Lickety Split:

5 (19)
75.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Swirly Studios LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lickety Split:

5 out of 5
19 Ratings
2 years ago, DD mor
For kids and adults
Bought this when the kids were little to motivate them. Worked great!!! The kids are now 9 & 14 I’m 56. We all participate and make it fun for the entire family. Must have for kids. Highly recommend it. There is some kind of Nuro Assocation that the kids have with it that even if they don’t feel like putting their PJs on they do it anyway. Whatever the tasks it’s brilliant!!!
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3 years ago, tminer98
Only thing that motivates my kids
I can’t believe after a couple years there are only 9 reviews! We’ll here is # 10: I LOVE this timer. Yelling at my kids doesn’t work, but for some reason, Lickety Split Timer does. My daughter loves how there is a visual surprise reward if they beat the timer, I love the music. It’s just hands down the best timer for kids.
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2 years ago, Fish&Sprout
Love this app!
We have been using this app for the last 5 years and it’s so wonderful! My kids love it, I love it, and it is incredibly motivating for them. ♥️ we use it in conjunction with other motivational tools to help my ADHD kiddos complete their daily tasks. ♥️ highly recommend! We use it every day.
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2 years ago, Ewikeruge
Amazing App
The kids love it! My littlest one has adhd and this keeps her focused. I don't know what I'd do without it.
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3 years ago, Save-the-tigers
Lickety slipit
I love this app I am still a kid but it helps me so much!
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4 years ago, Manto Roto
Excellent motivator
Fun, easy to use
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12 years ago, ruskibabe
Best Help EVER
I have twin 6-yr old boys, 1 is ADHD. Our biggest battle everyday is cleaning their room. Our behavioral therapist recommended this app to motivate them to clean. OMG the INSTANT change! For a week now, we've not had one battle of wills, no screaming, no threats and the room is clean in under 4 minutes (the room timer is 4 minutes long and they race to beat the musical timer.) Afterwards I can hang out with them and play or read or cuddle while watching TV. I debuted it Monday for room cleaning, but it also has timers for brushing teeth, getting dressed and others. After their room was clean I let them play with it and they IMMEDIATELY wanted to brush their teeth using the timer. WAIT. My children were VOLUNTEERING to brush their teeth for a full 2 minutes?!? I can't thank my therapist and this app enough for the INSTANT change for the better in my family.
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12 years ago, ManishG.
Great Application - Must buy
Thanks for making this application. I recently bought it and use it. It is really encouraging for the kids. Also keeps them on their toes and forces them to beat the challenge. Some Suggestions: 1. Custom feature would be great if you could create your own custom Events. 2. Custom time should be more like choose your own time as few things may take more than 4 minutes. Home work may take 15 minutes. 3. Multiple events- for example Getting ready is a series of events that you could plan one after. 30 minutes for getting ready - timer 1 - potty - 5 min and then continue Timer two - brush 3 min and then timer 3 shower - 5 min and so on. This way parents don't need to continuously set the timers every single time and day. Its the same thing which is repeated daily. Would appreciate if these features are added soon. It will make this application great. Thanks again. Manish
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12 years ago, Rachellphace
Amazing just one flaw
I was searching for a timer to use for my 4 year old when she cleans her room. She has ADHD so cleaning a mess results in making more of a mess. We have been using a cooking timer to motivate her which was working but we were missing the visual side of it which really motivates kids with ADHD. I found this timer and was quickly amazed with the set up and concept and immediately upgraded to the paid version. I just have one complaint, I wish I could change the time that each timer could be worth. For example, 4 minutes for cleaning the room is too short. We usually give her 10-15 minutes depending on the mess, so 4 just becomes discouraging. If there is ever an update to adjust the timer for each category I would gladly give it 5 stars because it really is a great little app and I can see it becoming a huge part in structure for my princess.
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10 years ago, ShawneeBee7
Love it!
Our daughter had been using a sticker chart to keep track of her bedtime routine, but it would still go so slow! We tried this once and got her down in 4 minutes and she loved seeing the visuals. She even asked to see them as we changed her diaper! She was all smiles after using this!
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9 years ago, Mosa29
Had high hopes
This is such a great idea and it gets so close to being well executed. I use this in my classroom for timed activities and I wish there was a way to bypass the "introduction" every time. Also, there is no quit option of you accidentally hit the wrong time and then you have to sit and wait for the duck to come out and quack at you... My biggest complaint is that once the timer finishes, if you don't hit the home button right away, it freezes and you have to restart the whole app every time. I hope these issues get resolved because I really do think it is a good idea.
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11 years ago, Boomerang70.3
Gets my boy cleaning up!
This app is great. My 3 year old gets right to work as soon as we start the timer. It plays fast paced music that speeds up as time is running out. He loves pushing the "I did it" button when he is finished and the app cheers. It's cute.
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11 years ago, anelson078
Sweet APP
Love this idea!!!! Definitely need to set it for customizable times for EACH timer. For example my child takes hours to eat her meal, so now we set a timer for 20 minutes. When timer is up her meal is taken away till mealtime.
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10 years ago, SunshineAV
Luv it. Glad we bought
My daughter still uses it at 8 yrs to brush teeth and she loves picking her own songs. She also likes seeing the "prizes'. Like when the little guy eats a pb&j
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10 years ago, SassiFaye
You have to upgrade to the paid version so that you can customize your own time. Also, it won't let you pick your own time and own music together. It's either or. Would be very nice to be able to do both at the same time.
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9 years ago, NYNCDM
Great app!
Really motivates my children. Bedtime used to take an hour. This app makes me one happy mama!
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4 years ago, wtjmz
Do not update! No longer works :(
I’ve been using this app for years. I updated it today and now it no longer lets me use most of the timers without paying. I am so disappointed. This was a really great app. I regret updating it. I didn’t realize that updating would take away most of its function :(
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9 years ago, Linzgps02
This app is great my kids love it, and it helps to keep them on task. I just wish that they had longer times 10,15,30.......
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11 years ago, Omid Row
Great app
Once the music starts my niece and nephew are off to the races cleaning their room, and getting dressed.
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11 years ago, zrobinson1
Greatest App
This is the greatest app created by humans ever!!!!!! Its a game to clean up. GENIUS!!!!!
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11 years ago, Emict
Good for small kids
Good for small kids
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10 years ago, aebjdaj
Crashes every time I try to select a new song
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