LottoMonkey: Scan Lottery

4.6 (8.8K)
68.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for LottoMonkey: Scan Lottery

4.57 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
6 years ago, rmervine
Works great for storing my entries
This app works great for my needs. I usually keep my tickets in a secure place, but never track what the numbers are. When I hear about a big win in my state, I don’t have to get up from what I am doing to check my ticket. I get the results here. Every time I put my new tickets in, I can easily discard the others that I know I don’t win. Scanning works decent from my iphoneX and my 6plus I had. Sometimes it doesn’t scan all numbers. Best advice I have is give it a bit of a border on the scan page and it works out great for me. Storing my numbers in here helps me out with my losing and winnings journal for tax purposes. A really nice feature is to have it capture all yours wins and losses and export into a spreadsheet. It would help with my excel lottery journal. But overall great work
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5 years ago, Fortressbuilders
Awesome App. Awesome service
I highly recommend this App. It is a must get. It scans super fast easy to use. Even Has the ability to use the Power play options for mega and power ball. I trust this app and have been using is for several months. I have tried other apps and they take forever to scan the ticket. This app is super fast scanning takes only seconds to input your tickets and it automatically tells you if you win and how much. Bill S.
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4 years ago, k9gardner
Utterly inadequate, but better than others
I simply want to scan – quickly! – a bunch of lottery tickets that have been sitting around possibly unchecked. They’re older tickets, mostly. Mostly Powerball and MegaMillions. Each ticket has the numbers I’ve drawn, the date of the game, and the value of the ticket. It’s printed right there. There’s also a barcode at the bottom of the ticket, which must include that same information, I’m guessing, in more machine-readable format. So why, with apps like this, do I have scroll down, down, down, until I finally find the date I want, then scan the ticket, then line the numbers up, before it can tell me anything?! Every single piece of information needed is printed right in the ticket. I should be able to go boom, boom, boom, scan each ticket with one click, then the next one, and the next, and the next. Instead, it’s mind-numbing my infuriating to have to go through this. The only reason I am giving two stars instead of one is that it at least does scan one piece of the information needed, so it’s better than some other apps. Since I can’t give zero stars, those others will get one star, meaning this one gets two. So, great job, guys. Two stars, because you’re better than the ones getting the very lowest rating possible. Congratulations.
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3 years ago, Koolmanya
Helps a little if you manually enter
Been looking for a scanner app for lottery and this seemed most promising, while it does well in tracking your numbers and telling what you have won. The biggest feature that sets it apart from other apps is scanning ability or so I thought. It does scan and get a majority of number correct but at least 10% of number on each ticket had the wrong numbers entered after scanning. The most common issues is with single digit numbers like 01,02,03 etc as it always thought 0 as 7 so it become 73,72,71. So this made many of my ticket unable to show true winning. Should the scanner be updated to better interpret number than I’d give it 5 starts but since it fails at this I don’t want to waste time recorrecting the numbers.
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2 years ago, Scottyy C
Expensive app
You can scan 10 numbers for free per month which is nothing. Otherwise it’s $10 a month for unlimited scans and numbers or $6 for 50 scans. But that is number scans. So if your ticket has 10 numbers on it that uses up 10 scans or 60 cents per number. If you’re buying a $1 or $2 ticket then that’s a huge expense per ticket. Otherwise you can just use the manual entry method which is easy enough but they take up too much space vertically for each separate ticket. They should use be 1 line per ticket and don’t need to repeat the date for each ticket the same day.
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2 years ago, computimus
App is ok
I downloaded this app because I thought it was gonna be a great app to scan in tickets. It doesn’t scan too good when they are an image from a computer. It took several tries to get it to scan properly and when it did it’s still miss numbers a decent amount of the numbers. I tried to scan in a total of three tickets and it took about 20-ish tries. I still had to re-enter numbers and when I tried to scan another ticket I basically now I had to pay money to scan that ticket in plus others which I thought was very interesting. I’m not sure I would get this app I might look for another one.
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4 months ago, LordRahl007
Only one thing missing
Please add the ability to select Power Play or Megaply while scanning tickets. I can edit my scans after they’re saved and turn on Power Play, but it would be nice to be able to do that before saving, while verifying the scanned numbers are correct. Otherwise solid app!
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6 years ago, RichiTunes
Works great as a number checker and ticket holder. Would have been 5 stars but the app does not tell you how many free checks you get. Took one star off for that. Took another star off due to price. $5 a month for a subscription to automatically check your numbers when everyone can do it for free. Or $1 for 50 numbers. That just two powerball tickets (10 games). Way to expensive. Should be no more than $1 a month or be able to buy a lifetime subscription like a pro app. $5/month? Who is your target buyer? No thanks.
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5 years ago, rhydr
Fix for iOS 13 didn’t fix it
Hasn’t worked since iOS 13 came out. The iOS 13 fix doesn’t fix it in iOS 13.1.2. UPDATE - Now it’s working again. When functional, it’s hard to beat this app for ease of use. I know that some people complain that it only scans and OCRs the ticket but it has never misread any number. I’ve updated my review back to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Tradeonline
I really don’t like apps that don’t tell you, up front, that they are offering only a trail offer. I really thought this app was going to work but soon discovered that the scanner made repeated errors when trying to discern the difference between a 1 and a 7. Had to rescan a ticket several times to get it right. Then when I tried to scan another ticket it said my “free scans” were up and I would have to purchase more or do a monthly subscription. Deleted the app!
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4 years ago, Jmssa5
Like this app a lot. Replaces a spreadsheet that I had built, but I had to key in the numbers. But, I scan in my tickets prior to the drawings. After the drawings occur, the scan is no longer there and I have to scan the ticket again. Is this a premium feature?
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6 years ago, Kyle L Davis
No support for lottery tickets from the past.
While the scanning function appears to be quite accurate and convenient, I downloaded the app to check my numbers from a draw that occurred yesterday, and it is unfortunately not possible to add a ticket for a draw in the past. That seems like a critical missing function that the dev should consider supporting.
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7 years ago, yonedeanna
Updated and now it wont open again
Thanks for fixing it so quick last time. Love the app makes checking my tickets easy 😬 I just updated my iPhone and now it won’t open again think their will be an update soon?
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5 years ago, ablegram
This is NOT A SCANNER and Company is impossible to reach
I purchased this accidentally. It doesn’t work as a scanner it’s really a low-tech camera. And when I tried to reverse the purchase I was told that the app was not available in Mike’s day. I’ve tried contacting Apple but that has been of no assistance either. If anyone has any ideas Regarding how I can get out of this and get my money back please respond. Buyer beware
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2 years ago, ASH112
It’s great but it does have one glitch.
For the most part, I enjoy the app and its functionality. It makes tracking and reviewing tickets quick and easy. It does have one glitch though, so you need to proofread the numbers every time. For the most part it is accurate with the exception of about every 10th to 14th time it will either skip a couple of lines on a multi pic ticket, or it will get one of the numbers incorrectly. As long as you double check the numbers you’ll enjoy it. 😃
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5 years ago, ___dima
excellent 🙂
Generally it is good enough app, easy using, nice interface, anyway I want to rate this app as 5 stars because of excellent quality of ticket scanner, every scan is correct on the first try! It’s really what I need - buy ticket, scan, save, wait for a lottery drawing.
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6 years ago, Bacchus_Punk
Takes forever to see results
The app is easy to use and I like everything up until you have to wait for the results to post. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes.
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7 years ago, HT Henry Thomas
useful App!
This "LottoMonkey: Scan Lottery" app was amazing. I like this app so much. Now I can easily scan lottery. In this app have many amazing features. By this app Get lottery result, winning numbers, next draw date, and the jackpot information in one view. Thanks to developers.
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5 years ago, BaSport1
Ticket checker
I had a bad habit of not checking my tickets after each drawing if I wasn't a jackpot winner, not realizing how much I was potentially forfeiting by not checking my #'s - this app prevents me from doing that now....every little bit counts!! Good luck fellow gamers.
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4 years ago, JohnnyAmazon
Love this app
It really makes it easy and fun to play. Just snap a pic and it does everything for you. The best part is they don’t make you sign in so if you do win you remain anonymous. Well done!!
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7 years ago, Ryanm71
Works good
I was disappointed in the scan feature not working properly. They have now fixed with the latest update and I am happy.
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7 years ago, Ifbypoi13
Never regret to get it
I know there are lots of lotto apps out there, but i think you should try this app. I have been using it for a long time and i find it easy to win. Try once.
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2 years ago, Mieggs
Won’t keep Scans/input numbers
Usually I put in my numbers and it stays and I delete whenever the next drawing is. However recently I input/scan my numbers and it always disappears after I exit and reenter the app. I don’t remember this happening before. I know sometimes developers comments to fill out links for poor reviews. Sorry I’m not one of those people
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4 years ago, GypsyCowboy 1
Great App
Easy to use and fast. I had an issue (operator error) wrote the company and got a response first thing next day. I have no reservations recommending this app.
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6 years ago, Kepler22
LottoMonkey Background Color
Hi, This app is quite useful for quick view of lottery results. It would be nice and easy to view results, if background is changed from white to different color which enhances contrast and the numbers are shown in boldface font. Thanks
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7 years ago, JideWizardPatty45
Great selection of me
In my opinion, this app is really suitable for people often playing the lottery. It helps us save much time, you can easily scan tickets to get the result.
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5 years ago, chriswolf427
Very difficult to scan old tickets
I wanted to scan a batch of old tickets - the app successfully scanned the numbers but you have scroll through the UI to find the past date - the user should be able to key in the date, or better yet, have the OCR recognize the date also.
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4 years ago, Todd and Lori
Would be a great app but....
This would be a great app to track your lottery numbers but it does not support Mississippi. I know we just started selling powerball and mega millions tickets but I can’t scan my tickets because it ask for the state where you purchased them and Mississippi is not on there.
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7 years ago, ElizabetMoore.....$
Most of my time on it
It didn’t take much time from. After downloading this app for free, i could easily scan the lottery on my phone.
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2 years ago, Joeyoeyoeyoeyoeyoey
Absolutely love this app
What a time saver to merely scan your lotto tickets with this app! It’s not perfect, but it works very well! Highly recommend!!!
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2 years ago, Jen from Long Island, N Y
It would be a great app!
I found this app to be able to scan my lottery tickets but it only worked 1 time! I wish you guys would put out an update or something to fix it?
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7 years ago, John Evu
Very useful app. I can easily scan my lottery and check result, next draw date, and many things. All in one place. Recommended.
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7 years ago, Ricki-Jones
Helpful app
LottoMonkey: Scan Lottery is wow! app for my life. I use this app to check lottery result. by LottoMonkey: Scan Lottery app purchased numbers/tickets and save them on the device easilly. Thanks developer for this amazing app.
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7 years ago, Majorialica47
I love this app
I have ever used a lot of apps like this, but for myself it’s the best. Easy to scan tickets online through your phone.
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5 years ago, Dmb2733
App takes forever to update drawing results
The app takes forever to update its drawing results so you’re left sitting around looking at the numbers yourself seeing how much you won. Don’t waste your money on this poorly managed app. Update: it took between 4 and 8 hours for the app to update the drawing results for the March 27, 2019 Powerball drawing. I find this unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Left out in the cold!
It’s a great app, could cover more lotteries?
A few other lotteries like lucky for life would make good better?
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2 years ago, 2007 HD
Scanner no longer works
Used to work absolutely fantastic but for the last three months if you scan a five number ticket you are lucky to capture just one number. Been entering tickets manual which defeats the entire purpose of the app. Searching elsewhere for an alternative.
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6 years ago, carmen bondy
I am hope I trying hope wn ticket change my life I trying back work rest hope pray
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6 years ago, Ms. Pickles
Nice tracking features!
I like that I don’t have to guess if I won or not, or if I’m missing out on a small non-obvious win. Just wish there was a slot for Super Lotto Plus (CA) so I could have all my tix in one place!
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7 years ago, Tulikha
Excelletn apps
Really I am impress after install this apps. I am very interested this types apps. so I highly recommend for this apps. Thanks app developer.
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1 year ago, Breckbordr
Was great until update killed scanning
I’ve been using this app for years and it works great, until I just did an update to the app now it doesn’t allow me to scan. It just shows me the numbers. Useless now.
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7 years ago, ThomasAMartin
Awesome apps for lottery checker !!!
wow its great and realy works for lottery result. most amazing thing is no ads. very cheap subscription fee monthly. overall is great apps. Highly recommended all
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10 months ago, Be Discreet!
Waste of time
This app cannot scan the ticket numbers correctly. I followed the directions and tried scanning several times. It got the numbers wrong every time and didn’t even pick up all of the numbers most of the time.
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7 years ago, N1ceon345
A good app to play
They have a great concept, I really like that. Finally, i can easily scan and play lottery tickets. I will win the jackpot one day.
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6 years ago, Hanga2
Game results
I only have mega and powerball - I wanted more than 2 ........... could not get all games could not get. More than 2
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6 years ago, fishermann6
Not worth it
Only one free scan after downloading the app?! Just looking for some convenience checking numbers. I’m not gonna bug my friends to download this app (which you only find out later isn’t free) just so I can get a few free scans or pay a monthly fee. Waste of my time downloading this thing.
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5 years ago, Cindy Davis Adams
Easy to use
This is a great little app for keeping up with your numbers!
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2 years ago, Rachel Wolfwood
It's alright but
Gives you a few free scans which is used up trying to figure out how to use it. You can buy more for $5.99 usd or unlimited.
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4 years ago, Paradoxlaker
My weekly information
Wonderful way to find out what’s going ON
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11 months ago, PeFo
Doesn’t always scan your numbers so that’s a bit annoying
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