LiveOne Music

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Slacker, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LiveOne Music

4.74 out of 5
28.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Brent Willingham
Better than Pandora
Slacker Radio is the answer to Pandora’s increasingly bad service. Like Pandora, Slacker Radio allows you to create custom radio stations with the ability to tell the station that you either like the current playing song or that you never want to play the current playing song again. However, Slacker Radio is better at this kind of service because it allows you to listen to original recordings that are not censored and it has better quality audio. I have tried Pandora and even paid a monthly subscription, but Pandora does not play original uncensored recordings despite the fact that I turned on explicit content. Perhaps some priggish Pandora users somehow caused Pandora to ban all explicit content? Or perhaps Pandora’s algorithm is mistakingly interpreting that I somehow don’t like explicit content, despite the fact that I turned on explicit content? I’m happy that Slacker does not have this problem and that it plays original uncensored music with high quality sound. Thanks for the great music, Slacker Radio, and keep the free-spirited uncensored music going—unhindered by the moralism that has apparently infected Pandora.
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5 years ago, LLoose494
So close to perfection.
I love Slacker. I actually used it religiously about 10 years ago. It has always done a great job of mixing old and new with my custom stations. I left Slacker long ago when they made all the huge interface changes. I subscribed to Pandora and never really looked back. Fast forward to this week. I decide to see what’s going on with Slacker. Plus I wanted to see if my old stations had any gems I forgot about. I downloaded the app and connected it to my car stereo. The first thing I noticed was the sound quality was way better. Everything sounded more full than my pandora music. 2nd is that unlike pandora, my phone didn’t got into “accessory mode” making it hard to control it the way I want. 3rd was the interface looks great! Much better than the old blue colors of pandora. My only thing with it is why is it so hard to get to my custom stations? I couldn’t care less about the premade stations, I want to see a list of mine the moment I open the app. Instead I have to go to my music, then scroll around until I find custom stations. It should either be there from the get go or one tap away. Another bonus that I never thought I would like... djs and little snippets of news in between songs. They are short and informative and really make it feel like a premium radio station. Remember the old XM radio? It’s similar to that. Now XM has mindless bla bla bla in between songs. This is different and they nailed it.
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3 years ago, ManuelM13
The best at playing what you're in the mood for
I've tried all of the other major music streaming apps and nothing beats livexlive/slacker where it counts: playing a station that you won't end up endlessly skipping through. The ability to play music that matches what you're in the mood for is second to none, and the ability to fine tune a station to play newer/older or similar/more diverse music gives you all of the power to play what you like. And you can like or dislike a song and it stays specific to the station. So maybe you don't want a pop song on your rock station, or maybe you do, and it won't affect if it'll play on another station. I have stations for all different types of moods and nothing else comes close to being able to do this at well. One knock: wish you could skip back to a previous song when on a station. Sometimes i wanna hear the same song a second time without leaving the station.
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6 years ago, Berlynn88
Loss of Offline Listening in Plus
Like many, I left Pandora a few years ago in search of something better. I was tired of listening to the same old things, the price just to remove ads, and those limited skips. I finally found Slacker, 3.99 a month for Plus subscription, featuring unlimited skips, no ads, and the BEST thing was offline listening for work travel or when reception was poor. It wasn’t uncommon to have minor issues with the app, but those were mostly just mildly annoying and often times addressed in the next update. Today I go to listen to my offline playlist as usual and was given a notification that I would have to upgrade to a Premium subscription to enjoy offline listening. What?? I did a bit of digging and realized that the Plus subscription has removed offline listening from its list of perks. Really?? It’s worse that I wasn’t even given a warning or a quick email/notification. They just changed it. $4 a month was the perfect sweet spot for what I got, but I don’t think it’s worth $10 per month. I find myself a bit distrustful of the way they went about it. I wouldn’t have been terribly upset if they increased their rate $1-2 per month with notice but to jump $6 a month? No way. Now I get to start doing some research again into switching music apps.
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5 years ago, Someone Youll Ignore
The truth
Slacker was better when it was slacker the overhaul LiveXLive did of the app is hard to navigate. Where slacker made navigating around their app easy with a side bar that sent you where you wanted these guys hide your recently played stations in a sub menu off your profile and the home page is full of their advertising no one cares about and the offline play and custom playlists stations etc are all made prominent but if you don’t use any of that the. Your stuck trying figure out how to listen to your stations you had previously. LiveXLive take a lnother look at how easy slacker made their station and take some pointers and improve the navigation and I really don’t think a lot of people care about those “shows” on that page. We just want to listen to good music we like as we go about our day. You make it easier to do that then you’ll get a loyal fan base like what slacker had. I’ll continually check back and change my review if you guys actually listen to your listeners and improve your app. If you have any questions or anything let me know. Feels like I’m talking to a wall because so far I haven’t seen you answer any reviews yet.
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3 years ago, B-futile
STILL doesn’t work right
Regardless of continuous updates this app Still only plays one song at a time when Bluetoothing to my Google home max hub. The adds seem to disrupt the connection. Also when you press play on iPhone the app disconnects the Bluetooth. (Possible ploy to get you to sign up the the pay for service app???). So aggravating. Pandora works fine by the way. Can you fix this already?!? It not rocket science, it’s not brain surgery. Regular people can take space flights and We can fly remote control helicopters on Mars...but sorry you can’t seamlessly stream music, or a least more than one song, from your phone to another device. Did I mention that Pandora works fine? And, yes, before you ask, everything is up to date, rebooted and plugged in. -Frustrated.
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6 years ago, Jay9739
Worst Radio App Ever
Okay, it’s time. Time to judge and being honest. Before I start my paid membership today on the radio plus, I paid enough attention to other feedbacks and I realized something important which once upon a time used to be available with this radio plus has been canceled and categorized in a highest level of membership with $9.99 and I bought my membership with full acknowledgment about this in particular but for what I experienced with this app, I didn’t expect anything worse and surprisingly right now and even before a whole day membership I just canceled the automatic payment and end of the story. I really have no idea what the designers of this app are thinking about but obviously they have forgotten that people are comparing similar service apps together and this one which supposed to be no advertise and pure music is everything but what it says it is. Anyway I am more comfortable to get back to my iHeartRadio or even Tunein radio with almost the same amount of monthly payments and don’t trick myself with something that is not even close to be a two stars app in my evaluation. Sorry that I had to be honest but that’s all I had to say.
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1 year ago, lofidelityrockr
I’ve been with this service a while and I still enjoy it
I’ve been here since the early days of Slacker Radio. I have had nothing but decent experiences with listening to stations I want to hear and music that is new and great that even I haven’t heard of before. Versus other popular apps out there that seem to mostly cater to younger pop-loving audiences, I listen to this app because it was the first to offer me harder to find bands and continued to do so when others didn’t have that then. As an early adopter I stuck with Slacker since they have not given me a reason to look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Kaorovic
Apparently not for use in the car
The hands-free link support is dodgy at best. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if I don’t want notices that means I don’t want notices about not receiving notices that I don’t want, especially if the notices I don’t want about the notices I don’t want to cause the app to not work correctly. The hands-free link always seems to stop working when it tries to give me a notice that I’m not receiving notices, even though I repeatedly declined notices. And when the hands-free link stops working the only way to skip a song is to open the app and skip through the app, this really brings up an advertisement that takes over I won’t play any audio at all. I understand how and support works, but I don’t understand how a music app has ads that don’t have any audio. It also seems like the more songs I favorite the less variety there is in the favorites station.
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6 years ago, thj4
offline listening $4 —> $10... sub —> no sub
Big joke to put a music service up there with the higher tiers of video streaming provider. I wholly like the radio content delivery shtick. A great thing i enjoyed was to load up an older iPod, take it out with it to exercise or knock around with. Didn’t need WiFi or a SIM card, just played what was downloaded. Serving as a Walkman of old. Now, they expect you to either put the wear on my phone (and risk losing coverage if out on trails, or fork over an additional amount 1.5x the cost of the original package. I was introduced with Milk Music (which had a much superior dial channel selector) but I supported Slacker after they shut down the value added content they offered with Samsung phones. They can come back to $4 and count me a sub. Or at the least humor the process and come up with a decent lyrics display (that properly renders horizontally) or something so we’re not just getting gypped.
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5 years ago, kjs270
Been an avid paying fan of Slacker for years until the recent big change. Now sometimes I can only play 4 or 5 songs then it just stops. Hitting pause, then play does nothing, neither does advancing to the next song. The next song shows up but doesn’t start playing it. I have to quit the program and restart it and sometimes it works and sometimes it still doesn’t work. At that point I go listen to Pandora or Google Play until Slacker decides to start working again. The old old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” really fits here. I never had a problem until now, and 3 months ago I would have given it an easy 5 star rating. Even on my computer, I use to listen to slacker for 6-8 hours without it stopping and asking me if I was still there. Now recently I’m lucky to go 90 minutes before it stops playing. Really disappointing ....
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5 years ago, BrownEyz72
A little disappointed...
I have been a paid Slacker subscriber for many years...but I’m a bit disappointed with the look of the new app LiveXLive. New app should mean NEW cover art for ALL the stations. Some stations have had the same cover artist forever. I’m not a fan of the last played station window stuck in the lower corner as I browse the new site. It’s in the way. I’ve mentioned it before, but it would be nice if the people that create the playlists for stations could rotate music more frequently or add way more songs so that if one is listening during a work day, music hasn’t repeated itself numerous times. Especially if you aren’t listening to a New Release station. I give 4 stars because I am a loyal premium subscriber and I prefer slacker over all others.
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3 years ago, Blnded
Not what it used to be
I have used LiveXLive a min of 5-6 years, maybe more. Long before they changed the name from slacker radio. It used to be great and still has a crazy amount of songs. But the last year or two I have had more and more issues with playback, crashing, and improperly playing songs but I finally decided to cancel due to a fairly unprofessional reply from a support agent. It was kind of the last straw for me so for anyone looking to use this service I wish you luck and hope any issues you report to their support team doesn’t get you a sarcastic/lazy reply as the “solution” Yes in a small way my opinion is more negatively biased than it would have been before but overall it’s no longer worth even the 3.99 price I paid. I had downgraded long ago from the 9.99 membership for similar issues.
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1 year ago, rocknjava
Used to be great
I’ve been a slacker music customer for years but last week after changing my Apple ID email, the app wouldn’t let me retrieve my yearly subscription I just paid for a month before. Thinking it was my Apple ID that was the problem, I signed up directly with my email and password and bought the yearly subscription AGAIN today, to once again be told my subscription doesn’t exist by support bc I purchased thru iTunes and there’s nothing y’all can do to help me. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, and keep trying the “retrieve iTunes subscription” button over and over. I’ve called Apple support as well. I have several other subscriptions and this is the only one I’m having issues with. Super bummed not only am I out $80 now, but now have to use a different music app. Slacker has been my go-to music app for years, obviously back when it was called slacker. Disappointed.
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5 years ago, Gruvedaddy
Buffering.. Buffering... Buffering
Been a Slacker premium subscriber since 2009 and haven't had any buffering issues until they switched to XliveX. I have 400mb download wifi and still get constant buffering, and yes i always update to the latest version. Also it takes a lot longer to refresh my downloaded content then ever before almost like they have insufficient servers to provide the content. As much as I'd hate to lose the thousands of songs I've liked and disliked and stations and playlists I've created if this buffering bs continues i will cancel my subscription. This is one of the reasons I've kept my free Pandora account active, just in case Slacker went under which appears to be happening. Very bummed about this but i'll give XliveX another few weeks to straighten it out and if they don't I'm gone and I'll give Tidal or Apple music a shot.
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2 years ago, PetuniaBlue
Slacker was better!
I have to say that I liked Slacker Radio better than XLiveX. Slacker was all about the music & being a radio. Up until now it had the best selection of music for all ages. I have noticed since XLiveX took over that some of my favorite songs are being replaced by live versions or updated versions & a few have simply disappeared. I liked the original versions. I absolutely hate live songs because you can’t hear the music or singers for all the background garbage of the crowd. XLiveX is no longer a radio station but a multimedia collection of concerts, tv shows, interviews, news & everything else. Some may like this but I simply want to listen to music.
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10 months ago, Primpimono
Service is great, app is a joke
I’ve loved the music available, the stations, and everything about the content of LiveOne ever since it was Slacker. But the fact that the app hasn’t been improved in many, many years is just really sad. The CarPlay features are so minimalistic and worthless that it’s impossible to easily load albums from your downloaded content. It’s the basics like being able to see the name of an artist for an album, or viewing albums by artists. Things that every single other music app can do in their sleep. I don’t know why they have just stopped working on the app completely. I love the content, but at some point that is just not enough—especially when I’m paying the same for what I could get any other service with better apps.
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6 years ago, fantastickkay
What I’ve Been Looking For!!
The one thing I miss with streaming music these days is the lack of news updates and little personal dj touches. I thought it was a pipe dream to have news included with music streaming but somehow I found the perfect app! Not only does it have an option to include news updates, it has amazing curated stations for absolutely every mood. I have a spot in my heart for the 60s Deep Dive station. I paid for it for a while, which is great to curate your own stations, but now I use the free version which only adds adverts to my experience but I can still listen to the stations I created so it’s all the same to me!
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2 years ago, markbyrn
Best value music streaming service
Formerly Slacker, LiveOne Plus is similar to Pandora Plus in playing genre-based ad-free radio stations but not including playing songs on demand which would cost considerably more. The distinction is that LiveOne Plus is about a third of the Pandora Plus price on an annual basis. So definitely the best value option. The only downside is the app is a bit of a mess as the company is trying to tout events, videos, podcasts, etc. Would be nice to see an app focused purely on the music listening experience.
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3 years ago, Ricky Onscreen
Worse and Worse
i have been telling people about Slacker and now LivexLive for at least a decade. This was the BEST THING available. ANYWHERE. Now i have to say i have never been more disappointed with an app! Lately the video ads are playing over the music and forcing me to unlock my phone which uses more data. Three weeks in a row the Weekly Countdowns have started over before i got to the Number One song. i understood when that happened on the day the Countdown debuts, but this is happening every time now. It's hard to imagine not having livexlive on my phone. i'm a little sad after so many years of relying on this app to bring the music i need to get thru my days but now it's becoming a source of frustration. i have to find something else now.
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3 years ago, Ghost_Cloud
Used to love. Now? Not so much.
I've used slacker/Livexlive for a long time. But recently it's started pausing its music for no reason at all multiple times in a row. It also stops the music in the middle of the song or before the next song even begins and sits there and loads for as long as I allow it to sit there before exiting out of the app and restarting it. All while everything else on my phone is working perfectly fine with no issues at all. Now, it's telling me I can't cancel my subscription because there is an error trying to do so. It's rather annoying and I'm just trying to cancel it so I can go somewhere else at this point. Still a good app it's just not for me anymore.
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5 years ago, RDU06
USED to be great
Slacker has always struggled, in my opinion, with various generations of their app. Sometimes it was amazing and easy to use, other times it was not. But this merge with LiveXLive is AWFUL. It’s so bad that I had to restore my iPhone to a previous iOS in order to get an old backup with the old app. I’ll use this version until they force me to upgrade and then I’ll probably cancel after almost 10 years of being a premium paid subscriber. I use this service almost exclusively on my phone while driving. I’m not sure if they have figured this out yet, but most people don’t want to watch videos while they’re driving... I’m sure they feel that they’re offering additional content by this merge, but all I see is a bunch of garbage in place of a clean music interface.
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3 years ago, swood_de
Best Streaming Service for Music Discovery
LiveXLive is, by far, the best of the most popular streaming services for music discovery. Their catalog is very deep and their genre specific channels reflect that, especially because the content is user-adjustable (ban a song or an artist, more or fewer popular songs, newer or older songs, etc). Plus, you can build your own stations my adding a artist you like to them, and then the app’s algorithm adds similar swings and artists which you can then ban if you disagree with the choice. Love it!
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5 years ago, Jj131187
Still good
It always has what I want, after 3 years with it I still love it. Just not happy with the live! I don’t like live music I want to hear the singer not the crowd. And it keeps changing the music to mix songs I want to first version more not a remix. Can y’all make it where it can be turned off. But I do really like the app it has all my favorite so I hope it never god away but please fix these things to help us keep the original music playing not screaming people or so many remixes that play over and over the same lyrics 😐
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4 years ago, James A. H.
Poor Support
I reported a corrupt song a couple years ago and was told it would be handled. I just heard the same corrupted song today. How hard is it to remove a song from circulation?!? I was told there are multiple copies of the song - great! Why don’t you redirect to the good copies of the song or take a copy of a good one and rename it to take the place of the bad one. It seems there are multiple solutions to the problem and none of them have been utilized. Very disappointed. Other than that, it seems to be a decent music app.
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3 years ago, Bangsmith
Best At Creating Stations!
I subscribe to a certain Sweden-based service for on-demand listening, but I am a mid-tier subscriber here for one reason. Slacker is almost perfect for creating customizable stations. It has a far wider selection than Pandora, and better available sound quality. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Slacker for on-demand listening, but for customizable stations, this is better than every other music service out there.
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5 years ago, SMM1993
The New updated.
When slacker first came out it was great. I purchased the premium package so I could listen to the music I wanted to listen to when I wanted to. When slacker switched to the “LiveXLive” is when it all went down hill. I could no longer search by song, you have to type in the artist. I figured it was fine because I could still at least listen to the songs I wanted without having to worry about my “skips” running out (Because I paid to do so). Now with the new update it wont even let me listen to the playlists I created or the songs that I want! Again, SOMETHING I PAID FOR!!! And now it wants me to purchase a premium package?? Yeah I already did that! Give me my money back for the first time I paid for it! May as well just use pandora....
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5 years ago, SCMedic911
Had for years, just cancelled.
I have had Slacker for years. That entire time I paid for premium service. I used this app daily. The other day I opened the app and saw my account was now a basic plan as opposed to premium. I emailed customer service who stated that I never had a premium account. I forwarded my iTunes subscription notice which showed I was a current premium user. I received an email back saying th over computer said differently and that I’d need to upgrade to premium. “No worries,” I thought. I could just upgrade and it would be fine. Except it wouldn’t let me upgrade since it already showed me as a premium member. I sent one more email but never got a response. So, I deleted the app, canceled my subscription, and downloaded Tidal. It is a far superior app.
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4 years ago, Smurglel328
It’s good when it works
Usually I have a pretty good experience with this app but for whatever reason every time I try to download music offline it just doesn’t download, it will go up to six percent then just give up downloading and I am not sure if this is because of the internet or something to do with the app either way it bothers me. Another problem is for some reason out of nowhere it would just sign me out then I have to sign back then download the music again and it’s such a pain to go back and download it again as it’s a 50/50 shot if it’s going to work or not. That should wrap up the problems with this app.
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5 months ago, RockerChickWG
This app used to be so great. It has been so overrun with ads now, though. When you first get on, it says, “Watch this quick ad to enjoy 30-minutes of ad-free listening.” OK, no big deal. However, no less than 5-10 minutes later, every single song is getting interrupted by an ad every 20 seconds!! There’s no audio with the ad, it just silences the song! I have no problem with ads in between songs, but when it stops the song, especially multiple times? I get you’re trying to push people to subscribe, but I’m tapped out on subscriptions. And all you’ve accomplished is making someone who has listened for years mad & just want to delete your app altogether.
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5 years ago, Ceekay Mars
Great app
So much better than I heart, I have been using this since it was called slacker, back when it powered milk music for Samsung devices, The UI is great, the plans are cheaper but I wish there was an option you select to watch full screen ads for premium features, paying every month indefinitely just because it’s marketed as a ‘service’ to justify a reoccurring monetary commitment is a bit much. It already has on screen ads in the free version so you are already being paid for my use of the app, not sure why I wouldn’t have premium features.
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6 years ago, NinjaPurgs
Use to be great
Slacker use to be awesome, until the last several updates brought more and more ads with each one. Sometimes it's so bad that I'll only be able to listen to one song before having to listen to two more commercials. They now have implemented full pop up ads that they make you watch if you want to switch stations. They've also completely screwed over their Plus members by taking away the offline feature, and now they're expecting you to pay $10 a month to get it back. Greed has ruined yet another great app. I will be searching for a replacement.
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4 years ago, Dave804
Slacker WAS a great app. Someone’s ego and pride at LiveXLive whatever it’s called ruined a great app. This was a huge mistake to merge Slacker with livex and it’s a horrible user experience next to the old Slacker app. Video content is weak and should have been an add-on to Slacker and clearly not enough to wipeout Slacker and replace it with Livex whatever it’s calling itself! People want to LISTEN to music. They don’t want to watch poorly filmed video clips with horrible audio and awkward unknown amateur interviewers. This rebranding was a horrible idea and you ruined Slacker in the process. Good thing they cleared the reviews for you so your ratings look better then they actually are. But that’s ok. People are smart, they will figure it out for themselves.
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7 years ago, GoNoFurther
I've used Slacker for many, many years now. If fact, I don't think they had ads for freeloaders like myself when I first started. I just listen to 'Golden Oldies', Folk and Folk-rock. Don't buy or download misic. I don't even have a lot of lists. I can't afford a monthly bill to just play music. I've tried Pand..... and other internet music apps but I've always returned to Slacker. The ads aren't bad. Hay, what do you want for free and it's better than the radio. If I could pay for music, it definitely would be Slacker.
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7 years ago, Sanzi797
I used to love it
I had to delete the app because every time I would try to play a song . The song would stop on it’s own and when I hit play it would play for about 8 to 10 sec. then stop playing. Then when I tried your support they emailed me and told me to play with my settings. I did didn’t work so I emailed back and they closed my case saying it’s fixed when it isn’t. So delete but you need to fix this till then I’m going to an other music app
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6 years ago, MacMan9876
Perfect for $3.99 per month
Why is this my favorite music app? 1. The "Plus" version with no advertising is only $3.99 per month. 2. On some stations there's short, insightful commentary by the DJ, Parker, etc. with soothing voice introducing you to music. Absolutely love this feature. 3. There is a “no-ad” ABC News station at your fingertips. 4. If you wish, you can have Slacker occasionally give short news updates from ABC News BETWEEN songs. And/or short no-ad sports updates as well. You can create the perfect ad-free radio station. So cool. 5. The user interface is clean and easily understood. In short, if you don't want to pay a service a full $9.99 per month to pick specific songs and if you don’t need to download music, then Slacker Radio is a fantastic alternative.
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6 years ago, Mpcookie
No offline listening with paid subscription
$3.99 Plus subscription had offline listening. Slacker removed this feature and now wanted more than double to get it back. Attempted to contact Slacker about this and was treated as if they could care less if I was a customer or not. Apparently paying for their content isn’t needed. Must be making a killing in advertising, so I will no longer be using this app, received refund from iTunes, and cancelled auto renew subscription today. I bet another app will appreciate a paying user and not offer paid features that they will take away and not lower the price. You can’t take away a feature and expect me to pay the same price.
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4 years ago, Svtigi
Some good, some bad mostly just ok.
I have had slacker now liveX for a few years now and I have continue to subscribe because of the great random music algorithm it has, and the amazing stations with the DJ. The app it self has a lot of small things that can be frustrating to deal with, such as not having a restart bottom in the custom stations and if you open up the list of songs thinking that you can just hit the first song and be ok.....but no it just starts a new station from that song. At the end of the day it’s like most of the streaming stations in terms on songs.
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5 years ago, Nickd69420
Crappy customer service
It all started a few months back, couldn’t use slacker off WiFi, could only use offline after I updated the app. I contacted customer service and a guy named Charles was NO help at all. Days would go by with out a email back, then he tried to blame my cell provider and we went back and forth. My buddies had the same problem, so I knew it wasn’t our phones BUT I did find out, after they released the update before “LiveXLive” it turned off data for slacker. Turned it back on, and now we all have slacker again. I’ll continue to subscribe, but I’ll never email them again for a problem.
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5 years ago, Diana.McCall
Beware bogus login -- solved
The new app includes a bogus Apple ID login request. Not sure why they could need my Apple password, and I'm not giving it. Apparently this was a prompt to log in to iTunes, even though I was already logged in, and have never used iTunes, or any Apple music service. Fixed by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store, log out and log back in. Still don't understand the connection between Slacker/LiveXLive and iTunes...
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7 years ago, rlovvo
Dropping Premium accounts
After multiple years of good service, I surrender. Deleting both premium subscriptions and the app from each device. Worst customer service ever. Day 14, slacker breaks my wife’s account. Very very poor service. Daily emails, 2 responses, neither one regarding MY account. Update: Day 11 with my broken Premium subscription. No new responses from Slacker. Update: Day 8, nothing. Still Premium not working, Slacker will not respond to emails. Update: Day 4, finally get an email directing me to use my wife’s account. My account info I sent was not even mentioned. Terrible customer service for a long-time premium subscriber. The free 2 week premium offer has broken my current premium membership. It know I am a premium subscriber, so I cannot update, yet I cannot access my content without subscribing. Terrible catch 22. Please fix. The offline play is by far the best feature of the app. I can listen on the road and at work without data streaming. I hope the lyrics come back soon.
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7 years ago, Fidelio 360
Slacker was good, now not so much
I have used slacker radio since the beginning. In fact I had a slacker radio MP3 player for offline listening. I was their biggest fan. Now they have taken away their popular and only reason for me to stay, the plus subscription. You used to be able to download offline music and listen to it at higher quality and unlimited skips. Now they want 10 bucks a month. Also if you are a legacy customer they are taking away functionality. I see they are learning from EA and just squeezing people for money. I will get my music from elsewhere you should too their service is just a push for money! STAY AWAY!
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7 years ago, Crayon2
Been using since 2010
I did the small upgrade and enjoy music without commercials and can skip through multiple genres. I add a lot of different music to my "favorites mashup" station so when I'm in the mood, all my favorites play. Great for working out (dub step, etc) or working (chill or electronic) or or meditating (new age and chill) or when I'm just jamming to the hits. The station gets better and better! Keep it up
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1 year ago, brianbJax32250
Great for Music - Terrible for News
Good selection of artists and music. Also plays music hard to find. It’s always seeking to improve. Quality music app . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Music Rating As far as News networks selection it’s awful. Only offers liberal/Big Media networks. If you’re looking for quality conservative news go with SiriusXM. ⭐️News Rating
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4 years ago, Kokobutter1
Frustration is at peak with this app.
This app used to be my everything, it always worked, and it had almost any song. But as time has gone on, my music stops playing randomly, and I have to close out the app, and then re open. And it also won’t play a certain song on my playlist. If I click the green button, it plays, but I can’t chose a certain song. So not only does my music randomly stop, but I can’t even play a song that I want. I just have to shuffle until I find what I want
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5 years ago, $$-not worth it
Do not like ONE aspect of the new app
We have been using slacker for about 5 years. It is the only radio music app we use, and we pay monthly for unlimited access. With the new update, we are unable to search for specific songs. It only allows us to search artists or stations. That’s disappointing when we know the song and want to hear it without knowing who sings it. That’s how we make our playlists. If this isn’t going to be a part of the app anymore, we may have to look for another radio music app. I hope an artist search is added back to the app. <3-C
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5 months ago, Bobby Moniz
Horrible X Infinity
Where do I begin perhaps the part where you select a song and it says unable to play a selection without a membership which cost money, lol. Then creating a handle or picture for yourself does it work because when you select finish or done it doesn’t do anything all you can do is back out, which doesn’t save anything a whole lot of pointless nothingness. I have Apple Music free with my Verizon Wireless anyway. I only signed up for this because it popped up on my Telly TV I received for free. Ya, free 60” HDTV but do you want me to pay for this music app that doesn’t even work.
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7 years ago, LJ Joseph
Subscriber for years now...
Dont see that changing, however, I would love it if you every six months or so your interface changes didnt mess with my station playlist. It seems like it does. Dont know why or how, but its just an observation. I wish you learned the “if it aint broke, dont fix it concept.” Still, I believe I will be subscribed for a long time... Great radio/MP3 hybrid service. Lots of selection.
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3 years ago, JasonAtlanta
What happened
I’ve been using this app with no issues since the slacker days. Since last week, the app basically doesn’t work. It might play one or two songs and then just stops. Can’t fast forward, etc…. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and have restarted my phone several times - to no avail. Is it an issue with iOS 14.5? If it doesn’t work or is not fixed soon, I will have to drop LXL and try a competitor.
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5 years ago, Speechless in DE
Really really crapping music streaming app
Constantly “blanks out just stops” during songs. I’m in the northeast and it’s never ending. You listen to 1 song and the next 3 are blanked out and auto skipped. Stopping the app and restarting does nothing. Previously before the “update” and name change, it happened every now and then, now the blanking out and “ buffering” is happening every time I launch it. I’ve reinstalled it and contacted their support and am told the same autobot answer every time. “We experiences an outage in your area”. So all of the northeast can’t use your app everyday? That’s a BS answer. It’s so bad anymore.
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