Lode Runner Classic

4.1 (27)
35.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tozai, Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lode Runner Classic

4.15 out of 5
27 Ratings
11 years ago, JSL!
Back to the Future...
No I don't think the controls are great. They are good and without a keyboard (the old az / ., / space to drill) I can't see them being better. It is very difficult to play on an iPhone, but on the ipad (zoom) it is really enjoyable. On that platform I loved this, took me right back to 1983 on my Apple ][+. It took me a day of play to get through the levels but no way could I do it on expedition mode as the controlling issue killed me. Very frustrating!!!! I could get through Championship Lode Runner with relative ease, but remember level 50 being very challenging and time critical. There is no way with the current controls I could complete it, but remember I have been searching for a Lode Runner replacement since I sold my Apple ][ in about '85? This is without doubt the best rendition I have come across since then. My mother had banned all computer games from the house. I brought home a pirated Lode Runner (couldn't buy software like that in Australia in '82!) and Mum started playing a game as we left for school at 7am. She was still playing the same game at 5:30pm when we got home. This is a fantastic game and has stood the test of time for me. The controls need to be improved, but it is very, very close to being perfect... Fix the controls (keys???) and bring on Championship Lode Runner!
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3 years ago, Mr. Gameteenboy
Better than the original
This was the best game I ever played on the iPhone. There are no ads, no in app purchases, and you are given unlimited lives to complete all levels. I never completed all the levels on my Commodore 64 back in 1984, but was able to in this game. Controls were hard at first, but I got used to them in time. We’ll worth the $2.99 I spent.
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3 years ago, SnazzP
Controls work for me! And sweet nostalgia!
I saw several complaints about the controls in some of the reviews but they aren’t a problem for me! And I’m using an iPhone SE with a really small screen. Which is just to say, hours of nostalgic good times are on their way!
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2 years ago, Qman314
Directional control not very good
Hard to move the little guy around accurately and end up dying a lot because can move the guy some times. It does play exactly how I remember with all the loopholes the chasers had with the original. If the directional controller was better this would be awesome!!! Mildly disappointed as I’ve been looking for this game for years. Played it all the time as a kid. Bummer this isn’t working very well for me.
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5 years ago, EZEdChicago
Not worth $2.99
UI is nowhere near authentic, gameplay feels remote by comparison. Nexon’s LodeRunner1 is a much more enjoyable choice, and free.
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11 years ago, Flern
Ah, the memories.
Can't recall how many late nights I had pounding through levels on our Apple //e. Really glad to see this one on the app store. (Been following it for a while.) I took off one star simply because it's not truly a faithful port. Gameplay and levels are there, but some of the details have been changed. The gold doesn't look as it used to, nor do some of the animations, the way the bad guys stack onto each other, etc. It is a good recreation, but it's not really a port. Still, if you liked Lode Runner, this is a must have. The controls are quite serviceable and, well, it's Lode Runner. :)
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9 years ago, Drivingforfun365
A Good Game as a Bad Port
This game could not have been any more insulting and less addictive than other ports (such as IBM and Commodore) and the Apple II version. GAMEPLAY (C-): Aye. It is a game with an addictive, customizable gameplay. We can alter the game's speed for a better challenge. It is easily comparable to other ports, but what really questions me is that we can trap enemies by shooting at ground blocks upon which they are standing when one rule says that we could not dig such holes. It may be a bug, but I am fine with it. However, the game's clunky controls make this game a complete repellent, and we would often have to train ourselves how to use them well. This may upset you fans of Lode Runner, but, unfortunately, there is no level editor, one of the most integral parts of game, which made it one of the first games to feature it back in 1983. We can only hope that they would integrate it in the future. GRAPHICS (B-) It is awesome that we can customize graphics in any way, but the problem with Tozai is that they may be trying to modernize this old classic too much. In other words, the text and the colors outside the game view are too flat, too boring, and too anti-nostalgic for an old classic. I wish that they seemed like the graphics for the Apple II and other ports with similar graphics.
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11 years ago, Hung2k
Can you add more control styles to be better
I loved this game since Apple II and bought this to get back that old fun. But the control should be better adapted with the touch screen and small screen size of the phone. May I suggest that you add more options to change the way of control. One of which could be: - flip control knob so that right hand can control movement while left hand control digging left/ right. - digging can be 2 buttons on the left bottom of screen but movement should be done only by swiping up down left right directly on screen without buttons - the movement can be non stop until the next swipe changing direction I hope that these options can make the game easier to use and get more popular
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10 years ago, J McGeezy
Great Classic Game BUT...
First off, thank you guys so much for developing this game--one of my fave time passers as a kid that I have always hoped would end up on this type of platform. As other reviewers have mentioned, please make some updates with the control issues. I will brag and say I'm pretty darn good at this game, but nothing is more annoying than losing a round not of your own mistake but of the control when it gets stuck or stalls just at that moment when you were about to escape getting tagged. If it were not for this issue, it'd be five stars all the way!
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11 years ago, rrebio
Blast from the past
I grew up playing with this game. This is one of my favorites. I'm glad they brought it back. But I have to agree with the others. The controls are atrocious in IPhone 3G (better on mini Ipad). Worse, the head phone jack interferes with the directional controls. And you can't rotate the screens either. Ocassionally, the screen freezes then suddenly speeds up. I lost a considerable number of lives because of it. That's why Im deducting one star.
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11 years ago, mgmiller68
Bad controls ruined a great game. 😡
Love the game, the background music and original sound effects, but the controls are terrible! D-pad is flakey like someone else said, the touch controls work horribly, and no matter how many times I calibrate for using the accelerometer, it keeps freezing up on me when I play. I sure wish they would add iCade integration, as that would be the perfect control setup. Until they fix their built-in controls or add iCade, this game will be collecting dust on my iPhone's home screen. What a waste of $2.99! (I should have heeded all the bad reviews about the controls) 😡
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9 years ago, goteam7801
Glitch on level 64
This game is exactly like the original I used to play as a kid. One problem is level 64 is currently impossible to pass because the board is missing a small rope. There might be 150 available levels but only the first 63 are passable.
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11 years ago, Dlynd
Controls Work Great!
To be honest I have ZERO comprehension as to why everyone else is complaining about the controls. I have an iPhone 5 and just downloaded this game like four weeks ago. I love it! This is probably the most played game on my phone! Totally brings me back to my childhood and provides quick entertainment when I'm bored. So stoked to have this!
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11 years ago, Duff1972
Love it
I had this game as a kid. Loved it then and love it now. I dont agree with all the complaints about the controls. It obviously foesnt compare to the joy stick you used in the c64, but these controls work fine. I've played through about 70 levels so far. Great port. Just waiting for the additional levels from lode runner championship now. Great game!
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11 years ago, h34vy-C
I am not the only one who thinks this. The game would be awesome and even worth $2.99 for the purchase but if you can't change the controls then this is not worth the money!! Please look at the reviews and learn from customer feedback. Well on the right track but if you don't make the necessary changes then please refund our purchase!! Love to see classic games like this but needs help.
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11 years ago, SourdoughJosh
Was so excited, but controls are useless
When I heard Lode Runner was finally available for iOS, I didn't even bother checking reviews before opening up the App Store to buy this childhood favorite. Sadly, the game is basically unplayable due to the terrible controls. The useable area for the control pad must be a single pixel, and don't dare press, say, ON THE GRAPHIC DEPICTING THE CONTROLLER, because that is apparently already outside the useable space. The result is that you will spend more time wondering why your guy isn't moving than actually playing the game.
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11 years ago, UpToTheRoof
This is not lode runner, they changed the timer on holes.
Ok I did some testing, I played the original on my c64 and they added a full 5 seconds to how long a hole stays open. 5 seconds longer Than the original. This absolutely changes the difficulty so I can't recommend this. This is not your granddads lode runner. The difficulty has been watered down. Pathetic. After playing on my c 64 I can't play this thing as it is not faithful to the original and once you play them back to back, this thing is play school. Annoying.
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10 years ago, jduhamel
I was stoked to find this in the App Store!!! I remember playing this game in elementary school. The only issue I'm having is that it's hard to go in one direction (ie not diagonal). It's not a huge deal, but it seems like it should be pretty easy to fix. Thank you!!!!
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8 years ago, Erika Letitia
Horrible controls
Love this classic game but the controls are horrible. You have to be incredibly precise and constantly keep your eyes on the controls in order to play the game successfully. Then the buttons to shoot at the ground are finicky. Don't always work. It's really frustrating. Pushed through the irritating controls though and level 64 is unbeatable! Ugh! Someone fix this game...
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10 years ago, sflicker
Just like the original
Lode runner was one of the best games computer games from the 80s combining arcade play along with puzzle solving. Glad to see this version that's as fun to play as the original was 30 years ago.
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8 years ago, kdrossjr
OSX Version
Wondering if this game is available for OS X. While the mobile (iOS) version is convenient I find it difficult to play. Would much rather play on the bigger screen of my Mac.
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7 years ago, Andu_
Echoing others...
Graphics and levels are just like I remember! Controls really bog it down. I uninstalled after level 11 where you really need a pad or joystick to have the feel needed to play effectively. Also, no way to disable sound?
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11 years ago, snooded
Welcome back
This sure brings back memories of hours spent on my Macintosh in the 80's. The game is very playable using the D-pad... now if I can only get past level 109! Thank you for bringing it back.
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11 years ago, Ex pound puppy
Lode runner
My son told me reviews were terrible and not to buy. I waited 30 years to play and have enjoyed myself. If I can operate the controls, anyone can. I am a tech dummy.
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9 years ago, Andrew The Second
Bad controls ruin gameplay
Horrible controls, make a classic game almost unplayable. The fake D-pad control is awkward, often doesn't register correctly when you try to use it. Also half of the screen is filled with controls, leaving a tiny area for the actual game play area.
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10 years ago, k6yarreview
Brings back classic game but controls need improvement. I remember playing this on Apple computer which took my time away from Louzy DOS PC hehe
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11 years ago, unhumanOne
loses saved games
Pretty fun game but after 5 levels it lost my save. I play with the accelerometer and it constantly would have to be reset as well (or else it wouldn't work). Really low QA was performed. Could be so good. Instead, it's poor and not worth playing unless they fix the problems.
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10 years ago, Jules Citroen
Douglas Smith, creator of Lode Runner just passed on Sept 7th, he is looking down and proud
Saw that Douglas Smith passed on Sept 7th, did a search and found this game. It is extremely well done. Keep improving it, y'all rock! Cheers
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10 years ago, PompeyKing
Love it.
Just as I remembered it. Sure, not using keyboard, but the "D" pad works fine. Love the game and am so happy it is on the iPad. Thanks!! ps: the price is well worth the play. 150 levels.
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11 years ago, AZ Yote
Nice, but...
Any immediate plans to support the new taller iPhone/iPod screens? Tired of thumbs going into dead zones when trying to execute quick maneuvers. App came out almost a year ago and only updated twice, hasn't been updated since January. Highly disappointed.
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7 years ago, RickD2005
Don't install update 1.9.2
App ran great on my iPad 2 Air. After install, it crashed every time! I deleted the app and reinstalled it fixing the problem but losing my history/achievements.
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11 years ago, Rico VXL
1985 in California
Started playing this bad boy and memories flooded in of a mini-me in front of and old Macintosh computer hunkered down in my fathers office in Sacramento, CA. I would love to see this on the iPad.
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10 years ago, nxlcis
Improve the controls and it gets five stars
I played lots and lots of LodeRunner in the 80s so this is a nice trip down the memory lane. Unfortunately, the controls are terrible and greatly diminish an otherwise enjoyable game. Why is there no iPad version? It's 2014 already.
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11 years ago, Old-Schooler
Nice remake of a great game!
Is true to the original and I really enjoy that I can adjust the game speed to my liking.
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11 years ago, Zivicus
Awesome classic game. Controls are a but flakey. Maybe slide your finger in the direction you wanna go for the d-pad. Would really love to see icade support!
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9 years ago, Jayson Elliot
Waste of money, lousy controls
If you can't control an arcade game, then it doesn't matter if the game is any good or not. The whole point is being able to play it. The controls on this game or so hopelessly broken, it's as if the developers never tried them themselves or something. Amazing that it's been 30+ years since the original game, and this version is far worse. Save your money, or just go play the original on an emulator. Whoever put this out should be embarrassed.
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7 years ago, Rebkrishad
Love, love this!!
I played this game on my computer as a kid and loved playing it again on my phone!
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9 years ago, F.E.A.R.fan17
Great Port
Never played Lode Runner before. But I love the gameplay, aside from some rough controls, solid port.
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11 years ago, Swanband00
The game is fun but the controls can stick. It gets annoying when you lose a life over lag in the game.
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8 years ago, MidwestNautical
Not for iOS
Am a fan of Load Runner, but the controls make it impossible to play. Constant miscues with the thumb controls causes a lot of untimely deaths in the game. Bought it, just deleted it ... Unfortunate.
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10 years ago, I-liked-this-game-long-ago
Not good for iPhone users
This game is just not good for use on iPhone. I tried using touch control and the accelerometer and neither function very well in controlling the runner and trying to blast the bricks. Pretty much a waste of $3 for this.
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11 years ago, Steve Mn.
Pretty awesome
But can you make it full screen for the iphone5?
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11 years ago, Ggggggf
Game controls are criminally bad!!!
AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL Because when you want to go left you really want to go down. When you want to go up you really want to go right. When you go down you really just want to stop.
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9 years ago, Tox1963/:;:/
No music
Iphone 5 set music to on but no music in game.
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10 years ago, JJ0611
Awesome Game
I love Lode Runner! Controls are great. I use Touch control. It works best for me.
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9 years ago, AussieGriff
Fantastic Throwback
Just love this game. Really brings back memories of the Apple II :-)
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11 years ago, Plasticonofan
Terrible controls
Can't use this game until the controls are improved.
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11 years ago, Ninnja5431
Best classic remake ever...read the review
Ever since I played the original lode runner ten or so years ago I loved it. The first commodore system was amazing. Five or so years ago I found the game for computer. Two years ago I bought my first iPod and one day sought to find lode runner. Many remakes later I found myself discontent until I saw this game was being made. Patiently waiting I checked the site once or twice a day. Besides that brief info I would like to give an honest review. Above any other lode runner this remake out does the rest. The controls are great for both d-pad/touch and a little glitchy for accelerometer. If you have any questions refer to the help book provided. Customized colors. Never before have I seen this in a lode runner game and it is honestly pretty sweet. Any color you can make on the spectrum can be made for all the items in the game. Leader boards - bragging rights on Facebook and world wide stats allow you to see who is really the best. These seem to be inactive for me atm but I don't see a big deal Gameplay - it is important to refer to how your controls work, because the fluidity of your digging is based on your controls. That being said the three modes are great at digging. Pertaining to ladders they are not 100% accurate with the d-pad, but hold a 97% accuracy (in my opinion). When I mentioned the accelerometer being laggy I now point to the ladders. Sometimes they work sometimes not. Honestly with all the options and gameplay it is a very solid a fluid game. I would recommend this game over and over for any wondering if it is really good. From what I have seen at this moment apple music does not seem to want to play, but it isn't really that bad. Oh and those wanting full screen should go to the touch option, slightly more difficult then the d-pad, but not hard.
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10 years ago, CMD of PDX
Wish I hadn't bought it
The controls are worse than expected. All of them.
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11 years ago, Kadrey
Fun game, horrible controls.
The title says it all.
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