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User Reviews for Lightshot Screenshot

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4 years ago, JemWiedenhoeft
Makes me miss greenshot
Lightshot really makes me miss Greenshot. On the surface it does a similar job but the usability is much worse. I often times find myself trying to draw a box to highlight something and instead it moves the frame of what's selected instead so the whole screenshot image changes. Selecting different tools barely shows a difference in the button highlighting or in the cursor so it's hard to tell what tool you're about to use. The color selector being colored pencils is strange and not very useful - I wish it had a simpler color selector or allowed hex codes/color names to ensure I was using the same colors consistently between screenshots. Adding text is infuriating because there is no editor box to allow changing font size/type - though I've heard there are some hidden hotkeys like scrollwheel for some of this but I haven't learned the secret language to make these hidden Lightshot features closer to useable. One shouldn't have to. I tried to use these features for a while but now I have mostly given up and use it for the one task of selecting an area of the screen to save as an image and then open that saved image in a different image editor to do the markup. That's a shame because with some UX changes they could do it all in the one tool. Lightshot is an okay program that is 80% of the way there but that last 20% of missing user experience consideration is really noticeable. I hope they consider improving that someday.
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7 years ago, Jason Avis
Good but missing features
I have used lightshot on Windows for years and loved how easy it was to quickly take a screenshot of something and get it posted in a Discord chat. I was happy to see they also had it on Mac but there are quite a few features that are missing in the Mac version. The biggest missing feature is you can’t change the location that it saves the screenshots too. You also can’t set it to auto copy the image link to your clip board, save the screenshot size, or login to your ligthshot account so all your screenshots get saved to your account. Thankfuly, it does still have all the image editing features so if you are looking for something to just simply take a screenshot and upload a link to a chat quickly then this works great.
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2 years ago, klay1070
Useful Tool, but Needs Patches
I've been using lightshot on windows for a couple years now and have loved it. Wouldn't go without it. After installing it on my M1 mac, I found that the features are pretty much all there and despite feeling a little clunky compared to the windows version, it got the job done. The only issue I'm seeing currently is that no matter what I've selected to be captured, uploading the screenshot to the cloud and copying the link results in just an image of the lightshot logo. The actual capture doesn't seem to be there. To be clear, the link loads just fine, it's just that the only thing in the loaded image is the lightshot logo. Pretty strange. Definitely recommend this for anyone needing a quick snipping tool with markup support though. Surprised to read all the reviews from people saying they couldn't figure out how to open it... you need to explicitly allow it permissions on Mac OS to capture your screen, and it needs to be running with the capture keys configured (I set mine to Command Shift 9, but I don't recall the default) in order to have it capture. Will adjust to 5 stars once the upload feature is repaired, keep up the great work!
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3 years ago, xEngelx
Was Great... now constant failures and slowness
I've been using this for years without issues. It's been wonderful... Until several months ago it just started failing to upload about 50% of the time and loading screenshots from links is incredibly slow. I've tried removing the app and reinstalling. I also cleared my entire gallery hoping that maybe had something to do with it... to no success. I don't know what changed that made these inconsistencies but please change it back. It was wonderful the way it was before.
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3 years ago, ISAAC AIDEN
The best software for screenshot but I wish it was updated.
This software remains to be the best in 2021, but unfortunately the software is not optimized for last 2 verisions of Macos. It works very slow, and incorrectly. After writing text it is not possible click copy or anything else, because cursor is missing the buttons. And it became extremely slow even on very powerful machines. I wish the developers hears us and improves it and remains the best one for many years to go. My friend - developer, its your name on it, please fix it.
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6 years ago, jggassert
My only request for the developers...
Allow users to adjust the size of markups. Why is it when I try to highlight something by putting a box around it it randomly goes from thin to wide? So wide that it completely conceals what i am trying to highlight. Otherwise, for a quick and easy way to take a screenshot of an entire screen or any sized window and mark it up in real time is fantastic.
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6 years ago, scbikeguy
Great app… but...
Easy install, easy to use. Only issue I have is if you want to share images between computers you have to use Facebook or Google+. I never use the same password for services.. so the single sign on does not work for me. Another issue is that you are using their cloud storage, I would like to have an option of using iCloud, OneDrive, DropBox… or others. I would give a 5 star rating if the two issues were addressed. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, PrincessLunaFrost
Quickest and Best Screenshotting App EVER!
Love it! Simple and easy to use. Just click, drag and drop. Then click “copy” button by the link that appears after if you wanna show your screenshot to someone else. It doesn’t even open a browser for you unless you click the “open” button to do so. So quick and effective. Definitely one of my favorite apps now. Kudos to you Lightshot for an extremely useful app!
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7 years ago, CBear71
What am I doing wrong?
I can’t figure out how this app works. Might be because I still don’t know how my own MacBook works. But I have to go into the App store to open the app, even though I’ve downloaded it. It doesn’t show up on my desktop or toolbar anywhere. So then, the App Store is open, and I can’t get to the actual image that I want to screenshot. When I click to Open the app, it just pulls up that little toolbar, and I can’t get out of the App Store screen to open the page I want to screenshot. This is so ridiculous. What else is out there that is simpler to use??
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5 years ago, LarAl2019
I installed it and opened it from the App Store. It selected the entire screen and greyed out everything and I could not close it. I had to do a hard reboot for the first time on my new iMac. That is something you never want to do because you can lose data and corrupt anything that is running. Even worse, after rebooting and deleting the app, I installed Skitch and it's shortcut has been hijacked by this malicious malware app. Words cannot describe how angry I am at this incompetent/malicious so-called developer. Please ban this app and all his apps on the App Store. Thank you.
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4 years ago, 르몽드92
The best. But it works noticeably slower on 16 inches macbook pro
Function wise, I would have given it 5 stars, easy. I honestly think it beats most of paid apps. It lets you snapshot a still screen (not a reactive screen), annotate, copy or save it. Very easy to use. The only reason I gave it 3 stars were due to its speed on 16 inches macbook pro. I'm not sure if it is a compatibility issue but it is noticeably slower than the previous macbooks I used.
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1 year ago, Ebrahim.S.
Great on windows, very weak on mac.
I am a fan on windows but find several bugs here. Most annoyingly, I search for lightshot in spotlight and when I hit the result, I should only see the screenshot frame should, right? It captures the previously displayed spotlight search bar in the frame too. This does not happen all the time, but many times.
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4 years ago, Berlk
It just works
I just needed a simple screenshot tool that would copy parts of my screen to the clipboard and that was intuitive, that didn't require hunting around for the clipboard feature. Other tools I tried were not intuitive at all. This does the trick.
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2 years ago, Slept On
Good but could be better. Support?
For the price(free) it does what it's advertsied to do. Ended up switching to another app. My issues I've inquired about is that when an external monitor is connected it only allows screenshots to be taken on the main monitor and not the external montor. Reduced starrs due to lack of response and possible update.
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5 years ago, dbonneville
New version and light / dark mode
I'll update this back to 5 stars, where it should be, when they give the user an option to toggle light or dark mode. The new version 2.20 forces a white overlay when in light mode, and dark overlay when in dark mode. The light mode area screencapture is terrible. It's kind of blinding! I want the same dark area screenshot overlay we've had since...forever. Not just when I'm in Mac OS Dark Mode...which I don't use. Please give us the option of what color theme to use!!
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12 months ago, av1996
Used it for 10y years!
Hands Down, the BEST screenshot app ever. I have used it for forever. i used to download the app from their website and recently came across their app store listing. Great simple, easy to use, consistent product!
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2 years ago, 207856422
This USED to be my fave screen app Now Trash
If i could give 0 stars i would. I dont know what changes you made but this is now unusable for Mac. I'm using Mac 2019 with most recent OS. Any time I try to use the app it stalls out my entire computer and the features upon prompt are unusable. I'm unable to change color of editing shapes/lines. Can't redo. If I try to exit then just stalls and crashes the mac. Complete trash. Shame. It used to be a good product.
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2 years ago, Primo Fan
Very nice app
I've been using this app for 4 years now and I really like this app. One feature I want from this app is `Blur` feature(which user can blur contents for selected area). Except above one, all things are great.
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6 years ago, MaraudingMap
Great App, But One Annoying Problem
I love this app, except for one thing. When saving a screenshot, I cannot use Command P to paste a title for the screenshot. I have to right click and click paste. This is quite annoying and starts to take up a lot of time. This app would easily be 5 stars for me if this was fixed!
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6 years ago, him229
Nothing else even comes close
Once I started using Lightshot, there was no possible way I was going to switch to anything else now. Has more things than I could imagine and all for free. Its like a dream come true.
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6 years ago, Kenoby58
Features are not as complete as in Windows version
Here are some features i found not included in... - Option to show cursor when taking screenshot - Change keyboard shortcuts Right now is a an ok tool with good annotation tools after the shot but not a full replacement.
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6 years ago, BooIsMyCat
Installed this program and clicked on open. Didn’t seem like anything happened… just sat on the App Store screen. No popups, no icon on the task bar.. nothing. Opened my Launchpad and clicked on the Lightshot app. At that point, the toolbar for Lightshot opened but, it expected me to take a screen shot of the Launchpad. I could NOT switch over to the application I wanted a screen shot of. Don’t like apps that force you to play a guessing game on how to use.
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7 years ago, PastorThompson
Perfect for my needs
I needed an application to take a good screenshot and then this happened. Perfect for what I need - great app! Highly recommended if you’re like me and just need something simple and easy to use.
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2 years ago, BajalM
Great tool
Been using this for years on mac to quickly take screenshots, draw rectangles on it and copy to clipboard before pasting into a chat window. Works well for my usecase.
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3 years ago, serartic
Maybe it could actually work sometime.
Ive had this thing installed for a while, but those ridiculous "cant upload right now please try again errors" are literally so stupid. The one thing this app is supposed to do, it doesnt even work all the time. Maybe not have an error that makes your entire app useless?
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2 years ago, Poiromaniax
Great tool - needs updates
Love this tool but it needs some updates. Cannot set save location, the tools panel has some bugs - sometimes they are not accessible on screen (when using dual monitors)
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5 years ago, DeshpandeAnurag
Excellent Windows app, Poorly optimized for mac
I have been using this on windows for years. Recently added a mac machine to my tools, and was excited to see the same tool on mac. But was quickly disappointed by how sluggish the experience is on mac (Although I am using a 32gb varaint)
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2 months ago, bteja
Doesn't work in mac
Works great in windows, My screen is getting stuck in mac when I open the lightshot app, the option to right click and copy or the Save do no work
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7 years ago, MrJLight
This is by far the most useful tool I have ever had the pleasure to use. It has literally saved me hours and hours of work when communicating with team members to make tweaks to their work. Prior to LsSs I used to take pictures of images then have to go to either photoshop, or evernote to add in arrows to point out what I was talking about. Not any more. This is absolutely fantastic and I suggest it to everyone. <3
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3 years ago, Pachés
Best ever
This app is incredibly useful. Setting keyboard commands to pull it out facilitates its use even more. The ability to draw, circule, squeares, text, colors is just amazing. Use it all the time.
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3 years ago, Allizard
Could be better
I think 11.4 broke it. While basic capture still works. Using the Edit to Circle, Square a captured area will have a HUGE borderline and you can't adjust the thickness.
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3 years ago, Wlbs123456789
Not working on Big Sur with M1?
Hi there. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but always when I try to take a screenshot it appears a blank desktop screen and I can't take. Thank you.
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5 years ago, black7-theRe@lOne
Latest release 2.2 restores broken text functionality
Not 5 stars because it's not fun losing functionality for 2 releases. A 5 star app would not have done this.
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4 years ago, Keith Hupp
Basically works but not really
Everytime I try to draw on screen I end up just graping the screen shot viewer and moving it around so the features are pretty much useless.
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4 years ago, Zyzzzzzzzzzzzz
App doesn't work anymore unless they update it
When you try to screenshot, all your workspaces dissapear and only the desktop shows. I'm assuming the latest iOS update on Mac prevents screen shot tools from working like they used to, maybe to force the internal screenshot feature. Unless the devs update this app, it's dead.
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2 years ago, Rachelrav3n
Bricks my computer every single time
What is going on with this app? I try to take a screenshot and it blacks out my screen. Try to X out and that doesn't work. The only thing I can do is draw on my screen and there I no way to exsit out of the app. It's completely unusable.
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6 years ago, OtterPirate
No instructions, useless program
I downloaded the mac version because I need to share screenshots on a forum but after installing, there is no ‘app’ to click on, no instructions, it just sits on your machine taking up space!!!! I wish I could give less than 1 star because this is a waste of time.
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3 years ago, SteveCodes
Was great, doesn't work anymore
Needs an update to support newer Mac OS versions. Seems to have stopped working properly recenty. Can capture to a file but capture to clipboard to then paste somewhere else seems to fail more often than succeed these days. Sad. Please fix.
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7 years ago, photoadele
Ok for color images not for black and white
I’m trying to screen grab my own black and white images off of IG and I get a weird pink cast in the whites. Other than this, it works great.
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5 years ago, Atiar T.
Easy and very fast
Easy to use and they kept my image for last 3 years.
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6 years ago, avrlk18
Incredibly easy to use
This app does exactly the job I want it to do and it’s so easy to do it. No complaints.
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7 years ago, Znuff
Compared to ShareX on Windows, this is bad. - pretty much no settings - you can’t make it a one-button press automatic upload, copy link to clipboard - you can only upload to their own website, can’t upload it to 3rd party websites (like imgur)
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2 years ago, arrobledo
A little laggy but great
I love how this app works in windows. In mac is a little laggy but still works just fine :D
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3 years ago, Weekend Mixerz
Lightshot Needs to be UPDATED!
Works ok, but really needs to be updaded. Having crash issues when using some apps when running LS on top of some of my DAW apps. Crashes the app I'm trying to take a screenshot of.
Show more
3 months ago, Karthik Ghantasala
Simple and Practical
Very helpful and light weight as the name suggets. Highly recommended
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4 years ago, eliharris88
Please Fix!
I loved this app and have used it for years but now when you go to do anything it switches for thin to wide. I see others complaining about the same issue. Please fix as I love using this tool!
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5 years ago, GloryQuest
No longer working in OSX 10.7.5
Worked great until updating to version 2.2 on an OSX 10.7.5 Mac Mini, now it no longer works. Hoping to find an old version somewhere to reinstall, but that is looking doubtful. Don't update if your OSX is older. Very disappointing.
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2 years ago, thalter
Great tool, needs updating
I love this tool, but it sorely needs updating. It works on M1-based Macs, but only barely - it runs much slower than on Intel Macs.
Show more
4 years ago, nlouden
Seems to work
So far wo good. Good features for basic editing.
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3 years ago, Bjsonthepj
Crashes apps on M1 macs
Used to be perfect but since upgrading to M1 macs it has been crashing several of my apps once I try to paste
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