Lucky Duck Slots

3.5 (440)
519.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Frog Games, LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lucky Duck Slots

3.54 out of 5
440 Ratings
4 years ago, MsPayee
The connection sometimes is horrible!! I have uninstalled & reinstalled on several occasions. I am able to play with no interruptions due to connections after midnight. . .ugh!!
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5 years ago, no nickname Tammy Jackson
Crash & Crash over and over‼️‼️‼️
At onetime Lucky Ducks was the BEST slots machine game on the internet! However; over the past year this game has become intolerable it doesn’t matter if you purchase the coin packages or not, Your never able to login into the game it constantly says”OOPS” it takes your levels and there is no one to speak to in regards to it!!! I was on level 210 and it took all of my levels‼️ Long story short DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME and definitely not your #MONEY
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4 years ago, Xlive79
A mess
When trying to play a game it freezes and kicks me out and i was instructed by “tech support” to delete and reinstall the app and that does not work . Now that I’ve reinstalled it’s saying all the games in the app have to be downloaded again and it’s saying issue downloading and to retry . I’m on the red level and the only game i have access to is the ducks and i can’t play that either because it’s frozen smfh this is ridiculous
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5 years ago, Bmore_122
What happened
Ok first of all the problem started when I was playing logged in on fb acct on the ducks slot and it threw me off so I go to log bk n and it said oops try again so I tried again and it started me bk off on level one and I was at level 150 something closer to 160! It took me 5 years to get to that level total disappointment pls fix and I will rate it 5 stars otherwise I will keep it at a 1. Always says oops there was a problem connecting to the server pls try again really aggravating
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5 years ago, cuchampions1618
Not reliable
This game will go for days and be unavailable. When this happens you lose your daily log ins and it starts over. Also, I’ve had the game restart on me 6 times and I’ve been in the red level. Most of the time I’ve been comped for the glitch but the last two times I sent a notice to support I never got a reply back. I do enjoy the game when it works but it definitely has issues with customer service support have lost money when the game restarts.
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2 years ago, BrutusEd
You can play it now
You can play it now without the app continuously crashing. Also the other games are available to play. Much better now.
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5 years ago, tudie52
Why can’t I get it I love playing the games but it won’t open a lot of times it has taken all my games away and I am having to start over and I had to buy some of the games what is going on I need my gAmes back
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5 years ago, mo brook
Not reliable
Stays down too much. When it does come back up, you lose all of the levels that you previously had. When this happens, bonuses are practically nonexistent requiring you to purchasing more coins. This is beginning to be a rip off. I’m almost at the point of stop playing and purchasing.
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3 years ago, shmoopboop
Pretend the ONE star is a ZERO!!
Have never been able to load any more slots other than the Lucky Ducks. I have not only been not able to download any other slot but every level I have earned which increased my maximum bet, has never increased past 1,200. Believe your eyes upon reading other reviews. Never was responded to by this rigged company. Add them to your Scammer list!
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9 years ago, Schizmatic
Great with room to grow!
Fun, addictive, competitive, great graphics and sound. Social tournament are unique and add a layer of competitive fun that will keep you spinning. Video poker is awesome and scratch cards are a nice touch for the bonuses. Support this app and it will surely grow to be a top-tier casino game.
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5 months ago, LuckyLouise31121065
Lucky ducks
I really love playing this game but for the past week or so I haven’t been able to login and play at any what’s going on? It’s really frustrating and my first time ever experiencing it do this for so long. Is there anyway to fix it?
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2 years ago, Cool sound app
Never drop community prize
I play this game because it’s the same games at the cyber cafes and game rooms, even though this isn’t for real cash. I hate that the community prize always is a wrong combination. I’ve yet to see a correct community prize drop.
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5 years ago, Fantastic53
Broken Game
This game has had problems since the first day that it came on line. It constantly lock you out because the server can’t be reached. It seems to happen when the bonus days and levels are built up. I constantly have to start over. This is frustrating and tiring. This problem should have been corrected by now!!!!!
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7 years ago, Beautiful252
I love the game!!!
I love the game but I've noticed that when you win at times it doesn't give you all your coins... I won 18,000 coins but it only gave me 10,000... Other than that issue, the game is great...
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8 years ago, TMmtmee
Rip off/fix the bugs
This game stays out of commission!! It takes any coin that are purchased immediately!! Oh well on to the next!! Sorry game!!!! I contacted the so called support team about my PURCHASED coins that were eaten up. They asked copies of my receipts so I sent them and no one else responded!! THEY SCAM PEOPLE!!!!! I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO PLAY THIS GAME FOR TWO DAYS!!! IT WONT OPEN AND GOES OOPS!!! I guess that's why it takes your coins because it's a technical hot mess!!!!!
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6 years ago, Clove0229
I’ve purchased coins 10 times and out of that 4 did not go through!! Contacted customer service and they do replace the coins but it takes 3 to 4 days!! The game itself is fun but idk if I want to put up with the bs of getting what I paid for!! Update... now a week later & 7 request for coins purchases not deposited.... with no response deleted the app NOT WORTH IT!!!
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7 months ago, Chip from ATL
Hot on them Ducks!
… or get used to the soup kitchen. Algorithm is a little autistic, but hey.. operates better than bidenomics. From a lucky duck, to a greedy goose - now I’m hanging upside down from the rafters with a noose!
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5 years ago, Steelers 603
Being able to log onto game is actually like hitting the lottery. Most of the time is will be days before you can log on and when you do hit knocks you off over and over. This last time it knocked me out, the next I was able to log back on it started my level board back to 1. Horrible!
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3 years ago, kalethia
Lucky duck slots
The game will load up But it won’t spin can you fix this. It been like this all week. Thank..
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5 years ago, Lunchlady1956
This game is SO irritating bc you get your points built up and then it will say you’re not online and the next thing you know - all your points are gone. I have tried this game twice - the other time I tried it, it did this exact thing so I deleted it bc it was too frustrating. I’m deleting again.
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6 months ago, shaaaaaayyyyyyyyyg
Lucky ducks
The lucky duck is kinda rig only when the. Last two duck fall allows you to win 😵‍💫😴
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4 months ago, Slot la
Down too much
Fun game have not been able to play over a month. This game is most of time with technical difficulties.
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3 months ago, rak216
Not enough coins!
This game never gives you enough coins 400 coins to be exact then there is only one game You can play because you don’t have enough for the minimum bets on the other games. No thanks!
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3 years ago, jillsgrandma
Download problems
Won’t let me download any other games and won’t let me invite Facebook friends help please!
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4 years ago, Luckyduckplayer
Need to fix problems
When I reach a certain amount of days always start me over from day one... most time don’t work.., no way of getting more coins unless you buy or wait the time to collect more coins.. watching video for coins never available
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3 years ago, JnHsmomma
Horrible customer service
I messaged customer service more than a week ago; as of today still no response. None of the games will download. Payouts are terrible. Overall a complete waste of time unless you’re a sucker for punishment and just want to be frustrated.
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7 years ago, Bman-Tech
To the developer
This app needs to be updated to go with the iOS 11 please thank you!!!!
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7 years ago, Felorin
Great slots!
I love the response of all the other reels when you get two bonus symbols!
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4 years ago, JJackJames
Non functioning and always down
Always Messing Up and It’s always down nonfunctional. Have to constantly re install lose all your credits. It has been like this for a long time and no site of fixing it. App stores need to have it removed!
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4 years ago, Duc Funner
Ducks Doing It the best!!!❤️❤️❤️
Fun and easy to use this app!!! Beautiful graphics!!! Just wish I could play for real cash!
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7 years ago, tworm67
I love these games. They need to be updated to work with iOS 11.
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2 years ago, dustyma
Why I can’t get back to my ducks.
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4 months ago, FPVClips
Always has a connection problem
Can not play the game due to a constant connection problem
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2 years ago, Ashhhhlyyee
Good Game But You Cant Download Any Other Game!!! 👎 The Only Game You Are Stuck With is the Duck!!! Hopefully There Could Be Something Done!!! So Frustruating That Always It Pops Up " Oops Try Downloading Later "
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12 months ago, johnshellbe
Lucy ducks
Game loads better but takes u out pretty fast almost every time they are fun to play if u can stay in it
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5 years ago, conniecay
Now I recall why I uninstalled. Too many loading issues. Always says something went wrong.
Uninstalling again 😐
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4 years ago, marghart72
It has the games I like but you don’t win a lot and you get very few coins to play with. The worst thing is I haven’t been able to get in to the app for over a week!
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1 year ago, demy24u
Good slots game, when it works
I have played this game for awhile now and it stays down more than it works😡
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4 years ago, And the Winner Is ...
Addictive fun
I can’t stop playing 🤩
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5 years ago, Jayne EJ
Needs Improvement!
Game is super addicting and I love it but goes days without working or will stop working in the middle of a game. I loved this game until it stopped working. Please fix! Very unreliable.
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2 years ago, nighibonp
Never can download games
Not worth the time and effort - never works
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7 years ago, MzVirgo_824
iOS 11
Haven’t been able to play the game since the new update.
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3 years ago, BBRILLTIDE
Lucky if it works
Facebook login don’t work , unlock games and then download want work game is a cheat just like in real life casino waste of time
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4 years ago, NastyNati69
When I click on the app, I get the message a problem has occur while trying to connect to the server!
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3 years ago, moojones1234
Bad news
I paid cash to download a game on here they took my money and never let me play the game that I paid for
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5 years ago, duck gone
Used to love this game
I played this game before the update and now I can not get it to up load
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4 years ago, mbw805
Want let me download the other games I’m on level 300 and still only able to play just the dock..
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6 years ago, Smav32
Don’t down load
This game will try to get you to spend a lot of money, super hard to get bonus. Worse game ever
Show more
4 years ago, auntie de
Lucky duck
Can not get in game to play for some reasons keep having a problem connecting auntie who is this
Show more
4 years ago, bbqueen2
Bad app
Please fix the game from buffering. This is an everyday thing and I can’t get to stop. What’s wrong with your app? I love playing this game. Sincerely..BBqueen2
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