Live Nation – For Concert Fans

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Live Nation Entertainment
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Nation – For Concert Fans

4.75 out of 5
123.4K Ratings
6 years ago, play_more
Like the app, Hate the site!
I like to purchase concert tickets using my laptop so I can pick and choose and compare seating. Much easier to do when not using your phone so you don’t have to hunt and peck. The app was good but the website horrible. The app recognized my password but the website doesn’t know who I am, you would think they were written by two different developers! Very frustrating experience while you are trying to get tickets especially during pre-sale.
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5 years ago, TheeDoktor
Terrible service, a needlessly confusing interface, and an arcane purchasing system that finds a new way to confound me every time. Terrible customer experiences: that’s what virtual monopolies are for! (And Ticketmaster/LiveNation have locked down a monopoly on major live event ticket sales... not that anyone is ever going to do anything to fix it.) And, hey, developers — one of the main reasons I have an app loaded on my passcode-locked phone is so I don’t constantly have to log in again every time I make a purchase. This is the only app I use where this happens. And every time I forget, BECAUSE NO OTHER APP DOES THIS. So I end up having to try to log in when the system is jammed with other purchasers, so my attempts to type in my email and password are glitched out, with each letter taking painful seconds to appear as I wonder if I am going to lose my tickets / place in line. Yes, your checklist for purchases tells people to make sure they are logged in —but if the app doesn’t offer a simple, intuitive way to do this before it’s jammed up during the On Sale period. How is it possible that this thing has a 4+ star overall rating? When 3 out of the top 4 reviews are 1-star? What shenanigans are afoot here? I beseech you.
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1 year ago, SpicySkittles
Customer Support and Blocked Card.
Tried to use this app to purchase 2 tickets for a band I really wanted to see and kept receiving error messages that said it thought I was a boy and when I finally get past that and try to use my card I get error messages that’s it’s blocked. I called customer support about this and they said that they would open a case to resolve this issue but that was last week and my card is still blocked and I did not get an update. I tried to check and see what tickets are left and the ones I tried to get are gone and only the resale was left which is double the price of the original tickets and will be even higher after ridiculous fees are added on. My card is still blocked so if customer support ever gets back to me (I ended up opening an email case also) the resale tickets will probably be gone too. Hope if this band ever tours again they pick a different venue that doesn’t use live nation to sell tickets. I never write reviews but this situation frustrated me enough that I felt I had to. Between the customer service and the app itself. If you can get the tickets another way, do that instead.
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5 years ago, Alex, Ariel,& Ashley
The process was horrible! I tried to purchase ticket for over three hours on three different devices! I kept getting the notice that my order couldn’t be process on my device and to try another device. I got this prompt on three devices, until my order finally went through on one of the devices. I ordered 4 early bird tickets @ $15 ea. My total was $106????? So fees were almost equal to cost of tickets?? My problem with this is that there is not a review page that outlines what I am paying in detail for prior to placing an order. $15 per ticket + fees is NOT an acceptable disclosure. You charged my card without explaining the fees????? I will look into this from a legal vantage. This has been the most unprofessional purchase process I have experienced in a very long time. I tried to call ticket master during the three hour fiasco and the automated system stated there was unusual high call volume and to call back at another time. For three hours, this was the answer from ticket master. This is ridiculous!
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5 years ago, MLG2282
Could not get past the loading page.
I bought tickets online with my computer through live nation website. Their company’s only free option was to have mobile tickets, email wasn’t even free. Purchasing the tickets was just fine, and I created an account. Everything worked on the website. I downloaded the app and could not get it past the pulsing LiveNation loading screen. It kept saying that there were connectivity issues even though I was on WiFi and I also date data. Like everyone else I tried turning on location settings, excepting notifications, but nothing worked. The app is useless, and does not work. If you purchased tickets through them log in and text the tickets to yourself then screen shot them to make sure you have access to them. Developers really need to fix this app because the company is fine. My suggestion though would be to have your tickets mailed to you until they get their app under control.
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5 years ago, Sam27407
Terrible app speed, seating & price
You have to screen shot your ticket before the show because the app won’t load the ticket when you get to the concert. Almost wasn’t able to get in because the app wouldn’t load my ticket. If you pay for lawn seats apparently people who bring chairs have liberty over people who stand and you aren’t allowed to block their view. I was threatened by the live nation security that I would have to leave the concert if I didn’t move out of the persons field of view so they could sit and watch the concert. I had to stand on the side walk while they had 5 feet of empty grass in front of them. Also the ticket price goes up $20 dollars from the original price you see. It doesn’t say it but you are paying for parking in each ticket price so make sure everyone that buys a ticket is driving to make it worth it.
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3 years ago, moldavital
Not fair when it comes to reselling
If you buy through this app, make sure you have confident plans of going to the event. They screw you so many different ways when you sell tickets. They make you wait a full week after the event has happened, which somewhat makes sense. But even if you want to sell you tickets for cheap to get them gone faster, they already take 20-30 of the resell price, but whatever you post the listing for is worthless, because they just sell them for the average listing anyway. Completely eliminating the possibility of a FOR SURE sale. So if you can’t go to the event, and no one bought your tickets for the 50% price because Live Nation made them pay full price anyway, you’re just screwed. Corrupt way to do things. Be smart, but things direct. These guys are whack.
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5 years ago, ChickBre
Mobile Ticket Entry
So I purchased tickets via web and after several issues (re-entering a stored credit card 4 times that I’ve used several times in the past to purchase tickets successful was the highlight of my experience) I received an email stating I must use my mobile ticket, no printing blah blah blah so hey why not download the app. So I did. Now going on four times because each tome I do, it just brings up a pulsing live nation logo. And then nothing. I’ve tried accepting notifications and allowing locations. I’ve tried off WiFi, on WiFi. I just want to add the ticket to my wallet so it’s easy access and there’s no option on the mobile web page (which is junk FYI) and the app doesn’t work. Maybe don’t demand mobile ticket entry if your mobile interfaces are horrendous.
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7 years ago, mbdblue
Terrible App
I purchased app-only tickets using my computer, but the app would not take my LiveNation login. I tried numerous times and I know that my login was correct because I had just used it to buy my tickets from the computer. Since the app says it will take a Ticket Master login, I finally just tried that and got into the app but NO tickets showed up. After 30 minutes with customer service and no way to resolve this, they finally agreed to mail me my tickets free of charge. Thankfully there's time before my concert!! EVERY concert should allow a print-at-home free option, not just an app-only free option. That is RIDICULOUS! Don't ever do an app-only LiveNation're likely to get to the concert without tickets. So many other bad reviews here. Don't trust the app.
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5 years ago, _SAMiAm_
Confused? App cant be this bad!
Ordered tickets online. Followed directions, download app to sign in and view tickets. Well, downloaded app, and only screen I have access to is “find events in your area”. My only option is to type in my city/ state, which I did. Nothing. App wont allow me to click on the location or “select”. Nothing. So I’m stumped. Seems like a glitch possibly. I went through the LN website on laptop and selected “view mobile ticket” in which a text was sent w a link to my tickets, thank gosh! I screen shot the tiks just in case any funny business happens on the day of the event. But as far as pulling up the tiks on the app.. no clue ?! And they also suggest to add them to your apple wallet ... again no clue what to do. Tried many times and it never worked.
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7 years ago, Holly Portier
Purchased tickets through a web browsers and decided to do the mobile ticket instead of printing since that is the easiest as i’ll have my phone on me for the event. When logged in after purchasing, the tickets were not loaded. I figured they’d need to be processed- and it did. When I logged in later, they were there. GREAT good stoked for the event, everything is chill eh? NO everything was NOT chill when I opened the app 3 hours before the event to find the tickets no longer there. Nothing worked- tried everything possible (refresh, sign out, delete and redownload app, get it from the confirmation email, etc) My friend was able to log in and get a screen shot of them- finally after 3 hours of panicking. Will not use again.
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5 years ago, qawsedrfrgth
Ticket Scammers
Gone are the days of just signing in and buying tickets - with multiple presales and even even more price tiers, it’s hard to even know what you are looking at when you are buying tickets. I am especially irked by platinum tickets sales - I have to pay 2x as much to get a good seat now? Plus you never know when they will release what tickets, live nation won’t tell you this because they want to sucker you into paying more for tickets. The other big issue now is that they are having the fan resale / verified tickets - Just another way of scalping. And who and what is really driving this ? I’ve been going to concerts for over 30 years and am totally disillusioned at how far this company can continue to sink.
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2 months ago, ashmi2023
worst app i’ve ever used
This app is horrible. If i could rate 0 stars, I would. live nation is a billion dollar mega corp yet can’t make a working app or website. Wonder why? because they already got their billions & couldn’t care less about artists & their music/fans. Absolutely impossible to see any artists you like through this site. Artists don’t load, show dates don’t load, you try to buy tickets and you get a 404 page not found link (both website & app). they get you hype for $25 concert week & then the whole app bugs out so you can’t even get any tickets. I know yall can do better and you choose not to. Live Nation is a horrible company & the app reflects that.
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4 years ago, Derew7777
download is fast
i havent really used it or purchase anything but i want submit a review on the download. the download of the app is super fast. as i am writing this review the download was done. there were no reinstallation or bugs that occured. it went so smooth that i can open it at anytime now but i have finish this review. i will also want to say hi to my family and friends who are reading this and i will recomment it to them. so i just touch point the download and there it is downloading... my phone did not restart, or any lags or froze my phone. it just downloaded it perfectly and smooothly. will recommend to my neighbors as well for no reason at all. will try to do another review on how the app loads up when i open it. again good work on the app. thanks!
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5 years ago, really unhappy buyer
Worst time trying to buy tickets
I tried to buy tickets using my computer but it wouldn’t let me. It said to use a different device when I tried to order. So I got the app on my iPhone and tried to purchase. Had a hell of a time trying to complete my order. I kept pushing Buy but nothing. So instead of using the auto fill I manually typed out my info, about 20 minutes later, and finally was able to make my purchase. The fact that it wouldn’t allow me to purchase using my own computer seemed a bit weird. I have been to many concerts and bought many tickets but this was the hardest it’s been to purchase tickets. I will buy from Ticket Master next time.
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5 years ago, Punktruk
Glitchy as all hell!
I first tried purchasing the tickets to a pre-sale using the website. But the website wouldnt let me finish it would get stuck on a modal saying "We apologize. We are unable to complete your request on this device." So then I downloaded the app, and was able to actually get to securing the tickets but I wanted to paywithmy rewards points. It guided me through linking the account but it went to the website (outside the app) which would get stuck after the "Activate" step. I ended up having to go on my computer to link the Thank you rewards manually to my Live Nation account, so I could go back on the app to complete the unholy process of purchasing my tickets.
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4 years ago, PhillyGuy13
Jim Gaffigan Concert in Philadelphia
I tried to get pre-sale tickets for the Jim Gaffigan concert in Philadelphia through the LiveNation app. I’ve used the LiveNation app before to buy tickets. But, whenever I would select the two tickets and it would get me through additional add-on options and I tried to buy the tickets it would kick me out, and the app would shut down. I updated my app a couple days ago and made sure that everything was good and that I was in fact logged in, etc. Needless to say, I missed out on several ticket opportunities down in the orchestra sections. Finally on the 9th try to buy tickets the app finally accepted my ticket purchase. This is unacceptable and very disappointing...
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2 years ago, Z. Man
Useless app garbage customer service
I ordered 3 tickets off the site and got a pop up saying I needed to call a number to process the order (defeats the purpose of the convenience of an online purchase) , so I attempted the app after for some reason it didn’t want to accept my passcode glitching like always. I get the same pop up window asking me to call the 1888 number which I do and end up holding on the line for AN HOUR and at the hour mark I just hung up deleted my account and app . I’ll buy them off OfferUp since at least I can go by the sellers feedback rating . Livenation/Ticketmaster’s customer service is nonexistent and garbage at best .
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5 years ago, One Down
Very poor purchase process
It seems like there’s always anger at the end of a Ticketmaster or Live Nation purchase attempt. I tried an hour ago to get the tickets I just purchased. Strangely they’re the exact same seats that I kept selecting and was told by the app weren’t available. The next time it would refresh the seats, there they were. This was a new failure. But it’s always, and I do mean always, something.
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5 years ago, daddy1101
Awful purchasing experience
I was forced to use the mobile app to purchase tickets after the web site failed to perform one of the most basic functions of e-commerce. The app seems to have been designed to fail nearly every accessibility metric possible. The color contrast is abysmal, the text size miniaturized, even for mobile devices, and the navigation was clunky, tedious, and seemingly intended to dissuade users from purchasing tickets. I’ll consider other entertainment options in the future. This was an aggravating and disappointing experience that furthers the reputation that Live Nation has earned for being greedy, usury and unconcerned with quality.
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5 years ago, krististam
Complete waste of time
Tried to create account, it wouldn’t go to next page. No matter how many times I clicked on continue button. All the boxes were checked so it wasn’t my fault. I even tried 2 days later thinking server may be down. It also said I could log on with my Ticketmaster account. Tried that and it just kept spinning. Finally my husband tried to download the app. Same thing for him. Useless if I can’t order my tickets for the app!!!!
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5 years ago, CherFlip
I hate this new gueue process!! I know it’s to help the website from crashing but it’s not very good as far as allowing the purchase of ticket sale. I had to go on my iPad and order from the app because my NEW laptop keep getting errored out. Tickets I tried to buy on the laptop weren’t available but then we’re on my Livenation iPad app. Fix these bugs and let TRUE fans have their seats!
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3 years ago, rpbatl
Live nation and Ticketmaster’s ticket buying professes are a scam to favor ticket resellers. Every time I buy tickets I face ridiculous road locks - a generic error that says I need to try on a different device, the app not letting me log in despite my credentials being correct, random inability to complete purchase, and this time, the app for some reason “was not authorized” to allow a credit card purchase so I had to use PayPal. All steps designed to delay actual fans from buying tickets so resellers can get their hands on them, a process that makes Ticketmaster more money through additional fees.
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7 years ago, Hdyehvfbvyhgsvggsgg
Password Issues
If you have an old live nation account with a password that doesn’t meet their current password standards, you cannot login on this app. I’ve had an account with an all alpha password for a awhile. Works great on a browser. Installed this app amd it says “enter a valid password”. So they are checking password format BEFORE bothering to see if that really is your password. I know because I changed my password on a browser (had to conform to new format) came back to the app and it works fine.
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2 years ago, Buwee1
Awesome Experience
I used the Live Nation app for the first time, and it was an incredible experience! I was able to navigate the show I was looking to attend. In a matter of minutes and no stress, I successfully purchased my tickets, where they were kept securely until the day of the event.
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6 years ago, Sparky 4444
Wow this site need help multiple issues !!!
Multiple issues can’t get CC’s to work have to put in multiple cards. Screen that says you already have used/ entered that card. But I can’t pick it to use. Can’t find camping tickets for Dave Matthews Band in the Gorge. Having to go between live nation & ticket master wed sites. To find tickets I want. I called the support line, they told me to use google chrome. Not much better. Tried calling in to buy over the phone. Got hung up on every time (4) times. All this caused me to have to pay more for my tickets as prices went up or not available & having to buy resale tickets.
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5 years ago, VZ104
Huge glitch made my unable to buy tickets
Presales went on sale at 10 am est on the app and when I loaded onto the app at 9 am EST it said tickets weren’t on sale until 10 *CST* and made me wait over an hour longer. All my friends were able to get tickets but the app literally would not let me get through and just kept showing me a countdown. Finally at 10:45 am, 45 minutes AFTER the presale started, the app notified me the sale started. When I loaded into the app, tickets were all gone. Garbage app with garbage developers who clearly don’t know how to write a simple counter and notification system.
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2 years ago, Keoshia M.
Inaccurate & Inconvenient
Apps are supposed to be for convenience… this app is useless. The first concert I went to using this, the tickets didn’t show up on the app but it did online that’s what I used. I contacted customer service to ask them to put the concert on there in my past events for at least my memories and so I can keep up with all the concerts I’ve been going to. Customer service reads and hears what they want to and not what is asked. Needless to say the problem wasn’t solved because they were trying to fix a different non existent problem.
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2 years ago, Muisc&TV
Great…when it works
usually have no issues with using this app or Ticketmaster but lately I always get “pardon the interruption” message when I’m trying to sign in for tickets for a show that were already bought. No help from customer service. Makes it stressful and frustrating when trying to access tickets to a show in a day and can’t get the tickets. Something need updating because I’m not a bit working at hyper speed when I type in my password to access my acct!
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4 years ago, New Mrs Estes
Multiple shows sales at one time.
I understand the system is overloaded with multiple shows on sale at same time. Take my excessive fees and pay for real main frames to handle the load since it is now a monopoly sales situation. Also still mad that the 8 sets of free tickets I won in the lawsuit never could be redeemed as no show had any of “ those” vouchers available nor did you ever in 4 years ever email me when they would be an option. However, during a show the local staff is absolutely top notch, friendly and listens.
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1 year ago, FluffehPuppeh98
Do you even want my money?
It’s so needlessly challenging to actually buy tickets on this app. I used it for many years without problem, but trying to get tickets to my favorite band recently took me hours because the loading page would crash and the seats I wanted would be in limbo for several minutes before I could try again. Got two tickets and my brother decided he wanted to come too so I’m trying to get one more ticket. Now, I can’t even search for the band without the whole screen going blank. Terrible experience.
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2 years ago, Willnem
App no longer works to view tickets
Tickets won’t load in the app or using safari. I had to download chrome on my iPhone and log into the website in order to even get the tickets to show up. Glad I tried before I got to the concert or I wouldn’t have been able to get in. For all the fees Live Nation/Ticket Master charges along with their virtual push for tickets, you’d think they would have an app that actually works. It used to work fine, not sure what changed
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2 years ago, Gmus1
JavaScript Error Message-Can’t Get My Tickets
I purchased tickets in April for my favorite band, the show is tonight and I cannot download my tickets to my digital wallet because Live Nation and Ticketmaster both think I’m a bot because something is preventing JavaScript from running. I don’t have either of the plug-ins listed that can interfere and JavaScript is enabled and I just want to have a fun night out with my husband who bought these for my birthday because we have an eight month old and haven’t been out of the house without him without the other one staying home.
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2 years ago, leahw911
Garbage App
Been trying to get into the my tickets to see my tickets and add to my wallet for weeks. Yes, app is current, my IOS software is current. The app just keeps saying try again. So I log into the Ticketmaster app. Finally able to see the tickets but now can’t add it to my wallet. I click add to wallet and it vibrates but never adds it. So tired of this garbage app. Moving forward if there is no option to print off tickets I’m not buying tickets! So dumb. As many fees as they take off of us the least they could do is provide an app that works.
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5 years ago, Deej613
Pathetic Experience
I was in queue for Luke Bryan tickets before sale time and got 2 tickets. Right before paying I am notified I must update my password. I’m on a time limit of 2 minutes according to the timer on my page. I tried to update; no email received to do this. After waiting 7 minutes I finally get the email. I lost the first tickets and 2 more attempts were failures. Fourth attempt finally resulted in tickets purchased. Right now, I am so angry and upset about this experience that I doubt if I use this service again. Just makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it again.
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6 years ago, Curbthrasher
New update doesn't work
When attempting to view 'my tickets' section app crashes immediately every time. Edit. App let's you now view your tickets giving you a false sense of hope. When you get to the venue and the app is so over loaded that you can't login good luck! Had to resort to using my credit card to access my tickets manually with the venue. Luckily I had it with me. Take your credit card because this app will fail just like live nation. What is so hard about printing tickets? For the $30 in fees I paid I can't get a ticket that costs $0.10 for you to print?
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6 years ago, Sosad341
Select Card Payment Error | LOST TICKETS
I tried twice to purchase tickets today for a concert. It let me enter in my card information and billing information and told me that I had to select a card payment type! I tried several times to select a card payment and was not promoted with any options! I am extremely upset! I missed not one but two opportunities to buy really great tickets. Please respond with a way to fix this issue.
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2 weeks ago, xman17277
No refunds
I purchased tickets to a concert that the venue had to reschedule . I was given the option to either go to the concert which was rescheduled only two days later on a week day versus the original weekend date that was canceled or get a refund for all the tickets (5 total). They have not refunded anything and I’ve already sent them several emails. I will never recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase tickets. Money hungry business that doesn’t care at all about the consumers or keep their work on refunds.
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2 years ago, nicksanders
Believe NOTHING they say
Venue details were so inaccurate you’d think they mistakenly wrote them from another venue’s information. Seriously….even the seating charts inaccurately show what is covered and what isn’t (and that’s kind of important for an outdoor venue when it’s raining). They bait you with offers that aren’t real, the tell you a bunch of rules and restrictions that simply aren’t true, upswell you on perks that are actually worse than the base purchase, and they ignore complaints - they have your $450, so why should they care? They should be indicted for their blatant lies.
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2 years ago, daddy283847483929284747383
Poor data management and inability to work with more than one system
Please use a different app if you value your privacy at all. If you use a VPN, private browser such as Duck Duck Go, ad blocker, or cookie blocker this website and app WILL NOT WORK AT ALL. It will not even let you log in or view your tickets. If you use safari and are ok with your personal data being collected and sold by Live Nation by all means get the app but do not buy tickets if you use anything other than basic safari on your device otherwise YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR TICKETS
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4 weeks ago, King5898
Worst thing ever to happen to concerts
This is by far the worst app I have ever used. Not only is it trying to sell you stuff other than tickets on every page you navigate through, but it also then will tell you your phone is a bot and won’t let you access the page to purchase any tickets (which most likely the only reason you are on the app). LiveNation and Ticketmaster have ruined the concert going experience and this app just makes it worse in every possible way I can think of
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5 years ago, Ma Reen
Live Nation Rocks!
This is the first time I used this app. I have been a Live Nation fan for many years. In the recent past when trying to purchase tickets I have fell short because of scalpers. This time with the app all worked out well. So excited for this benefit concert! More so because I am a pediatric nurse and this is for such a good cause!
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6 years ago, DMC102681
I typically only use this!
Been using this since its inception. It's amazing! Very user friendly. Maybe a few tweaks here and there (applying gift cards, on-time sale!!!) There is a lag time of a minute or two. This...makes getting the good seats harder...or more expensive. I have faith you'll address these issues. I give it 4.5 Stars!
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2 years ago, IG:JMarieWalker
Simple and easy.
This app is very well organized used and easy to navigate. It will store your tickets and allow you to purchase through the app. I love the feature of marking favorite artists to alert you of their shows and set list.
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3 years ago, Dickens Music
Live Nation App
I love this App! I have had success getting tickets to the concerts if our choice, insurances, and we especially live the ability to purchase early RV parking so we can be safe and set up for the show. Thank you Live Nation for making this world a better place! Rob and Jenny Dickens
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6 years ago, MsMelie
Log in trouble
I tried to sign up with an account and it said there was already account for my name. I forgot my password. When I requested to reset my password, the app said could not find this user. I had to set up a new account with a different last name to login. Other than that it was pretty easy to order tickets, but not so much logging in.
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2 years ago, tonyhh
Absolutely terrible app
Took an hour to get tickets; finally just went to the website. The app would not show the fields for payment and the tickets at the seat I wanted, by friends, would lock for what 10 minutes every time I exited. Finally just went to the web. The app consistently just links to the web and I still can’t delete the cc I had there as primary from 2014 For the $14 fee on a $42 ticket, Live Nation needs to have a better app. Absolutely a stupid experience.
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5 years ago, LovesRealMusic
Not the best selection options
First it took way to long to place an order and there is no back feature. It would not let me login once I selected my tickets, I had to back to the beginning, login there and then go through process again. Also I was not able to select my own seats, it picks them for you. My husband is 6’6” and sitting in a middle seat is not an option! Finally got my tickets but not fully happy with location. Oh well!
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3 years ago, Va-nessa11
You make assumptions
The app is the same thing as Ticketmaster, but they didn’t learn from them. I work testing EDC’s and I expected this app to give me an option to not take into consideration where I live… we are millennials, using the app, we would like to have options for those of us that can travel and want to go to a concert in, for example, NY even though I live in NC.
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6 years ago, TTYL.DAV
Wouldn’t show my ticket
Bought tickets for the G-Eazy Endless summer tour, and for a week my ticket had been showing up in the ‘my ticket section’ but the day of the concert came, I went, and my ticket was no longer there. I tried to the app, and online, and on both it wouldn’t show up. Thankfully, I still had my email showing I bought it, and was able to get it printed out. But, I recommend something like Ticketmaster or stubhub, but not live nation. I almost feel like my 1 star rating is too generous for this horrible app.
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