Live Now - Live Stream

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4.5 (2.3K)
241 MB
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Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Now - Live Stream

4.47 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Reviewerington
Works great but core app needs Landscape support
This app has served me well across iPad and iPhone. However, one crazy issue still persists: the actual app itself only runs in portrait mode! You can absolutely RECORD in landscape mode but when you use the app, especially on an iPad, laying sideways, it doesn’t adjust to landscape format! So, please dev team, fully support landscape usage across iOS devices, so I don’t have to type in the details of my livestream with my head to the side :)
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4 years ago, TheRealAyO
Great Application!
This app is really great to stream live events, even when it comes to vlogs. This is an app I need since it got so many good features. It got 3 levels of stabilization, flashlight, and you can even switch cameras and adjust your mic. I just wish it had a sort of audio monitoring feature so I can check and hear if the sound quality is good with my headphones. I also think the zoom feature should work better as optical zoom for smooth zooming so I don’t rely on pitching the screen to zoom or use the zoom buttons to jump zoom one at a time. Overall, great application.
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12 months ago, BreannaLSH
Just bought it
I just bought this app and it’s pretty cool but I have to say two things that I hope you can change quickly. When I record a video then it’s super annoying to have to download it first and then upload it before turning it into a GIF. And when I’m making a GIF it offers for me to cut the video shorter, but then it actually doesn’t cut it shorter, and I have to cut it short again on the next page before saving the GIF. Thank you!!!
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3 months ago, Eyelesswolf
Slightly frustrated
I love the app, the way it’s set up, the way you can modify and customize it, but I’ve encountered a very frustrating issue. It doesn’t matter what photo I click for the pause screen it will always say the same error message. I spent time drawing and creating this pause screen but it doesn’t matter what I do it always says the same error and zero instructions on how to change the video format. Help!
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12 months ago, fgbjjbbhjjhjhhjjhjhjhhk
Love it, couple notes
Just downloaded this app and used it to screen record and the quality came out great. However, the next 2 times I used it, it “saved” the file but there was no footage and it wasn’t even saveable, almost like it didn’t record anything. What can I do about this? Really want to continue using this app since it worked so well the first time…
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3 years ago, olsonbrucej
New Changes?
There are new recent changes to this app. I can’t seem to live stream in horizontal mode with my iPhone turned sideways to facilitate watching my streams on iPads. They have also taken away the ability to zoom in and out with one touch. I would appreciate it if I could film “cinematically” like before. Thanks
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4 years ago, Dufjrjfmf
As a musician, this app gives me an affordable way to stream my live music performances (by being able to use my iphone instead of a second computer and 3rd party camera). I have my audio running through an audio interface into my iPhone 6s. Works flawlessly. Stoked. Also, developer is very responsive.
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4 years ago, Killing buddy Kyle
I having problems
Ok soIt’s the only thing that didn’t cost me to go live or so I know but I can’t actually go live maybe it’s a me thing because of how my set up is but I cannot go live using the app it always signs me out whenever I go to change the tab and it also does not actually start recording it nor does to the screen record on my account, I am hoping for this to be a problem that gets fixed everything that I would love to continue using this
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3 years ago, ToTheJMan
Wonderful interface, except one very important thing
As far as live streaming apps for your iPhone, this is the best out there. The only issue I am having with it is that there is no “unsubscribe from service” anywhere to be found. Not on the app, or the website it directs you too. Trying my luck with emailing them about it, I’d like to not be charged for something I don’t need to use at the moment.
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10 months ago, Sarahfox123
One thing.
This app is at famous, but please add the what they call it * not showing face* because some people might be scared to show their face, and then they would not be able to make live streams because how scared they are to show their face. Hope you add this to the app. thank you for reading..bye
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4 years ago, RbtheYoutuber
Nice streaming app, but one problem...
I love this app, don’t get me wrong, but today, it just started locking and putting me out for no reason at all. I’d only used the app for about a week, but this is a real problem. Other than that, this is a really nice high quality streaming app.
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3 years ago, disappointed jazz
No Customer Services- Cancel Services
Watch out for shady business practices!!! Do not put your credit card information in. I am so disappointed. I signed up to use the Live, but cannot use these services. I am within the time limit to cancel and not get my credit card charged. Yet, there is NO WAY to can el service. LiveNow makes it extremely difficult to can el! So they can keep your money and keep charging you - when you want to cancel and you are within the time period. So upset they make it easy to get the APP, but hard to cancel - when their services do not work. And, when they do NOT live up to their part of the contract. Services and Customer Services is horrible! I email 4 times and no one has gotten back in contact with me. Shady business practices! So upset.
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7 months ago, ÙwÚ)/
Good Bye
I used to love this app when I can live stream without crashing, and for “FREE” as well. But now the app has Premium features that didn’t have one when I first downloaded this app. So It’s time I saw good bye in this app. I appreciate all this app did to me in the past. But in the present, this app did no wonders for me when even if I have points to stream, the stream itself crashes even before or after starting a live.
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6 months ago, bald head Dennis
How do I turn on my mic? I already did it in settings, but when I go into other apps, it doesn’t record my voice. I tried it on vr, and it doesn’t work with the mic. Please help.
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6 months ago, Fyouknow
Playback without having the screen on
Video autoplay stops if I turn off my cell phone screen or navigate to other pages. I think it should continue playing in the background even if I turn off the cell phone screen or navigate to other pages as long as I don't stop transmitting.
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3 years ago, cryptofast
My ad account was hacked
The only app that had access to my channel was this one and after a few days of granting access I had my ads account hacked
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4 years ago, KingDick2021
I’m trying to get myself off of this payment list with this app and I cannot seem to figure it out where do you go to do it I do not want to use it anymore and he keeps charging me every single month
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3 years ago, nick 1110
Stream length
If I stream for too long it stops even though I don’t want it to the it doesn’t work for a few minutes/hours, but it works other than that. Unlike most other things Edit: idk how to reply to the developer note
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9 months ago, Epic crow
Trouble with live
Hello, I am having a problem with screensharing live, Everytime I press next it shows me as subscription. And i cant get past it. Please help!
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4 years ago, Ptolalibertad
Great app👍🏿thank you
Recent update to allow private live stream works great.. i have no issues so far.. thank you for responding to customer questions.. take care
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9 months ago, MISSAMBERRENEE
The worst.! LITERALLY NOTHING WORKS. My internet is high speed. The microphone picks up sounds even when it’s muted. Ect ect Not to mention that the audio my fans are trying to hear is the worst I’ve ever heard. This app literally freezes up constantly and my fans we’re hearing minute long silence spells throughout my entire performance (DJ set). The worst. Be careful because this app can ruin your reputation as a musician
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4 years ago, Vampy79
Please consider this
I love the concept but one suggestion you should add a screen recorder option for all of us under dogs who could only wish to to game in a stream
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3 years ago, Coni Lindemannkt
So far so good
Better than other apps. Are you looking for not screen app lag for stream install this and stream
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3 years ago, LausDeo(madefonsinister)
Live as live it can be
I mean adds are there to make me pay after try and that is the only way of making be use it after all. Mithat Sabotic
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3 months ago, navychicken
Will not let me start or stop streams unless I pay money
So basically, I have been using this app to livestream for over two months. It worked fine until today when it is making me pay money to stream. I would not recommend this app to those who hate paying for apps.
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3 years ago, dataman1000
White balance issues - not good
When using app, touching screen to focus or attempt to adjust white balance causes white balance to completely over blow. Touching again does nothing. You have to restart the iPhone to fix the problem
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3 years ago, Nickname mommy 2.0
This app is really good!
can you add a feature where you can connect your Xbox to your phone then
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3 years ago, Randene Brecknellvb
Works perfectly fine for me
The easy app, lets you edit the video. The best feature and the best Live Stream app...
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2 years ago, uthtyt
Don’t fall for the fake comments
Don’t fall for the fake comments you can’t even stream you set it up and stuff but you can’t stream using your screen I mean camera streaming is fine but the other one not so much. Please fix this bug. 🙁
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3 weeks ago, 😮🥖😅🍕😁👌👻👌
always asking for premium
every single time i try to go live it always tells me to buy premium, and there’s literally no skip option. I searched up everything that’s “premium” and unadded that from my live settings and it still asks me to buy it. I can’t even go live.
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3 months ago, Icehouseyo
Amazing just needs one fix
Amazing app! Works exactly like stated. Devs can you add the ability to move the scoreboard overlay to the top or bottom vs in the middle of the video? It’s taking up a lot of room right in the middle of the action and a smaller scoreboard at the top would be amazing. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Jeromib
Choppy livestream
Easy to use, it difficult to get the settings right. Still not sure what bitrate to use with 4K livestream. Also, can you delay the video to ensure high quality? *aware that I need high speed intenet* still getting choppy, nearly unwatchable video. * edited Livestream ALWAYS ends at 1 hour point.
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8 months ago, Epic Tacos are cool
Great app, But not to happy about having to pay to screen record for live streams
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4 years ago, Legendary Johnson
The Best App Ever Was Created
Was looking for an app so I can go. Live without my key and came over here and been nothing but, good so far I enjoy the app thanks for makeing it.
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4 years ago, Mrsmooremind
Choppy sound
Hi please look into this.... for the last week when I use this app for you tube the sound is very choppy and my audience can hardly understand what is being said.
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11 months ago, Jamesmcnug
I’m getting angry and yall better know what to do.
I streamed perfectly the first couple times but now I can’t stream without it bringing up the premium page. And when I broadcast anything I’m not actually streaming but it says I am? Fix this because for now I’m giving it a one.
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1 month ago, BSfucYi
Because of my iPhone died on me so please
Let me sign on with this one do the best thank
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4 years ago, Wooie1963
Live Chat Comments
I’m getting disillusioned with this app. I want to cancel the $1.99 per month membership NOW! My live chat comment feed stops running during my lives. People are typing but I am unaware unless I access the Livestream from a different device. Please cancel membership.
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2 months ago, fhjebhxjshc
Forcing me to pay money
This app is good but I was going to stream and then I can’t cuz this app is asking me to pay money to stream it good for like a month before it asks for money
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3 years ago, klorty
Big headed
This was the best app to use now it requires a monthly subscription. I paid a long time ago now it’s monthly? This app went down hill and I just removed because it is unusable now. Too many options and no longer simple :(
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5 months ago, jkkaniisiis
This app only allows you to stream a couple times and then it starts lagging so bad you can’t even play and then have to pay 12$ a week to start streaming
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2 years ago, Sunnithe_wolfAlpha(apple)
Wait what?
I could live stream just fine yesterday, but now I have to pay? I did the same thing yesterday for free. Now I can’t livestream.
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3 months ago, IG:BulletAgar
Needs a lot of improvement
The screen itself was super glitchy when I was streaming and the audio cuts in and out pretty bad. Also the audio was super staticy. Not ideal.
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1 year ago, mci/kansas city mo
Live Now
Show us how to make a overlay without getting a copyright strike
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2 years ago, Mariana01233
Live Now 5 Stars!
In The App Live Now You Could Create Live Streams And Live Chat 💬 🤩 Live Now Is The best App to use When Ever You Want To Make A Live Stream I love The App Live Now! Because Now I could Make Live Streams! And Screen Records in Live Now! You could Also Create Screen Videos! You Could Also Go Live With Twitch!
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3 years ago, littleplanet9
I want to go crazy
It keeps telling me that the stream has stopped because of invalid video or something when I go into an other app that is not even the app. When I deleted it the thing still tells me this PLEASE fix this!
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7 months ago, Slayzlee
Found perfect stream software to multi stream
Great for streaming my apps
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3 years ago, daedaev
Needs an update for iPad!
Doesn’t support the multiple cameras on the new iPad pros (no wide angle). Also, for some reason the app will only work in portrait mode (and then switches to landscape just for streaming).
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4 years ago, gdupwgigi
Duel live stream
Is there an option to bring someone onto ur live stream?
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3 years ago, Ruby Porter
It can’t rotate
The camera is locked on one side of the screen so I can use it otherwise my stream is upside down. Yo7 guys should fix this because I can’t auto rotate the camera to be right side up or upside down
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