Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

4.5 (70.2K)
1782.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Galaxy Play Technology Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

4.52 out of 5
70.2K Ratings
2 years ago, consiring is caring
things i wish could be changed
i love this game and how detailed it is, I’ve been playing it literally for like half of my life because I downloaded it on my moms phone when i was a kid <3 the suits are beautiful, and the story is fun, but I wish there would be things to do through out the day, because once you’ve logged in and done the stylist association, contest, the daily quests and worked on suits until you run out of stamina (or chances for princess stages) then you have to wait until tomorrow to really do anything. something that always bothered me, is you give the beautiful make-ups, and the arm and leg poses/ whatever white skin, and i only have one or two make-ups with colored skin and i’ve been playing for a long long time. I just think it’s exclusive to people who play the game who can only play as white characters. The same goes for people who aren’t as skinny as the characters, it is a little bit exclusive. As I said, I’ve had this game for a long time, so I don’t like the name I picked anymore but you have to pay real money to change it? So overall, I love the game, and I got a lot of my friends into it, but I suggest the following be changed: just let the skin color on the makeup be changed so that the face doesn’t always have to be white something to do once your out of stamina maybe a chance to change your name ONCE for free possibly more body types (which I understand is difficult with the layout of the game) Thanks :)
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3 years ago, fjdvnrjvd
I’ve been playing this game for years, and it’s been one of my favorite games. It’s really fun if you like looking through creative outfits and if you like games with a storyline. The game does take time, but it’s supposed to. That’s one of the things I like about it. There are so many things to do on the game. There aren’t any ads which I love, and you can play the game without having to pay for everything. Although you have the option to pay for many things on the app, it’s still really fun to play without paying and you get just as much. I strongly suggest this game to anyone who loves fashion. Note: When you’re forming outfits to compete, it’s not about if it looks appealing. Your outfit has to fit the requirements. You usually just get a jumble of random clothes. Anyway, the people who made this are really good!! It’s amazing that this game doesn’t display advertisements because so many other games do that which is extremely frustrating and annoying. When you start Love Nikki, you’re not gonna be automatically good. It takes time, and you really have to advance in the game which I think is a plus. If you’re looking for long games that you can collect and level up, then this is a great one. The art style is really good! If you’re a person who likes anime or the art style, then you might like this game. I don’t really pay much attention to anime, but this art style is really amazing and deserves have some recognition.😎
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4 years ago, єяяσя ѕαиѕ
💖True Masterpiece💖
I have always respected and loved art and just the things other people create. But this? This is on a COMPLETE different level! I have been playing this app for over 2 years now and may I say how incredible and beautiful it has grown! It was already an amazing game when i first got it but seeing these recent updates and changes...I just can’t. I have no words for this wonder of a game. You can tell that the art and every little detail that come with it has been and is treated very seriously and cautiously. Some clothing designs are simple, others are insanely crazy beautiful and creative. I love paying attention to the smallest designs on each beautiful drawing and suit. Its crazy how these people create such magic!! In the beginning, i wasn't too keen on the story itself but more on the outfits and art work. However, that recently changed when I’ve been coming across more depth and crazy drama. Honestly, never would I have thought a fashion game would have such crazy storylines that flow so well and actually get the player to be basically leaning off their seats for more. This game has not ceased to impress me. Each of my expectations have been, they have been thrown out the window and have been given something even greater. I promise if you get this game, you will NOT regret it. The main storyline is a little boring and cheesy in the beginning but trust me when i say this. Things go from 0 to 100 REAL fast. You won’t be disappointed!
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2 years ago, alananann
I love this game
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now, probably close to four-ish years and there’s things i still don’t know about the game, im constantly learning new things! I saw another review that said something about making it more diverse and I agree. For as long as I’ve been playing I only have around 3ish makeup faces that are not white. And one is straight up black.. and by black I mean black, not referencing a darker skinned black person I mean it is straight up the color black. I particularly love that face makeup cause it’s kinda emo but my point being is there’s really no diversity within the game. Please focus on giving out a more diverse color scheme when it comes to the skin tones and makeup faces! I think that would help alot. For as long as I’ve been playing I still get stuck on certain things, like right now. I’m stuck on this maiden task that I guess I need a certain outfit for but it doesn’t tell me how to obtain the outfit needed. Maybe I’m just bad at following along but I think instructions could be alittle clearer at times. I also think you should allow the player to change their name atleast once without having to pay real money. I picked my name without even knowing what this game was about at first and I think it’s like $10 of real money if you want to change it. You should atleast allow one free game change per player. Other than those things it’s a really fun game.
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3 years ago, 🏳️‍🌈eli🏳️‍🌈
Okay, this is just to talk about updates the app is good but if you’re looking for more info, this isn’t it. Starting off, there is another game which is a 3D version of this game, it’s actually amazing! 100% recommend it if you like this one. In my opinion I prefer this game though because it’s more simple and easier to handle especially since I’ve been playing this longer. I know they still update the game and give new sets but I would like there to be more accessible items and realms. I’ve unlocked all of them and I know it may just be me but I would like to see new realms you can visit at a certain level and play with other people there. Like a park where new people can meet. I know there are Facebook events and you can friend people but many kids also play this and I don’t think their parents would allow that so I would like you to be able to friend people based or their usernames or all that. What about safety? You may be asking about safety, the creators may add a chat filter or a specific amount of sentences and words you can say and as for other players that don’t want it they can type normal chat by putting in an email and all that. I know a lot of people will disagree and there is a bit of things that would need to be fixed but these are updates I would want. I know it takes a lot of time but I would really appreciate it.
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5 years ago, CandyWolfHowls
Literally one of the best games ever!
Love Nikki is a fashion RPG game with beautiful graphics and thousands of clothes to choose from! I’ve had this game for 2 years now and I am never disappointed. I’m a everyday player who is level 67. The actual storyline is really interesting, though I don’t usually play it. There are events that happen basically every 1-2 weeks though they can be short if you go about it in the right way you can get 1 to even 2 suits. There are parts in this app where you can pay to get more suits, or clothes but you don’t need to buy any. I know that this might be because I’ve played for so long that I know this but you can use different ways to get diamonds that will get you those suits. Basically I love this game and it’s graphics, I love everything about it. There were a few times where it kicked me off of my account but since I bounded it to my email it was fine. I’ve played in guest this whole time and there is barely any difference between guest or signing in through Facebook. Only real difference is that you can’t add friends. You also have Associations that can help you out and basically be your other family. Everyone that I’ve encountered has been really nice and just generally awesome. I would hope everyone who sees this game at least tries it out to see if they like it or not. And to the people who made this, keep doing what your doing it’s awesome!
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1 month ago, LibraDohko34
I am obsessed!
I absolutely love this game! There isn’t much that I wish could be changed. There’s no ads, things are easy to get if you play often, and it’s overall just a great game! I used to play it back when I was younger and I loved it! I can’t exactly remember what happened but I think I deleted it because I got stuck? I was too young to know how to do stuff but now it’s so easy! When I get stuck I just take my time! And as someone who can get stuff done if I put my mind to it, this is such a fun game! I love dressing up Nikki because she looks good in everything! I’m not the best stylist though so I mostly depend on Momos tips 🤣 if I’m in the stylist arena I lose every time…I still love the game and it’s such a time killer! I have to admit though…I lose money in game so fast because all the stuff is just too cute! I love coming on when the sign in thing is ready because I can become rich🤣 something a bit annoying though is the event wants me to share but I can’t because my mom says I’m too young to text people, so I can’t share, I also can’t bind my account because I don’t have one, and I don’t wanna burden my mom ‘cause she is always super busy. And there will always be an exclamation point on the event thing which annoys me, that’s all I have to complain about, other then that everything is super duper fun and I am soooo obsessed! I really love this game ❤️
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5 years ago, 1jdien-9
Unique, fun, no ads, free
This game is very unique compared to anything I’ve ever played. It has A LOT of events, things to do and chapters. Right now we have 18 chapters, which talk about a war. The story is great, the characters are unique and have very good background stories. Besides the main game there are also events which have their own little stories and amazing clothes. I’ve been playing this game every day for over a year now and I don’t regret it. Throughout the year I have only spent 10$, so I’m ALMOST a free player. Some events are real money only, but there’s always a diamond event too. Saving diamonds isn’t too hard, you can get AT LEAST 64 a day by doing daily quests, but completing chapters and achievements gives you even more diamonds. I finished many diamond heavy events (hell events) without spending money. The most important thing is to not spend on every event and only spend on what you like. There are also more things like stylist association, where you join a group and do challenges together, stylist arena where you are challenged by AI and home community where you do challenges with other players. I recommend this game to anyone who’s interested in a deep story or cute clothing, but warn those who like to spend a lot of money that you’ll quickly spend hundreds in this game. Many players go even into thousands. Overall 10/10
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4 years ago, BunnyKit12307 😺
Fun Game But I Got A Problem..
So I just went back to playing the game 2 days ago (or yesterday) and had a casual day, so I thought I can get addicted to the game again.. but then I was wrong.. I went into the app and stumped onto a letter that said there was some issues that some people’s accounts were not where they were and just made it look like they’re new to the game, so I was like: “ok maybe I can play the next day..” but yet I was wrong again. The next day (or the day I posted this) I didn’t stumble onto the same letter and I still had the “Login with Facebook” “Login as guest” I was very confused and I tried to click some buttons that would fix it (except “clear” or something like that). I tried to login as a guest but I didn’t think it would work out so I tried login with a Facebook account.. but I made a mistake.. the beginning cutscene started and I was so confused, but I didn’t lose hope, so I speed through the cutscene, but when it showed I got given the beginners stuff, I knew it was all over, I couldn’t hold my tears, not even when I’m typing this, so I swiped up the game, and deleted it.. (And that also means I wasted my real life money).. I’m sorry. I had to write this if anyone got the same problem, I don’t think you could fix this problem since I deleted it, and I was a guest, but I hope other people has a good life. 😔👍 But do note that I don’t hate the game, I just had some bad luck I guess. 🤗 -From Maria ALT (or should I say, “guest”)
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2 years ago, Wolfsong454👽👽
It’s a pretty good game. But there’s a lot to talk about.
First of all, I’ve played this since 2016 or so. I’m not particularly high level or anything impressive, and heres why: it’s a complete pay to win game. It feels impossible to complete most events without buying diamonds (that’s the premium currency) as even a cheaper posed suit is 1500 dias or so. I’ve actually spent a ton of money over the years, but had to try refund a bunch after not receiving money. Apparently purchases don’t work on iPad or something? I remember having to do it numerous times just for a 10 dollar purchase. So yeah, a lot of money wasted. (I now just make purchases via my phone) and I only recently started getting suits I wanted after spending money. Sure, I’m not the best at saving, but it shouldn’t be this difficult. Then, the other main problem: there’s barely any POC suits. Yes, there is different skin tones you can get, but getting a dark skin tone posed suit is really difficult. The posed ones I consider pretty are usually out of my price range. Even just makeups you can craft run you over 300 dias or so, and these are difficult to come by, since as I mentioned, there’s not many. It’s improved since the game launched, but barely. There’s also not that many NPCs that are POC either. I get this is a Chinese game but it would be nice to see more diversity. Also, I do really like this game. But there are more problems I could talk about. Anyway, thanks for reading this if you did.
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5 years ago, Kalakey
Amazing amount of content, no $$ needed!
This game is super fun for anyone who likes dress up! (Obviously). There is a massive amount of different clothes you can dress yourself up in, including hairstyles and accessories to choose from. You can customize certain clothes and you NEVER HAVE TO PAY MONEY FOR FEATURES. Not even special events! Other games have the dollar and coin system with dollars being extremely hard to get right? This has the same system but the dollars (gems here) are easy to get and save up through different tasks or achievements you can do every day. You can choose to spend money on certain things (buying more gems or packages, spending money does give you a little extra bonus stuff. I have and don’t regret it) but you never have to in order to compete or progress like other games. This game even has a storyline and funny characters. I love it. My only complaint is it’s not easy to get different skin colors compared to leaving her at the default skin color (at least not for the face, vast majority are pale white) I think there should be MUCH more for that. And more black hairstyles and bald/buzz cut options for the hair would be really cool too! Mostly because you can dress up your avatar and you won’t have it look like you unless you’re super white. Besides that, amazing game. Would recommend
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4 years ago, scrappyperson
This game is pretty good but there are a couple minor issues
I like this game, I think the clothes and the art style is very pretty and the story isn’t bad. If you like dress-up style games with competitions involved (like that Covet design app or whatever it’s called) and a cute anime style, this is a really good game for that! It’s sophisticated enough that adults can play and enjoy it, but fairly simple enough that I think kids would probably like it too? They may have trouble passing the levels with complicated steps to get a certain item though. Anyway, now for my issues with this game. Every time I load it up to play, I have to tap through 3, 4, maybe 5 or more pop ups about events or limited offers before I can hit the start button. There is a constant ‘!’ marker above the Mystery Pavilion, and no matter what I do inside of that area it doesn’t go away. I also can’t get the ‘!’ to go away on any of the events, which I’m not planning on trying until I get farther along in the storyline levels. The extra stamina that you get (sometimes) as a reward for leveling up goes to your mailbox, when I think it should just automatically be added to your stamina bar to cut out the extra step. All in all, this is a good game. I’ll update my review if I hit a paywall or an impossible challenge, but at my current progression in Ch. 5 it’s doable without spending money so far.
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5 years ago, Demah Rajah
Favorite game!!
So usually I don’t write a review unless the game is horribly bad, or if it’s amazing. In this case I am writing a review to say, ITS AMAZING!!! Love Nikki is an amazing add free game that lets you dress up your character with unique storylines. If you look at the side there is a new map called a brave new world which I recommend to anyone who has completed the game and still wants the amazing storyline and ideas. There are in-app purchases but those are not necessary at all. You can easily collect coins and diamonds by winning games, achievements and events. Love Nikki is not like any other strange and different dress up games where you have to circle in motion to wash the girls face, or rub to dry her up. You can collect different hairstyles clothing items and accessories by winning the dress up battles. The storyline follows a girl called Nikki and her pet Momo who travelled into another dimension. On the way they meet a girl called Bobo and and a girl called lunar, and many more. Bobo becomes their close friend and guide in this new world. When Nikki and her friends run into someone new they can battle each other, and that’s were the styling comes in. You get to style and alter your Characters looks, depending on the theme. This is my all time favorite game EVER!!!! I hope you take the time to read my review, and at the least consider installing it!
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5 years ago, ~CinnaMonToastCRUNCH~
As a black girl that plays this game
this game is REALLY REALLY good and fun- the art is so amazing and the dedication to this game is outstanding. This game isn’t like other anime like games/otomes where if you want to keep playing or get really good items you’re going to have to keep on paying and paying making the game not fun- every day this game gives you loads of coins and diamonds and very pretty and fun clothes- BUT I do have one complaint...can you guys had more suits/outfits for black girls????? Like add more black skin colors and faces and a section for African styles/black girl styles?? Or just cool and beautiful styles and the characters have black hair and black features?? I see that this games has a lot of Asian styles and Asian features which is expected because this is an Asian game and a lot of the people who made this game are most likely Asian but as a black girl I want to get clothes and looks that I can relate too- cause all of the beautiful and over the top clothes and faces go to all the white characters and the Asian ones- I’d just really appreciate it if you guys can add that! Edit: lately I’ve been seeing black hairstyles on this game...I hope I see MORE coming and I hope soon that I will be seeing black suits and clothes and styles!! I really hope that you guys read this again - Black girl who plays this game
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2 years ago, gremlingg
Love !!💕✨
I love this game so much !! I’ve had it for almost 3 ish years now. I don’t understand why people are trying to boycott LN. you don’t have to spend money to get suits (even the really pretty suits) I think the game is fair and even if you do want to spend money, it’s reasonable. People have to realize the creators put A LOT of money into the game and there are REAL artists digitally drawing all of the suits and putting together the stories, etc.. and that takes a lot of time and dedication. However, I do agree with making the event times a bit longer. But on the other end, the creators make money by having the event times a little shorter, to get people to buy any tokens or event ‘coins’ so they can keep the game alive and going. It’s a two way process; which most games have. In short, you don’t have to spend any big bucks to enjoy the game. Having suits is one of many parts of the game. The game does include competition but have fun with it. It’s just a game after all. LN is also a long term game. Meaning, to get the most out of it, you have to play the game for quite a long time (a lot of other games are like this too). The original creators in China have put a lot of thought and devoted time into LN, so I heavily thank them for it and wish them the best ❤️
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4 years ago, Stephy :3
My favorite game!!
I love this game I spend hours playing it. And it’s one of those games that when you first start playing you can’t stop. The graphics are beautiful and the many ways you can get diamond stamina and coins makes it even more fun. You have many outlets to get clothes and it’s just a great experience. But I have a recommendation for an idea that can take the game to the next level. To put accessories, clothes, shoes, and backgrounds for sale/trade in a mini market. So if you have something that you don’t care for anymore or want to trade for something better you can broaden your access to clothes that normally locked away for events that can be short. As a mom I miss a lot of suits and it makes me so sad. But this way whatever we miss we can have a chance to redeem it again. Also for the high items with yellow hearts can be auction off and the players can choose to sell it for stamina, coins, or diamonds ( I think it should not exceed a crazy amount but a decent amount even if it’s a little high) maybe make it even a little special where friends have dips the first day it’s on the market and then the next day the public has access to it. That would be so cool. I hope you put my recommendation into consideration :)
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6 years ago, Mbrownmitch
I love this game-however- update
I play this game a little everyday. I have not seen a super rare item in the area where you are subject to whatever comes up until I spent a little money. I played for a little over a month and I never got anything super rare until I spent a little money? Hmm questionable it makes all the really gorgeous items out of reach cause the only way to get them is to spend money when you get a chance to earn other super rare items during events it is impossible to do so without spending some real money. You. Can almost get a full suit if you play start to finish but not even get a piece or two of the other unless you forgo some of the other suit. Otherwise the game is awesome I play it everyday still love it but wish they made it more possible to get super rare items. Update-Over time of playing you gradually get the super rare items. This game is amazing!!! I love it and have never been addicted to a game like this one! You can’t get better the outfits are so cute and new events pop up rather quickly you stay engaged from beginning to end. I am at level 34 and still growing. I look forward to the other levels. I love how they don’t make it impossible to win. You get a sense of winning everyday!!!
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6 years ago, JustaRottenGirl
Beautiful but has some Quirks
This game is beautifully designed- the graphics are gorgeous and the music is really nice and soothing. But there are a few issues. One main one is that the ‘advice’ or ‘suggestions’ you can get from Momo during dress up competitions are so frustrating. Many times he suggests things that are completely not fitting with the theme, yet the game will give you a crazy high score for wearing his style (a ball gown, black heels, and an Asian-style poncho for an ‘aristocratic ball gown’??? Yuck. It’s very biased in that way- because style is subjective which makes it hard for this type of game to be fair to everyone’s sense of style. Not to mention that the categories don’t always match what the outfit is rated by in the competition- so you have to look closely at the rating types for each clothing piece beyond the category label. The other issue is that the translation for what is being said is wrong at times and that inconsistency can be annoying. For example the girl sidekick they meet- her name is Yoko- and it’s clearly pronounced as such in the story- but when you see the dialogue it comes out to be ‘Bobo’. The ‘engrish’ style descriptions of the clothing items are also confusing and don’t make much sense either, but that’s more of a superficial matter. Overall 4/5 imo. :) I’m a sucker for pretty clothes and graphics haha
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6 years ago, RennyRiot
I love the game but some things need to change!
There are many things about this game that are infuriating, like that most events are too short and far too diamond heavy for anybody (whether a paying player or a free one) to complete it and get most of the stuff from the event without paying hundreds (HUNDREDS!!!) of dollars for the diamonds needed. That is an issue but thats not my main annoyance, i can ignore the money sucking events but what i cant is the fact that the main quest line now seems to be moving in the money/diamond heavy way as well. What i mean by that it is this: I understand the story suits are needed to move forward and i like that but what i dont like is how now every quest needs the “recommended” clothes from momo to get past it. If i use anything but the recommended clothes i fail and it says “blank doesn’t seem to fit the theme” and i can sit there forever trying literally anything in my closet that fits the “theme” (ie like a quest needing cute, sexy clothes) but its never enough until i cough up the cash to buy more diamonds and star coins so that i can create the recommended clothes and move past the quest, because its not like i wasn't playing the main quest so that i could build up diamonds without having to spend them so that id have them for the diamond heavy events. But i end up having to buy them so i can move along in the game and i can win back like 1/8th of the diamonds that i spent to move forward.
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3 years ago, vic_tor_ia
Such a cute game💫
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now, and I’ve really enjoyed the changes they’ve made to it over time. Tbh I only play it for the amazing graphics on the outfits, I stopped reading the dialogue a few weeks after I started playing, so i’m not even sure if its interesting 😂. It’s a great game for relaxing but there are certain things about it that are a little frustrating, such as the constant (!) notification on the events tab for the mystery box activity. I was super excited to see that they added more diverse hair textures a while back, but I still think they should have even more because I’ve only seen a few (granted I also don’t play this game on the regular so I could be mistaken). I also wish I could play music while on the app because I was able to do that before, but now I can’t figure out a way to do so. Another big thing with this app is that it’s very guided towards spending money to get diamonds and things to be able to play it to its full potential. I’ve put some money into this game and even then It can still be hard to get through levels naturally, so that can be frustrating if you can’t or choose not to spend your money on it. Overall though this game is really fun and by far my favorite gaming app. I definitely recommend this.💖
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6 years ago, turkeyburger123
I love this game, but...
This is an amazing game and I completely enjoyed every minute of playing so far, except for yesterday. I was playing like normal, happy that I had just completed chapter 12 in princess when it crashed. I didn’t think anything of it, until I realized all my progress had somehow been deleted. If you know a way to get back your progress, please let me know. Besides that, this is one of the greatest games I have ever played! The music really sets the mood and don’t even get me started on the animation! This game is gorgeous, and there are no adds. NONE!!! The game gives you options to buy certain sets, but it really isn’t mandatory, I’ve been playing for free and have had a great experience! It also has so many useful features, with some games you have to wait hours before you can continue playing, but with love Nikki, there is always something you can do between taking a picture of your latest style to decorating your very own house! The story dialogue is also pretty fun to go along with. There are so many accessories and I can’t stress enough how amazing this game is. I would recommend it to pretty much any age or gender. Sorry if this is long, I hope you enjoy playing as much as I do!
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4 years ago, Renee M C.01
Unexpectedly fun
Honestly? I’m eighteen years old and wanted something to do during quarantine that would help me keep my mind off of things. I looked up dress up games because I wanted to relive my early internet days and I found this. Really wasn’t expecting much out of it, but I’ve been playing it all day and I’m absolutely shocked at how ridiculously fun it is. There are a lot of items and the story is really interesting, and Momo is adorable and all the characters are fun to see and “compete” against. However my main issues come with the main entry screen. When you load up the game (after throwing down some serious time in order to download the 194mb of extra data) you get a bunch of pop ups that you have to tap through before you can actually start the game. The pop ups have to do with events and packs and such. I think it’s really, REALLY frustrating to have to go through all of that just to be able to access the game—especially since you can’t speed tap through everything. You have to wait for each pop up to do its animation to get on screen, then you have to wait for it to do its animation to get off screen. The cycle repeats again. If that issue could be fixed, or even modified to be slightly less irritating, the game would be phenomenal.
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3 years ago, eLizardLoon
Great Game, worth playing
I’ve been playing this game for like 3+ years, and though sometime I get bored an delete it, as I do with literally all apps, I always end up redownloading it. One thing I very much appreciate about it is that it’s not pay to win, I will not play a game that advertises itself as free then have you pay money to actually get anywhere in the game, but this one you don’t have to pay for really anything. Of course there is some events in which you have to pay, and you can buy diamonds and coins, but nothing unfair to free players like myself. And the art is gorgeous, whoever designed the clothes and characters clearly know what their doing because it’s very pretty and detailed. This game is so unique fun and worth it, the ONLY problem I have with it, and this is me being nit picky, is that it can be tedious to play the same battle over and over to get a certain amount of a pair of clothing from it, but as I said that’s me nitpicking. It has a bit of an embarrassing name though too, because whenever people ask what I’m playing O always hesitate to say “ niki dress up queen” because I always felt a little silly being 17 and into games like this.
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6 years ago, RhiBCee
Like but issues
I really enjoy this game but there are things that need changed especially with the popularity of the game! I like the game but it's difficult to craft when the item u need the only way u can obtain it is the luck of the draw in the pavilion of mystery. There are some frustrating aspects to this. Also what u charge in diamonds is ridiculous compared to what u receive in quests & achievements. Adding this below at a later date, after playing for a while. I like this game, but can't give it high marks. U make it insanely difficult to move forward. U require WAY TOO MUCH $ & even in game diamonds etc! I have bounce & sleep but can't use them but for some reason they're used against me! U didn't reply to my last review to help so doubt u will now! & Ive noticed that when something is $0.99 u take out $2.99, what the hell? Same w/other amounts! If you're able to move right along thru the game sure u can earn diamonds but if u get to a target suit that requires a ton of customization then you're stuck for days or have to spend $! Only way to earn starlight coins is in stylist arena or at the end of competition so it's hard to get dye for the customization! Same w/stylist association! It's frustrating! There's some things u need to change! Other than that it's fun but I'm stuck at end of 11, which means I can't do anything
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4 years ago, fortuneravine
An adorable game with beautiful outfits and fun activities!
I love this game! It’s a pretty relaxing and satisfying game to play for a few minutes every day (there’s enough content to spend almost an hour on it at a time honestly, which is a long time for a mobile game I think). I will say it’s the only phone game I have that I have never gotten tired of checking into every single day. The storyline is cute (apparently it gets pretty deep down the line!) and I like the interesting world of Miraland. Of course there is a huge amount of clothes to collect. The best thing about this game is that it’s very friendly to players who don’t pay for anything with real money. I haven’t spent a single cent and I have no big complaints. Of course there are differences, you aren’t going to win many high-level sets or anything, but I’m satisfied with everything I can get just with in game currency. I would love to support the creators though, so I may spend some in the future. There are very affordable prices if players do choose to pay. Overall, I love it. The art and music are beautiful, and it’s fun to progress through the stages and earn new cute clothes. I’m really impressed and grateful that such a big and deep game is potentially free.
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4 years ago, MoonTheKittyCaf
Awesome, but a few downsides.
Love Nikki Dress UP Queen is by far one of my favorite games. There are no ads, and there are a lot of sets and other clothes you can get. And there is almost no difference between being signed in with FB and being a guest player. Personally I would like a few more animal related items (tails and ears) because there just isn’t a lot of them, and I’m an animal lover. One of the things I don’t like is how long it takes for your stamina to refill. I’m one of those people with almost no patience and I don’t have a lot of stuff to do, especially on the weekend. The stamina takes a really long time just to get to four, which is how much stamina it costs to do a stage. (Is it called a stage?) Anyway, I would like it if it went a little faster. Another thing I don’t like is how almost all of the sets are unavailable. And I’m not sure if the event where you can get them will ever come back again. I also think the game shouldn’t have a limit on how many items you can buy in the game, or how many times you can refill your gold with diamonds. Other than that, this is an absolutely awesome game and I give it five stars. I absolutely love this game, and I can’t wait for future updates.
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6 years ago, Ava stanley
Considering the ad for this game is dressing up a pretty anime girl, I really didn’t expect much. However, this was definitely misjudgment. This game is so unique, with so many different aspects that bring in qualities from different games into one. There’s so much you can do, that I’m honestly surprised that it manages to stay on the topic of fashion. It’s fairly easy to manage and play, and all the items aren’t frustratingly expensive. I love the currency, because it makes it fairly easy to buy items without working for them. It’s also addicting, but not addicting enough where you want to spend hundreds of dollars on it (however, I did spend $1.99) But by far, my favorite thing about this app is the fact that there are NO ADS! NONE! ZERO! It’s beautiful. I’ve never liked a game so much, without having the process of ads. The story line is funny and lighthearted, with plots to keep you interested, but not to the point where the dialogue is the whole game. The artwork is beautiful, and the amount of clothing up for grabs is great. As I’m writing this, I’m trying to think of a negative thing to throw is here, but there really isn’t that I could think of, besides very minor bugs that are avoidable. Great game!!
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4 years ago, dragonpurple0
Great! Couple issues.
Just want to say, the interface of the game is beautiful, the graphics unique, and music is spectacular. However, just a couple issues I think were important. One thing that was indeed odd is that, when comparing different accounts by time difference, they don’t get the same luck or features as an account more recently made does. After updates, my phone has so much storage used. 1.9 GB, I believe. I tried using the “clear” option at login, but it didn’t reduce any of it. Now my phone is glitching like crazy. The app stopped in its tracks twice today, but my phone was still working. Any suggestions? My only suggestions for the next update(s) are merging someone’s multiple accounts, to keep the clothing and currency, but still have the best gameplay after working for it all. Another thing, could you guys please make a way to trade and/or gift clothing and currency to other players, or our accounts, to make it easy to merge accounts, while providing trading with in-game friends. The work put in to this game was loads, and created a phenomenal experience for users. Thanks to Paper Games & Elex. Users: Mental Geek, Ooooooof (case sensitive, exact number of o’s.)
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3 years ago, Budgies39
Amazing, Just a couple issues
I love this game so much. It’s unique, and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I really recommend this game, But I think you should read this first. There are events In the game, that can cost a lot of diamonds. There are ways to get lots of diamonds without paying, Although it is very time consuming. I have school four days a week, and online school on Wednesdays, so the only time I really get time to diamond farm is on the weekends. I completely understand that they need people to recharge diamonds to keep the company in business, And I have no problem helping the company of a game I really love, although, sometimes a event suit could cost up to $100 dollars worth of diamonds. It’d be nice if they could make a faster way to diamond farm, or just make events less expensive. My second issue is the starry corridor. I mainly try to avoid drama in there, although sometimes I will look through the images and find some... inappropriate things. It would be nice to have somebody monitor the images to make sure they are appropriate for 4+ individuals. Of course this would be a lot of work, and it is asking for quite a lot, so I would be very great full if they could. Other than that, I love the game a lot and 100% recommend.
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4 years ago, YsaMc2010
Outstanding!, but...
This game used to be my favorite game. I deleted it though; it was getting hard (extremely upsetting). I was enjoying this game flying pass the levels and redoing some for more items until I got to a level that was either required something or didn’t required I can’t remember but I didn’t own it and that’s not what I am complaining about! You could only get the clothing item by earning it from a level but here’s the catch, that level was locked because it was father ahead from the level it was required on. Another way you could get was that place where every day sometimes you could get things (clothing items) free isn’t called mystery house or something like that? I tried everyday but it was really hard it was like 1 out of a thousand chance you would’ve gotten it. I will say that I don’t remember any challenges requiring thing but it’s been a while and it was either it was required or any outfit you did wasn’t good enough and you looked at your assistant’s recommendation so you tried to get that except it’s not buyable! I was really good at the game but that really made me angry/frustrated but decides that it’s AMAZING well technically I don’t own it anymore so was AMAZING get it just know it’s hard after a while
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5 years ago, OtterTheCat
I don’t do reviews often, but when I do it’s because I either really hated or really loved the game— Love Nikki has the luck to fall in the latter category for me! Ad-free and truly free to play, it’s regularly updated, maintained, and has events going on regularly. While some events can be a bit obvious in their attempts to make you spend cash on them, they generally either come back later or come back to the ingame store for ingame currency or diamonds— which can be regularly collected. It took me a long time but eventually I actually paid some money for this game, but it wasn’t because I felt like I had to or couldn’t proceed— this game can be played entirely without it, it just takes somewhat longer— but because I really love it and wanted to support it. Rewards for tiers are generous and daily. You earn at least 50dia a day without needing to pay, plus all the bonuses from completing suits and the like. Some people complain about how skins don’t come with makeups all the time or aren’t default, but honestly in a game like this it makes sense, and if that is one’s worst complaint for a free mobile game, then you’re ahead. Love the game, keep at it, team!
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2 years ago, KittyChan323
I spent three years on this game and will have nothing to show for it because they don’t allow for password recovery when you bind your account with an email. I got a new phone and tried putting the app on it so I could continue to play. However, because the game allows you to save your email and password in the login fields, I haven’t used it in some time and for the life of me cannot remember or figure it out regardless of what I try. But of course, every company with common sense provides a method for getting back into your own account, right? WRONG. You are absolutely unable to recover your password or change it once forgotten and will never be able to get back into your account. Since I’m not a FB slave and I have no FB account to promote their game on, I used email thinking it would be ok. I can’t even talk to Support because they barely speak English and are probably running scripted answers through Google translate in order to send butchered replies that are absolutely useless. If you’re cool with the possibility of being locked out your own account then by all means, get this game. It obviously didn’t do enough to embarrass itself by pretending it was a dating game with an amazing story to lure in mislead players, it also has to be bad at managing its ‘security’ measures. Wouldn’t want some stranger hacking your account and submitting a lousy contest entry! D:
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4 years ago, -sweetjane-
Love this game, but I’m getting frustrated
I’ve played this game daily for three years, probably spent about $250 on it over the course of that time. I don’t mind spending money on my favorite game when I can afford it. Everything about this game is perfect to me, which is why I’m obsessed. There’s no other fashion game like it. BUT, I’m giving it 4 stars due to how events like this latest one are going. This is not a new issue, but an issue that’s getting progressively worse with these newer events. You have to pay 100 diamonds for 1 special currency, which is a lot, just to get one random set piece at a time. There are four sets, and I keep getting the same basic pieces over and over; even back to back. That’s especially infuriating when you spend ten bucks, buy ten currency, just to get all but one repeat. They need to fix their system to where you’re not dumping all your game currency and real money on constant repeats. It leaves me feeling cheated out of money, and to be honest it makes me want to quit. And then there’s these recharge sets, where you get sets depending on how many diamonds you buy. And the super duper beautiful set literally requires you to spend $100. What the heck...this game is starting to look so greedy. 🤨😐
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5 years ago, Creacsent239
😍 in love 😍 only a few problems.
I am totally in love with this game! There are so many hidden treasures! When you go to The Mystery House, make sure to swipe left and right if you want all you can get. I do wish that when you start out, you get more resources and don't have to buy so many things just to make it to the second level. And I wish you could not be so exited to get a suit and then find out that it's not available. Other than that, this game is pretty much the perfect game if you love fashion, it has so many different types of designs, and I love it! Thanks for making this game the way it is! I think, though, there is just one more problem... The little coments Momo makes after every competition can bring people's self esteem down and make you feel bad about your own style. They are really aggravating me. If you fixed these things, you would have a perfect game Plus, there's NO ADDS!!!!! Nothing Nada Zinc Zilch Zero!!!!!! I'm only eleven, but I still think this is saying something, I've, like, NEVER seen a game with no adds! One more thing; in the stylist arena I was on the Queen stylist level but it shorted me all the way back to ASSISTANT. This has been happening for a while now. But overall, I am SO happy with this game.
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4 years ago, Niliboo
LOVE IT!!!! Small feedback
The reason why I didnt give this game 5 stars(which it TOTALLY deserves) is because there are a few things that bother me. Nikki is a wonderful game. I love anime, so I was looking for an anime game that was fun. I found Nikki and immediately got addicted. But here’s where it gets complicated. I had gotten very far in the chapters, and it was getting super hard to pass the levels, even with the thousands of outfits and accessories I had acquired over the year. So I stop playing, and even deleted it. When I redownloaded it, I knew my progress wouldn’t be saved. But then the tutorial came and I was super annoyed. I think you should have a choice to skip the tutorial. And here’s the other thing. People with Facebook, and people who have money to spend, get good outfits, like the ones that they show off in photos and advertisements. But guests and people who DONT want to spend money can’t get any cute outfits so they feel bad they are poor and can’t spend. Also, once you’ve played a long time and you have almost everything, it’s boring to go to the shop and buy stuff, because it’s either too expensive or you have it. That’s all of my critique. If you see this, please try to fix it. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, Scl14
Very Disappointed!
This game has fun a beautiful outfits and they are always putting new and exiting things. But guess what! Unless you don’t spend a lot of money on the game, you will never get the new outfits, no matter how much you tried to play to accomplish the rewards. It would always required to expend money to buy more than 1000 diamonds if you really want the outfit. Otherwise you will never finish the whole set if you don’t spend money and the outfits will always be incomplete. So, the game was design to make the new updates so difficult to achieve, so you end up buying and expend a lot of money if you really like to finish the outfits. An example was when they make “Frozen”. I was so excited and played a lot every day to win that outfit and “Ana’s” too. But at the end I run out of time and I realize the I had to buy a lot of diamonds if I really want that, and I decided that was too much and I left it incomplete. It was very disappointed because I play a lot, but I decided to leave it like that. This game is nice and cute, but is not much fun to see that weather you play a lot and get rewards, it’s designed especially to spend around $50 USA dollars weekly if you want the new styles. But that's a “No Way Jose”, since the clothes aren’t real and you are just throwing a lot of money! It’s really a very disappointed game!
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7 years ago, Snooploli
This has been my favorite game for 6 months and counting.
I've never written a review for an app without it asking me to until now. This game is just so so so nice. Aside from the endless collection of apparel and items to collect and the overall cute and charming esthetic, this is one of the only great games out there where you can really earn your status and it is not necessary to spend money to be able to go far. I have not spent a single cent on this game because I can't afford it but it doesn't matter because what can be bought is not necessary to enjoy the full extent of the game. This is in my opinion the best thing about it. My collection grows every day due to my effort I put into the game and it feels like a great accomplishment seeing all of my outfits I spent time crafting. This isn't some sort of actiony or decisive game. It's relaxing and soothes the desire of wanting clothes/self expression, and also is fun for people that like to collect things. Love love love this game. It's always being updated and there's always more cool new stuff to acquire, and you get rewarded for each day you log in. Overall awesome relaxing game. Cute and sweet and just my kind of pastime.
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6 years ago, Cayley C
This isn’t a pay to play
Most games pretty much require you to spend money to advance, or you have to wait hours and hours to get the stamina back. This game isn’t like that. Sure there’s several options that you can spend money on to get a cool outfit. But the game gives you plenty of opportunities to get both types of in-game currency without having to spend any real money at all. There’s a variety of different things you can do, from the main story mode to two different types of PVP competitions to your own little house to decorate. There’s also events to participate in extremely often, with only a few days in between events. This game updates and evolves so often that you never really get bored with it. Most apps have cycled on and off my phone within the first week of getting them, but this one has stuck around for months. I wouldn’t consider myself very girly, but this game is a lot of fun, and I find myself opening it several times a day. It’s definitely appropriate for kids if you’re looking for something harmless and fun for your kids to play. Just beware that they might be asking you for money for the coolest new outfit...
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6 years ago, mardotA
So awesome
I love this so much ! This game is so fun and unique. I like how you don't have to spend money on it and it isint one of those games where you have to Spend money on it whereas some games you basically have to spend money or there's no point in playing. This game is so fun and you don't need to spend money to get the real experience. This is so unique and there are zero adds! I can't even express how much I've loved it. I am usually one of those people who downloads a game then gets bored if it in about a week. But with this game it's the opposite, I've been playing for over a year now. The only thing that's a bit annoying is that the events usually last from a week to ten day and you need MANY MANY diamonds to finish just one. Of course, you can do it but everyday the most diamonds you can get from quest is 53 and I think they should more ways to obtain many other diamonds. Also they should give more diamonds for completing suits because you typically spend at least 500 diamonds ( at least for me) to complete a suit and all you get is a measly thirty in return. That's my only complaint but other than that I love love love this game.
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5 years ago, BeautifulLie69
Fun but I have a few issues with it
I like this game a lot but first I’ll start off by saying I wish you could be notified whenever someone posts in the bulletin and also be notified when the contest is about to start. I will never spend money on a game I find it pointless. With what being said this game starts off amazing and very addictive it has great story line but the more you progress in the game the harder it becomes to complete levels without paying real money. It literally takes me days to finish one episode because you have to have the recommended clothing items or you fail. Second the events are kind of unfair to people how can’t afford spend really money on diamonds. Because the events end before you can save up enough of them. Now you do get some free sets in the game by login and sometimes in the limited section. And I wish the princess levels had more than 3 tries I get it’s supposed to be a hard level but when you only get 3 tries and you need an item from that quest it doesn’t always drop so you wasted your stamina and your chances for that day which is really annoying. Now You can waste diamonds to purchase more or become vip to get more but for someone who wants to remain a “free player” it isn’t possible
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6 years ago, Sad Pixel Gambler
My absolute favourite mobile game
I don’t play mobile games, really. It’s always the same problems with a different paint job- “pay to win”, ads, all the cool stuff being locked unless you pay, time and energy stopping you from playing. I hate them. But I literally play Love Nikki every single day. Why? Because it’s a REAL game. There are loads of different stages (and Princess Mode, which is a harder version), contests, crafting, style challenges, associations, achievements, daily quests. There is so much to do in this game. Yes, it does have a “IRL money currency” BUT you can earn diamonds in game. I’ve gotten through events and gotten the primo prize outfits without spending a single real cent on the game because I saved up my daily diamonds. And yes, some outfits can only be obtained with IRL money but the cool thing is that if you’re patient, Love Nikki will usually release the items in the shop and you can use your daily diamonds to get it. It’s an amazing game that is a REAL game. No cheapness or exploiting the player here. After a few months, I decided to finally buy some diamonds to support the developers - something I don’t do. Check it out. You won’t regret it.
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6 years ago, variegatus
Just good game design and not p2w
The prerequisite for this type of game is obviously that there’s a lot of clothes and that they look good, and Love Nikki has pretty clothes in spades. There’s hundreds of even cooler items soon to be added too! Yeah the stage outfits make no sense but an algorithm smart enough to evaluate an outfits fashionable-ness at a glance isn’t exactly on the cards for a mobile game, and there’s user-voted weekly competitions, so that doesn’t ruin the experience. But more importantly, the gameplay is just great. It rewards you for spending time on it, and the devs clearly care about making the game consistently fun, so there’s always something to do- unless you’re obsessive like me, it’s almost impossible to run out of stuff to do. It’s also GENUINELY free to play! Everything comes back eventually, so if you don’t want to spend money on event suits or recharge suits, you don’t have to! I only had to wait a few months to get some of the event suits I missed when I started the game. And just as a bonus, literally all the music in the game and the ads is just... so good? Sometimes I open the game just to listen to it. I’d give Love Nikki 6 stars if I could
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4 years ago, Leonasophiepepperfrightstauri
Awesome, But...
This game is FREE, fun, and best of all, NO ADS. But even though it’s unique and, like I said, fun to play, I have a few issues. One thing is that guest players have less features. I would also love it if you added a Cloud Realm pavilion where you could get a random part of a suit. Speaking of the Pavilion of Mystery, could you add each suit in the game into the pavilion? And don’t get me started on the suits. For example: you find a beautiful suit and check one of the clothes on how to achieve, to see “Suit Completed” or “Event unavailable” Tapping on it you see that it says “participate in certain part to gain this item” and I know that the event is over. What does that even mean?! Please change these so that you can craft them. I also got my other account restored, called Laura. Because I am no longer on Cassandra, I have lost MANY suits. I was hoping to be able to switch back and forth between accounts. Both have been mail-linked, and I have lost “Cassandra”, my main, to this. If you could add a “Forgot email/password?” setting, I would be SO relieved. I know this is going to be drowning in the sea of reviews, but please add this...I’m crying my eyes out right now. Otherwise, it’s an amazing app.
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6 years ago, J_Hopper82
Love the Game
This game gives you plenty of stuff to keep you busy. It is a wonderful game. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but just couldn’t. I took away from the stars because of the events. The events are awesome, but if you expect to collect a whole outfit you are going to have to fork out real currency. The current event is a desert event. You have a chance to complete two outfits, unfortunately to obtain either one you need to collect 1105 jewels (per outfit). The event only runs 10 days and you can only get 75 Jewels a day (unless you fork out real currency to get more). I know people need to make money and am not complaining about that. In my own opinion I just believe a person should be able to obtain 1 whole suit without having to spend real money on it. If someone wants to get the second suit, then let them spend real currency. Not being able to complete at least one suit through normal game play is kind of a let down and makes me not even want to bother with the whole event. So please please please, developers, in the future please add events that at least give those who cannot afford to fork out real currency a chance to complete at least one outfit before it ends. Thank you.
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4 years ago, AceOfRestarts
Playing for Years
I finally had to leave a review (I’m sick and have some free time yay). I downloaded this app on a whim roughly four years ago after I got several ads for it in other games. I needed something to occupy some free time and the art looked adorable. I’ve always had a soft spot for dress-up games, but there are so few that can appeal to older audiences the way that Love Nikki does. I expected to delete in within a couple of weeks, but the gameplay drew me in. This game isn’t simply an outfit designer, it’s more like a clothing Pokémon game lol (though over the years they’ve added in many additional features that allow you to design looks freely, which I thoroughly enjoy). I love that some levels can be extremely challenging and require grinding for materials, but nothing will entirely limit your progression in the game. I managed to get my level into the mid-70s without paying a single cent in extra fees. Once I got a job, I started investing a small portion to buying some of the prettier suits, but this isn’t at all necessary to be a successful player. I really can’t recommend this game enough.
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6 years ago, Ghoul Car
I love the idea of this game, as well as the designs and artwork, but all of the things you need to do to advance after a certain point are frustrating and not all worth it. Advancing from certain levels means putting up with the crafting system multiple times, using all your stamina replaying old levels just to get the materials only to realize you need to spend star coins because you don’t even have the required recipes yet - and getting those coins means putting up with the stylist arena, something that would be fun, but the ratings system is put together in such a way that you can easily crush any competition by just putting on any rare item that vaguely fits the theme - rare items that often can only be acquired by paying real life money. Coupled with the fact that the further you get in the game, the harder it becomes to get good ratings without paid suits or items that require intricate crafting, and the only real way to advance is to either have the patience of a saint or to give up and pay real money. The items are beautiful, the story is fun, and putting together cute outfits is satisfying, but it’s a shame that none of that matters when the best way to win is just putting together ugly outfits full of expensive items.
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6 years ago, Olivia🦄🐬Voliv#1
This game is amazing but......
This game is absolutely amazing! It’s unique and if you love fashion, competition, and collecting this game has it all. It has so many cool stages to it and it’s fun and entertaining. If you are really dedicated to the game, you can spend hours playing it(I know this from past experience). Although I had this terrible problem where my whole profile deleted and I did nothing to do that, the game just automatically deleted it. It was horrible, I cried myself to sleep. I was at level 36, had collected so many rare once in an opportunity of a life time items, was one of the top, unlocked the whole “beginning”, was so far into the competitions, and you don’t even want me to describe how much I lost because of Love Nikki’s malfunction. I’m not lying because whoever lies about this game is probably a horrible person because this game is #1. So now I’m back to square one and yeah, I had this “dream” where the game owners/helper people fixed my problem and renewed my account and all of my 1 year hard hard fun work back to me. But this game is amazing! I totally recommend the game. It’s amazing!!!!!!😇 - If you’ve already started the game, write/add to your review if this has ever happened to you.
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4 years ago, official obunga
Hopes slightly crushed :/
There’s is one problem i have with this app but it has nothing to do with the gameplay it’s self. I am rating it 5 stars though so it will be seen. I love this game, probably one of my favorite mobile games point blank period. But the problem is that you can’t bind your apple I.D login with your facebook login. I have so much progress in this game there’s absolutely no way i would leave it just to get the little 2 diamonds you get when you share to facebook, but on the other hand if you do it daily i’d like to think about how much diamonds i would have already. It’s not even just that though. You can also get stamina and other prizes when you use friends mail. But unfortunately it actually uses facebook and there’s no way i can bind it. In conclusion I would really, REALLY, appreciate it if the developers of this game could maybe make it possible for the users to bind our different login accounts with our facebook accounts because like i said i already have so much progress on it but it pains me to not be able to do anything about this problem. Thank you 💔
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6 years ago, Mary 🦄
It’s addicting but...
Hey, this game is super fun and a good distraction. I open it several times a day and I’ve been obsessed for the past few months. However, there are several bugs and issues. 1. I find it annoying that in order to be able to make sure progress is secure you have to log in with Facebook. A lot of kids don’t have Facebook and this is a kids game, and I’m sure parents don’t want to deal with a very upset child. I have a Facebook account that’s connected to this so I’m fine, but I still find it annoying. I think you should try to add google accounts or maybe not have a sign up at all. 2. Several people have talked about this, but I also have an issue with this. Nikki shouldn’t come with a skin color. The skin colors have different features either. 3. This is definitely my biggest issue and something that needs to be fixed immediately: the login page isn’t working. After the update, my app logged out, which is fine because I’m connected with Facebook. However, when I tried logging in it said that it couldn’t connect. I tried to use the “fix” button, but it didn’t work. I’ve read several reviews that have the same issue so the creators should try to do something immediately.
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4 years ago, Elisabeth Afghan
To hard to get the suits, and why do I have to pay?
Hello! So I absolutely love this game. I’ve always been into anime and just dress up in general sense I was little. I also like how are you can get suits from different events, which this is great, but it’s really hard to get the clothes or accessories. You would be lucky if you even got anything from it, and I think the only suit I have that’s from a event is the four leaf clover event. Which wasn’t a really hard one to collect, but still was hard, sense I had only a little luck left to get the last thing I needed to complete the suit. Plus the events are really short! The longest one I’ve been though is last year’s event. (The Elsa and Anna event). Moving on to the V0, V1 and so on. Why do I have to pay or “recharge” to go onto the next stage? I think after a certain level you should put us on the next stage. Because not only would that be easier then paying, but it would make a lot more people determined to get on the app and play it more. Over all I think this is a masterpiece and how you put it together is outstanding, but little changes like this could help the players in this game a lot! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
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