Lucky Slots: Vegas Casino

4.4 (633)
100.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
PopReach Incorporated
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lucky Slots: Vegas Casino

4.36 out of 5
633 Ratings
5 years ago, MADA15
Lucky Slots
Love this game but payouts are so low and causes you not to be able to play. I will not pay for coins, there are to many games out there that pay and you can play. I don’t want to give this up because I enjoy it a lot but give higher rewards for your winnings 4****
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5 years ago, Cathy in Boston
Terrible “Support”
Love the games, but so many glitches it really takes away from the fun. Also, while I understand that this is a free app, and of course there have to be ads, I don’t appreciate ads popping up in the middle of a spin, ads promising a free spin ending with an error message and no spin, etc., etc., etc. But I’ve kept playing because the games are fun. I’ve spent money buying extra coins, because the games are fun. That being said...yesterday I got for 1,000,000 credits in a “Super Spin.” In the 6 or so years I’ve played this game, that was a first! Except that, later, when I decided to play some of those credits, I opened up the app and they were gone. So I contacted their “support” group, hoping I’d have better luck than I did the last time I reported an issue. That time, it took several MONTHS for someone to get back to me. Well, they did respond in a more timely fashion this time. And they told me they’d reviewed my account, and saw no indication I’d hit that jackpot, and would therefore do nothing. In essence, they called me a liar. I’m deleting the app as soon as I post this review. I’ll never get the time I’ve wasted playing these games back, but I also refuse to give up any more of my time or money to someone who treats their long time customers so poorly.
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5 years ago, swinedog55
Why aren’t you adding new games?
Add something new and I’d give you 5 stars in a heartbeat! I used to play here for HOURS everyday and I spent a lot of $ buying coins and spins on the wheel, but have since moved to other apps because you haven’t added anything new in like forever! Your graphics are top notch and your easy ways to earn free coins, along with easy win set-up make this a great site. Unfortunately, you haven’t added anything new since the Fall of 2016 and the old games, while fun, aren’t quite up to what else is out there. You haven’t seen any in game purchases from me in almost 2 years and you won’t unless you offer something new. I’d love to be able to play something new with the almost $30 trillion coins I’ve amassed, but it just isn’t exciting enough to play these old, tired games. You might also want to consider a high stakes bet room, as $300 & $500 mm aren’t high enough limits when you have trillions of coins. I can max bet forever and never run out of coins and that kind of takes the fun out of betting. Won’t you please consider adding something new to your line-up? Thanks! TS
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7 years ago, Kzjfzktxgx
This game is by far the best slot out there. Best payout. I have several slots and this is by far the best one I have played. Highly recommend. I currently have over 30 trillion and continue to win. It's very addictive. The only downside is the amount of adds you are required to watch. They also need to bring back the big payouts on your last free spin. This game continues to be the best slot out there.
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1 year ago, rtceltic
Love the game but payouts are terrible
I. Play all the different games on this site, constantly have no points (money) to continue until I get a bonus every now and then. I will not pay for points, there are way too many games on line to turn to. It is really ridiculous how the points are given out, 6 points? Not worth bothering with. This is a fun site, too bad developers do not listen to people and improve it.
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5 years ago, fryjp
Toooooo many ads
Used to love this game but the ads have got ridiculous, they pop up in middle of games, ask if you want to view ad for coins you say no and it comes on anyway, try to change games ad comes on and then kicks you back to the game you were playing and you have to start all over with ads again, enough really !! You’ve taken all fun out of it!
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5 years ago, nonsmeforme
I enjoy having a variety of games to play. Ads are fine but irritating when they pop up during a bonus. Back off that and it would be much better.
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5 years ago, Word Tird
A truly GREAT smaller electronic item to always have available ‼️
Anyone’s day sometimes has ups, downs or “various blank times” occurring and this is simply “one of my finds” to always help assure me that the “ball of life is still rolling down a hill at me” BUT it is NEVER a “slippery slope” that I cannot effectively and very happily maintain ‼️
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3 years ago, Sad savings catcher
I loved getting 3k free coins in my mail every day until you changed to Puffin. Now I can’t get my email bonus!
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3 months ago, B J F M
Low payout
I’m wondering, been playing this game for a few years. Does anyone ever get more than $25k on the big spin?(which is very seldom) Most times it’s below 5k. Sometimes I feel like it’s wasted time doing this spin. And, I agree with another I won’t pay for coins, too many other things out there.
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1 year ago, sdssdw
Black Screen
What’s going on with the program? The last couple of days when I try to open the app - on both IPad and IPhone - it says it’s loading and then goes to a black screen. Your customer service link doesn’t work either?!? Is this game obsolete now?? I’ve loved this game for years and years and hope it’s still current…I would have previously given this game 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Big nut!
I love to check out the site whenever I get a little downtime in my busy day. It is great to rest your mind for a few minutes and get it off work on something you don’t have to concentrate on to enjoy.
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5 years ago, Tbird6667
Slotto max
I understand that it is necessary to have ads to keep the game available for free! I don’t understand or like the fact that you have not developed a way to avoid the ads from stealing your free spins in the bonus play mode!! Almost every time the ads play during bonus play, you lose several, if not most of the free spins. For this reason, I can only rate it 2 stars!
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11 months ago, Rolandajai
App freezes on my iPhone. When app open screen goes black and never allows me to access game
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6 years ago, ExtremlyAnnoyed234532
Too Many Ads
I’m so sick & tired of the amount of ads that pop up, even in the middle of the games! I quit playing this for months & decided to try again today. It asked if I wanted to see an ad for an extra spin, I said NO & an ad popped up anyway! Then I’m playing a game & before my bonus spins ended an ad popped up! So annoying! No other games do this, I think I’m DONE playing this annoying piece of crap!
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2 years ago, Lizbar493
I used to play your game daily but your ads are very irritating!! You sometimes have to watch three ads before getting your bonus!! During play ads pop up again!! I play other games and they don’t have all these things going on!!
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7 years ago, Long dong.
My Lucky slots that I'm very impressed with.
I prefer slots game over any other type games because it is a type of gambling game but no money cashed out that's real currency.
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3 years ago, lucky sluts
Addicting game. Helps release stress and simply an all around awesome game! It’s worth checking it out. I wasn’t someone who’s really into gambling however these games are terrific .
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8 months ago, Pepperbug61
Lucky slots. Please fix the spin as it it very choppy and annoying
Love playing, hate the long advertisements.
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6 years ago, muckeypup
Lucky slots
I like the game but I wish the developers would fix the sound on/off switch. Does not work, cannot silence the game. I have deleted and reloaded game a few times already. IPhone 8. Bug still never fixed
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10 months ago, Lcraton
Lucky Slots fun
Love to play lucky slots, but having problems with maintenance. Games would jump around while spinning or not spin at all. Tried to get help but was unsuccessful. Ended up trying to reload the game and ended up losing over 3 million points.
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6 years ago, DawnandDavid
Love the game, but the number of ads is most tiresome. Please cut those back to no more than one per session. The LuckySlots site is the absolute worst app for ads. Thank you.
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4 years ago, slots-kid
Fun when i could be bored
Always enjoy playing when i have nothing else to do!!
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1 year ago, gozahead
Pure fun
I am enjoying this game so much. I like the idea it is not weeks involved to get money. Thanks for making it enjoyable.
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3 years ago, Goiffe
777 Lucky Slots
Thank you kindly for taking care of my problem recently. I enjoy this game so much. Have a good day
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1 year ago, LarryJan
Black screens
First time in over two weeks I’ve actually been able to get into Lucky Slots. Every other time (and I try to log in several times a day) all I get is a black screen. Very frustrating!!
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4 years ago, bubbajr34
I just started playing this game it was my dads favorite he had passed away a couple months ago
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8 months ago, Teka B
Lucky Slots
Not a bad game when it’s working, but has too many glitches. Need to be able to make more spins. Five spins a day is too little, can’t get into the game.
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7 years ago, Kiejor
Pop up video ads
By far the worst and least enjoyable slot game I have played. Every time you open the app or move around the game a video ad comes up. During the video play you are frozen and must watch the same video until it’s completion before getting to the game. Annoying.
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2 years ago, krkroberts17
Pass the time
This is the kind of game that I can play anytime anyplace anywhere
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4 years ago, Grammy Curry
Lucky Slots is so much fun
Lucky Slots has long been one of my favorite casino slot games. It is a lot of fun to play.
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5 years ago, nana.?
777 lucky slots
I really enjoy playing the slot machine game. What I don’t like are the ads that put up with the sexy showgirl type slot machine games. I have been playing this game for years and just recently the girly slot machine games are the ads. I don’t mind the ads when they are other games but these are not necessary.
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7 years ago, Jason Highalnd
You need to reprogram because there's too many ads it's crazy
The ads are so annoying!! I try to play my game and I get Add after add this has to stop or I'm going to stop playing the game!!! Could you please explain to me why there are so many ads in order to get to my game this is ridiculous
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7 years ago, Rrunnow
Lucky Slots
Having been playing for years, have doon well, its fun.
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10 months ago, Annie$&$
I’ll keep spinning
The games are fun and fast paced. The graphics are great too. I’ll keep spinning.
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4 years ago, Zipp4211
I cannot open this game for two days! Are you having trouble?
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10 months ago, Nue 0714
Not a bad game
It does need some improvements so yeah please update!!! Overall it’s amazing 🤩!!!
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4 years ago, burnize
I enjoy
Live playing always have a great time
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5 years ago, nc sister
Love the game!
My favorite. Wish the commercials didn’t play while game is going. Ncsister
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4 years ago, CrisseeMariee
Fun game.. helps me pass time, and get my thoughts together thru moments when I having anxiety .. 🙃
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7 years ago, Tony Rita time
Used to like
Have been playing this game for a very long time. To many ads, not enough bonus wins. To many other games to play. Very boring. Shame, cause I really enjoyed this game in the past.
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4 years ago, Candido 65
Lucky slots
Just love it that’s a mention it passes the time 😁
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5 years ago, Ratso II
Addictive and Fun
It took me awhile to learn to pace myself on the game. I originally bet too high. But I’m found that smaller bets allow me to play longer with more wins.
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5 years ago, Tannkava
My time
I enjoy playing in my “my time” it’s relaxing and exciting. It’s free and I really enjoy hitting the big wins.
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4 years ago, fedupvirgo
Lots more ads than there used to be but overall I enjoy it.
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6 years ago, CRZ10310
Too many ads
Can’t even get to collect bonus points or spins. Advertisements just keep popping up in the middle of things.
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5 years ago, Roger 4 U 2
Golden Goose
I love the game, but loading free spins has major glitches. One time a glitch cause me 340,000 points.
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2 years ago, &@$!'bv
To many ads and pop ups,Keeps freezing up,I deleted the app and get a new slot game,Lucky slots gets a one star and that’s being nice
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7 years ago, Stretch0622
Lucky slots
Like this game but sometimes it fades in and out.
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6 years ago, Eileenwho
I can’t even finish a spin without ads popping up
This is the worst game I have ever played. My spin doesn’t even finish before another add pops up. What a waste of space on my phone and I have 256GB. DELETE!! 🤯😡🤬
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