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4.22 out of 5
562 Ratings
4 years ago, MoonBeam113
I agree with previous reviewer, love the addition of the beats; however, the app needs tweaking or even replacing. I actually prefer the old app, which could be customized from the 101 power thoughts and looped on repeat, and did not require continuous stop and go phone interaction and having to restart with an intro of breathing for each single affirmation. This app is cool in a way, but absolutely not a replacement for the old one, which I really miss. Love Louise and could never give less than 4 stars, but this app is just not nearly as convenient or practical (and therefore not as effective if one can’t regularly use!) when compared to the 101 power thoughts app, which is sadly not available anymore.
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5 years ago, Save The Bees
Beautiful and lovingly created
This app is so wonderfully made. The sound and mixing of Louise’s voice is so soothing and heartfelt, it sounds and feels like a loving friend speaking from the inside out. The typography is so beautifully represented, so clean and perfectly spaced. The background visualizer is gently pleasing and softens focus in a helpful way, so looking at the breathing bubble really engages a sense of calm and peacefulness, making it that much easier to absorb the benefit of affirmations like these. It is so impactful to see and hear and speak these queues, and toggling from first to second to third person is such a powerful way of applying the thoughts to our idea of our selves. I highly recommend upgrading to the full-purchase app, so all affirmations are accessible-it’s so nice to easily listen to each subject from a slightly different perspective to gain more insight. A+++ work from Louise and her team.
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8 years ago, Missy21966
Gentle, beautiful and effective.
I am new to this amazing form of learning affirmations. While doing these exercises (that truly only last a few minutes) I feel something shifting inside. Enormous calm and love fills me up. It is the absolute perfect antidote to the depression, fear and negativity where my mind has previously been a habit. I do one a day, when I wake up and go to sleep. It allows me to focus on it all day. I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, recommend such an amazing download. In three days, my attitude and my mind have shifted to a resilient and happier place. I cannot believe it! I have suffered from major depression for 35 painful years. Sometimes at the brink of suicide. Which is so scary. This download for me, has worked faster than medications or therapy. And that is saying a lot. I am in deep gratitude for Louise Hay. These are miracles.
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4 years ago, crashingtiger
Great App, needs some tweaks
I discovered Louise in the late 1980s and have thoroughly enjoyed her books and recordings. Her original Power Thoughts app was very well designed. This app’s recordings are very good, although needs to cut the introduction time to get to the app, also remove the email request placed before the app that requires your interaction, very badly placed. If you could allow customization similar to the previous power thoughts app you will have a real winner. The affirmation recordings are very good, the use of binaural beats and panning ear to ear with multiple affirmations, I find very effective.
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2 months ago, R nR
I really love Louise Hay’s materials and was excited to get this affirmations app. It is deeply flawed. The meditation part is fine, but way too short. And then, it asks you to interrupt your mediation by writing in the app?? I’m sorry but that defeats the mediation. Then you go back to mediation - again for too short a time - and then it asks you to talk to yourself in a mirror - again defeating the mediation. It doesn’t reinforce the mediation, it ends the meditation - which is NOT what I bought this thing for! This app needs serious reworking. The meditations should be extended to at least 30 minutes without interruption, or at least let us put them on a loop. But the way this app is structured defeats the purpose which was supposed to be for meditation. Please fix this thing!
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7 years ago, HopeInAz
Louise Hay takes it to a new level!
At first I couldn't get the app to work but I waited and tried again later, and it was well worth the wait. I bought the package with all of the different meditations/affirmations. I'm so happy to hear Louise speaking the affirmations while I say them. Even more interactive is the mirror work that's incorporated in.. seeing myself with the written affirmation and the hemi-synch like sounds with Louise's voice really makes these powerful! I felt filled with joy as I did this! Choose what you want to work on for the day or choose more than one theme. I love this app!
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6 years ago, zogmonster
Needs a couple of fixes
This app is lovely but I don’t like how long it takes to actually start the meditation. The various screens you have to go through. Also it repeatedly asked me for my email to send special offers. I don’t want to do that but I have to go through that screen every time I open the app. Also it would be nice to have an option to balance the voice and music. I am hard of hearing and the voice is a little soft for me. Thanks
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4 years ago, SandraDot
Engages on all levels
I love listening to the soothing sound of Louise Hay’s voice. I love the beginning breathing technique to allow focus, the reinforcement of typing out the meditation and the ending mirror work. This app really does engage all senses but smell! I am thoroughly enjoying so I know I will continue to use. I do agree with other reviews that the continual asking for your email address is annoying though! Please remove! You already have my email from the purchases I’ve made!
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3 years ago, Sharissimo
Love this app but read that old one was better
I really wanted an app that Loops so that I could go to sleep listening to it. . I LOVE Louise Hay. What a soothing voice!! This is a very nice app (although the beat isn’t necessary-maybe something softer) but I find myself using it through the day. Thank you!!!
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9 years ago, Hremeig
Great app
I am loving these apps. I bought the bundle. I agree these r very short, but I love that. I can do these short affirmations anywhere....not just when I have 20+ minutes of spare time. I am intrigued about the interactive qualities of these affirmations. It's very Louise Hay - I've read her books. Though I am unable to tell you how this app has changed my life, it's new for me, I love how easily it fits into my life. I feel calmer and happier.
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7 years ago, Joysee77
Great affirmations. Quick and easy.
I really like these affirmations. So calm and soothing and I swear my day goes better after listening to a few of them. They are pretty short, so it's easy to fit a few into my schedule. I have plenty of negative thoughts running through my head, so it's nice to put some positive ones in their place. I refer to these meditations in my mind throughout my day. Highly recommended. Use headphones!
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5 years ago, 36392736
Makes me feel good!
I love the short length of these affirmations. I also do meditations listening to OM chanting, but I like to do that for at least 20 minutes. These short affirmations are great to squeeze in any time of day. They make me feel good about myself, and have changed my perspective on myself. The mirror option doesn’t work on my phone, but that may be because my phone is an older model
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5 months ago, njsjxk
Sound doesn’t work
I want to like this app I want to love it I want to buy the meditations and the it sounds great but the sound doesn’t work on the trial one so I am hesitant to make a purchase. I have gone to the contact page and it also says server not working, so I have no way of contacting the developer. If you are the developer reading this, I would be happy to change my review. If I can just get the volume to work, I wonder if others are having this issue. I have never had with an app before… Was really excited to try out Louise meditations
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7 years ago, SeriouslyFun
Would purchase again in a heart beat
My only regret is there isn't a "play all" option. I would love to be able to listen to one section after another while falling asleep or even waking up in the morning. (Let's just hope the option becomes available in the next upgrade.)
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10 months ago, kralcs
I love this app
I have had this app for a very long time I recently decided to purchase the full version where I could be fully engaged. While meditating with these affirmations I feel totally transformed and taken into euphoria while listening. Everything happens in it’s time.
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8 years ago, sinilga72
Great app , BUT .....
This app is great , voice of Louise is just BEAUTIFUL , makes you so relax , BUT the app TOO short , just 5 minutes , you would only start to relax and bums! the end . It would be ok for free app , but you have to pay 4$ for 5 minutes affirmation . For any affirmation to make work you have to write down at least 100 times , not 3 times ! So what I did I made a voice record of this app on my phone over and over 20 minutes length , .
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9 years ago, friendly shopper
This is my favorite app. It is extremely well thought out and effective. The imagery and music are perfect and Louise Hay's voice is inspiring. You start with slowing your breath and quieting your mind then move into the affirmations then you type them out, then your camera comes on so you can "look in the mirror" to recite the affirmations. It is all just perfect. Xox
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7 years ago, KoopDeVille
Great way to incorporate affirmations into life!
It's weird figuring out how to make positive daily affirmations a part of daily life. This takes all the guess work out, and doesn't take very long. If you love Louise Hay books, then this will be great. I've attracted some amazing stuff in my life since I started to consistently affirm things in my daily life.
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8 years ago, Divine feminine
Quick and fun and anyone can do it! 👍
Trying to do meditation on a daily basis can be a little bit daunting if you're not in the right headspace. This app is so fast and so clear and so inspiring it makes it easy to do and makes it fun! Anyone, whether you have meditated before or not, can do it and it will be fun! Thanks Louise, I heart you. ❤️
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7 years ago, Heapow
Relaxing and Empowering
I reallly enjoy this app. It helps me relax as well as change my thought patterns so that I'm not sabotaging myself with unhelpful, negative thoughts (not all negative thoughts are unhelpful). My only gripe is I wish there wasn't so much of a gap between the breathing circles. I find myself having to breath in between them and then I'm out of step with the animation.
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10 months ago, andintroducing
Love the attempt
Has darker music at times with weird loops and echos. Sounds like you’re in a spooky cave. Let’s not distort her voice so much. Just put on the 15 min subliminal tape she used to have for self love and other things. Always felt magical in a very short time. Just make her talks easy to find and stop adding bells and whistles. I don’t need a big app, I just want to hear the recordings of hers that I want to hear. Can be a bit distracting.
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5 years ago, Blue Pine
inexcusable mistreatment of customers
What a disappointment. They refused to allow me to use this app AT ALL unless I gave them demographic information. No way. If I liked it, I would have bought all of it. But they killed that willingness on my part by trying to manipulate me, and the situation, by forcing me to give them information that is unnecessary for the proper functioning of an app such as this. PLUS, THEY LIED and said that it was for MY benefit. No. It would benefit them, and would HURT me. Forcably obtaining information about me under false pretenses is inexcusable.
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8 years ago, Lashbes
Wonderful meditations
Very calming. I look forward to each one. I wish they were a little longer as they are only a few minutes long. But because they are so short it's easy to find the time to take care of myself.
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6 years ago, Satisfied CustomerGrov
Love the Affirmations
The Affirmations are just what I need to start the day. Years of past trauma sometimes brings feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness, negativity and lack. I listen to the one(s) I need to work on. Thank God for Louise Hay and the Affirmations. It helps me feel deserving and worthy and much more. I highly recommend them.
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8 years ago, Alexandra C Trippe
Very well done
I really like how this app uses visual, auditory, and touch. This approach creates an affirmation that is absorbed in multiple different ways. The app itself is beautiful and I always feel very relaxed when using it. A very useful tool in supporting and loving myself more every day. Well worth the money.
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9 years ago, Javakitty12345
I like these affirmation exercises
These are great because they incorporate speaking, typing and saying the affirmation, including built in mirror work. Best thing is that you can complete the exercise in a few minutes. I have a hard time staying on task for long affirmations, so these are absolutely perfect.
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8 years ago, Laurie's newest itunes
This app may be the best use of modern technology I have experienced to date. Louise Hay and her gift for sharing insights, love and understanding has been a powerful force in my life. I have not yet met her in person, but this app brings her right into my living room. So wonderful. What a great way to meditate!
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8 years ago, KathleenIndiana
Very nice and interactive app. The meditations are only 5-10 minutes and make you say, write, then look at yourself. Time will tell if these are effective. I would like to see a longer meditation focused on just audio hypnosis with the positive affirmations so that I can listen for a half hour or on repeat to get to sleep.
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6 years ago, Tmc7307
Please offer an update with longer affirmations!
I love Louise Hay and appreciate the app, but am hoping an update will become available supplying longer content. I had read previous reviews stating similar opinions; however, didn’t believe the affirmations would actually be so short. They are only 1-2 sentences repeated for what seems like 2 minutes. They feel more like free “teasers” , not a $19 purchase. Please, Louise, give us an update!
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7 years ago, MMP4519
Affirmation price
When I first downloaded the app, I only have one set of affirmations to listen to. These affirmations were great. I decided to purchase all of them. There was a promotional price of 60% off all, so I purchased all of the affirmations. A few minutes later on the SAME day I went back in to listen again, and the promotional price was 70% off. Why the difference for the same items in a 30 minute time span?
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7 years ago, meri for mary
Great just with one change please
During the affirmation, the menu at the bottom is very distracting and annoying with a shopping cart and other items. This should go away during the meditation or be in menu. Other than that, great app.
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9 years ago, andreaathome
Founder of Ruby Slipper Consulting
This is a wonderful app! Now I can do affirmations directly from my phone. The love myself track is perfect to begin with. I will purchase the entire bundle this week for myself in celebration of my 45th birthday. You have been inspiring me for 20 years, Louise! Thank you!
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7 years ago, kenkemp57
Beautiful app!
It would be a lovely to see the advertising and original interface to slip away once one has fully purchased the app so that the user’s total experience reflects the quality of the meditations.
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3 years ago, njsgal
Might like it
I might like it, but I can’t to get past the app telling me to breathe in and out. I have several meditation apps for breathing; I was looking for an affirmation app. Using the app on my phone, the app doesn’t rotate on the screen, it stays in landscape. The affirmations don’t loop from one to another, you have to select the next one. I like the affirmations, just not the app.
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8 years ago, tracyworthington
A great app
This is such a great app. I do these affirmations twice a day, but whenever I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed I open this app up and spend a few minutes doing some of the peaceful affirmations and it resets my thought patterns. Thank you Hay House for such a great tool
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8 years ago, Twomshan
Life changing!
Louise Hay has always been someone who I've admired and felt very inspired by! I have a few of her books, affirmation card decks, CDs and journals and was over the moon excited to see this app!!! It truly makes meditation and affirmations so easy!!!!!
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5 years ago, thunderG0d
Camera doesn’t work like a mirror
It uses the back camera instead of the front-facing camera so all you see is a black screen when you are supposed to be repeating the affirmations and seeing yourself.... please fix this
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9 years ago, TKnow92
Louise Hay has done it, again. She transforms media into the stuff of miracles. This interactive affirmation process uses science and technology to help me dissolve my own mental barriers and allow loving thoughts to take their place. This app helps me to get out of my own way. Fabulous!
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4 years ago, Mhanson815
Not For Me
This is a different kind of App. I was looking for Louise Hay Affirmations. Try the free one first to see if it’s what you’d like. I didn’t. And it wasn’t. The developer did honor my request for a refund, however the AppStore did not. Thank you for understanding Super Mind Apps.
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8 years ago, Kirk's HP
Louise Hay
I have tried so hard to find my connection. I have spent money on all these Books, Programs and everything else . Finally I have found something that showed me the way to the strongest common denominator, "LOVE". Thank You, Louise hey!
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2 years ago, bobe888
Love Louise Haye
I was so very grateful to have stumbled upon this amazing App. I have studied Louise Haye for years and affirmations work. This App with the sounds and visuals really helps to sink in the meaning. Thank you, by far one of or if not my favorite App. Happy creating…. Laurie ❤️
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8 years ago, Wholesomeliving
This app is Peaceful and effective
For affirmation meditations. Music is calming. The coach's voice soothing. The backgrounds easy to watch, if you want to keep your eyes on the screen. The affirmations are simple and powerful yet short (perfect for my very busy schedule).
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6 years ago, eizzlepinky
I like that it's short
Wish she didn't have to introduce herself before EACH one though. I mean, I purchased the whole thing, isn't ONE introduction plenty? I don't need to reintroduce myself to the same person that I'm talking to before I change the subject being discussed. But other than that, I love it 🙂 Thanks Louise Hay! Good job spreading the love ❤️
Show more
8 years ago, Uncleelizabeth
I am filled with healing energy
Have heard it twice while sitting on a hard stone wall Think I need to do it at home on the bed. With the door closed. Get comfy on the bed pillows. Don't think I'm getting much relief listening at the park. Too many distractions. Will check in later. So far, Beautiful graphics. Gentle, supportive music. And I Love the breathing ball. Love what it asks of you. Even when it seems hard. This app can give anyone and is giving me a lovely feeling of accomplishment. Thanks Louise. Love, David Henry
Show more
5 years ago, Barbara6789
I love this app - it took me a few weeks to accept the affirmations - I highly recommend this app for everyone - most especially for anyone who grew up in a toxic environment or who feels vulnerable even today. Thank you Louise Hay.
Show more
8 years ago, Liv27
Amazing and beautiful
I love this app. Every time I say an affirmation I feel better and more at peace. I think it's really effective and it definitely makes affirmation work more fun and easy to do. I recommend it to anyone.
Show more
5 years ago, kindsoldier
a little glitchy
I love the overall intention of this app. There should be a way to skip the overly long introduction at every start up. Additionally it continually asks for my email, but when I enter it into the field I get an error message, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to skip this screen.
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5 years ago, Quagmire Polo
Effective Tool for Self-care
This is a great app with wonderfully powerful Affirmations. You can make time at any point in your day because Affirmations are short and get to the core of barriers holding you back.
Show more
8 years ago, Skywriter747
What beautiful meditations!
Having done Louise's affirmations for years, I find this method to be a comprehensive way of allowing my subconscious to absorb the messages. Louise's lovely, calming voice combined with gentle music lets me completely relax and enjoy the process.
Show more
7 years ago, Kashia.kathleen
Simply Amazing
What a fast way to change my vibration from feeling stuck to freely flowing once again. It has all of the tools needed in this one little app to put Luis' marvelous affirmations to work. Love this 💖
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