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User Reviews for Lucidchart

4.67 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
4 years ago, jus10case
New building layout
I found lucid chart while trying to find something to reconfigure space in a building already under construction and to layout existing furniture all to scale in the 4 story office building. Lucid had a pretty small learning curve and allowed us to be able to have a plan for moving into our new building on time. It also let us layout our server racks for our server room. It really is a great tool and I was able to share out the diagrams with others during the move in process so they had something to reference as furniture was coming off of trucks into our building.
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2 years ago, SeattleGlen
Thorough, intuitive app, but subscription has issues
I needed a tool to document my home theatre and automation wiring and devices and LucidChart was recommended by a family member who used it at work. I downloaded the app, prepared to pay for it immediately, but no option was presented in the app. When I looked on their web site, the subscription pricing options did not show a buy option, so I waited for the trial to expire. At expiration, I was pointed again to the subscription page, and finally figured out that you have to click the heading of a subscription to be offered that purchase option. Most sites simply offer a buy button for each option. Oh well. The app works pretty well with a rare glitch here and there. I'm impressed with how intuitively it positions and works around your object positioning. Given the sophistication of the app, I think their pricing is quite fair.
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5 years ago, jo2jo
Good Visio lite - Cant use my o365 acct on app though
Update- in using the app itself more it’s pretty nice and intuitive as a Visio “lite” type of replacement. What you’re able to do with your finger on the iOS version on iPad is pretty impressive. I was expecting much less or more usability issues on iPad, but it works really really well. There are some minor bugs outside of the actual diagramming functionality, I listed those below initially. However as I’ve said I’m very impressed with the main purpose/functionality of the app on ipad (iPad) I’m just starting out on day 1 with lucid, not going so well. I was able to login to the website with my office 365 login and password, when I hit new document (in Safari) I got a blank type of diagram / page with a zoom scroller but no other options or buttons. So I figured I would move over to the app, I try to login with the same login and password that worked on the website, but it keeps saying incorrect (additionally there is the only only the Google and Yahoo buttons in the app, on the web there is only Google in office 365). So I go to create a new account with my same login, it says account already exists. I create a new account with a different email only to find templates doesn’t have a search feature. Will update if it gets better, but may just look for a different Visio replacement on iPad.
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3 months ago, Cocoquake403
Good, but there are great options for free
Although LucidChart certainly is the most complete tool for creating flowcharts, many of the premium features offered are additional aesthetics for your maps that do not contribute in terms of functionality. If you are a software engineer working with a team that needs to make huge, complex maps for your programs, definetly give this a try, if only for the feature to share the map with your teammates and work on it simultaneously. However, if you are an individual user, there is not much LucidChart can offer you that is different from a lot of the free flowchart apps, available on the App Store alone. In addition, you do not need to create an account or share any of your personal data on these smaller apps so it is much safer for your privacy. To conclude, you will certainly find LucidChart handy, but I would try other services before considering signing up for a subscription.
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4 years ago, Nagadawa
Love Lucidchart until most recent update
I have used lucidchart for years and have recommended it to my colleagues and friends for sketching layouts for clients etc. I run an iPad Pro and spend 2 hours mapping out a clients building in detail. Once complete I try to back out of the layout and it keeps saying it can’t save to the cloud. After much testing I have found that my app can create documents but can not modify any documents. This has happened with the most recent update. I did try deleting the app and reinstalling the app with no luck. After running the program on a co-workers tablet it works fine so this glitch may be limited to iPad pros since his tablet is not a pro. I tried contacting technical support over this and have been waiting for quite some time and still not gotten a response.
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4 years ago, Shadow2224990
Good but not worth a monthly subscription
You must be smoking some expensive crack to want to pay a MONTHLY subscription for this. If you have Microsoft word you can fine similar functions there and there are other free services as well as cheaper options. This app doesn’t even work effective all the time. I constantly find text issues like it duplicating on the same line, only allowing me to write over it but not deleting the old text, and other issues with the shapes. It seems like a good app and I would deal with it and even pay a couple bucks for it but the basic package is 5.99 a month. That’s more expensive than most of my software subscription basic packages and they actually bring new things and content to the table every month. The whole thing is to glitchy to justify such an outrageous continuous cost for something so basic.
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2 years ago, candymanjl
Great overall!
I’ve used a few apps, this is the best one I’ve used that’s truly cross platform, web, Mac, PC, iOS. One little bug, on my iPad, sometimes the icons disappear and just show an endless loading icon on the sidebar. So you can’t see the icon you want to drag into the document. You have to exit and reload the document for them to come back. Seems to happen when changing tabs on the side bar between styles, shapes, and settings. Happens to me every time I use the app, kinda surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet.
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1 year ago, Lalala Tracy
Not Intuitive but Fine
I downloaded this app because I urgently needed to make a Venn diagram as part of an ongoing project. While the app was easy to use once I learned the controls it was not intuitive at all. It took me several minutes to figure out how to put blocks of text in each section and I finally resorted to making new shapes and then completely lowering the opacity. If you have time to spend on learning the menus and controls this is a great app but if you are looking for something with which you can quickly make, for example a three way ADHD vs Rabies vs Vampirism Venn Diagram for your unit on Venn Diagrams, I would try to find a more intuitive app
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3 years ago, Wayman26
Real review, No BS
This is an amazing application! I read a few bad reviews, that seem to have been created in the past. Not sure what the application did wrong back then, But if you download this application in 2020 you’ll have an amazing experience. Very well-built, and gets the job done efficiently! This just became my primary flowchart creation tool for iPad!
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2 years ago, JayBoogieWitThaHoodie
Good but is having issues saving
The app keeps freezing in the middle of typing and won't allow me to click anything. If I try to type it will show up in the text box you type in but not on the chart. The chart's text box will be frozen and unclickable, along with everything else. When I go to back out and save I get the message that it can't save it or something. Not sure why this is happening but seems a review all the way from February 6th says the same thing and it has yet to be fixed. I've only been using this app for a few days. Not even sure if the developers look at the reviews.
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3 years ago, Colorado4eah
RE: So far, not so good
Changed my review from a 1 star to 4 star. Besides my frustration with initial setup and still being charged for basically two accounts.... It is a great program once you get it going. You can to create and design for so many projects it’s un real while being quite easy to use. They have tutorials that are helpful worse case and you don’t need to learn it all to use it and come out with a great idea/presentation. NOW: Let me save you the hassle! Create your account through their website on a web browser and not through the app!! Such a powerful tool with such a big issue. Org Review: Purchased the premium option, as for work this would be very helpful. After my purchase it says that my account isn’t a premium account even though I can see I’ve been charged and my Apple ID shows the subscription. Conclusion: I was told to create a new account online through the website and sign in through that account ultimately charging me twice.
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4 years ago, 8bitCS
Glitchy program. Be wary.
Where do I begin. I downloaded this program because of an assignment for my computer science class. I ended up frustrated. I downloaded and bought a monthly membership because this program claim to support Visio and can export Visio files. That is wrong. I tried exporting both VDX and VSDX. VDX didn’t work with any viewers I was using. VSDX didn’t even work and ruined my flowchart. I trusted that it would work cause of the extension and it looked right before exporting only to find out it deleted somethings on my flowchart leaving things blank or the text/shape was messed up. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy as I had just turned my assignment in and tried to open after I turned it in (I had no problem before exporting and it was close to the due date) and I ended up getting a horrible grade for the assignment that I dedicated several days to doing. Be wary of this program as the Visio function is quite iffy. Wasted $9+ for something that didn’t work as a broke college student. :/ ALSO: I redid my whole flowchart thinking maybe it just didn’t import well. Nope, still had the same problem. So, I’m left with a less than outstanding grade. :/
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3 years ago, Eriddich
Should be more “iPad-like”
The web app version of lucid chart can be laggy. I found the performance to be smoother on the iPad, but it still seems less efficient to make edits on this separate device. Feature request: the experience here could be much improved with better support for the apple pencil. For example, drawing a square would create a box element on the page with the same dimensions. Drawing arrows would be way more elegant than dragging from a box, and then dragging the vertices of the arrow so that it doesn’t overlap with anything else. Since this is a native app, it has the potential to run more smoothly than on the web. Therefore the experience could be superior here, but its not there yet.
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1 year ago, Badears60
Has a heart sounding description
I want to make a simple block/line diagram of my church’s A/V system and Lucid looks like it would do the job really well. As I’m putting one aspect together it reminds me of some of my old PC drawing packages and I’m happy. Then I add text to my connecting lines the first is great the second - the text is transparent. What good is that? I added a second box for another component by duplicating the first. I need to change the name. When the editor wakes up I see the text, I highlight it and poof it becomes transparent as well. The promotional info sounds really great, the execution is not leaving me impressed, guess I’ll need to try someone else’s version of drawing software.
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6 years ago, vdegraff232
Often will not save & glitchy & poor customer service
I’ve been using this app on my iPhone for about two months. The app frequently will not save changes and this causes loss of work. Very frustrating. The app also is glitchy. It is difficult to move shapes around the screen. I pay monthly and last month, although I was timely charged my monthly rate, Lucidchart converted me back to a free account for 3 days until they worked out their billing/payment issue with Apple. The customer service rep I spoke with suggested that I just pay again directly with Lucidchart and then get reimbursed by Apple. Unreal! The loss of 3 days of paid service was never acknowledged by this company. Don’t waste your money.
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9 months ago, dios achilleus
Missing features
The mobile app is perhaps better to view documents than the web browser on mobile, but the app is missing basic features, like selecting a non-standard font. Let me be clear for the Lucid folks reading this review: I can tap on a text element and tap on the edit > font and see a list of fonts to select. This list is the STANDARD list. If I want a font not on that list, I cannot change the text to that font. Meanwhile, on web, I can tap “manage fonts” and toggle the fonts I want on so they appear in the list. This is one example of basic missing functionality.
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2 years ago, IPADMAN4
Misleading and a waste of time
The pro subscription is misleading because it does not allow you to access all of the templates, and cuts you off from creating more documents. I purchased the Pro version and It’s been a huge waste of time. Whenever you attempt to access a template or create a new document it prompts to say that you you can’t create anymore free documents without upgrading to the pro version. I already have the pro subscription so there is no other upgrade to get. This app has been a complete waste of time. In addition, they offer no support to even attempt to help subscribers to fix this. **Buyers beware****
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5 years ago, Y2kovu
Text Editing Is Horrid
As soon as I installed LucidChart it looked like it was going to be a dream to handle. Tap and drag works just fine, doubly so with the iPencil, when placing objects on the grid. Then I tried to edit the labels on objects. Sometimes you can double tap on the text and start editing. Most of the time it only brings up the context menu. Double-tapping briefly brings up the text editing at the bottom, then brings up the context menu. Single-tap? Context menu. Nine out of ten times when I tried to find the right pattern to tap in so I could FINALLY edit text on an object, I’d end up duplicating it. Multiple times. I’m sure this is somewhere in the instructions, but I accidentally closed the tutorial two pages in and there’s evidently no way to bring it back up again. Why is “Edit Text” nowhere in the context menu? That would be so much easier.
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3 years ago, Jsterks
Would love to give it 5 stars
This is a pretty amazing app considering how much you can do in the free version. It is perfect for what I am looking for it to do with one caveat. When I try to export my diagram to anything besides PDF format, it makes random things disappear like my network icons or lines. I am not sure if this can be addressed, but if that can be fixed, I would definitely give it 5 stars. A major function is to be able to export these drawings to continue work, but that is not possible for me in its current state. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, AntelopeB
Can't keep documents open
I use Lucidchart on my desktop through a paid corporate account. It works great, and so I downloaded the app because I cannot edit in the mobile browser and needed to get some work done on the go. However, I am unable to keep a doc open for editing for more then 90 seconds. It closes the doc after that, sometimes even keeping text editing open but losing all changes I've made. I literally don't even have the time to make a box and type in it without the doc closing and then having to wait for the lengthy process or reopening it to edit again. I want this to work, but in this state it is utterly unusable.
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2 months ago, SaltInMyVeins
Been using the pro version of this app for several years but frequently it has a hard time opening text to edit and other weird issues. It has random bugs that seem to come and go. One that hasn't gone away is if I click on the side menu tab, the drawing view changes scale and view. There are other random issues as well Some actions actions require multiple taps to get one good click. I've got a big library of charts that I use for my business and need this thing to work. Please fix!!
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1 year ago, Calikid24/7
Good but couple issues
Great start, couple issues are it keeps crashing. Also I suggest the canvas fill the page on start. When you select a new element the default text is way to small so each time I have to increase font size. Good start and has potential but the crashing make it unusable for now and the text/ canvas issues need those improvements. This was downloaded on iPhone 13pro max.
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4 years ago, Dawnn
Yesterday it worked. Today it doesn’t.
Downloaded for a school assignment involving a Gantt chart because working on my Mac in the school Visio virtual lab is horrific. Yesterday I could edit Visio documents. Today I cannot anymore. I paid to upgrade and the App Store shows that I am subscribed, but the app can’t find the transaction. After upgrading there are no tools and no way to edit a document at all. Sent a message to support, but no one is home. I’m so disappointed because when it worked, it was great. Now that it decided to stop working, I’m more behind than I would have been if I’d kept plugging along in the ridiculous virtual lab. So frustrated.
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4 years ago, pagviuy
I used this app to built logic diagrams (for programming) on a long flight in airplane mode. That part worked very well, but I was very disappointed to find out that as soon as I had landed and reconnected to the cellular network, the app decided to automatically download the last known version of my charts from the cloud and deleted 6 hours of work without even a prompt. Did not find a setting to prevent that, and haven’t found the courage to give this app a second go since... perhaps the developer should have used his own tool to better plan this...
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4 years ago, HardToImpressCTO
Among the Best
This charting tool does it all without the overhead of heavier apps. While WebBased, the app is completely functional. I have access to larger more establish apps for free and still choose the paid version of this one. Take a minute and get comfortable with it and you’ll find yourself instantly productive any time you need it.
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3 years ago, skyler13 qwe
It’s a nice program but without paying the $6/month you cannot have more than 60 objects in one document. This sounds reasonable, until you realize lines count as an object. You could probably find another program that does pretty much the same for free and without the limit. If you are willing to pay, this is probably the best out there, but personally, the subscription isn’t worth it.
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3 years ago, Daveladdjr
System Schematic for Church Media System
I have a couple of example diagrams that I put together in an afternoon, that I’d like to share with your but don’t know where to send the image files. I can’t talk without a pen and when I really need to communicate a plan, this is the thing I need. Images printed beautifully, too!
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4 years ago, Bj8975
Love program - App is horrid
My company has an Enterprise agreement - I love the program and works great on a desktop. For whatever reason though, I cannot make any sort of edits within the app. It doesn’t make much sense that I cannot edit my own document through the app if I want. There is a huge need for improvement on this app, otherwise I’m not sure why it’s available and why it seems as if you could make edits but cannot?
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6 years ago, aztewari
Awesome on iPad
What an amazing app you have created. It is really wonderful!!! I am very excited to work in this app. It has made my student life so simple. Thank you!!! Keep up the good work. I used flow chart (and kept elements to under 60 for free version) and it is so cool! I was able to not only save time but made a very elegant submission.
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5 years ago, Wdiosa
Something i wanted to say
I was really excited when i saw this app so i decided to download it, but I was really bummed out when i found out that i had to sign in to use it. Could you please make a feature where you can be a guest? I would be really happy if you could make that a feature, if you read this, then thank you. :)
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3 years ago, robbijo
Brings clarity to my projects
I’ve been using Lucidchart for several years now. It’s amazing to see the clarity visual communication brings as opposed to me simply explaining concepts using PowerPoint or a narrative. If you need someone to understand a concept in your head, there’s no better tool.
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2 years ago, Duder2191
Nice App
Lots of shapes to choose from, so many in fact it makes it hard to find the right one... it would be great if you could search different shapes for example if i want a PC icon i could just search PC and it pulls up the shapes... if the app had that it would be a 5/5
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3 years ago, ThinkOfABetterNameThanThis
Difficult to use for wire framing
This app has potential but it be difficult to use this for wire framing. Overlapping shapes creating problems with selecting the correct shape. There’s no support for layers to help with this problem. There’s no way to select and deselect multiple items by tapping them. The app has bugs when swapping the app into the background and returning it into the foreground, causing elements to not load or place correctly on screen.
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6 years ago, collieshangles
Nagware features kicked in before I could meaningfully evaluate this
I got three useful drawings out of it in its first use. When I tried to use it the second time I hit the three drawing limit for the free version. Deleting my drawings was not helpful. I got nagged to upgrade first for drawing count then for my use of advanced templates. Which don't appear to be labeled as such by the way. Otherwise this seemed OK. But I'm not going to fight the nag dialogs to confirm whether or not that's true.
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3 years ago, Epitastic
OK for Rough Charts on the go. Seveely Lacking in features
The app is good for getting a tough no frills flowchart made. But you have to go to the website to actually do most of the things that Lucidchart can do. Want to build a mock UI? Nope. You can do some basic edits to the shape but none of the shape options exist in the App. Want to add links from one chart to another? Nope! You can't even click the links you add in the web version. Want to show a presentation slide show of your chart? Yeah, that's only in the web version and the slide shapes shown on the app like weird artifacts. This app would be amazing if they added even some of the features available in the WebUI.
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3 years ago, ahwuerkq
What’s next?
I think it would be cool to have a landscaping template so homeowners, businesses, landscapers can plan out their yards. Also make sure the app is accessible across browsers, various machines to people with disabilities-not just adding alt text and calling it done, but improving the user experience of a blind person who used Lucid to create visual things.
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4 years ago, Hooked on Sandford
Great on iPad, But NO Storage Management!
What you can creation an iPad is pretty great, especially the ability to import pictures from your IPad Photos. MAJOR GRIPE! The app will crash when your storage is full. There is NO way to manage your storage by permanently deleting unwanted charts!
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4 years ago, takennickname3469
Missing layers
Love the desktop version of this. I’m disappointed with the mobile app mainly due to lack of being able to edit layers. The order option is not nearly as useful as layers. There is no where on the ui to even see layers in the app. Shouldn’t be a hard thing to fix.
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4 years ago, stormhammer666
They’d better figure out a better system for cancellation.
I accidentally clicked the pro trial and cannot figure out how to cancel the subscription before I am charged for it. The website was no help, as the directions to cancel the subscription do not apply to iPhone users apparently...getting really frustrated. Looks like they don’t want to make it easy for you if you make a mistake. Pretty dishonest on their part unless I’m missing something extremely obvious.
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3 years ago, rmars
Decent app but...
Snapping is a little finicky, and snap lines are too far apart to be useful on bigger charts. Also, their pricing scheme is a little wacky. The app store description, the app itself, and the website all have very different price schemes, making it very confusing. The website doesn’t work well on mobile, so I can’t tell if it is simpler than it seems.
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2 years ago, Watermelon Drops
Can’t get shapes to populate
Kind of the whole thing with this software. Just didn’t the update and I have a new iPhone. Shows the files but the app doesn’t leave my selected shape categories (diagrams, mapping, basic shapes, etc) Please fix IMMEDIATELY! Be a customer of this for years and this not what I’ve come to expect.
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3 years ago, Alex2710
Great app, but I don’t have permission to edit my own Charts!?
So. I’m using this as to keep track of a dnd Skill tree kind of thing, (not intended purpose I suppose but it’s UI is exactly what I’m looking for) but after I rename the Chart, and save it, it tells me I do not have Permission to edit my ownChart and when I click on it it says “you have view-only permission” What is wrong with that? It’s frustrating. Why can’t I edit/rename my own charts?? This app is really frustrating! Why can’t I edit my own CHARTS that I spent time making? One star I’m sorry this is unacceptable. I won’t be paying for an upgrade I’m not having a very good experience with this app. I’m going to export the things I made so I can keep them and just print them out and then uninstall this app.
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4 years ago, RickW
Way too expensive
The free version is so limited that it’s only use it to try out the app – which I appreciate. However, the monthly price structure can only be justified if it is useful in your work life. I would find it a good tool for organizing my thoughts an planning projects, but cannot possibly justify $70/year. I’d happily pay a one time fee if $5 to $10 for it.
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5 years ago, Osaga
Best in class
I’ve been using Lucidchart for years and the developers consistently improve an already amazing application. It only gets better and better. I highly recommend anyone tries it out.
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5 years ago, d3msdale
Functionality extremely limited
The Lucidchart iOS app is basically a “viewer”. The app is missing numerous features that are available in the browser-based version - on Windows. Unfortunately, Lucidchart web doesn’t work on iOS browsers, including Safari and Chrome. So on an iPad, you simply can’t get the full functionality of Lucidchart, not matter what. Until either the app is further developed, or the browser-based version works.
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3 years ago, Ragde007
This app never works!!!!
This is one of the most frusrating app i have used, i pay the premium subscription witch is $100 bucks a year and the app NEVER works!!!, it i=only works on my iPhone, is the only divice i can use it, and i have to use it on my iPad Pro, thast is the reason i got it in the first place and then app never works on the divice!!! I have only manage to use it 2 times on that device after that the app stop working i dont know why! It dose not make sence!
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6 years ago, ulzeraj
Had some criticism but developer helped me with those issues
As a Lucidchart customer that already uses the web interface version all I can say that working from the iPad with the pen is extra comfy.
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2 years ago, urfdznjo
Hidden charges
Very good app… but has hidden charges. At first it looks, feels and works great. But free version of the app is not what it says it is. it is very limited to number of objects in a single diagram. Be careful if you start a diagram. You will probably have to pay to finish it. On top of that. The charges are monthly. I recommend looking some other app.
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3 years ago, LDEUZ
Didn’t work
I opened the app and it asked me to make an account, after typing in my email, it offered me a free trial which i denied, and then the app crashed. When I entered back in, for some reason it had already finished my account setup and it told me that my email had already been linked to an account, but I didnt even have the chance to finish creating my account. Then it asked for a password, which I had never created. Now what?
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2 years ago, MarceloRL
HOW does this thing earn 5 stars from people
Where do I start… 1. No “Advanced Shape Bar” in the iPad app. 2. Once you group shapes…can’t resize as a group. 3. Issues changing page size and orientation where canvas doesn’t always resize when you change orientation. 4. If you try to follow the links (inside the buttons) of a template for a tutorial, the app instead SELECTS the button, rather than following the action. This is all within the first 10 minutes. Oh, and to access the support site I have to LOG IN? Are you serious? I’m looking up documentation, why should I have to log into an account to BROWSE the support site. Address these, and maybe those stars will rise.
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