Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Malletier
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2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Louis Vuitton

3.68 out of 5
652 Ratings
9 months ago, Katthewmhomsi
Mostly perfect
The app is almost perfect, but for some reason it doesn’t show the status of a return (let’s be honest, I barely return anything!). You have to go the website to see it. Other than that it’s great.
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9 months ago, KG_4444
Bug w/ Care Service Scheduling Call Time Repair Appt.
Using the LV app to schedule a call with Care Service to discuss a repair to my vintage LV bag, there were issues with confirming the time of the call. Using the LV app, confirmed 4pm EST, which is the time zone my phone is set to. Then the follow up email from LV confirmed my app call for 10 PST. The next day I emailed Care Service to confirm my appointment conference call time explaining I was give 2 different times, they emailed back telling me the system showed my appointment time was 12 pm CST. She also explained that I needed to check my devices time zone setting. My device was always set to my current location, EST. I was given 3 different time confirmations in 3 different time zones. ??? I still don’t know which one is correct. I emailed Care Service with screen shots of my confirmed appt times and expressed this needed to be shown to a manager or Technical Team. I never heard back. This is a major Bug with the Care Service scheduling app. Technically, I’d need to be available from 1pm EST, to 1AM EST, for the call to discuss my repair! 12 hour window. I hope a Tech Team Support member sees this posts and looks into this Bug issue. Not happy because I want to talk to a repair technician to have my vintage bag properly repaired in the correct manner because I’ve had it for 40 years.
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4 months ago, Purelica
Both App and Website are Bad
The shopping cart is horrible. I accidentally added an item and could not remove it! Every time I clicked on “Remove” it would ask to confirm, so I clicked on “Confirm,” it removed instantly, but then the “Proceed to Check Out” button suddenly reappear and the Cart icon has “1” next to it. I clicked on the Cart icon to double check, the item is still there. I did this multiple times and rebooted my iPad, but the item could not be removed. I reached out to Customer Service on chat, they are nice and polite, but they could not help. Please fix this as I plan on buying a new item soon and would not want to have to buy the extra, unwanted item and then have to return it.
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3 years ago, Andrew;)))
Bad service
They had my mom waiting for 15 mins in the custom service looking for some that speaks Spanish and after all no one speaked Spanish and then they told my mom they were gonna give her over night shipping for free because she called on monday there was another problem on Monday that’s how she got the free shipping but today is Thursday and they said it was gonna come In on Wednesday then she waited and it didn’t come and today she called and they didn’t give her no tracking info then they said it was out of stock even though she already ordered it when it was in stock and she wanted a refund so we could go to the store and buy it and they said it would take 2-7 business days that’s ridiculous!!
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2 years ago, AnGizzzLe
Low Quality Tech for Such an Expensive Brand
The Louis Vuitton app is horrible. Such low quality app technology for a company with such an expensive price point. Very buggy; constantly logs me out or requires me to log in multiple times. Can’t access my wishlist half the time. Items disappear and reappear in my shopping cart without touching anything. Whenever I update personal information in the Settings section it never saves. Overall not a great online shopping experience to purchase from LV given I live in an area where there is no boutique close by. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, Thu-Le
So glitchy and slow
For a high end reputable retail of hand bags.. this is the worse online store app I’ve experienced. Even when you remove items from cart because inventory is not available, it won’t refresh so every time you try to log in.. the cart still shows the same items not available. I can’t purchase because the items that are available because of this issue. No wonder nothing is in inventory because of the app system is glitchy. This version is less than a month old. How can the app be this bad for this high end retail of handbags???
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3 years ago, x43x61x69
Capability to Change Language and Region?
I really do wish the app would all the user to change its localization and store region within the app instead of forcing it to follow the iOS system region setting. There’s a possibility that the user could be located in a different different country/region than his/her phone’s region setting, e.g. traveling or having homes in different countries. It made purchasing from the app impossible unless you are willing to transfer the whole phone to another region, mess up with other settings.
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2 years ago, ModestJesse
App Feedback
Decent app that I really just use to discover pieces and then contact my SA to order. It is organized in a very simple way to browse products. My only complaint is regarding the find in store function. While the website lets you filter the store list to only include locations that have the item in stock, the app has no such filter. It just gives you a list of stores near you or around the world. Wish they would fix that.
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2 years ago, InfamousSTAR206
This App is SO SLOW!
Whereas other online shopping apps taking less than a second or so to navigate through and load a page, this app’s U.I. takes anywhere between 30-60 seconds to load, if it even loads at all in some instances (especially when clicking on the shopping cart). Also, orders are missing from order history, and don’t reflect the most current order status. For a company worth hundreds of billions, it appears they’re not investing anything in optimizing the customer experience within their mobile app.
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12 months ago, Cfghtyvfdhjkl
Care service appointment don’t bother
I downloaded the app after I talked to a advisor over the phone. My GM never full is defective when I used it the first time. . Unfortunately it was over the 30 day return period. I was told I can find an appoint on the app to get it repaired. What a joke! It has been several weeks, I tried to book it through the app, it was either “ no appoitment available” or a blank page. A $2000 purse ? Should I expect a better service ? I won’t be so stupid any more in the future.
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3 years ago, preshabc
Love the fact that LV has an App!
Louis are my collectibles. The only luxury brand that I support and wouldn’t mind spending the money for. They will always be a timeless collection! The App has a little glitch where your cart says 0 and when you tap nothing loads on the screen. But that’s a minor error.
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2 years ago, EbeneGirl
The app does not correlate with the online or store bought items. Items I have purchased in the store so not populate or reflect on the app. Which would make you unable to start a repair on you own . Other glitches such as my profile updates made online do not reflect in the app. Showing me as Mr. abs not Ms. in two different areas of the app. App is updated to current version.
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2 years ago, Over30yrsCustomer
Email address
I was not able to change my new email on the app, I then called customer service. I was informed due to security reason. I had to go into the store to change my email address🤦🏻‍♀️. My “LV app” still did not reflect the change in my email address. I logged out and attempted to log back into my email address. I called customer service again, their internal system has my new email address but not “myLV” app. Terrible app!
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7 months ago, ZacSchillinger
I like the app and the new design, but I recently was able to purchase a fragrance and now I wanna buy more but it says call for availability with this new update? But everything else i can add to cart? Doesn’t make sense
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3 years ago, JBnPA
(Update to iOS 14) Please Fix (v. 5.11.8 STILL doesn’t work)
(Update Oct 19, 2020) This version (5.11.8) currently available still doesn’t show items in the ‘Shop’ tab (both iPhone and iPad are affected) Since the iOS 14 update, can no longer see any items when browsing (both on iPhone & iPad) Also, previous to the update, when ordering from your cart you are given an option for ApplePay during checkout, nothing happens! So, instead of the 2% cash back feature (that is offered by ApplePay when using AppleCard as payment method) you’re only left with the 1% using the saved credit card number. Because of the cost of some of these items, that’s substantial as your cash back is effectively decreased by half.
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1 month ago, Friday Girl 714
Doesn’t always work
Getting a lot of “an error occurred” pages when you try to click on an item. Frustrating. When it works it’s great though.
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1 year ago, antabs
Never buy here LV online 2 times I changed my
My order croisette bag because they sent me first have some problems in the shoulder straps then the next the sent me very ugly baggy not good, they price very expensive but they can’t give you the right you want the pictures very different from the real bag they give. Me like reject how u sale 2k+Dollars of that? Very big waste money to buy here it’s better to go in the real store to see💔
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8 months ago, Roxbury09
I wish the site would allow you to sort by price. Everything is all meshed together and it would allow you to compare different styles in the same price range if the item you want is unavailable
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8 months ago, Jillllllllllllllli
Frustrating app
Save to Wish list isn’t working again. The wish list doesn’t work anymore. It will tell you that it’s saving your item to your wish list but when you go to your wish list it’s not there. I wish that there were more search options than color.
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2 years ago, K.yleRichards
Only thing missing
I wish they would include a filter for what is available online, like the website does. That would make browsing a lot easier.
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2 years ago, Wilmywood23
Error when adding travel
I love the watch and love the travel fave since I travel a lot. Currently I cannot add travel, when I try to manually add it I get and error at the end, and when I send to the email address it never pairs. PLEASE HELP!
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1 year ago, !grs
Terrible service
This app is a joke, louis as a “luxury” brand that has grown to be a disgrace. After several thousands of dollars spent over 20 years with this company I am completely finished with them. We spend money on their products and the least they could do is have a reliable way to communicate with them to get service, repairs, or simply ask a question.
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4 years ago, GeneralCharazard
Looks cool, can’t load yet
I downloaded this because I wanted too, and I was excited to do it, but it hasn’t loaded yet, hopefully it will soon, looks cool
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11 months ago, Minnie C.
App Keeps Crashing!
I was told they no longer accept repair services via email, and advised to download the mobile app to submit the request. I downloaded the app and submitted the request several times only to have it crashed on me every single time! Very annoying. Now I am forced to go into the store to inquire further help, when it could easily be done virtually.
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5 years ago, Deztrick
Needs more pictures!
The website has more pictures then this app does. And having the app is nicer and easier. I just wish they hard more pictures of each product like they do online. At least the inside of wallets.
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3 months ago, Save your money Canada
Poor Customer Service
Save your time and money if you’d like any customer service at all. I had a bag that broke after less than a year and it had very light use. They won’t assist you unless you download this app which I can’t because my phone was purchased in Canada. Unbelievable to charge these prices and treat your customers so poor.
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1 month ago, AsdfghjklXzcv
Does not work
I always have a hard time purchasing through the app. It always crashes or says my info is incorrect. Checkout is never smooth unless using PayPal. Also, I can no longer even purchase on the app as my cart never loads and just says error when trying to load the page.
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2 years ago, rogerdealien
Does Not Show Product Availability
When it says “Find in Store” I assume there should be a status of availability for a particular product. Instead of wasting time telling us to call and ask if it is available, I expect a much more convenient way of checking if a product is available. What happened to that?
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5 years ago, BENJINMINS
Very convenient and not a hassle
I like the app a lot and it’s very convenient instead of going to the website but they’re both amazing
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1 year ago, alehmcfly
No money to fix their website and app
Yeah billionaire company but they don’t care about the functionality of their website and app. I’ve been having problems with a few purchases, I am going crazy. Also can’t save NOTHING to my wishlist. How embarrassing for them, when apps like Zappos or Macys works 100% always, efficient and fast.
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4 years ago, Buddylover12153
Great update
The app is soooo much better after the redesign, more categories, easier to do things, and much easier to find things. Love it!
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3 years ago, money mobeel
Love this app! Also if possible can someone send me $4,500 Gift card so I can go Christmas shopping. I would really love to ball out on self and friends. Thank you so much 💕
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3 years ago, RachFriC
Website is better, app is iffy
I’m uninstalling. Doesn’t save your wishlist anymore. Also doesn’t show you the dimensions of the items like the website does. I wish that it would show if items are available and price without clicking on each item.
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4 years ago, FemmeRiche
Very Slow Response/Can’t Log On
This app has a POOR response rate. It’s very very slow to open selected items to view or simply to see an item in a different color. I’ve deleted the app, shut off my phone, relaunched the app from the Apple Store, and it’s the same issue. In fact, I can’t even sign on with my password. Do better! This looks bad for the brand.
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5 years ago, ^mir3ya^
The stickers are super cute !!! you download the app and then when in messages it’s at the bottom with the gifs . it’s not in the app . love them ❤️
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5 months ago, x_erriikka
Taking too long to load
My data service and wifi are working perfectly fine with any other app. This app makes me stop shopping and just leave the app entirely because of the loading time to view each purse.
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3 years ago, BriKing
Please Fix Update
I can’t view anything...just happened after recent update.
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6 years ago, acgny
Can't find the stickers....
And when I tried to write to the "Contact" page it kept freezing. After deleting the app and downloading it again I was able to "write" but the font was so tiny that I couldn't read anything. Terrible app, especially for a company that makes so much money.
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2 years ago, LezCee
Loading issues
This app needs a major update. It take a while to load and sometimes not at all. I will remove things from my cart only to find the items right back. I purchased a bag and it’s still in my cart.
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3 years ago, 10bre10
Update is worthless
I still see blank pages when I click on the shop tab at the bottom. The only way results will load is if I search for a specific item. I’m starting to think the app isn’t compatible with the latest iOS update.
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2 months ago, grycanis13
If it works
The website and app consistently crash which makes browsing and shopping hard. Tired of seeing “a problem occurred”
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1 year ago, akw101
App Update Still Not Working
Something is still wrong with the app. It will not load a wishlist for some reason on the app. If I add something to my wishlist and go to the wishlist nothing is there. I have to log in through the web to view my wishlist. Very much an inconvenience.
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3 years ago, Ridced123
Hello and good day, I have been using your app for the past few months now without any issues. Recently after the update on the OS for the IPhone your app is not displaying any items no more to view or to purchase. Please update your app.
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4 months ago, Bria Wright !
Not letting me add things to my cart
It’s not letting me add things to my cart and it says an error has occurred, and I only have 5 things in my cart so I don’t understand why it’s doing this please fix this ASAP
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1 year ago, Excaligirl05
Do better
Saving to wish list not saving. Takes forever to clear cart.
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3 years ago, MsWhirledPeace
No more pictures
How come there are no pictures/items available for browsing lately? They only show up after you searched for the items. What happened after the latest iOs update?
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3 years ago, Rebecka33
App not working after 14 update
Please fix this not able to see any pictures and went to read reviews others are stating the same thing. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Kazoo742
Apple Pay does not work
Advertises that they accept Apple Pay, but the App will not complete the order. Spoke with customer service and was told they would complete the transaction over the phone, but no cash back for Apple Pay. So the $100+ dollar is lost. False advertising.
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4 years ago, Samanthara23
Worst app I’ve used in a long time!
You can’t even do a simple search for a product, or if you can, it’s impossible to find the search option. How a luxury chain has an app that looks like it was created in an 8th grade computer class is beyond me..
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3 months ago, The_LPL_live
Cart shows as empty
None of the items that I’ve added to the LV cart are showing up. Shopping on the app is useless. All app updates have been installed and the app has not functioned any better.
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