Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino

4.8 (218.5K)
288 MB
Age rating
Current version
SpinX Games Limited
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino

4.77 out of 5
218.5K Ratings
2 years ago, kcwazzup2
Fun Game
Either I’ve been incredibly lucky, or this game is set up right to keep you interested in playing throughout the day. There are several ways for you to earn coins to keep it going. I am still trying to figure out what some of the symbols mean when earning “boosts”, I wish they gave an explanation of each. The pink box with a lightening bolt through it is one I haven’t quite figured out. I also would love it if they would have a quick link attached to the boost areas like to boost your level to earn more coins. It tells you to boost for it, but clicking on it only takes you to the purchase area where you can get coins, gems and boosts but not to the actual boost you are looking for. Not knowing which boost symbol belongs to what, hinders me from purchasing (which I do not do too often and paying isn’t necessary for big wins). The green gems are incredibly hard to earn and give you a leg up sometimes when needed. Again, I have won quite big without purchasing so this game is awesome for those who can’t or just won’t. If you run out of coins today, wait 15 minutes for some from the scratch or an hour for the express. Both help you get back in. I have drained mine a few times and waited until the next day and wine huge. I seriously like this game, they don’t seem greedy and you get some really nice wins!!!
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5 years ago, Bmarcan
This is actually the first review that I have ever written on anything. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game but I’m extremely frustrated at the moment and after reading some of the other previous reviews apparently this is how the app is designed, which is pretty crappy!! In the beginning bonuses are amazing! You will never have a shortage of free spins or bonus games, it’s amazing! And then I noticed that the winning slowed down significantly. But I was still getting big wins and bonus games every now and then. I was actually up to 800 billion at one point and when I hit that mark was when everything basically shut off. I haven’t hit ANYTHING in weeks. I thought maybe just give it some time. It will come back around. Purchased things to see if that would help. Nothing helps! Your money basically disappears! I noticed that every time I would get into the app, my coin balance was significantly less than what it was when I was getting out of the app. It’s all just bizarre to me! I did send a message through the app earlier today so we shall see if those other complaints about customer service are also true. I really don’t want to delete the app because I really enjoy it but if something isn’t done about the 800 billion that was lost basically overnight then I’ll be left with choice I guess.
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5 years ago, Tigers0911
Stay away from this app
I suspect that if anyone spent any amount of time and money checking each spin you could find flaws. I’ve played this game frequently over the past couple of weeks and sadly shame on me spent money on junk. I have noticed problems with the amount of the bet not matching the amount that came off the balance, anytime you get stars for a 5 in a row you don’t win more than you bet, I’ve been in free games and sometimes the scatter gives you more free spins - sometimes it doesn’t, I have never even seen the Grand or Major pass by to even potentially win it, if you try to stop the spin in progress it doesn’t stop the same each time you press it - it will either randomly stop one column and roll the rest or slowly keep going - basically if you try to stop the spin don’t believe you will ever be lucky enough to get free spins or increase your chances of earning bonuses. Many other things I noticed as I played that I should have written down. In summary I have spent too much time and money. Someone should take the time to troubleshoot all of the problems with this App. Lesson learned. Don’t waste your time or money with this App.
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2 years ago, bobduplicate
Duplicate billing
I liked this particular casino game but I had a problem with multiple occasions where I was charged multiple times for one purchase. And the Apple billing statement I noticed that there were multiple charges of the same amount but I thought maybe they were different days in Billings. However, because of that suspicion I watch the billings and what would happen is I would try to authorize a purchase on my iPad with the finger print function in multiple occasions it would say that it was denied I would do it again and it would be finally approved. Those denials showed up his charges on my account along with the one purchase. I was never able to find anyone at that company to rectify the problem. My experience would suggest to be very careful with your purchases with this company and check your billing statement for duplicate charges. Apple was a little use and dealing with the issue. iTunes has a reputation for not being very consumer friendly and I certainly found that to be true in my experience.
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2 years ago, dustbitter
Masters of wealth slot
So I play lotsa slots everyday last night after work I started playing I had over 2 trillion coins and started playing Masters of Wealth played for over 3 hours eventually losing every coming I had. While playing collecting over two hundred golden clings that is supposed to take you to the bonus round to have the chance to win the big jackpot well that never happened so today I bought more coins started playing Masters of Wealth again I collected close to another two hundred golden coins just hopping to get to the bonus round to try for the big jackpot which was over two trillion coins well I texted support and it seems like I just just blew off telling me they would be in touch. I mistakenly gave them wrong email so I tried to contact support again put the right email in and then texted anyone there no response. So evidently this site is not customer friendly and just cares about the sales. I’m so done with this one I try to be nice but support is the wrong word should be rip-off slots.
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4 months ago, Buddha_hotei_boy
Lotsa Slots can and WILL reach into your account and edit your progress, take coins from your wallet, double charge you for purchases(that can ONLY be purchase once a season 14-21+ days), reset your progress, and that’s just a few of things they do to their players. If you contact their support they DENY DENY DENY even when there are corroborating screen shots. Their head office is located in Hong Kong, which most likely means it’s actually inside of mainland China but running their “western apps” out of a Chinese owned Hong Kong office to skirt western laws and protections. If you or anyone you know ever finds a glitch that causes you to benefit they will randomly decide that you are cheater even after you report the glitch/programming error and they deny there is such a glitch in their system. LASTLY read many of the negative reviews, LotsaSlots or SpinX will ask those reviewers to take their grievances to the in app “customer service” chat option simply because they wish to have their negative reviews and feedback hidden from the public.
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11 months ago, BG01594
Changed for the WORSE
I’ve been playing for 18 months. I left another slot game, that I had played for 10+ years, in favor of Lotsa Slots!!! I hope that tells you how more more I loved Lotsa Slots!! Well, that all came crashing to a halt this past week. As someone else reviewed, they removed the “progressive” pots for double chile and yin yang, so you can no longer win a “Q” out of playing a LOT. (you have to bet INSANE amounts, which would bankrupt you in no time 🤔). I won a few Qs, over the past 18 months, making the game incredibly fun. Don’t get me wrong - I lost, too, but it was balanced with just the “right amount” of wins to keep me happy and wanting to play….a lot. Well, that is completely gone, now, and so am I. Not only have they removed the progressive (which would build until someone won), the bonus rounds are few and far between, and when you do hit them, the payouts are abysmal. I’ll check back in, from time to time, to see if they change it back. If they do, I’ll be back, and recommend it to others (which I have), but I doubt that they will. Lastly, to the developers who respond to comments; save your time by responding to me (like you do to everyone else) to contact support to let them know what’s wrong as you want us to have an enjoyable experience. Read everything that I wrote, above, and let it sink in. There is nothing more to say. Change it back, or I’ll never be back. I’m sure many others feel that way, too. Have a nice day.
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2 years ago, Susagoo
Fun Fun Fun
I’ve enjoyed this game so much…!! Unfortunately I will probably need to delete it once I’m out of coins as I’ve only been lucky enough to get 2 grand jackpots to keep me in the game for the past year or so that I’ve been playing and because I like this game - I’ve probably spent a few THOUSAND DOLLARS over that period of time for coins!! I can no longer do this so sadly once my balance is close to ZERO; I will be deleting the game. For those of you who want to have some REAL FUN playing these types of games - DO IT!! The games are LOTS OF FUN and the GRAPHICS are terrific!!! Just watch your wallet - it’s real easy to get caught up into the coin offers! And they’re great coin offers if you can control your spending. I’ve spent way more than I wanted to so I will sadly say goodbye to this game once my coins are gone. When your 70 years old and living on a fixed income - you need to be careful with your money and if you’re not winning REAL MONEY back - what’s the point…?!?! So have fun with this game - it REALLY IS TERRIFIC…!!!
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2 years ago, JaySouth26
Terrible customer service
This game is total trash. I bought coins never got them i then tried to get customer service and nobody responds EVER its been 3 Months and i still have yet to make contact with them. I play on free coins in the mean time and i have 5 billion i bet 1 million and then end up with 10 thousand coins. The game glitches. You get a 1 mill coin reward it shows but then you collect other rewards and suddenly have less than before you got that original 1 mill. Its so bad dont bother getting this game you will waste your time and money and they wont help you.. they respond here saying sorry and direct you to report in in the settings customer support contact us section of the app. But good luck like i said its been months with out a response. And i probably never will get one. They are here to take advantage of those who pay money to play. The more you play the less you win and the more you spend the more you lose. They should at least let you win real cash is your spending real cash. But its all a scam. To rob you of your hard earned dollars. Play for free or dont play at all… and they send me an automated message to contact them through the app but i did months ago and never got a response.. hahaha pathetic.
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1 year ago, Sparky The Teckie
You hit ant JackPots!
Your commercials are totally ridiculous! And your lucky if you get 1 jackpot! And when you run out of coin then you are expected to buy them! These people take what they can get from their players but when it’s time for them To give back they never do! They just want you to watch Their ads, that's how they make their money. They promise you everything and deliver nothing, where's my 100 times compensation that you promised in your commercial? I am deleting you liars! Update: I gave your game a second chance. I lost it all again! I never won a grand jackpot, and just 3 days ago I spent over $400 buying coins and gems. I lost it all, I can’t afford this game anymore. People like to win too especially people who spend alot and support your game! I can promise you there will be no more third chances from me! The minute I log on you hit me with high pressure here buy this buy that. My recommendation of this game don’t do it unless you want to lose!
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4 years ago, maries wish
This review might get deleted but for it does...
This game maybe fun and all but let me point out something in case no one knows click the arrow under where it says iPad the page will open to how the game is played down close to the end it reads this game is intended to be entertaining for adults but IT DOES NOT OFFER ANY REAL CASH it’s there in fine print these apps are sharing the videos of the people who act like they are winning big but they actually ain’t winning on any of these scamming games it’s a gimp to get you to spend money or they hit you with so many ads that will make you lose your mind in which they get paid every time an ad plays in their apps If anyone is really winning money it’s not on any of the casino games if anyone does read this just remember look for it in the print where it says it doesn’t offer real cash if your here for that I fell for these many times and why put money into these apps if you can’t get any of it back by winning its set up for people to lose even if it’s real I don’t get how people can give away their money for luck it’s ridiculous you might as well buy drugs you might get a better use for your money sorry I know that was excessive but I’m just pointing out a fact anyways read before you play.
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4 months ago, MAD I WAS RIPPED OFF
Gave way too much money an can’t even win much the most I’ve won was 500T
Up date now I’m having to contact costumer service been on almost a year dumped too much in the app to not even win a Q yet not even over 500T I don’t know why or who is running costumer service but they could care less if we are loyal paying costumers. I’m not getting no we’re an no one care to fix what owed to me in coins. There’s no number My hard earn money should be appreciated but instead I’m writing customer service and begging for coins that I won .I came to distress but now I’m being stressed it’s supposed to be fun but instead I’m just a piggy bank they haven’t given me half the wins I should’ve gotten for the price that I paid. I will update here shortly. This is 2024 now. Things have gotten a little bit better on the app. Let’s hope that I hit way better wins I however did get merchandise which is not always easy to get well. I’ll give you an update soon.
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2 years ago, Jacob L P
Good fun but greedy creators.
I played this slots game for a solid 3 months about an hour or two a day. I noticed this game has a very specific set up. When you start you don’t have many coins you’ll most likely start winning and feel good. Then you’ll be up but they’ll increase the minimum you can bet on games so realistically you’re not even up you’ll win or lose at the same rate. When you get drained of coins you’ll get a million different pop ups asking you to buy or spend money. Also for the first month they have it set up to where they’ll give you “BIG WINS” or “MEGA WINS” and right after you’ll get a pop up asking for you to leave a rating on the App Store. If you say no to leaving the rating the same thing will happen over and over again and you’ll keep getting big wins. This alone lets you know how set up and predetermined this slot is. Very disappointing. I give it a three star though because Besides the pop ups and negatives they have a great app layout with actual fun slot games I wish they would fix the other problems though.
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5 years ago, Fharris
Not so great
I have played a lot of different slot games and so far this one seems the fairest, meaning the bonuses and extra rewards seem generous so I have not had to keep reloading as often. The side games for earning extra credits keep you in the game and are fun to play. I’ve won the most credits of any game, almost 5 trillion. I’ve lost a little since, but not so much because I am still in play. Love this so far. After playing for several months, I too noticed that when I finally reached over 1Q in credits, all of a sudden I could not increase my wins but instead lost it all. I liked the game enough to buy more credits and built my account back up only to lose it all again. Today, I played the Vegas slot game and won a Major credit which would have added 3Q to my account, but it did not! I did email support but have had a lot of difficulty getting any response. I’m not sure what my options are for resolving this but I hope the developers will make good on what they owe me.
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2 years ago, aiur badareev
Writе thе wоrd YDK765 in YоuTubе and stаrt making mоnеу аt the сasinо
Hello! I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots
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1 year ago, Suki53
Don’t Do It!!!
Don’t download this game unless you’re willing to apply some of your hard earned real money for their fake money!!!! I’ve been playing this game for 4-5 years now and the highest in coins I’ve got to is 12T. That only lasts maybe a week if you’re betting low. Then you’re broke for two months or more. I did a little experiment one day just to prove my point here, I was out of coins and none and I mean none of the games were hitting and I had already traded in ALL of my stamps for some coins, then I thought I’m going to buy the lowest package of coins I think it was like $1.99 or $4.99 and BAM every game started hitting but again a week later back to no coins!!!! I know support will come to add their comment saying “all games are the same or random and sometimes you hit a streak of bad luck” well no Karen/Ken you don’t cause the other two games I play I hit a bad streak for about a day not two months and I will NOT spend real money for fake money! They reward in the millions even if you’re in the billions or trillions, never matching the level you’re at. I’ve wasted enough time with this game that I’ve deleted it so save yourself the stress and agony and find a better game!
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3 years ago, KAS_SAL70$
Lotsa Slots Rocks!
I have been playing this particular Game App for over a year or so. I won’t immediately start paying for any event or drain my bank account because let’s face it, we are paying almost all of these Apps , and not getting paid to win. So, it usually takes me a while to warm up to the idea of putting my hard earned money into something that I’m not profiting from. Every now and then I might buy some packages if they are at a fair price. All in all, I love the Clan concept, and the fact that if you do put money into this App, you get to have a Stamp added in your likeness, and your beloved pet as well, and you get to join a couple members private and public forums, Lounge, to share and give congrats to top winners. It’s a very friendly online experience. A++. Thank You Lotsa Slots for your hard work and commitment to the consumer.. Love the detail and layout, and payout ..! K.A.S...🤑🤩🎊👊🏼☝🏼✌🏼#lotsaslots
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10 months ago, thisis no good
Keeps me entertained
Not bad. Very good graphics. Good verity of slots. also includes a lot of other things like quest game with slots. Also has groups you can join and chat with. It can be addictive and cost a lot of money if you buy chips I recommend setting daily limit on real money you spend. I can play for days on free chips given so it’s really just a personal choice to buy upgrades I played and completed one game spending no money so it’s possible just going to take longer. But this is very good entertainment and who cares how long it takes and I have made a lot of new friends. I had some issues with my account and support staff got back to me right away and issue was fixed within a day. Be careful of sites offering free coins if they can’t add to your account without redirecting you its likely not the game staff. Love the game and all the bonus stuff. 🎰🎯🎲🧩🎟 good luck not getting addicted. Slot machines play realistically and makes fake money feel real 🤞🏻🍀💰♾🎰🤩🤑
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4 years ago, Wanting stars
Lotsa Slots has lotsa work to do
Your app has one of the worst fail rates I’ve ever seen. It boots you out going from one game to another or in the middle of bonus games or special events. I guess that makes it fail rate more than 75% of the time. I gave it the second star cuz the app could have possibilities if it didn’t dump you out of the game all the time. I’m about ready to quit because continually having to restart the game is not fun! Could have been a good game if you didn’t have to continually restart the game every time you get a high score, try to open one of the special games, open your daily requirements, open your stamp book or just about any other thing on this app. This app is crap and stingy with coins after you hit a certain level. It may differ for each person but it will happen! I had 13 trillion points a week ago now I only have 6 billion. That may sound like a lot but it isn’t when you are well over level 1000. By that time you are probably betting lose to 5 billion per spin.I have made many in game purchases, which was fine at first but now it just drains away in a few spins. Like I said before, as soon as I have used up all my points and my benefits run out I’m done.
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1 year ago, André Rieu Sunday
Hello Hi there are we still on our would be here for us and I will
Hello owner and wondering what the heck is your dad is going outside with you guys are we will do that you have to your place to you and then we can get you guys and we will get together for you and your wife and we are all going out and you only have a family for your life but we are in our family that we will be blessed to you and we can do that and you will never be happy for you and your life will be blessed and we will always have you in your life forever forever grateful and I will be grateful and you are in loves you guys are so blessed to have a great day and I have a great friendship and you will be proud to have you and the future you will never have a great year you deserve it you will never do it again you deserve it to you have you deserve to you deserve it and we love it all the things that
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2 years ago, loveofmusic2
Lotsa jackpots- not!
Review #2 - (Since Lotsa Slots deleted the last one). As I said before, this game is fun, and you may get SMALLER jackpots, you will NOT get jackpots in the trillions & in 10 spins. I’m level 300+, and the highest jackpot was 1 trillion. Please let my level sink in JUST to get that jackpot. It IS a fun game, but don’t expect all of these “so called” jackpots they advertise. “Average game time for me now” 3 minutes. Fun game- Slotomania type copycat game (no extra winnings here!) Developer response “ Hi there, Just a reminder that we are not a real casino, but a Casino-like game, any tournament prizes or game winnings added to your in-game balance are to increase your playtime and level. Use of our app is strictly for entertainment purposes and not meant to be used for gambling of any kind as stated in our App description.” I know it’s NOT real money & you claim you CAN get jackpots in as little as 10 spins - ha! I’m level 300+ with ONE jackpot to my name. Why don’t you try understanding what I wrote in the first place??
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11 months ago, 1964OFT
Watch out for frozen ads
Updated July 08, 2023. The ad from Naughty Cats does not allow me to continue. I keep hitting the go back to LotsaSlots and it will not go away. Previous review below. Very annoying! This is a great game but lately if you click on a bonus to get free coins, an ad is okay. That is a good way to get free coins. BUT the ads don’t shut off. Today I could not get the Monopoly ad to shut off. I waited over 2 minutes and even closed the app to play a different puzzle on my iPad. I went back to LotsaSlots and the Monopoly ad was still there. I had to manually shut down and power off the iPad. This has happened several times over the past few weeks. I now know to skip the free coins. And, to those players who say they got ripped off paying, simply just wait each day to get free coins, you don’t have to pay any money at all. This app has tons of slots and many games within games each week. It is a lot of fun!
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4 years ago, lacross57
This is a fun game??
As long as you spend money to play this game, you will win. When you first start to play this game, they pull you in by letting you win a lot, but after a very short while, you will start to lose unless you spend money. Sorry but that’s the truth!! It’s either spend money to win a free spin or you will never get a free spin or a large win. At least with Slotomania, they have a VIP manager that sends you large amounts of coins everyday and other things to get you to come back and play. It’s obvious that this game is very new and just starting out and it’s not a bad game, it’s a newbie. It will learn and get bigger and better. I will most definitely continue to play because it is still fun. I just hope that they start getting newer games along the way.. I still love this game and have told all of my friends about it and I now have about 100 that I communicate daily with.. I wish this game Lotsa Slots nothing but tremendous success in the near future and forever.... I’ll still be there, I hope all my friends will too..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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2 years ago, Veteran_hoorah!
The journal of lies!!!!
Took a break, decided to spend money three times now, and still lies and just trash!!!!! You don’t have to top off you win jackpots in 5 min, lies lies! Money robbing people not about entertainment or services It started off good…now for weeks I go in and win nothing. These advertisements about hitting jackpots and wins with in 5 min, totally inaccurate. I log in and play every day and nothing. Just another bunch of lies to download their game. I’m sure I’ll win if I top off but something but wait their advertisements said no need! Another day of winning nothing. The lies continue! Be back tomorrow… Another day! 350 mil coins at 7,5 mil bet…so 50 spins about. One positive win, no bonus, nothing. Lies continue…Back tomorrow…back again, about 40 spins today from coins collected, one positive win that was 2 million above the 6 million bet. No bonus… nothing. Catching the trend, lies!
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5 years ago, Satanas6661
Great and fair game
Hey guy I usually never right reviews about games , but this one is special ! I have played this game for 6 days straight and it’s been sooo generous ! I hit so many jackpots and I am over a billion in coin ! You could play A lot of missions that pays 100 millions when completed , and there not hard to complete ! The only thing I don’t like is the ranking , instead of saying 999 it should say the % . Example if I have a billion coin it should say your on top 10% of all players for example ! I did a 2.99 purchase not because I was out of coins but just to support the team behind it for there hard work ! Thank you for an amazing casino slot game ! Hope in the future you will be Adding black jack and roulette or even maybe you could create clubs where people could join a leader and chat , and have tournaments where clubs fight for a prize in the end of the week ! Thank you !!!
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9 months ago, Nomar Patience
Deceptive and illegal activities
I have jumped through your hoops and obstacles you call your “contact us” button on my page and have failed to get any response addressing my concerns I have with your gaming site but see you at least acknowledge reviews so I am here to inform you that by stealing money out of a bank accounts or from a credit or debit card for more money than authorized is wire fraud.. If that isn’t bad enough when your organization took real money by advertising and falsely promoting payouts of jackpots or feature wins and didn’t pay them out than your company/ organization committed a federal crime that is covered under the Rico Act which means you can’t hide under foreign flags or be protected on the soil they fly over. You may think your covered by terms like “For Entertainment purposes only” clauses but the second you took real money without paying out Wins and by extorting and collecting more money from people you became a Racketeer… Bottom line if my concerns and issues are not addressed and continue to be ignored than I will notify those who won’t ignore them…
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4 years ago, Cherita P
Worst slots ive played in a while
Update. Wish i could give zero stars. Gave them a try poured money in with absolutely no return. Customer service? They respond back once every 2 to 3 weeks. I have deleted the app completely. They have a “mode” they can put players in where they can not win big and only can win on bets below a certain amount. So if i bet 15bil i may win 2bil but the second i change to 200mil my screen will be filled with wilds. Rigged and u fair. I originally liked these slots but when i would buy and see no return I immediately realized there are much more favorable slots to play. A few times in particular had about 100bill coins and got all the way go zero with a combined total line hits of about 2 bil. Even actual slots that pay actual money are more loose than that. Its not loke it pays out real money but you def have to pay real money. The side challenges are ridiculous. Have to play a full world of slots to get 15 billion which is not even worth doing when you have to bet 108bil in one slot machine alone. I loved it now i hate and will return to my more fair slot games instead.
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3 years ago, grandnay
Please remove this app from my phone.
I want to never see this game again !! I have never played something so corrupt and rigged in my entire life . .. How can I remove all games of this sort from my phone ? Everyone stay away .. you are forewarned ... these people have no intention of you being able to play .. you don’t spin . You don’t choose a game .. your experience is totally controlled by then .. pay for coins and they allow you to hit for a little while .. they will not allow you to play again and hit until they take everything back .. not one single site will hit ... I have actually done that .. every single site will not hit ... they are all ... every single one set to lose .. you play to your own demise .. you have been forewarned !!! I promise you .. this is the truth !!!
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2 years ago, Kathy1215
The good and the bad
The good news is that this is the best slot machine app. The graphics are fabulous and I’ve had very few glitches while playing it a lot...too much. There are now tons of new games. Since I started a couple years ago they’ve probably at least tripled the Number. The bad news is that since the early days it has become a lot more expensive to play. They probably need the revenue to maintain all these games but I run out of money quickly and it becomes very expensive. The pop ups are incessant to spend more real money. And the fake coins have become increasingly hard to get. It would be nice if there were just a monthly charge to play like a poker game I play. The only other thing I would change is to make the instructions more clear. At least when I’m playing in a real casino I get a chance to get real money back. In this game the money only goes out! So it’s super fun but expensive once you’re hooked like me!
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2 years ago, Ethan Szulc
Odds being throttled.
This game at first is very fun, seeing big wins coins skyrocketing and the rush of each jackpot ensuring your always gaining coins. Although after some time 2-3 days I’d say. Your odds are turned down going from starting coins to 700 billion coins, and shortly after you get dry scarce jackpots and when you do hit a re-spin the prize is minimal. Texted support told them my issue they just respond basically saying that the slots are fair and odds aren’t rigged to keep you spending money on coins. They never send a link to proof of fairness or anything you just have to take their word for it. Quite fed up with this game as I did have quite a lot of fun with it in the beginning. Now I’m left with collecting my daily bonuses just to place the minimum bet and only play for 30 spins to be left with insufficient funds to play further and waiting another hour or so to have 5 minutes of spins. Game needs to be reworked to keep you playing and not a joke. And also I had downloaded this game on a separate device and fell into the same pattern as before
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2 years ago, manbat_tragedy
Needs a lot of improvement
No matter what slot I play which my favorite are bank bounty, and penguin gold and the pig one, I’ve never once hit a major, mega, or grand jackpot, and I’ve had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of spins. I rarely ever get a minor or mini jackpot, and I feel that’s it’s unfair to us who have not once hit the grand let alone a mega and let alone a major jackpot, I liked the game, but I’ve spent a lot of time waiting and waiting for a jackpot, and just as I’m about to get the major/mega/grand jackpot, it never lets me get one no matter what, and I’m so disappointed, if you guys can change this to where we get a grand jackpot after so many spins or atleast make it common for a mini and minor so we can keep playing, I mean I’m not speaking for every player, but there’s a lot of us who are fed up not getting a grand jackpot to begin with, you add even says a jackpot every 15 minutes you play, and that doesn’t even happen. I’ll change my review if you make to where we actually win a grand or a mega or a major jackpot every so many spins
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2 years ago, ChelseaHouse
Too many slow graphics for special effects
Fun to play, but the graphics slow down the pace of the game. I play for relaxation and entertainment, but having to press “collect” 2-3 times for the same win notification is boring. Also, the graphics are very slow before allowing you to X out of the pop-up to continue on playing. Instead of 5-10 seconds of stars and such, maybe, 1-2 seconds of stars with the option to X out if you want to continue playing. Most of the pop-ups have an x to opt out of the visuals, but they do not work. It stresses me out to have to slow down the pace every time I win. Also, when you don’t meet a challenge, instead of saying the player has “bad luck”, say something more inviting so the player will play and pay more. “Oops, sorry! Keep trying, you almost had it!” My 3 cents worth. I like the game, like the visuals, but they’re just too slow for a slot machine game.
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2 years ago, SMM1111
Forced Arbitration Provision in Amendment to Terms of Use Agreement
A few days ago I opened the app only to be confronted with a forced Arbitration Provision in an Amendment to the Terms of Use Agreement, because the app owner/developer has a class action lawsuit pending against it in Washington state. Also, as others have mentioned, there have been times when I accessed the app and discovered “billions” of points/dollars “missing”. Basically the owner/app developers are scammers/identity thieves/just plain thieves, so if you think you mist use the app, never provide them with any identity information, NEVER BUY ANYTHING (so when points/dollars go “missing” it isn’t something you bought), and if you have an iPhone, set it so they can’t access and sell your data. I quit using the app when I encountered the forced Arbitration Provision.
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2 years ago, Kay Carlyle
I’m absolutely addicted to this game! I love it, I’ve won a few big wins, and it’s so exciting as if I’m at the casino! The thing I don’t like about the game is it can be a little stingy, for it being fake money and not winning real money, it can be annoying when you don’t just win more coins so you can play longer, I’ve spent well over 80 real dollars in this game to get more coins just to not actually win real money anyway, I wish it would be more generous. The game is pretty generous in the beginning but once you start betting more money it’s so fast to run out and not be able to play unless you buy coins, it can be hard to even get bonuses half the time. I guess it’s trying to give the real experience of being at a casino but I know it’s not real money so it would be nice to win more often!
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6 months ago, DonDix6969
Addictive,fun and very disappointing
It is true that the developers need to be paid for their hard work, yet it seems that there is some trickery here to let one pay for the other. Many don’t pay to play, yet they are sometimes the ones you see on top of the leaderboard. The ones who are truly addicted keep on buying coins yet never seem to reach the Plato they are gunning for, because they always keep on buying, chasing ????, I have been playing for a few years and I am one of those that buys coins regularly. Yet the more I spend, is the more I seem less of a player as I cannot win a satisfying amount of coins to just play for a substantial amount of days. It’s a shame , yet I keep on doing that same stupid””thing over and over again.
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4 years ago, Amy Jo :)
Fun to play but randomly credits disappear & no problem resolution whatsoever
I like playing the slots but after you reach a higher dollar amount, the slots don’t payout & you quit winning!! I went from having 800B to being broke in no time! I even bought credits as I thought that might help since I had never made any purchases on this app. I quickly found out that when I would make one purchase not only would I be charged for that purchase but an additional purchase that I had clicked ‘no thanks’ to would also be charged on my credit card. I tried a couple times to message customer service through the app but never received a reply or even any acknowledgement that they got my message. I WAS NOT HAPPY about that & have made NO MORE charges since! I feel like I was ignored & no one cared that they just basically stole money from me & no one was willing to fix it or at least discuss it with me & make it right whether it be through free credits or whatever their solution may be. FUN BUT DON’T BUY CREDITS.
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4 months ago, Grgsgfjdhdjsj
They take your money and don’t give you your rewards
The only reason I am giving this 5 stars is so people can see this review. The developers are horrible, support is useless. Even when you have screenshots showing you won a reward but didn’t receive it, they never compensate you for the loss. And when you stop purchasing, they de-activate your account, and you lose all of your coins. Also, we played their slot, and were punished for playing it. Apparently it had a glitch, a slot they designed, and because we played it, they took away all of our coins it took years to build. Unfair business practices in violation of the Federal Trade Commission, as confirmed by the FTC. I did contact support, they gave some generic vague response. The FTC oversees mobile game apps. They fined Epic over $500M for similar practices that Spinx is engaging in, and their app Fortnight was removed from both Apple and Google platforms. Your choice to be fair, or risk your games being removed. Give your members back their coins and levels.
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4 years ago, Mzzzshay
Best Casino game!!
This is the best casino game I have played ever! I was leary of the game at first due to all the negative reviews but decided to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did!! I enjoy the clans feature, where I can complete missions with my clan and try to move up the ladder. I like that there are multiple missions to complete solo. The best part of the game is that I joined with 2m coins, I have been playing for about 5 days and have kept an average of 500m coins so that I can play as much as I want to without worrying about running out or having to purchase more to progress. Keep up the great work! I think I will be playing for a long time and will also refer to my friends that like to play casino games.
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3 years ago, Molly Puggins
Fun, but a free glitches
This is one of the games that I go to when I have some time to kill. It has been a good game, but lately, I gave seen several glitches have been showing up frequently. 1) the scratch card that is supposed to reset once every 24 hours I’d resetting 2 to 3 times per day which is aggravating because it always seems to reset right when you get to the middle of the multiplierlevels, which means you can never get to the top. 2) the wheels have gotten to where if you have been on a winning streak they start to slowdown and just as you are about to win the reels pick up speed again and keep spinning until they finally stop on a losing hand. It’s hard to enjoy the game when you know you are going to lose. That’s when I generally change to another game.
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2 years ago, Zstone2
Rigged - Don’t Waste Your Money.
Like any slot game, it is rigged to get you to spend more money. You can totally tell the rig when your coins go up once you hit spin. Also, games that require 3 symbols to trigger any jackpot or mini game, will always give you two of the 3, then the next spin, the 3rd symbol always appears where it should have last spin. It’s super addicting but once you win big once, you never win big again. You run out of coins faster then you can win them. It’s a never ending cycle and the ads for In-App purchases are very annoying and if you want to keep playing or even have an enjoyable experience, you have to pay to play. It can add up. No real money is won, but it will take real money to win fake money and rank anywhere. Makes no sense really. Downloaded this game because it advertised big wins without spending real cash, that’s a lie. Just don’t waste your money on their tricks.
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2 years ago, Notsohappyatall
Rigged to lose
The game started out fun. It was hitting nice and was engaging. All of a sudden, it stopped hitting anything more than 5% of the bet. I went from 800 billion coins to zero in a matter of days. I had spent money on in app purchases. That seemed to have adverse affects as well. Wheel spins will pull back winning items, literally reversing the wheel. The in app purchases are not worth the money asked. The coins in the purchases are very low considering the game forces you to keep increasing your minimum bets. The video ads on Apple regarding this game are absolute lies. The game does not do what they claim. I don’t expect to hit top prizes, but I don’t expect the game to absolutely quit hitting wins altogether. There are much better slots out there. A lot of them work much like the mechanical old school Vegas machines that cannot be rigged to force losses. This game will literally steal your wins. You can see it happen when the reels spin backwards to prevent a win or furthering a bonus.
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3 years ago, Amazing Game Just A Lot Of Ads
I’m not going on my own way too bad I’m gonna is it to you and you can have it for a couple hours if y’all are going on a ride home I was gonna you wanna was the time of my life and I’m sorry I’m not going on the day to you but I’m gonna is it a cold and I’m going on to go to sleep I’m gonna was a really bad thing to get to the house I gotta is a time for you and I can come lay with y’all for tomorrow I’ll talk with ya girl I love ya girl and I’m just thinking of how I gotta get you all you right now and you don’t have anything else for that girl and you don’t have anything you to tell you you know I wanna do I want just you to know if I’m finna I’m not doing it I gotta is my time I love ya girl and I’m gonna is the day I gotta get to you get it
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3 years ago, Lynnski357
Lotsa Slots
I’m having major problems the last couple days with the slots I’ve been playing not adding my winnings to my game , I mean like 80 mill, 30 mill, 145 million and 60 million on the slot of hearts and same problems on the zin dang game and on every spin taking away 10 and 15 mill from my score. I have reported it three times the last couple days. I can’t stand trying to play the slots this way and spending money for large amounts of coins and they disappear in thirty seconds. I’ve been playing for sometime now and have really been enjoying it but this problem has just started and this is the second day of it and if they can’t fix it then I’m just going to leave the site and not play no more because at this point the games are a pain and a major problem and definitely no fun at all. .... Hope u fix so I can give u 5 stars! TSpencer
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1 year ago, H.A.D.77
Lotsa losing is what it should be called.
First off I love how everyone that wrote a bad review got the same generic response from the developers. They don’t give a sh:t about you. It’s all about the money. The higher level you get the more you lose. You are forced into higher betting brackets and you loose all of your coin. If your lucky you will get a big win which to them is 20 billion on a 8 billion bet it’s a joke and the prices to buy the coins are even more of a joke. I’ve dealt with customer service due to false advertising and there response was they would pass it on. You would think they were giving you money out of their pockets when you won fake coins in a game. It also says that buying things doesn’t affect your game play but it’s funny I have only ever slightly won after spending money. If you guys really wanted to fix things you would keep people happy by letting them win every now and then.
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1 week ago, ElroyJH
I Understand
It’s a really fun slots game. There are so many individual slots to choose from, and a new one appears every few weeks. I believe the app is seven years old, and the ads have only showed up in the last few months. I totally understand why too. I’ve been playing for just under a year, and I haven’t spent one cent. They will slide in a couple of five second ads here and there, but NEVER during game play. Only in the lobby. Aside from that, you have the choice of when to watch an ad. When you decide to watch one, it comes with a reward. The game runs fast on my Gen 7 iPad. It is not running a ton of useless processes. If you like slots games, this is a great choice.
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4 days ago, Gzeppy
It used to be a great game
When I first came out, they had a slogan that said you will win a jackpot in five minutes now you do not win unless you spend money and I have spent money and still lose within a matter of minutes. It’s set up as a money grab now, I really think they change the game once you’ve been playing for a long time and they know that you like the game and we’re playing a long time, so I get bored and I hate to say it because I know it’s just a game, but I’ll end up buying coins to keep playing but to end up having to buy coins just to win it’s not worth it if you can find a better game which is what I’m gonna start doing I would love for that.
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2 years ago, RED HOT NAILS
I enjoy gambling at the casinos in Vegas but seldom get there any more! This game gives the experience right in your home! I started playing yesterday with the 3,000,000 coins I received for downloading the game. I’m already at over 700,000,000 coins! I am already addicted to the Piggy game! It is a combination of reels AND Bingo! The Piggy Bingo bonus feature is hilarious! You DON’T have to spend $$ to have FUN! I have put out maybe $20 so far but I haven’t spent ANY $ on coins! I love this game but I haven’t gotten much housework done since finding it! I’m sure you will enjoy this game! I’m still checking out all the games included but I keep going back to the little oinking and squealing piggies! Sooo cute!
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2 months ago, Dtbro
Misleading and Insulting Ads Make it Seem like You can Win Money
Copied reviews with identical content gushing about this app that uses ads to make the viewer think you can win actually money. The ads are so terrible, from impoverished people begging for food to angry overweight rascal riding women. Then, this app fixes all of their problems by what… allowing people to use real money to buy fake money to play a game where it’s legitimately set up, and not regulated to be fair because it’s “not real gambling,” as well as psychologically manipulating people making users want to spend money. What is a hungry family going to do with coins? Maybe instead of misleading insulting advertising using actors playing vulnerable people so they will play your rigged game, work on the coding to make it fair and random like real scrutinized slot machines. Terrible people preying on the weak. If karma existed, you and your team running this shabby game would’ve been hit by a bus.
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4 years ago, Lana Lucky 777
What a great game so many different possibilities of winning
I really do love this game but there’s so many things that you can do that really adds up to big bucks it’s so easy to spend a few hundred dollars in a day I can’t really afford that but I love the games I love the looks of the games the characters are very crisp and clean they are very fun to play but like I said I cannot spend I can’t afford to spend this kind of money every day there is one other thing that I don’t like is that you put us in different levels as we earn points and we have to play The max or we don’t win if I play a lower amount I do not get the bonus as much as you do when you play the top level those are my few complaints
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2 years ago, kaitlynFomby
The boring as long as the title is good nvm of my life
I rate five stars because this is the this is the best game but I wanna see more but once it gets updated to six I will break that but for now I’ll just write five because this kid is not that bad honestly I got big woods very quick so I need you to make more of these very fast so I can get so I can get more happier after I get the after I get that from boring stuff then I just sorry playing this game then I just got really good really good really good fit I never got bored then I’m literally just making this title right now so I wasted like five minutes of my time wait so just made this game better so I can do for six please
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