lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you

3.3 (10)
44.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Asteria Corporation
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you

3.3 out of 5
10 Ratings
12 years ago, Moxeri
Needs work for iPad use
Works ok from a laptop but from the iPad there is no way to move the stickies around.
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5 years ago, Dancingmobs
If you come from using Padlet
This one is good to use. The app and the web are both in sync, writing new notes, just starting to use it but will continue if anything pops up. Lino has proven to be good. 👍 So something to note: I wish the website would become a secure website with the lock on the search bar-not that I will put sensitive info on, it just seems less secure without any safe guard.
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3 years ago, salty_tomato
Needs heavy upgrade
They should add a download feature to download the boards, and they need to modernize the site a bit
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11 years ago, jzamaod
Good, but need better instructions
First starting to use the app, I encountered these issues: (1) Cannot locate the method for moving created stickies & (2) After a canvas' background has been changed 'after' the canvas has already been created much earlier, the small thumbnail for that canvas on the all-my-canvas view still remains to be the kind of background that was used when the canvas was first created Upon a second use of the app, the issues were resolved: (1) To move a sticky, touch it and then drag it by holding onto the lower left corner (on the linoit icon). & (2) Somehow the canvas thumbnail just changed on its own.... However, when I tried to change the background yet again, the change was still not immediately registered on the thumbnail view. At first, it doesn't appear to be any instructions or help tips for iPhone/iPad app on the company's website. On a third attempt, I finally noticed that there was a tip sticky hidden in the pre-made "Main" board. After which, I went again online to the company's website and discovered that there's a search box at the way bottom of the "Help" page to search and locate the instructions for the app version.... Lots of work for users! Need to do a bit of redesign to be more user-friendly. More stars will be given as updates occur. Still want to see instant change to the thumbnail. Otherwise, I do like the app. Thank you!
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12 years ago, Mr. E-man 1964
Just like a bulletin board
I don't know what the other reviewer was doing but the app works very well. I have no problem moving and rotating images. Unlike some other apps, you don't have to pay for photos. I don't have a huge need for it; so I won't go premium. If you do like using stickies this work and is accessible from your desk/laptop too.
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12 years ago, ドレアさん
Thought I found a cool app since I am a fashion designer, but found it completely useless. The whole point of this app is to use like a bulletin board but you can't even move images around only the text stickies. Whoever designed this garbage obviously did not think the concept through. I'm deleting this app and looking for something that I can actually use and isn't garbage. Don't even waste your time to try it out.
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12 years ago, Jeanne Reed
Cool Collaborative Tool
This is a cool tool for working with a team. I used a custom background, inserted a picture of a schedule and now teammates can add a note on the day and time they prefer. I moved my sticky note with a long press, then tapped again and moved it. Cool!
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12 years ago, 3Ageek
Great complement to Web version
Could use some improvements (like allowing to move stickies around a canvas!). However, it's great to be able to interact with linoit canvasses from an iOS device without going through a web browser.
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12 years ago, Goclones
there needs to be a way to edit your profile and username and password please fix!!!!
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11 years ago, Wittcody
This is so helpful
I was doing a research project and Igot an a plus because i used Lino and I suggest you use it to
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13 years ago, KCKP
Absolutely useless and poorly conceived. It apparently was written in another language, then POORLY translated into English This app is highly overvalued at its current One star is also far too high of a rating, but I'm forced to pick at least one star. Don't waste your time.
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13 years ago, Briten chick
The online Lino is better the stars are for the online one not this one
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13 years ago, Clareco
Rather silly
Would have loved the sticky note concept but this isn't it ! They blame Apple for the roundabout steps, and that is probably valid. Using email or the note pad provided on the IPad is better.
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13 years ago, Sys26
Can't login
I would love to write a review but I can't even login to check the app. Please fix this bug asap!
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11 years ago, Cool agent12:.$@@(
Awesome web
This is the awesomest web
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10 years ago, Lollolpopcorn
Great App
Great app to use for DI script making
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13 years ago, crazeeeyez
No OpenID support
I login using OpenID online, but there's no support in the app. What am I supposed to do with the app?
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9 years ago, App kinda guy
um ok this app is c00l I kinda guess
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11 years ago, 😎😎😆😆😁
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