Love Tester - Crush Test Quiz

4.6 (28.2K)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
DH3 Games
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Love Tester - Crush Test Quiz

4.63 out of 5
28.2K Ratings
1 year ago, 9-year-old TeenageDream
I don’t really know
I’m deleting this game. Not because I don’t want it but because I don’t really have use for it. I found out my answer ( pretty good), and after I do some of my friends I don’t really need it anymore. But what I like about it more than “Friendship Test” is, sow, of the question on friendship test ask stuff like, “ how often do you text,” so and so. But I don’t have their number. But on this app, that’s in option to say “ we don’t text”. Even if it’s something that somebody would most likely do. But this really is a good game. If you want to find out, it’s not really worth you time but if you have more than one person you want to test it on, definitely give it a try! It’s actually kind of fun and there are a lot of questions that make you think.
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3 years ago, AoiArekuShiro
I Do Know What Sort Of Women That I Really Do Like
Inner Qualities: Believers Affectionate Passionate Compassionate Kind Warm Sincere Sweet Fun Intelligent Reassuring Forgiving Communicative Easygoing Empathetic A Little Bit Of Clean Humor Jokes Animal Spirit And Sign: Handsomely Foxy Spirit And Aeries For Me Maybe, Female Foxy Spirit And Leo For Her Physical Appearance: Either Her Hair’s Naturally Brown, Orange, Blonde or White With Curly And Wavy Long Hair. Including Bright Eyes And A Nice Light Curvy Body, I Would Then Accept Her For Who She is. Attractive Colors And Soft Fabric Attracts Me. Attractive Names And Voice: Either Her Name’s Cynthia, Jaymie or Any Other Attractive Listed Names That Sounds Good To Me. Her Voice Should Be Recognizable To My Ears. The Goal: We Would Need An Affordable Place To Stay That Has A Location That’s Environment Friendly And Next To Nature, But Has Affordable Transportation As To Get Into Town. Maybe, A Suburb or A Recognizable Condo? I Do Want To Get Married And Have Kids, But Not To Conceive All Nine Of Them! Just A Total Of 7, But As Two Kids Within A Period Of Time, While I Am Waiting For Her Recovery! Maybe, Male And Female Twins?
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5 years ago, SnamoJones
Ok before you read this I just wanna say this review is not meant to be offensive in any way. I think it's a great app and you should download it, thank you. So if you check the ages, it says 4+, right. Well, I am nine right now so I got the app. It was nice at first, but when it said 4+, I thought it would be nice for me. But there was one question that broke that rule. It was "how often do you plant a kiss on [insert crush here]?" Please get rid of that question, because on one hand, there's like probably 5 year olds getting this, on the other hand why would you get the app if your already in such a relationship you can kiss them? It just doesn't add up. Also the ads are not so great. The fact that kids younger than me watching probably some inappropriate ads. At least change the ages, or put a age check in the app so it knows which questions to give you.
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3 years ago, That one werdo
Amazing a few things
I had to get this. My friends keep telling me to date my crush I’m only ten and now I see the reason it said 100% I’m still not going to date him :/ and can you make the questions more appropriate like a four year old can’t kiss. Anyway my 8 year old sister tried and got 79% and then my 4 yr old sister she got 86% I was in shock that I got 100% I can’t even get close to my crush (Nick) he always runs for some reason we’re scared of each other can someone tell me how to get close to him pls I need help and if you can’t tell if your a match download. -Mackenna
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7 months ago, buddytroll14@
I love this game
This game is so fun . It’s so fun to see who is your match . Who you have connection with. Plus it makes you laugh . I just sing out laughter when I play this game . It’s so much fun and it just makes you smile . Like a bright shining star . If you want this game in my opinion definitely get it. Love it. But sometimes it can get a little bit annoying because there is way to many adds I think they should immediately take the adds off cause there just stupid
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2 years ago, i love it so much bruh
Good but few things fixed
I love it a lot but there are also toooo many ads and you also need to fix abt my crush doesn’t have a phone and i talk to him a lot I’m dating him now but like not everyone has a phone and I think you should do somthing else like does ______ talk to you a lot? Like that instead of does ______ text u a lot? So yea I think you should change it not everyone had a phone. And I would choose no cause he doesn’t have a phone and cause of that it will go to 80% love and I hate it please change it it’s rly annoying.
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2 years ago, Simon Theodorel
This is actually the best day ever
You guys game the love tester is so cool you got to see how people love other and if you even know them The special part is that you guys go to like show some stuff that nobody knows about but then if you’re on the bus with your phone you can actually show people and then the people we don’t even like each other like each other yeah so that’s like this is it like the amazing game ever thank you love tester I can actually find out bye-bye thank you love tester bye
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2 years ago, Potato chips on the moon
I like it
This app is really cool i like it! Im 12 and i wanted to see if me and my crush are ment to be. My friends told me to get this app so ya and they are pushing me towards dating him. The only bad thing about this it says 4+ this is a little young for love. This app is asking if id ever kiss my crush and other stuff. It also contains innapropriate ads containing kissing and other things. 4 yo should not be using this app! Plz take that age thing off and make a age restriction at the start of the game. Thanks! Love yall byeee
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2 years ago, Just Needs Fixing
Really good but this is me when I got it
Part of me: I’m gonna go to the last test and see! The others part: it’s infinite just give up she won’t like you Part of me: no I won’t give up I will do it or I will die! The other part: she won’t like you and get over it Part of me: IT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING ITS JUST THOUGHTS the other part: ehh works for me Part of me: I just.. want her now Part of me: she makes me happy :c Now I actually got to the last one, it’s only 97% but it’s a lot, to me TYSM DUDE
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9 months ago, Bla Cat
Ehhh it’s fun
It’s fun while it lasted, i think there where about 30 quizzes. Even though it said there were 30 quizzes, it would recycle some of the questions you already answered. It’s a great app if you want to do something for maybe like 20 minutes. I didn’t really see too many flaws, except there where tons of ads, but then again most games have tons and tons of ads.
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3 years ago, Dogs Rock🐶
#for reals
This app is more that amazing when I asked my friend out of 100 how compatible we are she said like 88 and when I took the test, IT WAS EXACTLY 88% when I did my other crush it was 100%compatible so I am going to ask her if she likes me it’d be really cool to have two hers together at my school for the first time in…….…EVER!! The best part about this game is there have been a couple times where I didn’t get an add for like five rounds
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2 years ago, x RTG han
This game is so good! Deffinently get it! If you have a crush, and you don’t know if they like you, use this game to find out! If you are not convinced I’ll tell you an example. I tested and I like this girl, Erica, and I tested and got 100%. The next day I talked to her about being her girlfriend, amd she liked me too!Convinced? Thought so! Anyway get this game! It’s totally accurate!
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3 years ago, 𝐽 𝑎 𝑑 𝑒꧂
Alright, so
I don’t see a problem with the app. There aren’t any inappropriate things- and when people say one of the questions are “Have you ever kissed your crush-“ some people kiss their crush in a friendly/funny way even if they’re not dating, especially close friends. So yeah, the app is perfect!
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3 years ago, bannanaboy1234💀🍌
Surprisingly real
I really liked this girl and I wanted to see if we were a good match for each other but run I realized that these types of apps exist so I got this one and put everything in and got a 94% chance which is awsome!!anyway this app is worth it only if you know the person pretty well.
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2 years ago, axobax
Ok listen up….
This game is NOT USEFUL. I only put this as five stars because that’s the only way it would show up. If you want someone to take notice in you, try to ask them out, or impress them. If your crush doesn’t no that you exist, then TALK TO THEM!!!!!!
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3 years ago, that jewish girl
This is an amazing game, there's just one problem. It asks you if you've ever kissed your crush. I think that's kinda dumb because, this is your crush you're talking about. You probably wouldn't have kissed them. But onto the positive things. This is really good for predicting if you crush likes you. I got a 97 percent! I am so ready to tell James I like him!😍
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1 year ago, pyramythrafablolvlubby
Is pretty good
It’s pretty good but when t says multiple tests it just means the same type of tests with different questions also you have a different percentage for each test so that shows it’s pretty inaccurate but other than that it’s pretty good me and my match had 92% compatibility 🥰😘😍
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5 years ago, Tori&Carli❤️
Love it
I got a 97 on the game with me and my girl and when I asked her out she said yes and then kissed me! I finally found the love of my life and I would never ever break up with her Thank you so much game for your help today I even proposed to her and she said yes we love each other to the moon and back!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💏💏💏💏
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5 years ago, 2.14159
It didn’t work
So I have a huge crush on this boy who goes to my school. We are really good friends. And we were going to like go to the mall and sky zone on Saturday. You know have fun and hang out. I took the test got 100% I was really excited and I told him that I liked him when he was dropping me off at home and he just said “ HAHAHA good one Sofifi( that is what he calls me)” so yeah I don’t think that this works.
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3 years ago, whciwbksbgsjehaicgetnskaddlwfg
Read this
Ok first of this game is amazing!! I have a crush on my friend and we have been friends since we were babies. And he told me he likes me. So I decided to download this app and I got a 97 percent. Should I tell him I like him??
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5 years ago, Crystalz_Sparkle
It’s great but...
Sometimes when you add in a name they don’t show. While taking the test answer will black out and not show anything. It’s annoying and confusing but, I took a test on me and my friend I’ve had a crush on for forever and it was 100%!! It’s crazy to think an app like this gives me some confidence towards talking to them and asking them out 😊
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5 years ago, linzie loo loo
I like love tests because we all have a crush and well we can see if we are really meant for each other it may help you in life if you really like someone and need to make a decision you may be needing to make injoy the app!
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4 years ago, Nagrom20369
Crush Helpful
I am totally crushed on a boy in my class and when I took this test I got a 91%! This app is so addicting and helps you burn other kids in your class about their crushes! Thanks for making this!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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1 year ago, djdudhbsvdhdjdbddnhdh
Love it
It’s easy to use! And it’s super interesting to see. Even though it may not be entirely real. I still find it pretty interesting and fun to use. And it seems like a trustworthy app.
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2 years ago, Blake❤️@5
It’s great it helps people
It’s great this is how I got my crush to know if he likes me thank you I think this is a great review and I think everybody should download this app five star
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7 years ago, Happy Sunshine Unicorn 😜
Great but it kind of ruined my life!!!!😱😭
In the beginning this game was great and I love how it's not something random and that the game actually asks you questions. But when ever you type in a name it doesn't delete it so I let my friend play on my phone and she saw who I had typed in and the boy that I like almost saw it! Than my friend did me and that person on the love test and I figured out that the guy that I like knew that I liked him.😱😭
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2 years ago, Kaelyn Norman
I recommend this app for you! If your thinking oh great I probably have to pay like 100 dollars a month you don’t! This app is so good you should DEFINITELY use this app just WELL DONE🤩
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3 years ago, crush is mine
Crush mine
I have a crush he goes to my sister house to play with my twins cousin I see him every time I cry one time I try this but I got 83% cause I told him I got feelings for him and he told me to leave him alone and then i try this again and I got 100% but nothing happened me and him
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4 years ago, i am me k?
Love it
I can ship the people I know without them knowing, but there is something that I would like, if the relationship does not work, say it, if it does, tell us
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3 years ago, Avyaan Saxena 7 yrs
Awesome but 1 flaw
Hi I love this game it is a fun quiz about my relationship with my crush but a lot of questions are abut social media and messaging her but I am just a kid so I don’t do social media and I only have my family’s phone number.
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5 months ago, zeluzaj
Worst experience
I was trying to find out if me and my crush were compatible. I typed in our names after filling out the questionnaire. After i was done, an advertisement popped up. A half naked bunny girl and a man in a room. A very suggestive ad, i won’t get into details but i was traumatized and disturbed. I am only a minor, I keep on getting this ad! Stop this at once!!!
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4 years ago, nabeel pamel
I got a 99 when i saw her I hanged out with her and then I tried it again I had a 100 I asked her out she said yes and kissed me on the lips I took her to Starbucks and loved each other
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5 years ago, bix and mira 🐱🐱
Recommend it
This app is amazing bc when I took my test And it was 92 something and now I’m dating the person that I did the test so just try it It helps a lot with life 😄👍
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5 years ago, BEST REVEIW!
Do you have to pay ?
it’s cool app. but there a ad after one minute of playing probably not even one minute shorter . and every time the ads pops up i don’t know if the game is over or it just quits cuz it closes out .it has worked sometimes but it a really cool app NO PAYMENT !!
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6 years ago, KatWidow
It was fun to try out, although the questions they ask won’t give you 100% accurate results. Don’t take it too seriously
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7 months ago, Fiftih ihbbfhdigbbcvrv
It won’t let me download it
So I am trying to down load but it says I need to buy it and it says it is free
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3 weeks ago, Koala, queen
Good app
I love this app but they should make a mode for certain ages so that way it is more accurate
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5 years ago, Emma Rose!
Two different Percents
I took the test for a guy and got 83% but I took the test again for the same guy to make sure and I got 72%. It’s fun to use and all but if you really want a true answer take the test for the guy or girl twice
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6 years ago, VictoiaC.Funk
I like this app
I think this app comes in great handy and lets me know how I feel about another person. But, this app is also very basic and it could use something else.
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2 years ago, Owushdmsosi
Well I did a perfect match with every answer right as a test and it was 94! Me and my crush had 95 bro! And as a test of every answer wrong it was like 60 plz fix!
Show more
3 years ago, julienne blair
Me and my crush did the test and we both got 100% and so are my friends ❤️.
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5 years ago, bryleelovesjakepaul
Really fun
I did my crush and got 94% three times in a row but it’s just a fun quiz so don’t ask your crush out if you get under 80%
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6 years ago, savsav♥️❤️🦄🐴👍🏻
I think this game is wonderful because you have someone else’s opinion about you and another person ♥️❤️!!!!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, Hi Yall!
Thus is an amazing game! But I don’t think it acuerite. But I would totally download this game. It might not be accurate but it is totally worth playing and trying it out. 💕
Show more
7 years ago, cutehoppe10
Rylynne's opinion
I think it was great because you got a pick different options I think it helped🌺👍🏼
Show more
4 years ago, Suesan1232
Lots of tens year olds getting boyfriends and girlfriends I got 94% and still haven't asked him out yet can’t wait to see if he likes me.
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3 years ago, loser💩💩💩
So I’m Shea and my crush is angel. I only no him from the park I’m ten and he’s like 12 so I downloaded this and I feel like.. what about luv at first sight I only got 50-60
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6 years ago, trgiskss
Love test
I like this game because it tells you the percent and how much u guys love each other and it also tells u,r u meant to be
Show more
2 months ago, swifty2511
Pretty good. Two complaints: Loading percent takes for ever, way to many commercials.
Show more
5 years ago, Doggo❤️💕
I do enjoy this game because I get to mess around with my friends, and their crushes. But one thing I don't like about the game is after you take the quiz, as soon as you get you percentage an add pops up. It annoys me alot, I don't want to wait a whole 30 seconds for a percentage, honestly guys. ❤️👌🏻
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