LSNB Mobile Banking

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59.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lone Star National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for LSNB Mobile Banking

1 out of 5
2 Ratings
7 months ago, Sexyaiki
Horrible app
I switched banks due to this app. “Communication error” happens very often. Kicks you out of the system often. The app forgets your Face ID so you have to end up signing in either way. I had to be constantly resetting my password.
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9 months ago, L_Q_R
Worst Bank App Ever!
It takes forever to load, if it even loads, because 90% of the time there’s a “communication error.” It happens if I’m on WiFi or on my mobile network, at home or anywhere. It is so inconvenient and annoying. I regret changing banks just because of the app and all mobile banking from LSNB. I will definitely be returning to my previous bank whose app and mobile banking were seamless and easy to use.
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8 months ago, DieselTech316
Too slow and outdated app
App takes a while to load and sometimes it will not work properly. I always have issues transferring money from account to another. If only bank was not so close by to my daily route, I would of banked with a major bank that has a more user friendly app. This app needs some serious updating.
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4 months ago, Arimatt88
This app is the worst!!! I’ve never had an issue with any other bank apps before I’m seriously considering closing my account due to this ongoing issue. It takes an eternity to open, always gives me loading error, I have to constantly close and reopen the app or uninstall only to reinstall and have the exact same issue!
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1 year ago, JackiM79
Glitchy app
While it is nice to be able to see my balance quickly on my phone when the app is working, it is pretty glitchy and frequently it has gotten stuck in the middle of trying to do a mobile deposit. It then freezes and won’t reload.
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10 months ago, dainahaalyha
I cant even log in. It says invalid User ID/password. I’ve changed my password 10 times and still won’t let me in. It’s no surprise why this app has 1 star. I should’ve done my research before opening an account with this bank.
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10 months ago, 0072591999
App issues
App is always slow and always seems to be doing maintenance and never getting things fixed.
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4 months ago, 956Todd
Mobile Check Deposit doesn’t work
I was so wanting to be happy with LSNB, but I can’t be if I’m forced to drive to the bank to deposit a check. I guess it’s back to a national chain.
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4 months ago, Dingaling3000
This bank is terrible. It’s always something with them. I’m always left stranded somewhere because their online services are never working.
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8 months ago, Mdcast07
Needs MAJOR upgrade
This app has limited features, is outdated, and seriously the worst bank app! I’ve made multiple complaints in hopes that they STEP IT UP!
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11 months ago, rgvpau89
Worst app in the entire market fr
It’s so bad. Glitchy, slow, crashes, basic. Makes me wanna change banks.
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10 months ago, Prissy232323
It crashes every single time.
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3 months ago, LouieV2000
Logging in the old way is a lot better
Terrible app
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4 months ago, María Solís 1
This app is trash, doesn’t work properly, gives me headaches Trash!!!!!!
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3 months ago, abelsauceda
Absolutely horrible app experience. Will be switching banks as a result. It’s inexcusable in this day and age.
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1 year ago, Blurryface21.
This app makes me regret everything I’ve ever done
I’m so sick of this app. The amount of problems it has. I’m a teenager who is dealing with no major balances on bank accounts and this makes me literally explode and wanna cry out of frustration. Every time I go into this app I just wish I never ever signed up for this disgusting bank. If your downloading this app or your here for reading the reviews to see others people’s problems aswell. Well it’s probably too late and now your stressed. Don’t worry, everyone else’s is stressed too. There’s always time to switch to a better bank.
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7 years ago, DP1292827
I love the the latest features including mobile check deposits, person to person transfers and bank to bank transfers. I like that there is an option to apply for a loan using my phone. All these features make it easier to do my banking on the go.
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3 years ago, Arrokidd
Terrible bank, probably moving money soon
I have had terrible experiences with this app for the past 5 years I’ve used it. I dread using this app more than looking at my balance. Now it won’t let me log in because the systems are offline, it removed my biometric scan for the umpteenth time and crashes sometimes. I am legitimately considering moving my money to a COMPETENT bank that has systems and apps that work 99% of the time. Get it together smh.
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5 years ago, blossomdeb
I can’t even get into my app without it just exiting on its own. As soon as I put my fingerprint it loads as if it’s going to log me in then it’s just takes me out of the app completely. I never get to see the amount that’s on my account.
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1 year ago, Lauritalabonita
Agree with all other 1 stars
All the issues mentioned I’ve had: Balances change, randomly (have so many screenshots to prove) Crashes Face ID works (wow!) Balance from Atm diferent than the app’s balance Cash deposits or transfers lost in limbo for no reason Now I can’t even use Zelle, because I should use it through my bank’s sucky app And the one time I really need it to work-everything happened at once An immediate cash app transfer and an atm cash deposit are lost in limbo Last update was 8 months ago. I suppose somehow the 1.8 star rating is not enough indication that this app is in dire need of a an update.
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3 years ago, cpj-24
Terrible since update!
My camera won’t show the check on the phone when trying to mobile deposit. (Camera is enabled on app) Works on iPad. Face ID no longer works even after I have saved all info. I have to enter the password every time. Other bank apps far outshine this one.
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13 years ago, Bloopers1234
Super awesome!
These is way better than having to go online and doing it from there. Huge step up!
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1 year ago, lauraisabelcavaxos
One day I have money one day I don’t. My charges will show up then randomly disappear so I never know what my real balance is plus they say the app has never done that before like I’m crazy when I mentioned it. I have screenshots of my balance changing but a couple hundred dollars by one small charge.
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4 years ago, Lcgalindo
Always fails
Every time I try to use the app it fails. I have to open it like three times before it actually lets me past the enter you password phase. After I get in, it’s fine but Jesus Christ make an app that will at least let you into your account before you get so frustrated that you throw your phone across the room.
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12 years ago, Borikazi
Great app
What else can you ask for? I heard soon will have messages sent with every transaction.
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7 years ago, brotherfred
Now works after update.
Able to open app. Thank you for fixing the problem. Praise The LORD.
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6 years ago, Nubido♥️
Would always work perfectly great know it doesn’t wanna work and it won’t even download I had to delete the app and downloaded again and it won’t work
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1 year ago, Ellegrz34
Hate this app!
I wish lone star bank would invest in a better platform for their costumers. It’s always one thing or another with this app. It never works, it’s always lacking; I can never check my bank account without having a headache afterwards.
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3 years ago, Armed Kitten
Never Loads or Works
Do not rely on this app. It doesn’t load anything and gives constant errors. Be sure to be timely about anything involving this bank and try to do things ahead of time to make up for the unreliability of the app.
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3 years ago, AbogadoRuben
More like Lone Star Rating
True to form: this is one very unreliable app. Good luck trying to access estatements from within. Click one account and second one comes up. Call tech support and they ding you with $3 charge. Fight it, and they still charge you $1!
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11 years ago, ReneXavier
Last update: February 2011?
I think it’s time for an update with additional features and settings no? At least have it match iOS 7’s aesthetic.
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2 years ago, Sivad1973
Love it!
Very user friendly. I have no issues with Face ID log in. I love it!
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5 years ago, vmg1981
This app needs work!!!’
I have to attempt to open this app about 5x before it opens. For a bank that charges you for every single thing including calling for help on your account, you’d think theyd have enough money to fix this crap!
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3 years ago, Jakeb Denison
Mobile deposit broken!!
Please fix this. I don’t have a location here in Corpus so I need mobile deposit. But the camera doesn’t work anymore. I guess I’ll take my money elsewhere!
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6 years ago, Raidai1
Useless app
Lonestar by far has the worst online banking features out of any bank I bank with . You can’t see your due dates on payments , account information , awful User interface , it’s horrible
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4 years ago, Ayeexangeela
It always fails and never lets me log in. Sometimes I need to go in for something important and it does not let me!!! Horrible! DO NOT DOWNLOAD until they fix this problem!
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2 years ago, Leo Cuellar.
Just really slow and I know it’s not our internet because it’s perfectly fine with other apps.
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6 years ago, JuanGarza
Great app
Easy and convenient to use
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2 years ago, WesomeFac
Never logs in
It hardly ever lets me log in, usually it says connection issue or that my password is wrong even if i’m using face ID. Login system needs an update very badly.
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2 years ago, Rage_quit84
Can’t wait to leave
Horrible app… useless from 10pm CST to 1am CST… App won’t even open… Then when you need to transfer doesn’t even happen till few mins to hrs…
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5 years ago, eduardofloreslalo
It still don’t work
It’s not doing what I want it to do I still can’t check my transactions it’s been a yr this is ridiculous it needs to be fixed ASAP
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12 years ago, Dc2205
Fast and easy to use.
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12 years ago, Haas1427
Great app.
Great app! Would love to do deposits, too! Hopefully soon.
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3 years ago, 2good956
You all really need to update your app more often. You all update it maybe once a year that’s so messed up.
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9 years ago, Y3ntl3
Not working!!
App freezes halfway when loading and doesn't allow me to view or use it at all!!!
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4 years ago, Chemmy2001
Terrible. Crashes half the time. U gotta bring it up multiple times before u can log in. Fix this asap. Zero stars
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6 years ago, OGAngel_
Won’t load.
App is freaking garbage. I sit here waiting and waiting for it to load. Tried multiple networks and devices. Fix this crap.
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2 years ago, krmzv
Worst experience with mobile banking
This app crashes ALL the time.
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13 years ago, Adam Solis
Very well made & convenient.
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12 years ago, Pachobug
Crashes alot
Not reliable yet. Hope it gets fixed soon.
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