LiveMixtapes - Mixtape Culture

4.6 (1.8K)
118.8 MB
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LMT Radio
Last update
2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LiveMixtapes - Mixtape Culture

4.61 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Yziree
Great App for the price lol
For this to be a completely free music streaming apps it sure has allot of perks. You have the library selection of hundreds maybe thousands of artists that release their completed works of art for audio listening purposes. Also you can download the entire mixtape for free to your mobile device for listening purposes that stretch beyond your phones actuality of being in service of not. Which is great because now my phone is used like an old iPod touch where you could listen to music as an mp3 file and not a streaming functioning musical selection where internet is needed to receive the music file in whole. *The only thing I would request is that when an artist wants to ask for $$$ for a single or song with the majority of the mixtape being free that the application actually works in processing the charge and payment to the artist. Future Purple Rain the mixtape has song title wicked for what seems to be for sale and when I click it it directs me to iTunes instead of an independent artist to company (company being LiveMixtapes) purchasing plateau. I think if I like it as much as I do listening to it I should be able to purchase it. It’s not letting me anymore do that and iTunes isn’t charging for music anymore either. This made me feel very old because everything on iTunes as far as music is concerned was at one time for sale, now that isn’t the case.
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4 years ago, kturner14
The dopest out there
I don’t listen to any other app now that I found LiveMixtapes! The Dj produced albums are easy to distinguish between the artist a Bums (huge problem with this previously on other apps) I’ve become a much more avid listener of trap music that I love more than anything already it’s got endless music to listen to plus it keeps archived stuff too. One of my first downloads was a mixtape from 2012. Last thing, this is stupid but I discovered my other all time favorite app from one of the ads in my LiveMixtapes app, I mean come on, who can say that they actually don’t mind and enjoy the occasional ad that an app offers?! It’s perfect all the way around!
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2 years ago, KINGRAEZEIL
Kingraezeil’s Reveiw
When I was in high school a friend turn me on to LiveMixtapes and the rest is history. That had to twenty years ago and I still like and love LiveMixtapes. It was and always has been a breath of fresh air sometimes it’s hard to get the music you want. I have always been a fan and a student of music being born in the eighty’s and growing up in the Ninety's and 2000’s rap and hip hop was a voice for me. LiveMixtapes is the dopest site for music I have been on the internet for a minute and I have not ever came across another site like it. Thank you LiveMixtapes
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7 years ago, Juanito222999
Love the music, not the adds
Hello so I've been using this app for a while, I do love the library of mixtapes that you guys have, you'll have a hard time not finding a mixtape that's out there with LMT app, but I don't like that anytime I play a song, the next time I go back to change the song, or look for another mixtape, there's already an add on the page if you touch the page anywhere the add takes you off of the app, there is not a place to close it, so you either have to wait till it goes away (which takes a ridiculously long time) or close out the app, which is worse because you have to look everything up all over again. Please fix this so I could go back to jammin. Thanks
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7 years ago, Dasha Whidbee
Love it
I’ve been using this app for years, like before they had the app, was using the website and it has EVERYTHING my Apple Music don’t have but for some reason lately the app has been force closing in the middle of a song. And I thought maybe because it was on standby for a few hours and I never closed the app but when I tried it a few days later it did it about three times and it’s up to date.. but any suggestions could help :)
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4 years ago, King Charmjack
Better than Spinrilla
Overall this app is good. I would like to be able to find new individual songs not just complete mixtapes. This app is better than Spinrilla because atleast the mixtapes are able to be listened to. Spinrilla just tells you they aren’t available or they don’t exist on the app. Even if they aren’t available for download LiveMixtapes atleast lets you still listen to them or put them in a playlist for enjoyment. The only leg up Spinrilla would have is the ability to have a new songs list and “radio” where new music from diff regions are available.
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3 years ago, Pablo, the Life of
The inevitable invasion of ads are coming..
I’ve been using this app for 5+ years now. Easily the best mixtape app for iOS. Wide selection of new content and classics. App works flawlessly and rarely runs any full screen ads, and I’ve NEVER been hit with an audio ad....until last night. I’m hoping they at least offer an ad-free version for a one-time payment if they continue this route, otherwise I’ll be looking for an alternative.
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6 years ago, Jay Rob
A lot of people forgot about how important LiveMixtapes was to the game when certain music streams services, that I won’t mention, came to become popular in the mainstream. But LiveMixtapes still has the catalog that they don’t by housing a discography of mixtapes from the legendary mixtape era all the way up til now. I love how you can download your favorite mixtapes or songs to a library all within the app. I’ve definitely told my friends, hope you do the same.
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1 year ago, 87King13
Thank you.
New update looks good but the shuffle feature isn’t working! LOVE THE APP. With that said, can we fix the search feature. Every time I search for a album in my library I can’t go back to right where I was before, I always have to start over. But I will say, IM READY TO PAY!! I don’t want to here these ads no mo.
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4 years ago, Kritta2007
What’s better than free?
Awesome mixtape app! Especially when an artist’s label is taking forever to put out new music for them. Just come to LiveMixtapes and usually you can find some material from your favorite artist that you haven’t heard yet...It fell short of 5 stars because the app, recently, have been crashing on me. But just load the app back up and it’ll play least for a while and then crash again. But hey, it’s free music. Beggars can’t be choosers.
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5 years ago, Mlanran
Can’t use music controls
Sometimes when I use the app, I can’t use the music controls. This is especially annoying when I have a Bluetooth device connected. For instance if I press pause on my Bluetooth device it starts Apple Music. In the music controls it will show the album art of the song being played, but won’t let me skip, pause, or previous. That’s the only thing keeping me from giving this app 5 stars.
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4 years ago, LMT Review
Search Button Not Working
For the past two days, I’ve been trying to get the search button to work on the app, but every time I’ve hit the search button, the app closes out. I’ve re-downloaded the app and tried turning my phone off and on, but nothing changes. The only issue is the search button (which is why I gave you guys a 4 and not a 5). Thank you for this amazing free app, though!
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4 years ago, Ca$tillo
My personal review and experience
I have an apple iPhone in which you have to pay for everything including music but with LiveMixtapes it’s absolutely free, you can even play the selected music anytime and anywhere whether it’s your headphones, car ect. Try them out if you interested in mixtapes...They deserve a two thumbs up 👍 👍👏🤝
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4 years ago, Rico Savagd
Live mix tape is the best thing out here!!! You Have every street and raw ( aka real musik from the artists! Better then they album) plus you got my top artist in ther like my guy future!!!!! Thank you guys for providing pure music!! That we can ride too, and even chill with a shorty!! You guys got it all radio play music and street music! Best thing ever that been Created!! thank you guys!
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5 years ago, bigsteve612
Truly Live
Didn’t realize at first the value of Live Mixtapes, I’ve really been using them since I first learned about mixtapes, which was probably sometime in middle school. But over time I caught on to certain subtleties which I found helpful. Now I recognize Live Mixtapes truly as some sort of enterprise. Not as simple/basic as I once thought.
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6 years ago, Smokin crack
Long time user before the app
They constantly update it with fresh tunes and always give me access to classic mixtapes that I played over the years and the very best part is that they allow me to play the music I’ve downloaded when my phones off or just not around any WiFi and I appreciate that!
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4 years ago, Salima03
A user of almost 10 years
This has been my go-to for mixtapes and unreleased verses for some time now. I started as a desktop user and was excited to download the app to my phone. I haven’t had any issues. I recommend to anyone searching to have tapes on their phone without any hassle or inconvenience
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6 years ago, Cnstars83
4-5 yr FAVE
Been using this app for 4-5 years now, I think, & it’s actually my favorite music app PERIOD. I’ve had 3 months of Apple Music & numerous other music apps but I always go right back to this one & I always seem to find myself deleting others pretty soon after downloading them. THANK YOU so much for your continued excellence LiVe MiXtApEs!! =)
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4 years ago, DJDUVAL_FlaBoy
App Offers A Lot!!🤩
This is a great music app. You get all the new mixtapes and artist new albums too. I really enjoy the ability to make my own playlist. The download feature is great to be able to play my saved music when the signal is weak or not available. I tell others about this app all the time.
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2 months ago, kmcjunkins
Needs some overhauling
I love ❤️ music & I love ❤️ good music apps, but this app needs overhauling. Some features just do not work. You can’t delete playlists & when I try and click on features like add album cover, well nothing happens. Playlist also needs more features to give one more power over their playlists. Like the order of songs & etc. This app could also use a new interface on how it looks. Please consider.
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1 year ago, Jram922
This update is horrible now . Can’t even listen to my downloaded music. Have multiple playlist and can’t listen to them . Plays the first song then chooses randomly what to listen to instead of your music . Ads after every song . Been using this since 2008 and this update makes me want to stop using the platform
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5 years ago, john Da Bama Gotti
Live mixtapes is the best music steaming source
I been a member of live mixtapes for over 20 years .. and they never have disappointed me.. live mixtapes has always kept me up to date on the latest drip.. and has never asked anything in me you won’t find more sauce anywhere else...for the price... thanks live mixtapes..from john voorhees parker💪🏾💪🏾
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3 years ago, FMOT: MyMindTweetsIt
LiveMixtapes been around for a minute & still holding it down! They give access to music a lot of major music platforms don’t have. As well as gives a ton of new & upcoming artists a chance to be discovered! Y’all keep doing what y’all doing!
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7 years ago, Cheap A##!
4.5-5 star
This is my favorite mix tape app hands down. Easy to operate and functions better than Datpiff and My Mixtapez. The adds are annoying at times but they all have them and LMT has the least. Only issue is a time or two my saved mixtapes were removed and sometimes the album artwork disappears.
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4 years ago, GrlMom<3
Haven’t found another like it honestly
My only go too app for my kind of music:) App don’t have no problems at all and it has all the latest hip hop to older music etc. You can play it, while downloading. Unlike Apple dumb shid always throwing the request timed out crap! Anyhow, Job well done guys, thank you! XXX
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4 years ago, AntMania87
Awesome !
Been using this app since iPhone 4 it's the best mixtape app I've used on iOS such a wide variety of mixtapes . am able to play music in the background which is great on go . Stable platform no crashing even after listing for hours at a time the sound quality is cool
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3 years ago, yucare4
This is my favorite app!! They almost always have every song I ever want. My only complaint is that I wish it had the option to put your playlists on random when you play them. It would’ve received a perfect 5-star review if it had this feature available!
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4 years ago, mrmack247
Awesome App
Whatever Apple Music lacks in mixtape or even song selection LiveMixtapes have you covered. Easy layout to maneuver and the quality is always on point. Download your favorite songs to access them when you’re in airplane mode or out of service. 9.5/10 APP!
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6 years ago, Trap Mobb
Been rocking with the app for years
I like the whole set up , it’s definitely the app to have if you like mainstream artist , underground artist and Dj's really my ace in the hole when I’m around my partnas riding the thru the streets and put on sumthin they haven’t heard but yeah , LiveMixtapes is most definitely in the top 3 in music apps .💯
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4 years ago, Wanda Wonka
Long time user
I have been using Live Mixtapes for many years, even before it was an app and I have to say I absolutely love it. Its very user friendly and has a huge selection. Never lets me down. Thanks for making this free and fun!
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5 years ago, Quick to clean up
One of the best
As I said it one of the best if not the best mixtape app out there. It’s been around for a while and has done nothing but improve. If a artist drops a hit or tape it’s going to be here. Great job on staying on top of things. Always had on my devices for some years now!! Definitely RECOMMEND!! #OneLove
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7 years ago, Slice doggy
Great but a few bugs
When you download a mixtape there is a delay in the mixtape downloading and you cannot see the download progress. the sync feature is also not working well in my downloaded Playlist some songs are not playing when not connected to the Internet.
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4 years ago, ottfgonuts
The newest music
I have been a LiveMixtapes fan since day 1 it’s really great to see how they change the game now I can listen to the hottest music out on my phone it’s way better then pandora check it out! All your friends will love it
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7 years ago, T1dotO
Down since 2006
My favorite music source and me being from Cleveland I’m sort of bias lol just keep getting better by fixing the bugs I know y’all will and no matter what keep striving for success and keep them Exclusive mixtapes coming, try to stay away from albums leave that to Apple Music out shine the competitors Thank You
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6 years ago, Youngfras
Great for Mixtape Streaming
App is great for streaming Mixtape music. Not sure how well it works for D/L's since I only stream but I've had 0 problems with it as I've been using this website since the early 10's and got the app on my phone around two years ago.
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6 years ago, AK_PV
Hot app
I love it. Has all the new releases from some of the hottest artist all the way down to the most indie artists. I’ve been a music head since I was 5 years old, and ever since I’ve found LiveMixtapes it’s been a blessing to my music collections.
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2 months ago, EnZoneOfficial
Prior Downloads not working
Fix the prior downloads so you can download all prior downloads at once instead of having to download each song one at a time! I upgraded my iPhone 14 to a 15 and it wont let me download all prior songs like the app used to. Now you have to download each song individually. That will take hours and days when you have thousands of songs downloaded.
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3 years ago, icey313
Best music app for mixtapes
The app is amazing!! Every mixtape ever is on here and free no ads you will always want to have this app on your phone. The developers are great for letting us have this free and still able to use other apps thank you!
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2 years ago, dub.o
Great artist great music with great quality
You get to hear some artist on here right before they go mainstream. It’s where you can find some of the hottest and dopest artist if you get tired of your go to artist.
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7 years ago, Dejwbxisbwhxowpabxjwoa
You Need This App
LiveMixtapes has thousands of gems you won't be able to find on iTunes/Spotify etc. They even let you download as many mixtapes as you want so there's no buffering or data consumption!
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2 years ago, jeffymontez
Love hip hop mixtapes
I enjoy mixtapes for listening to new artists to hearing older ones getting back to form as well. I love that this platform ignites potential from all over the nation. There is talent all over.
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1 year ago, Kots202
Love the new app
I remember using LiveMixtapes back in like 06-07 and have been using the app for years. The newest version is so clean and works a lot better. Love to see LiveMixtapes still thriving.
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3 years ago, I hate making nicknamed
It’s no point of this app if I can only use it when connected to Wi-Fi. It’s pointless and very frustrating the fact that you can’t transfer songs like you used too. Now I can’t wnjoy listening to all my music I had on this pointless app that does not work. Idk who scored this app so high when the crap dead not even work w/o Wi-Fi.
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1 year ago, Lov3L33
Music Mind
The app crashes every time I try to open it. So I have to delete it and re download it just to listen to my fav tunes that I have saved on there. FIX YOUR BUGS. It’s also weird when you try and prioritize your playlist and it doesn’t save the order you prioritized it. It shuffles the order completely. If you want your fav track at #1 it’ll put it at #33 like what?!?!
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5 years ago, Follow Me @DjBreezy
The best mixtape app you can get. I been rocking with LiveMixtapes since 2010 and they still got all my saved music and the only app with all the old tunes I used to listen to. Audio Quality of the music is A1 too. No complaints
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6 years ago, As planned
Been live
I been on LiveMixtapes for a while now. They always got the hottest mixtape with the best music.. the app is dope I like the LiveMixtapes radio you can listen to hear the hottest songs and not have too go through every mixtape!!! LiveMixtapes is. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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4 years ago, AOIYM
Besides the ads, which has become a part of life, I appreciate the interface and setup of the app. Very well done. The new "related mixtape" addition is lovely. Keep up the good work. Thanks
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6 years ago, princess2427
You all have gotten better and just when I thought it was great, everything I saved in my favorites magically disappears..😒 I still appreciate LiveMixtapes, it’s the only source I use for all my tapes butttt certain areas could be way better. For instance not deleting my stuff.
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2 months ago, BossTycoonin23
I had this app for years and all of the updates never fixed this how don’t y’all know this is a bug you can click any artist you search up
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3 years ago, 𝑛𝑖𝑒
Love it but…
I love the app, completely free music with few ads… only thing is, the shuffle button doesn’t work. It’s really weird and it’s be great if this gets fixed
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