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3 months ago
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User Reviews for LineLeader

2.16 out of 5
101 Ratings
5 months ago, MahonriM€
Messed up login system
I can login with my email and password on a computer but not the app? What’s going on here? I had to reset my password *again* to be able to get into the phone app, which I apparently need since the browser version on a phone won’t let me access messages from the school.
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7 months ago, SavingPeopleHuntingThings
This app causes physical pain
This app causes grief multiple times a day every day to me and every other teacher i speak with. It will freeze constantly. It was “loading” for 2 hours yesterday so I had to sticky note the meal, the potty breaks, and all nap start and end times because it would not work. I shouldn’t have to wait 15 min to log into my account while switching users. that’s crazy. Parents ask about it and why it’s glitchy. Teachers ask about it. It never functions how it’s supposed to. If you take a cute photo of a kid but their parent comes to check them out, you can’t upload it for the parents to have because the kid is “checked out.” That’s just 1 of 20 other things wrong with it. All in all, things have gotten much harder since we stopped using our last app and this one slows us down so much. I am ALWAYS bracing myself for it to crash or not work because it happens so much that i expect it.
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4 months ago, AbbeW1921
Great app for parents
I love this app. It allows me to see what is going on at my child’s school. I get great photos from my child’s teachers. I can also message my child’s teacher and admin staff and pay my bill. Great app. Make sure and update to the latest release as it seems to fix some issues from prior release
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3 years ago, Mrwalrus18
Parent Experience
I love using this app to check in on what my child is doing throughout the day. Due to the pandemic, I have never been able to meet my child’s teacher face to face. MomentPath gives me the chance to connect with my teacher even when the world looks a little different. Overall great experience!
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1 year ago, SierraKR
No more scraps of paper!
I’m used to seeing my child’s day through a half sheet of paper stuffed into their backpack. With this app, her teacher can send me updates through her whole day and it sends me an email recapping everything she did, ate, learned, and more! Plus it’s so much easier to make payments than at other centers.
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5 months ago, amrazngurl
Not sophisticated
This app is terrible, more frustrating than helpful, doesn’t really give me any useful information as a parent for looking deeper into my account for billing and payment history, (can’t be too difficult, considering how many companies have this available on their apps) and it’s just not user friendly. The only positive is that I can check in my child at her daycare. You could’ve made the app much simpler if you’re not going to invest effort into the “sophisticated” features you say it has.
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6 months ago, Jenjen577
Nothing good to say
This app is broken more than working. Most of the time when I get an email notification that I’ve received a message, I can’t see what the school is trying to tell me. Their support team has told me I have to manually go to the App Store to update the app. What? Apps automatically refresh for me. Then, if that didn’t work and a new fix is available, I have to delete the app and reinstall it? I have never had to do that with ANY other app. I have nothing good I can say about this app.
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3 years ago, Vurk
Great as a parent, easy to use as a teacher!
I use this app as both a parent and a teacher. I love being able to keep track of my child's day, and I know other parents appreciate the work I put into providing details on their child's day.
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7 months ago, ajennings2010
Not great
Crashes Some days you get notifications. Others you don’t. App doesn’t load quite frequently although recently it has loaded nothing but blank screens for 3 days now. I’m sure that’ll work out great come time to pay when you can’t see anything. Pictures for posts don’t load till late at night most days sometimes not even until the next day.
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3 years ago, Mbeadles20
Teacher experience
Love using this as a teacher. MomentPath is intuitive and easy to learn. I love being able to communicate with parents and my co-teachers directly through the app.
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1 month ago, Kay4362
Ok and now bad
The apps works fine enough for basic things on the parent side. But now suddenly the pictures stopped working. Almost acting like the data is corrupted. All black And makes the app glitch and freeze. So now I have almost no reason to like this.
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6 months ago, John Yeprem
Updates comes in hours later
My daughter’s school is using this app to make announcements and provide updates for parents. It’s usually displays texts/updates/images to relevant party in the chat a few hours later. For such business use case between care providers and parents, this is terrible user experience for both ends.
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5 months ago, KerriAtch
My day care switched to this after having a perfectly fine one for 6 years. This app is not designed well, hard to navigate, notifications aren’t correct. I’ve had to delete and download app multiple times because it just doesn’t work and that’s the only advice offered.
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6 months ago, Jesshottie
please fix this app
Ughhh I picked my daughter’s preschool because they promised real time updates with an app… unfortunately they picked this app and it’s terrible. You’re lucky if you get notifications and pictures take days to download or don’t download at all. It’s a great concept, poorly executed. Please fix it!
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11 months ago, I watkines
Please fix the typing glitch
Every time I have to type a description for a post the app glitches and I can’t see what I’m typing it’s very frustrating, the text box will automatically scroll up on its own.
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3 weeks ago, CC canIpetyourdog
Cannot log in
My daughter’s school just switched to this app and even though I can log in using laptop browser, I cannot log into the app. Even more frustrating is that they are providing no way to fix this other than putting me through an endless loop of password resetting.
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6 years ago, Em189
Love being able to see how my child’s day is going with quick and easy updates.
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6 months ago, 1ST Security Fan
Opens to blank pages, can’t scan QR code to check in and out often times, delayed posts of pictures. Just seems like ancient technology.
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3 years ago, Jamjam313
Easy to use
So easy to use. I love that I can interact with my child’s teacher.
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4 months ago, hannah_peake
Very useful!
The functionality is great and our company loves using this app!
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5 years ago, HawaiiNikole
It’s okay
As a parent it’s a great app to see my children . As a childcare staff member it is frustrating to work. Constantly needing to message to get help fixing issues. Life cubby was much better as well as other apps.
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9 months ago, ZSDavis
Counter intuitive
Poorly designed, especially for mobile use. ACH fee is petty theft let’s be honest. Why is it so difficult to find your account balance / invoices? Scrolling through a feed to find a notification for “billing” is subversive and asinine truthfully
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10 months ago, giopogss
You guys need to fix to where the payment can be taken together and not individually. I have three kids and you take out a fee for each kid and that is absolutely ridiculous. Daycare is already high enough.
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1 year ago, sootspriteshoppe
This company is absolute crooks. If you have multiple kids in daycare be prepared to pay multiple credit card fees. They don’t let you lay your balance together that make you pay it individually and charge extra fees for each kid
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5 months ago, Vacation_flower
This app
This app is not great. It’s hard to message the child’s teacher if I never messaged her first. Most of the time, the app does not work. I haven’t been able to use the app, for a month or two. Nothing loads. I would rate this app, -5.
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9 months ago, M3963678
This is so dumb
I cannot stand this app. It never works properly constantly crashing and all I’m told is reinstall. Luckily my son is old enough to speak a bit otherwise this would drive me nuts with an infant.
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7 months ago, lala161718
Dread this app
It’s always freezing and won’t reload. So, I can’t check my kids in/out, message teachers, or see what they are doing. I wish my daycare would change apps.
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5 years ago, Gir005
Every time I try and save a picture the app crashes. Otherwise it works great.
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9 months ago, FancyGap22
Notifications don’t work
I have notifications turned on, but none appear when I don’t have the app open. Please fix this!
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5 months ago, PLittleton02
Can’t see anything half the time
Can’t see any of the “moments” or anything everything is blank half the time
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11 months ago, ClaireCran
Crashing / Glitchy
Could this app get worse? Constantly crashing. Inconsistent updates. Unidirectional communication.
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6 months ago, LilMac841
Terrible app money grab by greedy people can’t set up auto pay they quadruple charge late fees and then charge late fees on top of fraudulent late fees
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2 weeks ago, kainjow
First off the latest 5 star reviews are obviously fake. Second it just stopped loading when signing in recently. Third, What’s New still crashes, even though their support team knows about this for months. Forth, the Pay UX is very unintuitive.
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4 years ago, fortunatecookie
as a teacher, this app is so difficult to use. it freezes & crashes constantly and it takes several attempts to upload or edit information (check in/out timestamps etc) successfully.
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2 months ago, valdostamom
For those who don’t know widgets are like folders on your devices Home Screen, they also stand out more, gives priority. And every time I use this app it takes me a second to search through my phone to pull it up for sign in/out. I’m just saying it would be much easier with a widget that puts me right into the part that scans the QR code. Think you guys can make something like that? I would imagine it being simple.
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4 months ago, 951lady
From a parent perspective: this app is useless. If you click “what’s new” in both iPhone and Android, the whole app crashes and closes. The features from the desktop to the app version are glaringly different. On the desktop I can see if my child’s immunizations are up to date - cool. Not on the phone though… In the phone I can message my child’s teacher and include my spouse; not on the desktop version though! The “express check in/out” worked the first day and never again. Why can’t the feature refresh itself every new calendar day? The notifications do NOT work on my phone. I have them all enabled, but still NO badges. I get an email every time there’s a stupid notification about a school wide announcement, but nothing when it’s related to my individual child. Lastly: pick a name!! Is this “moment path” or “LineLeader”?!?! Worst app ever.
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10 months ago, gunbvrergyurrghuu
Unnecessary busywork
Password, PIN, authorization code, user name, email. Every single one of those are required. This is necessarily prone to conflation.
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