Little Alchemy

4.5 (2.4K)
13 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jakub Koziol
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Little Alchemy

4.53 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Catlover 66
Can’t stop playing
my friend introduced me to this game and now I am addicted to it so a thank you for making it but there’s a few things I noticed that I need you to fix and then I’ll like it even better my first one is is when I’m looking at the hints I always click little alchemy two and then it just opens it won’t let me go back to the hints of the need to close it again and it keeps doing that so please fix that so that doesn’t happen because it’s getting kind of annoying my second reason why I need you to fix this is because I am a there’s so much stuff in here and a most of the stuff is kind of useless it’s just for fun so can you make it so like we actually have to use it for something my last reason is is that a can you add more stuff in little alchemy one this one right now. You might be thinking that there’s already lotta stuff in here but actually there’s not because I finished it
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5 years ago, Memom87
This game is the best
Anyone that wants to buy this game,YES you should buy it right away it’s one of my favorite apps ever. You just have to put stuff together but yet it’s so much fun,sometimes I make like a whole town like houses and people and farm and beach’s and so much more,this is sooooooooo much more than fun it’s fantastic it’s outstanding it’s amazing and it’s probably even better. Believe me I am NOT lying. It’s SO addicting you might get so addicting you can’t even get of for a second,so if your about to buy this game and you read this, like I said I am not not.......NOT! Lying. So why don’t you just try it? and if you don’t like it that’s........... NOT OKAY LIKE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS but if you REALLY LOVE IT, THEN YOUR THE BEST........but not as good as this game!
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5 years ago, jonboyle1
Omg I love it!
I downloaded this game a few weeks ago, and now I’m hooked. It teaches you a few things about chemistry, but then you get to a few hilarious things. You can also make Doge, Keyboard Cat, The Doctor, a Tardis, and even more hilarious things. It’s fun to come up with more recipes, and it trains your brain - even if it doesn’t have to be in an educational way. But I can look at my items and go “what would a human and a cake make? A baker?” And spend a while thinking. The only problem is that the game is missing a goal. There should be something saying “try to make a Christmas tree!” And you think about that. Eventually, you can’t even think of an item that you don’t have, so if you have something telling you what to make, that would keep you from asking others, looking it up, etc. Overall, this game is great and I highly recommend it!
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4 years ago, cyberangel123
I Was Skeptical, But This Game Rocks!
i’ve never written a review on a game before, but this game deserves it! this game is fun & entertaining, and anyone i show it to gets glued to finding new combo’s. some combo’s are funny, some are tricky. i’ve already gotten past 100 elements in 3 days, i’m in love! did i mention there’s no ad’s!? honestly, it reminds me of minecraft, the creating new block’s part strictly. it starts to feel like a puzzle, especially when you get stuck & they’re suggesting you create something that you just cant figure out. perfect casual game that takes a bit of creativity & passes the time well during quarantine. -a fellow gen z
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4 years ago, ncfjrue
Good stuf
I like this game because it is so fun and it entertained me a lot even when I am sad and I can show my friends and family this app and it is so cool and fun I give this app a 10 out of 10 and I will. Really recommend this app for kids like me I would recommend 10 and up because I think it will be batter for 10 year olds because they will get what to do and so ya have a good day and stay in school if you want to and happy thanksgiving and happy Christmas to all and btw I do not like school but I do like math class🙊🙉🙈 so ya bye have a great day and stay safe do to covet 19
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1 year ago, Dae (o゜▽゜)o☆
Super Cute!! I managed to get most of them without help, then when I was stuck, clicking through the hints on the website helped a bunch, however I now have 579 out of 580 and according to the wiki I have all the elements? I’m kinda loosing my mind over this actually haha. I’ve matched every element in my inventory on at least 3 wiki lists but still have no idea what the one I’m missing is, I’m actually wondering if it might be a glitch? Other than that one missing element that’s driving me absolutely nuts it’s a good game that will keep adults busy for a day or 2 and kids for about a week :)
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2 years ago, Tgarner
This game is awesome
I love this game! You can make all sorts of things. I give this game five stars because, this game is the best I spend most of my time playing this app. You need to get it… this app rocks! When ever I am bored I almost always play this game. It also saves your progress. I am going to give you some hints on how to make some stuff on this app: fire +water =steam. Glass + glass = glasses. Sand + sand = desert. Now I am not going to give you all the answers to this app you need to do some on your own. You need to by this game!
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5 years ago, Raj19756
Amazing, yet...
This game is absolutely wonderful, but I get bored playing it. I don’t have a goal, and I don’t like just matching random things up together. That may the point of the game, but it drives players to go online and look at cheat sheets. The game needs more of those pop-up things that say, “ try to make pig!” Again, I would recommend this game to other people. It’s fun marching stuff up until you finally get 580 elements. Its especially fun to play with friends, and communicate what you just made. A small fix to add more goals at the bottom will make it even more fun for others to play.
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4 years ago, tjdjdjcnchk jvnvmvkvmvjvhv
This game is the best thing ever
Play dumb all this I could not stop playing it was so fun and when little alchemy two came out I downloaded it too it was so fun I could not stop playing them and I don’t know why but when I played a little alchemy one is said youSuck do you need a hint but I didn’t care I just want to the Hind and saw the stuff that I was like stuck on making them I could not make those the person who would help me makeWhat is my brothers
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1 year ago, Judmine
How do you come up with this stuff?
I absolutely love this game. There is SO much you can create with only four elements! Like Darth Vader or a teenage mutant ninja turtle! When it comes to this game, you have no idea what you can do. You are god. You create the universe. You decide what exists and what doesn’t. Of course, to do that, you would need to know what two things create. But I love it. You shape everything with water, fire, air and earth. I guess they really are the primary elements.
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4 years ago, Dr. Reality
Fun mind game
Once you get the hang of how the elements combine to form other objects (i.e., many are plays on words, so think creatively with the language), you find yourself creating and justifying all sorts of wild ideas. I am the type who wants instant gratification, so I got to around 200 on my own and then went for help on the internet. But it still took me all day, and I had a blast doing it. The icons are super cute, and the idea is fun. It’s light entertainment that can engage your brain for a while. Excellent toilet game! :)
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7 years ago, DOG DUDE!🐶
I love it
At first I thought it would be boring, but it is actually fun!!! At school we played on tablets and did work on them to and when we were done we could play. So some of my friends looked for fun games and they tried this game. BOOM, everyone in my class started playing this game and so did I. I recommend this game to EVERYONE!! But this is just my opinion, so people might not like the game! If you do then you are the best. If you don't then you are weird. Just saying. GET THIS GAME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
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5 years ago, User9.8
This game is so much fun. I live finding new elements that I never knew their was on the game. The only thing I would say is when you get hints,I think it would be easier if you have a a search bar asking you if you have a lot of elements, a okay number or only what you started with so that way you can get new elements when the elements you have and not have to make new one for almost all the hint they give you. Over all amazing game.
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3 years ago, ccccccAwesome
30 min I am stuck on it
I’ve only had this game for 30 minutes and I’m hooked I love this game. I found when I was playing a different game in a ad for something and I beg my parents to let me have it. It is soooooooo much fun, but there is a problem I have about the hints it would let me use them for some reason but other then that love it 😊. Literally had to pull my self away just to write this review!!
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5 years ago, dark matter*
Great learning game!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Little Alchemy isn’t only fun and challenging, it’s educational! A friend of mine introduced me to Little Alchemy and now I’ve been playing this game for as long as I can remember. Little Alchemy teaches you what a specific thing you put together can make, you keep making more things and it will never stop! I definitely recommend this game but not only for fun but Little Alchemy can teach you a thing or two!😊
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4 years ago, sophia lynn coghe
When I first downloaded this game I wasn’t that addicted then after playing it and getting all the cool things I started to be on it more using the cheats just a little 😉 and then the addition started to kick in ever Sence for the past few weeks I have been on this game for so long creating things I really recommend this game it’s fun, enjoyable and addicting I really recommend this app if u see this!
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5 years ago, TheWeird unicorn
No joke, this is how I met my best bets friend. So when I moved schools in 3rd grade on fun Friday everyone was playing this and I asked someone what it was called, she told me and then BOOM we started playing together and MORE BOOM we became friends. This is a good game when your bored and want to have fun, with a bit of challenge. Not many adds, works pretty well, and is really fun. I definitely recommend this to anyone reading this!!
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1 year ago, FeeFee0124
Amazing game! I recommend.
You can literally make anything with simple things, ehhh maybe some hard things… I would recommend the ages 10+ if they are smart enough. But, You can make humans, animals, electronics, energy, HOUSES. Thats basically everything! EVEN FOOD. I can’t stop playing and I give this 5 stars because it’s SO good. Such a fun game.
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2 years ago, Dougie);:
I saw this game on Tik Tok and love it
I played this game for so long and every day I would go on it. it is better then little alchemy 2 because it’s original. There is only one problem yes one problem that it started taking me a hour to find a new element so I never got every element. Overall this is a perfect game for relaxation or just having fun.
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4 years ago, ebrrnniiee
It’s great I love it I can’t get enough of it and it teaches you too about the elements of what makes what and that’s why I love it and sometimes I think this is what this makes (like something random) and then it dose not and then I see something else dose like water and earth makes natural plant but rain and earth dose makes more sense right so now I can be more understanding when I say that stuff so ya it’s great
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3 years ago, warlock's
Great game but…
Little Alchemy is a great skill building game. It has great elements, great graphics and an overall great concept. But I wish that they would add a search feature. This will most definitely be helpful when you have, for example, 500 elements and you want to make a new compound. Searching for that one element is deadly. But other than that it’s a great game! P.S. I wish I could give this 4 1/2 stars.
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5 years ago, ideklollol
awesome game❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
This game is so fun! i’m addicted to it! i am so close to finishing it, i have one item left i can’t figure out. This game is easy to use, creative, and fun to discover new items! Some of my favorites are: Yoda, Batman, Keyboard Cat, Doge, Gnome, and Flying squirrel. I showed this game to my day and now he is addicted lol! He helped me and I helped him. I definitely recommend downloading this app! i love it!
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6 years ago, Njomw
What a disappointment! Don’t waste your time!
It was fun trying to figure out all the combinations and collecting new elements and items. Then I got to 575 - the game quit counting! I found the last five elements — it didn’t count them. Thinking perhaps there was a glitch, I quit for the day. Opened the game the next day — not only had it not counted those elements — they were gone! And now the game won’t let me recreate them. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I was expecting bells and whistles and confetti! Got NOTHING. Deleting the game — and who cares about playing Little Alchemy 2??? BTW — you can’t contact them — contact email in settings doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, @smith241
very fun but please take out all of the… drugs and alcohol
Hi this is the best game ever but…. I can’t play it anymore because there is alcohol and drugs in the game ! PLEASE IF POSSIBLE TAKE THEM OUT!! And I think I should have more things to combine ( more stuff to make) you may think there is a lot but there really isn’t, when I was playing for my first time I had already made 46 things!! And it only took me thirty minutes!! Overall it’s an amazing game totally recommend it!!
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5 months ago, Bigfoot0811
Best phone and pc game
I started on my pc the went to phone this is one of my favorite games 10/10 recommend i just downloaded on my phone after not having my pc for a while I downloaded at 12:00 am and am still playing at almost 2:00 am
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4 years ago, i like chipss
Amazing game
This game is better than most of the games I was watching little alchemy and I had a wonderful idea and my sister also loves this app so much and I loved it too much 10/10 stars 😉 I can’t stop playing this app thanks to the craters (sorry that I can’t spell craters right) like I said thanks to the craters of little alchemy I love this app thank you 😍
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4 years ago, RobbieWeb
Restrictions 😡
I have played the game before so I can make this review possible, and now my phone has restrictions of 9 or lower and I really want to play the game more but it’s 12+ and I can’t, I thought this was a game for kids!?! But for 12+!?! I want to play so make it 9+ (including version 2 please) thanks (I don’t know why I put it 5 star but OK)
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1 year ago, LonoDoesntLikeThis
Five stars.
This game is so addictive. You can create so many things out of your imagination. Some cool fictional monsters even. The best part is that there are absolutely no ads. I could spend hours on this game trying to make something new. 100% recommended.
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3 years ago, Nic Collo
Absolute Imperfection
On the hints it always repeats itself and I’ll tap show new hint but it might be the one before the one I was on. Another things is I’ve finished the game yet it says I only have 576 when I have even counted and I have 580. Can you please do something about this, I know it’s not just me who has this problem.
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4 years ago, eclipse wolfie
Ok so I just was searching up science games for my class because I’m studying and right when i saw it i hoped it would not give me up. and guess what? It did not! This game is worth the time! its super amazing, and it has different elements. There is no ads, and I love it. Thank you so much, Im starting to get addicted! Keep it going. I like this game!
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5 years ago, _Miggy_
Such a competitive and fun app
I truly believe this app is brings out the competitive side in people if you bring your friends along, now me and 4 other people are trying to get all the elements and the fun part is seeing how one person got a good item while the other person doesn’t, it’s upsetting but fun.
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5 years ago, girlgamernoob
Amazing game, super hard
Ok this game is flat out amazing!!! It is the best time killer. It is crazy how you can make hundreds of this with only one or two elements!! But on the other hand... it’s super hard. It’s hard to find all the things you can create and how to do so. And when you can’t figure out how to do it... you get really bored. This game is great but try to make it more simple.
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1 year ago, Izabella Rund
this game is so addictive and it’s just the best game ever. But I have one question, if there is not a way to make sticks yet can you add that somehow? And maybe you can do stick + drum = drumsticks and human + drum = percussionist? If you can do that I would really appreciate it! Either way this game is so freaking amazing, I love it!!!!!!
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3 years ago, mckayla 120311
Little alchemy
So I love this game because my friend Liam he showed it to me and then my whole entire class is and my teacher even is and we get so mad and sad when we can’t do it so prodigy used to be our favorite game now this game is and I love it I love it I love it and I just mean my mom get it on my phone I’m so excited to play!
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5 years ago, galaxy123bunny
Best thing ever!
This is coolest app I’ve ever layed eyes on omg so fun because just when you think you made it all you check and NOPE there is always more to make. And if you really stuck there is a button in the app that brings you to there site to give you help! If you are looking for the best come binding app welp... Here you go! 😃
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1 year ago, m0dest__hon3st
It’s just iconic
I used to play this on a laptop with my dad. It’s super cool. It’s a simple (for the most part) game without any ads that I know of and you just put elements together. think everyone should have it in their lives, it could boost younger kids’ creativity
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3 years ago, sand!!!
Love it!!
Very addicting and I finally got close to the end but some of the combinations don’t appear so it make that I didn’t finish. I’m stuck at 576 but when for example I combined astronaut and ice cream it pops up on the board but not on the list. If that makes sense.
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6 years ago, Captain Lysol
Fun & entertaining but has glitch
Game is a clever concept but has the annoying habit of not saving items that have been found. More than once now I've gone back only to discover the game is where it was a few days before. At first I thought it was me but now I've taken screenshots that show the missing items.
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4 years ago, Lily. O
This is one of the only apps I wrote a review on, this game is awesome! I do have a idea for if you update this game. I have to scroll threw all my stuff just to find something, and other times I miss it! If you can, please, if you can add like a search bar or something -someone who loves this game
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9 months ago, 614 Reece
Too good but one thing…
I absolutely love this game the elements the badges, I just cant stop. If you are new there is 580 elements (8 secret elements) and you have to find them all not too easy A bit too hard and why is it so hard to make them please add more like the pokki version please add like 20 elements cuz it is so addictive!
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3 years ago, lsavage127
Great game, small issue though
I love the game so so so much! But I had a problem with losing all my progress ☹️ I logged in using my google account but it was on safari instead of the app, and when I discovered there was an app I went and downloaded it, signed in with my google account, and tried to play, but all of the progress I have on safari is not showing on the app.
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4 years ago, ur ✨dAdDy✨
Does not work.
Imagine this, you are sitting down in your english class. SOOO BORED. So you and your friends get on ur phones. You decide to download Little Alchemy. The game literally opens to the game, i press play and i’m about to make some crap when this thing comes up about what’s new on game center so i press next because that’s the only button, and right when i do it force exits the app without me doing anything. So then i tried downloading it on my IPad and t still doesn’t work. So now i am oPpEnHeImEr CrApPeD oUt. stooped and dum.
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10 months ago, giufh574776
This is my review title
Oops i left a bad review because i thought the reset progress button was broken but it’s just laggy, if you saw the review, developer(s) before i took it down i take everything back so so sorry
Show more
1 year ago, Htn2272
Me and my brother played for hours!
Omg, this game is awesome me and my brother downloaded this game this morning and already have more than 300 items for anyone who is debating to get it I suggest they should get it if they want a addicting game to stay on for awhile.
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1 year ago, thehaterliketheboss
The game overall is amazing but i seem to be having a real problem. Every time when i want to reset my progress everything just instantly freezes there’s nothing i can do about it anymore it won’t let me reset my progress.
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7 years ago, ag3_27
Love it
This is one of my favorites! Simple in concept, but I was hooked from the beginning. There's a lot of humor to it and I love thinking of all the roundabout ways to combine elements. Definitely one of the few games I can play for hours & always come back to.
Show more
2 years ago, secrete_revewier_123
It’s one of my favorite games, if not favorite, I could play for hours, which I have. This game is awsome, and then they made a second one, I just love it, AND, the fact that is just freely gives you hints is amazing, 10/10 definitely recomend
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6 years ago, trei93
Too much scrolling
I love the app it’s fun and keeps me entertained when I’m not busy doing anything. But I wish the search option would be better. Maybe have a different screen with the elements on to search them instead of scrolling through one bar of 500 elements.
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7 years ago, Review12345678900
Once enjoyable, now mediocre & futile game since progress lost
After hours of enjoying playing this game in a mindless way for relaxation, it's become pointless after the game lost multiple items already discovered. This could be because of data lost somehow when changing phones, but this is the only app affected. Overall it's a great idea, and they did better on this app than Alchemy 2, but I'm done with it.
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4 weeks ago, ZoeEmetz
It’s good but has a bad side
It’s a awesome game for kids to play and enjoy but make sure to sign in or else you will end up like me. I offloaded the app but then download it again and then boom, my progress is all gone down the drain. I now have to restart. Very disappointing. They should work one saving it cause my kids were very sad.
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