LTK Creator: Influencer Tools

4.2 (309)
170.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
rewardStyle, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for LTK Creator: Influencer Tools

4.25 out of 5
309 Ratings
2 years ago, jones4423
It’s great, but there’s always something that could improve!
I really wish within the creator app, you could go straight to link from the published post (just like you can go straight to link from heart tab) That way, if you want to reshare a post you can click link straight from it to check stock on items before sharing. This would eliminate the time spent going to the folder, finding the item, copying the link to the internet to check the stock. I hope this makes sense!
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2 months ago, 891989L
Algorithm needs huge improvements
Continuing to give my feedback about the selective algorithm until there is change. We are encouraged to grow a following on the app, yet our posts will not be shown to our earned followers. In order for our earned following to see our LtK posts, they now need to subscribe to us (as if them following us is not already a subscription to see our posts?!) or we need high engagement on our LtK posts via instagram. In order for our posts to be seen as having “high engagement”, we need a huge following on Instagram to click on our LtK links. I can go viral on TikTok & Pinterest and send thousands to my LtK page but it still doesn’t boost me in ltk’s algorithm because they aren’t clicking a link to a specific LtK post… doesn’t make sense. So, all the shown LTK posts within the category bubbles and search results that LtK shoppers view are the same handful of Instagram mega influencers over and over growing bigger and bigger because the algorithm ultimately favors them across LtK and Instagram. I am getting by, but I cannot imagine starting out as a new influencer. Reading some of these reviews, I definitely sympathize with their frustrations! There needs to be an algorithm that is keyword focused and provides the most recent content from diverse influencers of all following sizes. There is plenty of technology that can sort out original content from product images and collages. This algorithm is just not equitable.
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1 year ago, CO86LAG
Please fit gallery glitch
I’ve been a long time user of the LTK app personally left when everything was integrated into one app however about two or three months ago I noticed that my media library was off when I went to upload photos and videos. There seems to be some kind of College with a sorting so nothing is in its right place and I have to consistently search and add things to specific folders in order to find my media. I’ve tried to contact customer support but when I click on the links it either says it cannot connect or it redirects me over and over and over to the login page on the website. Please FIX the time it takes to schedule posts is already long enough. Also please consider implementing a bulk upload option TY.
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1 year ago, Shae_23
App would be great but
I use to love LTK but lately when I go to upload drafted files that I previously saved to post when I’m actually posting I will get an error message that the upload couldn’t be done or it will say the upload was completed and never post which makes go back or stall on the time I would like to post my content. That’s not helpful to keep trying to fix this. This has been happening for like the past year and I thought it may have been something i might have been encountering for a brief moment since there are changes being down but a year and the same problem persist is pretty annoying.
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11 months ago, 417bargainfindergirl
My review
I wish there was a way to schedule the same post like every Monday so you wouldn’t have to link everything all over again. It takes so much time to post a post you already posted. The new updated app it seems like they are favoring all the people who post that have a ton of followers. I work so hard on this and post like 9 posts all most every day. I’m wanted to call it quits. It makes me sad. Please make it so we can view four posts on the people we are following as you scroll thru the feed not just one post. It’s so much easier to see more posts. This was changed on the update. It so time consuming.
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11 months ago, Hisbabygirl11182011
Could be more opportunities
I do enjoy this app. It’s nice to have something to post all items that everyone does ask you for. However if you are not a mega influencer or have thousands of followers they do not push out your stuff. Other platforms help push your stuff out there but definitely not the LTK if you are newish. I’ve been doing this for over a year. I’ve find that until you have thousands of followers they won’t change the algorithm for small creators
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2 years ago, Xbdvdshhdvrhvdr
The few the proud the chosen by Rewardstyle
Have been an influencer for this company since 2018 and having watched them select who they want to be the stars, I have a little good to say about this company if you are an influencer. If you are not one of the chosen you will be scrambling for crumbs. I can tell you year-by-year who the chosen ones are. Currently it’s an anorexic blonde with a bowl haircut. Now with the whole body positivity movement and plus size girls being selected and the Black Lives Matter movement and women of color being pushed, it’s really hard to be noticed at all.I literally cannot wait until something comes up to give influencers an option to this very closed circle.
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11 months ago, AmandaHeuser
Promised rewards not working
When I was about to give up on the app because of the low exposure, I saw this rewards program where you get benefits/badges if you post every single day. Then I noticed that after all of my effort the badges weren’t showing, so I contacted them and they said they were working on solving the issue. It’s been more than two weeks now, and still no rewards showing. I’ve been trying to post every day, but I’m getting discouraged, seems like their main priority is rewarding bloggers that are already famous, and not helping the little guys.
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8 months ago, elizabeth hhh
It’s changing my life!
I am new to LTK. Just started a few months ago and blown away by the incredible opportunity this is and the support the company provides. And the app is no exception. I’m 57 years old, so let’s just say I didn’t grow up with technology. This app is so incredibly user friendly I was up and running right away. And if I can’t figure something out there are so many simple tutorials available. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!!!
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2 years ago, LivingBarelyBlonde
Love it, but NEEDS a single post multi-schedule option!
Overall this app is great, BUT one of the biggest improvements that it NEEDS is the option to schedule a single post multiple days in a single posting session or the option to repost the same post with links and option to add or remove links for the repost. Also, I wish the app was more compatible with the ipad for posting on a bigger screen. The app is very sluggish when used on the ipad. Other than that, I am so excited for all the new brands that were recently integrated!
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2 years ago, Chills: A True Crime Podcast
No to the New Update
I have always really loved the LTK creator app & the website as well but I hate the recent update. I do not like how I can’t see the exact sales I made for the week, like the exact items. Instead they had the best performing items in its spot. This also changed on the website. The layout looks different and you can’t actually see what each item sold if you are looking at the website on your phone. I liked the way it was set up before. I am so disappointed with this update and hope to my change it back.
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1 year ago, eeeeisrad
Overall great, but one suggestion!
Overall I have to say I like the app. One addition I’d love to see and think would be helpful/fun would be an update to notifications… I’d love to be able to get a notification from my locked phone screen, for example, every time I gain a new follower or make a commission. The commission notification could be paired with a “cha-ching” sound or something for fun. I think it would be really motivating for me to want to link/post more if I had those types of nudges!
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1 year ago, Iris Elizabeth Vinson
Could be more user-friendly. I have a background in startups and beta testing and I feel like the LTK Creator app has SO much potential but feels like it’s still in beta. But the potential success to be made on this app far outweighs its infancy. (And I know LTK has been around for 12 years but the app feels like the beginning of Facebook. I can’t wait to see where it goes! 🚀) all in all- nothing with stop me from using and growing with this app!
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2 years ago, CatInNewHats
Haven’t Been Able To Log In
Since the new app, I haven’t been able to log in (even with resetting my password) and now there is no way to contact unless you are logged in to app or online at website. Since the merger, the old email addresses are not being used anymore, so I can’t send a message using one of those addresses to get a reply for some assistance because they automatically reply that they will not respond through there now. I don’t know what to do now or where to go for help. It’s very sad. I haven’t been able to find any alternative extra information anywhere for an idea of what to do now.
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1 year ago, Disheartening and Fishy
Missing Commission with no help
As a luxury influencer, I don't think I can recommend this app. My niche includes items that are at a high price point (meaning more commission), and I have not recieved commission on a particular purchase of over $1000. when I reached out about this issue, they simply stated that they have to respect brand partnerships. When I tried to ask more questions about it, they stopped responding. Why am I promoting expensive items for brands without reaping any benefits? And why does LTK get to keep the transaction fee? Incredibly disappointed in their customer service and ethics.
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2 years ago, Krisper29
It’s Finally Getting Easier to do it all from the app
Thanks to recent app updates, linking, scheduling posts is all becoming a lot easier. I still wish their was a faster way to go through link & get pics of items I’m linking. Taking screenshots can also be very time consuming, but great for creating style boards etc….I imagine the app will continue to improve! Thanks LTK!
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2 years ago, kt454545454545
You no longer can save the post more than once?!
I was so excited when they finally aloud you to save your post more than once to schedule in the future. Since I did the last update, it looks like that feature is gone! That is so frustrating!! I really hope this feature comes back soon. It is so time consuming to redo the same post over and over to repost throughout the month.
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2 years ago, Evarockcool1000
LTK is my favorite influencer app
This app is very easy to use and I love all of the updates! I love being able to link directly to Pinterest too! The only glitch that seems to give me trouble is when I’m on the creator web login and try to share pins the links go to google and not the site. Overall, great app!
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3 years ago, WW star
Saves me so much time 🙏
Loving all the new updates — especially having LinkNinja in the posting flow and also knowing I am building my shop as a place my followers can always go to buy from me. Thank you LTK for being my partner!! I wouldn’t be able to support my family without this
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2 months ago, dehby
Not enjoying it much
It’s a lot of work and hours spent we creators put into to receive, and that is WHEN someone buy from our shop, a merely percentage. As LTK is very picky about who can join the community, it should at least give some monthly money incentive to the hard work we put into and the many hours we spend on the phone trying to sell anything. It’s not only about LTK, but all the social media we have to populate with our creations linking the LTK so we can get seen and finally sell products. It’s a hard journey!
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2 months ago, snanig
Amazing way to monetize your content
I have started posting on here regularly and it is an amazing way to see what my favorite creators are enjoying and also I post regularly and have another source of income. Highly recommend for all creators!
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5 months ago, CelineP_xoxo
App Constantly Freezing and Crashing
I want to love this app and how intuitive it is, but I cannot get through creating a post without the app crashing and exiting every minute. It’s been impossible to add more than 4 products at a time to one post. The worst part is my progress doesn’t save so I’ve had to restart the process multiple times. Please fix.
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3 years ago, 😭😤😭😤😭😤😭😤😭😤😭😤
SO EASY TO USE!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Very easy to use with the new design! Easy to share & track sales! Needs improvement in links, slow/glitches/crashes when I’m trying to make a post, fix the bugs & it would be excellent! Overall great app ♥️
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2 years ago, goveag
Amazing to Use
I love the new updates LTK has. Not only are they user friendly but they are easier to shop. I’m loving the way each product has a review with in each post. Thank you LTK for making this a great platform!!
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3 years ago, QuistyCakes
Love all the updates!
LTK is always making things user friendly it’s easy to use between your computer and phone, plan out posts, organize links, etc!
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8 months ago, LTK is the BEST! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love this App, especially around the holidays.
LTK can be truly life changing around this time of year. Just a fun and easy way to make some extra Christmas money for your family 🖤 Grateful to be a part of this community!
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11 months ago, Marly Dice @ A Brick Home
Thank you for creating this app!
What a great way to earn money! Thank you for creating this app! It’s so easy to use and I love being able to see my earnings quickly through the analytics tab.
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2 months ago, LadyDee09
One of the best creator apps. Stands the test of time.
I have been part of LTK since it was called RewardStyle. It has just gotten better over time. User friendly, wide selection of brands and the tools for ease of posting are great.
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2 years ago, sunshine&sequins
Amazing App for Influencers
The new, updated LTK Creator app is amazing and helpful - powering creator’s businesses with shoppable posts, video posts, and sale analytics to monitor daily performance, all in one app. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks & voila. I can’t recommend it enough!
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2 weeks ago, S. Centofonti
Best App for Creators
Many opportunities, discussions, trainings, helps from seasoned creators. LTK is continuing to grow and make things easy for creators to share their products and content and earn. My favorite feature is DMs to IG offering a link to shop.
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1 year ago, mich_aela
Love this app
I love this app! It is a super fun way to share ideas and be creative! Bonus points it allows you to bring in some extra money! Highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, Nunofyobusiness
Nothings working
i am trying over and over and over to link things through the app and it will not work. this app has been extremely glitchy lately and I am not happy. I’m probably going to switch to a different site to link things bc this is just being too difficult. I’ve spent over an hour trying to link ONE thing. I don’t have anymore time to waste and I quit.
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2 years ago, JenniferLake
Shazam for shopping
This app takes the guesswork out of the age old question, “what are he/she/they wearing?” Simply links to shop styles that standpoint to you and align with your personal style. Big fan!
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3 years ago, lkgbrous
Major upgrades to LTK Creator
Thank you thank you LTK team for updating the process for publishing LTK posts! The link ninja in the posting flow makes posting LTKs so much easier. I can quickly favorite products to tag on my LTKs.
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3 years ago, ALayeredLife
Unable to login
I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it thinking that would help. But I am not able to log in. I type in my account login and password and it just takes me right back to the same login screen. I know my login is correct, I was able to login on my desktop, I’m not able to create a support ticket with the app, because I can’t do so unless I login!!
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3 years ago, kennamariestyle
Easy to navigate!
This app makes linking products so easy! It allows my followers to find what they are looking for in a fast and simple way!
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2 months ago, Mysavvysister
Loving the app!
This app is so fun to shop and also to share with! I am really enjoying all that it has to offer. I especially love how user friendly it is!
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11 months ago, Fo8086
Very good app!!
I enjoy this app! Being that I work in the tech industry, I find this app to be user-friendly, with many tools for us to achieve our goals.
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1 year ago, Mandyxliz
Love this app!
So easy to use and add products from anywhere. Helps me monetize in ways I never thought possible! It should be a go to for every influencer!
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3 years ago, SRBabes
My Favorite Way To Shop!!
They keep making it better and better as each month passes!!!
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2 years ago, peau d'ane
Impossibly horrible
I wish they would just use the same linking system as Shopstyle where you can paste a product link and it creates an affiliate link you can share to your social . In the year and a half I’ve been with this program I’ve yet to use this app . I can only use link ninja from a desktop . Making great commissions easily from Shopstyle tho.
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2 years ago, @Jessica'sFabFinds
The best app!
Such a user friendly app! I love how it allows me to share my finds with the rest of the world! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
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9 months ago, Anchored Arrow
App Review
I really enjoy having this become very convenient for me. Extremely easy to add product and collect category.
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1 year ago, onteria_shaki
So easy to use!
I’ve been with LTK for several years and I love the upgrades that have been made. It’s so much more user friendly!
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12 months ago, Uhmanda5
Doesn’t work for me
I have been attempting to download this app for 24 hours now. It won’t open at all, it just glitches. I tried deleting and redownloading it but that doesn’t help. I tried turning off my phone and updating the software update. Nothing has worked. There’s no where for me to contact support for this either.
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2 years ago, simplynatalystyle
Lobe it
I recently started using Ltk creator, and so far I feel very comfortable. I am using a lot of the tools that is actually making my life as an influencer real easy.
Show more
2 years ago, abby_land
Great App
I absolutely love this app! I love that I can shop links to products other people love! I also love posting the products my family loves as well!
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5 months ago, iroeowodnnfoejwhwhfkotieh
Easy to use app!
I love the LTK Creator app! Not only is it easy to use, but there are actual people to answer any questions you might have. Great team, and great app!
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1 year ago, Paris.zandi
Hello dear Honestly, I feel that I am not making progress and even though I seriously post 3 to 6 posts a day, no one is following me.
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3 years ago, secretsofyve theonwardpodcast
Not only happy to be part of the LTK family, but also happy to have an app that is ever evolving & allows us to create the ultimate & curated shopping experience for our growing audience & shoppers!
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