Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Photo & Video
4.8 (264.3K)
314.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Adobe Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

4.77 out of 5
264.3K Ratings
3 years ago, badcreditnothelping
Greatest program yet
Load up your photos on your desktop or laptop from a REAL camera or phone. Create a collection in Lightroom, transfer to Photoshop and back to Lightroom. Share entire album within seconds to your contacts. Pretty smooth. Absolutely NOTHING comes close to what PSCC & Lightroom can do. Absolutely love this system. I generally shoot with dslrs and use several features in photoshop that Lightroom can’t duplicate or run. I only have the “save as smart previews only” because the don’t take up much room on the server and I can send the “collections link” to anyone I wish to share. There is a slider to allow the sender to download the smart preview. Most of the senders are family and only view on their phones or tablets. I keep originals(RAW) on portable drives and connects with saved presets from PSCC/Lightroom. This is still my best program for travel and family photos. I still can’t get away from focal lengths, aperatures available and picture quality of a real camera. I print and display my work at the office and my home . There is a difference between cell phone and larger sensor size. Physics still dominates , no way around that yet but, maybe in my lifetime ?
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7 years ago, CA-JR
Don’t need my DSLR 90% of the time
This may be my first product review, but I am very eager to share my experience. Thanks to Lightroom CC, I can shoot beautiful raw photos (in HDR), easily organize them, easily fix/improve them, and automatically upload them to the cloud where they don’t eat up space on my phone. I must say that I feel like about 95% of the time I can tweak photos to look exactly what I am hoping for. A major reason for this is the ability to highlight just a region of the photo and adjust the brightness/color to that region. And it is really nice how how the app also ties fairly seamlessly with other Adobe apps such as the two Photoshop apps. I could go on and on about other features I like and other minor things that just are smart and show Adobe was paying attention to detail. My complaints are few and far between, and I’m sure will get tweaked in future version. For these reasons, I am generally confident 90% of the time just walking around with my iPhone to take pictures rather than my bulky Canon 5D Mark IV. My friends keep asking me what app I am using for taking and editing the pictures. I keep telling them they should get this app.
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8 months ago, ericwastaken
Indispensable for every photographer
Lightroom user for over a decade. Love the integration across all my devices, computer, iPhone, iPad. I love that at a shoot, I can use my iPhone or iPad to shoot in the same album as my DSLR images will end up. In fact I always download my SD cards into my iPad Lightroom before I leave every shoot. I’m backed up as soon as possible. Then selecting on Lightroom mobile is amazing. I can make my way through thousands of images quickly - rejecting, starring, quite fast. By the time I get to my desk I’m down to editing “the good ones”. I actually prefer some editing on iPhone or iPad due to the speed and convenience. Then for the most advanced or detailed editing, the computer version is top notch. Intelligent AI selections of subject and background are usually close to perfect. I can then adjust just subject or just background with ease. The modern Lightroom has replaced 5+ different tools that used to be in my workflow. And it’s all available to me on all my devices or even a random web browser. I’m not sure I would enjoy photography as much as I do without Lightroom.
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9 months ago, Hateforum
Getting worse by the day!
I am a professional fashion photography based in LA and I have used LR for about 20 years and I gotta be honest it’s getting worse by the day. First of you just cannot count on it stand alone without buying and using other softwares in addition to LR. And the fact that it is a subscription service and I gave permission for them to see what my troubles are not improves they just add new gimmicks. I shot several fashion shows over a couple of days and it takes soo long to upload pictures and then download to my phone it’s ridiculous IPhone 14 current IPad Pro and laptop it should be stemless and quick but it’s not. Addendum Want to know how a client could screenshot pictures from link I sent which wasn’t open for downloads. Seems extremely harmed for program to export jpegs to device. The sorting of images even if you use keywords is garbage. Cannot differentiate between files I have edited on my device compared to recently added. Putting the apply from previous on another page adds another two steps to the editing process I either hit export or something else. It’s like people who are not photographers and do not use the software implement changes that are not improvements but little things they saw other apps do and they feel like adding to Lightroom. Like the blur function. I can’t see why.
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8 months ago, William Van Wyck
Terrible and counterproductive changes
To preface this this app used to be great. It had amazing potential for editing photos and was very user friendly. This all changed in a recent update. Money hungry greed has overcome this app implementing changes making it so to back up photos to the app you must pay for a subscription. What used to happen was you could upload pictures to the app and come back and edit them anytime you wanted. They would be saved to a gallery and that gallery would stay saved even if you deleted the app. I had pictures of a dead relative saved to the app but having the pictures available to me in a time of sadness was unhealthy and believing i can get the pictures back by redownloading the app anytime led me to delete the app. When the greedy payment system for cloud storage was implemented all of my photos linked to the gallery on my account were erased and upon redownloading the app all of my pictures of a dead relative, pictures i can never get back are all gone and its all adobes fault. I then purchased a subscription believing that i just needed to access the cloud function to get my pictures back but no, theres nothing there. This app will delete your cherished memories to make way for stuffing their pockets. I will be canceling the payment from my bank for the subscription.
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8 months ago, Judaix
Good app
I really like this app. Only thing is, the subscription. They keep removing features one by one but as long as you make your own presets and as a beginner, it’s enough. So really the subscriptions is for those who want to dedicate to the app to make their photos better. Also the subscriptions are not as bad as it sounds either. They have their month to month plan, but if you look at the yearly one, it’s like two months for Netflix worth. Maybe three depending on the plan. Point is, it’s affordable, but I recommend if you are serious. It’s a good app for mobile and if you don’t have a good program on your pc. Also I want to note, editing photos is super fast and fun. Once you find a nice tutorial, it’s easy to mess with. Either way, I give it five stars cuz of the quality and experience. And I don’t blame them too much for the paid walls. After all, is newbies tend to over analyze things and having this paid wall helps with picking this or maybe go with something else.
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4 years ago, agegirl
Please help🙏🏻
Hello, I know I probably won’t get a response but it’s worth a shot. I have downloaded more photo editing apps than you can imagine. I have tried so hard to figure this issue out and I can’t for the life of me. So I’m really desperate at this point. Can you please tell me how to resize an image without compromising the photo? Lightroom gives you some aspect ratio presets. But, it doesn’t matter what I choose because it always cuts off my photo. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to fit in the FULL size photo. If it means I could crop it into being a full sized photo, I would be willing to loose on the quality. And, I don’t want to put it on a white background so that the photo fits in that square because I would still be loosing on the photo. I want to be able to resize to whatever dimension I need to in order to fit the photo in different social media platforms. I know that a lot of these platforms automatically compress the photo for you but, I would like to resize it before I upload so I don’t compromise the photo, and it doesn’t get cut off. I have watch many videos yet, I can never get it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest what I can do to fix this frustrating problem. I would be so grateful!!
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4 months ago, cowboykip01
Good to Great
Lightroom Mobile has really been such a great addition to my editing process. Even when I am on a shoot, being able to edit things quickly to give clients a sneak peak is very helpful for sparking that excitement. Where this app falls short for me is the ability to import assets or use plugins. Presets are an important component to many editing workflows, and quite honestly it’s an extremely tedious process to get presets onto the app (unless you do it through the desktop or web version). I don’t always have my computer on me, and sometimes I just need that ability to import those assets without spending a lot of time doing so. Not being able to use plugins is also a very frustrating thing, and is something I would like to see in the future. I also would like to see brush capabilities in the future, another thing most people use in their workflows. Overall this app works great and is fun to use when I shoot random photos on my iPhone or import from my camera, but I would like to see more improvements, because at the end of the day if I wanted to edit a photo fully on this app, I couldn’t.
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4 years ago, Excellent714
Make believe science
Just like Photoshop on my computers Adobe has its own peculiar ways of doing the most simple tasks. After using Photoshop for 20 years you’d expect to have little difficulty with the Lightroom App. When you use most programs - even an OS - there is no so-called learning curve. But with Adobe you are bound to be surprised when you realize how difficult they make it to do the very simplest of things. Adobe makes things difficult to show you how fancy or scientific it is. I just opened Lightroom and am finding there is no way to get pictures out of it once Adobe captures them. I can delete an album of Adobe’s choice but not one stinking picture of my choice. It doesn’t even have to be deleted just removed from Lightroom. There are so many apps that do the same things easier and better it’s hard to justify Lightroom. On my computers I’ve always had Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Since Photoshop costs ten times more you’d expect it to be the best choice. Not unless you prefer doing everything the hard way. Paint Shop Pro is not perfect but I can do everything Photoshop does in a fraction of the time. I’m not even sure why Lightroom exists. And when it comes to iPhone there are so very many apps that are easier and give better results. The Bottom Line is avoid anything Adobe like the plague.
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5 years ago, Anasatya
I absolutely adore this photo app and have been using it for years! but since one of the latest updates, you can no longer DELETE an individual image. Now you have to selects images from your entire gallery and delete the selected ones but you CANNOT open an individual image as before and delete it. On the help guides says to “open image-click Edit-delete image” the problem is that when you open the image and click on edit there is NO delete image option. How to delete an individual image NOT from the photo gallery but the image itself? WHY you removed this option? When you take 15 images of a ring let’s say, you want to see them individually to get a closer look and then delete an image if you don’t like. Now? You can see individual images but you have to go back to the gallery and from there select the ones you want to delete. Problem is that 15 almost identical images in gallery size doesn’t allow you to know anymore which one is the one you wanted to delete. Not having this option any more is time consuming and frustrating the least to say. Please make this feature available again. 🙏🏼
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1 year ago, Not happy JS
Photos won’t upload
I’ve had no issues what so ever for years. Even up until two days ago I’ve been able to upload my photos with no problems and now all of a sudden I can’t upload my pictures to the iPad app, and the auto import is requesting full access to all my pictures which I shouldn’t be forced to do. When I’ve looked up other people having this issue I’m assuming it could be a licensing issue but I pay for the license that would allow this. I’ve been really happy until now and now Im so frustrated I just want to cancel my subscription. Update: I did figure out a round about way to get my photos added in but man this took so long and I wasted an hour. I can get them in there but there needs to be an easier way to make this happen. I love the app, as I stated I haven’t had any issues until today but when something that should be simple is made to be extremely difficult and for no reason it’s frustrating.
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2 years ago, Anonymous__User__😶
Don’t need a pro camera
I can take professional photos with my iPhone. I shoot in Apple ProRAW or Lightroom’s Adobe Raw and I have incredible color/light control. I can even manually focus on objects as well as control ISO and shutter speed. I can bring out the tiniest details shot with Apple’s macro ultra-wide lens, or adjust my urban city shots’ perspective from Apple’s telephoto lens using Lightroom’s geometry adjustments. I can easily create a cinematic look for my photos using the curves tool by adding and subtracting greens and reds. Perhaps the most useful tool in Lightroom is the selective editing: Masks. I use these to brighten or darken specific parts of my photos without affecting the rest of the image. Lightroom’s secondary color correction hsl is super helpful when I need to adjust certain colors, and the color grading adjustments add beautiful tints to make the look that I’m aiming for. As you can see, I can tell the stories I want to tell through my photos and the emotions and mood they create.
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5 months ago, Kayesway
Hands down the greatest app
Lightroom is hands down the greatest photo editing app out there, and I use A LOT of photo editing applications. I might run one photo through multiple apps to create the desired effect, but it all starts with Lightroom . If you don’t yet have the app “Lighty” you might want to check it out, too. You get free daily Lightroom filters that are legit. Being able to view other peoples edited photos that are shared in Lightroom, and being able to “copy” the filters those individuals used to create a particular photo, is unheard of…until Lightroom. I have been asked umpteen times by friends, family, and followers, of my Facebook page if I would be interested in photographing their important event, and when I tell them all I have is my iPhone, not a “real” camera, they are blown away. “You take all those pictures on your PHONE?” they exclaim. I tell them they can too, and direct them to Lightroom.
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3 years ago, Aliona.Sil
Epic fail
I was very excited for this app and been successfully using it for a few months now. My husband and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon and this app helped make our pictures absolutely magical and beautiful and all was well until today when I decided to upgrade to premium account to have access to more cool features. Once I upgraded I jumped back in one of the photos to edit it as the app crashed all of a sudden. When I got back into the app I found all of my albums and pictures that I spent hours and hours working on were gone. I thought it must have been a mistake because there were no warnings or signs that something like that would happen. So I went online in hopes to find an answer and to my disappointment I found an Adobe Lightroom forum where other people posted the same issue. Apparently lots of people had the same issue and said that customer support was no help at al. This is absolutely unacceptable and terrible user experience. I will pursue to escalate this to make sure other people don’t fall into the same trap, but for now beware that if you upgrade and decide to spend your hard earned money on this app it will silently and irreversibly erase all your old photos and presets.
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4 years ago, ssb540
Almost Perfect with One Annoying Feature
I use this app professional for 90% of my editing work! It has most of the functions I use on my desktop using Lightroom Classic. I’m sure one day through updates it will receive all of Lightroom Classic’s functionality. My guess is this will be after Apple makes the switch to all in house processors when Intel and NVIDIA is phased out. My one big complaint, which is probably not a big deal to most people, is when I make ANY EDIT, it can be marking a photo, making an adjustment, rating a photo, etc.., a notification pops up in the middle of my screen, covering my image, to tell me what adjustment I made. Even with overlays turned off in settings this little notification pops up for a couple seconds on each photo. When editing 4,000+ photos every week this adds up to a LOT of wasted time waiting for that little notification to go away so I can see my photo. Adobe, if you read this, PLEASE add an option under settings to hide ALL overlays and notifications. Thanks!
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4 years ago, KBYogi007
Love this App, but have had challenges...
For some reason, and twice in one week when I’ve gone in to edit some photos with presets I’ve downloaded (some of which I have had for years), they are wiped clear and the only thing available is the standard presets that have come with the apps. I sent an email for support and never heard back the first time. I bought a new set of presets I was looking at and when I downloaded those the rest magically appeared? I was worried it would happen again. Which last night it did. I had edited probably 2 or 3 photos and then I went to do another, and... gone, all presets gone including the new ones I bought. I tried updating the app, but no updates were needed or available. I tried deleting g the app, which I was hesitant to do, but desperate as I didn’t want to have to buy more presets. So I had to painfully go through my emails and find every purchase I made of presets from various providers and painstakingly download and create each preset. I have quite a few so this took me some time. Really frustrated by this recent experience. I would have rated it 5 Stars prior to this issue.
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2 days ago, WesCandela
E s s e n t i a l
Started taking pics on a semi professional level seven years ago I am mediately began using Adobe Lightroom. Over the years as that application has advanced and features has been added, each new version presents a whole new slew of options for photographers. When the app came out and I realized I could sync my mobile library with my master Lightroom catalog at home. I was thrilled...but there were some very important adjustment settings not included. As the years pass, the app has evolved, presenting users with the frees and there are now a fantastic amount of options that come close to the develop settings on the Lightroom CC application. Adobe had done fantastic work with this program, always, but it's these extra things features if you will that make him an absolute necessity for a photographer. Thank you Adobe. Please keep it up!! -Wes Candela
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9 months ago, Lenny211
Editing RAW on the go
Lightroom CC has been slowly catching up to the classic version in terms of functionality. But one of the advantages of the new ecosystem is the seamless cloud libraries. It allows me to edit my camera pictures on my computer and sync the best ones to the cloud for easy download and posting. One of the best features is the ability to edit RAW pictures, wether they are my camera pictures imported to my pc, straight from the SD card and into the phone files, or the apple RAW MAX formats on iPhone. RAW MAX are accessible as .dng and offer the full flexibility and resolution to create the look you want. Having the RAW files on the cloud also means you can make changes on the go if you need to or want to create a different look. The Lightroom app also negates apple, google, samsung, or any other devices image processing. Use your own presets and create the look you want.
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3 years ago, Suddenly the worst app ever
From best app to worst app overnight
Wow. This is the first review I have ever written anywhere, on any site, and it’s warranted because the most recent LR update is beyond awful. It shows that the app creators have literally no idea how their app is being used. The ability to share the photo directly from the photo into Lightroom is gone. Why would you remove that feature? Now, you have to manually import the photo which is cumbersome and requires several extra clicks. Worse, all of my personal presets have been moved into a buried folder that requires several clicks to get to, and the presets themselves look totally different, as if they are not compatible with the new version of the app. Overall, I cannot think of a worse redesign for what was truly a great app. I would love to hear from other reviewers about any other photo editing apps out there that can serve the same purpose, as I can’t imagine continuing to use this app with these new changes. The creators of this app should strongly consider keeping the bug fixes and reverting to the old version of the app while figuring out a way to fix this awful mess they have made.
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5 months ago, chuckeymonkey
Great app, but shamefully missing features from desktop
In the general the app works great, but there is a bug that dims the screen, even when the brightness is maxed out and it makes my device hot and drains the battery. This happens on my iPhone 13 and brand new iPad Pro 12”. This makes the app very aggravating to work with and useless sometimes if the screen is too far for the pictures. Also, there is no feature to merge images into a panorama like the desktop version. The logic behind this years ago was the processes of power of mobile devices was not there. But there are phone and tablets that have desktop grade processors. There is no reason that this feature should not be available. Update: I returned my new iPad Pro because of these issues. As a reply to Adobe’s response to this review, the issues listed above were reported in the recommended tech support community pages months and years ago, with dozens of people expressing the same issues. There has been no official response or support from Adobe on these pages.
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2 months ago, horrible to manu ads
Great and simple!!! Only 2 recommendations
I love this app it works fabulous and flawlessly every inch of this app works to perfection so much so there’s nothing I can say needs work! I have 2 recommendations I would love to see as a user of this app for about 2 years now. There is a very annoying bug or something if you edit a pictures exposure in the app and then save it to your photos it’s dramatically different and very overexposed when it’s perfectly fine in the preview. Also I do some amateur astrophotography I would love to see the auto/manual stretch feature that is present in the windows version of photoshop and i would assume a lot of other people could benefit from this feature it would be a first of its kind as phones become more and more powerful in processing power! Please consider these features and fixes!
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10 months ago, BadBrain13
Really disappointed in annual contract.
I’m not sure how useful Lightroom would be for me but I downloaded to give it a try. Unfortunately you have to bleeping subscribe in order to use the free trial, and the only two options are annual contracts for the photography plan?? Adobe please do month to month. I can’t commit to a year but would pay for a month or two to give it a shot 🤷🏻‍♀️ *** response to Apple developer and anyone else who cares: yes there is a monthly subscription — but I was told by customer service that it requires a years commitment. So it’s the same total cost as a yearly subscription, you are just paying a monthly installment. Where is the month-to-month subscription? We can’t all commit to the cost of a yearly plan - especially without trying the product out for longer than the brief free trial. I wanted to get Lightroom for my young niece, but I don’t want to commit to a year since she might change hobbies. PLEASE consider a month or even a three month plan.
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6 years ago, HelloitsDerek
A 2nd camera roll, but better...
With 1-terabyte of storage it's practically unlimited; no need to worry about space ever again. The edit tools are similar to iOS photos, but on steroids. Flag photos: accept/reject/no flag plus a five star rating system. Organize your photos with folders and albums. Tag photos with as many keywords as you want. Easily search and display photos by any of these features. I also love that I can use it on my Mac and iPad too. Plus you get Bridge for your Mac which expands your editing feature list even more. If the monthly fee has you down, just pretend your taking one of the dev team members out for a coffee every month. Well worth it, this app is super amazing and works very well! You can tell it's designed by a team of talented people and not just one guy in his basement. Don't hesitate, get it today, you love it... I guarantee it!!
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3 years ago, ryan c thompson
In app camera needs serious improvement
I love the app for the editing purposes, no issues there, but the camera in app is extremely frustrating. I have an iPhone X and I like that LR offers a camera for shooting raw and is my go to camera. However, the exposure is way off most of the time. It does not have issues when shooting JPG, but when shooting raw it totally overexposes, And I’m only using it for the raw capabilities. And I mean by a lot, blowing out photos entirely. It looks fine on the screen during the preview but the result is unusable. I frequently have to take the exposure compensation down to around -2.7 to get a useable result. And there is no way for me to know based on the preview if it will be correct or not. It also shows a snapshot of the photo I took immediately after the shutter with the expected result of what I think I took, only to find the file is completely overexposed in the library and often with some wild color issues even after I’ve used a custom white balance and grey card. Please fix.
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4 years ago, TrueReviewer02
Awesome App, has a (literal) huge problem.
I think this App is great. Even if you don't have the cash for the Creative Cloud. If you want to just do some photo editing or add metadata and watermarks, this app is on top! Unfortunately, even though the app offers cloud storage with the CC, its still the largest app on my phone. A quick search on the internet tells me I'm not alone. I think a great update for this app would be smaller res photos on the device. Yeah, the app has smaller res pictures already, but I mean Really small res. Let me explain: I don't do much photo editing (I prefer to get it right when I open the shutter in the first place), so the smaller "smart previews" aren't what I need. I use Lightroom to organize my pictures, occasionally I'll break out the editing, but its rare. What I need from Lightroom is the ability to import my photos to the cloud, add metadata, and export them at a smaller resolution with a watermark. I have the Apple Photos app store my pictures in iCloud, and my Photos app has a smaller GB footprint than Lightroom. But Lightroom has megabytes of data stored in its cloud, while Photos has Gigabytes! And Lightroom is still larger on my device! Why is that? If this is a bug, please fix it. If its just a difference in resolution between the Lightroom device copies and the Photos copies, please add a function to save "lower res images" (EVEN LOWER THAN SMART PREVIEWS) to my device.
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4 months ago, asadull78
Nothing else
It’s funny how Lightroom have changed my understanding of what photography is. Before it was you, your camera and the moment. And when I say the moment I mean light, subject, action, environment, you I mean your experience, mood, reaction and camera is your technology. And yes it was way harder to get amazing shots and only handful amount of people was able virtuously speak the photography language. With Lightroom even all this three elements not connected well I am still able to get back to the moment and manipulate it. There are still a lot of things to learn and Lightroom can’t fix everything but more and more people are able now to express themselves through photography. Lightroom is stretching time and space to reconnect you with the moment. Thank you guys!!!!!
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6 years ago, Joann Nguyen
LOVE but has some issues
When Lightroom CC came out, it showed amazing improvements from the classic version, and I absolutely love it. I love how it can create public albums and can instantly share to my phone, and don’t get me started on the user interface. However, I’ve had some issues. On the mobile app, when you allow it to access your photos, it will upload every photo from your phone, but when you remove the access, you can’t download the photos from the app; and you only have between the two choices. Also, I really don’t like how on the public albums, there aren’t very many settings, so when I want to show my friends my albums, they aren’t able to download the photos. I used to prefer this app over Flickr for sharing images, but it’s become a hassle because my friends aren’t able to download my photos. Anyways, pretty good app but it needs some improvements.
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3 months ago, DUST&SUNSHINE
Easy to use, wish there were some changes.
As an amateur, I find LR easy to use and would recommend it. Sometimes updates are frustrating. I don’t like the edited/unedited sections- cumbersome to go back and forth and feels disorganized. I wish you could choose how your photos are grouped. I also hate the color spectrum box that now appears over all photos. You have to click on the photo to get rid of it. Totally unnecessary and annoying. Also when sending my photos to save to my phone, it stores them by date. So if I try to send an old Lightroom photo to my camera roll on phone, I have to hunt for it by date. Sending Lr photos directly to Instagram also causes problems. Sometimes you can add music on Instagram. So I always have to send the photos to my phone, then to Instagram. Please fix these cumbersome problems!!
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8 months ago, horaceunit
OK I finally did it.
The last version I used was Photoshop CS3. I got out of photography other than cell phone pictures for several years but it has been unsatisfying. I finally decided to take the plunge and try Lightroom on a monthly subscription. So far I have enhanced several iPhone shots from last years Hawaii vacation right on my iPhone. Also did the same on my iPad with shots I took with a Sony DSC-RX100 IV I bought recently. Those shots have come out way better than I expected once they were tweaked in LR. You’ve gone and done it now Adobe! Now I’m going to need to upgrade my ancient Mac mini because LR won’t run on the old version I have now. It is also your fault I am lusting over mirrorless full frame cameras! It’s all a plot to get me spending money on cameras again!!
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5 years ago, Bobskie boo
Love it!
I am so obsessed with Lightroom! I do photography as a hobby and I’m an amateur, so I love learning how to edit my photos in post. I gotta say, the curve tool is such a game changer and a necessity. If used correctly, it can literally change the entire look and vibe of your photos. I have played around with it so much that a lot of my photos look like I used filters from other popular apps. I have stopped using filters COMPLETELY and learning on creating my own style of lighting, color and shadows. The premium package is a must lol. The geometry tool is such a life saver and gets rid of that annoying “distortion” effect that my lens sometimes loves to throw in my face. I can’t wait to get an iPad so I can use a bigger screen to edit and see more of my photos since I am only using my phone at the moment. Lightroom is a god send!
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5 years ago, RobAbroad
Good editing, but workflow feels hobbled
So, the good...the editing seems solid. The bad...some basic features seem to be missing. The main thing I really feel they need to add to the iOS version is the ability to edit or manage multiple photos as once. There is no way to tag or rate multiple images. I have dozens from the same location and it’s going to be soooo tedious tagging them. I also wish it had at least basic geotagging capabilities. I geotag my photos as part of my workflow when I import the RAW files onto the iPad. But, I can’t actually see that info inside LR. Probably not a huge deal because I can just retag inside of iOS Photos app should I choose. I noticed in various forums that users have been asking for some of these features for a while. Anyway, I’ll probably discontinue my subscription after I finish this trip and have all my editing done.
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3 years ago, C. Alexander
Latest Update Is Game Changing
The latest update to allow masking with adjustments makes using this a joy to use not only on the desktop, but also on mobile. I begrudgingly paid for this and have since 2015, but this latest update has finally made me feel like the constant money pit has become a worthwhile investment. It isn’t like those “toy” apps that peddle cheap tricks that don’t really lend themselves to professional work and cater to the Samsung filter using types (you know, the absurd skin smoothing). This update has dramatically altered my workflow, and in only good ways! That’s why this is one of my only reviews on the App Store. If it works, great. If not, I just delete. You have to make an impression for me to “waste” my time reviewing an app. In this case, not a waste of time. ✊🏾
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4 years ago, Brooke Haywood
Lost presets were found!
Love this app! I’m mainly making this review to try to help some people who think their presets disappeared, because I can’t directly respond to reviews, so I’m making my own in hopes that this will help! I thought that all of my presets that I had made (over 40) were gone! & that I only had the original ones that came whenever you first downloaded the app. But then I figured out that whenever you press “Presets” up above those few in the top left it’ll say something like “Colors” & if you press on that, there are several options & “User Presets” was right there & I was able to press on that & view all of my presets! I really hope this helps people. Also, if I could respond to reviews I would, because I’ve seen people think their presets are gone & they’re not!
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4 years ago, tracemeek
Tremendous app; could integrate better with iCloud Photo Library
As a semi-pro photographer, I have found that Lightroom helps me improve the quality of my photos better than any other iOS app, except for perhaps Darkroom. Lightroom’s editing tools and ability to create and sync presets are the best, and in my opinion, worth the monthly cost of a monthly PS/LR subscription. My one wish is that LR would be engineered to work as an “extension” to the iCloud Photo Library (on desktop too). I don’t want to maintain two separate photo libraries, and the LR library doesn’t offer anything more compelling than iCloud’s. The iCloud Photo Library’s organization features, its support of RAW files, and the convenience of getting photos into it (a quick swipe from my iPhone’s lock screen) mean that I’m not going to give it up any time soon. Skate to where the puck is going, Adobe! (Please and thank you!)
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6 years ago, LeonardoRoberto
high hopes
LR classic long has been photos superior in terms of file management/organization (by a mile), but with cc now finally bringing lightroom into the cloud game - this is adobes attempt at the last piece of the puzzle that arguably had left the scales tipped in in favor of apple (arguably. and it’s a darn good fire errofinally found what to abandon a bit under featured for now (though new version is big improvement - except faces don’t seem to ever show up?), but combined with the OCD person’s wonder that is lightroom classic, lightroom is leaps and bounds better than apple. keep up the good work adobe. love you guys! jus pleaaaase don’t ever write lightroom classic out of the equation entirely (at least not until cc is as sophisticated as classic). i get that they serve two different purposes and generally for different target audiences, but them playing together nicely—as they do now—is critical.
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4 years ago, aaauia1
Best editing app but..
Ok this app is hands-down the best editing app in my opinion but what I don’t like is the fact they changed the option to have all your edited photos synced across all devices for free but you have to get the subscription. I personally think that this is unfair because these are my photos and plus why should I have to pay just to have my photos that I took for free. So Lightroom, I ask that you please let all users have that option of being able to sync their photos on all devices again. Also, if possible, could you create an option where the photos that are edited have an Instagram accustomed setting because it’s really annoying having Instagram change the quality of the picture horribly because the pixels are too high.
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3 years ago, Nicole_Rai
Presets Managing
On Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom web(annual subscription), there’s no ability that I’ve found to move presets into different categories after you’ve created a specific category for them. For example, I created an outdoors and indoors category to list my created presets under. Now I no longer want those categories and I’d like the flexibility to move my presets to another category type and delete the original two created. It seems that in order to do that I’d need to recreate the the same presets under a newly created category which is very time consuming and leaves you open the to missing something on the original preset. On Lightroom Desktop you can move the presets, but not on the other two Lightroom options, please fix this, especially for those who pay for the annual subscription, it’s an obvious need. Thanks in advance
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1 year ago, imsitired
Best app ever…but
Not a fan at all of the latest update. I can deal with my camera roll being beside the Lightroom photos but personally, it makes it too cramped and confusing. My main problem, that is far more of a problem then the app development might have thought it would be, is the scroller. It used to be able to be clicked and dragged to get to a certain period/photo you’re looking for. Now it does not which means I’m stuck manually scrolling through 10,000 photos which takes quiet a lot of time. I’m talking 3-5 minutes of aggressive scrolling. Bring that back and it’s fine but that is the smallest most annoying thing that’s really ruining my enjoyment of the app somewhat.
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2 years ago, Woodwhat
Be aware of syncing issues between mobile and Lightroom classic
I have been a long time user of Lightroom mobile and Lightroom classic. I never had issues with the two syncing until this summer. Ever since the update they did over the summer my edits do not sync properly to Lightroom classic. I’ve lost hundreds of hours of time and edits bc of this issue. I’m a family and wedding photographer and lost an entire wedding gallery of edits (around 500 images). As a result I was late to delivering the gallery to the bride because I had to re edit her entire gallery after spending many weeks on it. I keep both apps up to date and the issue has continued to be a major flaw. This should not be a problem with a company of this magnitude, I am to the point of looking for a new editing software. Once Lightroom fixes this flaw I will happily give 5 stars and gladly stay with this company. I have contacted Adobe about this as well.
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6 years ago, guswillcreate
The best photo app I’ve used except for...
I’m going to start with the best things about the app. There’s nothing like it for mobile; the HDR, Raw, and manual settings are exceptional. The editing options are superb giving you curves, clipping and crushing colors when there’s no more information in the image. I feel confident enough to edit a photo on this app as much as I would with the desktop version. Now the negatives; I mentioned that one of my favorite things about the app is the camera, but yet I still find myself using the iPhone native camera more simply because is more accessible. I wish adobe would separate the camera from the editing software. Adobe please allow me to someone pull up my light room camera app as fast as I can with the stock camera. also, being able to record video with such camera app would be amazing.
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3 months ago, Koty_S_Lori_R
You will lose EVERYTHING
This use to be my favorite photo editing app. Until I simply bought a new phone. I tried to log into my app and there is no possible way. Because of 2FA. I have no access to the phone number I used to make this account and it’s telling me my password is incorrect when it’s been the same for years. I have lost 2 decades worth of photos, edits as well as presets and EVERYTHING because Adobe says there is nothing they can do to help me regain access to my accounts. I’m a photographer, this is not a hobby. This is my life. And Adobe could literally care less with their robots’ responses. I’ll never use Adobe for anything ever again. This is very sad. I’ve been a valued paying customer for years and years. If you don’t want to lose EVERYTHING I would suggest a different app… as sad as it is, it’s not worth it to lose all of your hard work and memories. It use to be for the love of the craft, now It’s SOLELY about money money money. Sad.
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7 years ago, gofhotog
Great app but needs a few tweaks
Love this app with the exception of one major missing item it would be really great if it would give you physical feedback for a focus point like it does horizontal and vertical. After using this app for a few days shooting cars for a auto dealer to post on the web, I just assumed that the quality of the images would be superior to the native camera on my iPhone. My images kept coming up blurry. Do to the nature of my work, I have to handhold my phone. Despite my trying to hold the phone steady. I then tried the native camera and was completely shocked to see that the images were sharp as a tack. I again assumed that this app would utilize the built in camera stabilization apparently it does not. Very disappointing to say the least. While I can see how this app would be great for landscapes and such. Unfortunately it does not work for my personal needs.
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4 years ago, Krizzle711.........711
Love it
I love using this app. There are so many great features. But when you’re using presets, ones you’ve created or downloaded, you can’t tell what filter is on the photo. I have a lot of presets saved and if I’m editing a bunch of photos I’ll have to go through every single preset to see which is the one that I had originally selected. And it will also take off any other editing I’ve done. So that’s just a little frustrating. And also without going through and editing every minor detail I wish there would be a way to decrease the intensity of a preset. But other than that I’ve enjoyed using the app. Friends will ask what I use to edit and I gladly tell & show them. This app has a lot of tools that can help create amazing pictures ◡̈
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10 months ago, SYDNEY ALLYSON ☼ ツ
When I tell y’all I could not live without this specific app… I am being so serious! 🫢
I’ve been using Lightroom Mobile for YEARS now & I still just absolutely LOVE IT!! Even if I have a photo that I don’t really wanna do too much editing to, I can still pop it into Lightroom just to tweak it a tiny bit to enhance my natural beauty and of course the natural tones of the background/picture!! Plus, you can use Lightroom’s built in presets OR you can create and/or buy your own presets, & then just import them into the Lightroom Mobile app! This app truly makes my life so much easier & makes me feel so much more confident about my pictures. I couldn’t say enough great things about it! I just love it so much! 🧚🏼‍♀️🩷🫧
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9 months ago, Erionziu
Love it ,but one problem lately !
I love Lightroom . It’s been about a month or so that when I open the app , most of the time the pictures keep going back to the oldest ones . I have about 4000 pictures there so in order to go to the newest ones it takes time to scroll . Before when I would open the app it would always start with the latest pictures . I’ve tried to change many settings but with not positive result . Sometimes the pictures would start in the middle when I open the app. I’ve been using Lightroom for at least 5-6 years but only recently I’ve had this issue . Please fix it. It’s very frustrating and time consuming. Thanks
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2 years ago, More hearts💛💙💜💚❤️❤️💚
Greedy and not worth the money
I always preached about how Lightroom is the best free mobile photo editing app. I’ve used it for over 6 years and it has always been my go to until today. I opened the app today and my presets I’VE ALREADY PAID FOR are behind a pay wall. So I decided to manually edit my photo but using any of the features is also BEHIND A PAYWALL. I never received any notice that the app would become a subscriptions service (and an expensive one at that). I’m not playing this game, if the only way to use the app is to pay ($50 a year or $5 a month, a cost that is much too high for what they’re offering), then I simply won’t use the app. It’s sickening that every single app is behind a pay wall now. People do not have the money to pay $5 a month for every app they use. These corporations are snakes, and after consuming everything in sight, they’re begun to eat their own tail and are destroying themselves.
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4 years ago, hepkat23
Love using it, but could use more
I like being able to be away from my desktop as much as possible being a creative who avoids that kind of grind. This is why I welcomed the addition of Lightroom and now Photoshop for iPad Pro. One thing missing: Color calibration. I know many other users only do “simple edits” on iPads only to return to the big computer for final touch up, but that seem silly. My wish this whole time that iPads have been out has been to make my workflow more organic feeling like drawing or something. Sure windows tablets may work but I don’t like their stylus feel compared to iPad. Is it that adobe doesn’t want to pay xrite or whoever for licensing the profiles? I wish Apple would do it system wide, but not holding my breath. Some of us still print adobe, so pretty please....
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6 years ago, Crazypaw
I’m so disappointed in the Adobe company
I’ve used their products for 10 years, and had a creative cloud membership for 3 years. I canceled my membership last week, because I never use it at home anymore. They charged me a $200 cancellation fee straight from my bank account without any warning. When trying to contact them it takes hours, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. It’s been worse than an Uber customer service experience. They finally told me they would refund in 5 days. When that didn’t happen, I contacted them again and they told me another 5-7 days. I doubt I’ll ever get my $200 back without getting my bank involved. Never thought of Adobe as one of those sketchy companies with no morales and horrible customer service, but at the end of the day seems they’re no better than any other corporation. I’m done with them, and all the other companies just out to take your money and offer 0 accountability and integrity.
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10 months ago, Queen of the Elves :)
Lightroom is King
I’ve tried multiple photo editing apps, some of them being YouCam Perfect and Polish. Then as the school year started, I got introduced to Lightroom through my photography teacher. The only difference is that it was on a MacBook, and we used Lightroom Classic (Lightroom doesn’t work on Mac’s as well). I love this app. So many features are free, and it has a straightening feature that a lot of apps I looked at don’t have. If you wanna explore photography editing, I strongly recommend Lightroom. You can edit lighting for free, cropping and straightening, and sharpening, and so much more! The only thing is that the removal tool isn’t free. So, if you’re looking for a free editing app, Lightroom is my recommendation. It’s awesome.
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5 years ago, DJ Squirrel
Great, but a major hiccup
Lightroom offers superior color editing, but the major issue is that if you haven’t used the app in some time, it doesn’t use your photo gallery like other apps do (by accessing the gallery to pick)—instead it loads the pictures into its own selection gallery and updates it based on the last time it loads. I edited a photo in October 2019 and here on December 1st 2019 I’ve taken a few hundred more photos, which means the last one I took and want to edit specifically isn’t accessible until the other few 700 ahead of it load first. It’s annoying and relegates me to using the phone’s basic photo editing options instead when I want to get the work done now, not 10 minutes from now when I can actually select the photo I want.
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