Loot - Savings Goal & Tracker

4.8 (5.9K)
142 MB
Age rating
Current version
Polybit Studio Pty Ltd
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Loot - Savings Goal & Tracker

4.79 out of 5
5.9K Ratings
9 months ago, Jamrtz
Good app, does the job
This is actually pretty close to what I was looking for. Initially I was looking for an app that could help me visualize my savings. This app really helps with that. The only downside is that I wish it was more customizable than the options that are currently available. Each check is different for the amount I put into my savings. So, I kind of just wanted to be able to list out all the amounts that I would be putting towards my savings and then checking off that amount as I go. So, it would’ve been pretty cool to have that and I don’t really know another of another app that does that without all the extra stuff. I really wanted something simple like this, so I’m going to stick with it because like I said, I really just wanted to visualize my savings so it does the job.
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11 months ago, 10_70
Read this review! Awesome app!!!!!
This app is amazing. It is an amazing way to know the things you want to get eventually and it is a great way to keep track. It’s also super fun how it drops in money whenever you put in money towards the goal. This app is also very safe because unlike every other budgeting app, it doesn’t connect to your bank accounts or cards. Another HUGE plus is the Pro aspect of the app. In almost every other app, the upgrade to pro is a monthly fee to get rid of ads and everything. In this app, the upgrade to pro is a one time fee of only $2.99. By upgrading, you can have unlimited goals and no ads. Another cool thing is that you can set a time for each goal. So it will remind you every day or week to save up for the goal. It will also give you an amount of money you should try to save up every week or day, etc. To sum it all up, this app is definitely worth buying and you can also make the jars customized which is fun too. GET THIS APP!!!!
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12 months ago, Sarnicmil
Simple app for very basic needs
I like the visuals in this app for my different savings goals being little jars of money that you fill up. You can set an amount for each goal and see at a glance your progress. I wish it also showed a running total of all goal balances to see at a glance since I would like to use it to earmark the money in one of my accounts for the various goals I have. As it is, I have to manually add all jars to check my accuracy against my account. I also wish it were easier to swap money from one jar to another as goals are adjusted. This app gets very confusing when you try to change allocations already made. It is easy to set multiple goals with different fonts and see how well you are saving.
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9 months ago, ✨ skyler ✨
Very good but disappointed.
This app is very well designed. I’m a visual person so the money in the jar is fun and helps picture. I like the whole idea. Cute fonts. Date, and you can track your progress by entering how many you want to ear per day, month, week, etc. Love it super helpful, reminds me to add the weekly money. Luckily I don’t have many goals, I’m a teen so I’m only saving for specific items every once in a while. You can only save for one thing at a time or pay $2.99 fee, which disappointed me. I wouldn’t recommend to someone saving for many things at once. Please fix this, at lest make it two or three for free or else there’s really no point in downloading the app.
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3 months ago, Game rater group 999
Must have!
This app helps me so much! I was saving up for a vr set (can’t say the name due to copyright) and it helped me so much! I was able to keep track of how much I had and how close I was to getting it! The reminders help me know that I need more money this month or if I’m over the requested amount for the month! You can adjust how long you want it to take! Personally I don’t really like how you have to spend $3 for more goals at a time but in all I love the app!
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3 years ago, malmeme
Good app but...
I liked the idea of this app it was easy to manage with reasonable goals that didn’t assume I made boat loads of money to save every month. However I think you should be able to set at least two sales goals before having to upgrade to loot pro. The purpose of the app is so people can save money and I feel it’s taking advantage a bit. Of course there are other apps and you could write your budget on paper so spending on an app was not my priority. I really liked where this app was going but I believe there are other apps that I will be able to get more for free on.
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7 months ago, heyyyrenee
Functional but huge annoying bug
I paid the $3 for the extra goals bc it’s just $3 so I’m enjoying being able to keep track of multiple goals. However, the weekly/fortnight/monthly tracking has a bug where it only adds funds to the 1st date you’re supposed to add funds on. I’ve tried everything to try and see if there was a way to bypass or trick it including: - tapping correct date to add funds to it (it doesn’t let you tap it) - deleting and redoing the goal with new reminder dates (usually crashes the app too) - editing the goal with new reminder dates - editing goal with no reminder - creating goal with no reminder - removing funds and re-adding For now i keep track in my own spreadsheet but it’s nice to have the visual. But it’d be even nicer if the app i paid for actually worked correctly! Please fix this. Otherwise you’re scamming people… and scammed people don’t leave very nice reviews….
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2 months ago, Paige Sage
Money swoosh
The app works really well for college and little goals since the amount of investment periods can be adjusted. My only issue is that I’m planning for a trip that’s a few years from now and it would be nice to be able to type in the exact number of months away it is. I do like how it shows the money in the jar and that you can move it when it swooshes, very nice!
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2 years ago, Musa23173
No nonsense, simple, and intuitive!
Love this app! It’s well worth the low cost! This app is very simple and intuitive with no bugs I’ve run into. Being able to see your money be put into jars is an awesome visual aid and has helped me in learning how to budget. The reason I’m giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish there was an option to set a goal/jar without a specified completion time, so you can save money at your own pace without the pressure of a date.
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2 years ago, LoverofLists
Good… could be better
I’ve just started using this app and I quite enjoy it, I like the UI and the ability to see actual money in the jars and spin them around. However, I keep having a problem when I make a new goal and want to change the date or time I get a reminder it only show up on the very bottom of my screen and it’s very hard to click on them. Please fix that! Also please add a password option!
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2 years ago, DurdyBoy
Great Tool
Love being able to see the different savings buckets I’ve split my money into. This is very helpful as an addition to a singular savings account where you can see how your total you’ve saved is broken up into different savings goals. My only suggestion would be to provide a Total of all that you’ve saved that you can then compare to your savings account amount. That’s the only thing keeping it from 5 stars for me!
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2 years ago, Jill0811
Good App for Simplicity
This app is amazing, it’s a really good way of thinking about money and keeping track of goals. I love that it’s really simple and can remind me of earning money once in a while. The only downfall to this app is I’ll forget to update it once in a while, which is honestly only a personal issue, and I just want to mention that for someone looking at reviews. :)
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3 years ago, The-Blob
Can’t choose a target date
The biggest problem with this app is there is no obvious way to tell it “I want to save X dollars by Y date.” Instead, you have to use these goofy sliders (whose notches are not labeled!) which make no sense. Move the slider by 1 notch and it says “5 months”, move it another notch and it’s still 5 months, move it a few more times (how many times, I don’t know) and randomly the month will change. What does one notch represent? One day? One week? One minute? I have no clue. I don’t know how many weeks or “fortnights” away I want to have my money saved by, I just want to type the date!
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4 years ago, you-can-call-me-chick-fil-a
Perfect for people like me
I have always been motivated more when I can see things. I love this app because rather than just knowing there is some money sitting in a savings account somewhere, I can see it adding up in the virtual jar. I also love that you can remove money, too— spending out of savings is something I do more often than I’d like to. Overall, this is a great app.
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3 months ago, theheadpixie
Fantastic app
I LOVE this app. It’s simple, but does the job. The design of the jars and the money is so satisfying. The cost for the full version isn’t that much, and it’s NOT a subscription, which is SO refreshing. I bought it immediately and plan on keeping this app since it had the option. That, plus the design, sold me!
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3 months ago, Calinative415
Piggy Bank That Goal!
Set money goal and it broke down how much money I would need to save to reach that goal. Very helpful tacking of your savings. Watch as the money jar feels up. No need to log into your account to check your savings when you can check here on your progress.
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1 year ago, mauid88
Really good idea and lay out…but…
I like how the app is very user friendly and makes you really pay attention to what your goals are. I wish there were more options for customization as far as how the app looks and being able to move your goals around on the Home Screen to be able to organize by priority.
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3 years ago, NvinceUbleSteph
An Auto Update feature would be nice
This is a good app for those of us that like to have a visual representation of our savings goals. I do wish it would auto update the end/completion date when more money than expected is saved. Maybe even a little “yay! You just trimmed (number of weeks/months) off of your goal!” announcement for those of us that need a little more encouragement.
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6 months ago, Soleil_38
I love this app. Seeing the money accumulate motivates me to save. It’s a like a video game for the most important thing in life. It helps to take my future saving goals from a mental task I needed to remember to something more tangible and makes it easier for me to map out future saving goals like saving for a new roof or vacation.
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1 year ago, Aaron Volkow
It great, but could be improve
I really like it overall, it’s simple to use while look aesthetically pleasing! I just wish that there is a place to see the total amount you need to save and have save. It a struggle having to take a calculator out and add it up all the time.
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4 years ago, livyllamalove
Super cute!!
I love this app its so cute and definitely worth downloading. I love how it adds the digital coins to the jar every time I add an amount. Just a few suggestions. Can you make it so a person can have two goals free? And just one more, can you make a widget to use with ios 14? Have a good day and don’t go without trying this app!
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2 years ago, kirsiemoo
Would be great a folder
Awesome app! Fast, easy, and straightforward to use. Would be great if we could make folders! I like to make multiple segments of goals within a BIG goal. You know, like a specific vacation trip broken down. Other than that, lovely app.
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3 years ago, Pockets567885
Customer Service Rocks!
Customer service is awesome! They email back and take care of any issues. Would love a few extra features like a running total of all savings jars combined, but overall it is a simple app that does what I need it to do wonderfully.
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3 months ago, Warpedmind00
Simple and not overly stimulating
All these other apps have too much options, this one is simple. Just set ur savings goal, input your earnings, shows how much time u have left to invest and how much you should be investing. Good
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3 years ago, 😋😂Cookie😂😋
This app is very lovely and it’s perfect if you’re more of a visual person. I bought the full version and since then there’s been this glitch where if I tap on the second goal I ever made, it automatically kicks me out the app. Trying to remove it is impossible because any attempt to remove it kicks me out the app as well. Overall a great app.
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3 months ago, CleverFox2
It's good basic app for saving up for somthing, but could use a a few things specificlly iCloud syncing so tht it's upto date across devices, and it would also be nice to be-able to chose which fortnight you get payed on. I get payed on the oposit fortnight than the app has dates for so it always looks like I'm behind schedule.
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1 year ago, OptionsChoicesPotential
Interesting idea, but
I like the idea of adventure jars, and was happy to download the app. But, every little piece (including more jars for other saving goals) is locked behind a pay wall. I also found that there’s an ad every time I add an update, which would be fine if not for the utter lack of basic features. If I’m too bothered I’ll delete the app, but it isn’t what I had thought it would be.
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1 year ago, AddieGrace13
Super Helpful!!!
I had a goal to upgrade my old iPhone SE and buy a newer iPhone 13. This helps so much in keeping me on track and to achieve this goal. It is super cute and fun! I love the little jar! Definitely using this, totally recommend it!!
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2 years ago, juju🦋💙
10/10 recommend
I absolutely love this app very handy. It definitely helps keep track of what you’ve been saving to reach your saving goal. Very kid friendly and for all ages. I recommend 10/10!!!
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3 years ago, 💀🤪☺️😐🤦🏽‍♀️
The way it looks
I really like this app so far it was exactly what I was looking for. I just needed something that tracks what I was saving and that’s what this app is about, it helps you save and it tracks your savings.
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3 years ago, samanthas94
Adorable app - missing one big feature
I love this app, it’s so cute and helps me visualize my savings. It really needs a space to see past history - sometimes I forget if I added XYZ transaction in there. (I’m including all side hustle money.) I’d love it even if it was a paid feature!
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8 months ago, jakala2220
Very simple and easy
Needed something to track vacation and Christmas savings since I don’t have multiple accounts. Very simple to use and seeing the jar fill up virtually is very motivating.
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2 years ago, Dream161718
Exactly what I needed!
Saving up for a trip & super glad I found this app. Great graphics make it fun to use and it’s also really easy to use and understanding. Definitely recommend!!
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2 years ago, D3vv1inn
Please make a widget function phone apple users
I want to see my saving on my screen that would be great. Make it so it can move around and stuff or the money fall in what direction the phones facing up you know like make it an interactive widget and I’d be all over this app telling my friends about it
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2 months ago, Foxxul
Finally what I’m looking for but…
After trying several apps and immediately deleting them, I finally found the one I was looking for. Simple UI makes it easy. Only thing that needs added is widgets.
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2 years ago, vivibanners
preparation of savings
It’s very cute ☹️🦋🤍because I wanted to keep track how much I wanted to save with my boyfriend and I was struggling on paper when clearly this app 🤍Is amazing ugh !! Recommend for new people who wants to track a savings goal , apartment goals or even school wise
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2 years ago, MMMeloy14
Love how simple this is!
Great app, just what I was looking for. I hope the developers keep going with this one, I would love to see some more features like cross-device syncing! Currently I have to manually update my goal on my phone and iPad. Otherwise, excellent app!
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5 months ago, @kenzkookieart
Exactly what I wanted!
I downloaded a bunch of financial apps looking for one that was meant to help me see how much money I needed to save to reach my goal of paying for college. This one is exactly what I needed!
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3 years ago, flower🌸🌸 girl
Love it 🤯😍
Okay so I just got this app and I love it!! It’s awesome you can remove and add money! It will tell you when you have to make the money and has a tracker just made for you 🤯🤯🤯. So they have and amount of money you get paid in how much in a week. Yes there is pro but if you don’t mind it get this app!!
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2 years ago, mocasalter
Very useful
It’s a fun way to keep track of what’s in your savings account. They fixed the bug where it was crashing on iOS, no issues now.
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4 years ago, ShyOfLife
Thank You!
We asked for more goals and got them for a very reasonable one time price! I’m so happy I found it and plan on using it for a long long time. ... Now if I could just figure out how to delete unwanted goals....
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3 years ago, MellaRosen
Good so far.
I like the app so far, but I suggest being able to add notes every time you add money. This would help out couples when more than two people are deposited money towards a goal. You can note who put it in what amount on a specific date.
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12 months ago, vcardenas57
Really like
I really enjoy this app but there are some glitches. I am unable to scroll to start the date at a later time. I do like seeing the actually piggy bank and that it lets me customize it.
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1 year ago, Dreaming of Wolves
In-app purchase doesn’t work
I bought the “no ads” in-app purchase, thinking I could support a developer that doesn’t give monthly or yearly subscriptions, and it worked briefly… but today I opened the app and the ads were there! Then I went to “restore purchase” and it asked me to pay again! How disappointing. I guess it’s a form of subscription after all?
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6 months ago, Rose😜😍😍💜💜💜
Really good
101:10 recommend but I wish I could have more goals without paying. Like 5 goals then u have to pay :))
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1 year ago, ...?!;)
Only One Goal
Sure, you can pay to get more, but I’m still a little disappointed that you only can have one before paying three dollars. At the very least, it isn’t a subscription and you only have to pay once. I still think that two goals is very restrictive…
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2 years ago, Alphalfu
Great but could be better
I love how I can visually see the money going I. But I would love a way to were there was no time limit to save the money.
Show more
12 months ago, gahjahahshsh
Just make us pay
You can only have one goal until you’re prompted to pay. You might as well just put the price upfront instead of making a barely usable “free” budgeting app. Ironic how a budgeting app is asking you to spend money. I would rather have bought it for 3 dollars then download a free app that immediately asks you to pay to be usable.
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1 year ago, bb_mer183
Love it - just add one thing…
I love this app and use it all the time. Please add a feature where you can take money out without having to delete the whole ‘jar’. ❤️
Show more
2 years ago, Leah_Faith
You Have To Pay Money For Multiple Goals
To have more than two goals you have to pay $2.99 and I would way rather put that money towards my goal instead of spending it on setting up a virtual jar that you “put“ money in. I love the aesthetic look and idea but since I can’t have multiple goals I gave this one star.
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