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Landry's Inc
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User Reviews for LSC

4.8 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Dreezie26
I love this program!
I have been a LSC member since 2009 and I love it! It encourages me to eat at restaurants that I haven’t tried before, also visiting some of my old favorites. They are always good! When I go on vacation that’s when I really use it because I’m discovering places I don’t know about as a tourist. The best perk besides anniversary and birthday rewards is the fact that I have been to multiple places that had hour plus long waits and I was sat with in 20 mins. I actually do it very often just to test it. I’m just saying who doesn’t like skipping the line? They are adding more places all the time. I’d at least give it a try because you don’t loose out on anything, once you pay the $25 it’s available to use immediately so you don’t loose anything. I’ve never had a problem asking my server or the manager about redeeming my credits or gaining my points.
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5 years ago, Ocsabot
Great Program if you like Salt Grass....
Or any other Landry Restaurants. What the previous critic failed to mention is that it’s a one time $25 fee and you immediately get a $25 credit! And every year on your anniversary another $25 credit. You also receive points for you purchases that apply to discounts on future meal. I first got the app because I hate carrying the actual card around when you can just pull up the app and show it. But I’ve used the coupons, search for restaurants and all the specials they have. Great App!
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1 year ago, Dav25
Dont waste your money
Just horrible program. Dont even waste your time and money in this. Nothing works and the the people and the restaurants have no clue how to apply rewards or use it. They only got trained on how to sell you this garbage scam. I got tricked and tried to use it 3 times. Was lied everytime about getting rewards or using my points/refund on original purchase as told. Had to wait 30 min because they couldn’t figure it out. Then lied every time. Whats the point of the card when they always asked to see my phone to try and appy points. Im not giving you my phone so you can walk away!?!? Kincaids in Redondo Beach to be specific. It completely ruined this place for me. I wish i would have said NO, maybe i would still be giving them my money. The reality is nobodys cares, neither the restaurant or this scammy program they are pushing.
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10 months ago, RovertWH
Don’t sign up close to your birthday!
They tell you that you’ll get a $25 welcome reward good for a year and another $25 reward on the 1st of your birthday month that’s good until the 15th of the following month. Once the birthday reward is on your account, though, they’ll use the welcome reward first, even though the birthday reward expires much sooner. I complained about this after I lost the birthday reward as a result, and they gave me a 1-time reward to replace it, but it was only good for a couple of weeks, and I was still not able to use it. In general, Landry’s seems to own a lot of “past their prime” restaurant chains. Many have nice locations, and have decent food, but not fantastic. Even with the rewards, I feel that most are way overpriced for what you get.
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5 months ago, Reu8en
Landry’s Select Club
I’ve been a member for over 10 years. I’ve enjoyed many meals, the birthday discounts also the Veterans day discounts. It has allowed me to visit some nice restaurants I probably wouldn’t have thought of trying out. I highly recommend becoming a member, the return on investment has rewarded my family and I ten fold. Also when there has been a problem with a meal it has offered a way to submit a complaint and get a quick response.
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2 years ago, dinondiman
Responsive to issues
So I discovered an issue related to using a password manager to login. I knew first level support wouldn’t be of any use so I emailed a top level executive in hopes of getting issue to the developer. Within 3 days over the weekend the issue was resolved and the app updated. Now Touch ID even works. Very happy. All apps have issues but it’s nice to see a company that really cares.
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2 years ago, Medix68
Great app so far not so great service
Two days ago we joined the club and activated our card. We went to use our $25 reward and were told that our card isn’t active and it is being declined. The waitress was very mater of fact that “you screwed up activating the card”. I guess she was having a bad day. The manager didn’t want to help either. I must say that the app is very easy to use and made it very easy to lodge a complaint. Now we will just have to wait and see corporate’s response to see what if I change my review from 3 to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Brendan McCann
Waste of money
Most rewards expire before I ever have a chance to use them, with no advance warning. You have to keep track of each points expiration date to avoid this. They don’t notify you that you receive a birthday reward either, so you log in and see that you had a birthday reward, but it has since expired, lol. One year I went to Mastro’s to use my birthday reward only to be told that is one of the excluded restaurants, and customer service wouldn’t extend my reward, nor do I get any points for any of my Mastro’s visits. Tilman Fertitta is better than this. Bout ready to boycott all LSC restaurants including my go-to Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach, just out of principle.
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2 years ago, Poor service. app stopped
Double charged for membership
Service and program perks not uniform or even similar (even in the same city). For example, last weekend, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co treated us like actual VIPs during a concert at the bandshell in Daytona Beach, FL in an effort to sell the membership. Then, the next night at Joe’s Crab Shack when it was time to honor the membership’s perks, we were left to stand in line for over an hour with regular customers, just to be given a place in line (albeit expedited, but still we were put on the list) and finally they double charged for our membership almost like a “tax” for the table at the rate of $25, service was subpar, lettuce was slimy. Not the best representation of Landry’s.
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4 years ago, MARI DENVER
Love my Landry benefits
I’ve had a Landry’s card for years. I think the first year it started. I’ve stayed at the casinos and received amazing upgraded suites for the price of a regular room! Love that the most! The restaurants are places I would eat without the Landry card. So the extra service and attention is great. The rewards is a big plus. Having it all on the app makes it easy and great to find the nearest Landry location.
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1 year ago, Prgn1932
Great App
Excellent to make reservations, I always forget to use my rewards, use it in Orlando while in vacation, and we still had to wait about one hour for the table, I guess it depends on the manager. In other areas I have not had a problem. Over all I recommend it.
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7 months ago, julesi gs
I Hate Your App!
The last three times I have tried to use the app, it tells me to change my password because it has expired! When I change my password and try to get in the app, it tells me that I have the wrong email and password! Then it tells me again that my password has expired! Then I have to call in my order and then I am placed on hold for over 10 minutes before I give up! This is one of my favorite places to eat, but I will think twice before I order on line or call in!!!
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4 years ago, JudsonBlackhawk
Everything right!
The app is so helpful and tracks every visit, every reservation, every point. Landry’s has done an excellent job with keeping this information on my phone rather than on a physical card taking up room in my wallet. I have yet to experience a problem using the app.
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2 years ago, Jdent25
Need to know which chain the image is showing
I just downloaded the new version, and went to search in a town I’ll be visiting on vacation. The images that are shown do not identify which type of restaurant it is. For example, a rainforest Café, or a saltgrass, or some proprietary restaurant. The bitcoin part is fun but I think it’s far too in-your-face where finding a restaurant is far more important.
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5 months ago, devin pease
It is a good Program
I just been signed up, but I like it so far it helps you gain points to the restaurants in the program restaurants get it get to go the front of the line down to wait long with those program is what they have
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7 months ago, B Fabulous 😘
Useless App
This app is more or less useless, and has been largely trash for quite some time. I’ve recently attempted to log in, was told my password expired, set a new password, and then the new password does not work. The link to reset the password also does not work. I have encountered far too many issues with this app over the years, so I just uninstalled it today. Landry’s is well aware of this issue and, for whatever reason, is not concerned with addressing the matter. So be it.
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4 years ago, Canew
No Brainer!
This loyalty program is as transparent as it can be. No strings attached. The servers are always good to ask if you participate in their program and they’re always good to let you know when you have credit to apply toward your bill. I show up - they do the rest. Super easy.
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8 months ago, Wettstein2010
Very happy
Only been a member for a couple months now. But so far I’ve gotten soo much use out of it. It has literally paid for itself over and over. It’s very helpful with having a larger family also.
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1 year ago, 301444270
Awesome program for an exceptional array of restaurants
The places we have dined with have been spectacular for quality, atmosphere and variety. Every food option exceeded our expectations. Keep up the excellent job you're doing.
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2 years ago, angey customer 61
It is a great program
It is great, the only thing is that you have to make sure the waiter added your membership card, a lot of times they do not do it and you have to send the receipt to support to add it.
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4 years ago, Jim Kopp
Been a Morton’s fan since Chicago in the 80’s
I have been visiting Morton’s restaurants since the 80’s. Morton’s and Arnie’s were staples in Chicago. I was so excited when you opened in Troy Michigan! Matt is now keeping with the style and class that I grew up with. Glad to see Steve back around too! This group of staff assembled are second to none. I enjoy coming in not only for the top notch food but I am treated so well. I look forward to spending time in the restaurant again when this virus blows over. In the meantime, I will be back for carry outs. Best wishes Jim Kopp
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7 months ago, kflorida78
Loyalty Program Great! App Awful!
Y’all need to ask your IT group why authentication into your websites and applications is so darned cumbersome. Seems to be poorly implemented in everything y’all do, including the Golden Nugget app. The loyalty program itself is awesome, love it! Please make your applications & websites easier to use or hire somebody who can. Also, I should be able to add my LSC to my Apple Wallet, would make everything way better. Not all doom & gloom: love your restaurants & casinos.
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1 year ago, Remember???
Not really thrilled
Have been a member for 15 years. Used to love it but as of late I’m absolutely hating it. Go to Landry’s restaurants (this has happened 3 different times) and they tell us we’re out on a different priority list and get forgotten about. Continue to go to the ghost and try to talk to a manager and get the run around. When we try to discuss with Landry’s, the ignore us. They do not value long time members.
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5 months ago, LandersonPanderson
Disney world
It was a little sketchy at first because I was asked twice if we checked in. Then I presented my card, and no response. Then finally we were lead to a table. Maybe it was just the hostess who needs a better “bedside manner”. But we did get sat pretty quickly.
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4 years ago, Shawn Rome
Landry’s Select Club
This is an awesome program that my family & I started enjoying this summer. We have used the benefits of the program many times & look forward to using it many times in the future.
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4 years ago, Stsrkit
User Friendly
Very easy to navigate and use the apps features: making reservations. And checking on points! User friendly!
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4 years ago, PVAMU2003
I love this card! The only downfall is that it does not save the password even when I ask it to. It will save for a little while and then I have to try to remember what the password was. Hence, this is the only inconvenience. I wish they would just tweak this one area. Besides that, I love it!
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2 years ago, Tuteses
Love the app!!!
Been a member for 6 years now and never had a problem with the app. Easy to keep track of your points and have the option to defer it or not.
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5 months ago, Ksldlsl
A great app
Landry’s has a good selection of restaurants. The app is amazing from $25 at the beginning they gift you. To all the rewards they give you when you by food. Father of four here. So rewards are welcomed.
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2 years ago, pjsfirstm
“Used” to be a great club
I've been a club member for more than 10 years and when you spent $100 you'd receive a $25 reward. Now, you have to spend $250 to receive the same reward and expire. Poor choice of changes for subpar food that used to be awesome. I guess when you grow to fast the quality of the food and service drops. Tilman used to care about his properties and somehow lost his way and/or passion.
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1 year ago, enrique216
Great if you like eating at these restaurants
I’ve had this card for 2 years and every time we go it’s always 25 dollars off the bill. Great service great rewards card
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1 year ago, PJ4356
Great Dining Experiences!
Landry's is a great value and so many wonderful restaurants make Landry’s the Best Dining Experience anywhere. We enjoy so many of the available restaurants regularly. We highly recommend Landry’s!
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4 years ago, Cameo ur
I just download the app. It was easy to download and find restaurant locations. However, after I made made my reservation there’s no where on the app to look for this after it was made. There is also no area on the app for special requests or special occasions..such as a birthday. This app really could use an update.
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4 years ago, Livefire6
Best Card Ever!
Tillman has it right! I earn point for food and drink and can buy food with points. During the pandemic there were times of double or triple points! Great idea! Other cards are a waste of time.
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1 year ago, Leather15818
Love the program!!
It is easy to earn points because there are so many affiliated restaurants. And easy to use as well!
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3 years ago, Robjsline
Easy to use
Enjoy simplicity as well as helpfulness of this app. First things first, join Landry’s Select then take full advantage of all the perks and promotions they offer, well worth it!
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11 months ago, Prettyjuls
I love it!
I love that it makes me feel special. Every year I get a special treat that helps me to go out for my birthday, with my friends. It’s simple and easy. It’s a nice rewards
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4 years ago, Bobby Sladovnik
Great food and great service love you guys
Sharing is caring great place to eat on date night with wife 32 years and counting she said as long as I take her her for date nights she will give me another 32 years.
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1 month ago, Notsogude
Longtime Member
I think I just hit 20 years and love to use while traveling! Great program. Easy to use and great offers available!
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1 year ago, koberhol
Love Landry’s Select
We are always recognized as Landry’s Select members when we check in with the host. Also, the points generated lead to exceptional rewards. Easy Peasy. Thank You.
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1 year ago, Awe 12 6p
Mis Leading
We purchased this reward program because we were told that there was a lot of close restaurants that we like are also a part of this program. BUT with visits to each of the restaurants we found out they are not a part of this reward program. So as of now, we can only use this at one place.
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4 years ago, got screwed by game
Landry’s Select
I first joined many years ago at RainForest cafe. I later found Bubba Gump shrimp. I’m sad that RainForest cafe has been fading out in most places. It was a really family fun place to go. Please bring back RainForest Cafe.
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4 years ago, randykroger
Landrys restaurants and app
Great food and service. I usually eat at Saltgrass 3-5 times a week. Since I’ve had the app on my phone, it’s nice to see my points and to apply them.
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4 years ago, Crazykaaaayyykaaaaayyy😃😀😊😄
Satisfied !
We absolutely Love all the Landry’s restaurants!! We love being able to stack our points and our birthday bonus!! This card is Worth having!!
Show more
4 years ago, Jlph1972
Easy To View Rewards
Really enjoy this app. Makes it much easier to view my rewards and how much I need before I reach my next reward.
Show more
4 years ago, Robman58
Works good for the LSC members. No need to carry another card you can use this app. Also defer rewards and check activity. Always works great
Show more
3 years ago, Annp222
Restaurants are great, app is horrible
I live all the restaurants in this group. Have been many times. Did not know about the app until recently. It is horrible. It is down every time I have tried to use it. Won’t sign on, but not send help it’s horrible.
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5 years ago, irma.briz
Great service
We were there on Friday night and we had a great time. Jose and Chris were awesome at the Landrys in The Woodlands. The food was great! We asked to have some “Modifications” to our food and they did awesome.
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1 year ago, Derek954
No response from customer service.
I activated my account and one of my purchases did not show up. I have submitted an Account Inquiry three weeks ago, still no response.
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2 years ago, Dchism_jr
Crap app
This is a review of the APP not the Landry’s Select Program. The app stinks. It worked, but now when attempting to log in it doesn’t recognize the text fields and keeps prompting for additional info. The program is a sweet deal if you like the restaurant, the app is garbage if you want to check your point balance or ANYTHING else at all.
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