LGE Mobile

4.8 (25.5K)
81.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
LGE Community Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for LGE Mobile

4.85 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Cehapollop
LGE’s mobile app has been a lifesaver
I’ve been with LGE since I was 16 years old and have so many bills that auto draft. When I moved to Chicago I was able to keep LGE because of their app. I can deposit funds, use Venmo and even transfer to my new bank app in the LGE map. I know my money is secure and I prefer using my hometown credit Union that my parents still use. If anything were to happen, my mom is still in Georgia and is an authorized user. love that I have been with Lockheed since I was 16 years old and now with their app I can keep my accounts open even though I’ve moved. It’s great! since I was 16 years old and had my first job. My parents have it and always have been able to transfer money to my accounts if anything happened. Now, 14 years later, I am able to keep my hometown credit union even though I live a few states away because of this amazing app! I can transfer money between accounts very easily, get direct deposit and directly deposit a check from no matter where I am, and I have no need to ever walk in the door. This app has kept me connected to Lockheed and giving me no need to ever have to switch!
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5 years ago, leannlou26
My Bank
Yes I refer to it as My Bank because it’s the best bank ever and despite my friends trying to get me to switch to their banks I won’t do it. I ask them does your bank offer interest on checking account? They say no. Do you have to keep a minimum amount of money in there? They say yes. Do they charge you to bank there? They say yes. So I say “Why would I switch to your bank when my bank gives me interest, no minimum balance and they don’t charge me? I have one of the best banks in the world in my opinion and have plans to stay with them until I die that’s how much I love my bank.” The only thing big banks have that mine doesn’t is a signup bonus, oh wait they have that now too. So for the life of me I don’t know why anyone would go for a big bank when there’s this bank who does so much more for their customers. When my husband and I joined finances he saw immediately how passionately I talked about LGE and knew there was no convincing me to switch to Chase. I do like Chase’s freedom credit card better than LGE but other than that Chase has nothing I want.
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6 years ago, 6087983
I love y’all but I transfer money back and forth all the time and don’t know how to keep up with them. It doesn’t tell u at your 5th transfer of the month that you have used your max amount for the month. Then it lets you do a 6th transfer and I get charged every time for that 6th transfer and then it tells me after the 6th one I have no more transfers for the month. Can y’all fix that so after your 5th transfer of the month that you can’t do anymore until the first of the month so it won’t let you make anyone transfer and get charged for it? Please fix this!
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5 years ago, Liipy
Pop up ads.
I loved this app. It served the purpose of letting me easily manage my account. I have been using it since they first launched on IPhone. The latest versions have incorporated an array of pop up offers that even when I clicked decline would not go away. I had to navigate back to the dashboard to see my accounts again. It is quite an unpleasant experience to be continually hammered by offers from the same business I am already working with in one of the main tools for managing my business with them. I suggest you add an offers link in the menu and if I need something I will know where to find it vs annoyingly blocking the content that I am trying to view. It just feels cheap.
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5 years ago, jmommaof3
Live our new bank!
We changed banks in December after being with another local bank for over 20 years. I will never forget the day we walked in and I asked to open 7 accounts. Best decision we could of made. We were also able to be approved for a Visa. I loved we were able to get our debit cards and credit card the same day. Ordering checks was a breeze as well and inexpensive. The coin counting machine in the lobby is a great perk as well. The APP is super easy to use. Moving to LGE was the best decision we made!
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6 years ago, stronguard
Solid Mobile banking app. Sensitive snap deposits
I really liked having access to my credit union accounts via my mobile device. Everything works well. I do however have trouble getting my mobile deposit check pics taken. I usually go through 5-10 snapshots of either the front or back sides of my check, before the app finally accepts the photos and makes the deposit. Make sure you deposit your checks at least 3-4 days advance prior to needing the funds. Only $500 is recognized right away. The remainder of the check is out in pending state for a few days.
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3 years ago, Prayerwoman
I think the app works great. The credit card format page seems a bit confusing to me on amounts due etc. Also, the interest rate of over 12% seems sooo high to me for a family credit union; just my humble opinion. Thanks for the app though; I really like quick access to my funds even though they may not be large right now. It’s a blessing to me overall and I’m thankful for you and for asking my opinion. 💗🙏
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2 years ago, fammamsvd
Not a big fan of the latest updated in regards to login. When utilizing login via biometric fingerprint, latest update barely gives one second to pull fingerprint on iPhone. If it does not pick it up, it freezes and locks. One has to swipe away and relaunch the app. It usually takes three times using one finger to touch and account while touching the home button with the other.
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2 years ago, nolan curlee
One of a kind
LGE always takes care of me no matter the issue. The company focuses on the issues that customers face in the PRESENT instead of the past or future and the app is well designed. Instant transfers and getting a new card is super easy. Dealing with them over the phone is not a hassle and is always a friendly experience I am very thankful and grateful to be able to work with such a great bank.
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1 year ago, my guardian buddy
Customer service
I have to commend LGE tellers. They are so courteous n helpful, I find myself wondering when are they going to be short n rude like other bank institutions.. they are never rude or short with anyone. I appreciate that we actually have such good people still helping the public. May everyone start to use them in the future so you too can be treated as if you matter. Thank you LGE n all tellers. You do a great job
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5 years ago, nicknameqastaken332456
I’ve been trying to get a simple bank statement and they are not available in the app. Only from a desktop which I have, except the website crashes when I try to download. I have to physically go to the bank and get them printed out at a cost of 5$. In a world that is always on the go, I have to drive 14 miles to the nearest branch to spend 5 dollars to get something that should be readily available for free online.
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5 years ago, B Wickstrom
Best Way to “Bank”...
...especially now that our LGE branch has moved & offers NO DRIVE-THRU any more. Why would I drive over there, park, go inside and (possibly) wait in line to use one of the TWO kiosks than now substitute for humans? Snap Deposit is awesome, as is the app’s now offering me balances & most recent transactions without logging in. Actually, using the app is MUCH more efficient (& accurate, most likely) than the humans at the former drive-thru were.
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5 years ago, $bgc
How great this banking is
Brenda Copeland and Julius Copeland have been with LGE cent 1998 and my husband Julius Copeland join under me and we love this bank we now live in Covington Georgia and there is no LGE over in that area or the Atlanta area so we drive one in a half hour to go to our bank because we love the service and the people there on East West connection branch we come some time three to four times a month. We wish that they was close to us
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7 years ago, Nancy Clayton
Member since late 1970s
I thought the previous website was easier to use, I but like some of the new things available on this one such as snap check deposits and being able to send money to other Lockheed members' accounts. It would really be nice if you made your print a little darker black so that us old people could read it a little easier. Thank you. 😃
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2 years ago, Inhale.Knives
I so recommend. It's super easy and simple :)
So I'm very young and also very new to the money world and just got my first job a little over a year ago! The LGE app works really well, keeps track of all things charged to my account and I can transfer money with just a few clicks. It's helped me ease into banking with a very simple and useful app.
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2 months ago, Deepbugging
Can no longer pay mortgage in the app
The main reason I picked LGE for my mortgage was to pay it through the app. You can no longer do that and it’s a huge hassle. Massive step back in functionality. Real disappointment. Go to this site. Fill this out. Go to another site. Fill this out. Wait for the money to get pulled from your account. Wait a few more days to get an acknowledgment that your payment was made. Simple was better. Seeing the money be moved and the account credited in real time was better. I’m debating changing credit union over this.
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7 years ago, Mjpawmi
New customer
I am a new customer to the LGE Community. The app is great. However, is like to find an ATM terminal that's a little more convenient to my location. It seems that there's a technical issue with the ATM at the branch. It's temporarily out of service too often. Other than that, the credit union is very user friendly and the customer service representatives are on top of their game.
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4 years ago, FirstSgt
All we need to do right here on our phones!!
What else can we say. We like Checking for deposits from my daughters paying back their debts. Remember, “I really need .... I’ll pay you back!” Or, “‘O, that dashboard light!! It came on about seven months ago!! It just said OIL!!! I didn’t know the engine would EXPLODE!!!” And far from lastly, “I really need a Masters to make real money... it will then be easy to pay you back.....”
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11 months ago, TicoJa
I hate
Having to stop what I’m doing to give you an opinion. I’ve already told you numerous times how I hate it. This makes it even worse. At least let us continue our transaction before we give an opinion. Now I have to re set up for my snap deposit. Hate it.
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6 years ago, 10auburn
Love LGE and sad I moved out of district. Was able to use share banking with Robins community credit union but unable to do so now the only drawback. Thank god Raquita in customer service has been wonderful with setting up my account to send and receive money from my accts. I have been with LGE since 1999. I have had wonderful service all these years!
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6 years ago, T. B. boss.
Won’t connect to internet
I would normally give five stars but my app all of the sudden stopped connecting to the internet, so I can’t access anything on my LGE account anymore unless I go to the bank itself. This has become very inconvenient and I’m having trouble finding the time to go to the bank now.
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2 years ago, Mal-796
High Quality and Valuable Banking
LGE is a member of the family, their products and services are tailored to your needs and expectations. The customer service is personal and non-institutionalized like other banks. I’ve been a member for over 18 years and nothing comes close.
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1 year ago, Neal 259
It is always so easy to deal with LGE for any issues. I may have with my credit card or my debit card they make me feel so secure when they call me as soon as they see something weird on my account. I feel protected!
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6 years ago, Matt - MB Flooring
Love this App!
Easy to use especially the snap deposit feature for checks. Saves me time running around town and I can deposit after hours and the money is available the next day! So many other great features too I can use right from my iPhone as well.
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4 years ago, hotlanta aunt
No drive through window
LGE apparently does not want it’s older customers to stay with them as when they moved the bank the drive through window was eliminated. For those of us who are uncomfortable with depositing a check via an apt and who have mobility issues, it means we must change to a bank which accommodates our need PLEASE ADD DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW To Woodstock bank.
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2 years ago, LassKnight
No Snap Deposit!!!
Snap Deposited crashes and the app closes whenever i try to deposit a check on the app now im stuck either having to pay a fee for another establishment to cash my checks or drive 2 hours to a branch
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2 years ago, Gugs1960
LGE Mansell Road, Roswell, Ga
I am overwhelmed with the friendly, efficient service from the staff at LGE every time I walk into the facility I am welcomed like family. Thank you for the extra advice on credit ratings Michael and Ms Rosa for remembering that my mother is visiting from South Africa. I look forward to bringing her in to meet y’all. Regards, Gayle
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3 years ago, Silvie241810
User friendly app
This mobile app is so simple to use. It’s never given me an issue when using it. You can view your payments, deposits, and statements all on the phone. Saves time having to get on a laptop.
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5 years ago, Still Disappointing
Constantly Unavailable
I’m not sure what the online guys are doing but it seems like this app is down more than it actually works. When it goes down it is down for several hours. If you’re going to update the app please make sure it works with the update before putting it out there instead of having this issue come up as much as it does
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2 years ago, {Belin}
Don’t like the new update on the app.
I really don’t like the new update in the app. I can’t see what date I get my paycheck anymore or any dates For pending purchases. No flow in the app anymore. I don't like having my account tabs huge on display and how I have to pick accounts under the transfer option I just don’t like it, it looks weird. If there was a way to go back to the older version I would.
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3 years ago, RylBull
LGECCU Mobile - So Easy to Use
I love that you can access your account on the go and scan checks to deposit them from anywhere. Plus the user interface is very intuitive / user-friendly.
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5 years ago, Robbie Dawg
Best app ever
I’ve never been big on mobile apps, but LGE really hit the bullseye with their new app. I absolutely love it. Do convenient and so easy to use. If I could only have a couple of apps on my phone it would definitely be one. Everyone I know that uses this app loves it.
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9 months ago, Ssam28713
I’ve been using the app for about three weeks, and I’m very disappointed that the iPhone mobile app doesn’t do/show more of my transactions. Maybe I’m missing something, but even my old online bank app would show pending transactions. This one doesn’t. Very disappointed!
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6 years ago, Faderfreak87
Am I blind?
Just got my account today. Money in the account. But in the all it’s showing noting at all. I have to call the number to check my balance which is super annoying. I’m assuming this will change in time as things get setup? As someone who is pretty tech savvy I’m feeling pretty stupid rn. It was recommended to be at the branch to get the app but no mention of this.. what am I doing wrong???
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4 years ago, Bammerram
I Love LGE Mobile
I love LGE mobile because of the awesome convenience. I can deposit checks to my account with ease and also the facial recognition keeps me from looking up my password every time I need access.
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1 year ago, Two-Times
Old version worked better
The old app worked better for notifications. Now my notifications ever get sent to my email unless I open the app and go looking inside; then all of a sudden I have a barrage of emails sent to me email for transactions that have taken place. You guys need to fix this immediately as it is useless to have notifications that don’t get sent unless you open the app.
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6 years ago, Fuquea
I recommend this app!
Absolutely love my LGE app it’s so convenient so easy all I have to do is put my pin and I can see my balance just like that and I can transfer, scan checks. It’s absolutely been 100% a game changer I hardly ever go to the bank anymore!
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5 years ago, AeroEngineerXYZ
Snap deposit no longer works
I am mostly out of town these days, but the snap deposit feature let me continue to use my LGE account. However, the feature in the latest version does not work. The app automatically logs me out before accepting the pictures of a check. I’ve updated iOS and deleted and reinstalled the app, all to no avail. If the snap deposit feature no longer works, I might as well leave LGECCU as a customer. Epic fail.
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5 years ago, Taschroth
The wait is over!
Waited years for the app and website to be updated. The old ones were painful! Worth the wait, current versions jumped ahead of the national banks and made working with LGE easy(again).
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2 years ago, Gigaroni58
This website is easy to use and I can completely understand the process. I am not a “computer savvy” person but I totally get this one! Thanks for all the help!
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3 years ago, lindagammy
Great Customer Service
The LGE customer service has always been excellent. They have completed all my banking needs. They are top notch. I have been with them for 30 years.
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3 years ago, Sarah Mancini Webber
Wonderful App!
This App is great. It is efficient and easy to use. The Face ID feature keeps me feeling safe and comfortable using this app. I love how easy it is to check my balance, deposit checks remotely, and communicate with the LGE CCU team!
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5 years ago, The Healthy Lady
The Best!!
Thank you LGE for the best banking and customer service! I have been banking with you for quite a few years now and have been satisfied from day one. Although we have moved to the North side we are still banking with you all. LGE is the ”Best!” Sincerely, C.Jean R.
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5 years ago, Brojeffstevens
App is not working properly
When you’re on the dashboard down at the bottom it’s not loading to show your balances on your bill pay or your bills
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6 years ago, hfavor
Tech “glitches”
LOVE THE APP!!! Hate when I am flipping screens and get kicked off or when I have to RE-enter my password (which I rarely remember) because it doesn’t “recognize my face” (yet that’s how I opened up my phone just seconds ago)!
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6 years ago, Genesis39
LGE locations
I have been with LGE for over 20 years. I’m disappointed that we can’t use other branches for banking transactions. I live in south Atlanta driving to Marietta is not convenient. Please find another option or solution.
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7 years ago, Haute "Not"
It's all relative....
It's much much better than before. However, LGE needs to re-consider the current policy of changing the password on the main website every 6 months....that move will make me drop LGE for good.
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5 years ago, gooots
Snap deposit doesn’t work half the time
Always having problems with snap deposit. Snap deposit doesn’t work half the time
Show more
6 years ago, Momoftwods
Easy to use
This app is easy to use once you get used to the different arrangement of the credit unions accounts. No glitches, quick response, easy to use!!
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6 months ago, Jayy App
Great app! Well developed
Never have any issues using the apps and you can do lot of different things on here so it saves a trip to the bank!
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