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User Reviews for Logline

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5 years ago, Olafdefleur
Very helpful
This app is unique in how it helps me 'flow' onwards when writing a script. The difference from other (great) apps, is that this one doesn't stir 'overthinking' because the app takes care of the structure. I'm looking forward to Logline 2!
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6 years ago, BKLA
A great place to Organize, outlinbe and Write A Screenplay in one place
I first discovered the Fountain syntax for writing screenplays, after listening to John August on one of his podcasts. I was searching all the available running apps that could understand the Fountain syntax. They all have a lot of functionality, when it comes to writing the screenplay. The thing that most are missing, is a good way to organize and outline. Logline is the best that I've seen, so far in terms of having an understandable system, for using the outline function of the Fountain screenwriting syntax, and visually represent a pretty similarly to notecards. The pop-up side menu allows you to drag and drop sections very easily. That's fantastic. And the way the display works they can highlight by changing the look of the font when you're doing the screenplay section which pops out from the rest of the notes that you've written. Easy to scan your document with your eyes to find the sections of your screenplay. Two things I would love to see in the upcoming version. First would be the ability to preview the various export options without having to actually create a PDF. It works fine, but sometimes I can't remember what levels of notes are going to be included out in A particular export layout, and I have to export them all before I can find the version that is most useful for me. The other would be the ability to print out the Script with notes in place It would be very useful in the development stage of the script when you want to look at your notes and print out a hard copy to write on the page (you know, the "Old Fashioned"way). Other than that, this is a great place to sit down and just get working on your story.
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5 years ago, PSIII BlackBird
No assist from the App!!! ;(
I've already downloaded the App onto my Mac. I'm anxious to learn how to use it, however, the tutorial and the
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4 years ago, EWL12345
I feel like I am writing a screen play using MS Notepad.
I feel like I am writing a screen play using MS Notepad. I think Microsoft Notepad would be easier to format. The auto formating in Logline doesn’t work right. It would be nice if it had buttons or hot keys, to format dialog, scenes, etc.
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10 years ago, Dalton, J.
Great potential
Logline allows the user the freedom to not think about which keys to hit to go to the next element in the screenplay. They just type following the simple rules for writing in the .fountain markup language. It is very enjoyable method of writing screenplays. It allows the writer to focus more on what is being written and less on formatting. Currently it does not support .fountain 1.1 but I am sure it will soon. Although it just came out and is a 1.o release; it is already my favorite screenwriting app.
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10 years ago, trharm8255
Structural plus Organization of Writing = Outstanding App
I recently purchased LOGLINE and have found it to be more “USER FRIENDLY’ then most Screenwriting programs. I like how you can structure your writing, while writing dialogue. It helps that you can write scene by scene, structure your thoughts and write notes for reminders, concerning that particular scene. Once you have decided to add/subtract dialogue-rewrite, due to wanting to make a change, that will support that particular scene - to help move your scene forward and never having the need to return for corrections. I like how you can export the screenplay to Final Draft. How you can print out outlines, to view how your screenplay is progressing. There are so many advantages with this screenwriting program, compared to others. I feel that once you get started using this product, you will continue using it with a positive influence. I am truly “Thankful” for such an Aggressive Product in Screenwriting. It helps me spend more time doing what research is required, in developing my screenplay, while in production. Give it a try - you will not be Disappointed.
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10 years ago, lgoodman
Excellent, but room for improvement
Very clean, easy-to-use interface. Exactly the outliner I needed to write screenplays. Just hope the developer comes through with the promised upgrades because it sill needs some features to make it a great app. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Sam Nope
Really amazing app.
I am so glad I spent the 35 dollars on this app. It’s a really, really fantastic piece of software. And yes, the formatting DOES work. It’s a little odd initially, but after spending an hour with the app it was clear to me that I had a winner. I’ve used slugine (a fine app, but not nearly as nice as this one), Fade In, Final Draft, and Celtx. I can definitively say that logline is by the far the best of the group.
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9 years ago, Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
A nice idea, but it doesn’t really work
The program is supposed to recognize the elements you are trying to write and then format them for you as you go. Great in theory, but it has to actually work. I find myself constantly going back to correct the formatting. Really basic stuff, like transitioning from writing action to dialogue is still problematic. They have a lot more work to do before this is a viable alternative to the more widely used software.
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10 years ago, robwest
I can tell - Will be great
I came to LogLine to support the fountain format, not because I thought it had something more to offer me than the other fine products in this space. After an evening of working with it, I feel that this early version of LogLine is pretty good but has some catching up to do to meet its main competition. The “coming soon” features announced here will make it definitely a contender. The outline sidebar could use a bit more refinement, but works great as a navigation tool for longer scripts. I’d like to see synopses added as an option for display. The real distinguishing feature of Logline over similar apps is the export of treatments, synopses, etc. THIS is the reason for plain text writing: the parsing. Being able to slice and dice the document and generate different “reports” on a screenplay is extremely valuable. I hope other apps start taking this approach as well. Thinking as a director and producer - it would be double-plus good if apps like this start to add refinements like character and location breakdowns. I know, I know - that's bloat. So how about this as a suggestion instead: Write a companion app that does the breakdowns and keep Logline a pure writing environment. Or don’t! I can see both sides. Anyway - I am here to say - the app is extremely capable already, and definitely worth its intro price of $30. Supporting developers who support creatives with awesome apps like this is something I just had to get behind. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a fantastic app. Consider your $30 as a cheap investment in an already powerful writing tool that will only get better if the dev is encouraged to keep going.
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10 years ago, Galen of the hill people
Great simplified screenwriting!
I agree with all the positive reviews so far. I started using the demo a few weeks before I bought it. It didn't take long before I was hooked. I've tried all sorts of other screenwriting software before but nothing ever felt right. The .Fountain format is like magic. I recommend visiting www.fountain.io and checking out information on writing in Fountain though. That was a huge help. I have to say, the main reason I went with Logline over the competition is that the spell checking happens instantly. Similar to texting on an iPhone. I'm a pretty messy typer so it's great to have it fix the little typos automatically without me having to think about it. Writing is just so much faster than in other apps. I also love the visual formatting that it does to breakup the different types of sections like, Outline, synopsis, script, etc. I recommend downloading the demo and trying it out for yourself!
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