Lili - Small Business Finances

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Lili Financial Services LTD
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User Reviews for Lili - Small Business Finances

4.64 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Brainstorm83
Lili business checking app.
This bank account is awesome for the small business owner. All the way through the spectrum from using it solely for cash jobs or little side projects all the way to running a full on legitimate business above the table. It takes all the guessing and any extra work at all related to keeping track of cash flow, receipts and expenses that are tax write offs at the end of the year. Before I had this app I would say that I missed over half of the expenses and sadly receipts that I was able to use as write offs during tax time, because I was either too lazy, lost track or the receipt itself or was just too busy to stop an file things properly. Now it is done for me as I make the purchase, a copy of the receipt if filed with it and I don’t miss a thing! I could go on and on about how amazingly useful this app is but I think you should find out for yourself? You won’t regret it! It is a great account that keeps you posted on news that will help your business grow and anything else you could possibly need in order to keep everything organized and running smooth! Check it out? It will help for sure! Especially if you do not enjoy paperwork like me. I greatly dislike paperwork and now have much less to keep up on
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3 years ago, mkkieb
Comparable to Chime - better then “Prepaid Debits” !!!
I’ve Been using “Chime” for about 9 months and love it and just got my “Lili” card in the mail. Immediately it linked to my Apple Pay and was able to deposit. Something chime is unable to do. Chime will let you deposit but not instantly takes 2-3 Business days. But lili went instantly so I’m very happy about that! Used it at a couple stores and was able to itemize what I bought into categories, since I own a business it’ll be extremely helpful to instantly be able to see when I spent things personally vs for the company! A definite plus! So far I’m extremely happy, can’t complain! To top it off there covered and backed by a bigger bank so your money is absolutely insured up to $250,000!! That’s awesome, that’s just like any normal bank... WITHOUT the headache of going into a bank and giving them this and that info sitting and waiting for a half hour, talking to someone, waiting for your debit to print and an hour later you Can finally leave with your account. So I can honestly say I 100% (so far .. will update in a month) would recommend this card to anyone. Especially just to have another account for savings or personal spending! Grab yours now!
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1 year ago, Chela A.
I’ve been using Lili for just about one year, and out of the blue I received an email that my bank account has been closed with literally NO explanation. I called to ask what happened, and no one could give me an explanation, all the lady could do was apologize and read the same exact email I had already received. On top of that, on multiple occasions that I’ve needed to call customer service, I was left on hold for HOURS and the hold music kept saying “you have one caller ahead of you, there is approximately 1 minute until we answer your call” and I still waited for over an hour until I finally hung up. The customer service reps all have heavy accents and seems like the call center is outside of the country. And although this bank is “online based” I couldn’t simply update my email or phone information on the app, I had to wait on hold again to update my info. The idea behind this bank is absolutely amazing, but the execution was terrible. I would avoid this at all costs. UPDATE: did you not read my review? The email I received had NO explanation as to why my account was unexpectedly closed and the fact that you want me to read the terms and conditions to decipher why in the world you closed the account goes to show your customer service is -5 stars. I’ve worked in customer service my whole life, and Lili reps are the absolute worst I’ve ever dealt with. Thanks for literally nothing.
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3 years ago, Jinxie DR
This is a “No Brainer” !!
I have had lot of cards for my small little dog breeding business I have at my home & all of them have the ridiculous fees for every little thing I would do (atm ,extremely high transfer cost monthly fees ) ! I read about Lili on a social media site. Ad looked good so I clicked the link and read up on this “new banking” for gig band freelance workers & realized that is me !!! So I read the fees and monthly cost 00 for what I need it for!!!! I was shocked ! Ok too good to be true ?? Nope I now have had my cute Lili card , been banking with them now for couple months ! I can’t tell u enough how easy this app is to use ! My income can deposit immediately into my Lilli from my cash App or PayPal (customers pay these two ways ) I can then separate my income into work or life and my expenses are the same !!! So so easy !!! I am looking forward to a long relationship with Lilli Bank and recommend it to u as well !! Next for me a cute designer debit card with dogs on it ❤️ Maybe this year :-) Thank u Lilli for making my life a little easier!! Morgan
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3 years ago, Pfern
Support is severely lacking due to policy
Some money was deposited into my account over 3 weeks ago but was paid to my LLC and not to my name due to a simple oversight (probably easy to make in the freelancing world with how easy it is to create an LLC). I have been told for 23 days now that my situation would be resolved within 2 days. I have supplied documentation but it is of no use since Lili doesn’t support payments to your LLC yet. However, now I can’t close my account and this money has been held for over 3 weeks all the while promising a “quick resolution”. Numerous calls have left me speaking to nice and kind people (hat tip to Carlos and Ron) but they simply can’t help due to company policy as it is not their department holding up payment. They can’t forward me to someone in the Risk department. I have been trying to speak to a supervisor for a week now and I am just told they will call back when able. I have been told via email I will receive a call within 3 hours only to have a whole business day lapse and me have to call them because I never heard from Lili. No one can help because the policy won’t allow them to help and they aren’t allowed to forward me to the department who can. I’m sure this bank may be great as long as things are good. However, if you ever need to talk to someone or have a problem like being paid to your LLC instead of yourself, you might as well just pray and hope as that is about your only option.
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12 months ago, Courtneyy_
closed my account
edit: lovely customer service is claiming i didn’t reach out when i did. TWICE. haven’t gotten a response. courtney is my middle name. maybe ask what my name is or give me an email to your escalation team instead of being passive aggressive? anyway, dmed them on ig w a screenshot of my review and their response. these people are gross. protect your $$ and bank elsewhere. …. (*ORIGINAL REVIEW*) i had an account with lili for a business i had in 2020. i ended up deciding to go back to university and put that dream on hold in 2022. now in 2023 i have a new business and wanted to use my lili account because i’m making enough money to want to separate it from my primary checking. when i tried to log in it said my profile is under review. when i contacted lili they basically said since my account was not active they closed it which is fair!! however, i purposely kept like $5 in my lili account thinking that would keep it open (which it obviously didn’t) and i never got that money via check or anything. also, they won’t even let make me a new account. when i put my phone number in it says account already active… which is so ??? how do i have an active account, but lili said my account was closed. anyway, customer service took over a week to even respond the first time so i’m just going to consider this a sign and go to another fintech business banking option.
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1 year ago, jmanly3
Physical cards don’t arrive, digital cards don’t work with Apple Wallet
I created an account with lili a month ago. My card had an initial arrival date of Feb 9 (14 days after account creation), but then on that date I noticed in the app it adjusted itself to Feb 14 ETA. It’s now Feb 16, I still have not received my physical card, and I’m unable to add my digital card to Apple Wallet. I’ve spoken with customer service numerous times and no one has offered a solution. I cancelled my first card and ordered a new one, but the new digital card can’t be added to apple wallet either. I asked if they could expedite the new card to me, but they want ME to pay for the express shipping. I tried explaining to them the error is on them to resolve and requested to speak with a manager but was told that wasn’t an option. Their customer service is clueless and unhelpful. In response to their comment below: I’ve done that. It’s now been more than 2 weeks, since my issue was escalated, with no response from their support team. I’ve tried following up, but get nothing. Calling them is pointless, since the first level of support will do nothing more than read canned responses. It’s infuriating how little they will deviate from script, basically ignoring anything you say. The best they can do is “escalate” your ticket, which just puts you into purgatory like I’ve been for weeks. Stay far away from this “bank.”
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4 years ago, danielle harriz
Do not use Lili they will steal your money
I transferred 100 dollars from my husbands account to mine so I can start using what I thought would be a good freelancer account. Well little to my knowledge you can not transfer money from another account that is not in your name. Ok no problem. But there was a problem, they took the 100 dollars out of my husbands account immediately and never gave me the funds into my Lili account neither did they put the money back in my husbands account. So trying to figure out what was going on I called Lili customer service number and was told three different things by three different representatives which neither of them could help me recover my funds. Now I’m in the process with my husbands bank on disputing the funds transfer so that I can retract the disbursement by an attempt to get my husbands money back to him. Hopefully they do not dispute the dispute. We will see but overall I can not trust a company with my money who is going to act like there is nothing they can do fir you when they take your money and it disappears in thin air. Do not use them if you have a discrepancy they will NOT resolve it for you. You will be left to figure it out for yourself. To make matters worse the lady representative I spoke with had a serious attitude with me like I stole her money. Just don’t use Lili. I recommend Chime and Varo. I have never had a problem with them helping me or them taking my money
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3 years ago, listenandvibe
They a HORRIBLE at handling disputes
I’ve been using Lili for about 7 months and had made an online purchase when I made the payment and the money was taken from my account, I was charged an additional 2 more times and the merchant canceled my order and I never received a refund. I’ve had one conversation with a customer service rep from lilli and was told that I was going to take a long time for me to get my money back and that I need to reach out to the merchant to get them to release the funds. So I call the customer service rep from the merchant and was told that my financial institution (lilli) was holding the funds and that they never received the payment. So I then I began corresponding with lilli customer service through email. Lilli requested that I give details of the transaction which I corresponded every bit of information I had including screenshots of the receipt and the canceled order email with the bank statement showing my card was charged and was told it would take 10 business days for me to receive credit for my dispute. When I reached out afterwards the ten days to check on the progress of my dispute, they told me that needed more information which really feels like they are blowing smoke. This has been a terrible experience and I will be looking for other business options for banking.
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3 years ago, Tonecard
I tried to open an account, went though the arduous process. At the end the app told me that due to ”forces behind their control the account can’t be opened” But didn’t tell me why (which is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act btw) Contacted customer service at least 10 times to try to get it figured out. I received nothing but generic automated messages, days after emailing them. Try to log in it says an account with my phone number is already in use. Try to reach customer service it says “no account with this number is detected” (ok….) So….complete, total waste of time, and illegal. Pretty sure they just farmed me for my info. Thanks a lot. I wouldn’t need apps like this if I wasn’t already struggling with money so thanks Lili for not only stressing me out on top of it for several days trying to figure it out. (AND BTW TO “SUPPORT”: PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME POSTING SOMETHING ABOUT HOW YOU TRIED TO RESOLVE MY ISSUE JUST TO TRY TO SAVE FACE ON THE APPSTORE. You did not. And if you say to reach out to support for help I will probably have a hernia laughing. I will be contacting the proper channels about the FCRA violation. When you deny someone an account or credit you HAVE to tell them why and give them recourse to fix it. Sort of feel like maybe it was discrimination? Just don’t….)
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3 years ago, desait11
So far service has been outstanding!
Either through a phone call or the chat box my inquiries have been answered and explained so that I know exactly what’s going on in my acct. I find the Lili app so easy and instead of feeling like I’m guessing I know what and where I’m sending funds. I like feeling confident and your app really is user friendly as is your customer service Dept! Keep up the Outstanding work it really shows. I recently went into a brick and mortar bank to cash a check written on their bank and they said they would mot cash the check unless m opened an acct. I don’t know if anybody else finds that crazy ..? They can see the funds it’s one of their very own checks acct and their customer but they would not honor the check said the amt was too high!!! The local check cashing place could cover it so it wasn’t that at all. When the manager said unless you open an acct I said if I was going to open an acct it certainly would not be at this bank. Over my dead body…. Strong arming people into opening up accts so they can treat you poorly and charge me a fee for everything!! No thanks!
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3 years ago, d1234@#$
Hope you like not being able to access your $$$
Had no trouble connecting an external account in order to open/deposit funds into my lili account and I was very happy with lili for the first 2 months. Then when I went to transfer money out of my lili acct to the same external acct it refused to connect. I got so frustrated with their less than helpful customer service (“oh that isn’t one of the banks lili can connect to” “then why is it on your list and how was I able to connect to it before???”) I decided to close my account. Except I still couldn’t use an ach to remove my funds. My only options were to do daily atm withdrawals until the account was drained (with a $200 daily limit this would’ve taken way too long) or spend the money via my debit card (No thanks). So I just kept trying to link to the external acct every day and FINALLY (on day 6? 7?) it connected. There’s a limit on ACHs so I still can’t close my account but at least I was able to move some of it to a safer bank that won’t hold it hostage. Hopefully when I go back to transfer more it lets me. I can forgive technical glitches. That’s life. But terrible customer support on top of it? Not when we’re talking about access to my money. I wouldn’t recommend lili to anyone.
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2 years ago, Oni-Ha
find a different bank
This “banking” app is supposed to be convenient and out of all of the banking apps I’ve ever had, this is the most troublesome. I tried to access the app this morning, it’s not working. I try to pay business expenses by using the card and the card is declined despite having funds. I called customer service, they see it’s because other institutions don’t recognize them as bank sometimes and that I have to call them for access. I can’t link to other banks or banking apps for external transfers like PayPal because “Lili” isn’t a real bank that is recognized by them or my other banks. Other banking institutions literally bar them from access to their accounts. I thought maybe I could order checks, but Lili doesn’t do checks. So I can’t get money in without difficulty and I can’t get money out without difficulty. Also, I can’t send invoices from the app like it promises either, which is the main reason I got it. So I’m using my old booking software. If it were easy, I’d clear out my account, but the only way I could would be to withdraw funds right now would be through an ATM. Don’t put your money here. Never mind the fact that I pay $4.99 a month for all of this inaccessibility to my own business account.
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2 years ago, Shell Den Cam 9-11-16
I have been a member of the Lili Family for over a year now and if you are looking for an Account for your Business then Lili is your upmost overall BEST Business Account to have! There are so many Benefits that Lili has to offer within the Lili App from invoices to help with your taxes to P2P transfers to up to $200 in overdraft protection as long as you have Direct Deposit but what I absolutely LOVE about Lili is the convenience of having INSTANT withdrawals deposits and transfers! There isn’t many Business Accounts that offer the convenient benefits that Lili offers! The Customer Support group is absolutely amazing and they are the most kind people who are always focused on their members and what is in their best interest! If you haven’t joined Lili yet then you are definitely missing out on the absolute BEST for your Business! Thank you Lili for EVERYTHING!
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3 years ago, Burreazy37
LOVE IT! Organized! Convenient!
I really love how easy lili makes it to send invoices and categorize my expenses. I no longer have to use multiple accounts just to keep track of business expenses and life expenses. They have a great referral program, and I’ve got several friends who actively use Lili now too. I might even upgrade the kind of account I have to their PRO account. If I had ONE complaint it would be there’s no INSTANT TRANSFER or P2P options in their free standard account (not sure if in pro either, but I don’t have that account). Also, transferring money in Lili from another bank account takes longer than any other banking app, bank, or money account I have. It’s not unusual for me to wait 2 weeks or more for funds to hit my Lili account from another account, even when submitted thru Lili. I would like to have just one or two apps for all my needs and if Lili offered instant or 1-3 day transfers between linked accounts and/or an option to send money to another lili user instantly, I would migrate entirely over to Lili. But overall, I love it!
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3 years ago, TeJota20
Is this bank even real??
I opened up an account with Lili over a week ago. Since opening the account I have deposited money which I have been unable to use. Every time I try to connect my card to Apple Pay it says “invalid card”. I have tried reaching out to customer service several times and get the same unsuccessful actions take to activate my card. 4 different times the representative has reset my card and left me to go try and use it promising that it will work to only have the card get declined resulting in me having to call back. EVERYTIME I call the helpline I get disconnected several times before getting to the point where I can even select the option to get a call back. The latest representative told me they needed to connect me to the apple specialist to help with Apple Pay but after being on hold with them for 20 minutes I was told by the specialist that I needed to be transferred back to customer service because they’re not able to do anything of the card isn’t already in the Apple wallet. This entire experience has been EXTREMELY frustrating, I feel like this isn’t even a real bank and that I’ve just wasted several hours of my life and potential earnings dealing with this issue.
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3 years ago, xxtinastudio
I tried opening an account to manage my freelance services and keep better track of expenses as I’m working on bigger projects now. I went through all of the states for verification and then received a text message almost immediately after that read, and I quote, “Thank you for uploading your documents. For reasons beyond our control, we're not able to open an account for you at the moment. Thank you for your interest in Lili.” Excuse me, what? How is that a sufficient response to any potential client of your services? As a professional, I would never send something like this without a clear explanation as to why, or at least with immediate option for redress. I would think a banking institution whose specialty is for *professional* service providers, that they would at least show me the same respect I showed them. And as a brand strategist and designer, I’m even more appalled by the inadequate failure to deliver on what you promise to your audience. I was looking to make my life easier, not MORE difficult. I even looked throughout the website help center too and have found nothing that discusses the application or verification process. This is not ok. Do better.
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3 years ago, summeronabus
Awesome interface, extremely poor service
I have been singing Lili’s praises for months because the interface is attractive and intuitive. However, I have recently come across a glaring issue. I needed to dispute two transactions from one merchant. They made it quite cumbersome with a long wait period to even begin the process. Once it started, I was asked to provide proof (which I did provide, two emails from the manager of the business promising me that a refund was owed) three separate times. After many days I was told the dispute was not found in my favor with a reason showing that whomever came to that judgement did not even understand or read the paperwork I signed. I sent an email asking for follow up, it went unanswered. I opened a new ticket which took days for a response which was essentially a non answer. If this is not corrected when I get home from my business trip I will be closing my account permanently and dissuading all others from using them. I should have read more negative reviews here, this is obviously a pattern for them, it is very clear that Lili does not advocate for their customers! Beautiful app, AWFUL service! Be warned!
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3 years ago, bgjjd
Lili was my favorite bank. It easily allows me to manage my transactions. However, their customer service is the worst I’ve experienced. Denying a customer the option to speak to a supervisor is absurd. Let alone being hung up on TWICE by the SAME rep. Smh. I had an issue with being scammed by someone and I was trying to dispute the transaction. I have multiple brick and mortar banks but like the fee less options of online banks. I primarily use Fintech for purchase/interest and b&m for business. I will say all though there is a convenience for Fintech, the EMPHASIZE is THEY ARE NOT A BANK!!!! Getting a refund is hard because they have to follow different rules. This matter was only $10 dollars but this has left a sour taste in my mouth. I ended up contraction their parent company to file a complaint but who knows how far that will go. BE CAUTIOUS WITH KEEPING ALL YOUR MONEY ON FINTECH. I don’t recommend Chime, but that’s probably the best Fintech company for personal use. Try credit unions, second chance banks, etc if you are unable to open a real bank. I only opened a Chime account because the 2 day early deposit and have been hooked to the no fees BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR MONEY!!!!
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8 months ago, Deardeer331
I experienced illegal discrimination from Lili
First, please do an internet search for Lili reviews to see how biased these app reviews are! Their reviews everywhere else are unanimously terrible and for a reason! Lili received over 100 complaints from the BBB in the last year alone! All of this info is publicly available online in a quick search. Today I spoke with a Lili customer service rep who identified herself as “Niki”, she refused to assist me with my issue, and she refused to transfer me to another team member who could assist me. When I told her I needed to resolve the issue via phone not email because I am disabled she pretended she could not hear me. When I spoke about anything else, she could hear me perfectly fine, but when I repeatedly told her I needed accommodations to assist me via phone due to my disability she lied and told me she couldn’t hear. When I informed her this was harassment and disability discrimination she told me “I’m sorry you feel that way” and hung up on me. Lili harasses disabled customers and refuses to assist us, which is illegal and a direct violation of the American with Disabilities Act. I’ve filed a complaint with the ADA and will now be speaking with an attorney.
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2 years ago, Britt4427
Great online bank
The only reason I didn’t give Lili a 5 star rating is because connecting it to my smaller local Credit Union has been a pain in the neck…. It’s the same all around for almost every online banking card I have found so this isn’t unique to Lili. It’s also confusing finding a no charge ATM, I live in a small state so my options are limited. But… besides those little inconvenience Lili is my go to card to use out of all my online bank cards even over my than my local bank account. You get a virtual card that you can use with your phone or for online payments, there is no monthly fee, and there app is user friendly. I highly recommend using lili if you have your own business, as an extra account, or your main account. Lili also offers direct deposit options. So 4 out of 5 stars and my only compliant is that it wasn’t as easy as clicking a button to combine my lili account and local credit union account. Thank you lili
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4 years ago, Melissa Applegate
Always has bugs in the beginning
So I’m a freelancer and have been with Chime PayPal Venmo cash app and many more cards. I am tired of paying a monthly fee so I came across Lily and got it. No fees like chime PayPal & Venmo so huge plus in my book! Let alone they help do the financial stuff like taxes and separated from business to personal expenses!! Down fall is if I got paid in cash and went to the store to do a cash load I was unable to do so at Dollar General and Family Dollar!! Do you know how frustrating that’s been that I’ve had to put the money on a different account cause for some reason the store one day was able to take my card to load it to telling me the next day that they can’t because it’s saying declined or card not available or inactive account?!?! I haven’t been able & haven’t tried since April so 8 months now I haven’t even tried. I wanted the card with easy access and better banking. So I hope this has or will be fixed so I can use my account again!!
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2 years ago, MKB_1983
Less than 0 customer service
After using this bank for 10 months now, I can safely say the five star reviews cannot be real. Their customer service is horrendous. If you ever have a question or concern you can forget about having it solved. Depositing a check is a huge pain- the software is awful. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to resubmit checks- and this just adds to the DAYS it takes for you to have access to your money. Speaking of taking days- I don’t understand why there’s such a huge lag between paying a bill and then taking it out of the account but it becomes a mess, quickly. And if you receive funds from a payment software, be prepared for it to take a few days to actually see it in your account. Several months into having my account they notified me they didn’t have a piece of paperwork they needed and just stopped letting me deposit money. This is my business bank account- it’s a huge issue! There’s also a $5,000 limit on deposited checks which also causes a lot of grief. I got sucked in by their “bucket” system (transferring automatically to a tax bucket, etc) but it is not worth the grief of this company. They are incredibly non responsive and this has resulted in more headaches than help in my small business. Switching banks is such a huge pain and I deeply regret switching to Lili (also known as choice bank- that also gets fun for when people want to do direct deposits and can’t find your bank!) and I don’t recommend it to anyone.
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2 years ago, marksgrl79
This is such a great banking tool
I am a freelance writer and for me tax season holds more frustration than anything else but now with Lili I feel like my finances are in great hands, I’m a Lili pro subscriber (which only has a $5 fee monthly ) and I get a ton of great extras that seriously facilitate a better understanding of my expenses for my profession like in-app invoice creation and tracking - which is great because it saves me time and headaches in terms on having to keep track of them using a separate application… and that’s just one of the benefits of using Lili! There’s a ton of other great features that I’ve only found Lili to have. I’ve been convinced to keep my account and actively utilize it to be proactive this coming year with all my anticipated freelance jobs and the challenges I face to make certain I’m getting paid the most for my time.
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1 year ago, A Vet in Need Lis
A trusted bank
I was with chase for a long time over ten yrs but of helping us out after so long and being a veteran 2020 was hard on the bank and when the let us get our only paycheck and put our overdraft on hold hoping a forgiveness but the interest got worst and just to get simpler issue s taken care groceries and of people with better with credit got payment plans for a year and over to pay what you can and the others which was us we got the middle finger and nothing would be done even if we tried. So that’s how you’d loose your so call status. Lili was there to catch me when I was the lowest and no big promises but they did help me get back on track 2 day payday early and no interest for my monthly extra cash I case I get a bad month.
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3 years ago, Jack Package / UPS man
I’m still trying to figure things out but I love the platform and the options I’m given to where I choose how I spend my money and specifically document what’s every dime is used for and that it’s accounted for by category. The only problem I have is that within the past year (give or take a little), I hadn’t used my card until recently when I added about $59 to my account. Well I’ve misplaced my card but know and have all my info in front of me, but I am not allowed to make any kind of transaction with this card because it says my account is oh hold/locked, due to suspicious activity. If I’ve only made one deposit recently, due to my seasonal freelance work, how is there suspicious activity? I added $50 it on once in the past few months and my account has been locked and I can’t retrieve my money. What’s the point if I can’t use my money?
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2 years ago, Average__JoEe
Average joe review
I have a really mixed review on this one. I’ve been with Lili for a couple years now. Saying such id like to say I enjoy my experience with Lili however, I have experienced something to make me feel otherwise. Hence the three stars instead of 5. Costumer service is a joke. I’ve been taken care of in 5 minutes and I’ve been on hold for 3 separate days trying to reach a real person. Sometimes when you call, it will hang up on you around the 15 minute mark when your on hold. Aside from this balance up is a wonderful additive to the Lili app. I love how open and easy it is to find different features within the app. Since I’ve started using the pro version I have experienced a lot less trouble and bugs within the app itself. However I feel like some of the features included in pro should be included in the normal version as some of them are super helpful for everyday bank use.
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2 years ago, zakkincaid
Too Many Issues
Don’t get me wrong here, I think what Lili offers is a game changer for freelancers. I am a Lili pro user and I was able to cancel all of my expensive accounting services. It makes managing your business and personal finances east and automatic. My big issues is customer service. I have not been able to use my physical debit card at in person stores for 2 weeks now. I’ve called customer services for them to “reactivate” my card 3 times, only to be told it needs to be escalated. That was over a week ago- I still can’t access my money. Now my card is getting declined online as well, and yes I definitely have the necessary funds in the account, but I’ve reached out to the Lili support email 3-4 times, also to no avail. In fact, I receive an automated response saying they will respond within 3hrs… I have not had any communication in 2 weeks. I’d love to keep using Lili because I love the systems they have in place, but as a PAYING PRO MEMBER, I’m having major issues with no communication on how they can be resolved.
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4 years ago, moehope
#1 freelancers mobile banking
All in one for self employed individuals, small business owners, independent contractors, etc; ! Has pretty much every option or capabilities you need as well as the options and different necessary features that will make income tax time much easier and just better all around. And not just for Income tax season this makes banking easier to keep up with spending, expenses, and purchases work related or not so easy and it’s like a checkbook that balances itself and will keep your hard earned money calculated on what’s going out and coming in and also can track your spending which I know is something I definitely do need to always do but this app does it for me. I have found anything it can’t do! As a matter of fact I’m learning more and more that it can do every day
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3 years ago, brett.bouchy
Worst banking experience for entrepreneurs
This has been the worst banking experience by far. Are the features an organization cool? Yes! Not being able to access your money the entire banking experience? Terrible. They randomly restricted Venmo transactions, withdrawals, and lastly froze my account with 9k in it right as I needed to pay reps. Customer service said they don’t know how long it will take to unfreeze my account if they will. This is because a wire transfer came in through my business name and not my personal name. What a joke. Customer service hung up on me after telling that Lili might shut down my account if they don’t freeze it and will send my money back to the parties who sent it. In this case I literally can’t touch my own money. How is this an app for entrepreneurs again…? I would literally pay $300 to be able to just withdraw my money and close my account. Update: 4 emails, 6 phone calls, and 2 weeks later.. Lili is still trying to figure out how to review my account. What a joke.
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3 years ago, SIte Insights1
Lili is the best app for keeping All my money and expenses for working and
I am so glad to have this card it has ever left me to embarrass myself at a check stand looking broke and walking out empty handed, thank you for the extra amenities I have thst save me from worry of IRS problems and also gives me the automatic ability to keep track of it without me getting my credit right and positive if you only had a capital section and offerings for working capital offers based on the data in my account which is only offered by approval without submission of any proof I have to gather up and get to another bank…I’d love to discuss or clarify this to anyone with lili who contacts me. Would blow lili up to us independent worker’s who can’t scramble for documents.
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1 year ago, ELual
Be very careful with this bank
Do not rely on the app to show you an accurate list of transactions or an accurate balance. In calling them to get a clarification on transactions that don’t match up, I learned that some transactions showing as completed on the app are actually still pending. I have a transaction that went through which I received a notification about, yet it’s not reflected in my balance or showing in my transactions on the app. They just began a new premium service, which they forced on everyone initially, and since then the app, and apparently their record keeping, has been a mess. I am using iOS 16.4.1. After receiving notification of a transaction it finally showed up a full 48 hours later in the app. Currently there is a transaction that has been pending for 18 days. There is no real corresponding transaction, but a hold has been placed for the amount and it’s reflected in my account balance as if it’s actually a charge. Yet another issue.
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2 years ago, Smashley McBoobies
Happily Surprised!
I was excited for this service before I even made my first deposit! I was ready for calving a bank account that was easy to manage. But still to my surprise, Lily has been able to do things I never thought a bank account could! I get my paycheck directly deposited in two days sooner, so that was neat. I’ve never had that with direct deposit before! But what I love most about Lili is how I can organize and keep track of what exactly I’m spending my money on and how much I’m doing it. I love organizing between life and it expenses and worse and its expenses! Gives me good insight to what I’m spending money on that I don’t need to be doing, lol! I am absolutely in love with this service and I will be a customer for life! Thank you Lili!
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2 years ago, kristina1980509
Terrible! Waste of time.
I ordered my card in preparation of starting some free lance work and some independent contractor work. I put the app on my phone, ordered my card, activated my card and before any use was even made of my card, Lili shut it down for “breaking their usage rules”. Considering the card wasn’t used I am very upset by this. Multiple emails with customer service were useless, stating they do not provide individual information and that I should trust their “sophisticated” methods that a correct decision has been made. No appeal, no information why, and now money which was supposed to be coming into that account will have to bounce in limbo for up to 14 days and the mail system which I would never send checks in to begin with. They won’t give me info and I feel like they just collected sensitive information and ghosted me. My review is that we are busy as freelancers and small business owners, I wouldn’t waste your time on this supposed account.
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1 year ago, Bertha0602
Perfect for Freelancers
I work a full time career and am trying to get my jewelry company off the ground. I have several side gigs that I also work to supplement my income while trying to build a business. Lili allows me to designate purchases to work or personal. It also allows me to assign the proper tax categories to purchases made for business purposes and upload a photo of the receipt. So no more having to worry about losing receipts, mixing up receipts, etc. You can set the account to automatically withhold taxes and to automatically deposit funds into a savings account. I’m very thankful I stumbled upon Lili. It has been a dream come true for someone that needs all the help they can get with organization of finances.
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3 years ago, Angie Saldana
Beyond 5 Stars!!!
I’ve never ever in all my years using the banking systems have experienced the top notch customer service that Lili provides!! I emailed them with a concern outside of business hours and immediately received a response. The communication is clear, prompt and quick. I’m so excited to start using this business checking account for my small cleaning business. My organizational skills are next to none but with Lili banking it’s all taken care of for me. If you are self employed like myself this is the account you’ve always needed. Forget those bigger branches with long wait lines & rude tellers (that’s my experience) With Lili it’s personal and with other bank branches your just another account number.
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1 year ago, LOLZ<3LMAO
Awful customer service and awful app
This company is given good ratings and I have no idea why. Here is what you need to know before you get a business bank account: 1) customer service representatives are not available 24/7 and they are in another country not the US and they will not answer your questions, 2) you can not see any transactions that are available in real time, 3) you can not see any transfer transactions from external banks, 4)there are no supervisors available and they will claim that you will get a callback in 24 hours. Good luck with your business checking here because it is better to have an established bank account in the US like Bank of America, Chase etc if you are doing business in America because they will be able to actually help you with real time transactions, excellent customer service and supervisors who are available. This is not happening with this company unfortunately.
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9 months ago, theman 🦴
Great for freelance
Works good for freelancers and many more. Has a feature where you can set some money aside for emergencies each day when you have deposited into your account or maybe have in already just set a certain amount to set aside and it automatically does the work for you and you can withdraw at anytime when its needed the most. Most of all it leaves you recipes of your purchases with the company you shopped at and location with address. So incase you lose your card and some how gets used somewhere you are not at, you can see where on the app, call the company, and you can go from there. You may see more once you’ve joined team lili.
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4 years ago, Lorianna R.
Lili Made My Life Easier
I absolutely LOVE Lili. My boyfriend and I run our own businesses so when he found Lili I immediately jumped to getting it! I didn’t want to go the traditional route with getting a business bank account at Wells Fargo or Bank of America so this saved me all the hassle and it was SUPER quick to set up. I also have my own business debit card that they send you and anytime I make a business transaction I’m instantly able to categorize it as a work expense in the app as well as see my yearly tax savings! It feels good finally having my personal income and business income separated! Highly recommend this for someone who is running a small business and just needs something quick and efficient to operate their business expenses!
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2 years ago, bagriffith5742
Love Lili app! ❤️
I’ve been using Lili since the beginning of the year and I have had nothing but great experiences with each interaction. Super easy and quick to open an account, fast sending my new card in the mail, no trouble linking to other accounts and cards, works seamlessly with other payment apps, no hidden fees, instant transfers, useful notifications, no spam emails, app is simple to navigate with a useful layout, and even makes keeping personal and business separate a total breeze! Gone are the days of guessing what that unknown transaction was for. No worries, Lili knows! Anyone running a business, do yourself a favor and get this app ASAP!! Highly recommended!!
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3 years ago, Nxt Gen Cowboy
Great for tax purposes
Lili is great for freelance and entrepreneurs. Being able to categorize withdraws, deposits and purchases as work related or life related makes tax time a breeze. As a entrepreneur and small business owner who sells their services and products online who does not receives a traditional paycheck and makes purchases for business regularly banking with Lili allows me to record what is a business expense and what is not. This makes it simple and easy to accurately keep track tax deductions and gives me the ability to receive the largest tax return I can. As a entrepreneur and small business owner of every dollar I can get back is vital and essential to success and Lili makes that quick, easy and painless!!!
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3 years ago, Bettie Donson
Lili is simply amazing…
…at stealing your money, withholding it from you, passing off your claim from employee to employee so there is no consistency in case management, apparently losing or otherwise terminating claims without communication, & then blaming it all on you! Beware, Lili’s customer service is third-party, they do not care about freelancers and the work we do to make an honest living. Lili is not a secure bank, and when funds mysteriously go missing for no fault of your own, you won’t be getting them back. Doesn’t matter if it’s fraud or a simple refund for unused/unwanted merchandise. Get out while you can, and for the love of God & your hard earned money…do not use this bank.
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1 year ago, Tromgone
Great freelance option
I’m really happy with the features and ease of use in my first month. It’s all simple and the automatic tax bucket savings feature is clutch! One improvement I’d like to see is an option to set a rule from certain income sources to NOT contribute to the tax bucket. As a freelancer, most of my work is 1099 but some of it is W2. I’d like to be able to set the income from the W2 sources to not take a percentage out as soon as it comes in because I’ve already paid tax on that. Right now you have to manually go back and update it. Small thing but it would make a few things much easier. Thanks for a great experience so far!
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1 year ago, Free9dmc
Great organizing app.
Saves time by categorizing your expenditures and estimating your tax savings. The only thing that they could do better at is their customer service. It is pretty slow and with no chat feature makes all correspondence limited to email because it is hard to get them on the phone if they had an instant messaging customer service feature then this app would be hands-down, the best banking app for freelancers and small business or honestly personal banking account ever. But because it lacks that feature, I’m hesitant to give it a five star rating, even though that everything else deserves a five star rating. With the lack of the chat feature, I give it 4 stars.
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3 years ago, CBORR69
Don’t do it stay away!!! I never give reviews and didn’t want to even give one star!! I open an account and deposited money right away. I received my card about a week later. I go to the app to activate and it tells me my account is under review so I wait.. well it has been a couple weeks since I opened account and still same issue so I call give my information and was told my account is closed so I question it and get hung up on so I call back give my information again and get told that need more information but will be done through emails he has no answers or why so I start getting upset because they have my money and no answers and get hung up on again.. I still have not heard anything and still can’t use app or activate card.. it’s a scam don’t do it and the worse customer service ever and they still have my money...STAY AWAY!! THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE FAKE!!!!
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3 years ago, SteveBtx
Problem scanning documents to sign up
I have tried for two days trying to open an account. I tried using my cellphone to register. Every time I tried to take a picture of my driver’s license, the screen would have a page covering it. Then it would go back to the previous page. I did this like 10 times. Must be a bug in the program. I then tried to register with uploading documents on both the cellphone and iPad. Each time I tried to upload, no window would open up for document selection. This is crazy. Sure not no three minutes to open an account. The company needs to check the platform for bugs on the registering process. Maybe time for a different app. This app would be ideal for someone doing various gig type jobs or different income streams, IF they could register.
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1 month ago, JonathanClack
Terrible and fraudulent
I am waiting for my process server to serve Choice Financial Group. This company utilizes fake reviews and at least to me, has flat-out just taken funds with no transaction history. When I threatened litigation, the amount magically went back even with no transaction history(I don’t use the account). In addition, when asking them to view my current, available, and rolling balance, none of them added up to the $100+ Lili fraudulently just took out my account. This isn’t just some bad review because I’m upset, read the other reviews. This has happened to dozens of users now… It’s very scary they have so much power to commit theft and fraud against their user base with the hope you won’t notice. Please, for the sake of your money, don’t download this app and read the real reviews. 9/10 of this company’s reviews are bots hence the generic reviews.
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1 year ago, T2gnoz
Should be called hoops bank
This bank started out great. I loved most things about this bank and the app. I love all the tracking options, invoice creation tool, and the additional benefits that are included. All great until it came to actually receiving my money from my clients. I sent out invoices THROUGH THE LILI APP, which went though Stripe. Stripe had my money in limbo for 22 days, sent it through, and now Lili is holding on to it!!! They tell me that they need to verify things before they can give me my money. Which I had to also do with Stripe!!! Why do they not go through all of this when you open your business account with them!!? And why isn’t it communicated between the two entities!!? Why do I have to verify something that I sent through their very own app!!? The hoops I have to go through to receive my money for my business and my family….. Do better.
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3 years ago, kgcantillas
They will steal your money and their support system (email/phone number) is nonexistent. It’s a shame they’re doing this to small business and freelancers . Update to the reply I received below: this is partially true. I’m still missing funds! And again your customer service has been atrocious to deal with . No one answers the phone and no one responds to email . I wasn’t notified by anyone , I spent hours calling to finally get in touch with someone who “couldn’t help because they didn’t have the authority” and so now I’m currently waiting for a response again. Lili bank you really need to work on customer service and handling a clients funds better. This our money and our livelihood and our sanity you’re taking away from. Update again: Since this is the only way I get a reply !! What kind of customer service is this ? I understand why my bank was closed which still doesn’t make sense but I have no desire to keep an account with Lili banking ever again. The real concern is how can I get my funds back !! No one can answer this and this is stealing . I won’t stop until I get my funds back . Feel free to respond to my emails with information about my funds that were deposited and I never had access to before you closed my account . Again I highly don’t recommend Lili !
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6 months ago, bwat1966
On point 👌👍
Everything so far has been as advertised. Annoying tasks made easy and everything under control in one place. Only complaint I have would be the balance up requirements. I get a lot of smaller deposits/transfers into my account which in total should easily qualify but I guess they require consistent $500 + deposits. It’s whatever just an extra effort to make that happen if I want to have that feature in case I ever need it… instead of letting my funds come in automatically however they come in. But I am overall satisfied with Lili. Everything is pretty much on point.
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