Logo Quiz 2024: Guess the logo

4.9 (81.4K)
140.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peter Skarheim
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Logo Quiz 2024: Guess the logo

4.94 out of 5
81.4K Ratings
6 months ago, DHA013
Good game
When I saw the game on the App Store I was just like oh it’s probably a game you have to pay money for but no it’s the opposite it’s totally free yes I said that right TOTALLY FREE and it’s a really fun game to on the game you have to guess the logos and it will get harder and harder first level is easy second level is easy third level is medium forth level is medium fifth level is hard and it just goes on I have to say one thing and that ONE thing is that NEVER judge a book by its cover thank you for reading this bye👍
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2 years ago, Cutecatlover
So many Ads it’s essentially unplayable
I really enjoyed this game and I don’t mind watching a few ads here and there, but the non stop ads are ridiculous, and make the game essentially unplayable. Unless you pay for premium, but i’d never give money to an app that has such a abhorrent free experience. Any thoughts of buying the premium were instantly demolished once I was bombarded with Ads, it’s just a sign that the app is cheap and not worth it 99% of the time! Ad when you open the game. Ad if you close the game to answer a text and come back to it. Ad if low battery notification pops up. Ad if you click to look at level progress more than 3 times. Ad when you solve a logo. Ad when you look at more than 3 logos. Literally you can not do ANYTHING not even have your low battery notification pop up, without getting an ad! It’s ridiculous and completely intolerable. There are only a TON of 5 stars because the app offers in game currency (that barely even helps you??) in exchange for a 5 star review, which is INCREDIBLY SHADY, and Apple should not allow. There are a ton of fake & / or incentivized 5-star reviews, that create an incredibly misleading image for this app. It’s NOT GOOD.
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1 year ago, yunGblud lover 4LIFE
This game is to die for
This game is really fun if your bored and is also a free to play game and it’s not because it’s a bad game it’s because who wants to buy a game am I right anyway I would suggest that you get this really fun free to play game right now cause if you don’t I promise you’ll regret not getting it, so what do you say, you get off my stupid review and a actually play this game so go on get it don’t be scared, and last but not least have fun.
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4 months ago, hayhayhayyyyyyy
This app I testing u to see if u know ur logos and it’s fun to play and it does not need WiFi u can test ur friends and as u go on and beat levels the levels get harder and harder as u go on so if want to see if u know these logos play the game finally if u play this game u will know the logo so if ur shopping and need a place u will know the name play this game I recommend it
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2 years ago, steelowel
This game is super fun and frustrating 😣
This game is super fun I really got mixed up on the Chevrolet level because I didn’t know how to spell it there was a bunch of familiar logos and some of them were not familiar it really warms up my brain in the morning when I wake up ⬆️ I just get out my iPad and start playing this game until like 12:00’O clock ⏰
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1 year ago, mike🧸🧸🧸🧸
Guess the Logo
Hi,I love your game and all but there is WAY too many ads and when I tell you a lot I mean A TON,and also another thing the game asked me if I want 400 free coins if I rate the game 5 stars and I had like 10 so ofc I did but that was a big mistake. The game did not give me my coins now that got me real frustrated bc I was stuck on one and have Been stuck on it for like 20 mins and last thing WHY ARE THE HINTS ONE HINT WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE 200 COINS FOR WHAT?! Thank you for reading this enjoy your day Sincerely,Nikki
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12 months ago, Llama_Love683
Five Stars
I give this game five stars because it tests my knowledge on the businesses around me in this world and it is a very relaxing game. I will sit on the couch and grab a snack and play this game all night and it will drown the whole world out 😅. If you want to have a relaxing game and alone time to yourself I highly recommend this game.
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2 years ago, Maddie Royal
I used to play this game a lot in middle school, so when I saw and updated version, I was excited to play it. I was extremely disappointed because the game kept crashing, glitching, and running down my battery. At one point, the screen kept going black while I was playing the game, and eventually it started doing it even when the game wasn’t running! My phone is a brand new iPhone 13 that I got not even a week ago, so I was very disappointed. I’ve deleted the app, and I’m very disappointed, as I used to love this game.
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12 months ago, Marlon Bonnelly
Good game, but runs horrible.
This game is very entertaining, had a doctors appointment and had to wait two hours and this game kept me entertained. But also, in these two hours my phone went from 95% to 50%, it downright overheats your phone and drains the battery, i know it is a “game” but it’s just a menu and text, there’s no graphics rendering, no 3d models, no huge maps to load, why is it destroying my battery?!
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3 months ago, Gouda Choppa
Guys, you have to play this game it's so fun
guys, this game is fun you know the logo guys do you know display you just have to go to the ad and say logo quiz and that's it. You know play forever and there's 100 level of it. I don't know check it in and you have to say it for me bye
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1 year ago, Wonderful_Forever
Defend execrable d. D d d d d
Good morning to sleep well well one day of the earth and mail it was a beautiful night I was knocked on and the sims in the earth and mail was it the sims I was just watching a video of the hill and I didn’t even say it but it’s like an old man I don’t think so
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2 years ago, Cyrus565
Needs more LEVELS
I love it I did it all in 2 nights but we need more levels they’re so many brands they could of had on here but didn’t I like that there are sports clubs and odd balls that’s really fun but I bought it for $4.00 so we definitely deserve an add on please
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4 months ago, MaryArlineNixon
Logo app
I love this app it is so entertaining and fun. I could do this for hours. Most logo games are all easy but in this one they get harder as you move on. I would definitely recommend this for people who are bored and need something to do.
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10 months ago, Omid975
Be CAREFUL: A New Generation Scam … it sounds
While playing all of a sudden my phone got hot, the battery consumption skyrocketed and without having any app opened, the answer-typing on the game got so slow and hanged! Curiously, all of a sudden an app popped up about cleaning the junk file with as like I have got 6GB junk file on my phone, and I should use this app if I am suffering from a slow phone! Be AWARE all and also YOU APPLE! The issues were all gone as soon as I EVALUATED the situation and deleted the app!
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11 months ago, 040413N
This game is fun but there is one problem. As everyone says it’s the ads and also that when you put the right logo answer and it says it’s wrong. Plz fix this it’s very annoying. That’s why I put this star rating.
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2 years ago, Ryano64
The rush mode is really fun and addicting, but it always crashes once you pass 300. Or it will say “times up” when you still had plenty of time on the clock. Hope they will fix that
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2 years ago, daedadaedaedaedaedaedaedae
Good game
You can learn logos and also you are able to have fun while learning but a little stress you can open new levels and the levels get harder this is an awesome game to play you know it’s a great game if I gave an review I NEVER REVEIW
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1 year ago, Trying to do it all
Fun game, until it breaks.
Honestly, the ads seem pretty reasonable, its responsive, and most of the logos are recognizable by the average person. It's a good game in general - Until it stops working. After several reinstalls and cleared caches, the game continues to immediately crash on boot after completing the first 9 or so levels, making it unplayable. (iPhone XS max w/ iOS 16.4) If they ever fix this issue, I can update the review. Until then, just use sporcle's website instead.
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3 weeks ago, justinbelieber153
Buggy and Ad-Heavy
Too many ads, gave me incorrect hints/letters (e.g for Slack but gave me letters P-I-X), didn’t accept answers (e.g typed “Google Docs” but didn’t accept it. Tried “Docs” and was accepted but autocorrected to “Google Docs”). I also don’t really like how it automatically finishes if you type in majority of letters. Does this for some but not for all. Would much prefer to hit an “Enter” button when I’m done typing.
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7 months ago, C13689836
It is a very fun game to test your knowledge and even has an answer key but as soon as you get to level 30 it would never be able to do the rest of the levels unless you pay for premium but I will not pay for just those levels to complete.
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11 months ago, Yerrep
Excessive amounts of ads.
I just uploaded it AND deleted in a matter of six minutes. During playtime on level 1 in a matter of less than two minutes I was interrupted for a 30 second ad., after the level, it’s over another unskippable ad. You can’t barely play the levels without being bombarded by ads. Very disappointed that everything comes down to money.👎🏻
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1 year ago, chocolatepuff
It is a great game but too many adds
It’s a great game I promise but it’s just to many adds plus I may stop stop playing it after a few months so I don’t wanna buy add free so maybe just less adds
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3 years ago, LaurenM550
SO glitchy!
This game would be SO FUN if it weren’t so glitchy! Every time I play I get a few good guesses in before the game just freezes and takes forever to register what I click on. I always try to be patient and wait it out but after several minutes of a frozen screen I give up. Sad because if it worked properly I know I would be addicted.
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1 year ago, ZEZE 44
Best game ever
read till the end best game I’ve ever played in my life time any ages is fine it gets hard at level six because there is 31 levels I level six really hard but I do recommend it’s fun at least😂🤣🤟🏻🤟🏻🤘🏿🤘🏿🤟🏻🤲🏻 Super fun!!!
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9 months ago, Aubrey widrick
Guess the logo
So I really like this app it is fun but the thing I don’t like is sometimes it kicks me out and goes back to my Home Screen and sometimes it does not let me click the letters so yea.
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2 years ago, David12345678910112131415
Update Issues
Fun game have been playing awhile but have issues with the new update. My mother and I both play and nothing past level 59 loads. I have unlocked that level but it is still dark, and says “-6 logos to unlock.” This is the same on my mother’s account as well.
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1 year ago, it's me lalara
It’s me lalara
It’s my first time playing this game and when I got in I got to the level and I wrote the answer but it didn’t say anything LOL I don’t understand how this game will work but the developer must fix something I don’t know what the problem is
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11 months ago, Rrrrrrrttttttttttt
Straightforward fun, but don’t waste coins on letters
Generally a fun game, but if you get stuck, just pay to solve - I spent 100 coins after getting stuck on Meta’s logo, and it gave me the letters “D” and then “i.” Ended up spending the 150 after those two to just solve, and it filled in with “Meta.” Doesn’t seem like “Di____” to me, but for a free game I’ll just make a note for the next player 😅
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2 years ago, adsarebad1
Ads and premium
The ads in this game are way too frequent. And once you reach a certain level you have to pay for premium. The only reason this app has a high rating is because it offers a reward if you give it five stars. It’s a good game but the ads and being forced to pay for the premium version is garbage.
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6 months ago, Nilasaury
Amazing game
This is a game where I can let my feelings out and try as hard as possible to try to guess the logos, but also I have a lot of fun while doing it.
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1 year ago, Drakette1011
Too many Ads
If I have to watch more than 5 ads in 2-3 minutes, it’s a definite uninstall for me. Game is fun so I put two stars but the amount of ads is simply ridiculous. What a waste of time, I spent more time watching ads than I spent playing the game. I spent about 5-8 minutes in this app and I’m not wasting any more of my time. You shouldn’t either.
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4 months ago, markrkrkrkrkrkrk
Too many Ads and Level 31+ is behind a paywall
The ads make it almost unbearable, but you can just close the app and reopen it to skip them. Getting to level 31 and finding out you have to pay $8 for the rest was a gut punch. It’s fine to kill a little time with, but overall nothing to write home about.
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5 months ago, Ace JJ Wright
I love it
I will keep it short and simple… it’s that kinda game that when you want a challenge or something to pass the time, this is the game for you.
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11 months ago, Ash112445
Wrong names
I’ve been quite enjoying this game. The only downside is the excessive ad placement and the incorrect answers. I was stuck on a question and had the right answer for sure. It was a picture of Cruella Deville and when I asked it to solve the question for me it had Ursula as the answer.
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2 years ago, ThatOneWeirdPerson105
Fun when on a road trip, in the car, or at home
This game is very fun to play when I’m on my way to school and bored at home, but overall the game is good, sort of easy.
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6 months ago, fivestsrratet
How it’s fun
This game is challenging but fun at the same time me and my dad use to play a game like this we had to waste coins but it was fun some I didn’t even know I guessed but this game is fun for entertainment
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1 year ago, 🤘🏽🤠🤘🏽
Really really really really fun! When your bored stuck in a car and or wanting to spend time with your family!
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3 months ago, Matthew olivares g
The best
This game is fun because when I’m bored (which is almost always)I can put a show or music on and play this game or I can even talk to someone
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2 months ago, Evan love this
Best game but issues
First for me the logos are very hard and i just wanna say the rush mode needs some more time because i dont have enough time to do any logo
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2 years ago, Alexa10169
So fun!
This game is soo fun I could play mor 10+ hours! This is sooo amazing I hope u see this! And you did a really good job on the game! Noo glitches, no silly ads, no freezing, and no kicking me out the app! Wow 🤩
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2 years ago, podecast listener
Just rating 5 starts to get coins!
I’m just honestly just rating this game so I can get the free coins. I do like this game, however there are too many ads!
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11 months ago, Singingrusie
Glitches, overheats phone
This game is fun and makes you think. Ads are a bit much at times; however, the real problem. Is that it overheats my phone. It glitches, gets stuck and quite often closes out. Would have recommended it if it worked properly and did not cause physical issues with the phone.
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2 months ago, Mama0404
I am so obsessed over this game!
All of these levels are fun but challenging. I really enjoy playing because I love playing all the guessing games in the App Store!
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3 months ago, Emmerson yong
Fun but hard
On the first level their was one that was extremely hard.
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11 months ago, Azaliecedar13
You need to get this game
This game is so fun I recommend it to my whole family and everyone so you should get this game you won’t regret it
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1 year ago, bannanasarecool123
This game is cool
I really enjoy this game the only problem is the ads The ads are really constant and it gets really annoying. I really like the flags they are really fun.
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3 months ago, November birth
Fun you can guess all day and you can watch a show or even listen to some music while you play
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1 year ago, amour.londyn
My fav game
I honestly love this game it keeps me busy and as soon as I downloaded this game I was immediately addicted and I couldn’t stop I’m so happy I found this game I love it so much.
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2 years ago, aclaire_03
Great app
Very few ads and you have the option to skip a level if you don’t know the logo
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11 months ago, hakk625
Best game ever!!!
I love this game so much I always play it when I have down time, I can’t believe that can still remember what these different logos are for! So. Much. Fun!!!
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