Little Big Snake

4.6 (6.2K)
231.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
LittleBigSnake, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Little Big Snake

4.63 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Pro bloodshed
I love it
It’s better than any snake game I’ve played! I really love the playing with friends feature I just wish there was a way to chat with people without VIP I feel it would be cool to have a chat for None VIP that had you just talk and chit chat. Then the VIP could get emojis and icons for there’s. I’m nine VIP sooo yeah. Also I have a few skin Ideas I know a lot of people like fancy stuff for example that skeleton I love it! But I really wished there was a dapper man or a gent with like a tux, top hat, and bow tie! Something swingy you know! Also I wish it were easier to get gems and coins. Also the skins are pretty hard but fair to get! I can’t wait until there’s another skin update with more skins! I like how you can see the users even when they aren’t super close cause then you can kinda predict when they’re getting closer! I love this game I can’t wait to see what else you create! Or if you just plan to keep updating this one! :) I also think it would be cool to have custom skins not pictures I mean you can like change the color and buy colors or accessories from the store! :)
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4 months ago, cringingrn
It good game!
This review would be a 5 but… 1: There maybe should be a way to get VIP without buying it, killing the rebel, or creating a mobile account from your computer (on home page from computer or Chromebook) Also, just now I watched an ad for my extra life, then after the ad I was stuck on the Oops someone has killed you screen and I had like 110 gems and for some reason it made me use 99 for an extra extra life and guess what? It used my gems, and made me watch 2 more ads! If your wondering, I did NOT get to use my extra life after the ad and when I used the gems I was stuck on the Oops screen again but the gem cost was 149 and thankfully I did not have enough gems for it so it couldn’t glitch but I was moving with that screen in the way so I died and when I went back to the home page, the Oops screen with 149 gems was still there and I couldn’t click out of it so I had to restart the game. Anyway, really fun game though. (PS: My user is BÉHÉMÖTH level 20 something so please Developers, GIVE ME A REFUND!!! Also when I created my IPad account it didn’t give me VIP account like it did on my Chromebook so maybe it’s just because I have to do it FROM my Chromebook. I extra lived again and it did the same THING. It said server error.
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3 months ago, Cheezee Reviews
The best snake game ever!!! 😆
I’m probably the only one to say this, but I feel nostalgia for this game. Back in 4th grade my brother introduced me to this game on our computers, and I played it ALL THE TIME. It was so addictive, especially when you’re at school and the assignment you have to do is unreasonably long so you sneak a game into class time. But about a year later our county administrator BLOCKED IT! I was crushed. 😞😭 Finally I got a phone and looked this up on the App Store and when I found out I could download this I was so happy. 🥹 This game is so fun and there are so many skins to collect. The gameplay is smooth and while I do wish it was easier to level up and get rubies, there isn’t much I would change about this game. It’s already perfect. Developers, thank you for your awesome game and if you can, tweak the earning process and make less skins VIP exclusives. I recommend this game to anyone and home it lives on for many years. 😁
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4 years ago, bumadean
Love the game but one glitch
I love this game it’s awesome. Sometimes my auto pilot doesn’t work. If I use speed up during auto and go manually the auto pilot won’t work afterwards. And also you could add a support button for in game. Other than that it’s awesome! You should make a pvp arena and a casual play area. Also when you get the new skin for 99 gems it takes the gems but no skin! It’s happened to me several times on both my accounts and my fiancés account! Would really appreciate this being fixed or gems reimbursed. Without a support specific button there is no way but here to handle an issue. I am also VIP so yeah missed out on quite a few skins and ripped of gems. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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5 years ago, JenniLuvsDisney
Two glaring issues...
The major issues I have with this game are the horrible performance and network issues. Having ranks in this game is almost completely meaningless when there are so many instances of lag (wether it be network lag or frame drops). Why have a competitive scene when any game that lasts you around 30 seconds has at least 1 moment of lag? Most of my deaths in this game are contributed to lag and lag alone... something that is completely out of my control. Most of the lag I get comes from network issues, but it can be both frame lag and network lag in some instances. Otherwise, the game is fine I’m pretty much every other aspect. I don’t have issues with ads, as many other people who complain about them do. It’s your choice wether to watch ads or not, so I’m not complaining... Please just fix the network lag at the very least. I know it isn’t an issue with my internet because I run on 500mb/s download speed and 100mb/s upload speed. It’s purely server-side.
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4 years ago, Icecreamisawesome16
Love it, but glitches wayyyy too much
PLEASE READ! This an amazing game and I love it. It has great skins, allows you to play with friends, and many more great aspects to it. There is one HUGE problem, though. It glitches wayyyyy too much. It is a terrible problem and needs to be fixed ASAP. I know it isn’t just me who experiences this problem because my friends, who use different devices, have the same exact problem. When it glitches in the middle of the game, either our screens freeze, our snakes automatically speed up like wayy too much when we aren’t using boosts, it spawns us on top of another snake, so we die as soon as we spawn, when another player’s head hits the snake, they go straight through us, and a few more. My friends and I would really appreciate it if this problem is fixed because when we got the game a few weeks ago, it had no problems and was extremely fun. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Big Baby Boy
Trouble in slithering land
Dear Developer of Little Big Snake the site is glitching constantly mostly all day however I am able to play on my smartphone and sometimes on the PC very late at night. I am a long time customer and I’m also 72 years old. I love to play games with Little Big Snake especially with my grand kids & great grand kids I like to show them a thing or two that I’m old but I’m sharper then a needle. Playing this game helps me to stay on point with my thinking skills. In the last two months I have notice lots of glitches and it’s getting worse everyday. Can you help an old guy out and repair the game site I’m almost earning my 30,000 level and I hate to stop playing because when I’m in the moment as I’m increasing my size then the problem starts and at times I’ll be pretty much frustrated with my day. Lately my grand kids are trying to motivate me to their PS5 games now. I really don’t want to leave my gaming with Little Big Snakes 🐍 can you help me out !!!!
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3 years ago, PJ2025
Almost… but not quite
This game is addicting, enjoyable, and very gratifying, yet it’s missing something. If you play it for 30 minutes or more, you’ll start to realize something. That something is that you have no competition. I’m not a skilled gamer by any means, I play to kill time, but in this game, I found myself at the top of the leaderboard every other spawning. It’s not because I’m a just that good, it’s because rather than being a multiplayer game with real people, I’m playing a bunch of bots. Literal robots that have been programmed into this game. It’s not any less enjoyable, but it makes for a less competitive atmosphere. In addition to this, the “Marquis” status placings chart on the global tab seems to be messed up, the numbers don’t make sense. Other than that though, this game is great!
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3 years ago, Jtoro89
Surprisingly Good
I skipped over this game a few times when I’d explore new games to get. However it became such a popular Live game on Facebook that I decided to try it. It surprised me. Simple controls, easy gameplay, and despite being a game with the same primary goal each round, it remains entertaining. My only issue however is that after unlocking a few achievement, they become frozen or glitched. Because it said I have 4 new achievements, but every time I’d open the achievements list, it wouldn’t show the new ones I’d completed and I’m not getting the reward that comes with them. I delete the game and re-downloaded it, and the same thing happened, it currently says I have 9 new achievements.
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4 months ago, 😍😍🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩hii
Good game but…
I only rated this three stars bc: only has joystick mode and that makes it really hard to play if you don’t know how to use the joystick or don’t like to. 2. Also, when I play other snake games, all the little pieces of food are easy to collect/eat, and when I play this game when you’re right in front of the food you can’t get as much as other games. 3. When you speed up you have to go strait forward and you can’t turn, which I find very annoying because if you can’t stop going fast fast enough then you crash into a snake and die. I actually really like your game and if you could fix these mistakes, I will keep playing it but these problems and other small ones make it not fun. PLZ fix these problems!!!😫😫
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10 months ago, LisaLove_71
Huge Disappointment
I’ve played this game for years now and spent so much real money in this game. Now you have ruined it with a bunch of ads. Way too many! Then to top it off there’s the ad bar at the bottom blocking the buttons. It’s very glitchy and it’s just a huge disappointment. This is by far the best snake game out there, but now I don’t even want to play it anymore. I get so tired of fighting through all of the ads. It used to be fun and my go to game, but not anymore. I won’t put another penny in this game nor do I hardly play it anymore. Why do you insist on ruining one of the best games out there??? Give us new up to date skins etc, take away the ads and make this game fun again. How about some new features where we can go head to head or something. Some new challenges. How about some new power ups? Y’all are destroying this game and the fun. Stop it already!
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5 years ago, 14metalhead mike cod
Awesome and really fun.
This is a very fun game. I thought it might be just like slither io but it wasn’t. You can play with friends and unlock awesome skins. The map is huge and has obstacles calls like rocks. It also has water so you can go really fast. This has to be one of my favorite games. And one of the best parts is that you don’t have to spend actual money to be good or have fun although you can by vip for a better experience. Another good thing is that you can boost without losing mass. There are also keys that you collect by getting bigger that you can unlock free rewards such as skins and Ruby’s. Love the game and have no criticism. It’s awesome definitely get it you will not regret it.
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2 years ago, ellaklove7
I just started yesterday and I’m already obsessed with this game. My mom downloaded it and I thought “I’ll probably not like this game jut like her other ones” but NO the moment I saw her play I wanted to give it a try once I started playing I needed the game now I downloaded this game and I'm already level 9. There are so many cool stuff about this game like, once you get to level 5 you can just tap to kill ,and when you get to level 10 you can get a pet. Now I don’t play other games just this one (btw I have like 20 including little big snake.) I recommend to try this game!
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2 years ago, AO_Grlsx3
hello! if you are planning on getting this app here are some pros and cons about this app. PROS- supper fun and i would end up playing this game for hours. plus you can “make” friends and even ply with other players too! CONS- the online little big snake (what i mean is when you play this game on the computer) is much better than the mobile version. the mobile version has not real players and it’s not as easy to play (ngl). enough about the pros and cons here are so tips if you decide to get this app- if you have a computer search (after a parent approval ;)) “little big snake” and play the game on there instead. ok, sorry for taking up some of your time! have a great time playing this game and have an even greater day:))) -a fellow human:)<3
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2 years ago, Hecfrati
Inconsistencies with the servers
Add time is the game can be very frustrating due to the inconsistencies on the measurement on how close you need to be to an opponent in order to get the kill. Sometimes the head of other warms is sensitive and you get the kill and sometimes that os not the case, which makes it very difficult. Specifically when you’re warm is very big against other small opponents given them the Upper hand. We can blame it on the Internet speed, however my speed is 1000 over 1000. this is very frustrating because I do play the game a lot and I like it. Unfortunately when I’m close to an opponent and I see their heads touching the body of my warm and not die it frustrates me big time. Please fix this 🙏🏻😇
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4 years ago, Xelrian
EDITED:I need support help please
EDIT: Problem was resolved! Thank you very much! I’ve enjoyed this game for some time now and find it highly entertaining. I’ve now subscribed to the VIP! However I’m receiving NONE of the benefits at all?! Having reloaded the game several times and checking repeatedly that I did in fact successfully subscribe I attempted to access your app support page but found no way to actually report a problem and what threads I did look through I saw no response from the game devs. So is it at all possible to get some help please? Just want my VIP that I paid for.
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4 months ago, okgggjcghfuho
Title: Nearly Flawless, One Small Chest-Related Issue
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Little Little Big Snake has captured my attention with its delightful gameplay, charming graphics, and overall addictiveness. I've thoroughly enjoyed navigating the colorful world and engaging in exciting battles, making it an easy four-star favorite. However, there's one minor flaw that nudges this review down a star – the frequency of wooden chests. It seems that no matter how much I play or the level of my achievements, the majority of chests I encounter are wooden. The absence of iron chests or better options occasionally hinders the progress I'd like to make. I believe that a more balanced distribution of chest types could enhance the gaming experience, providing players with a fairer chance at acquiring varied rewards. Despite this minor inconvenience, Little Little Big Snake remains an entertaining and addictive game. The potential for improvement in chest distribution could take it from great to exceptional. Looking forward to continued updates and improvements! LBS Enjoyer
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2 years ago, Leafeongirl231
This is okay
I love this game I play it with my friend on my computer. But when I try to log in it does not work for me. So though okay I will friend my bestie again but when I clicked play it does not work: this is a bug that you have to fix because if you cab’t play what is the point of the app. Do an update soon. I really wish that chat was not for vips cause I lost contact with my friend and all I have left is her little bug snake I’d and stuff. I really think that people should download this game if you have time limit and restrictions from your parents. It is kid friendly and parents love it. Plus it is so fun!
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2 years ago, Dyrwolf1234
I love this game
I admit I haven't been playing it for a while, but honestly it's amazing. This game is addictive, fun, and makes me want to throw everything away and just play this game until I win. It has a lot of skins, there's no levels so it's basically endless, and there is a section where you can buy skins and game passes and other things with real life money, but unlike most games it doesn't pop up annoyingly everywhere. This game gets my brain going and ready for the day, and I would definitely reccomend it.
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3 years ago, Fill in a blank
Great Game
I love playing this game. I play on my iPad and have built up a callous from trying to get my snake to move in the right direction. I am curious as to average age of people who play. I’m in my late 60’s and I feel like most of the players are much younger than I. I say that because most players take a lot more risks than I do and they seem to like to go fast. Maybe have a few “rooms” to play in with categories. Less than 18 years old, 19-35, 36-60, etc. Also maybe a room where the contest is to see who can get the highest score for each day/week/month/year.
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4 years ago, PandaFlower29
This is such a great game!
This is really such a great game that I love to play! It is a great game and you should really play it. I love the addition that you can add friends and play with them. I also like how you can pick your own name, and you progress in levels and can unlock different skins and get coins and Rubys. This is really such a great game that you really need to try! There is rarely ads and you can get VIP to get rid of them. I have gotten into 1st place 3 times, and I am very proud of it. You really should play ‘Little Big Snake’!
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5 years ago, Kyzer/Mimi
Only two problems
1 If your on vacation or something then you can’t play the game because you need internet to play the game. If we had internet then we could play this when my are family is traveling. So can you PLEASE make internet. 2 There is way to much ads, can’t we just have VIP on the app only. Say your rebel and someone kills you. Someone could have a bigger score than you and then you won’t become rebel again. If there was VIP all the time then when your rebel and die then you press extra life and stay in first then become rebel again. So can you PLEASE make it have no ads. Sincerely, The Falcon
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4 years ago, OG-Mobzilla
My Idea For The Game (plz read)
I love the game a lot, ten out of ten but there are some things I want added in. One of my ideas is that you can trade skins with your friends. I also asked a couple of friends “If you were able to make any skin you want what would it be” and I got answers like a penguin, jet, alien, emoji, derpy, and a car. My last Idea was for there to be more maps like a jungle, snow, or desert. That’s all I have I would love to see these ideas in the game but it is still a very good game and a lot of fun.
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3 years ago, Cricket from Little big worm
Little big snake is my fav game!!!
This game is so so great! It is fun to play. I like that it has auto pilot. I wish that you didn’t have to pay with real money for VIP. I wish that you could just pay a certain amount of Ruby’s or gold to get VIP free for a month. Overall, I think it is very cool, but I wish that with auto pilot when u are on it, auto pilot would actually kill a snake for you. I also think you should app an extra skin. Maybe like a Fire Snake. It could be yellow and orange. It could be the body of a sand snake. So ya. Thx!!
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3 years ago, jndjnsk
This game is my favorite game ever I play 24.7 to be honest I don’t see much problems ! Also I get free vip every week and like most games charge you like $7.00 a month for vip! And if u don’t believe that I got free vip well I’m pretty good at the game I had it for 5 years not trying to brag or anything but I can’t get over the fact that when I kill the rebel I NEVER EVER EVER get a reward.......and it says kill rebel and gain a reward so if u know how to get it friend me text me on little big snake and tell me!!! My name is pammy
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5 years ago, RainFader101
Ads are the worst
So when I first got the game I got a 7 day vip and the game was really good and when I’m playing the game it didn’t glitch but when my vip was over it started glitching for example when I’m playing the game and I’m circling a snake it glitches out of nowhere and then I die when I didn’t even touch a snake and all these glitches just now started when my vip was over I think it has to do with the ads can you please fix this? But other then that this game is really fun I could sit on it for hours and hours
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1 year ago, 🤠🤪MADI🤪🤠
it has the best graphics and it’s the best game ever like 10/10 fr but there is hackers,glitches,lag but that okay because it all pays off when you play and I love how you give new players a free pet<3 but some players names are a bit inappropriate for kids that play but everything else is great my aunt,cousin,and other family members play it too!! It’s great on iPads and computers I would recommend playing this if you haven’t!!!
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4 years ago, Blebby McBleb
Great, but I have faced an issue
While this game is ✨perfection✨ I’m making this review for more help instead of ‘judging’ the game. Dear Devs, I signed into my account on mobile with another account on the computer (the account I used to sign into on mobile) and I can’t get the VIP account? It doesn’t say I can redeem one or anything, and it is the right account cuz if I have both games open, one will kick me out saying this account is already in use. Please help, thanks!
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6 months ago, hfrr,it
Great but some suggestions
I really like this game but I think I would like to have some things added in the future like making servers to battle with your friends and how about bosses? Bosses could spawn in classic mode and it will try to defeat the rebel and to defeat the boss you use fireballs to shoot at the boss and when you defeat the boss you get a prize just like defeating the rebel.
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5 years ago, Bro Bro #1
Nice but way to many glitches
This game has some good graphics and controls but the thing I hate the most is the glitches. Way to many times I died from a lag or glitch in the game. Just now 2 minutes ago I was in 2nd place and I was racing the 1st place player. As I was racing him or her the game froze then I died. I am very mad right now and I also know a lot of people who suffered from this same problem. This game is very popular but It won’t be if they don’t get this fixed. THIS game needs to get fixed NOW because I am ticked off because of the lags.
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5 years ago, Anita_kat
Warning!!! Expensive!!
It's super fun, it's addicting. But, It's not as good or fun without VIP. Which is going to cost you $7.99 A MONTH. A MONTH?!? I might be willing to pay a one time $4.99 payment to get a no-adds version but they want to get you addicted to VIP benefits (first week of VIP is free) and then charge you MONTHLY for those VIP benefits. For an extra $2 you could be paying a monthly subscription for playstation plus, Xbox live or Netflix. Think about that. Note to Developers: Stop being greedy. Add an option of a one time purchase for a no adds version!!! I don’t need your other VIP benefits.
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3 years ago, 222324334
It’s decent
It’s decent indeed but there’s some mobile/iPad problems Number 1 Some time sit be turning on auto control while I’m controlling Then after it won’t me control all so it would turn off auto randomly while I’m trying to kill a snake it’s a good game but just needs a little fixes like being able to turn off auto control completely or better zoom out because when I get it nothing happens and I killed 2 rebels and I ain’t get vip longer I technically got nothing so the game is fine
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2 years ago, why did you dobthis to me glu
This game is very well balanced
I specifically like the progression based style, even though it doesn’t really give an advantage being a high level. That being said, there’s nothing you can buy with money to give yourself a huge advantage, which is a great way of the game making money whilst keeping it fair for the people who don’t buy anything.
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3 years ago, cip cip cip cip
Epic and really good way to spend your free time
I love the game and I think it is awesome when you are a VIP. I love when you can join your friends game . I really love the emoji feature you can show how you feel without being a VIP and sometimes you can use emoji to stop a snake from circling you. Over all it is a great game and I have no problems with it . I recommend installing it for you your kids and friends.🐍
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4 years ago, Cinthia16
Game is awesome but however I have some problems
I loved this game, however it would be better without the single record, and i cannot get a good high score on my global record with the single records. Also one problems is that my rankings and my title losing fast when the rankings expires and I want it to never expire. I would highly suggest fixing it as soon as possible thank you.
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4 years ago, notebookhoarder
Great game, recent bug appeared.
I love this game. My boyfriend and I play it everyday. I’m not someone who typically plays online, but this for some reason is different. I’d recommend this game to anyone. There does seem to be a bug right now where I’ll try to join my boyfriend in a game and it’ll say offline? Then when I hit play with friends we’re in the same server just on different teams. Same thing happens on his end. Also our keys aren’t appearing right after a game. It’ll show zero keys when you had 10 in the game. Tried restarting the app and disconnecting from WiFi. No sure what it is. Still an amazing game. This is the only issue I’ve had and it just started happening today.
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4 years ago, secretphotoshare
New Update Causing Major Issues
Before the latest update, I was able to easily join friends when they were playing. Now there’s a “Play” and a “Play with Friends” option and it does not show my friends that are online? Also, I have experienced much more lag than I ever have before this update. I took off one star for the increase in lag, and one star for the option of not being able to play with my friends online. It’s the main reason I enjoyed this game.
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4 years ago, mckee gaming
Matt McKee
So bro I love this game. I think it could use a little bit more. But what I mean by that is ad some more and different skins l. Also start having a login bonus. Also have one free legend card. Also I think we should be able if we were rebel or killed the rebel to have 3 lives instead of 2. Bro I love this game just keep updating I can’t wait to see what is up to come
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4 years ago, Chuck cheez
So close!
This game is so close to perfect! It’s an awesome game to play with friends, but really glitchy without good internet... however the main problem for me is that you go SO slow. I have played other snake games before and they were at a really good speed. Even with super boost you go so slow. And also I don’t particularly like the little bugs that steal all your dots... 😝 otherwise this game is great! Big thanks to the creators of LittleBigSnake!!!! ❤️
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2 years ago, LiввУDiввУ Q
Remove the vines
I actually reallly like this game, but the vines inside the water area really obstruct your view, it is hard to seek little snakes when they’re inside the vines. And when you are about to collide with another snake, you can not see where each head is at because of the vines. And it is really distracting from other opponents, you have to watch the vines and make sure you don’t run into a little snake that’s hiding in them, or end up colliding with someone because you are leaving the vines and can not clearly see your snake’s head
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3 months ago, Subssibsjsbs
It’s good
I like the game I love getting first and all but there is one thing I don’t like that is the small green bugs you kill the number one player then you eat him but you only get half because players steal and those bugs eat it all you chase them to get the food and next thing you know they took all of your boost so please take them out of the game
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3 years ago, g💘.
Tap&Go update.
LittleBigSnake is such a competitive game, you’re basically competing with people all over the world! And that’s amazing to me. What I am truly disappointed in is the new update “Tap&Go” it’s very complicated and not very helpful. If LittleBigSnake company is going to upgrade things, I say at least give options. The amount of times I’ve died so quickly is so frustrating. With this new update pleasee give us the regular LittleBigSnake.. or at-least give the option to play with tap&go and regular.
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6 months ago, hgFDhH KB FtF Nickname
Awesome Game
I think that this game is very good because I play it every day at school on the computers, I would LOVE see my friends rage every time they would get killed, they would always and I mean always go for the revive button I haven’t gotten a single glitch maybe I will see some the more I play on mobile.
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5 years ago, Party Music 1000
Great on chrome, bad on mobile...
I first discovered the game when I found out all my class mates had/loved it,(Not in elementary school.) So I decided I would try it. LOVED! IT! The game was AMAZING, Above Amazing! I loved the graphics, the ART! (I have a talent for art, (Not Bragging!) But who ever made the *loading screen, etc.* I could only wish to be you!) Anyway, the game WAS Amazing. But then my chrome book crashed (other words, It broke) So I tried to get it on my phone... And I downloaded it... and I hit play... and it lit up (the flower thing)... AND... nothing. Nothing happened, I downloaded it again, I tried EVERYTHING! Nothing happened. I don’t care if my progress was saved or not. JUST PLZ FIX IT!! :((((( Your friend, -Luna
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5 months ago, Hjkdsfd
Warning! You will get addicted
This game is great I love it and enjoy a lot of the people I play with. No matter if you are a new player or a pro player like my friend dпb you can always have fun and have a chance at killing the rebel. Also you can play on different servers all around the world! So much FUN to be had! Thanks LBS!
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4 years ago, DrePowers
Room for Improvement
Good game, great for playing with my daughter since I’m in the road often, even during COVID. One problem I have with the game is that they don’t have enough national flags to chose from. We are Jamaican and Dominican and it’s frustrating to answer a child asking why they can see the Chinese flag or Russia flag or Brazilian but not the flag of Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. Given the current social unrest, this is a simple fix for The developer and I hope they address it with efficiency.
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2 years ago, Sarah grace 00
Love the game! 2 suggestions
I love the game, i’m level 50 and i’ve already maxed all my achievements… i used to play this game a few years back before when they only had one map… I’m glad to see they’ve made a few changes since then. I do have two suggestions: 1. Add a sever chat that way we can develop more of a relationship with the entire server, this may incline more people to upgrade to VIP because they want to feel included with all the chatter. 2. add more Bug slots for our main snake instead of just 3. Heck even 4 would be extremely beneficial! thanks so much for the fun times!
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3 years ago, Square_Cookie_101
I love this game so much!!!!
This is one of my favorite games. My only issue is how many ads there are. I get ads after every other round I play. I would like if you reduced the number of ads, but I love the idea that you don’t have any ads when you get VIP from killing the rebel. That’s all I have to say, (besides it sometimes lagging). Keep up the good work!!
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3 years ago, BHallisy
I have an unreasonable amount of time played but I want to be able to connect to the same lobbies as computers because they are much more competitive. Currently the only way is to join a friend in the computer lobby it would be great if you could just have the servers mix.
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9 months ago, Bryanna K
Took a little break
I played this game so heavily for a long time and took a break. Came back because I was missing it. I can’t get passed the main screen for some reason. I hit play and it just sits there doing nothing. Such a bummer. This is the best version of this type of game by far. The other apps really don’t compare. I hope these glitches get fixed because I’m missing some good snake fighting
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