Los Angeles Police FCU Mobile

4.8 (4K)
46.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Los Angeles Police FCU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Los Angeles Police FCU Mobile

4.84 out of 5
4K Ratings
6 years ago, Kingtuta
Transfer Problems
Why is it that everyone I try to make a transfer with in accounts the transfer function seems to be unavailable. Too many time do I try to transfer money to my Daughter’s account and I’m told to call customer service. This is not good at all. Please update and try to fix this problem. It seems all the time I try to transfer money to her account this happens.
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4 years ago, Nf413
Is this actually an app in 2020?
This app is an absolute joke. The 5 star ratings on here are all from like 50+ retired cops who have no clue what online banking can actually be. LAPFCU likes to claim their service is personal and their bank is small, and that’s a benefit. In reality, their service is GARBAGE and they need to hire a basic developer to make this app worth using. No other bank app crashes like this one. No other bank app has the glitches of this one. Half the time I can’t even transfer money between my accounts because the app crashes. No other bank app is as archaic as this one. Get it together, it’s not 1993 anymore. Your app technology is terrible and you will lose many you get customers if you cannot compete with every other banking institution out there.
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3 years ago, Saucy Disney Nugget
Long time user
I unfortunately no longer live close enough to a physical branch so having the app that actually lets you do everything as well as have a chat support with the real help line also makes things easier!
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2 years ago, KatieL94
Updates do more harm than good
This app was working fine, although a little basic, for years. The new update has ruined mobile check deposit. It says “please rotate device” and won’t connect to the camera no matter how my phone is oriented, rendering the feature useless. The “find an ATM or branch” feature is also incredibly difficult to use now.
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6 years ago, stopthejunk
Updates needed please
You can’t seem to make a transfer to your other accounts in the app, and balances from other accounts are never current and you can’t pay your LAPFCU credit card from the app either. These are the things I wish to have updated. Everything else is fine and bill pay works good and making check deposits through the app is great as well.
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4 months ago, Old School P-3
Through The Years…
My personal relationship with this CU spans over 40 years, and it has always been a blessing to do business with… nothing but “10’s” on the “happy scale” year in and year out.
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2 years ago, Playstaycj
Just OK
My biggest complaint is the lag of notifications after any transaction. Takes nearly a whole day. The CU itself has phenomenal services, but as of today (Apr 2022) the app just isn’t up to par with others like Chase, nor is it a good reflection of the institution. It’s just OK. Fix the laggy notifications and it’s a five star product in my book.
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3 years ago, corybm12
The worst app ever created
This app/ website crashes so often that i seriously consider closing my account just to get a bank account with another bank that has a better app/ website. If any one ever considers opening an account with this credit union i would look any where else but here due to the fact that there are far and few between banks to physically go into to address issues with.
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4 years ago, Mr.B0S
Great bank and great service
If you’re looking for a bank that doesn’t open fake accounts and doesn’t need a government bail out look no more. This is the place for you The Badges and blue, protect our money too.
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3 years ago, Blesses Tre
Best online banking
A banking app that is so efficient you’ve never entered the bank. Transactions are safe and secure. Information related to each account is easily accessible.
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1 year ago, Sea marshal
Your bank needs to have zelle.
I am considering leaving your credit union based only on the fact your bank does not have zelle. Everything else is good. I hope soon you guys can add that application to your mobile app.
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7 years ago, ER114
Top notch
Haven't had any issues, everything has been secure, easy to look at the account and activity
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2 years ago, Palanaka
Since the bank has made changes, certain functions aren’t working properly transference are being made. Sometimes there’s a frequency of not being able to get onto your account.
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3 years ago, Vlaslow
Good service. Slow computers.
The CU has good people and all of the right capabilities. However, if you’re expecting big bank computer system speed, you’ll be disappointed. Automatic payments seem to work ok. But, speed of month end reporting is slow. Notifications for transactions can be maddeningly slow with duplications.
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3 years ago, Vic2rious
Every time I need to take out a large amount or conduct some sort of loan I gotta drive 100 miles round trip!! Anyway we can get a branch out here closer to the inland empire would be great. This is a deal breaker since I may have to join another bank for convenience
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7 years ago, Cello3535
Love using this app, I can do everything on here. No need to walk into the bank unless you need to open or close an account.
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6 years ago, G&DP
Very Satisfied
Well designed and easy to navigate both on your phone or PC.
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1 year ago, Kinnematic
Check deposits absurdity
Please, please, please update this app to 2023 I can only take 50,000 different versions of a check to still not be able to deposits it. Every singles time without fail I get a different error and I’m truly trying to understand how that is possible. Im begging you fix this infuriating situation.
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6 years ago, Love2Live365
Visa Credit Card
Great improvements to the app but it would be even better if we could see accurate transaction history for the Visa credit card accounts. Thanks, keep up the good job!
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2 years ago, RErKp
Deposit camera access
Have tried all day (logged in at least 8 times AND shut down my phone and restarted it) to make a deposit but when I need to take the pic, it says to rotate your phone to take the pic but it never clears up and focuses on the check.
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5 years ago, Lil. O
Love my credit union wouldn’t go to any other bank wonderful people
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3 years ago, denverbunny
Ordering checks
I wish there was an easier way to order checks
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6 years ago, Minion72
Sooooo Easy
This app has been great. I love being able to do most of my banking on the fly.
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1 year ago, xjdsx
Fixed something that wasn’t broken!
Ruined a perfectly good app by adding ability to see other accounts, which is fine but give the ability to remove it as well!
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1 month ago, Axl Huckleberry
What functionality?
This app seems rather useless since it lacks basic banking functions that one would expect/assume a banking app to have. I am not really sure what the point of this app is because it is so lacking in functionality. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, Shana D.
Easy to use
App is very easy to use and I like that I can see all account. Only downside is that pending transactions do not show.
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7 years ago, BLOODYDAWG
Freedom of access
It is a great app that allows you the freedom to online bank anywhere in the world. Love it!
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3 years ago, channony
The Best
I really Love this App and I would recommend it to anyone 😊 Keep up the good work!
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3 months ago, Sla55
Have had LAPFCU most of my life. Never any issues and the staff are knowledgeable
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4 years ago, realtorAdrianne
Best online banking
Updated in a second! Always on real time! Simplified statements
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2 years ago, Lulu’s Apple Store
Poor Mobile deposit camera
I have to retake several times the photo.
Show more
4 years ago, Apena514
Doesn't load
I keep getting an error message every time I try to log in. I have to log in 5 or 6 times before it works. Everything is up to date, using the iPhone 11. Not sure what the problem is but it's very frustrating.
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6 years ago, Aka-Zoom
Great App!!!!!
I love the app. Makes all my banking needs very easy. Very convenient and simple to use.
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4 years ago, partyhartykidz
Add back
I like using this app. I would like you to add back the savings and credit card amount.
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4 years ago, Anon348798
Used to be great
Now I constantly have issues. Application unavailable. Time out. Can’t show account transactions or transfer money. Slow loading. It’s the opposite of convenient. This is what gets people to leave credit unions for banks whose apps work.
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2 years ago, lilpenny911
Unable to make mobile deposit
Since the upgrade the mobile deposit camera function doesn't work. Please fix asap.
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3 weeks ago, frankies picts
Easy to use
Great app fast and efficient
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5 years ago, fchghrrdgfy223444
Application error.
Get these a lot more often and cannot access my account remotely. I don’t know how much I have in my checking and no way to check since I’m away from a computer and it’s after hours. So the solution is?
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5 years ago, Max & Luna
Even though most of us have a large family and work paycheck to paycheck , LAPFCU has been great ... LAPFCU TEAM.
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3 months ago, bautista101
Why is it that the only time I get alerts on my account is when I look on to the site? It’s dumb…most other sites alert you the moment the transaction is made.
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4 years ago, kscott146
Terrible app
This app is terrible and so far behind other credit Union apps. All of a sudden I am unable to make online deposits. I am also unable to transfer money to another credit union via the app.
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7 years ago, Dirty72Bunny
Love it
Love this app! It's so easy and helps me keep on top of my finances at all times.
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3 years ago, Joser O
Nice! Easy to use
Easy to use
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3 years ago, zigfus
App background color
Please go back to the blue screen on the app
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5 years ago, AnotherPUBGplayer
I spent $10 dollars today I had 10 in my savings and 5 in my checking the rest of the money vanished be careful for which machines you use
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1 year ago, SheepDaug
Mobile deposit never works
The apps mobile deposit never works
Show more
4 years ago, SgtMajM
Easy to use with total convenience! Great app.
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5 years ago, cam38648
Bank to Bank Transfer
The app works well but not as good as other banking apps. I would like to see Bank to Bank transfers from the app.
Show more
6 years ago, POMONA160
Credit Card
Unable to see credit card due date on application.
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1 year ago, acwitherow
Check deposit not working
Stuck in “please rotate device”
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