Liars Dice Online Multiplayer

4.6 (1.1K)
178.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Liars Dice Online Multiplayer

4.6 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
6 years ago, AkkdboalnHaomavkwl
The only option when it comes to liars dice
Honestly in terms of the App Store this is the only worthwhile liars dice app, both the challenges and multiplayer are a lot of fun. There’s some minor bugs but mostly with menu interfacing and nothing that interrupts gameplay. Highly recommended Edit: this game is one of the few games I play on my phone and it's wonderful. It has active devs who are constantly updating it and improving the overall experience. The game has only gotten better since I first started playing it. I'm also quite happy with the update that lets you get dice based off of games played rather than paying 100k+ gems.
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4 years ago, Teh hobo named jojo
Simple and straightforward.
I’ve played this game for over a year now and I think it’s a nobrainer to get if you like liars dice. That being said I paid $5 on the app for 100,000 coins and it got me no ads and some gems. I only play the beginner table which is 350 per play. It’s most like the OG liars dice and what most know from red dead redemption. Except there’s no “Call exact amount of die”. If you want that option you’ll need to play a different table with all 3 of the rules enabled or another table where you can only make 2 mistakes with, again, all 3 rules. I’m okay with only playing the beginner table because the other rules make it into bastardized version and not enjoyable. It’s a problem at the beginner table, not being able to call exact amounts because in late game you can get trapped too easily and make it too random and luck plays a bigger factor. Less absolute to outplay people. Then again, it’s a beginner table. Please make a Calza only table and make it the “Regular table” or another step above the beginner. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Kraig Mo
Great multiplayer game.
Super fun multiplayer dice games with lots of options as well as games available for just a single player. The ads are non-intrusive. And getting rid of the ads is a good deal too because it’s only a few dollars and the benefits last forever. The game is bug-free and fluid. One of the best mobile games ever made. They designed this with an eye on fun, not micropayment gouging. There is no gouging or time wasted. It’s as if you were playing Liars Dice in a bar with real dice, but even better.
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1 year ago, 0O00O00O
Great app
I love this app and the Inca inspired background: commemorative of the game’s origin. I do wish it had more variants of the game available such as: options for wild aces, how bids and faces can be raised or reset, number of seats, etc.. It’s a wonderful version of the game but there’s so many variants to play otherwise that I’d love to see included in app. Also, I’d love to be able to add friends in app but currently the friends feature only works through Facebook friends, but I don’t have social media. Some minor criticisms I have are the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars, but if you enjoy liar’s dice then this is the app for you.
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2 years ago, Lil' Alchemy
What a game!
Gonna be honest here, this game really is somethin I’m into. You have to either lie successfully or stand some one up. And sometimes if your not careful, you’ll be put into a pickle where you don’t know what to do. I’m not gonna spoil the game but if you this game in any way interesting you won’t be disappointed. And lastly this isn’t a bought review, it’s and honest one!!
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7 years ago, Stinarooney
Good until the new update
I'm pretty good at liars dice and I love playing it, until this new update. Before, if you won second place you'd get all your coins back, plus some. In the new tables you don't. You get coins for being second place but you still lose some. This makes the risk of playing greater, which I understand is part of it, it just make it seem like you're wasting coins. Also the new tables are more expensive and with more risk, I'm less likely to play them. I preferred the old tables but it's still a fun game to play and I recommend downloading it if you're looking to pass the time.
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3 years ago, GRT White William
Brain dead AI
This game is ridiculously rigged against bots because they almost never call each other a liar, and when it’s your turn, the bid is so high that you either have to bet even higher (and get called a liar and lose), or call them a liar, and about 60 percent of the time there’s somehow miraculously just enough dice on the board so that they weren’t lying and you lose. Basically you would have lost either way 60 percent of the time. Game difficulty should not be reflected by the bots teaming up against you by making stupid decisions. It should be used by making the AI more intelligent with its decisions and having a number generator for your dice that’s ACTUALLY RANDOM
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5 years ago, (((((db)))))
Forced to pay to remove ads
At least on iOS, the speed of your device determines how often it crashes or loses connection. It happens when the ads load. Provided great detail to the developers, but they quit corresponding when it became clear that the ads were the problem. After I paid to remove heads, not a single connection problem, even on a slow device. Other people still have connection and crashing issues on same or newer devices on the same network since they still get the ads. Too bad, because it’s a really nice game when it’s working.
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4 years ago, _amiroo0o_
Great game but...
This is a fantastic game, and very well designed. However, it does have serious flaws. For example, when you enter a game, you cannot exit without losing the coins you already spent, even if there’s no one in the lobby yet. Also, while in lobby and in-game, there is no settings menu to adjust volume, etc. Furthermore, I have started to experience a terrible bug, where while playing a game, my opponent places a bet, and I can see a card being removed from their hand to be placed in the middle, but the game doesn’t show it and I’m stuck there forever, without being able to do anything, so I have to exit the game and lose everything.
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5 years ago, mymando
Love this game
I think this liars dice game is very exciting and fast paced and fun because of the little emotion faces with noises. It’s great that you can play practice games without using coins. There is more excitement and need for focus I n the advanced games with all rules. The reverse is a new twist that I never played. I wish the names of the countries were written out under the flags. It’s cool,to,play with people all around the world.
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7 years ago, UnderdogTheGDM
Great Game, but at a Cost
Well-crafted app with nice graphics and game play. Tutorial is informative and mirrors actual game play. Game play is well-paced, easy to follow, and fun. Unfortunately, this "free" app requires the purchase of "coins" to continue playing, at a rate of about $2 for 20 games. While not expensive enough to break the bank, that's a much steeper cost than comparably priced apps that offer unlimited game play for the same price (or less!). As much as I enjoyed playing it, I'll be deleting it from my device due to the ongoing cost.
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4 months ago, Radamovic
Current Version Broken
I’ve been enjoying the game for a few months now with almost no issue, and I have accumulated a fair amount of gold. However, the developers of the app seem to not have renewed the ability to login via Facebook. So now I can’t get into my account. The error message says “ App not active: This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated.” I have wrote an email to customer support five days ago and haven’t received a response yet.
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5 years ago, John4321
Fun game, but very hard to accrue coins after the recent update.
Instead of being able to collect more coins every 12 hours, players can now only collect them every 2 days. This way, you build up money much slower and end up playing fewer games overall.
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5 years ago, dicydicer
Connection lost... Game lost too!
This is a good game, but it keeps throwing you out of the game and plays on your behalf while you try to reconnect. When you come back, you see that at least one round is lost. If it’s toward the end of the game, you lose the whole game. Pretty annoying. I think that’s because of the ads, and you need to upgrade to get rid of them. That seems quite indecent as the developers shouldn’t manipulate the customer toward buying the premium version if this is a free game - the base playground should be fair for everyone.
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4 years ago, rpaceman
Best game ever
This is the best game ever but it’s so glitchy sometimes I just get too frustrated to play. I got kicked out of a game yesterday 11 times. Your commercial breaks take longer than the break. Last week I had five dice I’m a board against a single opponent with one. I lost because the game wouldn’t allow me back in after it kicked me out. Fix that and you’ll get five star reviews all day. Then I would pay to play.
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2 years ago, ashenol
Great App, but-
This is an absolutely fantastic app for liar’s dice. It looks good on your screen, and the audio quality is decent (although I would still recommend turning it off). But the inability to remove ads from the bottom of the screen, along with a pay to play structure completely kill the experience. This is the best option currently on the App Store, so for now I am playing here. But as soon as something less greedy shows up, I am jumping ship.
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11 months ago, Cindybear10
THEE liars Dice
This is your pirates dice or liars dice you been looking for l. Nicest one I’ve found for game play play up to 5 or as small at 2. If your new to the game, easy enough instructions for anyone to learn. You can even play family and friends if they have this app. Really love this game!!
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4 years ago, asmokeater
Game freezes regularly
Game is fun when it’s working. The game has started freezing up regularly. Comes back after a couple of minutes but steals random dice and does forced plays when it restarts. Turning into a deal breaker for me.
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3 years ago, Trenton mack
The game works as it’s supposed to, and has fun game modes and a interactive coin system. However, the game has a few problems, such as taking 30 seconds timeout for no reason when a player does not choose to which is super annoying, the ranking system with coins is extremely hard to gain and play at the higher tables, and playing with friends should be free and not cost coins to play like many other multiplayer games.
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6 years ago, Lilgrom17
Lost connection, reconnecting
Love the game and the idea but you loose service during the game about 5 out of 10 games. Very frustrating mainly because if you can’t reconnect then you loose your coins even though you have no control over when and where the connection will be lost. I rated this low mainly because the game constantly looses connection and I’m tired of it. I’m curious to see if this is my phone having the issues or everyone’s phone?
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4 years ago, AnusThrasher
Great game!
Fun dice game from pirates of the Caribbean & red dead redemption online works great & you can earn coins the free way or pay for them, the game isn’t pay to win but you do get a small advantage . . . Honestly just the right way mobile games should be done
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6 years ago, Squirrelzombie
Decent for a "free" app
App is fun, although the 'specialty' rules I'm not a fan of especially since they're not what I'm use to in person.... But it's nice to play and pretty quick to find a game... Downside is you go through the coins fast so you either have to watch ads to get enough coins or pay real money. The basic lobby costs 350 'gold' each .30sec ad gives you 50.... If it was only 3ish ads for a game I'd rate it 3-4 stars.... but regardless, decent for a 'free' game.
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1 year ago, Gofein
Well made. Great game.
Does a great job of teaching you the rules. Connectivity is smooth and the game so far seems more or less bug free. It’s monetization and ad integration feels fair and rewarding and the gameplay is massively addictive
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2 years ago, Sweetie cat meow meow love
Total Doctors Office Time Killer
Settle in for 15 minutes of roller coaster lies and deception against everyone across the globe. Fun emojis that allow you to blast your opponents with your emotions of the intense moments as you collect gems that reward you with upgrades.
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4 years ago, Hank of Rope
Love it but hate it.
I love liars dice so much, I was so grateful when I found an app for like-minded individuals. The problem is, it freezes all the time, and you feel like you’re gonna have a stroke. So: I love it, but I hate it.
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11 months ago, Jeffr0777
Fun but missing some things
There’s needs a way to renew challenges other than just watching ads. Even if a daily streak gives you a few, that’d be nice. Also, the game needs a spot-on option.
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6 years ago, Guy1nab0x
Best ive found so far
Play by yourself, or with interesting challenges or with a full table of other players. The programming for the rolls truly feel unbiased and there's a few different game modes to put a twist on it. Would recommend.
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4 years ago, guest225_1
Great, could use some additions
Would like to see option with 1s being either regular 1s or wild. So playing two 1s can be beaten by two 2s rather than needing 4 of a kind in this game version. And with if first person calls 1s in the round they’re no longer wild for that hand.
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4 years ago, Renniie
5 Stars Game!
This game is amazing. It’s like a family time domino! I would love for it to have audio and a mic so people can talk to each other while playing instead of texting :D
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5 years ago, Pfiddy95
This game is very fun and addicting. However, to say its glitchy would be a massive understatement. I get kicked off the server every other game and it lags.. So when it’s your turn it doesn’t register that you have played your turn, which in turn makes you lose. Great game if they would just fix the bugs..
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2 years ago, Abbyd43
Game helps my depression and anxiety
I have bad thoughts and get down on myself a lot and this game helps me get my mind off things and have some fun. I play this more than my xbox
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4 years ago, JJHHLL22
The Ads interrupt the game
I don't mind the ads too much, you guys have to make money, i get it. My problem is when an ad pops up during the middle of a game. There are time limits, and others are waiting for me to make a move. When an ad keeps playing when it’s my turn, I lose the ability to make an accurate bid. Plus, I can imagine the other players get frustrated waiting for me to make my move.
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6 years ago, ThaliaSweetness
Fun game, but continually lose coins even when you win
Love this game and the graphics, but when you play 1 on 1 in beginners table you pay 350 coins to play and only win back 320 if you come in first....what about that makes sense? Also game randomly glitches/freezes which can cost you the match...
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1 year ago, A classic game
Great way to pass the time.
I forgot all about this game. I remember about it out the blue and been playing it again since.
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5 years ago, THE GOOD MAN 12
Game is fun. I can’t get a full game without connection issues
The game is actually well designed and works well when it is working, but when you play online, more times than not you will find yourself getting frustrated at the game making poor decisions for you due to the connection timing out. The connection has little to do with your internet, as mine is very good. Super frustrating
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11 months ago, Non compliant 333
This game is great. Smooth gameplay and interactive lobby. The only thing I wish it had was a way to play for REAL MONEY or an in game currency you could redeem for cash. That would make this game a 100x more exciting!
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4 years ago, tuckman dad
I hate when u stop play in middle of a game a cause players to miss part or all of a roll I understand you need to do it but stop all at same time.
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4 years ago, GreenCollarDrums
Not a fan of the breaks.
It’s still very fun to play, but the game is forcing me to take breaks way too often, I’ve had games where I’ll be forced to take a break, like, 5 TIMES! I’m fine with 1 or 2, but it’s seems I’m taking breaks every 5 dice lost. Please, PLEASE, cut back!!
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3 years ago, Funnń
Terrible Lobby Situation
Gameplay is great but when you enter an online game you can find yourself waiting for 30+min while waiting for a game to fill. Meanwhile if you leave the lobby you lose all the buy-in coins. Terrible set up.
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6 years ago, rnppaulson
Make it to where you can reverse the way in the middle of a hand. If someone calls Calza, the person they called Calza on should lose a dice if Calza ends up being correct.
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2 years ago, TheRealJoey
Too many bugs and issues
Game often resyncronizes or establishes connection and i lose dice. Happens more often than not. Also shows not connected when trying to view profile. Paid for premium then account randomly is not available the next day.
Show more
3 years ago, Tylertoby
What you’d hope
Active game runs well. Ads pop up sometimes but you can close em.
Show more
3 years ago, A51AN N1NJA J3W
They fixed it!
I wrote a review on how it would not load me into the game for days, but now its fixed! Thank you devs!
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1 year ago, Nickoli Lion
Broken Facebook Login
This app’s Facebook login has been broken for months now and the developer doesn’t seem interested in fixing it, blocking me from my paid content. They’ve been informed of the issue, which means this is an issue they’re either unable to fix or are actively ignoring. It’s getting tiresome.
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3 years ago, Neto137
I would change to 5* if someone could inform about how to upload picture
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10 months ago, GuestPh75364
Connection lost, reconnecting…
“Communication issues solved” is what the latest update claims. What a bunch of B.S.!!! You’ll be in the middle of a game when it will freeze and say “connection lost, reconnecting…” Then when it starts again, you’ve lost dice and it’s glitchy. Other times the game will make bids for you or just kick you out. Freakin’ lame!!!
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6 years ago, Zazzeron
Lots of fun, with bugs
You can tell the developer has been working hard to make this app flawless, but there are still some bugs. I very much enjoy playing live people
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2 years ago, BigBoiDale
Hilariously fun
This game is so much fun, with enough luck and strategy to keep you coming back. I've had a lot of laughs
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5 years ago, Podracerzach
Looks great, but
What the crap is with the calza mechanic??? I played an AI match and twice the computer regained a couple dice for guessing the correct amount called. I felt like the AI was cheating because I’ve played liar’s dice a lot (hence skipping the tutorial), and calza was never in the rules.
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2 years ago, Hype boys
Fun game bad servers
This is exactly the kind of Liar’s Dice app I was looking for. Then their servers started acting up. I’d dc then reconnect and a player that was out would show back up, dice would be mismatched, etc. Lots of weird bugs. Don’t spend money on the game until it gets a bit more stable.
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