Lorex (previously Lorex Home)

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User Reviews for Lorex (previously Lorex Home)

4.64 out of 5
19.3K Ratings
11 months ago, TGonWheels
LOREX System and App is Solid
New and happy self-installed residential Lorex system user here. Our Fusion NVR system has been in for about 3 months (since May 2023) and overall the system has been running well and the app is very good and useful. If was extremely easy to setup the system overall including getting the app going. We have a mix of PoE IP wired cameras and WiFi cameras. Usability of the app is good for all devices and is pretty intuitive and well featured for most all of the common features you need as a system user for quick access and checking events, recordings and settings. The NVR console and NVR web administrator interfaces are extensive and far exceed app capabilities as you would expect. I mostly kept this review focused on the app. LOREX areas for improvement aside from the app include: 1) configuration and product stability for configuring advanced features such as motion zones on AI cameras needs to improve and 2) Lorex Support should add email and IM support methods beside phone only. Tier 1 support is friendly and they try to be very helpful but offshore communication gaps and technical knowledge depth can and should be better.
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2 years ago, lillmish
App No Longer Working
*Update* Our issue was fixed after we rebooted our main computer system back to the factory settings and set everything up from scratch again. We can now see our live views on the app and it seems to be working correctly although we still have sporadic issues with getting the “oops, something went wrong” message. Overall, we are happy with everything. My app used to work great but all of a sudden yesterday it stopped. I can no longer see the live view on the app or get notifications or look at the timeline history. I tested the Wi-Fi connectivity through the app and it says it is good. My main computer is working fine and is recording like it is supposed to. I have rebooted the router like the Lorex troubleshooting states and I have even deleted the app and reinstalled it. I have checked that all firmware is up to date and yet nothing is working. It is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Sir Vid
Just bought a new Lorex system at Costco because I had a prior Lorex system at my last house and liked it. The system itself is great and I’m happy with the cameras and other hardware so far but the Lorex Home app is disappointing. It works nice on my phone but there is no iPad version, only the iPhone version. My last Lorex system must have used another app because I was able to use the iPad to view the cameras. You can load the iPhone version on an iPad but the dimensions keep the phone dimensions so you gain nothing in screen size by using your iPad! Furthermore, and even more importantly, it seems that you can only login to your cameras on one device at a time. If I try to log in on the iPad (despite the small display) it logs me out of the iPhone. When I need to quickly check my cameras because something might be happening, I don’t want to have to log in again because I was logged out by using another device. I didn’t have this issue with my prior Lorex system (which used the Lorex cloud app I believe) so I’m not sure why a newer system has a worse app supporting it. I know Lorex can do better! Please upgrade the Lorex Home app to have a native iPad version and also allow to login on more than one device.
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11 months ago, Rusch Motorsports
Backwards 2 updates ago, havent quite bounced back, yet...
First, the GOOD.... The App is an invaluiable part of the security pacakge. They are sooo close to a top tier app, yet the app designers have taken som liberties in applying not aonly useless features, but int he scope of a security system interface, rather annoying actually. Now the NOT so good.... Previous update brought a handful of useless and obnoxious features that Lorex personally contacted me to let me konw they fixed, but they didn't, AT ALL! such as a bouncing screen that buzzes aggressively each time you switch camera screens, and they added the very long model-number of each camera to the camera descriptor, (we dont care to know the camera model number when veiwing our cameras recordings), and no option to remove that model number so now our descriptor is pushed off to the end so we have to scan the screen to find it to know which camera is which. Sorry Lorex, buit please remove the "GAMER" crap you addeed to the app... buzzes, bouncing screen, etc that serve ZERO functionality to our usage of a security system. This app is NOT Candy Crush or Angry Birds, it is a secrutiy system, please give us an app that is commencerate witht that.
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1 year ago, mytw0b1ts
Some concerns
I know everyone celebrates the lack of a required subscription but I do think there’s a right and wrong way to implement this. My real concern with Lorex (and I’ve seen this several times on Nextdoor) is people commit a crime, like stealing a package and they notice the doorbell and they actually take the whole doorbell. I’m coming from Arlo which also had a subscription-free model in the form of offering 7 days of free cloud storage and this alleviates this issue and they have a program to replace the doorbell if it’s stolen. Unfortunately their app is garbage and “security” impedes core functionality. I did see there’s an option to purchase a NVR unit but it’s not compatible with the newer 4k battery cameras - which how you release new products that record in 4k (that could really benefit from having extra storage for the higher resolution video) and make these incompatible with the NVR is beyond me. It seems like there’s no perfect product. Bonehead decisions and half-baked executions are running amuck when it comes to these things and if you’re an apartment dweller looking for a battery-powered option you’re a “niche” audience even though there’s more apartment, condo, etc dwellers than home owners.
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2 years ago, datzun5
Only Moderately Useful
1. only playback option is 1/2 speed, so event or timeline videos take 2x the time to review. also makes the sound function completely useless, because 1/2-speed sound isn’t audible. 1a. If you want to advance the video, there is no option for 2x/4x/8x/16x speed so you can see what’s happening- you have to advance to a specific time and the app reloads the video EVERY TIME. If you went too far, you need to randomly find another time to load up again, but still you don’t know if you missed anything. So you end up watching everything in 1/2x. It’s the most maddening waste of time. 2. none of the configuration settings especially motion & zones work in the app- don’t even bother, absolutely frustrating exercise. Only works on the desktop. 3. The auto-captured events are near useless too, if there’s one event, it gets broken up into smaller videos, and still activities are missing. And again all load separately. So you end up going to the timeline and suffering through that. Still only 1/2 speed anyway too, so back to 1/1a.
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3 years ago, Jholt619234
Annoying but worked when needed
We get many notifications throughout the day, and I am working on the settings to lessen the many non-movement ones. That said it did work when needed. We had a adored local grocery where both owners were stabbed over a customer not wearing a mask in the store. At the time I was on vacation. We heard from neighbors about the incident and immediately checked our front camera trying to see if we could see the suspect walking by. While looking on the app I noticed a notification for our parking area in the back. I checked and there he was, crossing our neighbors backyard through ours. I called the police immediately and they searched our backyard. The suspect was no longer there but they knew the direction he was heading. All while on vacation. It works - thank you!
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1 year ago, Oh please help
Camera is stalling and not working
I have called the company multiple time with my issue and no resolution. I notice about 1 week ago when I was at work that the camera would pop up but the video was not live. It would glitch or work for a few seconds and then stop again. When I’m on wifi the cameras work but while off wifi the cameras are not working on my app. They keep blaming my cell phone provider but I called them too and upgraded my service and the cameras still do not want to work on the app. They told me to check on a friends phone that has a different service and she had T-Mobile and I have AT&T. She was able to get my cameras to work while off Wi-Fi so I called back and told them yes it may be my data plan but it’s not with my data speed But it seems like AT&T in the new update to Lorax are not compatible all of a sudden which seems like the app needs to be re-updated to fix this issue. I have done all kinds of cleaning my phone, updating it, troubleshooting EVERYTHING and it’s still not working. Is your recent update not compatible with all phones or older models or what is the deal. This is so upsetting. Please help
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1 year ago, stephen.moore
App has gotten better
The app has gotten a lot better over the years. I especially like the geofencing notifications. However, I strongly dislike the “Leaving Home Area” and “Entering Home Area” notifications. They are totally useless. I think it’s apparent when today user is leaving home or is close to home. Please remove this ‘feature’ or give users the option to disable it. When I receive the notifications, I am typically driving. The notification distracts me, and I am sure it distracts others. God forbid someone get into an accident because of this pointless notification. Lorex, be careful, you could be in an unfortunate lawsuit situation. EDIT: the notifications are working as expected, and I like them. However, I do not like the notification that says “Entering Home Area” “Leaving Home Area” it’s unnecessary, I think the end user knows when they are entering or leaving the geofence. The developers reply was NOT helpful, and I wish they could look into correcting this, or giving users the ability to turn off the specific notification that says “entering /leaving home are” I’m a developer myself, and I know it’s not that complicated.
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1 month ago, Fredster910
Undependable ‘security’ system
Not sure how many fake reviews are on here, but The Lorex system and app have consistent loading errors, crashes and slow loading speeds. Let’s say you hear a noise in the middle of the night and want to open the live feed or recording to check what it was, that’s when this system will let you down by either not loading the live view or crashing. The “smart detection” which is suppose to only send out notifications if it detects a person sends out dozens of false positives alerts. Which just floods the owner with false notifications. If you live in a high traffic area, just know the system only let you see 100 or so thumbnails per day of a prerecorded event, so all the other notifications will have to be watch one by one since no thumbnail preview will show. In addition their UI in the system is not used friendly, and is missing lots of promise features such as sound recording and IR control. Even though I bought the system with microphones. Buying this system has been the worst mistake. Can’t wait to replace it, I strongly suggest anyone to avoid.
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3 years ago, akat46
Anyone having trouble with the app?
I posted a review a couple days ago and after reading responses to other peoples’ problems with the app it seems as though the same response is used over and over again - that it’s a network problem and to move the camera and other hardware closer to the modem. If it worked before and the cameras and other hardware haven’t moved why did it stop working? I do hope you work on your app and get it to work more efficiently. I share the Lorex home account with my nephew and it’s worked fine on my iPhone up until a couple of weeks ago. I can no longer access the live view on any of the cameras. I get alerts that there is motion at a certain camera but it will not load on the app.I tried on my phone’s data, 2G, and 5G. It worked on the data and 2G before. I sent an email to the company and was told that it’s a network issue. Nothing has changed with my network but your app no longer works.
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8 months ago, Dssss
No more push notifications of events after specific time of day
I was extremely happy with the App until someone decided to push an update. I now have no idea what’s going on at my house outside after specific time of the day. What I mean by this is I stop getting any push notifications on all my cameras appropriately 1000 am in the morning. This is extremely frustrating due to the fact LOREX camera research I did and including the App for phones WAS the BEST overall the others for my needs. Now I’m starting to rethink my decision. I’m not getting any event updates on all cameras so I can look to see what is transpiring. I don’t have time to sit and search a timeline. I WAS happy the way it use to be. WHENS THE FIX COMING? Hopefully the fox is soon, because by the time I go through the timeline on my phone and find out it’s something important it’s to late…..if the fix is soon I’ll update the star rating until then it’s a 3 star for now.
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3 years ago, Dave Edrich
Excellent WiFi camera System
Tried all of the different WiFi camera system and I can say that Lorex is superior to and exceeds their competitors. Customer service is great. Had some defective cameras. Got a replacement right away. If you read the instructions and know your he WiFi limitations than you will not have any issues. I never did. Had to get a WiFi extender to make one camera work snd it works perfectly. What I love about the system is that if it has to reboot for a power outage or if for some reason the WiFi is offline, once the power is on, I do not have to do anything. The cameras automatically log back on. The App works flawlessly. Notifications and replays works as they should. I also have a video door bell which I love. Works as advertised. Plus I believe that the price is very competitive.
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2 years ago, Drewskiier
No monthly fees, Does not miss a thing, spectacular!
I have tried several camera doorbells and this one is by far the most accurate with the most amount of options. If you have not tried other camera doorbells then you just won’t know how good this one is. I was looking for one that would not send numerous false positives notifications of person activities all day long. But also be able to record every activity In the neighborhood that I can have access at my fingertips. And this camera does just that. It let's you know of people in the area of your home and also Continuously records everything and only saves the motion so you do not miss any movement around your home. And the best feature is the pre-roll recording. It records several seconds before the movement even appears in the camera. If you have any questions I am willing to answer them. This is the best door bell camera I have owned. This camera has so many good features I can't list them all but I did a quick list below of some major ones. -Pre-roll recording -color option for night vision -continous recording of all movement -Connects to boor bell wiring, no worries of battery dying -Accurate human detection -led light -installation wedges. 3 - Micro SD Card included - 2k resolution
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10 months ago, 489Stroker
Lorex system working fine - install hint
System works fine. Alerts are mostly accurate. Understandable errors in distinguishing between and animal, vehicle, or person from high-mounted cameras looking down. Only suggestion I would make is to make “UP” more obvious on how the camera should be mounted. Had electricians mount the POE cameras under the eaves when wiring the new house. Some cameras are not oriented properly, “UP” is not obvious enough. There are not enough options in the system to correct for mounting orientation errors, only ”mirror”. This will require re-mounting some cameras a second time which requires someone climbing a tall ladder. Other than that, the system is good, resolution is excellent, re-connectivity to internet after interrupts drops due to weather is excellent.
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2 years ago, Germing
The worst app ever.
I really like Lorex (the cameras) but the app is a waste. I travel all the time and unfortunately I can’t see what’s going on in my apartment. The live view is slow, the recording is even worse. Every time I tried to see a recording, it take SEVERAL MINUTES to watch at least 30 seconds of it. Plus, the live view and notification are always behind of real time. I thought it was the wifi the problem but my husband can see everything clearly and on time from the main monitor at home. The other day a man crashed in front of my apartment. When I tried to see the recording I couldn’t see it completely because apparently it didn’t recorded everything but when my husband checked the recording on the main monitor at home, he was able to see everything that happened. What’s the point of paying extra to get a security system that is supposed to allow you to have control of everything while you are away but the app doesn’t work properly so you can’t have control of anything?
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3 years ago, The Hazyface
Froze my iPhone twice now.
While using the app the screen became on responsive frozen on a view, no buttons were no swipe up to get out, completely locked up. I couldn’t even shut off my phone it was just on frozen with that screen. The first time it happened I thought it was dead because the screen went black after about a minute so I plugged it in and it came back on. But the second time it stayed on and wouldn’t turn off. But yet I could feel the haptic responses from holding the power button or taking a screenshot, those appear to be working in the background although I couldn’t see what was happening. It actually saved a screenshot of what looks like a normal screen but that’s not what I was seeing, it was still showing me the frozen screen from the app. It eventually went back to normal after I plugged it in and rebooted. Kind of scary!
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2 years ago, A Rodriguez 666
Uh oh! Something went wrong tap to retry
This app used to have minimal problems, if anything just a little slow but nothing that drove me crazy. Until less than a month ago all of a sudden live feed won’t load. Everything else connected to wifi works perfectly fine, live footage is shown on the tv they’re hooked up to so I know they’re working, but yet on my phone Uh Oh! This seems to be an annoying problem that basically renders them useless. I can’t see the live feed unless I’m standing in my closet staring at the monitor. The only progress I’ve gotten is sometimes it’ll pop up for a second then freeze then maybe play for a few seconds and then Uh Oh once again. But this is only while also connected to the wifi in my home, so even being on the same network doesn’t change anything and if I use my data nothing loads 100% every single time I’ve tried. If it’s not wifi issues, not data issues, live feed works when wired to the tv so is it the app or??
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11 months ago, Matthewjamesrisley
Very happy with the ease of installation and the quality of the picture. Setup was relatively easy but it did take some time to add a second user but now that it is set up we both have access at the same time without conflict. I have the server and monitor in a secure room but plan on running an extended HDMI to the family room for instant access. We also have access through the Alexa Show in the kitchen that doesn’t interfere with the phones or server display. Wired cameras for the win. No batteries to charge. One time setup and smooth sailing from there on out. 9 months since purchase. Lorex 4K Security Camera System, Ultra HD IP Indoor/Outdoor Wired POE Metal Dome Cameras and Smart Motion Detection, Active Deterrence Video Surveillance, 2TB 8 Channel NVR, 4 Cameras (added 4 additional cameras)
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10 months ago, Dslatt
Broken, but this is the typical Lorex quality
I've owned Lorex products for several years so I already understand it's a race to the bottom as far as quality software goes. Apparently they had to skip any testing when releasing the latest Lorex home app. It's pretty easy to find critical usability issues. For example, on a Mac M1 with the latest OS, all you have to do is open the app, log in, select the button to view all the cameras, then switch from portrait to landscape orientation. The app is now unusable. It's not like the app is really usable anyway, mainly because the lazy folks didn't even bother to allow the app to scale to a desktop screen. I should have just spent the money on the Ring cams. When you call the support line, they really don't want to hear about the issues. They want to defend this garbage system. The web view has a timeout so the only way to view the cameras and work with the system is this janky app. Time to rethink your dev team structure, Lorex.
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3 years ago, 5NKAQW
A good start
I chose Lorex in order to avoid paying a monthly subscription fee. So far, I’m content but not blow away by the app and it’s functionality. Here are a few suggestions: - Privacy Mode should be able to be turned on/off by my physical location. The notifications work this way, so why not with this function? - I also have Lorex outdoor cameras and using two apps for both is a bit annoying. Sure, I know about fusion, but that doesn’t solve my exiting problem of the cameras I have outside and what I have inside. Further, one can only add two WiFi devices to the fusion NVR, which is not ideal for someone who has the doorbell and 4 indoor cameras (like me). - Having to send my wife a separate invite email each time a camera was added was annoying. Either allow the account to be shared (which is currently not possible) or allow the primary user to add a secondary using that’s also an admin. - Would be great if I could modify camera function with Google Assistant. For example, if I run a nighttime routine on Google, one of the functions google should be able to do is turn off privacy mode. - Each time a camera was added, I needed to pick a time zone. Since these devices connect to the internet, why not just pull the location data that way?
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2 years ago, Serious issue
No more ongoing fees
I love my new Lorex system. I got 7 cameras and a doorbell camera that all work together! It provides total access monitoring and sees all around the house. I love that I can control what notifications I get.. so… I can get notifications only if someone actually pushes the doorbell, but not if it just detects movement or a person. It characterizes vehicles, and people from just movement, so it is easy to find what you are looking for in the history. The mobile app works great from anywhere my phone has a signal! I can’t talk and listen to the doorbell fine, but the neat thing is that I can listen and talk through any of my cameras too! Which is awesome! I’ve had the system installed for almost a year and absolutely love it!
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1 year ago, Lorex-lopz
Perfect upgrade
I have upgraded from and security system that went out of business, I was trying to mix match NVR but did research and decided for the LOREX FUSIÓN , it has been the right decision , easy to install , to operate ,the app, etc… Love some features on the app that one is able to see history of recording , don’t have to go to the NVR to check it . I try changing colors on the lights , and they do what you program them to do , over all I had had no problems I am very happy with the cameras and so is my family , my daughter specially . The right decision the right product , many upgrade features and very useful It’s been more than a month with them but worth it .
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2 months ago, AdminNorm
Great Door Bell Camera with no Monthly Fee
It does what it’s designed to do. My only comment for developers would be this. When I review and delete events, even if I delete ALL events, when I check device storage, it has not changed. It still consumes all the space on the SD card. The only way to free space is to format the SD card. It would be nice if the events deleted were removed from the SD card freeing up space and eliminating the extra step. Hence the 4 stars vs 5. My comment for others might be to know that sometimes when pulling up the video captured on the SD card it can be quite a bit slower than my previous doorbell camera. Also a no-fee doorbell device. Lately we’ve gotten the “Oops something went wrong” error more often than we should.
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3 years ago, Al_Capony
Let more than 1 device log in at once on same account!
We have had the Lorex Cloud for almost 2 years with 8 cameras outside our house and love them. We decided to get 2 cameras for the inside and had to download this app for those cameras. I’m also disappointed that I have to have 2 separate apps for these. What makes me more unhappy other than having to have 2 separate apps is that only one of us can be logged in at a time! Please fix this!!! RESPONSE: I am aware of the sharing, but what I dislike is that after my husband shared it with me, if I am to disable the cameras (privacy mode), he is alerted, but if he does it, I am not alerted. So again, I think one of these issues, whether it be more than one device can be logged in at the same time, or both users should be alerted needs to be fixed in my pov.
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2 years ago, Mr Jumble
Best app around
We are installers, and we have problems with every other camera mobile app out there. We landed on Lorex because they never have issues with their mobile app. If something is wrong, then you don’t have it set up right. Because it doesn’t get any easier than this. Lorex is a great company. Products ship from Canada and ship very quickly. We receive orders in about 2 to 3 days every time. Highly recommended… Before buying any camera system, I suggest looking at the reviews for their mobile app. 95% of them will all be very low ratings. This is one of the only apps you will find with near five stars. Thanks Lorex Team! Makes our job easier…
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3 years ago, Meka QC
Awesome Camera
I had the Arlo pro, wireless. Besides constantly having to charge it. It just kept going in and out . I have Verizon Fios everything would work in the house but the cameras would always go out. On too of thay I always had to re-sync the cameras when it did that . Since have the Lorex wired system. I haven’t had to recharge anything and it doesn’t go in and out due to the WiFi. Constant coverage all the time . And I get to speak over a 2 way audio system. I wished I would have done it sooner. I spent $550 of the Arlo pro and for $200 mores I got a better system . As the world is in crazy times , I feel safe knowing my home and the people in it are protect when I’m away. Thanks Lorex!
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2 months ago, Ms. P's
Very Reliable and Easy Install, great safety device
I’ve installed five of these now in two locations. I’m able to monitor the dogs at night in our home or when we’re away. I have three installed at my mother-in-law‘s assisted-living apartment. She’s vision and hearing impaired and has frequent Falls. We’ve been able to alert the facility on many occasions when she falls. It also adds a level of accountability to ensure she’s being attended to. They are easy to install, reliable, and I’ve had no issues at all. I love the ability to review recordings and to pan a different directions. No complaints recommended to others
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3 years ago, Gel-007
Motion detection needs improvement
Most of the app is great, but the motion detection needs a lot of improvement. I get too many notifications even when I tried to tweak all the available settings to minimize false positives. The app has detect vehicles and detect persons and they work really well. It also has motion zones to let you specify areas that you only want motion detection and notifications to happen. Unfortunately, you can’t specify vehicle/person only in the motion zones. As a result, I get notifications every time a person or vehicle goes by the road that we are on, when I only want notifications when there is a person/vehicle comes onto our driveway. If Lorex can fix this, the the app would be 5/5. As it is now, I have to turn off notifications, greatly reducing how useful the app could be.
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2 years ago, MovieGo-ee
iPhone 13 Pro Upgrade Issues
Recently upgraded from an iPhone XS to iPhone 13 Pro, nothing but issues. Can’t stream or see playback from my cameras. The app says there is an error. Tried deleting and reinstalling app already. I hope the developers find the issue and are able to fix it quick. My Internet speed works just fine. Maybe my NVR needs settings tweaked in the meantime for a quick fix. Great app when it works. I think the app should show camera feed options in a vertical orientation vs. a horizontal. ***Update *** Horizontal scrolling of camera feeds was added. Thank you developers! Please add dark mode support when viewing my camera feeds at night, the white background borders are too bright!
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9 months ago, Rj12159
I added 2 new cameras to my Lorex System - since then I cannot view any videos on the app. I am either getting a message saying the device password is incorrect (it’s not), or uh-oh something went wrong. Lorex’s only response is reset the cameras, set new passwords - I’ve tried resetting them 5 times the problem persists. The cameras are also not easily reachable yet I’ve tried to follow their advice. Lorex has yet to diagnose the problem, or tell me what the issue is but they want me to buy new cameras because the two older ones are out of warranty - and MAYBE that will help? So spend hundreds for something that may or may not work - when the problem looks to be the app. So, now I’m left with a camera system that can only work with the home monitor, not the app. And the new cameras don’t even work on that. One is totally offline, the other is cloudy. Absolutely useless.
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3 years ago, Richardm90
Takes long time to load up cameras
Can the speed be increased while checking cameras and not connected to wifi? I recently switched to Verizon thinking it would resolved my issue but everytime i try to connect or switch through cameras/channels sometimes it works good and theres times were it would keep loading and takes me out the app and have to close and reopen the most frustrating part is this was all happening while my house was being broken into. Although system is recording 24/7 i was really upset i was not able to see cameras live because image kepped freezing please lorex fix the issue these cameras arnt cheap and we rely on remote viewing. I have an 8 year old lorex system at my other house and doesnt do this at all. Please help
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8 months ago, Squints414
Was happy until they updated the app
I use the fusion nvr and have been very pleased with the quality of video and the easy of going thru the recorded video, it has helped keep my family safe and lead to the arrest of several theifs. The system works great and with the smart event technology it was easy to go thru footage and see if there were any issues…. That was until they updated the app, now the events page stops logging activity. Just after noon, so I now I have to scroll thru hrs of footage to see if there were any actual events that I need to address. To sum it up the system works great and the app use to work great now my family is at risk because the system doesn’t notify me in real time to the events that occur which was one of the most valuable features of this system. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Hem_a.
App not working
I bought the 8 -Channel Fusion NVR System with 4K (8MP) IP Dome Cameras with Listen-In Audio (4). A few days before thanksgiving the Lorex home app stopped working properly. The play back is slow, it took 3 minutes and 30 second to download 10 seconds worth of video. I have an iPhone 12 and I’m using iOs 16.1.2. I have deleted the app and downloaded it again still no luck. My cameras are hooked up to my tv and those work fine. I have also sent two separate emails worth the app and haven’t had anyone for Lorex reach out to me as to why my app is not working all of a sudden. **App developer, I am not happy with it because now I can not properly keep and eye on my house while I’m away. The app is NOT WORKING PROPERLY **
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3 years ago, cold hardvtruth
Nothing but problems
We bought the Lorex cameras about a year ago. Its never quite worked right. We have constant issues viewing the playback, it constantly locks me out, wont let me view any of the camera views and says my password is incorrect even after I’ve changed it. I deleted the app reinstalled it and now the new version constantly asks for my password to view anything and every single time it says wrong password! I can’t view anything on any of the 4 cameras and now the latest issue is the one time I did get to view a playback the cameras are showing upside down! I l’ve never seen a camera system with so many issues. Friends who have other brands of camera systems have never had these issues. I don’t recommend this product at all and definitely read reviews before you purchase any camera system. I’m sticking to consumer reports from now on!!
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1 year ago, Cuervo667
Don’t get this cámaras
I bought a 12 set of cámara it said it has sound and after it was installed we noticed there was no sound, I call the company and they said it should have, let me found out she came back to the phone just to let me know it doesn’t have only a panic sound when I press the bottom my 2 year old kid make a loud sound then the cámara I was forced to keep them because my house was already drill and set with the cámara cables and the when I put them on it is so hard to set them up and this stupid cámaras it gives you every second a notification and you can’t not control it visite disabling notification for all cámaras then when you try to check the videos from the night before you have to go one by one it would not show you and image on each video which mean it was a waste of money Stay away from this company I got blink the best cámaras and a lot shipper…….
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3 years ago, Kps good news
Want to return buyers be aware
I been using Lorex system for almost two years, it been a nightmare from the beginning the app is not intuitive just to say the least. In my case whatever setting I do in lorex app in my phone it NEVER work most of my cameras don’t send motivation to my phone. I call lorex after almost 2 hours on the phone they fix the problem for one day I’m so frustrated with the app and the lorex system it want lorex replace my system with a different one cause it simply don’t work not even close as advertise. Buyers be aware if you buy lorex and you install the app this is what you can expect PRO video quality is good COM app is don’t work as it should need a lot of tlc TOO much faults notifications Settings on the app or the system don’t really work. Lorex technician don’t have time for you when you call The setting is very complicating in the system and in the app I feel that lorex fail on all basic things that security camera do these days it’s a very complicated system to use, and all the basics function you expect from an expensive camera system like lorex don’t work as it suppose to. In my circumstance time schedule, perimeter, notification, none of those options work as they supposed too
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1 year ago, Led2215
POE user
We have the 4K fusion Bullet cameras and they work very well. However the notifications are on the lowest setting and still alert on a piece of dust or water droplet. I end up turning off the notifications, especially at night, since it goes off consistently if there anything in the air. Mist, rain, dust from wind etc will set off a motion notification. Also my wife and I use the same app and log in and we cannot both view something at the same time. This is a problem when I am at work and check on the cameras and now she doesn’t even receive notifications. Can the developers please allow multiple users using the same login or another user on the same account, for instance my child can view but not edit etc.
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2 years ago, Domingo1971
Need to fix the issue
Everything seems to be ok with the performance of the system, except when I need to view the recording on a certain event and I can not forward it from my devise while looking at the video. I have to waste my time guessing the exact moment the event happened because I don’t have a way to forward or rewind the recording (while looking at it) to be able to find the event or moment that I am looking for. This has been extremely frustrating to me and would also be for anyone who invest the money on a surveillance system that you have to waste your time guessing at exactly the hour, minute and second the event happened. Please come up with the solution to this issue. It would definitely make our lives easier and save us time. I would definitely give you a five star rating if this was fixed. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Lawrence DuLac
This is my third upgrade with Lorex and the fourth system I’ve purchased from Lorex. I’ve been extremely pleased with each surveillance system I’ve purchased. They have all performed extremely well, and with very little intervention on my part. In 20 years I’ve have one software failure- which Lorex quickly replaced and I replaced two HDD with larger drives after a single failure. Other than that- that’s it! The current generation is amazing! Identifying people and objects, software upgrades, additional light, siren, and the ability to review all data on the HDD remotely is AMAZING. Lorex keeps up with the times!
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2 years ago, This worx
This last update worked…for a day
Hello, iPhone 13 Pro (we should all share our phone model to help with app troubleshooting) w latest iOS. I previously reported 4-5 updates ago that the app suddenly worked perfectly for two weeks on that update. Then iOS updated, I installed that and the Lorex app went right back to not working. It has not worked since then. Upon this most recent update, everything immediately started working again! Yay! Then I rebooted my phone the next day and everything went back to not working. I have changed nothing about my network or even NVR all this time. The only changes are the app updates. This app is so amazing when it works, but why can’t it just stay working?
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2 years ago, TRH789
Contractor’s worker borrows tool
I was surprised to see one of the workers enter the garage and remove a tool. It was dark and he was using only a flashlight. My camera clearly showed the tool being removed from the storage area. Th contractor and workers had already left for the day so I had to wait until the next day to question him. Turns out the worker had borrowed it to help support a work area. I apologized but was so happy to know my new camera would so clearly show any activity in the garage with bright or dim light. I have purchased 2 additional cameras and will place them at other strategic places.
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2 years ago, Lancereq
Solid App, really good product
First off this application is a solid 4/5 for me. It set up easily, works remotely and is very efficient (low lag when doing things). A few things I would LOVE to see: • When looking at playback/timeline- WHY does it start at midnight every time?? I have absolutely no interest in seeing a recording starting at midnight if it’s 8pm now. Just show me the current video with the option to go backwards • Can the live view be automatically initiated when I open the app? It’s an extra step and kinda annoying • Can the detection notifications play a short clip instead of a static image? It’s a great feature I love on a similar product
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8 months ago, BrentG1
Lacking multiple devices at the same time feature
I have been using this app for 1 1/2 years. I finally set it up on my iPad and found out two things. 1st: only one device can be logged in at a time and 2nd, the iPad uses the iPhone app. The screen is as small as my phone when viewing. Having only one device logged in at a time is really stupid. I need both my wife and I to be able to stay logged in at the same time so we can both get alerts and view the cameras. Having to log back in on another device is dumb. I did see a response to someone else about this but I do not see the sharing option that they said is supposed to be there. I would pay a few bucks a month to have a more functional app. Disappointed
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2 years ago, JnSweetP
Ok but not perfect
I like the app for several reasons, it is relatively easy to use, I can see live views, notifications are adjustable so I can mute them when I want. Drawbacks: The system is for a second home and I am unable to make certain changes within the app (I must be on site for it to work - example, if I change to privacy mode, I wasn’t able to change it back until I was on site) It was extremely difficult to set up for the first time & I spent hours/days on the phone with tech support to get the cameras set up & sync to the app. Battery power doesn’t always last until we can return to the home & charge them.
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3 years ago, BigAl775
Great Improvements from Years Ago
I have owned Lorex cameras for several years and they have definitely improved their app and the quality of their cameras are very good. I have the wireless cameras for around my house and over the last year or so, they have been very reliable. I also have Arlo cameras for outside and they do not compare at all to the Lorex cameras for the night version. The Lorex cameras are far superior. In addition, the Lorex cameras connect much quicker than the Arlo cameras so you can view what’s going on instead of having to wait approximately five seconds, or more, for the Arlo cameras to connect.
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2 years ago, gveon
No notifications
I bought this fusion collection lorex system from Costco. I think is the newest version with smart motion detection plus, a 8 camera system Well I set up the system with the motion squares, which I think it would trigger a motion notification as soon as it senses a movement within the squared map.. well I get nothing even though notifications are set on. I tried selecting person detection which it gives me a crazy tons of notifications of non sense even when movement is detected outside my squared map. The cameras and image looks great but it’s a worthless system if I don’t get notifications when I need them, before an event happened, I don’t want to see a video of how I got my house broken into and never got a notification before it happens
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2 years ago, Kitkat3041
Why only 3 days of events??
This app keeps getting worse. The problem I’ve had with the timeline not showing properly and many uhoh something went wrong. I updated hoping it would fix issues and now I can only view 3 days of events? Am I missing something? I have a red alert in the app but I can’t get rid of it because it goes 4 days back. I had them cleared and it reappeared says it’s for 3/30 but I can’t view it because there’s no ability to. I can only view 3/31, 4/1, and 4/2. This is on my new iPad. It’s a shame I can’t update my iPhone because it’s the only thing that works properly for your app running older iOS and app versions. If this is made to go a week back for timeline why can I no longer view the events that way. So frustrating and where do you report feedback or issues for this?
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2 years ago, slartibartfaat
So much better than previous lorex apps, but stability and crashing makes it almost unusable.
Previous Lorex apps were marginal at best, very difficult to navigate and unusable for watching recordings. The “Home” App improves things quite a bit with easily accessible recording timelines and a much cleaner interface, however, it is plagued with constant crashes and strange issues of cameras not being available (but fine on the direct DVR/NVR display) which only gets resolved by factory resetting the DVR/NVR. Previous apps had no problem displaying multiple cameras in a grid but this one tends to crash when one attempts. Actually it crashes when you just swipe between cameras. Really it just crashes, a lot. I hope their app developer can get to the bottom of this and apply some real QA. If the reply is “network issues” then obviously there needs to be some simple error handling in the app vs just crashing. Perhaps the most infuriating thing is that this app is TERRIBLE on an IPad whereas the previous ones at least would use the whole screen and not be an upscale IPhone app. In summary, UX and UI have been improved over previous efforts, but QA and proper device support needs serious attention.
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3 years ago, LaceyJ01234
Cameras are great! App needs work
Love the cameras but the app is painful to navigate. Took entirely too long to figure out how to share the system with my husbands phone. Having zero luck getting audio on the app. I just have a video of each camera, but no audio. Have turned the mute button off as I have read it comes muted from the factory. Still no luck. Also, I get notifications about 70 times a day for a car in my driveway but it’s my car that has been sitting still all day. Not sure why that keeps happening, but it’s SUUUUUPER annoying. Overall, happy with the camera quality just has a few bugs.
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