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Nguyen Quang Chien
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Live Player - media streaming

4.05 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Jjjjjasdjjrsxjj
Horrible!! Don’t waste your time and money!!
The worst app I have ever purchased, it does not even stream 90% of the time.. I would give it 0 stars.. Horrible app!! Shame on the app developers!! **UPDATE** Still a horrible app as now it’s not even streaming anything and with this I will DELETE live player!! ****UPDATE, Developer has quickly resolved the previous issue and I confirmed everything is working after reinstalling Live Player. Thank you to developers for keeping this app up to date!
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1 year ago, Chelsea Fan4 life
Not able to use pro version on another device
I tried few different method but i am not able to watch the pro version on my another device which i carry all the time. Its just stuck on one device that i do not use anymore. I paid 15 bucks for it but its of no use. There were some FAQs that says to go to left side menu and click on Restore Pro License and it gets restored but there is no such things of existence. Looked up every icons. Checked everywhere. Tried every clicks but of no use. Fix this. I need to watch on the phone with me all the time. Also the one which says restore transactions option. Tried clicking there and it says it doesn’t find any transaction that i made while it shows on the left side top as PRO.
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1 year ago, Mutahar Jenkins
Pro version doesn’t come with all features
I recently purchased the lifetime pro version, however although it says it offers Picture in Picture, it actually does not seem to work and won’t let me keep watching after I go to the Home Screen no matter what I try, and until this issue is resolved, I cannot claim this as a 5 star app.
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4 years ago, bfjebdkwnd
The best app for sports lovers and fans all around the world
The best app ever everything is free, and they have every single sports match for free, soccer is the biggest one, biggest they have every single league, even though it is a small league, and they have every single live game in the world, and if you are a NFL, NBA, NHL, or any other sport fan your in luck to, because they have every single match for free
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6 years ago, CvBoy07
"Loging in..."
Can't remove the pop-up that says "Loging in..." and not to mention it never logs me in. Worst of all is that I paid for the pro version yet can't really use the app. The search button doesn't actually open the search option. I have to slide from the right side to make it appear and same goes for the menu on the left side. None of the on screen buttons work while the message is on the screen which I cannot remove. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still can't sign into my account. Pretty annoying that I've decided to put money into the app only to be let down.
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3 years ago, KasMunza
No longer the same. Waist of my time/money
Now you can’t even find searches without it being asked to download VPN App. All my saved favorites got deleted after their latest update which now blocks you from watching with a pop up insisting you to get their own VPN. App has lost all credibility. It’s no longer the old app it used to be. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY. I’m a pro user and it have become so frustrating to watch anything. Try and you see what I’m saying. Used to be my favorite app but Not interesting anymore. Soon to be deleted and trashed forever.
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4 years ago, White Spider 8
Bang for Your Buck
At $15 for a lifetime subscription you really can’t complain. I use it mostly for soccer/futbol matches and while it may buffer here or there or need the occasional restart it’s worth it for the price. Most other more reliable streaming services cost 2-3 times as much, per month, and won’t have all the games, whereas this does. So as I said, for the one time price of $15 it’s worth the very minor inconveniences.
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2 years ago, andy+music=fun
No streaming service found
I use their VPN,,, after not being able to stream many EPG’s. It was great 3 years ago before finding a way to gouge more money,,, VPN. I have purchased VPN using it from address from around the globe and the connection is the same,,,, many I have save can’t be connected too. So they either don’t exist any longer,,, if so take them down,,, or with their VPN purchase I still can’t connect. There are a few that stream but in amount the offer it’s less than 1 percent.
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3 years ago, los rockets
Best live tv app
This app gets a 4 star rating because is missing a few connection details. Sometimes it connects and sometimes won’t connect and the help button it doesn’t really help. Fix that and you’ll be a 5 star app. On the top left of this player it appears a red number of notifications and it’s almost impossible to clear. In the latest update it got even worst, This tv app gets 3 stars from me.
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5 years ago, Dk badshah
Very good but keep crashing
This app is amazing with high video quality too but since last few months its not getting connected properly to live stream, keep coming message like “ unable to connect to streaming network” If they fix this, this is best app to watch any channel, please fix this problem
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4 years ago, Kenneth Rogers a blind man
I love this app
I love this app or use it every day. I have been using it for about a month. I am able to watch my nickelodeon shows on it. The one thing I want you guys to add is background play and the option to download the episodes for later listening off-line. Have a great day. Please reply to this review please keep this app free much as possible
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5 years ago, Bermy golfer
Too Many Connection Issues
Thought the app was great when I first got it but after a while I noticed that there are way too many connection issues. It constantly pauses in the middle of a stream and I know it isn’t my connection because the ads never pause! Was going to give it a good rating because I get to see whatever football game I want, but the connection issues are too much to ignore. I have dropped the rating to a 1 star now because now it’s buffering even more! Developer needs to sort the connection issue and I’ll rate it better.
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4 years ago, Beamerman156
Best APP Ever for Live TV
Mobile live tv viewers out there this is the app for for you. Only this is the pop up but who really cares because the good of the APP out ways that because I’m in Europe for another 2 years and I love this app to keep up whit what’s really going on on the home front. Download this app and you will not be sorry. Beamernam 2KCJ gives a 100 thumbs UP
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10 months ago, Sonny Tran372
Error in Search
I’m trying to search for a news stream but any time I search I get an error saying “the data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.” How do I fix this? I’ve tried reinstalling the app and it didn’t help.
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6 years ago, Asif Siddiqi
Runs in Background all the time, good app otherwise.
App is fine, i use the pro version and it works flawless. My only two issues are that even if you close the app, it lingers some where in Background and as soon as your phone connects to a Bluetooth device, it starts streaming as if it never stopped. Second,?during incoming calls it doesn't mute and you have to manually go and pause the app.
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3 years ago, TyTrackz_SH
I love Live Player
I love Live Player. I do not miss any big events. Sometimes I might have to work nights when all my friends have get togethers to watch the game or any big fights but at least I’m still able to watch the games or fight last with Live Player.
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3 years ago, Bye... for now
I dont know its a great app. Whoever complains about the pop-ups and how the adds are annoying it makes no sense cause this is a free stream. If you really want the best quality then just pay for a subscription or get cable to watch something you want to watch. Just be grateful this is free for **** sake
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2 years ago, AdManny9
Had the 3 months subscription to tryout and everything worked great but after upgrading to the Forever subscription, AirPlay to my Roku TV isn’t working anymore! I have tried streaming different live events(none is working).
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1 year ago, selfpaid1
One of the kind
I prefer this app than DSTV period I started using this app somewhere 2019 and still working better than everyday, but sometimes some of my Favorite Chanels are not available because of my region. But is still cool
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2 months ago, FLACH ATTACK GAMES
Streaming issues
I have the app almost two years now and for the most part it has worked great. I use it to watch premier league. How we recently I can’t steam any game since two months ago. I paid money for the full version as it’s the best way for me to watch games. But it’s a problem now and I miss everything
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5 years ago, Alec198600000
Best one I’ve found
Was skeptical... but can find and watch almost any live event. I use it for NFL and international soccer. 4 years now. Paid one time fee for no ads and performance improved. Small price to pay for unlimited streaming. Now use a mirror app to put on my Samsung TV.
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4 years ago, Marckhens
It should continue playing in the background!
This app was perfect until it stopped playing in the background, but I’m still giving it 5 stars because I’ve been using for about 10 years.
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5 years ago, painters laptop
Aggravating Sometimes
The app. Is great with exception of buffering, connectivity and random occurrences. It is so well worth it the minimal price paired to other streaming sources. It takes patience and creativity to locate what you are wanting to view. Provided I am using it correctly.
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3 years ago, Martial over
Great app to watch Live TV!
This app is a gem! You can easily watch live tv channels from network to cable tv for free with this player! This is a great addition to my iPhone for when I’m searching for television entertainment on the go!
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6 years ago, CynthiaThornton
Some of the channels buffer a lot or don’t work at all, but this is far outweighed by the many channels that do work. Great app!!! I recommend this app often to my friends and family. I hope the developers continue to work on this app to make it better.
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4 years ago, JefferyP
Love everything about this app. I wish everything works but there is a few things that still need to be fixed. But overall solid product.
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11 months ago, Sterlzz
Data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format
Recently that’s the error I’m getting when I begin to search for a stream of a specific team. Before I’ll find what I’m looking for in the search bar, but now I’m getting the error msg I put in the “title.”
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4 years ago, Kashtan11
Better than I expected
Works very nice and smoothly. If u use a free version, u need to be ready to see some push notes and adds, but when u upgrade, it books better than cable TV
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4 years ago, another scamm
Non of the “good” movies work in English Craptacular. Scammmm. Big tech paid so no English will work unless it’s been played 1000 times or more on standard cable providers. I had to manually retype every thing because they are trying to censor me. No Deadpool 2. No John wick 3. No equalizer No robinhood. No equalizer. Always an excuse for them. Wow they are even changing my spelling so my post looks stupid. Who will fall for this. Oops. Oops. Oops. Sorry. Can’t connect “unless you don’t speak English”. Garbage!
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2 years ago, bkowalk
Works well, just don’t buy Pro
Bought the pro subscription and it’s still showing me the ad for their pro version every time I open the app. Super annoying
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4 years ago, DeVon Sport
Great app
This is really great. But lately I’ve been getting “cannot connect” to many of the streams. Hope this problem is worked out soon. Until then, keep up the good work and thanks
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4 years ago, Hitman4hire
My two cents!!
It’s a great app, especially if your on the go and travel! Easy to to use and I never have a problem with it. I would highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, YLOBRUH
Perfect App
Perfect way to watch anything Live ! However recently it started taking a little while loading a game. I have good WiFi and good reception along with a smart tv so it may be a little glitch. Besides that 9 out of 10 recommended
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3 years ago, Raynor Performance
Every second you guys popping up the upgrade to pro version every 30 seconds while a match is being played is super annoying, that’s not going to make me go to the pro version g, that’s just going to make me delete the app!
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3 years ago, Maaaduser
Close but no cigar.
This is a nice app, except for the fact that you can’t airplay it to your TV without it freezing up every time the “upgrade” window pops up. Also, this app won’t save “favorite” stations so, every time I want to watch, I have to search for a station. I won’t upgrade something that irritates me at any level. My search for a useful player app continues.
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2 months ago, Fucc_jay
I signed back in and lost my pro version
I’ve had this app for 5 years and these past 2 years I started having problems with it. It stopped working all of a sudden so i logged out and logged back in, and now they’re asking me to pay for pro all over again after I paid for it indefinitely twice already.
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5 years ago, Dwight All-Stunner
Honest Review
So, this 4stars cuz it works. Now, cons are sometimes it doesn't work for a given channel or it'll randomly stop and you'll have to load it again. I mean whatever dude, it's free, live aaaand I got to watch the World Series with it without Cable. So overall it's a chillin ' app.
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6 years ago, igwehcc
It’s Amazing
It’s been a wonderful experience using live player. In fact it’s amazing. I know there is always room for improvement. It will be more better if the buffering should be reduced to the barest minimum. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Cosmic Mike
Is there a PC app for this player?
I have scrubbed the internet looking for a Windows version, Great on my iPad but the screen is way too small. Thanks folks
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3 years ago, Sarkis abovyan
Took my money and did nothing stop the ads
I paid lifetime subscription so it would eliminate the ads however ads are still there and can reach the developer for refund or correction of issue, and that’s why I’m giving 1 star only at this time and if that problem Is fixed or I get a refund then I will not change my review.
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4 years ago, geezy real
Amazing app
This app is definitely what you been looking for so long this app works really great in your iOS device download it now start watching stream your favorite live tv channels.
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3 years ago, bettylou0707
Great app
Enjoying the app . I don’t use it often as I’m at home most of the time . It is great to catch up on CNN when I’m bored sitting in the passenger seat on a trip.
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4 years ago, Ashok Marannan
Works like a charm
One of the best streaming player. UI can be made minimal. So many options on the menu and it feels cluttered. Functionally it works all the time.
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6 years ago, lorenajhernandez
This one works!
I have been using this for a few years now. It depends on people putting up your channel, but usually i can find the one I want.
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2 years ago, Coel2234
Being scammed and forced to pay to remove ads again!
I “paid” for this app years ago and it included aiplay and no ads. Now those features have been removed and I am being forced to pay again via in app purchase to get those features again. I am going to report this if no one responds to this…
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4 years ago, just want to watch the game
Always buffering
I enjoy that I can get most games I would like to watch. Although, it’s always buffering even when I’m on an extremely fast internet connection so I end up getting frustrated and closing the app. Only worth using the free app and if you have the patience to get through the constant buffering.
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6 years ago, lekinca
Whoever this dev is, they do a terrific job! The Pro app is well worth it as is their Mac app & the IPTV app... BUT, make certain you read the instructions found in the dropdown menu as there were aspects of this app that weren't obvious to me.
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10 months ago, RideMyHonda
Data format
It won’t let me search anything because it gives me a “the data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the right format” please fix. Really love the app also
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4 years ago, Chris50507
After I paid premium to cast didn’t work good
I’ve had the app for a long time and before you didn’t have to pay to cast it and everything worked well and for a little after I bought it it worked fine but now when I’m watching something and I try to cast it to the Apple TV it says error even though I was just watching it on my phone.
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5 years ago, poppy@1
Loosing connection
I continue to loose connection because of a server issue at least that’s what it is stating. I have done everything on my end to ensure it’s not me. I would like to upgrade but not if I cannot watch the games without being cut off.
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