* an hdmi out cable for the iPad or iPhone if you’re presenting and can’t bear several seconds of lag.
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4 years ago, MommyScholar
Very Useful and Cool App!
I used the app to watch my tv shows that are not available via app on my television. Yes there is a lag as another reviewer stated but I simply turn the volume all the way down on my phone/ iPad and watch straight from the TV! Simple fix for the video lag! I can’t imagine why you would need to look at your phone when switching to watch on the tv anyway, which is what I use it for on my LG large screen. Thanks guys!
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3 years ago, rarike
Very reliable app, however
There is a very short sound delay (between a video and its audio), so that a speaker’s visual mouth movements don’t exactly coincide with the audio of the words spoken. But it’s a pretty minor issue, because the audio delay is only a microsecond—much less than a second long. I don’t know if that is an issue with this app in particular, or if the problem is inherent in mirroring in general.
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4 years ago, BZDJ124
I don’t have problems with connectivity but I have constant problems with buffering and lag. For example when I mirror some tv program from my iptv iOS app to my LGOLED55C8PLA I have problems with buffering and lag. On the other side when I do exactly the same thing with Your app for Sony TV ( I have Sony TV in other room ) I don’t have any problem and there are no buffering or lag. Everything is functioning perfectly so You can’t tell my that I have problems with my internet connection or something. Problem is in Your app for LG tv so please give us some update.
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5 years ago, GayPedalPaPa
Buffers all the time.
I use the app to stream from Peloton App on my iPad to my LG-TV. I also get the weird crop, which I assume is just a data issue from the iPad to the TV, not an issue with the purpose I have. my HUGE issue is even on pre-loaded content I get buffering and lag. There is significant lag between the iPad and the TV, again don’t really care. The buffering is a huge issue, hard to get a consistent work out looking at a rolling series of balls on the screen. I have not found the work around yet. I could just go back to HDMI cord and my laptop, just wanted a more convenient solution.
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3 years ago, Ramx Max
Works very well
I bought the whole bundle and i tried most of them many times even I bought the MacOS apps all of them are the best and most working mirror apps i had been used, there is a lag between then iPhone screen and TV but the streaming is continuous so it is very good to watch videos or photos, recommend apps.
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3 years ago, Fadukes
Product works well. Customer support is excellent.
I had some initial issues with installing the product to work on two TVs in my home. Customer support was extremely prompt and extremely helpful. They resolved my problems the same day that I sent in a request. The only downside to using this for all my needs is the small delay that occurs with a real time applications.
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2 weeks ago, oh.dayana
Apple Music does not work!
This is very good app and everything like YouTube,Spotify, TikTok, seems to work but once i got into Apple I wasn’t able to hear any music. I thought buying the subscription would fix this problem but it didn’t lol. Not sure why I wasn’t able to hear my Apple Music
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3 years ago, Don't recommend it!
Scam app
Don’t waste your time, and don’t believe their nonsense replies to the critical reviews. Apps like these are a dime a dozen, don’t fall for the sound/resolution upgrades thinking that that will somehow be the fix. Have seen several apps like this— total ripoff. There is some very basic level of functionality that must allow apps like this to pass the App Store vetting/review process. If you’re thinking you’ll be able to watch movies (delay or otherwise) from your phone streamed to your TV, think again.
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5 years ago, pados_music
Rocky Start, Great Finish
The app didn’t work for me at all when I first installed it. But I used the program’s built-in support contact feature to describe my problem, and someone was back to me within two hours. Their instructions for fixing the issue were spot on. Now the app works beautifully — I love it!
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4 years ago, MEKey1104
IPhone Connects to LG TV
It took COUNTLESS apps to find one that worked for my TV.... I was skeptical because I didn’t want to pay the $5 and it be another one that doesn’t work. Well, I found the app! Works great! We have terrible WiFi, and it is actually clear, and shows any screen from the phone. Love it!
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4 years ago, LG163
Something is wrong
I used this app to stream/mirror movies from movie apps and now it tells me that certain apps don’t allow the mirroring. Is basically usless because that’s what it’s for. Can anyone fix this because the app worked flawless before other apps blocked it. Thanks
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3 years ago, Jourstin
App works 👍🏽
The app works as advertised. It mirrors my iPhone 6s on my parent’s LGTV. There’s a couple of seconds lag but I’m ok w/that and I feel that’s to be expected from other mirroring apps. Downside is when I silenced my phone (because my alerts were sounding off on the tv), it also silenced everything on the tv as well. But I guess that is true mirroring.
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4 years ago, Hevans7003
Don’t waste $
Extremely slow. Didn’t work. Waste of money. Not sure if I’m entitled to some form of refund? Probably not but it does not work i played a few different movies and videos (No need to buffer they were already downloaded) on my iPhone and it was just a still screen with play button fast forward and back but wasn’t playing when connected to tv. Once app was closed and completely deleted the same videos were playing fine on my phone no issue.
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1 year ago, RanchoBear
Great customer service
I had a couple of issues getting the app installed and operational. I submitted a request to customer service and they responded send within a very few minutes and helped me with my issue in very short order. Great job! The app is working great now.
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3 years ago, Duhitsash27
So slow
I’ve been using this app for about a week and it just doesnt seem to get any better. It is almost impossible to stream any kind of video content. The delay is not the issue. The issue lies in that once it get about 15 seconds behind it will skip ahead to catch up. In doing so you lose the content in between. Super annoying and I would not have paid for the app knowing this. Would not recommend.
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2 years ago, Known_as_Daniel
It’s good but the delay
I downloaded this and I was like FINALLY! It’s good but the downside is the big delay it has. I was streaming my oculus quest footage from my iPad to the tv and it worked but the delay made it confusing. Overall, it’s good app and I recommend it
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3 months ago, Bill Conover
Outstanding App
I downloaded and tried it for the full trial. I couldn’t stop using it. Displays my videos from my iPhone to LG TV in full screen clean crisp, vivid, and colorful. Does what it says and more so, I decided to purchase “Pay Once & All LG Features”.Thank you!
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1 year ago, Matmar96
Complete garbage! if you enjoy lag and not being able to play any videos through any of the options provided this is perfect for you. After paying for the premium version I tried mirroring a video and only the sound plays while the screen remains frozen. If I try to play it through the web video option no video loads. Even their own built in fireplace video won’t stream, what a joke of a service.
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5 years ago, Team Ponte
Set It Up Right & It Works
As long as both your phone and the tv are communicating on the same wifi network, it works great. Don’t let your tv access your wired network. Unplug the Ethernet cord if you have to until after you’re done using this app.
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4 years ago, Elizallen
This is absolutely the easiest app to use. It works quickly and efficiently. I could even send my iPad page to another TV in our home. That is amazing! This is great for video conferencing. Clearly transmits the conference from my iPad to the TV to be share by a small group.
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4 years ago, Tony8488
Buyer Beware
If I could give it .5 a star I would. The idea is great, however the execution is poor and does not live up to the simplistic promise of the developer. Lag and buffering are a staple of this app. I have never experienced lag with any other device in my home except using this app. Their support team will go right to your network speeds as their go to answer without asking any other questions. Bad customer service. Hopefully I can get my money back as will you.
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3 years ago, Bear3039
Won’t play all of the movies
This app seems great however for some reason it will only mirror sound on particular shows and movies. It will show all of the trailers but once you star a show only audio is available. I purchased the full year with a 3 day trial and after the first I am already trying to see if I can cancel before I will be billed.
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4 years ago, Great Photo editing app
So far so good
I have used this app to show power point presentations, mirror my screen for photos and other apps. It’s worked pretty well without difficulty. I would definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, LCBMHB
Mirroring app
I have too many issues with skipping & jumping of My Jazzercise class. I have deleted & reinstalled I don’t think I have to do that everyday. Something Isn’t right. Also you can’t talk to anyone. The other problem is when you are using it live, you can’t stop & reinstall or talk to anyone about the issue 😡
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5 years ago, JoeHerrera23
Not Good
I’m one to not write a review however if I find something absurd I will make a comment. Every time I would connect to this app so I can mirror my tv I would immediately get an error when I would connect to safari. I think the most upsetting part is that not only this app doesn’t work it cost me $5 bucks. Any who stay away from the app. It doesn’t work as advertised. Most likely will summit a complaint with apple regarding this app.
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4 months ago, ducks 69
Mirroring iPhone to my LG tv
…I’m mirroring now…using headset for the iPhone so it is less disconcerting dealing with the delay: In my ear through headset and then hearing through the tv…works well with the way my brain processes the 5 second delay!!!
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3 years ago, Egljhh
Not on my tv
This app does not work in full screen on my 55 inch. Only get about three quarters of screen. Do not recommend for large screen tv’s.
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3 years ago, Ratin9999
Not sure why ratings are so poor??
App is easy to use..they don’t ask you to “sign up”..easy to use...and cheaper than renting one movie!! I did both apps..one for the LG and one for Samsung...happy with both!!
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4 years ago, Walkj89
Best app
I am a Peloton user and needed to cast my strength and floor workouts to another room this app made it easier to cast the workouts and also show slideshows from my phone Now other family members can watch without eyestrain!
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2 years ago, Liftnd
Glad I read the reviews
Downloaded and tried the “free” trial which give you a picture but no sound. Then immediately hit you up for the “Upgraded Version “ which turns on the sound. They are going to nickel and dime. They are not worried about a quality app just looking to squeeze every penny they can out of you. Read the reviews and trust your guy on this one
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5 years ago, thomakob000
Not good at all. The app claims to allow you to stream movies to your LG TV, but every time I’ve tried to connect my iPad with the Apple TV app to watch a movie, either the video will stream with no sound, or it won’t even load the video at all. Not to mention the weird crop it puts on the TV... It may work with a few things (with a time delay), but the app’s use is so limited it can just be considered useless. Don’t waste your time with it.
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4 years ago, Dub #8
Outstanding Support
I had a question about setup while mirroring my iphone to my LG tv. eMailed support and got a response within minutes. RK provided an accurate and thorough response. Everything works great.
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4 years ago, Roo Hound
Does What It Says, But Keep Expectations Low
Turns out almost everything I want to mirror is DRM protected so this app is practically useless since it can’t support those streams. For everything else it’s only ok. The lag many describe is serious but unless you need to watch both your transmitting device and the mirror screen at the same time I don’t see how it’s a problem.
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2 years ago, sbdbgd
The app is okay, I paid 15 bucks just 2 weeks ago for us screening.. I messed my phone up and just got a new one and re downloaded the app. Now its not letting me sign in to my account. I don’t want to pay another 15 bucks… how do I resolve this
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3 years ago, tech team support
Tech Team
The tech team was very helpful in getting the connection to the app from smart tv. If you have a question ask the tech supply team.
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4 years ago, User/24
Great Customer Service - Worked on my LG Smart TV
I had a good experience with receiving help from the customer service through the app. It was a bit confusing to set up, but I was guided and understood what settings I needed to change on my TV.
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2 years ago, kennygg1952
Nice app
I now subscribe to the free app which doesn’t have sound. But the full subscription isn’t bad- 6 USD a month. I wish lg had its own built in mirroring app.
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4 years ago, Xidek47
It works
The app works, is it perfect no. There is a extremely noticeable delay when trying to stream movies or anything else. But the functionality is there.
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3 years ago, CyndyKated
Just got this app
I did use the support team...they were very quick in responding..we solved the issue and works good now!
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4 years ago, SlushyThushy
Great for the most part
This app is phenomenal! The only problem and it’s a problem that costs 1 star of the rating is the lag. It is still significant but not as bad as it was. Hopefully it can be fixed soon!
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4 years ago, olyabarabolya
Do not waste money
I got this app and it’s useless it’s glitches a lot,picture is braking and you missing conversation words on the movie what I try to mirror it !!! I try to get money back but I guess it’s impossible!!!I go true many emails with tech support and this is endless,do this ,do that and do something else,I just won’t my money back and forget about this app for forever !!!
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4 years ago, Jbjosie2
Received fast courteous response for the online team. Problem was easy to resolve and the instructions worked perfectly.
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3 years ago, sbhmaine
Lags so bad my 4K uhd LG tv freezes.
Can’t load the majority of anything I try to mirror from my iPhone 12. The app is junk. Don’t buy it. The smallest time frame of lag I had gotten was about 45 seconds from the swipe of my phone to the connection of my tv. I’m 10ft from my wireless modem and 5 feet from my tv. It’s not a wifi issue, but a total app failure issue. Don’t waste your money like I did.
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5 years ago, jackolanternbuns
A slight delay
There is a slight delay, maybe a couple seconds, between phone and television. But this is a wonderful option if you don’t happen to have an Apple TV.
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