LLCU Mobile

4.7 (1.2K)
174.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Land of Lincoln Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LLCU Mobile

4.68 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
11 years ago, Kelly Buerk
How do I log one person out to long another person in? I even tried deleting & reinstalling.
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2 months ago, Americussy
Don’t like the app & frustrating lock outs
The app will lock you out of your bank account after so many attempts. I typed in my password correctly but it still locked my account. Not too sure why I have had such problems with this app but it got to the point where I switched banks. Just trying to log in and check make sure I’m not in the negative since I don’t use this account and I can’t even do that. Truly, an inconvenience and super slow and glitchy. I can’t stand this app.
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5 years ago, OK.Itstaken
Pretty good but basic
The App is easy to use and pretty good just wish it had a few extra features like running total on your credits/debuts, not just a balance on top. It’s so much easier to find errors with that. A way to contact LLCU through secure email etc... nice things that make it better.
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4 years ago, subteach52
Update notice
Received an update notice when I opened the app today. Said to click on it to update. It then took me to this app page. Nowhere does it have an update to click on. When I clicked on open, it took me back to the page that said I needed to update the app. Tried it 3 times with the same result. I am unable to access my account with this app at this time.
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6 years ago, davisgto
Works fine, could use improvement
Has generally worked for me with very few and very minor bugs. Would be nice to finally have touch ID and face ID added. Also the ability to delete old loans from the app. The old way through the website stopped working a long time ago.
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2 years ago, Not Happy Garmin
iOS upgrade conflict
Sad that there are not different versions available for the iPad and iPhone when they operate on different iOS systems. Can’t upgrade the iPad version because a newer iOS isn’t available yet but the version requires a version not released. Says to upgrade to an older version but then doesn’t upgrade. Very Frustrating!
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4 years ago, Mr. Fix Your App
Can not access due to update
Every time I go to open the app on my iPad it says that it needs an update. I click the button and it takes me to this page, with no update in sight. I don’t understand why this is, as true app works fine on my phone. It just won’t work here for some reason. I have tried reinstalling several times.
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1 year ago, Myndisue66
Want more features
It’s an ok basic app but I wish there were more features. I’d like to be able to see bank statements on the app. Also it would be nice to be able to order checks on it.
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2 years ago, jcll1233
Needs Bug Fixes/Server Improvements
I mean, it does what it needs to do, but their servers are awful. It tells me at least once a day that they can’t “validate” my information, so I can’t even check my balance.
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1 year ago, GaBeStA92
I’ve had nothing but problems with this app. Terrible. Glad others have had great experiences but there is no reason for it to ask for a PIN number for confirmation and when trying to go into individual accounts, it errors and says I need to call for assistance.
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2 years ago, cards1233
Good luck
Good for checking your balance and that is all. The mobile check deposit feature is pointless and will never accept photos even when perfectly clear. Frustrating enough to make me want to switch credit unions!
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5 years ago, jefjaf
I would love to be able to click on check number and see scan copy of check written or who it was too. Otherwise enjoy ap and it’s ease very much
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4 years ago, dkems79
No update for iPad
I downloaded the app and when I tried to open it it says update. I clicked on the update button and there is no option it takes me back to the app page and says open. Hopefully there is a fix for this.
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4 years ago, Dadam Love
Constantly locked up. Constantly won’t let you transfer. Been through this about 1 million times not randomly either. My significant other has same problems with hers and always has she said. Complete Trash. Good bank though!!!
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3 years ago, havehadenoughthisyear
I don’t know about the app yet I haven’t installed it yet but if it’s anything like the online, it will be horrible. Why did it have to change, I do not like the new online banking set up. Spoke w numerous people yesterday and no one could help me. Frustrating!
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6 years ago, Bsnbejdnd
Mandatory update
Please stop forcing me to update. If I'm out and about and need to check my balance but can't because there's a new update and I can't bypass the update now screen, the app is useless at the time when I need it most. Terrible feature.
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1 year ago, jliwngeis
Most features don’t work, says to call customer service literally everytime. Stop being lazy and fix your ducking app
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3 years ago, Jakeysnakey2121
Hate the changes to the website!!!!!!!
These changes DO NOT allow me to make transfers between accounts within land of Lincoln. There are other things too. Whoever had this idea to make these changes needs to be fired!!!!
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3 years ago, KamKid96
Terrible app
Literally something is always wrong with this app. Constantly locked out of the app and have to call the bank which doesn’t answer the phone. It’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Ziplinelady
Your latest update isn’t working well. It crashes and asks too often for authenticity. Please fix.
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2 years ago, dcwld
The app
Only works half the time for the most part it’s always down.
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4 years ago, DaveyWavy9
So easy! Love that I can take care of my money from my apartment! Very nice!
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5 years ago, yellowq30
It would be nice to see transactions pending
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6 years ago, CharDees
App need revise!
Runs slow always freezing! Always have trouble login in.
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6 years ago, SickoMindo
Thx for nothing
Thx apple our overlords for forcing us to update again. Hail our ownners from another world.
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6 years ago, andy124356787828
Doesn’t work at all.
Updated and now doesn’t work. Worst bank ever
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7 years ago, Whitsmom00
Needs updated ASAP!
Since first of Jan 2017 app freezes on security question. Regardless of how many times it's entered correctly, the app just bounces back to the same question over and over. Uninstalled, reinstalled, problem persists. Used to work perfectly until just after the first of the year. Now it doesn't work at all.
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11 years ago, RTR04
Very useful app
I can ck my balance in real time, transfer money and pay bills straight from this app! I love it!
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2 years ago, Spiked-Philly
Not good!
The app takes a long time to open and I have to enter a verification code 3 out of 5 times I use it. I had the Midwest America app for many years and it was MUCH better than this!
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8 years ago, TreforGordanach
Can't Log In
Receiving errors trying to log in. First I had to try 3 times before it let me log in, not it won't let me log in at all.
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10 years ago, The Unhappy user
Error issues when logging in
App use to work great but now errors out during log in
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8 years ago, Yhellotharr
Won't log in
This app used to work well. Randomly it won't log in now. Is this the best you guys can do, a non-functioning app?
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7 years ago, Crfombelle
App issues
Having the same problem as whitsmom.... this app is horrible
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7 years ago, BunnieMaddie
Very frustrating
App never works
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2 years ago, myctenor
Confirm, confirm, confirm
You constantly have to confirm who you are. Is the system so feeble that you are really THAT concerned that someone is constantly trying to hack into someone’s account. It’s super annoying to have to get a code from text every other time I get on the app. UPDATE (7/13/2022) Why in the world do you have to verify that you are transferring money within YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. I’m on a trip in Tulsa, OK and had to wait over 5 minutes for a text to come through so I could transfer funds from my savings to my checking. This shouldn’t be a thing. Why in the world did MidWest America leave us in your hands??? UPDATE (7/28/22) Simply said, if you want an easy banking experience, GO SOMEPLACE ELSE. I have logged into the app 3 times today on the same device and all 3 times I have been asked to confirm by a code being sent to my phone. Ridiculous.
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