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User Reviews for Liberty Mutual Mobile

4.78 out of 5
343.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Jewelofthemile
Insurance Made Easy
First off I love Liberty Mutual not just because the commercials are funny but because they are true! I mean really true! I had a claim on my insurance and my claim agent Whitney listened to me and made me feel so relaxed like she was one of my girlfriends from high school. I REALLY felt like she was on my side holding me down not like a dry robotic person just going through the motions following the guidelines. It was so seem less if I’m honest I didn’t know when it started or ended. I got a call telling me to call her up and tell her my side send over pictures of my car, she even set me up to text them over, and before I knew it I was getting a letter saying this is what was paid out enjoy your day. I feel like my rates are really great especially for everything you get. Like the better car replacement option, I pray I NEVER need it but it’s nice to know that if somebody hits and totals my car I can get a little nicer one in return. The stress of what am I going to do now is not there. Liberty Mutual has really made me feel like a million bucks. It’s been almost a year and I couldn’t be happier. *singing voice* Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty!!!!
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10 months ago, sixpus
#1 WORST Insurer ever!
Minus - 100 stars if the option was available. The Salesman sold me a bunch of lies all bundled up for us in a State we Do not Live in and left us underinsured without any required insurance coverages that is required by state and by the dealership I had leased my car from, Not a single one of the claims adjusters , presidential department staff , much less the so called “ claims representatives assisted us ever , they delay , delay further , and continue delaying , I know they were not even performing the proper investigations for each claim I had to report during COVID-19, The claims I have reported do not reflect the facts I provided when I reported , in fact are full of inaccuracies and errors in each claim that I have submitted. I have no doubt that I have been singled out by the agents for their own Bias and Discriminatory reasons. Liberty Mutual has not addressed any issues I have experienced and attempted on many occasions to try and get the multiple problems and errors on their end to be fixed without success but not due to failure or lack of accountability on my end. Liberty mutual has collected every Penny of the policy at 6xs the quoted rates and have paid $ 0 absolutely nothing for claims that had been fully covered and valid , Stay Far Far Away unless you want to be Deceived, Robbed financially and Consistently disregarded and left without options for recovering from losses that are covered in your policy , or so “ you thought”
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8 months ago, SnakeCharmer419
Right Track
My husband and I just switched to LM because they were the cheapest full coverage insurance. My complaint is not really with LM, but more with the Right Track app. I’ve only been on the app for a couple days and I can already tell it’s a scam. I have been driving even more carefully than I normally do to try and get the most savings. It keeps flagging me for accelerating too fast even though I’m literally taking off so slow that people are getting mad and going around me honking. It flags me in the exact same place over and over where I’m making a left turn and I know for a FACT I’m not accelerating fast. I called to try to get a better understanding of how it works and what speeds would not get flagged, but they don’t have an answer. Another issue I have with the app is that it subtracts a lot of points if you have an “event”, but when you don’t have any the entire day your score does not increase at all. Yesterday I somehow managed to not get flagged at all and I actually LOST a point. When I called I also asked how many trips without having an “event” would it take for me to increase my score and they can’t answer that either. I believe this entire app is rigged for you to fail and not get a high percentage in savings. It’s fine if they don’t want to offer savings, but why even have the app? It’s just used to draw people in IMO.
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2 years ago, ndjeiejxnrkes
Get any other insurance company
This is truly an awful company. I have been pulled over more times than I can count because these guys refuse to contact the DMV. It’s one of the first things they have to do!!! I call afterwards and they tell me they’ve done all the necessary work. Well then why do police scanners say that I don’t have insurance?????? I haven’t missed a payment, I’ve literally never been in an accident, I don’t speed but man do they dislike me! I have requested a manager contact me but that has fallen on deaf ears everytime. I have now been instructed by the police to stop driving my car or else they will take the tags and impound my car. So if you like actually driving your car and being covered then this isn’t the company for you. They are not helpful, they claim they’re doing something about it but it’s been almost a year of this. You know they don’t forget to bill though!! Tried to turn off automatic payments but the website freezes everytime. Tried to log in the app to do the same thing, freezes. These guys won’t even let me stop payments. They just collect my money every month. That’s all they do, collect money. If I got into an accident right now I would be arrested for driving without insurance so if you’re cool with that happening then sign up for an insurance company that cares more about making commercials than their customers.
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2 months ago, its•Garza
Worst insurance agency I’ve tried!
I called and got a new policy a week before my old policy expired with a different company. I even got an early bird discount or whatever they call it, so I’m talking with the agent and giving him all my information and we went over it several times to make sure it was correct gave him my account number and he said he would find the routing number since that’s public information. My policy was supposed to go into effect Feb 2nd everything was showing fine on the app the first couple of days, I even got bill slips on my email and the app saying my payment was successful! Today I try to pull up my ID card from the app and it’s says I don’t have a policy with liberty mutual. This had to be a mistake so I call the agent to try and clear this out and I get told that my policy has been canceled because the account or routing number was incorrect. I never got a call from liberty mutual or an email saying I was getting canceled for non payment. I drove around for almost 2 weeks without insurance and not a single call from them. I still tried to make it work but the only solution they gave me was pay the premium in full for the whole year that’s over $3,000 or “go with another insurance company wait a year and then come back”! They didn’t even try to work with me over an error that was more than likely the agents fault.
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1 year ago, oh brther
To much with no warning!!
I am thinking about leaving you just as my friends and family who I referred to you have left. I also will be using social media to warn people about your misleading information. When I first signed up I said I need it to be on my monthly bill no more than $200, it seems to go up every single month with no for warning!! I’m totally hurt and appalled by this course of action you have taken without notifying the customer first. Because I had a issue a few months back about someone ( not from your company) hacking my bank account I had to resort to refraining from using automatic replenishment and could not allow you to just automatically withdraw from my bank account. You therefore punish me or others by continuing to raise my or our monthly payments because I’m trying to protect my bank account!!! This is crazy and absurd! Unless it is resolved quickly and I see improvement on your part to actually care about your customers or me as a long time customer then you are forcing me to go to another insurance company and to use every resource available at my disposal to put the word out of how uncaring your company really is. Oh and by the way I run an online marketing company with over 4000 partners so far so the word will get out. You need to be more sympathetic towards your clients. Sincerely unhappy customer, Thomas Blandford
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2 years ago, mr dad don
My insurance is #1
My L.M experience was outstanding service . To tell you first of all who ever it may concern : not my personal experience though this is me speaking out for my daughter who’s car had broke down she needed a tow so she tried to call Lots of people even I tried to call two of my friends who had tow business but to no avail . She then realized she had roadside assistance after hours of frustration and dealing with anxiety issues she called and within twenty minutes they had a tow came and got her car back home thanks for liberty mutual assistance they was there when everyone else was two hours away or too busy they was very helpful in getting the car home within an hour or so . Thank you liberty mutual roadside assistance whoever took the call you was very professional the way you delivered the service was fantastic . Angels come in many ways bless you all behind the phone and computers..
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1 year ago, Denmil
Mobile Tracking Program that evaluates driving
Easy to use. My issue — program written for heavier cars than mine. My car, a 2 seater modest Miata, is very light weight compared to cars currently on the road. The program was clearly evaluating stopping distance for a much heavier car that requires longer stopping distances. I am in my 70’s, original owner of a 20 year old Mazda Miata. I stop smoothly (still have 20/20 vision, swim laps 3-4 days a week so maintaining fitness and acuity). The program assumed shorter stoping distances meant “problems “ not a lighter car that stops over a shorter distance. That was the big issue with an in accurate score. Less an issue — my car is not fast, just fun at low speeds (up to 40 mph) due to 6 speed stick shift with first 5 positions VERY close together. Really only a 3 speed shift with “overdrive” for 50+ mph with a few other stick shift positions added for fun on twisty, small back roads going about 30-35 mph. A few times the program assumed I was an automatic pressing the gas pedal from a traffic stop! Just a few days with “younger” reactions using ALL my 4 lower gears closely calibrated. For a typical sedan or SUV the program is fairly written.
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2 years ago, Me0912_cc
Worst insurance I’ve had
This insurance company does not take the time to make policies clear, specially when it comes to renewal. Long gone are the days when you could stop paying for a service you no longer wanted or needed and companies wouldn’t come up with this “well our policy auto renews” argument so they can charge you obscene amounts of money for half a.. service. I remember when I was stranded and I called them so I could get roadside assistance, it took more than 3 hours and countless calls to get a tow truck to the side of a busy highway during the day. Or the time I had a minor accident and my policy was going to increase $1000, what is the point of having insurance if you get punished for using it, aren’t I paying for the service? Customer service is crap, they just tell you “well there’s nothing we can do” and proceed to tell you same over and over talking over you every chance they get. And to make things worse they keep sending you texts going over the same things you have already covered with 3 other people. I’m sure $355 is nothing to a company like this but to the average consumer it’s quite a lot specially during this times. My advise is stay away from this company if you don’t want any surprises in the future.
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2 years ago, nikkivette
I recently filed a claim because my car got stolen. Since day 1 I have had the worst experience with this insurance company. Their claims specialist has done nothing but been confusing and misinformative. Not only that, but she is constantly telling me one thing and then doing the other. I have complained about her several times just to be told by her manager that there is nothing they can do and that this specialist is still the most qualified for my case even though I expressed feeling very uncomfortable working with her. It’s been over a week since my car has been found and it still hasn’t gotten taken to be reviewed by a shop. Not only are they trying their best NOT to help me, but they have also made me feel more stress and confusion than I have ever felt in my life. It’s gotten so bad that my family won’t let me speak to this specialist anymore. They are now handling my claim for me because they can see how much I am being manipulated by this specialist. I wish I would have known sooner how bad this insurance was. This isn’t the only occasion of me having a bad experience with them. Soon as this claim is closed, I’ll be switching to another company immediately, even if I can’t afford it 🤷🏽‍♀️
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1 year ago, NNEEHH
Condescending customer service
I was going to buy a new car a few months ago. I called to change my policy to the new car. We didn’t buy the car and a few days later I called back to change my policy back to my old car. I was told everything was back to my old car but found out today, months later, that it was never changed back and I was not covered for the car I am currently driving. I have back pay to make up for what wasn’t paid (which is fine) but it was LM mistake and they never did what they said they would do. I was disconnected over 10 times when calling. The first woman I talked to called me ‘dear’ and laughed when I asked her not to. The next woman said that she had to fix my problem manually and that I owed back pay. When I talked to the escalation department, frustrated b/c I have to pay back pay for something that was LM fault, he pretended that he was not informed about what I was talking about. Then he said he only had 2 minutes to wait on the phone while I looked through my email to find proof. I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to fix this and he disconnected me after 2 minutes. So disappointed in the customer service
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3 years ago, Heavenlyhb
I am so happy with Liberty Mutual that I’m adding a second car!!
Thank You Liberty Mutual for providing me the security of knowing my apartment and my vehicle are well taken care of in the invent that a catastrophe would happen. The process of registering my documents were easy to upload and the online process was very well organized and thought thru. I was able to get the best rate out there when I compared insurance policies and rates on the same needs that I needed to achieve. My payments for auto pay come thru with a breeze! I am now adding a second vehicle that I haven’t driven for months. I feel comfortable taking my second car for a spin now and then around the block and now I can do it with ease that it is insured! Thank You again Liberty Mutual! Sincerely a very satisfied customer, Jules McCoy
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2 years ago, emilangma
I don’t like this app
My husband signed up for this insurance, and it requires that we use this app, for 90 days. We had Geico, but it kept getting more expensive, even though we are all good drivers. This app doesn’t have a yes or no button to confirm that I was driving. It doesn’t take into account that sudden braking could be defensive driving, because someone cut you off, did a left hand turn, in front of you, when you have a green light. Also, if someone runs a stop sign, and you have a brake to avoid hitting them. Also, what about homeless jaywalkers who run in front of you? You do have to brake. My Hyundai has all the smart, driver assist features, and I never set them off. I get good, weekly scores. Always 84-96. I just don’t know about this insurance company. They really need a yes/no confirmation button. I just got a notification that I need to confirm trips, but I can’t confirm that I wasn’t driving, on some trips. We should probably look around for another company. Just ridiculous. I wanted to give 1 star, but gave 2, to be nice.
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7 months ago, JJC24
Mis classification of accident type ruining my life
Liberty Mutual mis classified an accident I had as hitting a stationary object when I clearly explained in the claim it was an accident on the highway going 60 miles per hour. An 18 wheeler tire flew off and hit the front of my grill exploding the entire front of the vehicle. The driver of the 18 wheeler didn’t even know and just kept driving so I couldn’t get a license plate or company name for insurance purposes. A few months later they are dropping me from insurance for having to pick up the tab on the claim. Then families to properly classify what happened with LexisNexis is now making it to where I can find auto insurance for less than three times the amount I was paying before. I’ve tried disputing with LexisNexis and internally with Liberty and you can tell by how awful the experience has been they can care less. I’ve been a loyal customer for over a decade and to get dropped in this manner for an accident that wasn’t my fault is hilarious. Insurance companies are a scam. If they ever have to pay out they sure do make it difficult on you.
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1 year ago, Bayoujo
A company that offers worthless service
Our insurance claim was a nightmare of incompetence by Liberty Mutual. The claim was due to a sudden severe storm and a power surge into our home. It virtually destroyed every electronic device in our totally electric home. Since it occurred during Covid Liberty refused to send an adjuster. We were given a company adjuster who was in Illinois to work with us over the phone. They requested a list of our damages and took weeks to respond. Their response was their list of our claims being depreciated by an unknown person at one third the replacement cost. I responded that I purchased a full replacement policy. They then called to tell me to purchase the replacement items and they would reimbursement for the replacement of these items. Again I told them why did I purchase a replacement policy if you are denying to pay me to buy these items? We have requested a adjuster and full payment of the appliances, TV’s and other electronic equipment. To date Liberty Mutual has failed to pay or send a adjuster to settle our claim this occurred two years ago.
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6 years ago, 3838 Holly Dr
Liberty Mutual: Great / Right Track: Bad
Switched to LM in January after buying a new vehicle. Great to work with and very efficient and knowledgeable. My wife and I are 72, both of us have been driving for 55 years. No accidents, no citatations (except for a parking ticket in 1987) so I was sure that Right Track would be a great way to save more on our premiums. (Supposedly up to 30%.). Since we spend our winters in Florida, I enrolled in Right Track. I was supposed to receive one device, as our other vehicle is stored at our home in Pennsylvania. I received an empty box. I called Right Track and received two devices when I was supposed to receive only one. Called again and received one device but it was faulty. Called again and was instructed to return all three devices. Finally received and installed the device. On the 88th day I checked my app to see how I was doing and it indicated that I withdrew from the program. My saving up to that time was $70... so why would I withdraw with 2 days to go??? This whole thing has been a disaster. I’m ready to switch back to my previous provider.
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5 years ago, rheJOYce
Need it- LOVE IT!
Forget the stupid little Limu Emu! Let’s get back to basics and this is beyond the necessary basic! You don’t realize how important it is to have a quick access to all of these components until you need it! Recently in the midst of horrible flood disaster I was able to start my claim, contact my adjuster, keep connected and now the status of everything right here. In addition all the documents that I needed while I was out of my home has all been accessible on my mobile device- such a vital relief! I also need to give a “shout out” to all the frontline Liberty Mutual staff: they are awesome! My neighbors that have experience the same flooding are in a cloud and don’t know what’s going on- I’m all set and fully taken care of! A giant THANK YOU to Liberty Mutual! Loyal client since 1974!
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4 months ago, Tiggrcat
Needs improvement
I am a new customer to Liberty Mutual, and I am using this app to get a reduction in my premium, but I find after using it for quite some time that It is more interested in tracking, soft, breaking, which has nothing to do with my rating and giving me a lousy score. It’s supposed to monitor hard, breaking, not soft, breaking the soft, breaking figure that it produces gives me a considerably low score. I compared this with the same program that I had on Allstate. And the Allstate program which monitors the same three things gives me an excellent rating where liberty mutuals rating is only fair to good. They need to do some changes on this. It appears they have this set up so that you cannot get and reduction in your premium as they say, if you use their smart driving app on your phone to make you a better driver
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1 year ago, I. M. Pissedoff
Fast Track is better but needs work
I only have the LM app for Fast Track (BTW I am much happier now than the old system with the in-car “fob” as there are no false readings) so I can only comment about that function. I would have contacted a developer with my complaint but that was a pain. The trip confirmation needs work. There needs to be a way to set the default to “I was driver” because today I mistakenly hit confirm before I realized “I was not driving” was on, maybe a “ warning “ pop up stating what we have selected before final confirmation. I wish it didn’t require edit every time. My wife and I are usually together and alternate as drivers every other trip. We should be able to preselect if we know we will be driving or a passenger (Lyft or a spouse etc) it is annoying to do it “after the fact”.
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1 year ago, elbobareno
Need to shop my auto policy
I drive very little I have nothing on my records in over 15 years. I’m driving my 2017 Escape with just over 37,000 miles. We traveled before my husband illness took its toll on his overall health. It does not move on a lot of days and the days I do drive it is less than 10 miles to pick up my granddaughter. I pay over $2,700 a year. I do have more than the basic coverage. I also have my homeowners with them. They were great when I needed a new roof. Anita Soule my adjuster came and took a look at my roof and said that it did need to be replaced and that it would be covered. She was very reassuring and compassionate. I had a draft in my checking account that afternoon. It was such a relief to know I would not have to come out of pocket for the full cost of roof replacement.
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3 years ago, Trumpitty-Trump-Trump
Your customer service is as bad as your commercials
If I could give zero stars, I would. I only switched to Liberty because I couldn’t afford Geico anymore. I was given a quote for $378 a month for my car insurance, and that was the price my agent and I agreed on. However, my payments have been $442 these last couple months. When I tried to check my app to see where that extra charge was coming from I couldn’t log in, because I forgot my password. I have been trying to recover my password for days and have not received a link from Liberty. I tried texting them, but I was told to call. I tried calling, and I was told my hold time would be over 10 minutes. Here I am on the AppStore because I thought, maybe, if I deleted and then downloaded the app again it would work. God forbid I should ever have to use this insurance! I’m switching back to Geico ASAP! Also, your commercials are THE WORST!!! You should fire your marketing people!
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3 months ago, I-Guar
The “Best” & “Most Helpful” in my Entire Life of Driving!
I’ve had a few “fender benders”, during my driving life, since the late seventies and well before coming to Liberty Mutual. Joining Liberty Mutual was one of the “Best Decision” I’d made! Since joining, I was involved in a “Injury” to a person accident, wow! If not for Liberty Mutual, I would have had to go through all the legality and several processes about the claim that lie ahead for me and by my liabilities. Everything was done for me! And, they believed me and in me and so, I also Trusted them. They updated me throughout case about what all was done in a timely and professional manner and I cooperated fully. I will always be with Liberty Mutual for my insurance needs! Thank you, Liberty Mutual, thank you!
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6 years ago, W. Domingues
Very Satisfied!
I switched from State Farm almost 2 years ago and I must say y’all have been the easiest and most professional insurance company to deal with! Never had a claim but from dealing with the agent to get started to switching vehicles recently absolutely nothing has been a problem. Every person I have dealt with has been so helpful, kind, knowledgeable and professional. I worked in a State Farm office for 8 years some time ago and it was nothing like dealing with your company. My hats off to you and the people responsible for setting up your online service. Flawless!! Thank you for being here for my family. We are so comfortable being with Liberty Mutual! Hope we NEVER have a claim but I am confident that I will be taken care of. Thanks again!
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2 months ago, egregious!
Most Unethical Insurance Company in the US!
My new auto policy was delivered for the year. An astonishing rate increase of 27.7% caused by liability (compulsory coverage in CO). I have no tickets, no claims, no accidents, and multiple discounts, yet still I had this astronomical rate increase. I have been their customer since 2008. The agent claimed that the Co State Commission approved the increase. He also stated that this is a shared cost. He recommended that I pursue other insurance companies. We are paying for their salaries and their insultingly stupid commercials, which drive up our costs. What’s worse, is they don’t care, they don’t have to because they can raise our rates indiscriminately. Don’t even consider this company. They practice highway robbery.
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2 years ago, Pool12666
Easy to use app
So far I have been with liberty mutual for around a year now. I find this app easy to use. If I need to schedule a payment to come out a few days later than it's scheduled I can do that on the app. Although I haven't needed to use it for much more than pay my payment because I have not had a reason having no accidents all the information is there to help you file a claim right here through the app. I find this app user friendly and appreciate that as I am not a tech person. If I can use it it sure will help you do what you need to do and hopefully it's not an accident as I hope we all can stay accident free.
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11 months ago, Mrs Teri W.
Horrible insurance company
This review is not about the app, per se, but about the insurance company. I’ve been a loyal customer of Liberty for three years and got unceremoniously dumped last month for filing claims for three tow truck requests within an 18 month period. Mind you, I made sure that towing was included in my policy. In the entire three years, I never had an accident claim, nor did I have any moving violations on my license, AND I was renewed the year AFTER I filed that third claim for a tow truck to pull my car out of the snow because of an overnight blizzard. So yeah, I got punished for simply using my insurance, and everyone I’ve contacted since getting dropped wants to charge me nearly DOUBLE because I got a much newer car last year. I was told that their underwriters “don’t deal with the public,” and the representative I spoke on the phone with was rude and ultimately hung up the phone on me during our call. Anyone else experience this w/Liberty?
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4 months ago, Tricked4Discount
I HATE RightTrack!
No matter how good of a driver you are, do not expect this app to give you an accurate score. It doesn’t take into consideration real world driving defensive actions you might take to avoid hazards like a dog or pedestrian running across the road (hard braking), drivers cutting in front of you for driving the speed limit (you get dinged for following too close), if you even touch your phone (distracted driving) even if it’s in your purse and locked. Right Track causes major anxiety trying to drive perfectly and it causes other drivers to get angry and road rage by honking and flipping and cutting you off or passing unsafely. I still can’t figure out what (soft braking) is. I literally coast to stop lights/signs so as not to reduce speed 8mph before I touch the brakes to stop. This app is a HAZARD as it doesn’t allow you to actually be a defensive and safe driver as it takes your focus off safe driving in the real world . NEVER AGAIN
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1 year ago, PZBSMa
Right track
Program is not accurate and customer service will not do anything to help. For instance - 10 trips in a row will be excellent, but if you happen to brake hard once, you will have somehow done so 3-4 times in that trip, and sometimes in the middle of a highway. I have never received one instance of hard braking, only multiple at once or an excellent drive. These instances of hard braking also seem to happen at the exact same locations 9/10 times. I have a VERY difficult time believing it isn't a scam to make sure they can give out the minimum discount possible, especially since you start out with 10%, but receive 5-30% by the end of the Right Track trial period, which stays on for the life of your policy. TL;DR - don't bother trying to get the 10% discount with Right Track. It's more hassle and stress than it's worth and you're almost guaranteed to end up receiving less than 10% anyway.
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1 year ago, nene150
Customer service is the worst I have ever seen
I was on hold for more than 30 minutes, when I finally got someone on the phone they were rude and not helpful at all. I’ve been with liberty mutual for over 7 years, I have everything on auto pay and auto renew. This is the first i I will definitely be looking around and not renewing. I called several times to change my Insurance coverage to my new state, they told me it was done but it never was. I wasted time and energy on several occasions. I received a notice in the mail that my registration was going to be suspended due to not being insured, I check on the app and they still had my information from the other state. I tried to update it on the app and couldn’t, I called them and was on hold for hours, got someone and he was so rude. I’m done with this insurance company.
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10 months ago, emlt123
Do not use liberty mutual!
They use scam tactics to get you to pay them money and then they cancel your insurance. I really used to think that they were a standup company and now I know that they are just like all the other ones. They had my address wrong and tried to auto bill me on a debit card that I had to replace because it was stolen and they never alerted me about my insurance not going through. They sent my snail mail to a nonexistent address and then they sent me notifications through email that was going to spam so they canceled my insurance. I called two days later and then just in order to talk to me about it they charged me $222, For the lapse. And then they said they were going to transfer me so that I could get my policy restored and when they did, they told me that they were dropping me because I had my policy canceled. They totally screwed me. Stay away !!!
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3 years ago, GirlWonder0125
Choose Liberty Mutual
I am in the home restoration industry and have worked on insurance claims with our customers and their insurance companies. A lot of insurance companies will stall, argue and fight paying a claim. Liberty Mutual is a company who definitely takes care of their clients. I’ve seen claims adjusters and desk adjusters go above and beyond for their clients. Client service is their number one priority and this is the reason I have decided to go with them. We are moving our auto and home insurance with them. A big thank you to John Pratt for making the switch easy and quick. Thank you Liberty for giving us peace of mind. Choose Liberty Mutual.
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2 years ago, macgecko
App needs some improvements
The application appears to be functioning but there are some issues: 1) Adding card to Apple wallet does not show vehicle or vehicles. There is a message See Back for Details”. There seems to be no way to see a second screen. It is possible to click on the information button to see the Vin number, but it seems to me that this information should be displayed on the main card if you have one vehicle and if you have multiple at that point, those could be listed on continuing screens. 2) Once the website you can view and print cards and policies. However in the app seems you cannot print these.
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12 months ago, Eff insurance
Canceled without notice
My wife tried to use roadside assistance back in November 2022 for a flat tire on the interstate. Assistance never showed up and she had to use another service. Today we get a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State to verify liability insurance. I call Liberty Mutual to find out what happened. Unbeknownst to us this one incident caused Liberty Mutual to cancel both our auto policies. We received no mail, no email, or no call informing us of this decision. I have to take a small bit of blame. We had autopay, and neither of us had checked to see if payment had come out. Never had a problem until today. Needless to say we went with another insurance company for our auto and home needs. Thanks Liberty Mutual for taking our money for years and then dropping us for one attempted use for service.
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2 years ago, DBENKOSKI
Great company
I called my current insurance company once I noticed a policy increase. They told me I change one of my insured vehicles that’s why the policy price went up. I told them I bought a Volvo the safest car on the planet. They told me sorry you feel that way. I said I am going to switch to liberty mutual if you are not going to look into this further. They again said “ sorry you feel that way” I went online and click liberty mutual and got a quote online. They cut my policy in half…. Again they cut my POLICY IN HALF…. Thank you Liberty Mutual for being the company that you say you are!!!!! Great Business…..
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1 year ago, Sanbenito1
Horrible for tax prep
The app is as good as the company, which is to say ‘not at all good’! Tried using the app to print out what I paid for insurance in 2022 (for tax purposes) and there was no amount shown - just that I owed $0. Nowhere to see the invoice/statement and print it out (and they wonder why people still want paper copies). They also don’t show the address of the named property on the app, just the policy number. I manage both mine and mom’s insurance so because they don’t show the address, I have to have the policy numbers written down in my phone so I can refer to them. I went with this company because a family friend worked there, but she’s no longer there so I’m going back to USAA. Last time I called their 800 number to find out about a claim, I could barely hear the staffer because her (3) dogs were barking so loudly in the background
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9 months ago, WakeRun
The app itself is pretty good. Intuitive interface, didn’t take long to navigate to find what I came for. What I really am not fond of is receiving an email to make a payment for policy renewal, but when I click to make that payment, it takes me to a link to download this app. Not to your website, the rational landing zone - the app. It’s like someone in corporate made a good-sized monetary investment into making a reasonably good app, then tethered a company performance metric to how many people used it, then forced it on their users. Any company that makes it harder to accept our money (especially by padding it with this nonsense) is more concerned with end-of-year statements and shareholders than the actual customer experience.
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12 months ago, yanniari07
I really appreciate their patience and I have heard excellent things from family and friends I am a new policy holder so I can only speak from the perspective of the being a new member of liberty but I will say that I appreciate the Agents patience, astuteness and knowledge Agent Bjorn helped us start our policy he was great but who completed the policy; helped finalize everything and patiently covered all of our inquiries was Agent Kaylin, she was patient and excellent. I will update as time goes on but I believe and I’m hoping Liberty mutual and my will have a long lasting great relationship. Thank you Liberty Mutual!
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1 year ago, Rob 5687
Worst company imaginable
I had liberty mutual and it auto renewed for years. I got a letter in the mail from the Secretary of State and it said I have to have liberty mutual confirm my insurance. I called and they said I don’t have a policy and it was cancelled. I tell them I have no Information on this and nobody contacted me at all. After a few transfers and everyone saying they dunno what happened someone said it was cancelled due to an accident in 2021 and that they emailed me. I said I have a lot of spam and you can see the email was never opened or replied to. Why didn’t you idiots send me a text to my phone like any reputable company. They had no answers. My ticket was thrown out of court and the accident wasn’t even my fault but they still dropped me and didn’t tell me Stay away from this garbage company and it’s incompetent reps.
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2 years ago, liberty mutual is horribel
I’m probably going to sue for what I have dealt with from this company
8 months ago I told your company to stop using a card and to take it off because it got hacked and I have dealt with the fees and having to fix it myself and finally got it taken off a month ago and on top of that I called to ask what we could do for payments because I am broke and Covid has pretty much hit me very hard and I was told to change my insurance because they didn’t want to help me set up payment and then I call to ask why it’s $600 for two months when I pay $268 a month and I get well it’s because you ended with us no I had no other choice I had no money he was trying to find a way that I could pay with my next paycheck and I got told not an option so honestly worst car insurance company ever have a great day
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1 year ago, TarynVille
Get it Together Liberty Mutual
THIS APP IS USELESS! This is so frustrating! There have been issues with the app & online services for months now. I’m a returning customer and opened a new policy at the end of February and haven’t been able to access any of my *active* policy information, documents or payment information. I keep getting emails to sign something but can’t. I talked to a rep via chat a month ago to have paperwork sent via mail, and received nothing. I tried using the chat feature checking in daily for a week now to follow up and there are no agents available for chat now. It’s so frustrating that there is NO way for me to mange my account on the app or otherwise unless I call in. I genuinely don’t understand how Liberty Mutual hasn’t resolved the issue with the app or online.
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2 years ago, KatressOfficial
Brutally awful.
Check and recheck that your policy actually covers you for specifically what you need a policy for. Luckily I was driving a passenger when I got hit because lo and behold, no rideshare endorsement despite explicitly stating from the outset that I would be driving the vehicle exclusively for rideshare. It then took almost an hour on three separate calls because reps kept hanging up or sending me to the wrong department when I told them my issue. Eleven months I have been driving around essentially uninsured!! My issue has still not been resolved. Reps will also not allow you to talk to a supervisor, even though they allegedly exist because when I finally got ahold of a rep who seemed knowledgeable and sympathetic about my issue they allegedly had to fill out a form and escalate it to a, you guessed it, supervisor.
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2 years ago, Andres Martinez Recio
Excellent customer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hello, My name is Andres Martinez, I am taking this opportunity to express my opinion regardless the excellent experience I had speaking with one of your insurance agents the name Sergio. He was extremely clear and patiently explaining step by steps about the car policy and quotes. He utilized the anticipatory customer service and convinced me to switch to Liberty Mutual. I love the technology futures the insurance mobil app offers to me. He wasn’t pushy, he gave me the time to think and decided to move along with the change. If would be for his bilingual skills I probably wouldn’t do business with this company. He went though about everything. It was easy and quick to switch and satisfied with the costs. I just could say your company is very fortunate to have an employee that works with partnership and knows how to make customer comfortable and happy. Please give him a hat up for his excellent job. Thank you Best regards Andres
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2 years ago, davidwegs
Simple and almost perfect
This app is one of those you don’t need much, so you loose track of how to find things … but because it’s so simple, it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember, they make it pretty easy to find almost everything… almost. Can never find the CS phone number. Aside from that, the ability to change things, including how/when you pay and the access to ID cards, is great. In short, I use the app, a few times a year, and it’s pretty easy to use every time. Good job Liberty.
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2 years ago, Boo-Boo the first ever
The best insurance
I’ve looked around at insurance all over liberty mutual was the cheapest insurance by far, an I was also able to add more coverage on my vehicle! It was Still cheaper!The app is also amazing if you believe your a good driver like I think I’m a pretty good driver I drive the speed limit I buckle up the simple things you do every day can save you tons of money! You literally don’t have to do anything but download an app! I absolutely love it! I am so great full I called for a quote! Was the best decision I ever made! Thank you liberty mutual!
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1 year ago, C-Mo79
I called Liberty Mutual after finding out my policy increased more than 35% without any reason. I spoke with Ashanti, who was rude and went on for about 5 minutes explaining basically what a car insurance does (reading I’m sure from some regulatory booklet) and without giving me a reasonable answer to why, despite I didn’t have any accident, no violations, and have been a good customer, my policy increased close to 36% (over $550 yearly). This is unacceptable. Inflation is a 6% not 36. I am going do a full report on Liberty Mutual to the Better Business Bureau this weekend. In the meantime I’ll start looking for another car insurance. I would strongly suggest you do the same!
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1 year ago, piedcheee
All current clients and potential future clients
I called this company day to find out some information and learned they have an allowed someone to add a home insurance policy to my automobile policy. I received a letter in the mail for the bill. I’m not a homeowner never had homeowners insurance through this company and more importantly, I’ve spoke with someone on the phone. They transfer me to a voicemail to report the fraud, and nobody even answers. It goes to a voicemail, who, since potential fraud cases to voicemail only Libertymutual shame on Libertymutual shame on Liberty Mutual I have been calling all day to get help with fraud on my account and get this disinformation’s to prevent me being turned the collections because they’re billing me for account I never had. Very very, very poor customer service.
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2 years ago, Mayoqueen
Don’t do automatic payments too early!
Got my new insurance with Liberty a few days early before I needed it on a Friday. Paid the down payment and then first installment was to withdrawal a month and a few days later. On that Monday BAM! I got hit with my first installment. Sure it made my total monthly premium less, but this payment was NOT authorized to be made this early. Then trying to get a human (or a text even!) on the phone is impossible!!! Reading the reviews I’m sad to see I’m not alone. This is probably the worst experience ever with an insurance company. You guys are so far even worse than The General. Lol To those that can’t sign your docs, I had the exact same problem. If you turn your phone sideways it may help because this is what I had to do.
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3 years ago, TimmoJulz
For the 21st Century - Skip Liberty Mutual
I had an accident that was not, as other insurance companies have informed me, my fault in ANY way, but because I apologized to the other party during a video recording Liberty Mutual determined that I was not worth the absurd amount of money I pay them monthly to be in my corner. Liberty Mutual will NOT fight for you in the event of an accident. They will NOT have your back in ANY way. If you have a choice, do NOT choose this insurance company. It is all but a certainty that they will abandon you & then raise you rate on the following term. Thank God they have a catchy commercial, because that’s about the extent of the pride customers will have in the reliance upon an insurance company that doesn’t care about you - ONLY the money they consider you to be worth to their bottom line. Choose a better company. Period!
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12 months ago, rabjat
Lousy company, but cheap
The insurance with Liberty Mutual is inexpensive because they don’t really have any agents. It takes forever to get anyone on the line and you don’t talk to the same person every time. Earlier this year we bought a new home and bought insurance for it with Liberty Mutual. About six months later we happen to look online for one of our other policies, and discovered there was no homeowners insurance. Now we had gotten this insurance through escrow so we know it had to be completed, however, Liberty Mutual said that we had called and canceled the policy. We would never cancel our home insurance policy without having a policy in place. We went under uninsured for about six months because Liberty Mutual dropped the ball.
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4 years ago, HeyHiHo
Impossible to register. Never sends confirmation email.
Fill out your email and policy number and... the app never sends the confirmation email. Tried multiple times with 5 email accounts on three different providers... iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo. All my accounts are working perfectly. Checked all the junk boxes. The app just never sent any confirmation emails, period. I did everything right, even called up Liberty Mutual and trouble shot things. No matter what we tried, no confirmation email was ever sent. Hence it is impossible to register.
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