Loopideo - Loop Videos

Photo & Video
4.5 (2.2K)
103.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Xorbix Technologies Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loopideo - Loop Videos

4.49 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
1 year ago, John Cartan
Wrong Thumbnails
The ads were so obnoxious on the free version I paid $10 for the pro version. But when I added a bunch of videos from my photo gallery it became confused and assigned all the videos the same thumbnail. Now I can't tell which is which. The UI is unusually bad for such a simple app. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it does actually play the videos. UPDATE: I did upgrade to the patched version and it's working fine now. I raised my review to 4 stars because I find I am using it on a regular basis and it does a good job playing and looping my videos at high res with no stuttering.
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2 years ago, labyrinthhh
Not able to close video to go to another video.
For some time, this app was very useful and seemingly working well for me without any problems or issues whatsoever. However, later on down the line recently, the app suddenly changed where I can’t swipe or exit out of a video I’m watching on loop. I have to inconveniently close the entire app just to play another video I desire to watch. I even attempted to watch this video regarding this “Loop Deck demo” which I thought would dismiss the annoying ad that was subsequently causing me to only be able to play one video at a time, without the app glitching and not allowing me to exit out the video I’m playing. I was able to do that normally before, but suddenly I can’t anymore. This was what seemed to be the only reliable app to loop videos successfully, now it’s not functional and I’m displeased.
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5 years ago, Metoogood
Awful in every way. Warning: Don’t update if yours works now
First off, I’ve been using this app for years. I mean years. Since the beginning. And it was my favorite app. It was simple and just worked. I clicked a video and it played instantly. So I didn’t bother updating it. But since upgrading to ios13, I noticed that some of the thumbnails were incorrect. I saw in the update history was supposed to fix that problem. So I updated to the latest version. And I’m absolutely disappointed in every way! Mad even. First off, now I have to do multiple clicks to simply play a single video. And that would be something that I could get used to in time... if it actually played my videos. Now every single video in my library, which is hundreds spanning across 5 years, will not play and I’m met with an error telling me to delete and relink because the external link is broken. And the icing on the cake is I still have the thumbnail issue. So I can either not use the app anymore or delete it with my years worth of videos and individually locate and relink each one. What!!!! I’ve written one review in my whole history off being an iPhone user, but I’ve never had an app go so backwards before in both its design and usability that I had to write one here. I’m highly disappointed. I’d give it a 0 if the App Store would let me.
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1 year ago, ZackoBeingWacko
Okay so I love that I can just screen record my music and loop it infinitely. I go to a school with really bad internet, so being able to play all my favorite music offline and even outside the app is amazing. The one thing I have an issue with is the theoretical limit on how long or big the video can be until the app won’t work. I’m currently trying to loop a 3 hour playlist and the video is about 2.29GB with it’s FPS and resolution already being really low so that the app can handle it. Sadly, when I try and loop it, the app just crashes.
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3 years ago, KevinBlin
Good but..
I downloaded a vid from the safari browser and I needed to get it to repeat but the app can only access vids from gallery and some other places but there isn’t an option for the downloads folder. Give the option to browse the downloads folder.
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5 years ago, MikeDlight
Exactly What I Needed
This app is very easy to use and works exactly as advertised. Simply launch it, browse for your videos and add them to your list, then press Play. The video launches and will repeat on a never-ending loop until you stop it manually. You can even cue up multiple different videos to repeat in a sequence of your choice. The video will keep playing even if you have your screen set to Auto-Lock after a few minutes. An excellent app that gets the job done.
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2 years ago, Cinza7719
Useless. Don’t understand the ratings!
Most people’s aim for downloading an app like this is to be able to save the finished product for social media, emails, etc. I’m assuming, even with the pro version, this is still not possible. The app does run seamless loops, but what’s the point if you’re hiding all that beauty in an app and cannot save it, or even be able to pay to save it? Must be an experiment!
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8 years ago, shannontk1
Does a great job looping a video, my only comment is It would be nice to get the source videos from the videos section of the ipad etc...not photos. I load music videos to .... well videos etc... Also we all don't use drop box for everything.....UGGHH. Otherwise it is a great app I would have paid for!!
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11 months ago, CAP 1977
Videos don’t play after last update
Have been using for a while and has always worked well until the last update. The update states that it fixed a bug that caused videos to not play, but after that update we cannot get any videos to play at all. Please fix asap.
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2 years ago, rabt99999
Excellent for learning guitar pieces!
I pull in videos and put them on repeat to practice playing blues guitar songs up to speed. It is also great for just putting a piece of a song that is particularly hard to play on repeat. It really helps you dial it in!
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6 years ago, Ilamuku82649
Worked great for me
Used to loop a 14 minute wedding video I had in photos on my iPhone at a reception. Put it in once to try in and it worked flawlessly at the party, looping for hours in the background. So happy to have found the app as it did the simple task I needed very well.
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4 years ago, talerano
Effective, but thumbnail issue
Works great, allows to loop videos even after closing the app. Also has auto play option. Only critique is the thumbnail for videos are often messed up if you upload a new video.
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6 months ago, Ecolopseinferno
Easy to use, works perfectly for turning off your phone and listening like any other music app except you can loop any clip you want and even loop multiple clips simultaneously
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3 years ago, InuzukaDattebayo
Got bad
I was using this for half a year and I was looking forward to loop some videos until the videos kept on not playing. It wasn’t all of them sometimes but it was irritating. I put one video after I deleted all of them after that and it still didn’t play. There were only 2 videos I know that work so far which I’m grateful plays but the rest is a no.
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6 years ago, VFRMann
Simple, Clean, and It Just Works!
Thanks Xorbix for this great free app. I can’t believe the iPad has no native support for playing videos in a loop, it makes no sense to me that Apple would omit this feature. Loopideo is clean, simple, and does exactly what it’s designed to do play videos in a loop. Awesome job! If I can add one suggestion, include the option to upload videos from iCloud and OneDrive, not just dropbox. Do that, and this app will be perfect! Thanks again... great to see excellent products from a company right here in the USA.
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1 month ago, Joshua Pina
App used to be good, actually great
I used to love this app, recommend it to tons of friends and family, but then the adds became abboxious and horrible, I mean there are tons and it makes it hard for certain things I use the app for, no long recommend it.
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7 years ago, MathMahm
Can the videos be played outside of the app? If not still great.
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5 years ago, Epigea83
Great app!
Excellent app! I use it for video art installations. Can grab videos from my iPhone's video library and will loop continuously. Best app for this purpose, I have tried many. Very dependable. Highly reccomend!
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6 years ago, You Cause Stalkers!
Loops the video I put on the app right away! But I hope in the future you could add a future where the video can loop even if the device is turned off
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3 years ago, DSS001
Can’t do anything without paying $3.99.
This is a useless app. You immediately have to pay $3.99 to use it. Deceitful marketing for them to offer a free version that won’t allow you to do anything. At least allow us to loop a video with a watermark. This is ridiculous and you should look elsewhere.
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Works as said but...
The app works great, loops videos and stores them on the app. The one issue I've encountered is the videos suddenly do not want to play, instead a dark screen will appear and then return back to the select video menu. Please fix, it's a good app
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8 years ago, Carter lee
I have a question
So I downloaded the app and I want to auto play the one video overnight, will it auto play overnight for like 6-8 hours non stop? Plzz answer asap
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3 years ago, FantasticPromos
Great looper
Needs tweak to make loop seamless. Also needs to have a 1 minute save option -at present there is none.
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8 years ago, Meygan pease
This app is great. There is this guy who I have a crush on and he sent me a video singing all of me and I love his voice and he's my Best friend so I can listen to him when I go to sleep 😆
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8 years ago, scooterD3
Does exactly what it says it does: loops video. Not sure what the other comments are saying about it not looping. It definitely loops, and does it well!
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7 years ago, 619619619bro
Dont like the update
I dont like how the Play/Pause options appear every time a video starts over now. Before they wouldnt show up and the video would continue to loop cleanly. I find this to be very distracting and annoying. I hope you can fix this somehow.
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5 years ago, AIinApps
Best video looping App
I have used multiple video looping apps and they all have some quirk. This app is simple, and loops any size videos and works!! Love this app.
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4 months ago, nickkj
Worked great for awhile
This app worked great for while then started doing strange things and now it won’t download anymore. I had bought the upgrade and now I am sorry I did! Deleting it and now wasted money. This company and app should be banned and prosecuted for fraud!
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7 years ago, Coasterbuf
Not impressed - doesn't loop without controls
Wanted to use for a Halloween projection display but all this app does is what you could do with your finger each time between plays. The controls and border show up between each loop, making it completely unprofessional and unusable for display purposes.
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7 years ago, Tradeshow Coordinator
Very easy to upload from Dropbox. Love using it for our trade shows!
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8 years ago, macjeffff
It just works
I'm using this app to play a video from my dropbox account in the loop. It just works.
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5 months ago, saba202
Very good app to looping video
I’m using this app to loop my favourite video and it does great job. Highly recommended!!
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3 years ago, Cled2211
It’s being slow and not playing plz fix it or tell me how to fix this but I do love the app
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5 years ago, boomboompsh
Very easy to loop
My granddaughter is learning to play violin. Now we can easily loop to the video of her teacher playing the piece.
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5 years ago, Goldawg
Doesn’t work but sucked up my data anyway
I never got this to even open a video but after sitting on my phone for about a week I discovered it had sucked up 7.5gb of my cellular data - doing what????? I pay $10/gb on Tracfone - that’s $75 for an app that wasn’t even doing anything!!! What the hell????
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7 years ago, tennessee blue collar
Did everything that it needed to and did everything it was said too!!!
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8 years ago, starinova
works fine
This works as advertised.
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5 years ago, Kalaniohu
My “Go to” for learning new shows
Great app for memorizing anything!
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3 years ago, groove_guru
What? Load video, now what….
I don’t understand how this thing works. It plays my video looped but that’s it, no way to save to a new file, no editors, nothing. But there’s a “Buy Pro” button.
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8 months ago, ItxMori
The sounds cut off after a few seconds and like restarts the whole app
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1 year ago, xumanz
Ads are ridiculous
This was great until you ruined it with ads every 5 secs
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6 years ago, SmFrank
The Best!
A great program - does exactly what it is supposed to do flawlessly!!!! Love it.
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2 months ago, Spotify fans.
All about the ads
It just wants your money. Than still don’t work. Cheap broken a waste of time a waste of money and shouldn’t be on the App Store at all.
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1 year ago, penguine420
Invasive ads
I really loved using the app, but the ads have become invasive and make it annoying to use the app. Every time I close a video, it plays an ad.
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3 years ago, TheTeish
A waste
This app does literally nothing. There is no option to loop you videos. You add a video, and then can view or delete it. That’s it. Don’t waste your time!
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7 years ago, spmj1974
I loved this before I upgraded- I can't seem to access videos- maybe they are in photos.
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3 years ago, N. Sturlin
Paid for Pro But It Stopped working
I paid for Pro but it stopped working. Tried to report or get a refund, but the links to support don’t work either.
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1 year ago, King LaDion
Why did u add ads after every video Update : an occasional ad is not after every video you play
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3 years ago, Sir Dude0101
Can’t save
Only used this app for a few min, didn’t find a way to save the looped video. That was my only purpose for downloading the app.
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4 years ago, Steve Granados
Doesn’t Work
It kept pausing after some time. I even made sure no notifications were causing that to happen. Purchase a different loop app.
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