Look Alike: Who Do I Look Like

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4.2 (3.1K)
38.7 MB
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Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Look Alike: Who Do I Look Like

4.18 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
5 years ago, SereniquakeSparklez
Fun, but too many ads.
I enjoy looking at the percentages and it helps to know these are real results. (I used a picture of a celeb and it gave her 100% match!) I feel like the updates to the game should be free since most people aren’t going to spend money on an app that they will play with for about 5 minutes and then delete. I like my results and find that my higher percentages are similar to me. All except for my 33%. Kim Kardashian, really?
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5 years ago, Meri'sWetbar
They just want your $... Of course!
Here’s the thing: this app entices you by offering three free chances to see your “celebrity” look-alike. Mind you, you must choose from categories like “Reality Stars” and “The Bachelor Contestants”, so it’s not all-encompassing. Then, you are matched with a photo of someone that looks absolutely nothing like you. So, if you use up all of your freebies, you will be tempted to watch their ads to purchase more “turns”. Since I didn’t feel like buying into their shenanigans, I can’t say if you would actually get matched to someone who resembles you, but this seems akin to a slot machine to me; it’s that random. For example, I’m a white, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, red head. My match: Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy. Twice. Who knew? This app is only good for a laugh to see what crazy result you’ll get. I wouldn’t waste time on it beyond that.
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5 years ago, Jenna Londer
Horrible app (DO NOT GET, IT’S USELESS)
I read so many bad reviews but I thought I would give the app a try so I got it. When I went into the app, all they wanted was my money. There were no matches that I did that looked similar to my face. This is a stupid app and all they are doing is trying to get money out of people. I have not read one good review for this app so don’t waste your time getting it. Someone needs to fix it because it is stupid and is useless. Sometimes, it will tell you that you look like a guy when you are a girl. It will do the opposite too. This app makes me angry and the person that made this app clearly spent 5 minutes putting it together. The bottom line is never get this app and don’t spend you time looking at it.
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6 years ago, SharbatCali
Just not worth the time
The app is pretty cool for the first 3 tries but when you run out of coins it makes you watch nonsense movies for A CHANCE to get a coin!!! So you may end up watching 10 videos and only get ONE coin! Or you can pay $$$ to get coins. If I didn’t like the first couple pictures I would give it one star! Uninstalling it because I don’t want to watch 10 videos & waste time for one lousy coin! One tip to the app maker: give the ability to crop a picture! Maybe there are couple people in one picture & your app detects the wrong person and there goes a coin! Also more pictures & categories would be more helpful & fun!
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5 years ago, Revenge is amazing
Why does it say I look like a girl!!!!!!!!!!
It is great and accurate buuuut it says I look like a girl but also at least those Celebrity’s oh my gosh they look hot it is very cool but the only thing is that It’s great the first three times and then you have to pay for more coins
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3 years ago, ChloeCarrie
I need teenagers!
I’m trying to cast for a TV show that starts when they’re 16. The app takes forever to give me someone and then they’re too old! I’m using a picture of a 12-16 year old and it gives me someone who is over 30. Then even when I find a young picture of them it’s the same thing. I need a Miranda Cosgrove not a Sandra Bullock.
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5 years ago, JamesRobloxYT
This is terrible NEVER get this I mean NEVER
So when I got this app it was awsome!But when I tired to see who I looked like it showed me a Indian girl I looked NOTHING like her I was so mad!😡So then I tried again I I’m a girl with brown hair and dark brown eyes but in my second try it showed me a girl with BLOND hair and GREEN eyes like what?!I was confused like I still am!”I never knew a blond girl looked like me.” Never get this app this might happen to you and also the most ridiculous thing is that when you waste your coins you can watch videos but THEY GIVE YOU ONE COIN PER VIDEO LIKE WHAT why would you give one coin someone wastes there precious time just on that app!
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2 years ago, An0m1nous
Actually Accurate 😱
This app is actually pretty accurate, somehow. Judging by the fact that it thinks that I look like John Cusack though, I don’t think that there’s enough data for it to be 100% accurate. For any developers reading this, I suggest adding LITERALLY EVERYONE YOU SEE into this app. It will most likely add a lot more variety and be more accurate. Also, DON’T MAKE IT SO THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY 50 BUCKS!!! That is what affected the rating the most. I’m going to delete this app now until it’s free. Thank you for your time.
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10 months ago, Amard321!
Only lets you do one picture before you have to pay. The results are mildly accurate. I uploaded a picture of myself and it gave me some dude who I kinda looked like. However, if I hadn’t compared him to the picture of me, I would never have thought I looked like him. But this app is much more accurate than most I’ve used. And the free trial (even though it’s just one picture) is helpful. 2 1/2 stars ⭐️ Just pls make it free but with locked and unlocked options!
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5 years ago, Maybe a Witch
Nope... Does not even work
Maybe I just don't look like any celebrities, I don't know. But the first result was Regina George and honestly the only resemblance was our hairstyle if even that, since my hair is basically black. After that the two other whom I don't recognize were bad too. The next one again, only our hair was similar. And I thought for sure it would work mostly off of face shape but I don't think it does since I have a diamond face shape and none of the people it chose did. So not sure how it "works" but definitely doesn't take that into account. :/
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2 years ago, veejay1
Scam. Charges you buy no results
Awful. Charged me $4.99 and gave me no answers. Almost like a glitch. Every time I press on the actor option, even after paying $4.99, it required me to still pay $.99. So I paid even an additional, and nothing happened. I couldn’t move forward in the app without being locked in to pay for more. So in total, I paid 599 and never once got an image of anything. A scam. Have to write Apple now to get a refund because I did not get it all what I paid for. Wasted my time.
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5 years ago, Allie818283
Not worth your time
I got the app thinking it would be something fun to do with my friends. When I went onto the app the first thing they asked me for was money in order to get more chances. I clicked “no” and only got 3 coins. When you see what celebrity you look like, you only get one at a time. They didn’t even look like me! Once you run out of coins you have to watch an ad or buy them. You literally get only one coin per ad. I liked the idea of the app but was disappointed in the end.
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5 years ago, Silver tunes
Does Almost Nothing
I gave it 2 stars because unlike the celebrity look a like app I tried before this one (Looky) it does actually do something. However you have limited categories you can choose from (Villains, GOT, TV Stars, Real House Wives) and the categories have at most 82 and some as few as 8 people to compare you too so it doesn’t do much. Also they want you to pay for some of the categories and they only let you try it 3 times a day for free. Ultimately it’s a poorly made cash grab.
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6 years ago, the fun maker!!
I love it!!
It’s pretty accurate. It won’t always be accurate but that’s what makes this app fun! You get to laugh at the results! If you want to have a good time while actually seeing who you look like this is the app for you!!
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5 years ago, Timber_Paws
It’s Horrible 😡😡😡
I would get done putting a picture in and then I would submit the things I liked and then it clicked enter, well the loading thing came up and I thought nothing of I gave it a few minutes but nothing and then it kicked me out of the game! I have perfect internet and everything i still don’t get why it wouldn’t give me my results. If I could rate this a 0 I definitely would! |•DONT BUY THIS•|
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5 years ago, Itzz.sara
Don’t get this!!!!!!
This game is just terrible when you first buy it you get 4 coins and that’s it then when u run out you have to watch a million ads just to get one coin is that not so freakin stupid like what the heck also you know how the point is to find your look a like well it doesn’t even pick a perso who looks like u. I’m warning u don’t do it it will be one of your worst decision you ever made in the App Store !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Adamshomeinc
Deceptive advertising clickbate!
The description should read “Hey user, watch my ads so I can make money off of your stupidity.” After 2-3 (lousy) “matches” the app wants the user to watch their stupid ads or pay money, for another crappy picture of an non-actor with basically the same hair & skin color, really? BTW-You have to pay to unlock the actors and anyone else who’s important. Don’t be fooled, this is your typical cookie cutter deceptive piece of (sh:t) software.
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3 years ago, OleFresh
Best Look Alike App I’ve tried !
This is the best resemblance of any apps available. Just wish there were even more choices but otherwise this is fun!!!
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6 years ago, buffetloved
It should be better
It should be all free and let us watch ads and let us get the cost money free please and make it faster it’s too slow and it doesn’t look like the picture that I just show 😡 and please add more famous people category like famous singers and stunt men and stunt women and most funny and most talented and most smartest and more and please add all someone that’s famous
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5 years ago, Alice_Eve
Won’t let me restore my purchases!
I spent like 5 bucks of purchases on this app and with this new update, all my purchases have been annulled and unable to be restored!!!
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5 years ago, ArticunoLugia
Not accurate!! 😫
So I decided to try this app out, because I was bored and I saw a bunch of bad reviews, so like why not right? But... I tried it out, and instead off getting to search any celebrity, the app wants you to pick out o these categories, and the free ones are hella lame, like “Comedian”, or “Chef”, so I decided to try “Comedian”. News lash, I have black hair and dark brown eyes, and Ii get matched with this girl with brown hair and green eyes. GREEN! At least make an effort, gosh.
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6 years ago, Paris and French
Waste of time
The app is pretty awesome the first couple tries but after a while you run out of coins. Then you have to watch like 50 different videos and only get one or two coins. Next you finally get your coins and pick some thing to look alike and there is no accuracy whatsoever! Finally you are just done with the dang app and want to get rid of it. So I wouldn’t recommend this app.
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4 years ago, hi im phone guy
Some of the things you have to pay for and also they are not 100 percent accurate.
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5 years ago, (stranger things)
NO!!!!! Do NOT get this app!! It is just horrible I absolutely hated it!! It does NOT work and it just gives you INACCURATE results! I tried it with many pictures but it always gave me someone that looks NOTHING like me!! When I first tried it it gave me this really weird picture of a girl I look nothing like! And plus they only want your money do NOT get this nor should you pay the app!! 😡
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4 years ago, jsuduenaohf
My review
I think that you should not have to pay to get something
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3 years ago, 92892
Scam app
I was stupid enough to spend $1.99 three times to try to acquire 10coins. At first I wanted the coins and then I just wanted to confirm that they literally take your money and don’t give you any coins! Seriously, don’t buy this app, they steal from you! Also, can find support anywhere to get my ~$8 back. Company seems mad shady. I took screenshots and everything.
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6 years ago, Zkglenn141
When you take a picture of yourself using the app it zooms in closer and flips the picture. Also, the people that i was matched with looked nothing like me. some of the categories you have to pay for and you only get three “free trials” and the. you have to pay for more coins. all in all i don’t recommend this app.
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2 years ago, commute destroyed ugh
Stole my money!!
This app stole My money two times!! First I purchased a .99 cent category and it took my money. Then I tried purchasing ten coins for $1.99 and it never deposited the coins. Both times I received confirmation that my purchase was successful. Don’t buy anything on this app. It just takes your money.
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4 years ago, Xxxwild gamer
It’s decent needs more accretion and real true face recognition on which person looks exactly like you
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3 years ago, dadZ man
Very good
Really like it but is kind of limited on photographs to Mach people to.. over all super
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5 years ago, Jeffkellen
This app makes you choose categories that contain limited images of people. There’s like 10-20 on average images in each category so it’s very limited. Then they charge you to access the categories that are popular like “movie star”. What a joke. It said I looked most like a skinny blond actress. Im a 215 pound man with dark hair. Waste of time....
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6 years ago, How i feel about ...TRASH
This app is terrible. I definitely don’t look like that old lady they said I look like . My mom doesn’t look like that hag they told here she looks like . Both those people probably had wigs,hard granny candy,and dentures. That’s just a couple of reason this app has no stars.I HATE THIS AAAAAAPPPP!!!!!!!! To rap it up never and when I say never I mean NEVER!😡😡😡😡💔🖕
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3 years ago, wowdrewseeentme
Didn’t receive what I paid for
So I downloaded the app and saw that it was divided into categories and almost all were locked. I paid to unlock the super model category and the movie star category and both were never unlocked. I paid for nothing! They will steal your money!!!
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2 years ago, SanLeandro
Just took $5.99 from me. I paid to unlock something and have unlimited coins. The charges went through, but I did not receive what I paid for. Nothing was unlocked and I received no coins. I have no idea who to contact to get the charges reversed.
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2 years ago, HunterRanger2
Not Accurate
Before trying it on myself I tried doing Tom Holland I selected a picture of Tom Holland and I selected tv star it showed some random person that I have no idea who is like come on at it’s not accurate at all like come on at least show Tom Hollands brother
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3 years ago, dapperdevildesigns
Seriously, how about making sure your app is accurate before release. I don’t think there was one choice that was even close seriously cool idea but not practical for this app is not good at all please improve
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3 years ago, GrbxSbfwd
This is terrible!
They take your money and then you either get a black screen, or it just offers you the option to purchase again. I will be requesting a full refund from Apple...
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5 years ago, Camila 4 love
Not a good app
I understand this just for fun and games but when and app only gives its users 3 coins and thing they charge you one point for each picture you will run off of coins very quick, bottom line is give us more points and I give you a good review.
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6 years ago, @ryan.nicolai
Not worth it don’t get it!
It wasn’t cool I’m a boy all my results were girls the highest percent I got was 15% really you have to at least give me a boy and you only get 3 tried for free! When you use it all your done unless you buy it for $1.00! I know it is really cheap but you should not have to pay!
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6 years ago, Mama of 4 Davis
Didn’t work
I am blonde with rosy cheeks and green eyes 3 times in a row they showed a picture of a brown haired black eyed person that has completely different features than me. It may work for you so I recommend trying it though.
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5 years ago, JuniperMoose
Simple fun
Spent a total of 5$ had fun lol, hate that it saves every photo you take
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5 years ago, hwbxhs smskndhe
I like the fact that you get to to actually see your results but it’s very stupid! That you have to get coins for a certain category or you have to buy it! Like your wasting s people’s time and money!
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5 years ago, why i gave this app 1 stat
This app was not good
Ok I am going to make this clear, THIS APP IS NOT GOOD!!! i wanted to know who my celebrity look alike was and I got some one who looked nothing like me and he next time I went on it made me pay for every song catagory it served out. I did not pay and I would not get this app. (Yes this was harsh in more than one way)
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6 years ago, Ashton_H.
Don’t waste your time
The app forces you to watch an ad each time you try to use a picture to see who you look like. It’s not accurate either. Don’t waste your time on it. You’d be better off just googling random celebrities to see who you look like.
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5 years ago, hfekhfjfjfif
This app is not even a little bit accurate,the people it matched me with were not even my skin color. It also gave me People that were probably 4 times older But it was easy to activate But I wouldn’t recommend this app unless you are Just joking around
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5 years ago, Calliesoccerplayer3307
Not accurate
I have tried this with pictures of my self many, many times. Not once it had a celebrity look alike that actually looked like me! I’m an 11 year old blond white girl! A red headed old lady showed up, then a Mexican woman, and many others. Don’t waste your time!
Show more
9 months ago, philippa mayall
Canceling membership
How do I do this when all your website links have a 404 error? The app doesn’t seem to have settings or anything where I can customize my membership.
Show more
2 years ago, Indian 69$$
Movie stArs
I love this app me and my friends have so much fun
Show more
3 years ago, Mbaconsmith
Did not work. Matches were so far off it was crazy and then they basically took $8.00 of my money for coins I bought and they did not work. Not worth the value of my time to make a stink. Bad
Show more
3 years ago, pissedofff user
Ripped off Alert!!!
Paid $5.33 3x for 100 coins to access “The Movie Star” category. Instead of the 300 I paid for I got 2 single coins not 100 or 200 or 300 yet, app demands more money to open the category I already paid for. What a rip off! No way to get my money back either.
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