LifeLock Identity

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NortonLifeLock, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LifeLock Identity

4.79 out of 5
67.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Now I Know!!
Internet Technician used 2mobiles & 1 Land-line &!put my nbrs in his name & at his home address!!
After 50 yrs+ of services with AT&T, they could not find my name, address, or phone nbrs in their data base, which meant aid I’d not exist! A brave young lady discovered why I has NO Internet on my phone, Desk Top & TV. Her records reflected that I did not own my phone or & that wasn’t chilling enough….. AT&T informed me that there was -0- in their records, & I has just purchased an I-13 Pro-Max!!! I was horrified that the Internet Technician had added all 3 of my devices to his name & put on his account & listed at his his residence!! I shuddered as my New Dell had been hacked by an unknown “Administrator” & that party had taken over my 1 person Microsoft 365 & the Technician had had his hands on the old computer & the new 1 too! And I’ve spent when the 1st one couldn’t connect to the Internet, which required the purchase of a new Dell Inspiron with Microsoft 11. It’s been hacked & Im told a server outside the US us embedded in my hard-drive. All of this escalated when I became enrolled in a “Secure” program. Then, onto myWiFi & when I disconnected my modem, the neighbor's’ WiFi went out too!! — A whole yr+ period of fraud while I’ve paid My eyes of blurred allegiance are OPEN & I’m back with Norton & about to connect my New I-13 Max Pro & with Norton, I’ll be taken care of! And I’m back with AT&T too & bye-bye to neighbor’s free ride!! J
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2 years ago, lynyrd1959
Saved me thousands $$$
I have been a LifeLock member for more than 4 years now and they have literally and verifiably saved me tens-of-thousands of US dollars, maybe much more. My identity has been stolen twice since 2018 as I have a very high credit score, making me a prime target for professional hackers and thieves. That was my original reason for getting my LifeLock account. Upon the first attempt, LifeLock made freezing my credit bureau accounts and ancillary credit firms very thorough and as easy as could be at the time. LifeLock called me directly and worked with the banks and companies where the crimes had been attempted and all was resolved and secured within weeks, with no monitory loss to me and no change in my credit score. The second attack on my identity and financial accounts was about 18 months later and LifeLock stopped all attempts before they even began. LifeLock has saved me enough money to pay for the subscription cost 10 times over, for decades to come. With the Norton connection, I am even more sure now that my money, credit and identity are secure for the rest of my life. My credit score could not be any higher (literally) and I have LifeLock to thank for that.
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7 months ago, pulsns d
It’s been rough so far
I’m not sure what the issue is but as of 12/4 I am writing this due to the terrible experience I’ve had in signing up for the service. When signing up, the website glitched out and sent me back to the main page which made me think I was putting my info in on a phishing browser. I double checked and nope the domain is indeed Lifelocks…so to make things easier on myself, or so I thought, I contacted their sales department. The first sales rep sent me to India after I got frustrated with her for asking for my social several times and putting it in wrong. The last sales rep to help me apparently didn’t sign me up for credit monitoring when I told her exactly what I was looking at online. This, according to their abysmal customer support who was wrong as I was able to sign myself for credit monitoring but can’t sign up my wife. They tried to advise me I needed to cancel my subscription and repurchase which would erase all info I had entered in to be monitored, about an hour of work. Whilst trying to work towards a solution with their customer service department, I encountered a very rude CSR who forgot to mute herself and started cussing me in Hindi. Unbelievable, I was discounted for these issues but I can’t let it go now as they’ve continued to make mistake after mistake in a VERY SENSITIVE PROCESS. I will be adjusting this review after their escalation team contacts me.
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6 months ago, TruckTurner9
App provides bare minimum . Even at the premium level you expect more access to update your information or even dispute information on credit reports . However you are expected to call in to do this. Sometimes I wonder if the real threat is providing all of your information to one security platform under the premises they will protect your information. I’ve noticed other features added into the app /premium service that you already expected the service to cover or at one time did cover . For example protection from identity thieves opening accounts at a payday loan. This now has a feature you have to activate within the app ( of course at no cost) which raises the question. Is LifeLock moving the goal post when there has been a breach in order to not be reliable for a service I’m paying for ?
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3 years ago, JerBearATX
Not worth $20 a month which can’t cancel easily
I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for over an hour. I’ve tried automatic chat and it says I don’t have active subscription although my MasterCard says differently. The support page informs you that if I go to accounts page- All I have to do is press the cancel my subscription or unsubscribe feature and wallah... done.. I’ve been to account settings, my subscription, manage my subscription, support and help.. I should’ve spent the hour on hold rather trying to make it easy online as they claim. For services you receive for free from every credit card company, credit karma, and/or from the credit bureaus themselves, $20 a month isn’t worth the locking up ONLY TransUnion. When I applied for a loan, I told my bank.. oh I might need to unlock my credit for you.. they immediately responded with.. oh it’s fine. We got your info from Expedia. And Then I received notification of their inquiry from credit lock, credit karma, Expedia. You’re app should be called TransUnion lock/credit watch and notify. Misleading marketing. The services in this day and age are necessary and although I find these services needed.. it should be more broad and if you’re gonna charge a fee, do something more than what’s offered in just having an account somewhere else. Thank you. But no thank you. (That’s if I can ever find out how to cancel my subscription). Ugh.
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3 years ago, Honest1Nic
You want security? This is a good way to go!
If I could give 4.5 stars. I would. But the only reason I didn’t is the user interface doesn’t really allow you to remove leaked info from data brokers. I don’t know if there’s a fee or not - but so far all I know is I can’t in general through Norton’s service. Don’t know if your information is leaked? Passwords or usernames? Malware in your computer? Safety and protection with a secure VPN when you surf the web? NORTON HAS GOT YOU COVERED. They are extensive, I found out a few bits of my info were leaked (they look back as far as 2008!!! THATS OVER A DECADE!) Norton delivers and continues to. For such a price for Norton basic up to deluxe (and the price rate comparison is amazing just some $10 or so) you get a piece of mind for a whole year that you will be covered and protected by one of the best for the common consumer. Other than my slight problem? I thank norton - and encourage those who are skeptical to give it a try! It’s not to much and I’m quite sure you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, katman5256
After having a news website tell me my phone was infected I decided to give Norton 360 a try. The LifeLock service seems to be working ok so far but it’s hard to tell. The reason for only 2 stars is because of the VPN. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work but what I do know is most of the time I can’t get on the internet or any of my games I play. When the VPN is on it takes forever to get anywhere or I get a page not available notice. I tried to purchase something on my Walmart app and after 45 minutes of the order not going through I deleted my 3 Norton apps and “poof” my order goes through. I shouldn’t have to continually turn off the VPN to do anything. My 14 day trial is up in 5 days so I will probably cancel my subscription. One of my credit cards monitors the dark web already and I keep track of my credit scores daily so I’m not sure the subscription is warranted. Save your money and look elsewhere. I think there are better offers or products around. Maybe if things are changed I would have better things to say.
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1 year ago, Teri the Packer fan
I feel a sense of security
I have had LifeLock before and they were very good at answering my questions. I don’t have a lot so to secure the few things that I do have is a great feeling. I have worked all my life and my childhood friend did also. But her Identity was stolen and she lost everything from her retirement savings to her small mad money account. And the paperwork and the hassle of changing everything was as she put it a nightmare. Luckily for her she had a excellent agent assigned to her case so she was able get some things back. He suggested LifeLock and they stopped suspicious activity before anything happened to my niece. I highly recommend that you subscribe. No matter where you are in your life. Especially these days when you’re money doesn’t go very far and you’re savings are taking a downturn.
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3 years ago, Mtmurat
A business offered to fully reimburse me for this product after they compromised my personal information. The cost was $300+. What I received was primarily several pages of advertisements wanting me to upgrade to all kinds of other Norton products. Norton woke me up the very next morning with robocalls warning me of title activity on a home I hadn’t owned in over 21 years, but completely missed my inclusion in other data breaches (for which I know my data has been exposed). Customer service all is transferred to India- be prepared to have a language barrier and be transferred around numerous times. I cancelled this overpriced and ineffective product within 24 hours. Steer clear. **Update** I have completely canceled my LifeLock services, but now they are sending me unsolicited robo sales calls in the middle of the night. Do yourself a favor and never ever give your phone number to these people. You will regret it.
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1 year ago, MacZib
Wont update my Amex Card
LifeLock is great I have the full program 35 bucks a month keeps me feeling secure. However reason I take away a star or a half of a star is it allows all of my other credit cards except for my American Express… it was allowed originally then for no reason LifeLock disconnected it almost a year ago now and about once a month I try to reconnect it it goes through and refuses to connect. I’m so tired of the glaring warning that I just deleted it. However, I use it all the time. I hope it’s still covered Aside from the glitches it’s nice knowing my identity is protected. I have had attempts to steal it and they have caught it. They also wants helped me when a card was stolen and charges were being made right before my eyes for over $3000 in two different states 1200 miles in 1800 miles away. LifeLock is definitely the best of the identity protection services.
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3 years ago, sbulljr
Worse support ever!
Like the very worst support in history along with apple and google support and it’s a night mare literally like they over and over transport you back n forth and Norton ask for credit card info after being paid twice and will not give a number to save to bi pass Norton second security for spam numbers and over 5 times I’ve set like life lock up and off it isAutomatically one time after another and tech support argues for hours and the VPN gets shut off even when set not to and as well not compatible with other VPN and the kill switch is not secure 100% or the life lock 100% i love the program as well I support Norton 360 one hundred percent and just must have a better support than now because as of now its absolutely ridiculous literally and I’ve been with Norton 360 since March 21 and was forced to pay twice and still don’t have antivirus nor password program isn’t working properly and literally LifeLock is a night mare to talk to please help Norton 360 support supervisors!?!!
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2 years ago, 6R57
Norton 360 with Life Lock incredible value
I have been a LifeLock member for over 15 years and now with them teaming up with Norton360 is great way to protect yourself and your family from ID Theft, Home Mortgage fraud, The Dark Web, Malware and so much more plus up to a million dollars in professional help to fix it if anything were to go wrong. I have had my ID stolen and it is no fun going it alone trust me and the app makes it so simple to use. Instant VPN whether on your phone or computer if you are at your local coffee shop. So many people are sitting right next to you and they are using the open WiFi to steal your identity and with Norton360 with life lock they can stop it before it happens having the bad guy to go find another coffee shop to destroy someone else’s life unless they get Norton360 with LifeLock
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4 years ago, The katzmeow
Norton LifeLock
Not sure I am loving the change from LifeLock to Norton. At least with LifeLock all of my accounts were being monitored. When the change to Norton LifeLock I thought I would have the best of both worlds, however Norton LL can’t seem to monitor 4 of my accounts (listed as “Disconnected Accounts”) and request me to update and monitor them manually. Norton does list the disclaimer that they are not able to monitor all accounts, however, my question is “why”? If they took over from LifeLock (LL) and LL could handle these accounts, why are they having difficulty? Also, I am unable to unfreeze one of my credit accounts In “Identity Lock”. It always shows “Unavailable Try Again”. This would be a great feature if you are trying to purchase a car or large ticket item and they want to check your credit, but not if you can’t gain access to the feature to unfreeze or freeze your account. The jury is still out on for me on this company merge.
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1 year ago, Krozy
Effective security and reassurance
I actually have enjoyed the protection this app has provided quite a lot. As a professional in the cybersecurity industry I know the risks out there and wanted to make sure my assets and ID were secure. LifeLock has been on top of all happenings on my accounts and name when it has come to credit inquiries and leaks to the dark web. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by this app and plan to keep using it. I get notifications within minutes when I apply for new lines of credit and that gives me a lot of trust the monitoring is effective. As someone who has also been hacked and scammed before this gives me the reassurance that someone is watching my back.
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4 years ago, unbelievably dissapointed
Would NOT recommend
Since signing up for a family plan and downloading life lock apps to my phone and my fiancés phone both our phones freezes, internet works when it feels like, we have back out of whatever windows we have open and open a new one. This is not what I thought I was signing up for. Especially the VPN feature is horrible. This is not a coincidence because it happens with both our phones, how could that be? I’ve contacted tech support to trouble shoot and our issues are still happening . I’m only a couple of weeks into my initial signup and I’ll be cancelling this service ASAP. We literally have to disable features from the life lock app in order to operate our phones. I would not recommend this service to anyone. Everything sounds good when you sign up, but obviously Nortons Life Lock has some issues to resolve with their apps before taking your money and have you download apps onto your phone. I’m very disappointed with this service, just horrible.
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2 months ago, amh78703
Worst app
Impossible to easily manage accounts, everything requires a paid upgrade even though I thought I purchased the highest level of security, no ability to manage and monitor people and family members, security just takes you to outside sites to signup for their tools, customer service is rude and unhelpful, there are multiple apps for their multiple services, no account details so not sure which family member is protected, can't manage or have more than 1 family member on account, lifelock is completely separate so Norton will refuse to help if you have any basic questions, no chat feature on lifelock, hold times are impossibly long. Total disaster and blind way of ensuring security. Should have just signed with each credit bureau and monitored my family security that way. As of now not even sure what I just paid hundreds of dollars for and which family member is on account and being monitored. Not recommended.
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3 years ago, Bengal4life
Significant Improvement Needed.
I’ve never been a fan of NORTON anything. The old LifeLock App forces you to log into the new front end. I currently use about 9 different financial apps. This one by far has the least useable features. It needs serious improvement. To log off you must go to the menu, then into settings to find it. If you log off you reset your FACE ID feature. I don’t get that! Why does Logging off reset FACE ID? I am not a fan of apps remaining resident in storage when not in use so I use the phone feature to remove it from remaining resident and active. There are no useable features in “Settings” for customization, or account management. An option for Contact Preferences and some company acknowledgements. At $29 per month for protection I can’t say I’m seeing my Monies worth. No information to say “here’s a list of threats we protected you from this month, or no notification of potential threats, or alerts. Thinking to remove LifeLock altogether.
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1 year ago, vtxdj
LifeLock is Awesome!
LifeLock has been an absolute game-changer for me. This service provides exceptional protection and gives me the peace of mind I need in today's digital age. Setting up LifeLock was incredibly simple and hassle-free. Within minutes, my personal information was being monitored, and I felt secure knowing that LifeLock had my back. The user-friendly interface and intuitive mobile app make it easy to manage my account and stay informed. I had a weekend run with scammers trying to open accounts 7 times. LifeLock notifies me and handles all disputes with each credit card company. I highly recommend LifeLock for he value they provide.
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3 years ago, not so geeat
A far cry from the previous lifelock app.
As just about everything regarding the switch from LifeLock inc. to Norton inc., The Norton LifeLock app leaves a lot to be desired. The previous LifeLock app, when it was administered by the original lifelock corporation, was a great, great app. When Norton took LifeLock over it seem to have pinched pennies on many facets of the company and the service. Of course, the app was not spared from this pennypinching. The functionality of this Norton app is nowhere near the functionality of the previous lifelock app. I can’t even go in and update my payment information on the Norton app. The Norton LifeLock app seems to me just an afterthought rather than a full featured, fully functioning app. The previous LifeLock app iteration was an actual fully functioning app. Until Norton updates the app so that it functions as the previous lifelock at did, my review will remain as is.
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2 years ago, mr.always watching
Angel watching
I’m new to the app. I just signed up a few days ago after one of my credit cards told me that my SS was in the dark web. I was scared so I came to this app after reading reviews and my I was told about it by my girlfriend’s step father who is in cyber security. He uses the app himself and has been using it for many years. Obviously he knows what works and what doesn’t. So far it’s been easy to get everything working properly and in sync between personal information and the app. This threat is very serious and things will get worst before they get better but I feel good knowing I have a great company watching over me.
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3 years ago, Sterran
No Better
I was really excited when Norton replaced the old LifeLock app (which was so constantly glitchy, it made keeping on top of the service impossible) with its new LifeLock app. Sadly, it’s just as bad, if not worse because it’s Norton and it should at least be able to handle the tech user-interface part of its service. It leaves one wondering if this is the best a giant tech company can do? An example is how difficult it is, and often impossible, to get it to correctly retrieve and populate credentials from 1Password and then it not permitting manual pasting when it inevitably gets it wrong. So that’s the app. Regarding the service, it continually surprises me how long it takes to alert re: charges made many days before. Some of financial institutions report in as close to realtime as possible, so why does it take LifeLock, the monitoring service for which I pay, so much longer? Its actual monitoring seems good in that it has alerted me to some things requiring attention. Hopefully (fingers crossed), its assistance with any needed resolutions and financial protections are as good as it hypes them to be. If not, then the high price and many frustrations with its user-unfriendly interface make it just another tech profit scheme to get your money (capitalism’s newest iteration of insurance).
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2 years ago, johnkwhite1984
Identity Theft Is No Joke
Someone got a $500 payday loan in my name and I received an an anonymous phone call from a collection agency saying that I am going to be summoned to court and I went to my local sheriffs department and filed a report and they recommended me to get lifelock theft protection somehow even though I didn’t apply for it I am responsible to pay $1,600 plus court costs and lawyer fees. I wish that I had lifelock theft protection sooner! Lifelock is definitely recommended and they are very professional and they send you alerts when someone is using your good name and they have experts to help you get advice when your identity is becomes stolen.
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4 years ago, Sickofthizmess
I don’t know
When I first got LifeLock couple weeks ago, I was looking at different phones online on T-Mobile and did the pre approval to see how much I would be spending and literally immediately after I hit the submit button I got a notification from LifeLock asking me if I was aware of this T-Mobile thing and it thought it was pretty cool because it was an immediate notification, not the next day or hours later but IMMEDIATELY. I also did another pre approval on Verizon on a different day but I didn’t get any notification and it made me think that Norton just pick and choose when or if they want to notify you? I put it the same information for both companies but they only alerted me to 1? Makes me think that my information isn’t going to somewhat safe with Norton since I’m not receding alerts when I should be especially with information that selected to monitor, like my social
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7 months ago, 2*pups
Very lousy service
I’m with that internet protector for many years. Just several months ago I ad for me another security provider. In several minutes they find that my email for so may years is on Dark web. Norton LifeLock never before finds that. Later they informed me about . When I go to use Norton LifeLock to protect my social media accounts they not do their job they go to be judges to my personal posts. They judge me. More like 1 month before payment for next year service they take my money. That’s over $400 U.S. I call them to stop service and refund my money. They promised to do so and not done that. I called second time. They gives me another case number and promised to refund my money. Go 2 weeks and I don’t see my refund. Looks like internet privet security is overtaken by wrong people. No stars for that. P.S. I can’t sand, I need to give star.
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7 months ago, Esnied
Could be better
I like having LifeLock to monitor me, and make sure that nobody is using my name to benefit them. However, since I paid for the service, I have had several people trying to steal my identity. From my bank account, to taking out credit cards in my name, and even setup a life insurance policy in my name. In the 2 years I’ve been using this service NOTHING has been resolved in my name and my credit is definitely in the toilet because of this. I was notified that a credit card company has taken things further, and now I can’t reach anyone who works for LifeLock to help me! I’m getting very frustrated, and the only reason why I’m still using LifeLock is because of their million dollar guarantee as well as everything happening since I started using LifeLock, and I need someone who knows what to do to help me with this mess.
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2 years ago, doggirlhans
The app review
I would give it more BUT… the problem I have with the program is you are always having to re-login and I feel like that’s a big problem for something that costs what it does and is suppose to be monitoring our system and information. My question is how can it be monitoring if you are always having to re-login every time you turn around because it logs you out every 15mins because you aren’t active ? Well I don’t live on the internet 24/7 like some people do I have a life to live with other responsibilities to handle. So why can’t they make it where it monitors all the time like I for one expect it to do for what I pay for anyways? RIGHT? Come On Norton get on the band wagon for your customers!!!
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6 months ago, Dr. Ronald Carpenter
Peace of mind
I after and signed up for life lock after one of those specious calls asked if this was ( and asked my name) and I said yes And they hung up immediately!. Right then I knew I needed protection I called and was greeted by a very warm and assuring voice who walked me through plans and the costs there were no surprises at all so I chose my plan and have been at ease every since I am thoroughly satisfied with Life lock looking over me I refer to it as my Electronic Guard, for my house title, accounts and my credit scores, and also my devices, I am totally satisfied with the service I receive. Thanks Life Lock Ron Carpenter , IA, USA.
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3 months ago, CDTECH69
Awesome service; highly recommend it.
I was on a long flight about two years ago and saw the email solicitation hit my inbox. I figured it was time to insure my finances and thought it a worthwhile investment. I had experience success at work and in my personal life and could be taken out with some hacker taking me to the cleaners. It is well worth the cost and the peace of mind it offers. The website is super responsive as is the mobile app which I use on both an iPhone and iPad. I am an IT Professional by trade and you should invest in safeguards to protect yourself and family.
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2 years ago, CJH102211
When LL was first brought to the market
They provided once a year a report from each of the credit agencies, now we have to pay for them or upgrade. Again, in the beginning when any credit was used in our name we were required to verify it was us. As of now we barely hear crickets from this company. So, why would I pay more for what I barely get what I promised to begin with? There are other companies out there who do there same thing I’ve been looking at. Years ago I brought my husband in to life lock as we traveled around for the military. He heard from them twice when he purchased two vehicles. Two out of many. Once I completed research I will make my decision.
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2 years ago, Gordonitis
Terrible app
I save all my user names and passwords on a locked app on my phone. I sign into everything by opening that app. I then copy my user name. Then I go life lock and paste it in. Then I go back to the app and copy my password. That procedure doesn’t work on this lousy app because when I leave it for any period of time it closes the sign in page. I have to start over again. What’s required is a super memory or WRITING IT ALL ON PAPER AND THEN TYPING IT IN TO THE APP. what kind of Stone Age crap is this. Whoever set up this app should be fired. On top of all that. Life Lock generated the log in and password but gave me no way to change it. I copied and pasted both into my secure notes app. It worked for a while. Then life lock lost it or changed it or garbled it in their system. To fix it I had to speak with someone in the Philippines. I hate that.
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3 years ago, Crumbs89
Not Accesabile Or user-friendly
This app, especially for the amount that we pay for it, can be a lot better. We should receive more detailed credit information. Also, the app is not very user-friendly. It would be so much easier to be able to see a list of everything that was purchased and approve them one at a time as we go down the list, instead we have to open it first, approve/Deny the charge, and then exit it out to go to the next transaction. Finally, I cannot archive, hide or delete any disputes from the last three years or longer. This app needs to be much better, especially due to the price we are paying for the service!
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2 years ago, emtrio
It’s met the pandemic challenges
I was glad to see that phone number porting had been added to the list of what’s covered under the plan. That was the exact point of entry to my Identity Theft, not credit card application as most people have. The only criticism is sometimes my credit accounts get disconnected which is a pain in the neck having to log in and reconnect every month but Norton seems to have gotten a handle on it. I like that the app has everything needed at your finger tips such as locking and unlocking your credit reports and freezing utilities. It’s piece of mind.
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4 years ago, daisy's in the wind
LifeLockforNorton Identity Protection
navigation in this application is superior due to the locational accessibility with in mind anyone can really use this application just keeping yourself organized , review your information every day, being on top of your identification information is important especially these in this climate of the election and identity abuse going on. I would recommend using the service they basically LifeLock Norton do the background work for you just be vigilant about your own info ID call them when you notice a problem and there on it. BEST App ever!!!❤️ keep the ID theft out 🧟‍♂️♿️especially when your disabled
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2 years ago, beblevi
Works great and syncs perfectly
We used another well known password app, but it failed to sync correctly. So I had different vault passwords on each device. Customer service did not help. On the other hand this sync immediately. My spouse and I can share our passwords and private data immediately and with confidence across multiple devices. The password generator works great. I highly recommend this product and it’s suites of other applications. Only downside is it is more costly than I expected and think they can adjust the pricing structure to be more attentive
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3 years ago, Glenda SS
Best security ever
Well I am new to the system, but I am so impressed on how diligent they are in keeping your identity safe. I especially love all the information they have on cyber hacking. They go above and beyond and they have your back. They want to keep you informed and updated on a wealth of information so, you know where your resources are and how to get to them. They are concerned and genuine, they are respectful, understanding, and they realize it’s a learning curve for you. I didn’t understand a lot of what they were doing or why but, each time I have called they were patience and took the time to explain it to me. I highly recommend this program, especially in lieu of all the phishing going on today. I feel that these programs are needed more and more each day especially with many people having to work from home. I know it may sound like a cliche’ but I feel safer with them having my back. Thank you LifeLock By Norton
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3 years ago, Kingpin_98383
Really poor transition from LifeLock
Attempted to log LifeLock tonight, directed to add this new Norton app which apparently is intended to replace the LifeLock app (nice notification of your intentions Norton). Loaded the app and logged in to find it did not transfer any of my monitored accounts from LifeLock to the new app! Unbelievable! So I am supposed to Re-enter that data that you already had available?? Also apparently lowered my plan level because no credit data (scores, reports, etc..,) is even available. Had it with LifeLock, but not now. I expect this is a money grab (Oh, you can get credit monitoring for the low price of $x.xx). The LifeLock service was already stupidly expensive. Really, really poor transition from LifeLock by Norton. I would have expected much better. Too late tonight, but tomorrow will be spent finding a Norton replacement.
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4 years ago, costelloca
Easy to use and informative
For the monthly rate I pay, I have enjoyed using Norton for all my devices and lifestyle choices involving my PII, identity, and financial credit. I feel safe knowing that I’m good to go and have access to my information in an intuitive workflow that is seamless across all my devices, both for Mac and PC. This app in particular is great at keeping me informed without being annoying about it either. It helps me stay mindful about my financial decisions and the impact is creates when my stuff is out there. I’m proud to be a Norton member and tell all my friends and family about it.
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6 months ago, LoDmEe
Unable to actually update important things in the app. When you try to reach out to a person they insist you do the exact things you have already done then tell you to have a great day as if they actually solved something. When you call to try to update they are unable to do it either. When they tell you to go to the website it all has an error message. Same as in the app. So how are we ever supposed to update primary contact information?????????? Garbage!!! This app and service has gone downhill since it merged with norton. Used to the service was excellent, now there is no service. What you get is trash. I hear about security breaches through the news like everybody else now where I used to be the first to hear through Lifelock. Garbage.
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3 years ago, MzunguwaMioyo
Convenient Update
Appreciative LifeLock member before its merger with/buyout by Norton, which I also used and liked. The first versions of iPhone apps didn’t work well for me: the first interface told me I didn’t have an account; later versions would have me log in every time, then take me to a screen where I could see Touch ID had been activated. Yesterday I was invited to download a new app, which I did, and now Touch ID works! The only thing I don’t like about this new one is that I can’t figure out how to log out; the app just logs me out after a few minutes of inactivity
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2 years ago, Southroy
Sure isn’t the original LifeLock?
The old LifeLock was way better easier to use customer service and no problems logging out. This supposedly improved basically ruined a great thing already in place! Want customer service? If you’re lucky you might get someone who speaks terrible English after waiting on the phone while being continually transferred for an average of 30 minutes. They keep saying accounts are not connected that are in fact active? I could go on and on but I really would like the old version of LifeLock back. They would need to vastly improve this app before I would recommend it like I used to….
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3 years ago, Koni1961
LifeLock and Norton!
I have had both these for many years. I have had Norton probably twenty years and LifeLock since their beginning. I have always been so pleased with their customer service until today. I can’t get into my account and they are insisting I sign in with Facebook. I am not going to do that. I called and got a customer service outside the US. I am sure they have access to all…… I asked to speak to someone inside the US and was told that was impossible. I have been firm but not mean and angry. I went through the process of getting through to an agent several times. It is not a process I want to do again. I was even hung up on. Would I have to talk to a foreign agent if my identity was stolen? This experience is causing me to rethink the money spent.
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3 years ago, dober_mann9999
Updated app with Norton
I have had Lifelock for years and thought the app was pretty good. Now with the updated version which included Norton - the app seems like it is more a sales device to get you to add/buy different services. Every page has an ad on it. Almost click bait-ish. Recently went in because I had a major concern and it took me forever to figure out where I needed to go. There are pages for getting “community” advice, chat options, etc. If you suspect fraud or something like that you want to speak to someone NOW! And nit gave to wade through a bunch of crap. App doesn’t allow you to do that and is not user friendly. Lastly I had to log in 3 different after the update.
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2 years ago, Rosie is the best!
Trust Norton!
After being hacked on my phone, they stole ALL of my information including my phone information, my social security number, my credit cards and passwords, I purchased Norton 360. They monitor everything. I had to delete all of my emails and lock my credit report and order all new credit cards, notify the social security and the FCC. The people at Norton are patient, empathetic and kind. It is expensive, but I consider it life insurance for my life’s hard work. I’ll be damned if I let a hacker take over my life! Thank you Norton.
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3 years ago, Made me an angry bird
Good App for a decent service
We signed up after my wife suffered some identity theft. I had heard about LifeLock, but never really figured it was something that I needed to spend money on. The service overall costs a bit of money but this review is really about the app. The app works, hasn’t crashed, gives me access to the key elements that I need, and it’s pretty intuitive and quick to figure out. If you choose to spend money on the service, I highly recommend that you download this app to make its access easier.
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3 years ago, mike79.5
Norton Lifelock
The service has been quick to pickup financial activity in my name. I like the new facial recognition so as to save having to constantly enter password but two-factor would be really nice for other devices that can’t perform facial recognition. Also would like more detailed information about the triggering source of a notification and it help if any phone numbers are given that they be in the active state so as to be able to call directly without having to write down the number and enter it separately in order for a call to be made
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2 years ago, b_yelv
Absolute Garbage
Literally from day one that I purchased this subscription I was unable to access my account or if I logged in to my account it would say I had no active subscriptions. Yet I still received charges month after month. Any time I called their terrible customer service reps would obfuscate and walk around every subject rather than help me until I was forced to just call and keep telling them to cancel my account repeatedly until after 30 minutes of asking me why I wanted to cancel they proceeded to finally do what I asked them too. Got absolutely no benefit from this trash app or this trash company. Lost more money to this company than the original event that caused me to even want LifeLock. Thanks for nothing Norton.
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2 years ago, clariceaannn
New to Norton
I just started using Norton and Life Lock. I had my Facebook account hacked and taken over. Trying to get it back. I had the account since 2010. Hoping Norton helps and prevents further attacks. What I don’t like is if I change my password in one I have to change the password in the other. Customer support is good for helping with problems. Haven’t put my credit cards in yet I need to use it for awhile I have trust issues. My bank is aware of what happened to me and their security team is monitoring my account. They do a very good job there.
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2 years ago, GetteRupp
Bugs maybe?
I do value the service I get with the money I pay each year to renew my subscription. I am, however, frustrated that I have to reconnect my bank accounts often or spend so much time trying to connect them but something doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s the app, my bank (USAA), the quality of cellular or Wi-Fi technology (I live rurally) - I just know it’s frustrating and I have so many other things to do (schoolwork, helping run a small business), I rarely have time (or remember) to reassess the issue and reconnect my accounts.
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1 month ago, Grunt#41
Annoyances in App
The product itself functions and does what it is suppose to, quite well. That gets a 5 ⭐️. The app, itself, has annoyances that need to be resolved. It all too often asks how it’s doing and if being enjoyed. No matter how you answer it wants a review, even if you’ve already done one. Stop it. Leave me alone. If you have the app on more than one platform they don’t talk to each other. If you’ve already looked at and handled an alert on your iPad, for instance, the app on the iPhone doesn’t know and wants the same alert to be addressed. Folks hate redundancy. Fix it. Gmail knows what’s happening or has been done across a myriad of platforms, e.g. multiple desktops, laptops, iPad, iPhone. The app wants to be formally logged out of. If the app is closed that should constitute a log out, as it is with almost every app out there. Getting an inactivity alert splashing across the screen isn’t appreciated. Fix it. The app is supposed to service the client, not the other way around.
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8 months ago, ROCK-CA
LifeLock App
Difficult to navigate! I have tried many times over the past > a year to get the feature of signing in to my account using fingerprint ID. I have spoken with LifeLock support, and they, after a great deal of time, said that their supervisor claims it will NOT work with my phone. Shortly after that phone call, I went to sign in to my account, and the fingerprint feature was suddenly available and I was able to sign in using this feature. It was also difficult communicating with LifeLock support, because the people working in support have English as a second or third language, and therefore they have difficulty understanding what you are saying and vice versa how do you spell vice versa.
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