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Libib, Inc.
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Libib

4.41 out of 5
717 Ratings
3 years ago, w_booked
easy to use & great to catalog growing collection
I love buying books and adding them to my collection. As my collection kept growing though it became difficult to remember all the books I already owned so that I didn’t purchase them again. So I tried several apps to catalog my books, but haven’t really loved one yet. I found Libib through a blog post by a book lover and decided to give it a try. At first glance it ticked a lot of the boxes that the other apps didn’t, such as a cute aesthetic and easy to use. I was able to scan my books super fast and have a count of how many I have. Although I am liking Libib right now, I am still on the fence if this is going to become my book app. I really wish that instead of just having a list of the books that I have that it would show the cover of the book. Sometimes when I’m searching for a book I can recognize the cover a lot easier than having to read through all the titles. I wish there was an option for a list view or a library view. Book lovers love a good book aesthetic and we love admiring our book libraries and wish that Libib could add a virtual book library that looked like our real one.
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5 years ago, Charlie Robison
Easy with excellent customer service
I’ve recently started to use this app to catalog my library. I really appreciate how quickly and efficiently I’m able to do this. Even with some of my older books that do not have a barcode on the back, I’m still able to easily enter the information manually. Not to mention, 5000 is quite a large number for us to be able to use it for free. A lot of other apps I’ve found has severely limited me. What really sold me on this app is their customer service. I had a question about using it and whenever I click on the “contact” button, it allowed me to send an email to somebody who sent me an email within an hour of receiving my request. After he answered my questions throughout the day, he took my suggestions as to how to make the app better. I would like to see a little bit of improvement on the next update about user interface and having the app portray the same visual as far as alphabetizing and groups that that web browser had, but the customer service and willingness to receive my suggestions over email makes me put them at five stars regardless. He said he would consider what I had said as a builder new update.
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5 years ago, MoreLove LessHate
Highly recommended for personal collections
I had been wanting to catalog my growing book and record collection for quite a while. This year it was one of my New Years resolutions to finally get it done. Like most people, I started my project with a quick google and found Libib. I went with the free plan as my collection is not yet over 5,000 items and I wasn’t sure how long it would remain my highest priority. I downloaded the app and quickly realized it was much easier than I had thought. To add books you just scan (by it taking a photo) of the barcode on the back of the book. Instantly it will show a photo and the title of the book. I have a lot of antique books as well and those can be added manually by typing the Title, ISBN, Author, etc. It would be nice if it had the ability to add a photo to the titles added manually, and also to utilize the check out system on the free platform, maybe with a limited number of items checked out at one time? I love to share books with friends, but it’s hard to remember who borrowed what. TLDR; really easy to use. Would recommend to a friend.
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2 weeks ago, Arielokinawa
Great app with a lot of potential to grow
I downloaded the app earlier this week. Both my husband and I began scanning our books to enter our libraries and the in app scanner makes it super easy. I wish there were a few more ways to sort-by group or release date. Or the ability to sort by author and release date! It would also be nice to display the cover art while scrolling through a library. Having to select an item to see its cover hides so much great art! Also, I can see the potential for this app to grow, even if a premium version with a price is needed to make it happen. It could be used this to track my Pop Vinyl collection or any other type of collectable. I am not sure if vinyl records scan under music but my husband will give it a try. Also-comics, graphic novels, manga etc. We will continue to use and learn but great app out the gate. I hope it grows with time and allows more cataloging in the future!
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2 years ago, Kimmy891
love the website like the app
i love the website which lets you see the cover as well as add tags that can be used to filter and search your collection. honestly the website is nearly perfect (and might actually be perfect if i tried the pro version) but the app is a bit bare bones. it lets you scan your books and see a list of the ones you own as well as search, but you can’t see the cover or filter tags (though you can see them) so for now I’m scanning my books on my phone than tagging and editing them on my computer. honestly I highly recommend them and I hope they’ll continue to grow and make improvements. I’d love to be able to group books together since I collect a lot of series, it would be nice to be able to collapse all 13 of one series down into 1 group on my book list (i collect manga so some of those have 45 books with the same title just a different volume)
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1 year ago, NotAznAsia
Would be perfect if you could view by cover instead of title
I do really like the app but I find myself using the website to access my library instead. I love the ability to use my phones camera to quickly add new volumes by scanning the barcode. The editing working just like the website and it’s a nice ui. However it doesn’t make sense for there to be only one option to view your collection (title only) when your website has three options (Title, Cover image, and Summary). Since I collect manga and graphic novels being able to see the covers of the books I own is really important, I want to enjoy the art and be able to quickly see which volumes I own. Only allowing your users to view their collections by a long list of titles is quite limiting and monotonous especially since you already offer that viewing experience on your website. It disincentivizes people to use the app over the website. Please consider adding cover and summary view to the app.
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11 months ago, BradyMODE
Convenience & Ease (w/ a few suggestions)
The scan bar search and library base is about 90% successful. Many of my SKUs are rare, limited, or imported, so at 90% I’m not complaining. BMG Direct, Columbia House, TimeLife, and similar CD/DVD items are not recognized. They were never intended as “retail” SKUs and that’s probably why Libib doesn’t recognize them. So, you have to input those manually. The ability to customize or manually input items may be time consuming, but at least you have that option! I like the “cover photo” option for obscure or unlisted items so I can add my own photo. The biggest feature that would be nice to have is the song titles for each album. But the user CAN copy and paste those in from elsewhere, which is a plus. Lastly, a print option and more filters would be ideal. Overall, I really enjoy this app and recommend it to anyone with a large music collection.
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4 years ago, kkrnorth
Terrific app
Terrific and simple to use. I have an extensive library of over 3500 books and have a difficult time keeping up with what i own, which are my favorites, where a book is located, which books my Dad has read (i take him new ones to read each week) and even which books i’ve owned but sold. This app helps me to do all of that. Easiest to add new books using the ISBN scanner which often pulls in a book cover and review but offers manual entry of the title, author and a review. You can organize by “library” as well, which helps me to locate which shelf of place the book on. I’ve been using this app for several years now and love it. My aunt needed something to record the church library books on and I recommended this app because it has a public feature which makes the library catalog accessible to the public so church members know what books are in the library.
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2 years ago, keepinitsquatchy
Simple is better
While not 100% in depth with the way you can organize books, movies, etc. it’s still fully functional and accurate. The simple design looks sleek and attractive while not being too flashy. And the ability to find any book, by scanning the barcode, saves so much time. There is also information on each book located within the book listing itself. And again, while not extensive in the amount of information listed, it’s still a fair amount and much more than one would need for logging a collection. The current limit for free members is 5,000 books and I’m not sure if you’re in the library of Alexandria but you won’t nearly reach that limit before you log all of your books. So the limit is perfectly fine. All in all this is a great app and will do exactly what you need it to.
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4 years ago, JamesEurovagens
Easy bit could do a bit more...
Super easy to add your books by either scanning the barcode or entering manually. Only thing I don’t like (I just may not have figured it out yet... but) is that I can’t rearrange/sort the books according to publication date/series/book # so you have to pay attention to what I’m picking up and sort them manually before scanning them in. Which the downside to that is that when you have a series already and an author publishes another edition to a series it will only add it as a recent edition to your library which makes it hard because you then have to scroll to find a book and make sure you haven’t either bought it or read it instead of just easily finding a series and looking through that list. If you want to add series you have to make an entire separate list for each series.
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4 months ago, spo0pyLilac
It could look better
While it’s fine just listing titles, I would much rather be able to see the covers of my books! It’s hard to remember a book sometimes just based off its title but seeing the cover of it reminds me about it right away! Also for the listings too, I personally categorize by authors, and seeing no difference in change of category when selecting is kinda bothersome. For example it’s still a bunched up list and there no brackets to separate them by letter. With the negatives out of the way here are my positives! I love how easy it is to scan a book and find it, as well as being able to manually put in the barcode. I am also really impressed by the books limit for this free app! 5000 is a rather high number and I appreciate that 😂👍 That’s all I have to say, if there was a way to change the visual formatting to be more aesthetically pleasing I would greatly appreciate it :]
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10 months ago, Littlefoot0143
Just got so can’t really give it more stars yet.
I just got this app and so far it seems good. There are a few changes I would make on the app. 1. When you are looking at each page you have created like books for example it would be nice to see the book icon there next to the title of the book. 2. It would be nice to see my books in a shelf form instead of a list. That way I am looking at the cover of the book instead of a list of books. 3. It would be wonderful if you could add board games to this app. We have a ton of games, puzzles, and the like and there is not a app to put everything all together with my books and video games and movies. It would be great to just be able to open one app and have it all there. This coming from a person who has at least 600 books, 200 video games, 200 movies and 300 board games. Will update with more stars if they are warranted.
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2 years ago, SmurfetAZ
Not pulling accurate info on ANY scan
Appears that this system is reading barcodes as ISBN not as UPC and using that information to pull from its database to load data. UPC codes are what barcode readers read. UPC codes are not always static. Unlike ISBN a UPC can be reassigned to different products. As a result, if an older UPC has been reused by a more recent product and that newer product is also associated with an ISBN you’ll get incorrect item information every time. Because there is no option to correct either the UPC or the ISBN and there is no way to add manually by entering the ISBN, only by adding ALL of the item’s information, this app is essentially worthless when seeking to use the scan feature and is incredibly burdensome when using the manual entry add option. Consequently, this app fails 100%. It would be easier for me to build my own database by hand if I am going to have to manually input every piece of data for every title in my personal library, which has several thousand items.
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4 years ago, mazdapazda
Great app! Easy to use. Hoping for improvements!
This app works with the cloud-based version which if you have a tablet might actually work better for most people. I think that functionality would be greatly improved by a few changes. Tags are most useful if you can search them independently from other fields. The option to display the library by icon, icon and short description, or text would really help the look and use of the. Autohiding the description on the item page seemed unnecessary since it was already hidden on the library list page. Finally, when sorting the library by author on the library list page, the author name should be listed above the title and in a larger font. I Love the product!
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4 years ago, Megtequila
As I teacher I am overwhelmed with the number of books I own in my personal library. I was looking for an app to help me organize my library. I did a Google search and this app popped up. I decided to go with this app since it has a barcode function. It was extremely easy to begin scanning my books. Since many of my books are trade books, they didn’t scan. The manual function allowed me to enter the title, author, and even upload a picture of the cover. In 30 minutes I was done. One function that I would would be a additional bonus for me is a notes section. This would allow me to add additional comments. I would like to make note of what book I use for each skill I am teaching.
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4 years ago, kaylafur
Great App for Being Free
While the cons seem longer than the pros I do like this app and feel with a couple updates it could be worthy of five stars. Most of my gripes have to do with cover images. I’m a very visual person, I prefer to see the covers rather than text. Pros: Ability to create different bookshelf collections. No monthly contract fee. Easy to use. Cons: Images do not show up in the list view, you have to select the specific book/movie to see the cover. Inability to switch list view for cover grid view of specific bookshelves. Inability to search for books/movies by title or author to add them to a collection, only barcode search or manual entry. Inability to add books and movies to the same collection (I have all my Harry Potter books and movies in one place and I had to create two separate lists for them). Inability to add cover image while creating a manual entry, you need to submit the entry then find the record in with everything else and add a cover image. Many barcodes unable to be found in their search (my Harry Potter Blu-rays could not be found by barcode scanning and had to be manually entered).
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5 years ago, Go St. Pauls Bears
So easy to use
The program is easy to use. Very intuitive. We are inputting books at a rate of about 120/day. We don’t meet daily but so far we have put in 1042 out of 6500 books in 5 weeks. It would go faster but our small private school library runs on volunteers only. We also have to input a call # specific to our library. We also our inputting AR ranges, Caldecott status and other searchable information. The batch editing is great for some of these functions. The libib representative has been extremely helpful in our decision to chose libib and has answered all our questions since acquiring it. The school discount has been helpful too. I just wish we would have found libib sooner.
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5 years ago, smviolinfan95
Useful but needs updating
I found this app when I was moving my stuff in with my now husband at his apartment, and I’ve gotta say, it’s been a giant help! I find it extremely useful, especially when I want to finish collecting sagas I love watching! The only thing I would have to change about this, though, would have to be the database. There’s probably 20% of my movies that can’t be found when scanning their barcodes to log them in, and although I’m glad there’s the manual entry option, when I’m in a bit of a rush, I don’t really cherish the idea of having to type everything with two kinda slow thumbs. All in all, I definitely recommend getting this app! It’s so useful and has saved a LOT of hassle!!
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6 years ago, BraveHen
Good, for the most part
I really do like this app. It’s a really handy way to keep track of your collection of media in an easy-to-find manner. I can also leave notes on certain items that let me know who is borrowing what. The ability to scan items instantly into my inventory saves a ton of time. Some suggestions would be the ability to upload a picture to books that are entered manually, or so old they don’t have an ISBN and can’t be found in the database. Another thing that’s really annoying is whenever I change the content of something, after I do so, it scrolls all the way back up to the top of the list, making it so I have to scroll alllll the way down and find where I left off.
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5 years ago, Curly8980
Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for!
This app is golden. You can create your own personal media library. Not only can you scan your products for faster data entry, but they don’t charge you after like 10 scans like their similar app competitors do. In addition, you can add tags to each movie (like Disney, Kids, Romance, etc.) which is exactly what I was looking for in a library app so I can easily search for a movie type within a universal movie list. This is the first app I have come across to do this and to do it for free. I highly recommend! I hope they continue to add more features! Like showing a picture in the list. I will be using this for life!
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7 years ago, theglfr
Just a few suggestions
I have been through several apps trying to find the perfect one for keeping track of my growing library. This app offers that and more with the option for music and movies as well. However, I do have a few suggestions: 1) Ability to add pictures to the books I do have to add myself 2) More than just two ways of sorting each library I make. For example, to have the overall sorting be by author (creator as your have it) but then to be able to manually move titles so that I may place my book series in order underneath each author. Most of my books are series and many of my authors have multiple series but the title are all mixed together. I'd rather not have different libraries for each author (I'd have way to many). Probably something similar to the movies to ensure series stay together as well since not all are just Title, Title 2, Title 3, etc. Thanks! That's really all! I do love this app and it's one of the better ones I've used! It's really more like 4.5 stars!
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3 years ago, JustinHalls
Useful and Well Made
This app doesn’t nag you for reviews, but I’ve used it enough that they just deserve the credit. The barcode feature works well to automatically import your library of newer books. For old one I like how I can manually add as much info as I like, including a photo if I want to. The fact it doesn’t force me to provide the comprehensive info is thoughtful on the designer’s part. So far I’ve just used this to organize books into boxes while moving, but I’m planning to continue once they are back on shelves. I might even use it to keep track of loaners and what books I’ve left behind at the family cabin. Great app!
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5 years ago, KamDior
They don’t respond to emails
I purchased the Libib pro account to use as a hub for my company’s development library and I think that it’s a really good platform. The one issue that my employees have been having is that we’ve had a couple of questions come up with setup, user functionality, or certain features not working the way that they are supposed to. At that time we’ve sent emails, regarding each of the above issues, to the company and have never received a response on any of them. These emails date back to the beginning of January with follow up emails having been sent. I don’t understand how you can charge someone on a monthly basis, but not provide adequate customer service. It’s honestly very unprofessional. There is no point in having a “HELP” section, if you don’t actually “HELP” when people request it.
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3 years ago, Alaska Ron
Best library app out there!
I’m so impressed I donated in appreciation for them offering their free plan without being nagged or shown endless adverts. The app works well, can support multiple libraries (mine and my daughter’s books are in separate databases), and is attractive. The app is easily searched and it is straightforward entering books. My only wish is that one could browse by book cover, as the web app supports. I realise on a phone this might not be ideal, but on an iPad there is lots of wasted space on the screen in list mode. Thanks for an excellent app. Well worth the donation and I’d be happy to donate again with each update.
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5 years ago, Meaniemomie
So close to perfect
Wonderful completely free app! Use barcode reader to add books the fast way. If a book has to be manually entered, you can upload a picture of the cover. The custom tag feature takes library organization to a whole new level. Use the notes section to keep track of loaned items. It does not have a separate line for location. This is the main flaw. The obvious workaround is to use the tag feature to document location. However, it would be fabulous to have this as a discrete item, especially if it could appear on the main screen underneath the title. Also an auto fill suggestion feature would be extremely helpful, since my location tag has to show room, bookcase and shelf. Having to retype a complicated tag is tedious and also has a lot of potential for error. It would be nice to be able to jump to a letter instead of scrolling thru thousands of books. Also helpful would be a way to keep series together and listed in order.
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4 years ago, BobbyV5
One Small Flaw
I really like this app due to its ease of use, but there is one flaw that I wish the developers would fix. The “add” button in very close to the “delete” button, so close that it is very easy to accidentally delete an item when trying to add one. Once the item is gone, the app doesn’t tell you what you just deleted or give you a chance to undelete it. A fix would be to either separate the add and delete buttons, provide you with the ability to track or reverse the deletion, or give you an “Are you sure you really want to delete this (named) item?” before it disappears forever.
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10 months ago, Smubear
Highly recommend
I’ve been looking for an app like this for over a decade. I can’t believe I never noticed it. It’s perfect for my extensive manga collection. The basic account is more than enough as it allows you to edit most of the information. However, I loved it so much I upgraded to pro. The pro version has the option to add the cover images next to listed items and the batch function on the web makes grouping and tags so much easier. I can finally stop accidentally buying duplicates.
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4 years ago, Babyteef
Great FREE App
Here’s the thing - Libib does it all but it’s missing some simple features that I never complain about because it’s free. I have a massive VHS Tape collection. 📼📼📼📼 Libib is able to scan the barcode and add all of the information about the movie right into my library. Directors, Actors, Date of Release, everything. I have a collection of DVD’s and books as well. Not quite as large as my vhs tapes! So here’s what it is missing (no big deal but would be nice): 1) When scrolling a massive library of tapes it would be nice to have the alphabet on the side of the phone to tap the letter you’re looking for versus scrolling through a thousand movies to get to “Z” 2) adding photos to manually entered movies/media. For the anal retentive - having s photo to coincide with the cataloged info would be awesome. That’s that. If the developers added the two options there wouldn’t be a better free application for keeping track of your media collection(s).
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5 years ago, andrewforlife
The perfect book/movie organizer!
I absolutely love this app! I do a lot of thrift/ second hand shopping and found myself constantly buying doubles of things I already had. Now if I’m unsure, I can just open Libib and check to see what I have! The only thing that could make the app better would be a searchable catalog where you can add items to your collections. I have to use the manual entry feature a lot, and while I love it, it can get a bit time consuming. I do love that I’m able to add my own photos so I can check the condition, edition, etc. of my items.
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7 years ago, SpiralArchitect
Potential to be great
A few things need serious change. Search categories, or even just the ability to jump to a certain letter without scrolling through the whole thing, are necessary. Image view as opposed to list view option would be good also. As for the social, this has big potential if much improved. Allow friends to view one another's collections more simply, and to search our collective libraries (for example, I want to be able to search within mine and my friends' collections to see if one of us has something - with a single search). Also, why can I not view friend's collection in the app (takes to web)? A few updates could make this a really good app.
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5 years ago, Shari333
Wonderful tool for organizing books!
My books are so much more organized now. I know what I have and where to find it. The tags work great. I work in a preschool and often want books about a certain topic and this has allowed me to find all of them easily. My old system was to enter them in a spreadsheet manually. This is so much easier to keep updated! My only suggestions would be to have the option of ordering alphabetically by author in groups and the ability to get down the list without having to scroll. But, hey, it’s free!
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6 years ago, TeacherRP
Like it, but having issues
I’m using this app to run my classroom library, and it’s been better than my old paper system, but...I still have to use the paper system when the book is old enough that it won’t scan (and the “can’t find its” seem to be happening more frequently, even on current books with barcodes and ISBNs such as books from Scholastic). Also, since the most recent iOS update, the app freezes on me every time I go away from it and come back. The fact I can’t add patrons from app but have to go to the online system frustrates me. And even when I look up a book on the app, it doesn’t tell me if it’s already checked out and to whom (unless I try to check it out again)—I have to look that up online. I hate having to switch back and forth. It slows me down in a classroom setting where I can’t spend a lot of time fiddling. Again, I like it, and I love the ease of scanning (when it actually finds the book), but the inefficiencies are making me consider other systems.
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3 years ago, Judith Angela
Pictures please
I enjoy this app over other apps meant to organize your library. I love that it also has an option for other media besides books as I collect a lot of things. One things that I really wish for is to have images of the covers. I like looking at my covers and I can easily spot If I already have it on my collection or not. Other apps have image covers and I would leave my other one if this one had that feature. Fingers crossed hopefully soon
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6 years ago, Awesome boy8889879
Scans great
Helped me scan my collection of 60 books in like 5 minutes or less, which was nice My only problems are once it’s scanned, things could look a little nicer (functionality wise it’s great) Here are my ideas: - a setting (OPTION) to make a library default (I only use this for my home library so it’s kinda pointless for me to choose which library everytime) - inside of a library, instead of only a list option have an option to display it with the covers showing, like in iBooks -a ‘choose me a book from X category’ might be cool - more color schemes? -upload images for covers of books that didn’t scan (I buy used books, and sometimes the barcode has stickers over it and won’t scan) Thanks, and great app!!! It really does its core job well, which is what matters the most, so I give it 5 stars
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1 year ago, crownzeal
The best
Easy and essential app! I’ve been using this for years and finally supported the app developers with a donation. It’s that good. Scanner feature is amazing and let me catalog my 500 books with ease. Love the export function which allows me to keep an Excel list of my books offline, too. Has saved me SO MANY times from buying a duplicate book! Now I check my library before buying any books to add to my collection. Love this app so much!
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4 years ago, Thundra😉😻
Easy to use and Very Helpful!
I find that Libib has extremely useful and easy to access features. The scanning is accurate and convent. I love creating “to read” list just by scanning the books in the bookstore that interest me! I can create book lists to recommend/gift for people I know. I can create a book list of my favorites and never read agains (not that there are many!) And I can’t express my gratitude for the lack of ads, nagging subscriptions, and whatnot. Very good app, 5/5 from me.
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6 years ago, HelloKittyLovesAngryBirds
Individual user here - batching editing please!
I’ve been looking for an app in which I can keep track of all of my books. I want to be able to mark them as read or unread or started, etc. and add dates read as well. I find this app to be relatively pretty. What I find monumentally frustrating is having to edit every book individually and after editing one, it scrolls back up to the top and I have to scroll to find where I was. I would love to be able to batch edit without having to buy the Pro version, as the Pro version has entirely too many features I do not need as an individual user who just wants to keep track of my 600+ books.
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5 years ago, TolkienAboutBooks
Best Book App Ever!!!
This app is seriously the best book app ever! I literally downloaded every single app in the App Store for organizing books but this was the only one I liked! The only thing that I would ask is if you could allow users to add their own pictures of books through the app? I saw that that feature is available on a desktop but it would be a lot easier to be able to upload it via a mobile device! Thank you for this amazing app!
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12 months ago, ChuckBevitt
Doesn’t have auto tagging
This is a great app that’s missing one important feature, auto tagging. This would be the ability to select one or more tags and then have that tag automatically applied to everything you scan. For instance: Box 1, Box 2, etc. I have contacted the developer to suggest this, and also added that it would be fair to charge a small upgrade fee in the App Store for this feature.
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6 years ago, E.F.Shore
Great way to stay Organized
Among my friends I am the real life walking, talking, dancing, singing Disney's Belle. I look like her and I read....a lot just like her. Having this app has been so good because now when I walk into a book store, I can quickly browse what I own and it buy a second copy because I was unsure. I am able to help people I meet decide on their next book to read and I've gotten others excited about reading again too. I love this app
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6 months ago, Lullebelle
Very good app to sort my books and music
I had a traumatic move after renting a home for 46 years which landlord sold without telling us. Now, in small senior apartment and I Love I have found this app. Scans books quickly, (some I have to enter manually), but I’ve only had app a few days and I’m very pleased with it and feeling order is coming out of the chaos. Thank you very much to the developers.
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7 years ago, GaryGlitz
Great design and functionality
Love everything about this app. The UI is clean, well-designed and easily navigable. The app has all the features I could want or need. The first thing I do when purchasing new books is scan them into my home library. From there, I can track what I've read and when as well as which books I've abandoned. It's great for keeping tabs on an ever-growing library. Couldn't stay organized without it!
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4 years ago, Nicki2002
LOVE this app!
Can’t believe something this useful is free. I read over 100 books a year, most from the library. To keep track of them, I used to create a table in MS word then copy and paste the info from the library etc etc...very tedious. Now, click, and it’s done! I enter any notes I want to make about the book or a tag and it’s done. If you like this app, please donate to them to keep it free. (P.S. I am not affiliated with the coders just an appreciative fan.)
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4 years ago, J.S Merchant
Libib Is AMAZING!!!!
I LOVE Libib! I am a big reader and I want to share books with my friends and reel them into the world of readers. I wanted a way to keep track of my books like a library, and I remembered my third grade teacher using a site named Libib. I decided to get it, and I have no regrets. You can have up to 100 separate libraries and 500,000 books even without Libib Pro! I can tell you, my friends will be quite impressed when I show them what this app can do.
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4 years ago, nicki99508
This is such a great app for cataloging a personal library! I use it for books, cds, movies (on disk and digital), and sheet music. Whatever doesn't come up with the barcode, I just enter manually. It's great to be able to know what I have at home when I'm out and about. My only request of change is the ability to select cover images off a local photo album, rather than it having to be captured then and there
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4 months ago, Zdeb626
Bibliophile’s Dream
I couldn’t live without this app. It keeps track of all my books. You can add notes, like your book is signed. You can check out books to your friends and never worry about forgetting who has it. I borrow books and make a record of that so I remember who to return them to. There are so many uses and the app is simple to use and understand.
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1 year ago, AccurexInc
Vastly better than the alternatives
I don’t write app reviews often, but Libib is an awesome app. Its barcode search feature is by far the best compared to similar apps; it can even find books from lesser known publishers. The app UX can be improved, but it’s quite functional as is. One small improvement that can be done is the ability to add a tag to multiple selected books.
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2 years ago, nfcole95
Great Way to remember what you own
I downloaded this app because I wanted an easy way to collect a list of the books I already owned in my home library. My only complaint or suggestion would be an option to share my lists to friends so they can see what books I own. That way I can lend out books without having to send them screenshots or something for them to look at.
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11 months ago, Texyank
Good app to keep track of books
I wanted an app that could keep track of all the books that I read to my granddaughter from birth on. This app does that very well. It is easy to look up what we have already read and I like the fact it tells me how many we have read. We are shooting for 1000 books before kindergarten. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Chagonz
Libib - maybe
Got it with high hopes / seemed like a great way to catalogue my 2,000 volume collection - am using it albeit very slowly. It’s clunky, the photo upload feature works haphazardly and moving around the collection isn’t easy - would be great if I could add the photo while imputing the data for the book instead of having to save it then go back out then in to edit and add a photo - so the whole process takes twice as long as it needs to Pls fix this
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