Liberty FCU Mobile

4.8 (9.5K)
70.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Liberty Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Liberty FCU Mobile

4.83 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Lily of Hjaalmarch
Excellent and easy
Easy to follow and see where my money is. I’ve never had any glitchy issues with the app, which is quite a feat considering I’ve been using the app over the course of four years and two different phones. All of my accounts and loans are visible from the first screen, easily accessible. Transfers and payments are a breeze as well.
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4 years ago, tarakis
Great place
3.3% crazy! Better then the market I was also looking to refinance my house. Called the last guy who dropped a point of my last loan, he couldn’t help me. He was with a major bank. Talked ti Evansville teachers about it the day I opened my account. By that afternoon I was in the process to dropping a point and 1/2 off and 10 year of my mortgage. Forget the big banks. They only want your money. We also use another credit union and have a credit card at 7.9%. I will never use a big bank again.
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4 years ago, croysterj
Can’t switch to another app & come back
It’s great that ETFCU is trying to be as safe as possible, but when you can’t even switch to your calculator app to add something up, then there’s a problem. While I’m checking my balance, I often need to look at what bills are pending and add them up to see if I need to transfer in any additional funds. But by the time you switch to your calculator app to do that, the ETFCU app has already logged you out. The same is true if I need to open another bank or service provider app and then switch back to ETFCU. It can’t be done without logging back in. Ughhhhh.
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2 years ago, Butterbob74
Great app and company!
Love using this bank! I wish they would keep up with the interest rate hikes though. Moved a sizable portion out of here to somewhere that keeps pace with the rate hikes. Will definitely move money back when they pick up rates higher than what I’m getting elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Icemom2
I like all the features of the new update, however when paying bills , they don’t always show in you scheduled payments. I paid something and it shows last time paid December 17 , but not in scheduled to come out and it’s not showing in my register of things deducted on checking.
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3 years ago, Mr. Huffman
Best platform I have ever used.
When ETFCU rolled out the new technology platform I asked, “Why?” The existing infrastructure seemed more than adequate. But after working with the app? Simple, intuitive, accessible, powerful. I have never used a better financial tool. Well done EFTCU!
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1 year ago, Longdecklancaster
Transfers limits
There shouldn’t be a limit on the number of times I want to transfer MY money from accounts within your system. That is outrageous, I have been a member since I was 16 ( 15 years now). I feel this is something that can be simply removed. I’d love to hear your feed back on as to why There is a monthly limit on my transfers between in-house accounts.
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3 years ago, dbbuscust
Credit card payments
This app would be flawless, except for the inconvenience of not being able to pay a credit card from an outside account. It should be an option to pay a credit card the exact same way, and same place, as I would make a loan payment.
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5 years ago, Rosalind373737
Very rarely works
I have tried everything including deleting and redownloading and this app works about 10 percent of the time. I really wish I could use the check deposit feature but it always times out.
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2 years ago, markie!!83
Please fix never had this problem before
Idk if anyone has the problem but I can’t login unless I’m connected to the internet which is weird
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6 years ago, tclamkin
Very good app
So far this app has been very good. The only thing I wish it has was the ability to transfer money to other members accounts. There is another credit union whose app has this feature and I miss it.
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1 year ago, Suddensyl
Can’t pay a credit card from an outside account
I have a credit card from LFCU. Unfortunately unless you bank with them you can’t pay on it from the app. I have to use my laptop. This is the only credit card I can’t make payments on my phone with. This is really retro, and should be addressed. I should be able to link my bank, and be able to make payments in app.
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5 years ago, Dax28848948938
Pretty solid
Of course it has its downtime during service maintenance but nothing terrible. They stay ahead of their game with updated features, it is also very simplistic and has a great design for a locally owned bank.
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3 years ago, @1980sikes
I love the bank and the people that helped me get my banking started they were all so helpful thanks for every and great customer service
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6 years ago, Dooharro
Happy in Henderson
This app is fantastic! It enables me to access all of my accounts and do almost anything! It’s easy to use and always works! Everything EFTCU does it does for me and all its customers! A company that truly practices what it preaches!!
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5 months ago, KarenD121
Personal touch
Whenever I need to do any banking I always feel like I’m the most important person being helped.
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6 years ago, kakirk
Love Love Love
This app is great. I love the functionality and the ease of navigating through the appZ it’s easy for me to find my balances and history of spending. I also like the way it displays the perks of the Platinum checking account. Well done ETFCU!!
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1 year ago, feldref38
A mess
This App is a mess they don’t make it easy to find your credit card information and make payments. The app has not been working. I have never had any problems till this change over
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5 years ago, backdraft999
Great Banking App
What can I say-- it does what it's supposed to do and even allows for logging in via fingerprint and facial recognition. So much more advanced that my previous Credit Union I cant even express it.
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2 years ago, MissDogLover
Cannot deposit check since IOS 16 update
The camera is stuck indicating to rotate device to get check image and after several attempts I give up! I guess I will have to go to the bank tomorrow to make this deposit.
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2 years ago, jdunn1977
Fix check deposit for iPhone
Great app but you cannot do pic checks digitally won’t open my camera.
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7 years ago, Wrdgrl57
Great App
Reminds me of the time when ATMs were new and how much they made banking easier! Easy for even an old fart like me! Love the transfer funds and bill pay options!!
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2 years ago, Well3Yeah
The app normally works great, I’ve used it for years. For the past couple of versions I can’t deposit a check with the app. It’s not a deal breaker but it is rather annoying that this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.
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2 years ago, SSBF2017
Great App!
super easy to use and instant access to all of your accounts in a matter of seconds. I can’t say enough great things about ETFCU. They’re great people!
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5 years ago, Jay1117
Issue with check deposit
I had small issues before with the app, but this last update has been horrible. I can no longer deposit checks with my XS Max. The app is only showing black when it’s time to take the picture. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but to no avail.
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6 years ago, 11:;;94$4625/6:
Loving every minute of it
I love this app I keep a watch on everything that goes in and out of my account and I know when a check has cleared awesome
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4 years ago, joann lover
I love the on line banking especially the check deposit it’s so easy to use
I love the on line banking especially
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7 years ago, learn4u
Life is easy
I can do so much with this app. My life is some easier now 1 click pay a bill never be late again
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2 years ago, 5LittleAs
Mobile deposit
Mobile deposit does not work in the latest version! :( get stuck on the initial photo capture. Will not allow photo to be taken. Just a black screen that says to rotate the device, but does nothing.
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2 years ago, mwgkbg
Best mobile banking app!
From its facial recognition to the ease of use it is definitely user friendly!!
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2 years ago, KissMySthrnSass
The check deposit is so finicky. One day I can deposit my checks via the app, the next day it’s all blurry. The old app was much better as far as this option.
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3 months ago, G-Gram Deanie
Liberty FCU offers many financial options to customers.
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3 years ago, Dannnnnnnie
The app never works
The app never seems to work when I need it to. I resort to using the website because I can’t ever seem to get the app to load my account. Out of every 10 times I try to use it, it only seems to work 10% of the time. You’d think they’d be able to figure it out, but it’s been going on for a long time.
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3 years ago, somepersonwhodoesntlikeapp
Find someone else to build your app
This app is garbage, it crashes all the time, occasionally (around 1-4 times a month) I won’t be able to view any of my account information nor make transfers or anything. Not to mention the UI.. This needs to be fixed. There really isn’t an excuse to have a bad app like this in today’s time.
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3 years ago, EJ's momma
Can’t go without
Love this App. I use it daily. It’s great for keeping up with all my ETFCU accounts and information
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7 years ago, zwei
Great Experience
Glad to see ETFCU take mobile support seriously. TouchID support and mobile deposit are extremely useful. Keep it up!
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2 years ago, Arandomnamenoonehas
Mobile deposit
Would be great if I could actually use the mobile deposit. Keeps telling me to rotate my phone and when I do, nothing happens.
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5 years ago, Knabel
The app is fairly functional. However, in a recent update, they changed the text color on the widget. It’s now gray text on a gray background. It’s almost impossible to read in all lights. The widget was clearly not tested at all.
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4 years ago, Userbz
It’s been very slow lately and not available a lot. Pls approve larger amounts for electronic deposits, up to 4-5,000
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4 years ago, Alc5977
Great bank
Very good customer service and very friendly.
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2 years ago, tdubsofKentucky
Can no longer deposit checks on mobile
Since the rebrand, I’ve been unable to deposit checks on mobile. It just keeps asking me to rotate my device and become unresponsive. So now it’s deposit in person or close my account I guess.
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1 year ago, stanmanstan
Good app except mobile deposit signature
Good app overall except they make you write “only mobile deposit to Liberty FCU” on back. Too long and not enough room.
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2 years ago, SMTCR
Account Unavailable
Great when the app works but I feel like every time I need to transfer money, my information is unavailable.
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2 years ago, clh52122
Check deposit not working
The check deposit feature doesn’t work when trying to take a picture of the check. It doesn’t recognize the rotation and freezes.
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2 years ago, dpsr32
Great experience
App is feature-packed and so quick and easy to use. 3.30% APY - what's not to love?
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6 years ago, Bree Nicolle
Need instant
I just opened an account and all I care about IS THE APP. I need to see my money come in and out of my account INSTANTLY, as the app with my other bank did. However, not only do the transactions not show instantly but it does not properly add and subtract. It’s off by several thousands. Very disappointed. Wanted to love.
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5 years ago, cocobear(:
ETFCU is truly the best. I am rewarded free money every month just for having money in the bank. It’s amazing. I have no complaints, and I highly recommend banking here. Chloe
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5 years ago, Dave???????????
Great App, great bank, great people and THREE PERCENT on checking.l!!!
Love both the simplicity and the fact that you can easily do a great number of things
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4 years ago, MinFam3
Check pay features
Not a fan of new revamped check pay features. It took away the ability to see last payment and what is outstanding all in one screen. Hard to navigate and much more cumbersome than old format.
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7 years ago, Thompson42420
Life made easier
Really appreciate ETFCU. They are really big league. The app is just as quality as the bank!
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